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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  June 24, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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virtually disappear. to make it act up to 10 years younger. my hair act its age? never. new age defy. hair acts up to 10 years younger. from the pantene expert collection. hair acts up to 10 years younger. we don't have a ten step filtering process for our water. we don't need it. because crystal geyser is made by nature, not by man. crystal geyser is always bottled at the mountain source. this is kpix 5 news. >> all eyes on the supreme court this morning. no decision on california's proposition 8. important rulings were delivered this morning. good afternoon. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. it was a gay marriage but race based admissions where the justice took stands today.
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one of key rulings as the session winds down. daniel is live with the affirmative action decision. >> reporter: well, good afternoon. and the supreme court actually avoided making a major decision on affirmative action today. so as it stands today, the university of texas is still in place. the supreme court kicked the case abigail fisher brought against the university of texas back to a lower court. fish he shall schooled the school claiming she was not admitted partly because she is white. >> i hope the court rules student's race and ethnicity should not be applied. >> factors in race, test scores and student activities to help select freshman class. lawyers for the school argued the policy is necessary to improve diversity. >> most americans would like a
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day when we don't need to take race and ethnicity newly account. -- into account. we are not to that dpa. >> the justices ruled 7-1 that the lower courts did not use the right standard to decide if the policy is constitutional. they want that court to take another look. >> justice thomas said he would have gone further saying race should not be a factor for university admissions. justice ruth was the only justice to vote against the ruling. >> reporter: and we're still waiting for some big rulings from the court on same-sex marriage and voting rights. the court will hand down more decisions tomorrow morning. live at the supreme court, michelle, back to you. >> all right. thank you. >> the court did not rule out california's proposition 8 and the federal defensive marriage act. those decisions could come as soon as tomorrow.
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those have a personal stake in the outcome and they are willing to wait as long as it takes. >> i'm used to waiting. we've been together ten years and a few more days is not going to make that much difference. >> the variety of states and federal forms before 6 different courts over 50 different judges. and every time you anxiously await the court's decision. it's something we're used to. >> the court has scheduled an extra decision day tomorrow and prop 8 could be decided by then. if it is struck down, same-sex marriages will likely resume in california in about a month. while we wait on prop 8, let's wait about the important decisions they did make today. >> joining us is melissa griffin. they did make decisions today. >> that's true. wasn't the one we were all looking for, but things definitely got done. a couple interesting cases. first case is a case that hits home for me or anyone who has had to
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take generic drugs. mutual pharmaceutical versus bartlet. a woman was prescribed a pain medication for her shoulder. pharmacist gave her a generic drug. the drug called toxic epidermal neurc are rologist. her skin died and fell off. yet the supreme court today said a generic drug manufacturer once they have the label in place, they don't have to change it and you can't sue because in this case, there was not a warning saying this could result. the court said we're very sorry. it's a tragic set of circumstances, but you can't sue once the government has approved that label. a bit of a frith ening case.
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>> there were two cases that came down that seemed to be pro employer. one of them makes it more difficult for employees to sue on people they perceive to be their supervisors. only actual supervisors are actionable under the law. another case limits the ability to retaliation. those are two employee cases. and both cases made it clear she was unhappy and demand congress pass additional legislation. so have a little bit of that action. >> maybe tomorrow then. >> maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day. it's not clear. tomorrow may or may not be the last day. >> all right. thank you so much. >> and the affirmative action rulings -- the court's decision could have an impact right here in california. cate caugurian is in berkeley right now where she's been talking to lawyers who have worked on the issue.
