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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 8, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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. this is kpix 5 news. i heard one bang, stop, 15 bangs, bang bang bang bang bang. >> breaking details about a california shooting spree. as police investigate nine different crime scenes, we just learned the first two victims were people the suspect knew. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm juliette goodrich. liz has the night off. first, breaking news in san jose where it appears a family fight got so out of control, one man wound up dead. it happened as an apartment on huff avenue near the 880 highway 17 interchange. we're told two men, ages 50 and
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40 started fighting late this afternoon. the older man was badly beaten and then died at the hospital. the younger man is now in custody. we are told the two are related. at this point, we don't know what they were fighting about. this is san jose's 23rd homicide this year. meanwhile in southern california, a killing spree that started with this fire and ended at the sant monica college campus. in the end, five people were dead. we just learned the first two victims were the suspect's father and brother. at this point, we still don't know what the motive was. andrea fugee with the survivors' stories of terror. >> customers ducked for cover as the gunman opened fire. >> like, scared, like, pleading, like a movie. >> bullets also struck several buildings. >> i saw the bullet just bounce off the building, you know, went into the building. that's when i said, "oh my god, this is not a game, this is real
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bullets. ". >> police say the rampage started on the 2000 block of yorkshive where a fire was burning in a home. inside the police found two people dead. >> lady has been shot, the house is on fire, the whole tree is on fire. >> a woman was shot outside in her car, and police say the gunman then carjacked another car and began shooting along pico boulevard including at a santa monica blue bus. on board, three people were injured. tlis say he also shot at this red suv. the driver died and a passenger is in critical condition. >> happened right in front of me. i mean, i was in my car and the guy on the left side of the street jumped out of the car with a big, black gun and started blasting rounds at all of our cars and the buildings and the bus. maybe like ten rounds, he jumped back in the car and went on the left, took off. >> police say the gunman then went onto campus and shot a student. she later died.
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he then went in the library where responding officers shot and killed him. terrified students studying for finals described him as wearing all black. >> a guy with all black with a bullet proof vest and a large -- i'm not sure what kind of gun it was. >> when i looked at him, he looked at me and panned over with his gun. i jumped out of the way and he shot at me. >> at first police detained who they thought may be an accomplice but that person has been released. >> we think it was a single gunman, and that part of it has been resolved. >> late tonight police said the death toll is lower than previously reported with five people dead including the gunman. the president is still in southern california tonight with a mini summit with the president of china. they're expected to talk about a wide range of issues but spying will likely loom large, including accusations that chinese hackers are on the hunt for u.s. weapons secrets. >> the united states seeks an international economy and international economic order
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where nations are playing by the same rules, where trade is free and fair, and where the united states and china work together to address issues like cyber security and the protection of intellectual property. >> tonight china's president said his country is calling both sides to work on the issue. president obama isn't backing down on government surveillance. speaking in san jose today, he said it's worth it. sharon, first it was cell phone calls, then it was internet data, and tonight we're hearing about something else. >> yeah. it could change the way the u.s. fights cyber terrorism. an aggressive plan. it's part of a top secret presidential direction mr. obama ordered last fall that got linked to two newspaper. it's just the latest security controversy. >> nobody is listening to your
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telephone calls. that's not what this program is about. >> the president was forced to explain after details of a secret government program called prism was leaked to the media. it allows the national security agency to tap into the data base of internet companies in search of foreign terrorists. top secret slides obtained by the washington post list the companies, including microsoft, google and apple and the data those businesses provide from e-mails to chat rooms to videos. tonight the ceos of internet companies like facebook and google denied providing direct or open-ended access to their servers, but nate cardoza of the electronic frontier foundation says they aren't as innocent as they found. >> if you read the denials carefully, they don't say they're not taking part. they're saying they're not providing direct access. prism is a door through which the nsa can gather whatever information they want. >> so they're leaving the door
