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tv   KPIX 5 News Sunday Morning Edition  CBS  July 14, 2013 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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this is kpix5 news. the verdict, we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> the florida jury acquitted george zimmerman of all charges. now on kpix5 news, how a bay area protest turns ugly. and we have overcast skies to start the day out with and a little bit of a change in the forecast. we'll discuss that in a few minutes. >> and the back and forth over the new span of the bay bridge. is there a chance it will open its schedule afterall? >> it is 8:00 on sunday, june -- july 14. >> welcome in. we have a lot of news to cover.
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first up, we're going to have police chief from san francisco. we're going to be talking to him about that thin line between heroism and tragedy. like our recent air crash. >> you just saw the special we had on the heros of flight 214. we also have amy live in studio. she is chairperson of the transportation commission with the latest on the bay bridge. >> that's right. but first, our lead story this morning. >> vandalism in oakland after the verdict in the trial of george zimmerman. the former neighborhood watch volunteer was acquitted of second-degree murder last night in the death of trayvon martin. in oakland after what started as a peaceful protest, police say around 100 people went to the streets. breaking windows and setting garbage cans on fire. there were no injuries and no arrests were made. the florida jury reached its verdict after 15 hours of deliberations over two days. cbs reporter, marley hall has the latest from the courthouse in sanford. >> george zimmerman walked out of the courtroom just minutes
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after hearing this. >> we, the jury, find george zimmerman not guilty. >> at first, zimmerman showed no emotion to the verdict, but moments later, he smiled. his family hugged and his wife shed tears. trayvon martin's parents who were in court every day didn't attend the verdict. on twitter, his father, tracy, said he was heartbroken and wrote, i will always love my baby tray. outside the courthouse, demonstrators voiced their displeasure with the verdict. 3,000 miles away, there were demonstrations on the streets of san francisco and los angeles. in oakland, california, a small group of protesters blocked traffic and smashed the window of a police car. demonstrators here in sanford told us plans are being made for more protests in the coming days. >> justice was not served. that's why i'm upset. >> it's a tragic decision for both parties. >> martin left this convenience store and walking to the home where he was
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staying. zimmerman, a member of the neighborhood watch saw him and minutes later, the two came face to face. zimmerman claimed the teen attacked him and he shot in self-defense. >> we are ecstatic with the results. george zimmerman was never guilty of anything except for protecting himself. >> zimmerman's actions led to martin's death, but the jury found him not guilty. marley hall for cbs news, sanford, florida. >> the civil suit or civil rights case against zimmerman are still possibilities. martin's family could file a civil suit to hold him liable for negligence or the federal government could try to prove that zimmerman violated martin's civil rights. we'll see if either of those possibilities happen. >> that's right, demonstrators turned out in oakland and san francisco. in oakland, people gathered for an impromptu protest in the plaza near city hall. they gathered around a small shrine for trayvon martin.
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they were frustrated, hurt, and angry. >> disgusted. absolutely disgusted. i mean, it is clear cut murder. it's first-degree murder. he stalked him down for however long it took before he decided to kill him. >> rage, not surprised and pain. in pain for his family, for his community. pain. deep, deep pain. and rage. it has to end. >> also a protest in san francisco as well. officers there escorted demonstrators as they marched. that group dispursed by 10:00 p.m. >> the suspect in friday's fatal shooting at a jewelry store was trying to rob the place. 23-year-old, barry white of antioch has been charged with two counts of murder and seven counts of attempted murder. two sales women were killed and a man was injured after they barged into the jewelry store armed with a gun and knife. police say white had at least
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one previous business transaction with the owner of that store. he sals accused of opening fire later that day. >> also in san francisco, an illegal left turn is blamed for a crash involving a light rail train. that happened 1:00 yesterday afternoon. a van and muni train were traveling on 3rd street when the van turned in front of the train. nearly 20 people were injured, but they are all expected to live. the name of the third teenager who died from last week's plane crash in san francisco has been released. state media says raul died of her injuries friday. she was in intensive care since the day of the crash. yesterday's survivors and their families of the two girls who were killed at memorial at the crash site were there to mark the moment when flight 214 came down one week from yesterday. they were both ejected from the
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plane. 14 passengers and crew members are still in the hospital. two are in critical condition. many of the other survivors are being isolated under tight security. cory monteith. the actor who shot to fame on fox's musical tv series, "glee," has died. police found him in vancouver yesterday in his hotel room. in april, he admitted himself to rehab for substance abuse. police are not releasing a cause of death, but they don't suspect foul play. he was 31. the boat problem, a fiasco. >> we'll speak live with the top authority on that issue. we take a look at the prospects of when the new span will reopen. and we have kind of a cool start to your sunday morning. that will change. sun will come out later, but it's not going to be the picnic it was yesterday. we'll talk about the forecast after we generate revenue here. stand by. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here's some bad news for you. some analysts say you can expect the cost of gasoline to go up 10 to 15 cents a gallon
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in the next couple of weeks. the price of crude oil which approached $106 a barrel by the end of last week. here are the latest local gas prices by metro area, according to regular unleaded averages $3.94 in san jose. $4.11 in san francisco and $3.96 in oakland. those prices are 25 cents higher than one year ago. all right, 9 minutes after 8:00. what do you think, brian? we have a cooldown in store. >> a touch, yeah. we had a nice saturday. it will be nice sunday. we'll have to enjoy the opening longer than we did yesterday. we are starting out with overcast skies over much of the bay area. we always used to say, no sun in the sky until the fourth of july. here it is. well into july. we still have no sun in the sky. but, the numbers are fairly mild. 59 in oakland and liver more, 60 degrees. san jose has 58 and 54 in santa
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rosa. out the door this morning, we are starting out with mostly cloudy conditions. more sun inland and partly sunny skies inbetween. right around the bay. but still, good day to catch the oakland a's. mostly sunny by game time at 1:05 p.m. and a game time temperature of 68 degrees. so we're expecting a mostly sunny sunday, except along the coast. temperatures fall 5 degrees inland. and it will be a mild week ahead. things look good. here's what is happening. we have high pressure that is receding. as a result, that low is going to keep us cooler, lower pressure is going to lower temperatures today a little bit and build up the stratus along the shoreline, which you can see in the future cast. we are starting out with some overcast and tonight, again, just comes right in. and we'll start tomorrow morning on the morning show. discussing the fog in the low clouds. forecast highs for today, oakland hit 71. liver more down to 87.