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>> reporter: today's supreme court ruling on the texas case has litigators here in california reacting to the news. in our state, the state of california, our state schools and universities already lived in an admission world without affirmative action. because of proposition 209 which banned the use of racial preferences. people on both sides of the issue are claiming today's decision as a victory. supporters of prop 209 says it affirms what california already has in place. >> the universities are doing a good job, a very very good job with the number of students and the diversity of the university campuses. they are more diverse and more inclusive of minorities than they were before 209 was adopted. >> what the strike down the affirmative action plan in texas and left open to question
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whether affirmative action is necessary. and everybody knows affirmative actions require to integrate higher education. >> now, uc berkeley has reported an increase in minority graduation rates. also seen a decrease in minority enrollment. the court's decision is not the final word on affirmative action. they agreed to take a case next term about whether voters can ban affirmative action in their states which could open the door again for proposition 209. reporting live, cate caugurian, kpix 5. >> thank you. >> we have a rainy monday kicking off the work week, fog, light rain, drizzle covering much of the morning commute. this was the scene in the south bay where wet roads kept drivers on their toes. a live look looking toward mount diablo. dropping a little bit of rain and we can expect more of that as well. how much? let's check in with elizabeth in the weather
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center and find out. >> that's right. filling in for lawrence today in the weather center. this is our six hour loop. all that rain moving in this morning. and it continues at this hour. very light rain. looks like the heaviest falling is over parts of the north bay. if you are traveling soon on 101 through petaluma, still shower activity there. you can see fog and drizzle as well. so how much rain did we get? not much. a few hundredths. san jose reporting. trace amounts as well. we'll timeout the rain. when are we going to see sunshine again? we'll let you know. >> okay, liz. the weather causing delay s this morning over at sfo. inbound flights were delayed up to an hour. forcing 73 flights to be canceled. bad weather contributed to the problems as well. always a good idea to call ahead or check flight status online.
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and remember, you can keep track of the changing weather any time of the day with interactive weather. go to >> guilty verdict in the trial of italy's former premiere. >> what this means to the future career. >> where in the world is secret leaker edward snowden right now? the latest on u.s. efforts to track him down. >> and 22 minutes of sheer terror. how a dare devil prepared for a tightrope walk without a safety harness. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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rough start this morning. ae open, the dow sank nearly 2 s coming b stocks are recovering after a mighty rough start this
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morning at the open. the dow was down 250 points and come back almost 200 since then at 55.26 right there. >> former italian prime minister is heading to jail. the 76-year-old was convicted of paying for sex with an under age prostitute during one of his infamous parties and using influence to cover it up. his lawyer called it unjust. he is barred from holding public office. the scandal may be the end of his decade long political career. twists and turns in the edward snowden case. being charged with leaking classified information. reporter allison harmalin on efforts to pinpoint his location. >> reporter: at the moscow airport, a plane that was supposed to be carrying edward snowden took off monday morning but snowden wasn't on it. it's the latest twist as snowden
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tries to escape. leaked details about surveillance programs. he left hong kong yesterday where he's been holdup for weeks and went to moscow. he was planning to go to cuba. ecuador says it's weighing snowden's request for asylum. >> it has to do with the freedom of expression. we have to analyze the difference. >> ecuador has also given asylum to the founder of wikileaks. the group is also helping snowden. the white house is demanding snowden be returned to the united states and annulled his passport. the obama administration calls hong kong's decision to let him leave troubling. >> has a negative impact to the u.s./china relationship. >> speculate on what may be happening behind the scenes. >> i suspect the russians are considering it may not be quite
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as easy as they initially thought just to let him transit through. >> it's also possible the plan to go to cuba was arhussed. part of the plan to stay ahead of the man hunt. cbs news. >> secretary of state john kerry also said this morning there will be consequences for the countries that help snowden. >> appeals to pray for nelson mandela. visiting the civil right's ledge anld in a hospital today. his ex-wife also stopped by. he is in critical condition at this hour suffering from a lung infection. his health has worsened over the weekend. a public funeral is set for thursday for actor james gandolfini. died of a heart attack last week while in italy at the age of 51. a plane carrying his body arrived last night in home state of new
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jersey. >> the zimmermann trial is off to a shocking start. he's the florida man accused of killing 17-year-old trayvon martin back in 2012. george zimmermann sat quietly as prosecutors used a slew of offense i have been slurs he used to describe martin. ordered zimmermann's mother and wife to leave the room because they may be called as witnesses. relieved the trial is underway. >> i ask you pray for me and my family because i don't want any other mother to have to experience what i'm going through now. >> a 911 call will be crucial evidence. prosecutors say it was martin screaming for help. >> i'm not sure there's a link. lawrence is off, liz comes in and it starts raining. >> that's what someone else
