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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 12, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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thank you for watching kpix 5. remember, your next local update is 7:25. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, june 12th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." congress takes action after cbs' news investigation into allegations of a state department cover-up. >> fast-burning flames force thousands of evacuations. we'll go to the scene in colorado. >> your hands-free cell phone could be making your more distracted while driving. what a new study reveals about your brain behind the wheel. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> please be prepared to leave. the less traffic we have, the more effective our first responders can be. >> colorado wildfires force
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thousands to flee. >> 8,000 acres have burned in the black forest alone. >> as many as 60 structures have been destroyed or damaged. many of them homes. >> i don't know if my house is lost. >> the state department under fire. accused of ignoring allegations of pros that tugs and sexual abuse. >> when hillary clinton went to her people, she was told no. >> the president better get out in front of this now. it's scandal de jure. >> nelson mandela is responding well to treatment. >> we are happy with the progress that he is making. >> the man who divulged america's top secret program is believed to be in hong kong. >> today, the director of the national security agency testifies on capitol hill he will be grilled on the comb preens prehencive data operation. >> prism, have you heard of it,
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it's heard of you. >> the high-profile mob case against whitey bulger. >> an explosion inside a southern california high school boiler room injured 40 students when a pipe burst in santa ana. >> here we go again. benches emptied. it's going into the stands. >> san antonio, the third largest margin of victory in nba finals victory. >> hoping to become the first to swim from cuba to u.s. without a shark cage. >> my home had breast cancer when i was 14 and i'm doing this for the people living with cancer. >> it's going to allow gamers to record video coverage of their gaming and share it with end froms. all the gamers would need is an internet connection and friends.
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welcome to "cbs this morning." we begin with important news. new details of a cbs news investigation. the state department's inspector general is calling for an independent review of an alleged illegal and inappropriate behavior of officials. >> on monday, our john miller revealed an internal memo. may have covered up or even stopped investigations of diplomats and agents. this morning, congress is getting involved. nancy cordes is on capitol hill. >> reporter: that's right, congressional leaders from both sides are calling these allegations appalling. the state department insists there was no cover-up but it is hiring outside investigators to look into the matter. the state department would not address the specific instances where agency watchdogs complained that high-ranking state department officials had interfered in investigations. >> i'm not going to comment on
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individual cases. today or yesterday. >> reporter: eight cases of alleged misconduct or criminal activity are outlined in an october 2012 memo first uncovered by cbs news. one case involves the u.s. ambassador to belgium suspected of soliciting pros tootitutes i public park. another with allegations that secretary of state's security detail engaged prostitutes on foreign trips and the practice was endemic. the memo indicated when agents from the diplomatic security service tried to investigate, they were told to back off. south carolina republican lindsey graham, a harsh critic of the clinton state department, is calling for congress to investigate. and on tuesday, both the senate and house committees that oversee the state department announced they will. >> if somebody in the state department is shielding that information and manipulating that information, that is completely unacceptable because
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you can't fix a problem unless you identify it. >> reporter: the memo identified undersecretary of state patrick kennedy as the official who shut down the investigation into ambassador gutman. >> john miller from cbs news. >> reporter: cbs' john miller spoke with the former top state department security official in brussels. he requested the investigation into the activities. and said investigators were ordered to stand down. >> who told you to stop? >> well, i got the information through my ds channel. but it came from somebody higher than ds i'm sure. >> reporter: in a statement tuesday, kennedy said, i never once interfered, nor would i condone interfering in any investigation. ambassador gutman called the allegations he solicited prostitutes baseless. to watch the four years i have proudly served in belgium smeared is devastating, he wrote. i live in a beautiful park that you walk through to get to many
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locations. and at no paioint have i engage in any improper activity. the state department insists all eight cases are under review. lawmakers insists a big problem here is no one has been appointed to head the inspector general's office. that is the independent watchdog within the state department. for 4 1/2 years now. >> the obama administration's massive program to collect phone records now faces a lawsuit. the american civil liberties union is asking a judge to stop the program and throw out all the information collected from millions of americans. mean while, the search goes on for the man who says he revealed the program's existence. new detaiils of edward snowden' past. >> reporter: edward snowden has been out of sight since monday when he checked out of a hong kong hotel. law enforcement sources tell us there's no evidence that snowden has left hong kong and they
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suggest investigators have a pretty good idea where he might be. while edward snowden's whereabouts remain unclear, we're continuing to learn more about the former national security agency contractor. this woman, lindsay mills, is said to be the girlfriend he left behind when he decided to expose secret u.s. intelligence data collection programs. mill's father tells cbs the two have been dating for more than four years. >> he's always had strong convictions of right and wrong. >> reporter: just after snowden outed himself as the lindsay posted this online. quote, i'm reflect on all the faces that have graced my past. the ones i never got to bid adieu. but sometime also life doesn't afford proper good-byes. since snowden went public, some have called him a hero. others a traitor. in washington, members of both parties say snowden must face
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justice. >> if you break the law, you must be held accountable. there are reasons we have certain laws. there are reasons why things are classified. >> what's difficult to understand is the motivation of someone who would intentionally or seek to warn our nation's enemies of the lawful programs created to protect the american people. and i hope that he is prosecuted to the full extent of the law. >> reporter: while snowden's fate is uncertain, so too is the future of the once secret surveillance programs he unmasked. the question of whether the government should be tracking our phone calls and internet use has divided the public. in a new cbs poll, 46% of people surveyed said the government has struck the right balance between fighting terrorism and protecting civil liberties. 36% said the nsa has overreached. and about 13% said the government has not gone far enough. the head of the nsa will be on capitol hill in washington this
