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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 5, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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truce between the sides and the let the trains run and get back to the table and seriously negotiate. but both sides agree they are so far apart, they were never close to a deal. so the option of a strike is still out there. bart is back for now. workers checked out stations before re-opening this afternoon. but after three days of marathon talks, the state's labor secretary made it clear last night. >> the battle's not over. the job's not done. >> reporter: the 30-day truce is fragile at best. union negotiators said despite all those hours of bargaining this week, bart never discussed critical issues. >> not money issues, not substantive economic issues. >> reporter: nothing that could get you contract? >> correct. >> the economic package was certainly discussed in this week's negotiations. we are still very far apart. that's at the heart of this. >> reporter: the main problem? the unions want higher pay raises to make up for four years of a wage freeze. bart wants workers to pay more into healthcare and start contributing to their pensions.
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still, both sides agreed to end the walkout and get the trains rolling and then go back to the bargaining table. union leaders admit they are rolling the dice. >> the public needs to use the trains. we needed to go back to work. we were willing to take a risk. >> reporter: does that make you lose a little ground when you don't have this over them? >> no, because we still have the right to strike. and if the deal falls through or 30 days bart feels like they bought time and don't take it seriously, we have that tool. >> it's a much more friendly atmosphere with the trains running so there's not that ticking clock as we approach a deadline. we now have 30 days and hopefully we can get that done. >> reporter: at least one returning worker showed his frustration. >> i wish we would have a contract. i wish we didn't come back the way we came. you know? we'll see what happens the next 30 days, huh? >> reporter: well, the truce officially ends on august 4th. but the chief negotiators as well as the labor secretary
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believes that they could get a deal by then. >> what happens if they don't? >> reporter: the worst. they could go back out on strike. bart workers. at the same time, bart management could also have the option of actually imposing the contract with the new terms. none of those are two options anybody wants. >> terrible. linda yee, thank you. kpix 5's napa valley in el cerrito monitoring bart's transition back to full service. commuters are few and far between but seem to be relieved those riding tonight. >> reporter: despite what's happened people seem happy to get back on the trains. they seem grateful. they were delighted in fact but even getting started getting started again had a few glimpse of. [ beep ] >> reporter: crews were putting bart trains together and back on track in the richmond yard for the first time since the strike began monday morning. folks waiting here at el cerrito station were eager to
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get back on board. >> listening to the train roll over my head is music to my ears right now. i could not be happier. >> reporter: but james gibson and others gathered here would have to wait a bit longer. the station agent didn't show. the gates stayed shut. regular riders missed bart and some missed work. >> i missed a few days this week. >> reporter: because of bart? >> because of bart. so i really hope they get what they want because it really affected a lot of commuters. >> i have missed a week's work. i had to leave at 6:30 to get to work by 11:30. so i thought i'm not doing that again. >> the commute from san pablo to san francisco is horrendous. i love bart right now. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: finally after the opening time had come and gone, a police officer entered the lobby and opened the gate. but it was the gate on the far side, free because the ticket machines were not running. up on the platform bart was back and riders were hoping it was back for good.
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turnstiles are working again but those people who got on without a ticket got out without a ticket, they rode for free kind of a welcome back present. >> not bad. thank you. now that bart is getting back to normal49 trains running right now. , ferry service can do the same now that they are back to normal. they carried triple the number of passengers during the bart strike. northern 53,000 in the first day alone. the weekday average is 6,000. >> a live look along the waterfront where sailing fans will witness the first america's cup race this weekend. organizers are hoping the weather calms down. today was so windy, they kept the ac72s out of the water. that means the boats couldn't participate in time trials or this morning's kickoff parade and it is all in the name of safety. it's not just the weather that's taking the wind out of a few sails. don ford on another sticking point that could turn the first day of the race into a fiasco
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with just one team competing. >> reporter: yet another twist for the america's cup. it looks like it will be a one- boat race this weekend. italian team luna rosa says it will sit out sunday's first race until the international jury hears its protest which is not scheduled until monday. they are upset about recent safety rule changes. >> if luna rosa doesn't race sunday, what happened to their points? >> well, they won't earn any points. if you don't race you don't earn points. >> reporter: the swedish team isn't ready to race either because it's rebuilding its catamaran after a catastrophic capsizing last month which killed a crewman. this means that all new zealand needs to do is show up to win the first race and there are other benefits, too. >> they get to go out on the racecourse and practice on the america's cup race area and that's pretty valuable time on the course and that's something luna rosa should they choose not to race will miss out on.