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open. >> absolutely. >> u.s. intelligence officials say prism helped nab one major terrorist and foil a 2009 plan to bomb new york city subways. the obama administration says prism only collects met data like phone numbers and duration of phone calls and not content of people's communications, but cardoza says that's no consolation. >> with the met that data they're able to tell who your friends are, possibly what religion you are, how you're employed, if you're hiv positive. >> the amount of data the surveillance programs pick up totalled trillions of communications a year, so much that the nsa is building a $2 billion facility in which to store it all. >> since the information from prism came from leaks to the media, expect the national security agency to ask for a criminal investigation to find out who shared the top secret documents. >> all right, sharon, thank you. well, the president pretty much talked his way through california today, but he was at a rare loss for words when he
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took the podium in san jose. >> and i want to thank everybody who's here. i think there's only one problem, and that is that my remarks are not fitting here. >> no speech, no tell prompter either. i bet his aids were swatting. after a few moments, one of them ran out a copy of the speech. well, you know, this is news tonight. police are investigating a murder mystery at a bay area mall. a man was killed in the aisle of a sports authority during the middle of the day. this happened at the great mall in millpedes. kpix 5's kiet doe tells us it all began when two men began fighting. >> police aren't saying much about the murder weapon, but we spotted the csi team near the team sports aisle which includes baseball equipment. a source tells kpix 5 the crime
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scene was, quote, not pretty. >> it's shocking. definitely. >> make you think twice before going inside. >> yeah. definitely now, yeah, definitely. >> at 10:40 this morning police got a call about two men fighting inside the store. >> officer arrived on scene in about 13 seconds and was able to take the suspect in custody while he was still inside the store. officers are still on scene, discovered another individual who was deceased at the scene. >> we've also learned investigators have surveillance video of the attack, but they're not releasing it. detectives questioned customers inside the store before letting them go. nick rodriguez works at the sprint cell phone kiosk right outside the entrance and was looking at the crime scene all day. >> you try to get the day off work. >> no. i'm still going to work. i got kids at home to feed so i still got to make money. living in this kind of environment nowadays, i guess it's kind of liefk the norm. >> the store remained closed all day long. the mall, however, was open. it is unclear if the sports
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authority will open tomorrow. kpix 5. coming up, the face of evil has died. a bay area police chief who worked the night stalker case describes why richard ramirez was one of the scariest men who ever lived. how a backlogged chp is keeping many new parents from driving their babies home from the hospital. what a waste of muffin. inside the secret man cave that a government warehouse that you paid for. 38 degrees over 27 miles. look at ocean beach today. 64 but pleasanton you hit 102. that's a summer-like temperature spread. live look outside tonight, low clouds are rolling back in. we'll talk about how long [ man ] get the 20 piece mcnuggets. what? that lovely girl, caught your eye? 20 piece mcnuggets are only $4.99. you offer to share them. that's pretty smart. [ male announcer ] 20 piece chicken mcnuggets now on mcdonald's new extra value menu. [ male announcer ] 20 piece chicken mcnuggets
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'the ni . this guy was so evil he even gave police the chills. tonight the satanic serial killer known as the night stalker is dead. richard ramirez died today of liver failure ending his decades-long stay on san quentin's death row. ramirez killed at least 13 people in southern california but his reign of terror in 1980s hit the bay area hard, as well. >> i remember as a little kid, you know, we were scared of the zodiac, but as an adult and certainly as an adult police officer, he would be at the top of my list that was the scary time here in the city. >> 1985 and the terror known as the night stalker had struck
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again, this time near lake merced. on the case, a young officer named greg suhr. >> and i remember when we would get the briefings on what he did to his victims and to children and i can tell you when we were home, everybody had a gun in their sweat pants. >> police also had some solid leadsly linking him to a robbery in the marina and a girlfriend in the east bay, they were close to making an arrest, but he slipped back to southern california. >> apparently he had been staying in the tenderloin. >> this is where he lived, the officially historic bristol hotel, and if you climb up three flights of stairs, you could still see what's left of room 315. out of the blue, that trail of evil would surface again in 2009. >> they got a dna match on another homicide that he did that we didn't even know about in 84. >> april, 1984, my long was nieb years old when she was raped and strangled in the basement of