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morning at 11:00 pacific time to answer questions about all of this. meanwhile, the fbi is still searching through snowden's communications in an effort to corroborate his claims that he, in fact, is the person who leaked some of the government's most sensitive secrets. nora, charlie. >> bob orr, thank you. in our next half hour, john miller reports on the search for edward snowden. investigators say it's a challenge to get a man who knows the secret world of the cia and the nsa. >> in colorado, dozens of homes are destroyed. hundreds more threatened this morning. there are at least four major wildfires in that state. one near colorado springs has forced thousands out their homes. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this fire continues to rage out of control this morning. behind me, you can see the dense smoke. and we're beginning to see helicopters dropping water on this fire. it has already destroyed at least 60 homes and fire officials believe that number
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will grow. 8,000 acres have already been consumed. and at this hour it is zero% contained. the black forest fire started yesterday afternoon and evacuees who were rushed from their home in just a few hours they lost everything. house after house after house. the black forest fire just northeast of colorado springs seemed to jump tall trees and concentrate its destruction on structures, turning this expensive estate into a mere skeleton in less than a half an hour. >> it's extremely hot out. it's windy. that just fans the fire. from 50 feet away with my window closed, i could feel the intensity through my glass. that gives you an idea how hot it is. >> reporter: over 2,000 homes affecting more than 6,000 people were evacuated. many had no time to save anything but themselves. >> i'm not sure if my house is locked. injust don't know. >> reporter: the fire spread
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rapidly as officials struggled to find workers to beat back the blaze. >> with a high wind like this, it is very difficult to get the resources into the air and it's very difficult for them to be effective. >> the challenge we're facing right now is a lack of manpower when it comes to the state and even some national resources. >> the black forest fire is one of four wildfires burning in colorado this morning. here, outside colorado springs, aircraft were slow to arrive and ground crews have limited access to water. >> there are hydrants. they're very sporadic. that's why we're bringing in a lot of water tanks. >> reporter: there's another fire burning just south of here. the royal gorge fire. it forced the evacuation a state prison with upwards of 1600 inmates. the weather, it will play a key role in the firefight today. crews are facing a triple threat. record breaking heat, low humidity and gusting winds are pushing this fire out of control. there is also record breaking
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temps throughout this week, with temperatures reaching into the triple digits. charlie and nora. >> kelly, thank you. clashes have been going on all night in istanbul, turkey, between riot police and demonstrators. the government searches for a way to try and end those protests. holly williams is at the scene in istanbul. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. at nearly two weeks, turk irk authorities have lost their patience. and are now trying to forcibly remove demonstrators here from taksim square in the heart of istanbul. we've seen the police fire rubber bullets and they're using water cannons mounted on trucks to drive the protesters back. one man in a wheelchair was hit directly. overnight, this square was turned into a battleground, shrouded in tear gas. most of those demonstrators here are peaceful. we saw some throwing rocks and moltive cocktails. several vehicles were set on
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fire, sending smoke billowing over central istanbul. these protests began in istanbul but have spread to cities all over turkey. last night, there were also clashes in ankara, the capital. they're angry with the prime minister, erdogan. his opponents say he's become dictatorial. the prime minister has dismissed those demonstrating as looters and extremists. called the protests a systemic plan to damage turkey's image and its economy. >> thank you. nelson mandela is spending his fifth day in intensive care. in preyor ya, south africa, monitoring his condition. >> reporter: good morning. south african president jacob zuma has said in a speech to parliament that nelson mandela is responding better to treatment. he says he is happy with the progress mandela is making. after what he referred to as a
7:14 am
did i c difficult few days. south africans have been urged by zuma to continue praying for both mandela and his medical team. and they have been doing just that. singing and holding a candle vigil outside this hospital last night. previously a cbs news source told us there was a far more worrying picture of mandela's condition. he said prior to hospitalization, mandela had to be resuscitated. that he had a procedure to repair a bleeding ulcer. and his kidney and liver were impaired, functioning at only 50% of their capacity. charlie, nora. >> deborah, thank you. opening statements begin this morning in the whitey bulger murder trial. the reputed mob boss was a fugitive for 17 years. elaine quijano is at the white house where jury selection wrapped up. >> reporter: eight men and four women will make up the jury in the trial of james whitey
7:15 am
bulger. their names will not be made public till after they reach a verdict. a sign of the intense interest surrounding this case. one day before opening statements, a shouting match erupted in the courtroom between the federal prosecutor and whitey bulger's lawyer over an allegation that state police squashed an investigation into a key witness. convicted hit man. at one point, u.s. district judge casper intervened, saying, counsel, counsel, okay, seriously, seriously. >> if this is what it's like every day, you know, the prosecution and the defense going after each other like this, it's going to be a great trial. >> reporter: 12 jurors and 6 alter nates will have a front row seat. they are generally middle aged and the jurors include a stay at home dad and a woman whose house was burglarized five years ago. "boston globe" columnist kevin kallum has covered this for 30
7:16 am
years. >> we never heard his excuses for what happened, and that's important. we've never really had a proper hearing of the corruption side of the fbi. >> reporter: prosecutors say bulger carried out a long list of crimes including 19 murders, while working as an fbi informant. his former associate john red shea who spent 12 years in prison for cocaine trafficking says the pain bulger inflicted is felt here even today. why is whitey bulger still relevant? >> he had a ring in this town for many, many years. the destruction that he's caused. has affected many, many people. >> reporter: whitey bulger is 83 years old. his girlfriend is serving eight years in prison for harboring bulger during his years on the run. his trial is expected to last at least three months. charlie, nora. >> elaine, thank you. here to discuss the bulger trial, cbs news analyst rikki
7:17 am
klieman. good morning. >> good bhomorning. jury selection was lightning fast and it shows you the federal court knows how to move a case. we wind up with eight men, four women. out of 875. we don't know their identities. probably smart. we do know they're mostly middle aged. white. two african-americans and one ashane. asian. >> this is going to be a dramatic trial. >> to the point where the judge has to keep saying, seriously, seriously. the story, you have two entrenched camps. you either loved whitey bulger if you lived in boston or you feared him. you've got a prosecution saying this is a stone-cold killer. he's been accused of 19 homicides in the midst of over 30 charges involving racketeering. he was head of the mob. the irish mob. that pushed out the italian mob.