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>> reporter: then the wind. everyone knows it blows here in san francisco. but if it goes over 20 knots or about 23 miles an hour, officials will postpone the race. how can it be too much wind for a sailboat? >> the issue with the sailboats it's a safety and equipment issue. the first day of racing is not until sunday. >> reporter: everyone is hoping that the drama can shift off the land and back on the water by then. the international committee has arrived in san francisco and may indeed take up this protest issue before sunday hoping to get luna rosa back on the watered making sunday a real race. in san francisco, don ford, kpix 5. >> and to put things in perspective, a regatta spokesman compared today's grounding of the ships because of high winds to that of canceling a racetrack practice because of rain. a positive sign today shows the job market is gaining strength. employers added 195,000 jobs in
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june, more than analysts expected. the unemployment rate remains unchanged. the report isn't telling the whole story. kpix 5's mark sayre here to explain. >> reporter: the numbers include part-time jobs and full- time jobs all lumped together as one number. while the economy added thousands of jobs many are part time around workers wish they were working more. desiree guerrero is a student at san jose state and a part- time employee at a downtown restaurant. >> i'm a bartender and also work the counter too. >> reporter: she works between 20 and 30 hours a week and is happy to hear that hiring in her industry is picking up >> i think it just means that business is booming and, you know, more people need jobs these days. i mean, it's great for young adults like me, you know, who --there's more job opportunities. >> yeah, those are my favorite. >> reporter: but she says she would definitely take more hours if they were available.
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appear a recession, the hotel, restaurant and entertainment industry led the june jobs report with 75,000 new positions added. but the report also showed that 322,000 more americans who are working part-time would prefer to work full time bringing the total number of those desiring full-time work to 8.2 million. >> the important thing is we're creating a good number of jobs below $50,000. >> reporter: michael bernick noted the lower growth of wage jobs in an earlier interview. >> since the great recession has continued [ indiscernible ] has continued to accelerate and certainly the numbers we have seen of the jobs created since february 2010 lead to a concern that a greater number than the past are know lower wage sectors. >> reporter: back at the pizza
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shop the co-owner recently hired two-part time workers but even before the recession, mcgee says his industry has typically relied on part time help so today's numbers are not entirely surprising to him. >> when you have part-time employees you can have more employees working for you more flexibility in the schedule as opposed to a mass of employees all full time. >> reporter: there is good news in the report. the labor department says that wages are actually on the rise. even in some of the lower paying sectors. reporting live in downtown san jose, i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. >> the jobs report sent the dow up 1%. that was after an initial dip into the red though. so the dow ended up gaining nearly 150 points. i saw a man set on fire from head to toe. >> coming up how a 4th of july celebration turned deadly for a bay area couple after their son
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started dancing. >> seeing just dirt here as opposed to a growing crop is a wasteful shame. >> why a growing number of california farmers have no choice but to let their fields go fallow. >> it was 30 degrees cooler today. in dublin it was 103 yesterday. today, 73. and now, i'll pinpoint the locations that will warm back up. >> some people think we're a clean and sober club but we're really a drinking club with a motorcycle drama. >> coming up at 6:30, they're roaring know town. how a city is reaping the benefits by embracing its biker beginnings as they roar into town. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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through sunday at sleep train's 4th of july sale, save on sleep train's most popular mattress sets. plus, pay no interest for 36 months on tempur-pedic and icomfort. sleep train's 4th of july sale ends sunday. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ gay pride weekend. we warn san francisco police are asking for help finding a suspect who viciously attacked a woman during gay pride weekend. want to warn you the surveillance video is very
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graphic. in it you can see the suspect is robbed or the suspect robbed the victim then kicked her so hard in the face she is unconscious. he was part of a larger group. >> there were three people taken into custody in this incident that night. there was two females and one male. but at this point, we're hoping that someone in the public can see this video, see the violence, and get this person off the streets of san francisco. >> this particular incident happened at market and dolores. but police believe the suspects may have been involved in other robberies and assaults in the area near market and castro street and the civic center. so we have a closer look here. a mother and father are dead r son is on life >> this is the suspect in his early 20s or late teens. call police if you have any information. parents are dead and son on life support after a 4th of july job goes wrong. da lin reports one of the victims started jumping on top of exploding fireworks. >> reporter: the cell phone