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765. >> there's plenty of leads to work on. >> those leads turned to dead ends for 25 years until dna evidence drew a straight line to ramirez, and now, even after his death, the night stalker case may not be closed. >> he -- he was just a pure evil person. i mean, i think with a serial criminal like this, sex offender, you know, pretty much women, children, men, satanic, the whole thing, it's quite possible that long now after he's gone, we're still finding evidence of his crimes. >> the san francisco police chief greg suhr and you can see our entire interview with the chief on all right. well, what you're seeing right now hasn't happened in 30 years. that's how long it's been since san francisco's market street was repaifd. the $700,000 project involves laying down new asphalt and repainting traffic and bicycle lanes. the idea is to make the ride
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smoother and safer for everyone. this stretch of market was shut down about four hours ago from van ess to 6th street. the closure is expected to take 24 hours. other sections of market will be paved at the end of the summer. well, turns out, many new parents run into trouble when they try to drive their babies home from the hospital. julie watts says it's because of something major they forgot to do. >> first time mom is also a pediatrician at ucsf so she knows the importance of a properly-installed car seat. >> we make you show us your car seat before we let you leave the hospital with your newborn. i would hope that my husband, an engineer, and me, a doctor, could install a car seat correctly, but the data shows that car seat inspectors find problems with over 70%. >> car accidents are the no. 1 killer of kids over the age of one. improperly installed car seats a
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key factor. since police and fire departments no longer perform inspections, the chp is often the only game in town. >> we got in in three weeks, but i've heard people who had to wait six to eight weeks for their appoint sfwlment with two weeks, the clarks are cutting it close. officer ferguson said he's seen new dads show up from the hospital begging for emergency inspection like this. >> you guys did a great job. >> he say it is clarks passed step two, as well. >> we want the child to be rear facing for at least two years. >> while step three, location of the seat, is also ideal, he says there's a glaring and dangerous mistake with the way they've secured it. >> in this case you're not allowed to use latch in the center. >> he points to the owner's manuel. in many cars, the latch system is designed only for side seats. a seat belt must be used in the center. >> grab the shoulder strap and pull up. >> the final step, installation. the seat shouldn't move more than an inch and should be
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angled between 30 and 45 degrees. >> and you can get your car seat inspected tomorrow at the san francisco chp office on bryant street from 10:00 to 2:00 or make an appointment. talk about a waste of money. take a look at what was just discovered inside a government warehouse in maryland. secret man caves. there are couches, chairs, tvs, even a gym. the epa was paying contractors almost $2 million a year to oversee the warehouse, and this is what taxpayers got. >> we hired these people. we paid taxpayer money for these people to moonage our inventory, take care of the warehouse, and as far as we can tell from what the inspector general found, they didn't do any of that. >> the man caves were hidden from security cameras by partitions, curtains and piled-up boxes. when the epa found out, it had the contractors escorted out of the building, and they will not be allowed back in. absolutely no man caves here
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at kpix 5. >> big, open studio. >> well, you're not going to want to be in the man cave tomorrow. you're going to want to get outside. >> get in that pool. >> absolutely. or if you don't have a pool, you better find a friend who does. here's a live look outside, the bridge looking toward san francisco from treasure island, that's a beautiful shot in san francisco. you're going to be warmer tomorrow but waerm for you is only going to be 70 degrees. contrast that with what we had today in livermore where we hit 102 dprees so a big difference between inland and the city tomorrow. that 102 was 16 degrees warmer than you were yesterday in long-term. overnight tonight what a mild night, close to 70 for a low in concord and livermore. pretty hiemd air mass over top of us. oakland down to 60, redwood city 60, san francisco will be one of the cooler spots at 58. sunny and warm tomorrow, beautiful day, mid 80s, great weather to get outside. little cooler on sunday. we're going to shave about 7 degrees off of your high.