7:18 am
and what we want to see from the government is to say this man must be bought to justice after 18 years on the run. >> so what will the defense try to do? >> the defense is going to say nonsense, that is only whitey bulger here on trial, the government should be on trial, the fbi was corrupt. the fbi caused bulger's reign of terror because they permitted it, they allowed it and they are the people that whitey bulger wants to expose. >> thank you, rikki, good to see you. "the wall street journal" says a sweeping immigration reform bill has cleared a big hurdle. yield, the senate approved a motion to start debate on the measure. the bill aims to start a path to citizenship. >> chairman carl levin has his own plan to address sexual assault in the military. it replaces a p proposal by
7:19 am
senator gillibrand. it opposes her plan to take sexual assault cases out of the chain of command. >> it appeared online the text on the second page was garbled. the following 20 pages were blank. >> the "los angeles times" says facebook ceo mark zuckerberg heard from angry investors at yesterday's shareholder meeting. >> and "the times" looked at a $20 billion plan to protect new york city from rising sea levels. mayor bloombergs wants to build levees all right. way, looking good outside right now. we're looking good outside right now, mostly clear skies and it's going to stay that way the better part of the day as it looks like high pressure is trying to build back into the bay area. we're going to see some warmer temperatures as we head in toward the week.
7:20 am
but looks like sunshine over the city right now. temperatures in the 50s. this afternoon, temperatures up into the 70s, some low 80s inland, 60s and inside the bay. 50s and 60s at the coast. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by sa safelite autoglass. secret agents search for secret agent edward snowden. they're tracking him and the classified information he has.
7:21 am
john miller is here. john? >> how does america find one of its own if he decides to hide? we'll see if snowden uses the training the government gave him to remain free. new evidence this morning reveals their impact on your concentration behind the wheel. the news is back in the morning here on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news.
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berkeley police could not fa man accused of molesting a y in hi, everyone. good morning, 7:26. eight hours of searching and police couldn't find a boy molested in a restroom yesterday afternoon in the berkeley marina. water rates in the e.b. m.u.d. district will go up 19% phased in over two years to replace aging pipes. >> and the disaster drill is planned today in the water near the richmond/san rafael bridge. the exercise will involve two ferries, they will simulate mass casualties aboard those boats. but it is only a drill. traffic and weather coming up. ,,,,
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7:28 am
good morning. liza battalones here filling in for elizabeth. slow traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on and traffic is backed up from the foot of the maze. golden gate commute southbound traffic okay if you want to take the golden gate to get into san francisco. that's been trouble-free so far between the waldo tunnel and the city. highway 92 at the san mateo bridge, a minor delay at the pay gates traffic does okay across the span. here's lawrence. >> looking at a great day ahead going to see a lot of sunshine more of a northerly component of the wind helping to scour out the low clouds and fog. looking good even out toward the beaches right now. you have some mostly clear skies but the winds will be kicking up coastside maybe some gusts to 35 miles per hour there by the afternoon. still plenty of sunshine going to warm the temperatures up nicely. 70s and low 80s inland. plenty of 60s and inside night the bay. warmer through friday.
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7:30 am
a mother and her year-old daughter here had a rough trip here in new york. both were struck by a taxi cab while crossing the street. they suffered minor injuries. the child's stroller was crushed. the cab driver suffered a heart attack and later died. look at her there. she was pulling the child out from under the cab. a terrible story. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, dib employee mats trained to evade car bombs before taking up high-risk assignments. and 11 states ban drivers from holding a cell phone, but aaa says hands-free devices may actually be more unsafe. we'll look at a new study about
7:31 am
distracted driving. edward snowden is a wanted man. u.s. officials don't know how much other classified information he has? >> senior correspondent john miller is, good morning. >> sometimes it's more interesting when life imitates art. it may make you ask haven't i seen this picture before? in the 1998 film "men i of the straight" will smith had something the government wanted. he played a portrayal of how the phones, can gps all beltred him by tracking his movements for rogue government agents. they were trying to protect the secret of a sweeping illegal
7:32 am
surveillance program targeting americans. the movie, of course, was fiction, but it played on the feared of a state run surveillance program turned against its own citizen. >> i sitting at my desk certainly had the authorities to wiretap anyone from you or your accountant to a federal judge to even the president if i had a personal i'm. >> ed snowden is the nsa contractor who left hawaii with a bag full of the most closely guarded secrets that he claims violated america's privacy. he was last seen in this interview in a long congress hotel room. >> you can't come against the world's most powerful intelligence agencies and be completely free from risk because they're such powerful adversaries that no one can meaningful oppose them. if they want to get you, they'll get you in time.
7:33 am
>> snowden has checked out of the hotel in hong kong but back in maryland agents were back tracking his computer to see what evidence he may have left with and how much damage he could do. >> there's an fbi legal attaché in hong kong. there's no doubt that that person is making contact with his or her counterparts with the security service to say, hey, look, this is our plan, this is what we want to do, we want to keep tabs on this guy. >> as a man on the run, snowden may present special challenges having worked as an nsa contractor and hi claims the cia overseas he could use the trade craft he learned against the very institutions that taught him. >> the information that he has disclosed is the highest level of national security.
7:34 am
in addition, we don't know what other information he has with him and would disclose in public or in private too. >> there's other possibilities. the russians or china who might be more willing to offer an american a new home. >> it will be a good old tagened manhunt for as long as it takes to get him. >> so right now it's not a good old-fashioned manhunt. i would say if you're around ed snow dep right now, there would be other people around him sfloo that's a good point. plus he knows how to go around this because of what he has access to? >>. >> i think what i would do.