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video shows large flames burning out of control and consuming a garage that was converted into a bedroom around 2:30 this morning, the fire started at 621 21st street in richmond. >> we eliminated the electrical. >> reporter: investigators believe fireworks started the fire. they said people living here were shooting off fireworks in front of the house and in a backyard near the garage. >> they were dancing over the fireworks while they were being lit off. flares, they were going between the legs and they had the hands over th fire. i have never seen anything like that. >> reporter: shortly after that a man in his 20s caught on fire. firefighters are trying to find out whether the flames from the fireworks caught his pant legs. >> i saw a man set on fire from like head to toe. >> he was running around? >> he was returning around the backyard screaming for help. >> he was on fire and he was running and he --like he collapsed right near the fence and caught the tree and the fence on fire. >> reporter: the garage also caught on fire.
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the man who was on fire is at the st. francis burn center with burns to 100% of his body. both of his parents sleeping in the garage at the time died of smoke inhalation. family members identified the father and mother. >> we were shocked when we hear something like this happened. they are very good people. >> reporter: the victims were immigrants from laos. i talked to their sons earlier today. they declined to comment. in richmond, i'm da lin, kpix 5. other bay area headlines, fireworks sparked a grass fire near a pittsburg warehouse last night. that destroyed 50 acres along bending willow way. people picked up garden hoses to protect their homes. police reopened parts of danville after a water main break flooded the area last night. the break happened near deabe low and harts avenue at 6 p.m.
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diablo street is still closed off. the water stopped flowing about 12:30 a.m. several businesses nearby have since complained of low water pressure. california's bread basket is dry as toast but that's not the only problem for farmers. kpix 5's len ramirez on the double whampy forcing them to turn more and more of their fields to dust. >> reporter: water is what keeps california farms growing. two years of dry weather plus regulatory cuts are hitting farmers with a one-two punch forcing them to let more and more of these fields of green turn brown, dry and empty. >> this soil represents some of the finest farmland in the world. there's not many places in the world that have this type of soil and seeing just dirt here as opposed to a growing crop is a wasteful shame. >> reporter: on the west side of the san joaquin valley the number of acres producing food is shrinking.
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dan a second generation farmer from riverdale is letting 600 acres go idle after being told his contracted water allotment from state and federal sources was being cut 80% this year. >> this would have been a field of tomatoes, but as such we didn't have enough water to get around so it's left fallow one of three fields that we have done this year and that number may grow next year. >> reporter: talk of the san joaquin valley turning into a dust bowl has been going on for years. but there is a new sense of urgency this summer. on a 109-degree day in the town of mendota, farm worker families are filling water jugs to take to the fields. but there is no overflow of jobs. with fewer acres growing, more people are unemployed. and those with jobs are seeing their hours and paychecks cut. [ speaking spanish ] >> money, less. the less water that there is now, the less work that there is out in the fields, the less
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hours and it's affecting everybody. >> we are 32% unemployment in a community of 11,000. >> reporter: he is afraid they will have to ration food in the richest agricultural region in america as it did in a drought four years ago. >> without water we're dead. just dead. >> reporter: federal rules to protect fish species restricts the amount of water that can be pumped from the delta into the network of aqueducts and pipelines that make up the west lands water district. in wet years there's enough to go around but farmers say the system breaks down in dry spells as it is now. the vast san luis reservoir which has the delta as its only source is drying up fast and may hit its lowest level ever this summer. >> this is a very big crisis. we are standing on the edge of the cliff looking over at the other side. >> reporter: farmers in the west lands are conserving as much water as they can instead of flooding fields, drip lines deliver only the drops the plants need but they say there must be an overhaul of the
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state's water plan to protect fish and farm families in times of drought. if not, california could see more farmland and farm jobs disappear and imported fruit and vegetables will be the norm not the exception. >> pretty much everything that somebody consumes from their kitchen table on a daily basis grown right here and to not have that available and have to go to foreign sources is unthinkable! >> reporter: farmers have to plant far ahead and so decisions will have to be made soon about what to do next year. it seems to me like it's coming down to two very bad alternatives, leave even more fields fallow or take a very big gamble that there will be enough water next year. in fresno county, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> len says the wetlands water district in fresno county estimates 5% of the fields in its year are going fallow this year. that number is expected to increase next year. >> can't imagine the heat wave we saw helped that situation any. >> it's amazing with the dry conditions, how many more problems we can experience from the lack of water.