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still plenty warm inland and 81 in san jose. temperatures for the south bay. morgan hill at 89. 81 for san jose and in the east bay, 87 for pittsburgh and 91 at brentwood. 87 for liver more. nice. right along the shoreline, we'll get stratus just offshore from the beach. up in the far north, 95 degrees. extended forecast, we're going to be looking for numbers to cool down today. this cooling trend will continue through wednesday, but then by the end of the week, guess what? we'll warm it up again. good sunday on tap. make sure you enjoy it. let's get the latest from phil. >> the opening of the bay bridge has uncertainty. last monday, officials said the opening would be delayed from labor day until december. that would allow time for crews to install saddles. but two days later, the bridge's own seismic safety review group said there's another way a short-term fix
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involving temporary. what's going on? phil. >> we'll get to the bottom of it. joining us is the chair of the metropolitan transportation commission who has, i guess, the difficult job to say the least of trying to sort through all of this. on monday, i was up in sacramento where they said the bridge was gone because it was going to be delayed. it wouldn't be open until december. on wednesday, you and i were at a meeting where they held up a plan and said no, we can do it within 30 days. what is going on? >> well, first of all, we will open the bridge when it has seismic safety. that is, where all the elements are in place so that the motorist can drive safely on the bridge. the december date was based on the time it would take to do the permanent fix. that's the saddle to repair the bolts that failed. our independent review panel of experts have been saying this bridge is so much safer than the old bridge. we need to move traffic on to that as soon as possible.
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in the meantime, caltrans was worried about the safety of the bearings during the construction process. they didn't want them to crack a bridge, a $6 billion bridge before it opened. >> so in the meantime, on monday, our expectation was, we wouldn't be able to open it until december when that fix was set. but our independent peer reviewer said, let's look at this plan. let's look at the idea of doing a temporary shim that will enable the bridge to reach seismic safety so we'll be able to move traffic on to the bridge while we are doing the permanent fix. of course, that was in a way a joyous surprise to us because if we are able to move people on to the bridge safer, that is a goal that we currently have. >> if it was a joyous surprise, i didn't see a will the of smiles on people's faces when this was unveiled, or brought up out of the blue. >> upset the reaction over the
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last few days really thinking about the idea of getting people on to the bridge sooner. i think that's what is important about it. if this plan works. at this point, we don't know. we asked the federal highway administration to review the plan. the engineers are looking at the plans to try to see if this is a seasonal way of doing that. of reaching seismic safety. >> are we going ahead and looking seriously at the idea of this quicker fix? tell us about that. >> so, afternoon, wednesday afternoon after that meeting, the toll bridge oversight committee got together, started talking to engineers to say, all right, let's look at this plan. on friday, we sent the letter to the federal highway administration and engineers are looking at that plan. we're going to do an independent review of that plan. so there's a lot of work to be done. >> how long do you think it's going to take before we find out?