7:35 am
headquarters would be saying make sure you make formal calls and acquire this guy, get your eyes on and watching him and make sure we get through the charges that they don't lose him and that's probably pretty close to what's unfoenlded. >> we know there have been four slides disclosed. but there are 40 others that the "washington post" and the guardian has seen. what's the status of that and will it come out? >> so there's a 41 slide deck. the "washington post" has seen those. the guardian has published different slides. there's a wild card, what's in the rest of the presentation. the "washington post" has run that by the u.s. government saying what's in here to do damage to be responsible. we still have to cover the story, but, you know, what would do damage that we would be asked
7:36 am
to hold back. that conversation goes on, less so with the government. that doesn't tell us what he's walking around with what's in his bag or head. >> that's certainly of consideration. there's certainly a government to government relationship there. there's semiautonomous and total awe on the miss. the russians have probably said you can hide out over here. they're trying to crank out a federal case with charges, asking them to charge him and extradite this. ot driving, but jim
7:37 am
axed rod has new information showing us why this kind of multitasking can be multidangerous. >> please say a command. >> reporter: for millions of drivers, hands-free offers safety. two hands on the wheel while driving and talking on the phone. even though their hands are on the wheel, they minds are not totally on their driving. >> i'm going to start the full program. >> reporter: in a study being released by aaa today, researchers found that they're actually doing the reverse. that's because they require so much conversation and understood
7:38 am
mine it. they use voice activated technology to dictating commands from changing radio stands to messages. but when the text became more complex involving an e-mail, researchers found that triechbers experienced delayed reaction times and were less likely to respond to visual cues. >> a stop sign. sorry, guys. >> that means you should be able to see something right in front of you but you actually kaunt. it could involve pedestrians and a child running in front of your car for a rolling ball.
7:39 am
now the agency is recommending the agencies by put in mace pfr the agency is puttal risk. this is jim axelrod. >> guilty. >> i'm not that guilty, i don't think. last year's deadly attack in benghazi is proof that diplomatic work can also be dangerous. we're going to show you how the state department is training employee hoss tow protect themselves from terrorists. and tomorrow why the marines are fighting the beach boys over a famous california hungry for the best?
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the state department has sworn in a new diplomat to be the new ambassador for libya. >> as a result of that incident the state department has in west virginia to see some of the ways that the state department is preparing dip pmo mats. a lesson in car bombs is in place consider diplomats like kev
7:45 am
kevin. charles said he's waved the risk and it's still worth going it's always been dangerous work. i think it's more visible now. we are operating in some hard places, but we have to be there, we have to get the job done, get outside the wire, outside the confines of the embassy compound. >> reporter: doing that job is clearly more dangerous. there have been over 200 attacks on the u.s. post in the past five years. two occurred in the last five years. mark hip explains. >> there's hardships, real danger out will are there and it's a moral obligation. >> reporter: the attacks in benghazi last fall killed four americans including ambassador
7:46 am
chris stevens. that led to a sweeping overhaul by the state department which included hiring 150 additional diplomatic security agents, posting marine guards at the most dangerous missions and dedicating a department solely to those posts. there's now a 24-hour surveillance outside washington. today there are more than 20. >> we've centered so much on benghazi, but benghazi was a tragedy. >> the way in which ambassador stevens report lid died has become a key focus for miller. >> we spent $13 million that we're pushing outyoef sees to make sure they have the personnel equipment and training. >> but some agents tell us they still do not have the resources to fix all of the security flaws that were highlighted in those
7:47 am
benghazi surviving the next superstorm. mayor michael bloomberg has a $20 billion plan to protect new york city. is it enough? we'll ask professor michio kaku ahead on "cbs this morning." ised with edible arrangements new double indulgence box! chocolate dipped strawberries, apple wedges with chocolate chips, and bananas dipped in chocolate.
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7:52 am
by the way, the dodgers won, 3 5-3. sounds like there's more and more of this going on. >> a lot of testosterone. >> it's the way it is. >> okay. your local news is next. you're watching "cbs this morning."
7:53 am
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald are serarching for a suspec after a report that a man a boy, inside a publ good morning, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. berkeley police are searching for a suspect after a report that a man assaulted a boy inside a public restroom. a woman called police yesterday at the berkeley marina to report it. officers searched for the suspect for nearly 8 hours. the boy described him as african-american with blonde hair with green streaks. investigators say he may have been wearing a wig. construction is suspended through today after a deadly accident at the santa clara 49ers stadium site. donald white a 63-year-old mechanic was at the bottom of an elevator shaft yesterday when he was struck and killed by a counterweight. cal-osha is investigating. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning. traffic hitting to and through the livermore valley already lowest bound, now eastbound accident big rig at vasco has traffic slow now to 20 miles per hour. if you are heading south, southbound 280 approaching sneed an accident off on the right-hand shoulder. heavy traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. here's lawrence. all right, liza. we have a lot of sunshine around the bay area today. it is looking like a beautiful day outside. out over the bay we have some sparkling waters and looks like it's going to stay nice. the winds will kick up along the coastline. we have seen more of a northerly component of the wind mixing out the low clouds and fog. the temperatures up in the low 80s inland. we'll see plenty of 60s and 70s around the bay. 50s and 60s coastside with a breeze. cooler on the weekend.