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i was actually speaking to somebody from a pest control company and he was telling me that they have had this -- this enormous amount of cases reported on black widow spiders and that all is as a result of a lack of water. >> really? >> that's not good. today the heat wave came tie screeching halt here in the bay area. it's cooling down up to 30 degrees. yes! did you feel the difference? right there, downtown san jose currently visibility is unlimited. we have the winds out of the northwest at 15 miles per hour. and the temperature actually dropped 15 degrees there today. currently 71 degrees throughout the santa clara valley. livermore is in the upper 60s. yes, turn off the ac and throw open all the windows in the east bay. how much did it fall today? santa clara was 15 degrees cooler. redwood city 17. 23 east of the bay in pleasanton. san rafael yesterday a record- breaking 98 degrees, today 26 degrees cooler and dublin again down from 103 to 73 degrees.
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it was 65 in oakland. 84 in mountain view. 70s and 80s common north of the golden gate bridge what we can all anticipate now is a deeper marine layer tonight to push back onshore causing drizzle tomorrow morning because it's going to be so deep. right now it's roughly about 2,000 feet deep. the temperatures below average for our saturday. tonight overnight into the 50s with that blanket of clouds reaching all the way into the tri-valley. 45 miles inland. tomorrow's highs will be slightly warmer than today but below average. 66 san francisco. a pair of 7s in san jose. and 81 degrees in concord down from the average high of 86 degrees. 70s around the peninsula with the west wind up to 15 miles per hour. 70s and 80s south bay up to 81 in morgan hill. 84 degrees in antioch. outside number pretty much 85. low 80s in rohnert park and then when you go way up through 90 degrees in ukiah. so here's the extended forecast of the two days coming up,
6:22 pm
sunday definitely the warmest of the two. now, we are going to hold on and stabilize this weather pattern pretty much through the rest of the week and seasonal temperatures this time next week and no rain in sight. >> welcome, july. still ahead, credited for saving some bay area homes from 4th of july fires. how a serious threat was literally swallowed. >> i thought we were under attack but it was a loud sonic boom. >> the 4th of july mishap that forced thousands of spectators to run for their lives. ,, radio: it's mattress discounters' radio: it's mattress discounters' 4th of july sale. bulldog: that cloud reminds me... radio: the tempur-pedic cloud collection-- bulldog: that's it! radio: now with 48 months interest-free financing-- basset hound: free financing?
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radio: mattress discounters' 4th of july sale ends sunday.
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there right now. because to them.. it's just lunch. kp shows us: some special bay area firefighters aren't fazed by the dry brush out there right now because to them, it's just lunch. ryan takeo shows us a small fire in the oakland hills might have been a lot worse if the
6:25 pm
goats hadn't already saved the day. >> there was a lot of nervousness last night a little bit of wind and embers were blowing. >> reporter: it was easy to see the firework in the oakland hills last night. >> we started to see sparks. kind of coming up above the tree line and the tree line is high. >> reporter: what you can't see is the invisible wall protecting the houses that belong to michelle and her neighbors. >> it's a very rugged area. >> reporter: firefighters think the barrier helped them control the blaze. >> at the top of the hills the goats grazed it and it didn't burn to that area. it burned down. >> reporter: here are the workers a group of goats chomping and chewing their way through patches of long grasses. their food is fire fuel. it's pretty easy to see where the goats have been grazing and where they haven't. >> all the stuff knocked over is where the goats have eaten around. >> reporter: the fire burned an acre.5 at joaquin miller park but their work pushed it away from the houses. >> could have easily with the embers and such with the dead and drying grass i believe the goats had an effect. >> baaaa!