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77 will be your high in east palo alto on sunday. there is a reason for that change. two weather players. first up is the high pressure dome that gave us the heat today. it is not moving tomorrow so the weather almost exactly the same, hot inland and a couple degrees above normal near the bay but really temperatures kept down anywhere close to the water then high pressure moves out, kind of gets bullied by this low pressure area coming up from southern california. that will do two things. temperatures will drop 20 degrees inland on sunday. some of those storms or a few may make it back in our directions. have to watch out for the risk of an isolated shower or thunderstorm late sunday and late monday. one more hot day inland then the cooler weather moves in for all of us on sunday and those thunderstorms may be dry thorms where we don't get the rain but we do get the lightening. that would be bad for our fire danger. san jose tomorrow warm, 89, 91 for campbell, fremont 85, 96 for walnut creek. pittsburgh 98. 71 for downtown san francisco.
1:59 am
mill valley in the mid 80s. the warmest stiff is up toward lake county, 105 degrees. much cooler on sunday. down to 80 inland. what a change. once we get cool, we're going to stay cool for awhile. 80 inland, 70 near the bay and morning clouds will be back on monday so cooling down after tomorrow. >> all right. can't complain. >> it's not that bad, yeah, looks good. >> thank you. all right. all right. well, coming up a califor,,,, 3q hey, i'm joey aragon. see that film? people call me about this every day. my dishwasher must be broken.
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and time-release bacteria to reduce tank build up. rid-x, #1 in septic maintenance. a baby sea lion invited himl off the coast . well, it is not the kind of thing you might expect when you set sail. >> a baby sea lion invited himself aboard this boat off the coast of new port beach, and what happened next was really unbelievable. the cell phone records show that the animal spending about an hour snuggling up with the
2:02 am
sailor. he appears to rest his eyes at times completely unphased by the people around, in fact, the sailor says he actually had to nudge the sea lion to get off the boat when it was time to return to harbor. how cute is that. all right. everybody, awe. >> awe. >> friday night top five ahead. giants shocked in the desert and guess who's in first place of their division. all right. but first a look at the new but first a look at the new eastern span,,,,,,,,,,
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it's the combination that makes it so great. before you make a decision, get the facts. try a sip and find out why so many people love 5-hour energy. . well, this sounds like football burks no, it's bablg. go ahead. read the line. >> yeah. who's playing even better than the a's, huh? . >> nobody. nobody at all. a's have been just rolling. they've won 18 of 21 at the white sox tonight. last night's hero adam rosales, the bases loaded at the 6th. tried to get to josh donaldson, and they got him. they got all of him. a grand slam blast. ninth home run for the year. 329. the a's took a 4 to 3 lead. wow! former giant ranged this.
2:05 am
josh reddick said raise that. he goes ups and gets it. could have tie it had game. the a's hold onto win final of 4 to 3. they grabbed first place in the american west. giants in first place arizona diamondbacks patrick corbin not the pitcher of record. he was going for 10 and 0. here comes blanco. sandoval scores and the giants up one to nothing in the 7th. 8th inning, two on, hits it where nobody is gonna get it. jermy shows an unwise location and goes. they may have paid a price. diamondbacks would win it final of 3 to 1. a heartbreak loss. two eastern conference finals, sydney crosby, you and your penguins are not good enough. third period here come the bruins. adam to the back of the net and
2:06 am
the bruins sweep the penguins. they'll go for their first stanley cup final in the last three years. let's now go to the friday night top 5. no. 5, how many cups can you stack at the ballpark before they all come tumbling down? that's the wrigley field experience. no. 4, introduce you to someone named harris english, but he's an american golfer, and he's deadly accurate. st. jud e classic. he's got the lead on that shot. no. 3, nice view of this. there's no stopping rob. between his legs, yep. french open final and away he goes. nadal, he's the king of the clay court. no. 2, worth another look. josh reddick back, back, back. oh, just go up and get it.
2:07 am
ballfour banks that one as the a's held onto win 4 to 3. no. 1, from the lpga, yani fang and finds the bottom of the cup for an ace at the 15th hole. that from up state new york. >> look at that. >> just leave you wanting more, don't i? you isle have to wait till tomorrow. >> y's in first place. we'l,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival. ♪ . all right. before we go, just how hot is it gonna be tomorrow? . >> we could see triple digits again away from the water. you want to cool off, come to the city. much cooler. only 70 in san francisco tomorrow. >> you're jumping in the pool. >> going to be nice tomorrow. >> go barbecue. ,,,,,,,,
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