7:59 am
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it is 8:00 a.m. in the west. welcome back to cbs "this morning." congress and the state department take action after cbs news reveals charges of a coverup an ambassador accused of wrongdoing says he is being smeared a wild fire destroys dozens of homes around colorado springs. hundreds of others are threatened how much do smart phone apps know about you. to protect your smart information. first, a look at today's eye opener at 8:00. crews are facing a triple threat. record-breaking heat, low humidity and gusting winds. in colorado, dozens of homes are destroyed and hundreds more are threatened this morning. there are at least four major wildfires in that state. congressional leaders from both sides are calling these
8:01 am
allegations appalling and troubling new details of cbs news investigation. the state department's inspector general is calling for a independent review of alleged illegal and inappropriate behavior by officials law enforcement officials tell us there is no evidence that snowden has left town. they suggest investigators have a pretty good idea where he might be. >> a lot of other governments are thinking about this, gee, wouldn't it be nice to meet this guy. >> the defenses say, nonsense, that is not only whitey bull injury here on trial. the government should be on trial. the government is corrupt. people believe if there eyes are on the road and their hands are on the wheel, this he are safer. >> i haven't figured out how to use the blue tooth thing. a national league rivalry gets overhe'ded at dodger stadium. all six players and coaches would be ejected. >> a lot of testosterone. >> that's the way it is. > so far, we have learned the
8:02 am
nsa program is tech nickelly legal, useful and has the potential for great harm. like bath salts. i'm charlie rosen with gayle king and norah o'donnell. both parties are alleging charges, allegations of a coverup inside the state department. >> on monday, our jon miller revealed an internal investigation that said that they were covers up or stopped. they focused on alleged use of prostitutes by diplomates and agents. the state promises an independent review of the allegations. another hot and windy day in colorado, tough for firefighters, battling four different wildfires around the state. one of them near our colorado springs area has destroyed dozens of homes. kelly werthmann of our denver
8:03 am
station, kcnc, is at the scene. >> reporter: good morning. the massive black forest fire has already consumed 8,000 acres of colorado forest. there is dense, heavy smoke throughout the region as this fire continues to burn out of control. authorities have been moving planes, helicopters and water tankers into the area. so far, they have been unable to contain the blaze. it is believed that at least 60 homes have already been destroyed. that number may rise. 6,000 people have been evacuated from over 2000 homes across the region. many of those residents were unable to pack their belongings before evacuating and are still unsure whether or not their homes survived the night. despite these terrible conditions, there have been no reports of injury or any reports for rescue efforts. for "cbs this morning," i'm kelly werthmann, colorado springs, colorado. superstorm sandy devastated parts of the northeast.
8:04 am
now, there is a sweeping proposal to guard against damage from future storms. michael bloomberg wants to build flood walls, levees and sand dunes along the coast, projected to cost $20 million cbs "this morning" contributor, michio kaku is here. he is a physics professor at university of new york. you have heard the proposal. your thoughts? >> not since the days of robert moses have we had a politician with the vision, the imagination to change the infrastructure of new york city. this could be his defining legacy. this is big. >> you like it, you think it is good, effective? >> first of all, we have sticker shock when you see the $20 billion price tag. realize that federal grants and other things will cover 50% of it. also, realize some people are not going to be covered. for example, your ocean view may be obstructed by a levee or a seawall or a sand dune. some areas of the city may be neglected.
8:05 am
it is a first step. i think it is badly overdue. other cities have bit the bullet and gone in this direction. >> professor, this amazed me that by 2050, sea levels are expected to be 12-29 inches higher, by 2080, 55 inches higher. we would have to do something. >> that's right. we're saying this is long overdue. other cities have said, yes, we see global warming. we see the effects of gigantic hurricanes. the new normal says we are going to have to get used to the fact there are going to be monstrous storms in our backyard. that's why i think if some say it doesn't go far enough. i think for another $5 billion, we could have the cadillac of seawalls connecting sandy hook to breezy point sealing off the entire harbor of new york city. >> we are talking about the five burroughs, not just manhattan. >> yes. however, there are going to be flood walls around manhattan and
8:06 am
levees in staten island, red hook. 250 things that have to be implemented. >> has any other city in the world done this? >> not on this scale. >> therefore, this may be a setting of priorities for cities around the world? >> that's right. the netherlands have been one of the leaders in terms of this. we have 520 miles of coastline to protect around the new york city area. so this could then be a precedent changing event for the entire world as they see that new york city is setting the pace. >> professor kaku, thank you so much. tiger woods and sergio garcia are making nice at the u.s. open. the rival golfers shook hands on monday on the practice tee. last month, garcia had to apologize after making a racially insensitive joke involving woods. yesterday, he said he also left a message in tiger's locker. >> yeah. i did leave him a note, a hand written note. hopefully, he can take a look at
8:07 am
it. >> woods said we are already gone through it all. it is time for the u.s. open. the first round begins tomorrow morning. so they didn't hug it out but they shook hands and he left a message. >> like you are contaminated or something. >> but they are making an attempt. that's good. onward. >> they had to do that to move on. so everyone can focus on the u.s. open. >> they are playing together in the first round in the same threesome. >> they may end up playing well together. >> what are you thinking about? >> sergio and tiger. >> where do you stand? >> i am thinking of sergio's chances in the u.s. open. >> let bygones be bygones. >> and you can play your best golf. >> we are
8:08 am
a new study finds a new study finds a link between sleep apnea and a deadly heart problem. find out if you, or the person you are sleeping next to, is at risk. that's coming up next. my pillow looks okay. >> that's coming up next. nobody will ask who you're sleeping next to. or even wear a cape. he doesn't battle evil villains. and he can't save the universe.