6:26 pm
>> reporter: last night the goats' calls for help showed they were worried but they were back at work today and got plenty of gratitude. >> i don't know how to thank the goats. i'd hug them but i don't think they care. >> reporter: in oakland, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> money for the grazing comes from wildfire assessment district funds and the city. coming up in the next half hour, the 4th of july explosion that turned a celebration into explosions. >> why fireworks started flying directly at the crowd. >> how the mood in cairo is changing from fastive to fierce. >> a lot of beautiful bikes, man. >> loud rumbles and leather jackets. how a northern california city is reaping the benefits by embracing its history as hog heaven. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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injuries were mostly burn injuries and injuries consistent with shrapnel and some trampling. >> now at 6:30 the 4th of july mishap that forced revelers to run for their lives. more than 2 dozen people were hurt in a celebration in simply valley northwest of l.a.
6:30 pm
police say a wooden platform holding the pyrotechnics gave way and tipped over causing them to misfire into the crowds. hours later witnesses are still quite shaken. [ screaming ] >> reporter: listen to the sheer terror on this youtube video as spectators run for cover at a simi valley fireworks show. this woman's hands are still trembling after shielding her cousins from flying shrapnel. >> i felt like it hit on my back from the fireworks and i was like it was burning. >> reporter: as many as 10,000 people were at the park when things went wrong about 2 minutes into the show. look what happened to this woman's fence across the street. >> this is one of the caps that blew from the fireworks display
6:31 pm
straight through our fence. this came through here and landed about right here. >> reporter: the blalock kids say they saw fireworks rushing at them as they sat across the street. >> my dad kind of pulled me up and he just put -- turned me back and turned -- and he turned his back to protect me. >> at first, my mom pulled me out of my chair and i thought, this -- that all the fireworks going off was cool but then i changed my mind when i saw people getting hit. >> reporter: today crews cleaned up the field after it was declared safe. investigators say the spectators were kept the required 350 feet from the largest mortar tubes which were about 5" in diameter. 28 people were injured. none was life-threatening. but paulina will tell you it's been life-changing considering the fact that she has attended this annual tradition that's dated back to 1970. >> i have always been seeing it ever since they started doing it since i was a little girl. but even though i'm 21, this is the most terrifying moment i
6:32 pm
have ever had. >> reporter: investigators say about 40% of the fireworks went off the remaining 60 did not. right now, what went wrong is being investigated for the time being investigators are calling this an industrial accident. in simi valley, jeff nguyen, kpix 5. >> the "l.a. times" reports at least 36 people were hurt, treated at hospitals. 12 of those were children. authorities questioning the witnesses as well as that company hired to put on the show. people in egypt are celebrating the ousting of that country's president and they are clashing with a wave of protestors. cbs reporter marlie hall has the latest on the deadly violence. >> reporter: egyptian troops opened fire on demonstrators who were chanting, down with military rule! pro-morsi demonstrators staged a day of rallies across egypt. protestors are demanding the reinstatement of the toppled president and rejecting the interim government. at least 16 were killed and hundreds wounded in clashes
6:33 pm
since the egyptian military removed morsi from power. tens of thousands demonstrated against him for failing to deliver on reforms as promised. marlie hall for cbs news. >> some groups have vowed a violent retaliation against egypt's army. they have a rowdy reputation but this weekend, they are welcomed guests. why thousands of bikers are taking over a northern california town. >> and fitness goes mobile. why it's easier than ever to work out during your lunch break. >> but first, a look at the new eastern span of the bay bridge. we should find out monday if it will open on schedule labor day weekend. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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rumbling motorcycles rally downtown... kpix five's len ramirez gives us a look inte lly back after die-hard breakers are going hog wild in hollister this weekend as motorcycles rally downtown. kpix 5's len ramirez gives us a look into the party that is finally back after years on hold. reporter: once again, the bikers have taken over the town