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>> you know, i really don't know. i do know that the plan it needs to have -- caltrans and engineers as well as independent engineers to review it and make sure this is a plan that can work. >> okay. but again, going back to the meetings and the politics of this. there is a question of when the bridge is safe and politically whether caltrans, i get the feeling would like to open the bridge? i get the feeling that some people, other people say no, we want the bridge completely done before we open it. how much of this is safety and how much of this is public relations? >> well, i think first of all, it's important. the bridge will not open until it reaches seismic safety. that has been the criteria all along from the very beginning, particularly the last three years when we determined when the committee determined that the elements needed to be in place in terms of seismic safety. that's one of those, the full
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functioning of that sheer bearing system to protect the bridge in the event of an earthquake. >> i have to ask you, because other people have raised this issue. you and i were both at those meetings. are you concerned that they could haven plan and design in the works, caltrans and the seismic safety panel and your own head says this is the first i've heard of it? >> well, i think -- >> or the first time i have seen the plan? >> i think that speaks for the fact that it's an independent review panel and i do. as i said, i think there were two things going on. first of all, engineers by nature look to solutions for problems. that's what they do. and so again, caltrans was concerned about the safety of the system in the interim. they started developing this contest. the independent peer plan and people on the bridge and the two came together in a surprise to us. again, i think what it is saying is we are working, kind
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of 24/7 to get this bridge safe so we can open it. and that's one of the things that came out during this period for the last few months. understand the significant differences between the seismic safety and the new bridge and the old bridge. >> that's going to be an interesting call. the bridge is a story that never seems to stop. >> nice to be here. the san francisco giants season has been forgettable so far. but something unforgettable happened last night in san diego. the big surprise that is the talk of the baseball world. when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to remember. well, it has not been a storybook season so far for the san francisco giants. all right, last night, they had a game to remember. >> the pitcher threw a no hitter against the san diego padres. at one point, he struck out six batters in a row and ended up with 13. he also benefited from excellent defense. the final score, 9-0. just the 7th ever for san francisco. it was a good day all around for local sports teams. major league soccer, the san jose earthquakes shut out the sounders. and the arena football, 78-20. that is the most victory for the saber cats. last weekend's plane crash at the san francisco airport brought to the forefront the courage of first responders. >> i sat down with greg.
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we talked about what happens on a scene in such a fluid and dangerous situation. >> oftentimes in situations like this, the difference between a heroic action or heroic moment and a tragic one is split seconds. >> you don't have time to pick, you know. at that point in time, let's go in and save lives. i think that's what the officers did and the firefighters and i think the pilots and the flight attendants getting everybody off that plane. that's what they did. there were people that were seriously injured and they just got them off however they could. >> when you are going in, how do you assess whether the moves you make are the right ones or lead to further tragedy. for example, a lot of questions being raised about the response times for ambulances. did they get out on that runway fast enough? >> well, you know, i've had to call for help before as a police officer and it always seems longer than it is.
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i can only imagine what it felt like to those people to wait however minutes they had to wait. you have to remember, all those ambulances are waiting to get in the game. they are willing to risk their lives to come on that airfield and somebody has to be up above. they want the ambulances, too. >> so what delayed it? >> you have to make sure it's safe. you have to make sure no other planes are going to land on an ambulance or what is the combustibility of the plane that is now on fire and the smell of gasoline. there are so many things that everybody is thinking of. number one, we have to save these people. >> how much does luck play into it? >> well, you know, there's that old saying. you would rather be lucky than good. but it's good to be good and lucky. i think on that day, everybody was great and lucky. >> in the months that follow, what tends to happen with the first responders? do they go over this? do they judge themselves?
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first, how does it work? >> yeah, sure. obviously you all in the media and lawyers and pour over this thing and months and years, they are going to decide what should have been done in a vacuum. those officers and firefighters and everybody at the airport and the crew and they have decided in seconds. so, you know, we're going to read the papers. we're going to watch the story. everybody is in debriefings, critical incident response teams. debriefings now. i think people, when you saw officers talk, there's a huge amount of emotion bottled up. this is just really cool that they are getting the acknowledgment because i can guarantee i haven't been there before. there's going to be folks that have been criticized in the days and months to come. >> one of the questions resolved is whether the passengers was run over by an emergency response vehicle. that's gloing to be an example of a tragic moment in this.
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>> right. so i mean, all those firefighters, god love them, they did a great job. they went into an incredibly dangerous situation, they got the fire out. they, the cops and crew and passengers got everybody off. but now we don't know exactly what happened other than at least one truck passed over the young girl when she was under the foam and we don't know if that was the only time. so, that's all being reconstructed and figured out and all those drivers of all those trucks are wondering. >> on this, what do you think your take away memory will be on this one? >> i think for me it's going to be the smell of that gasoline that day. you had to be there to smell it. even when the mayor came through hours and hours later, he was -- we had to switch positions a couple times because the smell was so strong and just to think that when i was talking to the cops and firefighters that they were on the plane. they see smoke and fire.
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they smell smoke and gasoline or whatever. they feel the plane unsteady and they stayed and jim cunningham has the present of mind to scoop up iphones and cell phones just in case, what later on, people are going to be calling about their loved ones. the presence of mind to me is just unbelievable. >> i have to say that i feel sorry for whoever was driving the fire truck that hit the girl. again, we don't know whether or not she was dead before she was run over by the fire truck, but that is a secondary tragedy here. >> it is. we may never know. it is still unclear if the cor coroner is going to be able to determine it. we'll be right back. stay tuned.
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. >> schieffer: today on "face the nation," the news from overnight. george zimmerman is found not guilty in the shooting death of trayvon martin. and only on cbs, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says iran is dangerously close to having a nuclear women son moving fast to develop intercontinental missile that could deliver it to the united states. it's all ahead on "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news in washington, "face the nation" with bob schieffer. >> schieffer: good morning again george zimmerman is a man. he was found not guilty last night in the death of 17-year- old trayvon martin. he stood stoically in the courtroom last nile as the court


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