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8:12 am
up to 18 million americans suffer from sleep apnea. many don't know it. a long-term study from the mayo clinic highlights the danger of this disorder. >> people with sleep apnea have a higher risk of dying from sudden cardiac arrest. dr. carol ash is directory of sleep medicine at meridian health. start us off with who is most affected by it and what happens when you have it? >> surprisingly, many people
8:13 am
have this. children can have it. 16% of people that have it aren't obese. we think of obese people as having it. what happens, the muscles in the throat relax when you go to sleep. that causes your airway to narrow. in some people, that narrowness goes beyond and collapses down. if you stop breathing for 10 seconds five times an hour, we say you have sleep apnea. >> it sounds like what? >> think of it as if you are being choked. if you hear someone snoring and you hear -- and then you hear, and suddenly, they are silent. when you are observing someone not breathing, you say, thank god. >> what about ten seconds of not breathing? >> well, your brain finally realizes you are in a state of respiratory emergency. it relaxes and releases adrenaline, pumps up the blood pressure and heart rate and
8:14 am
inflammatory are released. >> this shows it can increase risk for sudden cardiac arrest. how do we fix this? >> cpac is the gold standard. for people that have this, it could be life saving. it blows air into the back of the throat to hold the throat open. there are surgeries, weight loss. >> does that connect to something? >> yes. it would connect to a machine that is almost like a vacuum cleaner motor in reverse. >> and it is also sexy. >> i wish there was some way to make it a little more attractive but it works. >> it does work. >> it is so common. unfortunately, we fail to recognize it. we see people snoring all the time. it is the butt of all jokes. you never laugh at somebody who couldn't hold peas on a fork if they had certifica they have cerebral palsy. hypertension, and neck circumference, greatest predict
8:15 am
terse. 16 1/2 for women, 17 for men, 30% of the time they will have sleep apnea, link it with high blood pressure, easy to find. preventible, treatable. >> if we could just fix those masks. a birth control device. nothing will happen in the bedroom wearing one of those. you are alive and that's the most important thing. thank you, dr. ash. something else might cause you to lose a little sleep. your smart phone apps may be tapping into your private information. we'll show you how to protect yourself next on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by safelite autoglass. [ female announcer ] love. it's the most powerful thing on the planet.
8:16 am
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8:18 am
news of the obama administration's massive debate
8:19 am
has sparked privacy. wyatt andrews shows us what big technology companies know about all of us. >> reporter: the national security agency is under pressure to say how many u.s. e-mails it may have read in the hunt for foreign terrorists but private companies like facebook and google have access to subscriber e-mails every day. in fact, google scans the written content of millions of g-mails to analyze how users think and what they might by from an instant pop-up add. >> reporter: which agency has more information, government or google? >> google. >> without question, and it's not even close? >> it's not even close. >> reporter: it's unprecedented in history. an estimate 50d million americans use guy mail, all of which is scanned. everything you type on google itself is recorded from your computer. chances are if you use a smartphone, google knows where
8:20 am
to find you. there's a new application that tracks where you've been and where you're going. it's designed to help you stay organized but it also records your daily life on a google server. they unlock so much about your patterns of where you purchase and where you go. >> private corporations are collecting data in order to market to you. that's their goal. in order to make a profit. >> reporter: technically users of female give google permission to scan their document in a document called terms of use that few read but americans are concerned. they've given that right to facebook and google often without being aware. for "cbs this morning," wyatt andrews, washington. >> so how do we balance privacy concerns and the vooens of technology?
8:21 am
nicholas carlson focuses on technology. good morning. >> good morning. >> what do we do? how do we protect ourselves? >> there's a few ways. when you're downloading apps, the big thing you do is make sure you google apps from the google store and the store. don't own load an app that was sent to you via text link. >> but you just said download from google when we just learned from wyatt andrews that google has more information than the nsa. >> you have to trust going toll use the internet, and i think you can. with google you're going to use g-mail, google search, the desires you want to look for. if you don't trust them, good luck using the internet. i think you have to, you know, go town the point of -- >> if you use internet, you have to trust somebody. >> that's right.
8:22 am
the second you turn on your phone and check e-mail you're giving away your information is there any way? once you go online, there's no way to totally protect it, is there? >> here's the thing. you have to go to brands you trust. google is out there. they're upset about this nsa disclosure. they're asking the government, you know, can we talk about how often you talk to us because they -- it's important for them to show consumers that they're a trustworthy brand. facebook is the same way. tumbler is the same way. >> what does google do with all this information? >> google uses it to make better products. i mean that's a big thing. privacy is a trade-off. google now is this really cool product where if you say order something off of you'll get a tracking order in your e-mail and google will monitor your i'm for you and they'll be able to alert you
8:23 am
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8:25 am
k-p-i-x five news head police are investigating two homicides in antioch last ni good morning. it's 8:25. i'm michelle griego with your kpix 5 news headlines. police are investigating two homicides in antioch last night. around midnight a 21-year-old man was shot to death near 19th and d streets. and earlier in the evening a 70- year-old man was found dead inside a home on horseshoe circle. construction is suspended through today after a deadly accident at the santa clara 49ers stadium site. donald white a 63-year-old mechanic was at the bottom of an elevator shaft yesterday when he was struck and killed by a counterweight. cal-osha is now investigating. water rates are about to go up for customers of the east
8:26 am
bay municipal utility district. the board yesterday approved a 19% rate hike to be phased in over two years. the first phase begins july 1. stay with us, traffic coming right up. ,, (y"ww?:=
8:27 am
good morning. liza battalones here filling in for elizabeth wenger. an accident delaying traffic on
8:28 am
237 westbound approaching north first and san jose. it's off to the center divider but you can see it's slow going west 237 leaving the 880 interchange. bay bridge commute starting to thin out just a little bit at the pay gates. still slow from the 880 overcrossing. and an accident in the clearing stages in the oakland hills west 580 approaching high street blocking at least one lane. that's traffic. here's lawrence. >> lots of sunshine around the bay area now looking good throughout the afternoon. we are going to see sunny skies the better part of the day. a little breezy at times especially in the afternoon especially at the coastline. a northerly component to the winds scrubbed the low clouds and fog away from the bay area. low 80s this afternoon inland. 60s and 70s inside the bay. and 50s and 60s at the coastline. next couple of days we'll warm things up through friday, then cooling down over the weekend.