6:36 pm
of hollister. >> a lot of good people, man, a lot of beautiful bikes. >> reporter: the color, the chrome and the rumble of the engines. >> a lot of pipes. >> it's all part of the attraction. >> everybody gets together for a good time. >> reporter: thousands of riders from all over the west came to see and be seen. it's now the biggest motorcycle rally in northern california and maybe the state. the outlaw biker culture actually got its start here in hollister in the year 1947. there was a small meet then. and it turned into what the newspapers later called a riot. "life" magazine picked up on the story and published this photo of a drunker rider with empty beer bottles littering the street and the legend was born. the original members of the motorcycle club called the booze fighters were here back then. and today they have returned. how did the boozefighters get its name? >> some people think we are a clean and sober club but we're really a drinking club with a motorcycle problem. >> reporter: today alcohol is served but there is little of the wild drunkenness. and to make sure it stays that way police and other agencies
6:37 pm
from around central california have a major presence. >> i wouldn't exactly call it a family event. but i would call it an event that, you know, adults can come, bring their bikes, show them off and hopefully have a good time. >> reporter: it's a community event now that the city wants and needs especially the businesses that make a huge profit serving out of town guests. >> a lot of the newer people in motorcycling have embraced these rallies and it's good. it's good to get back to the community. >> reporter: from outlaw biker beginnings. >> break the law a little bit. >> reporter: to a commercial success. >> really nice bikes. i feel safe. >> reporter: hollister has found its niche and it's on two wheels. in hollister, len ramirez, kpix 5. this ises the pushes -- this is the first hollister motorcycle rally in five years. it's today through sunday. caravan of electric cars on a north american tour made a
6:38 pm
pit stop in the area. the all-electric cars driving from canada to mexico of course not a drop of gas. the drivers are campaigning for more electric charging stations along the west coast. >> that's one of the things we want our state and our communities to do is install and get these electric charging stations out and as people do that, it will be easier for other people to see that it's easy and getting easier to drive an electric car. >> nine electric vehicles heading to mexico on that nine- day, 1500-mile trip. she lost her father to gun violence but maintained an incredible sense of purpose. >> hoping others -- something amazing can happen to you. >> how this bay area student beat the odds by putting her family first. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, we have been noting that highs today dropped a good 30 degrees. now the day that will warm back up. we'll pinpoint that day with the forecast. straight ahead, the moment
6:39 pm
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thousand marriages. now, san francisco's deputy marriage commissioner gets to marry the man of his dre he has performed an estimated 10,000 marriages. now san francisco's deputy marriage commissioner gets to marry the man of his dreams. it happened about an hour and a half ago all because of the legalization of same-sex marriage in california. jim married his partner larry who he met 26 years ago today. >> we're actually going to get married because of the supreme court ruling. and it's a great day. >> how do you feel? >> excited. >> excited. excited. >> the ceremony took place in the main rotunda of san francisco's city hall. students who just graduated high school are beginning a whole new journey and for one student in east oakland it's a new beginning for her whole
6:43 pm
family. half of all black students drop out of high school in oakland. wendy tokuda shows us how this student is rising above. reporter: graduation ceremonies for met west high, east oakland. >> i waited four years to stand on this stage and say i finally made it. [ applause ] >> reporter: she graduated with a 3.7gpa even though she had to change high schools four times. once because her school closed. another because transportation became a problem. but her goal never changed. >> i was [ indiscernible ] elementary school and like watching tv and saying like kids and college and see how happy they looked and i just always wanted to be that student. >> hi, gang. >> reporter: tv showed a life so different from hers.