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told me too. delaying the fill in. it is crazy weather. a lot of people are talking about it. it's wet out there . definitely need to bring out that umbrella out of your closet. we had a wet morning commute and seeing some shower activity over the bay area. a lot of places have dried out. in the north bay, you can see we're seeing high def doppler. we still got the wet stuff out there. could still see a few hit or miss rain showers throughout the afternoon and still see a lot of clouds out over the bay. temperatures are kind of mild. livermore 66 degrees. 61 in oakland. and san francisco, 58 . so checking some weather headlines around the bay area. more shower activity could pick up overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. and unsettled tuesday for tomorrow and big changes in time for wednesday. carry the umbrella today and into
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tomorrow, that low pressure system is remaining over the bay area bringing unsettled conditions. you can see the future cast. we're not seeing a huge rain out at any point. maybe pick up late tonight and early tomorrow morning. so possibly relatively wet morning commute. doesn't look like a whole lot right now. could see a few scattered showers and slick roadways once again. your highs by this afternoon, a lot of 60s. 60s to low 70s. 70s out in the east bay. fairfield and conforward. some of our warmest spots by this afternoon. looks like our summer storms should clear out of here. and wednesday through next weekend we really rebound in these temperatures. we reached into the 90s. it's going to get hot in some spots by saturday, sunday. so kind of a big difference on both ends of the scale. >> all right, it will. >> it will go back to normal. >> thanks, liz. >> all right.
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rising from the ashes, berkeley's favorite fine dining venue reopens its doors. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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chez panisse is reopening t. berkeley's world renowned restaurant h march when an slow cooking fans can rejoice today. berkeley's world renound restaurant has been closed since march when an electrical fire did damage. restaurant did open briefly friday evening for a special
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fund-raising dinner but today now serving meals to everyone. your monday grocery list just got longer. >> tony has a few best buys. >> it's time for best buys. freshest and healthiest and save money. so many beautiful blueberries. make sure they are dark blue and big. those are the best ones. $1.99 for a large pint. that is a great deal. blueberries are so good. peaches. these are southern peaches. not california peaches. they are available everywhere. and the prices are fantastic. you can find them for 99 cents a pound. peppers. stuff them, grill them. they are everywhere. prices are very in expensive. find them for $0.89 a pound. some has high as $1.99. examples of this week's best buys.
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eat fresh, stay healthy and save money. i'm tony tantillo your fresh grocer. >> suddenly lands on a small town. >> new series premiering tonight based on a book by steven king. it's really two shows in one. >> one of those shows is we are a science fix show that has a ton of action and incredible epic events that happen every episode. it's like a mini blockbuster. and you also have the character story. so you get to find out who is on whose good side. and you get all the intrigue and great human interaction. both those things which is unique. usually shows are one or the other. >> it's a combination of twin peaks and lost. you see the small town, you see all the underbelly of a small town.
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>> under the dome begins tonight at 10:00 p.m. right here on kpix 5. >> he managed to never look down. >> another gut wrenching stroll over the grand canyon. >> a look at the new eastern span of the bay bridge as we count down to opening. still set for labor day weekend. we'll be right back. >> this is a bay bridge highlight from kpix 5. >> at more than 1.2 miles, the skyway is the longest stretch of the new bridge. the road deck lies on 452 precast concrete segments made in stockton. the largest of their kind ever cast. it will be striped with five lanes of traffic each direction and 10 foot wide shoulders to keep it moving. >> this bay bridge highlight is sponsored by chase. chase what matters. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email.
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(speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment.
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rental abduction. we're following some breaking news right now. an amber alert issued for 11 month old girl who appears to be victim of a parental abduction. the girl justice alasha ben ton was reported missing this morning. the suspect is joshua elijah ben ton. he's driving a dark green dodge caravan. no license plate information at this time. we are going to bring you updates and stay updated on our web site tonight at 5:00, trouble involving graffiti clean up. the company accused of creating own graffiti then charging to remove it. that story and more at 5:00. and high wire artist nik can add the colorado gorge to his list.
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>> 22 minutes to walk 1500 feet. had to stop a couple times as the high winds whipped through. he is a 7th generation high wire artist and part of the famous flying wallenda circus family. i watched it -- >> he was praying the entire time. >> for good reason. >> my palms are sweating watching that. >> have a great afternoon everyone.
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