8:29 am
8:30 am
morning," this half hour, men and women do not solve problems the same way. host of the tv show "brain game" jason silva will show us why. these women were test aid longside john glenn and alan shepa shepard, and they often beat the men. >> time now to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. the houston globe says former president george h.w. bush turns 89 today. you can wish him happy birthday by posting pictures online of your colorful socks.
8:31 am
the president likes to wear themselv themselves. >> taking a 15-minute walk can improve your blood level. there's help for kubels who can't agree on how warm their bed should be. manufacturers are selling mattresses that can regulate bed temperatures along with two zone comforters and a pillow pad. one side that's one temperature and the other that's the other. it keeps couples happy. >> and we're for that. the "l.a. times" says all the talk about secret government surveillance has given 1994 a boost. the big classic shot up to number four. the novel is 64 years old. the "new york post" says a well dressed thief pulled off a jewelry heist the other day. the video on friday show as man
8:32 am
looking at two diamonds. when the clerk turns away, he scoops them up and runs auto the door. the thief is still at large. britain's daily mail says children whose mothers work outside the home do not suffer academically. they have done just as well in schools as children whose mothers do not work. researchers say big improvements in child care is helping that situation. gayle, your children turned out pretty well. >> knock on wood. so far, so good. clyde egderton has children from 30 to 6. go, clyde. how long to wait untto have sex after a child.
8:33 am
clyde egderton. >> where is he from? >> he's from north carolina. i want to give people a sense of your sense of humor, clyde. in the book i was cracking up yesterday. for instance, you say, do the car seat ahead of time. it could take six to eight hours. baby's head may not look right after birth. it will take a day or two before it looks normal. and my favorite of all, say tan's gift to earth, talking toys. that's so true. what did do you when you had a talking toy at your house? go ahead. fess up. >> it was a little plastic toy that said good night. i put it under the back car wheel and backed over it and heard the plastic scatter on the cement. >> the bane of my husband's skpis tns is toys with batteries. i was a little doobous when i first got this book and read through it. i thnk it's great.
8:34 am
it's a how-to to new dads how to help your wife after a new baby and things to do with your kid that maybe nobody would tell you. >> i think i learned some things that i hadn't read or heard about and accidentally heard them and decided to write about them. i think for a new dad it can make a difference and for an older dad they might get some ideas. >> and you're both. >> yes, i am. >> you call yourself a considerably older dad. >> is it easier later, you know, each time you have a new child? is it easier? >> you mean to make the child or -- >> oh, my goodness. >> we won't go there. >> you sat at the wrong table, my friend. >> i think it is. if i wasn't healthier i'd feel different but you learn from past mistakes, i think, and i believe that you see what you didn't see before. >> and things are changing too. how do you look at spanking for
8:35 am
example? >> well, i don't suggest that parents spank. >> even though you were spanked. >> i was spanked as a child. but i don't think it hurt me all that much. >> i'm with you on that. i i'm writing for a wide spectrum of parents and i understand that it's a very complicated and tricky. i suggest how not to spank. >> can i go through some of the specific tips? you have a section on in-laws. >> yes. >> how should you react with your in-laws? >> you should also use the word "i," not "you." i would not give her that popsicle rather than you'd better not give her the popsicle or i'll kill you. >> i'm very fascinated by your own story. you have a daughter who's 30, your youngest who's 6. how did that happen? >> with two marriages. >> and when you got married the
8:36 am
second time, did you think i want more children? because it is unusual for a person at 68 to have kid this young. >> it is. i didn't think about it. i went about living a normal life and the kids starting coming one after the other. >> but this is something that never changes. when you drive home, you have this combination of extreme ecstasy and deep worry. talk about that. i think that's so true. >> i suggested that if not really a cousin but a person i use as a cousin, rather than using a bassinet he use as cooler so when you're driving home worrying about the rats getting a baby, they'll have a harder time eating through a cooler than through wicker. you also tell a funny story about the crib. >> in the middle of the night one night i finally finished putting it together. it was wonderful. it was in the living room and i started rolling it toward the
8:37 am
bedroom and it wouldn't fit through the door. >> the time to have sex after having a baby? >> two years to the birth. >> thank you, clyde. >> i try not to talk about sex on this show. >> we ne
8:38 am
8:39 am
mr. gorbachev, open this gate. mr. gorbachev, tear down this
8:40 am
wall. >> "all that matters" 26 years ago today. president reagan's fame challenge to gorbachev. the wall that divided east and west stood as a symbol. reagan's speech was a turning point in the cold well. the berlin wall fell three years later. extraordinary. we were watching it on tv. >> i remember that very well. the brain is a very complex organ in the body and easy to fool. that's the theme of brain game. it uses experiments to challenge with we think we know about the brain. >> new york in the spring. >> okay. not out of the ordinary from that sentence at all? >> no. >> new york in the spring. >> new york in the spring. >> nice job, guys. >> so are we all in agreement that the sign says new york in
8:41 am
the spring. read it aloud one more time. if you think that's what it says, you're like almost everyone else in the survey. incorrect. jason silva, welcome. >> thank you. >> how is that incorrect? >> there was an extra "the" in the sentence. >> could we see that again? i read it new york in the spring. >> the reason that happens is your brain is so quick to extrapolate information it's saving energy. >> new york in the spring. i didn't catch that. did you, charlie? >> no. >> did you? >> no. >> that really kind of sums up the show. we do these kinds of perceptual experiments to reveal shortcomings in your perceptions
8:42 am
of reality. and be doing so, it teaches you how the brain works. >> what does it tells you in. >> it tells you the brain receives incomplete information from the world and completes that. one thing i learned is that through our eyes we can only receive low flat 2-d resolution ims. it's insane. they take in that limited information and they use that to construct the high-def 3-d for granted. >> and tell me if i'm right or wrong. when the brain seeinging is, it's already incorp rate. >> that's right. >> right or wrong? >> no. he's absolutely right. >> i know you love the brain. >> i wanted jason to weigh in. you want people to know the
8:43 am
brain is hot. the brain is sexy. but charlie agrees with you. the brain is hot and sexy and that really is your mission. >> it's responsible for so many things, the manmade world, helps to trance tend our thoughts. technology. >> the one thing we want to know. how do men's and women's brains process differently? >> we had two cars pack to the br brim. we got a chance to empty them and see who could repack better. because the male brains are said to have better spatial reasoning. men are supposed to pack the trunk better. >> what did you find? >> that's what we found.