6:44 pm
kemonni's father was shot and killed. the family lives month to month on her mother's minimum wage earnings. even so they adopted a little brother out of foster care and kemonni helped raise him. >> she walked me to school. >> i took it on because i want him to know that you can help others you know, by helping others, you know, something amazing can happen to you. >> reporter: kemonni's responsibilities have grown since her mother developed serious health problems especially when she was hospitalized for surgery. >> i do worry about losing my mother because me and my siblings, we wouldn't have anybody. we wouldn't have any parent. >> reporter: when kemonni was too busy at home to attend her regular tutoring at the nonprofit college track, her mentor asked her if she needed help. reluctantly, kemonni responded. >> we could use some money to
6:45 pm
get some food and to get some dinner. and so then we started to ask her more frequently. did she need support with getting food, bus fare clipper cards? >> reporter: money is only one issue. fear is another. kemonni's careful while walking her little brother to school where she had also interned for credit. his grade school had to lock down six times last year. kemonni says more than 10 of her friends or family members including her dad have been shot or stabbed, most survived. but not all. >> being around violence every day makes me kind of scared because it can happen to anyone. >> reporter: it's something like living in a combat zone. the centers for disease control reports that children living in inner cities show a higher prevalence of post-traumatic stress syndrome than soldiers. >> i think that there's a lot
6:46 pm
of fear. i think there's a lack of trust that starts to build up. i definitely think that they shut down. >> reporter: at school, kemonni has learned she must put her fears and worries aside. >> it will become overwhelming. i will have too much stress on my shoulders and i won't be able to focus on my school work. >> she just keeps going. no matter what, despite any obstacles, she just keeps pushing through. >> my plan is to attend san francisco state next fall. [ applause ] >> reporter: kemonni is going to study sociology. she wants to work with children. wendy tokuda, kpix 5. >> what an amazing girl. she wouldn't be able to go college without financial help. if you would like to help, go to to find out how. > she is already making a difference in the world. she is going to make an even bigger difference in the future. very nice. >> did you feel the difference in the weather today? >> big time. >> didn't we?
6:47 pm
we could all feel it. we could all embrace it. it's going tonight most perfect weekend for some outdoor activities especially if you are heading to the fair and all that good fair food whether san marin, san rafael, marin county, or alameda county fair. good evening,everyone. let's step outside and look at the city by the bay. if you are heading out to the city for dinner tonight have a light jacket. we have a robust onshore flow. currently, 61 degrees in san francisco. oakland 66. santa rosa 79. from the bay bridge we're looking towards the golden gate bridge and you can see clouds developing offshore pushing into the golden gate bridge. we'll all become overcast overnight. currently 61 degrees at the golden gate bridge. i have noticed the people have thinned out but quite a crowd out there but the winds have been picking up and it is chilly there at this hour. saturday we'll see partial coastal clearing. otherwise sunshine inland and it will be steady and seasonal.
6:48 pm
the seven-day forecast coming up. today's numbers came down. 60 in pacifica to 78 degrees in livermore. it was in the low 80s in fairfield. out of the triple digits. down from 90 to 75 degrees in san jose. down from 98 which was a record yesterday in san rafael to 70 degrees. 28 degrees cooler there today. so we will see a very deep marine layer pushing onshore tonight with some localized drizzle in the overnight hours. tomorrow gray and then lots of blue skies. partial coastal clearing. and then finally the extended forecast looks typical. okay, play along at home. futurecast watch those clouds build. here it is right here. this is the marine layer. it's roughly about 2,000 feet deep. that's why you get a little bit of condensation in the form of drizzle. and it looks like for the most part it will extend inland a good 50 miles tonight. tomorrow morning, 9:00, it begins to retreat from the tri- valley. some hit and miss around the suisun bay area. and then some partial coastal clearing around inverness.