8:44 am
>> rigged. >> rigged. >> i agree with you. >> ooichls. we need to have a con pe division about who could pack the truck. >> i adore that. the age-old thick about directions. >> it is said men have a better sense. when we're involved, anyone had to hunt and go back to the camps. they had human gpss. >> men don't even like to ask for directions. is it true? what did you find out? >> yes, yes. it is true. not that it matters anymore. >> so what are women better at? >> you have no idea. you have no idea. >> i'm sorry. we're just more intuitive. >> and i think you have many
8:45 am
more strength. >> list them. >> list them. >> i think you guys are more in touch with your feelings. >> this is a great show on brain games. i spent time in front of the tvs. do this with one eye and try to brick your fingers together. you cross. it seems like a total game. >> we've adapted them to be visit illy. the things work and you don't understand why that's going on. i think that's really relevant. you have obama's brain mapping going on. the brain is the seat of
8:46 am
consciousness. that's the sing lairty. >> what were you going to say, norah? >> i like him. ie,,,,,,,,,,
8:47 am
♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪
8:48 am
[ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival. ♪ and the soviet union sent the first woman into space 50 years ago this week. at the same time many american women were ready to go. as michelle miller reports, they were more on that than gravity.
8:49 am
taking a ride with wally funk can be, well, a trip, wally funk took to planes as a toddler and took her pilot's license at the age of 17. she's locked more than 18,000 flight hours, guiding students into aviation. >> why do you love the sky? >> there's so much to do up there. i'm free. >> but she didn't get close enough. wally funk always dreamed of being an astronaut. 13 women where they normally reviewed the examines a taken by john glenn and alan shepard, tests made famt in the 1993 mean
8:50 am
"the right stuff from x-rays all your body,ive tone, every tooth, sticking water in your e.r.a.s. i had to drink radioactive water. >> reporter: so these were painful, strenuous, uncomfortable tests. >> yes. >> reporter: the women matched and sometimes surpassed the result oofs the results of the men like the bike. >> we went to pike's peek. they told me, wally, you'd better get your second and third win and i did by ten minutes. >> she said the men out did the women in one area. >> they always complained. the military didn't allow women to fly. the women pushed to challenge the role and when congress held
8:51 am
hearings, john glenn testified that women pilots went against, quote, our social order. vice president lyndon johnson went a step further with this unofficial note on this unofficial memo. >> stop this no. they defense unit stand. we could do just as good a job. >> reporter: 20 years later sally ride feemt went where no american woman had ever gone before. most of the so-called mercury 13 were there to root her on. >> i truly believe that what i they'd had done in their medical testi ining directly contribute
8:52 am
their come swoog the space program. >> wally funk is a legend amonk women afb yaters. she's a speaker. she still leads. we want to start our inspection. >> but that dream to fly in space, it's still on wally's bucket list. she's registered for the plane that could lawn nch 2014. that is my quest. >> reporter: most people would have given up by now. ilove flying. that's my job. that's what i love. and i'm not a quicker. >> reporter: wally funk may have been the wrong gender for that time but she always had the right stuff. for "cbs this morning" michelle
8:53 am
miller, texas. >> i love,,
8:54 am
8:55 am
police are searching for a n xually assaulted good morning, it's 8:55. i'm michelle griego with your kpix 5 news headlines. police are searching for a man who sexually assaulted a boy inside a berkeley marina public restroom yesterday. they searched for the suspect for nearly eight hours. the boy described him as black with blonde hair with green streaks. investigators say he may have been wearing a wig. bart labor talks are stalled and a state mediator is requested for help. several contracts expire at the end of the month impacting thousands of workers. both sides are pushing for a compromise over pay and benefits. dazzling fireworks will be absent from pacifica beaches next year. the city council voted to ban 4th of july fireworks because
8:56 am
of noise and litter complaints. you can see still see them on a small stretch of linda mar. we have a great day coming our way as we are going to see plenty of sunshine even along the coastline. so far, so good. it's looking mostly clear at the beaches. ocean beach looks like it will be blustery this afternoon. we could see winds gusting to 35 miles per hour. so yeah, quiet early in the morning but by the afternoon the sea breeze will be blowing. skies are mostly clear now and it's going to stay that way all day long. temperatures in the 80s inland. we'll see 60s and 70s around the bay. and 50s and 60s coastside. next couple of days, we'll warm up the temperatures to friday. then looks like we'll cool down as we head in towards saturday and sunday. your "timesaver traffic" is coming up next. good day, ma' lady. ) [muffled] i am sir can-a-lot. i am sir can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore.
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good morning. liza battalones here. the bay bridge commute beginning to improve westbound 80 still slow from the 880 overcrossing at one point traffic backed up from the macarthur maze. the san mateo bridge has been trouble-free all morning long. still a smooth drive for hayward commuters approaching that toll plaza. it moves well across the span towards the foster city area. now, over at the golden gate bridge, southbound traffic has been looking good. it will be slow through central san rafael but 101 is fine approaching the city over here at the golden gate bridge. and at the 880/237 interchange, slow traffic.
8:59 am
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