6:49 pm
it's a robust ocean sea breeze that's pushing back our numbers for the marin county fair. it looks like we'll have 76 degrees in san rafael tomorrow a couple of degrees tomorrow for sunday. tonight overnight, a little bit more comfortable than what it has been into the 50s across the board. 54 degrees in pacifica through the central bay all the way into the interior valleys. the winds will dial back. tomorrow's wind out of the west at 15. 66 in san francisco. 77 san jose. low 80s east of the bay. these numbers are now averaging below normal for this time of the year. 80s morgan hill and gilroy. brentwood warm. low 80s in rohnert park. upstream we're talking about 70s, 80s to 90 degrees. here's your extended forecast. the warmest day. weekend will be on sunday. -- the warmest da of the weekend will be sunday. flat numbers every day through friday. that is your pinpoint forecast. we still have vern glenn and sports coming up right after
6:50 pm
this. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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the bidding for dwight howard is over? >> i can dream, can't i? what
6:53 pm
if i said 6'110", 7 footedder? dwight howard a golden state warrior. snow. no. be they made a free agent splash today. warriors will soon have andre ewing iguodala under contract. it's 4 years $48 million and to make it happen the warriors traded three players to the utah jazz to make the necessary cap space freeing $24 million to go after iguodala who instantly becomes the best perimeter defender and a threat to drive the lane and boy, i tell you what, steph curry is certainly pumped. already, kanoodling on twitter. in fact -- iguodala fired off, yo, steph curry let's get it. curry, going to be a great four year, bro. in fact it will. the next shot taken in
6:54 pm
block by dwight howard will be in the uniform of the houston rockets. no terms discussed yet. after lengthy meetings with the rockets, lakers, warriors, mavericks and hawks, howard finally decided today to go with houston. the three-time nba defensive player of the year walked away from the lakers. who does that?! he did! and he has moved on. wimbledon tennis. novak djokovic the world's number one player went 4 hours 44 minutes today in an epic semifinal the longest semis in wimbledon history. look at him make an entrance against juan martin del potro of argentina near court. del potro hustled! staved off a match point in the fourth set tie-breaker and forced a fifth! after two match points, djokovic said, no, no, no! del potro can't get there and djokovic wins a thriller.
6:55 pm
sunday's final is next against the andy murray/jersey jankovic winner. that gave him a two sets to one advantage. under the roof for set. look at the murray return. not even fair. he will have the home crowd behind him coming up on sunday. the sharks have re-signed defenseman scott hannon to one year. this is the second tour of duty for him acquired from the predators in april. he spent the first eight seasons with the sharks. he played all 11 post-season games for the sharks this past season had four assists. sharks also signed forward tyler kennedy to a two-year contract today. now, imagine a long day at work, didn't get to the gym, like you promised yourself? there's a honk outside. it's not your ride home. it's the gym!! in the parking lot! >> try not to walk too much. try to hold that bike stable. >> reporter: your garden variety spin class, or is it?
6:56 pm
>> that's it, everybody, great job. >> reporter: is it an upscale gym, fitness center? try a giant trailer. >> 30 seconds to go, pay attention. >> reporter: guess what. in 2013, fitness has gone mobile. >> hold it! come on! outbursts mobile fitness comes to you. the round the clock office worker who can't get away its owner and founder cathryn philly brown used to be one of those. >> i would go to walk or work at the gym lunchtime and something kept me at the dis, one more email, phon call. i wasn't the only person with the problem. >> rpms increasing 90 to 110. >> i was commuting home and a bus passed me as i was driving and stuck in traffic and the bus was empty. >> reporter: and the light bulb went off. >> we are going to start the downhill! once you get to 90! >> reporter: she launched these mobile classes in june. >> how's that feel?
6:57 pm
>> good. >> yeah. >> reporter: in the spirit of the food trucks that serve business parks, look for more of these mobile fitness vans around the bay area. and, yes, your cardio limits will be tapped. >> stay on the road! [ laughter ] >> that's a pretty interesting idea. and boy, what a leap of faith for cathryn. empty the bank, put it in that trailer, they went total just launched in june. phones ringing off the hook! and what they have done with one office park they just hooked it up to the rig and just drive off to the next one. >> i hope there's major air- conditioning in the trailer. >> i'm thinking there's no road rash. so that's okay. >> no. that's right. >> captions by: caption colorado aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7.
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>> judge judy: she bought a puppy from you, and it was a sick puppy. >> announcer: a backyard dog breeder's dirty diagnosis. >> judge judy: you said this entire litter had mange. >> yes, four. >> judge judy: that means that that parasite is in your kennel. it's also probably in your chairs. so aside from everything else, mr. o'donnell, don't invite me for dinner. >> announcer: is it too late to clean up his act? >> judge judy: where's the dog? >> the vet said that she had to go into quarantine right away. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution 19-year-old brittany cadell is suing dog breeder terrance o'donnell for the cost of a labrador and its vet bills. >> byrd: order! all rise. your honor, this is ca n


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