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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 15, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the sidewalk. they were let back in except for those who lived in about 6 units that had some heavy smoke and water damage. right now about five units left from about 20 that came here early overnight and right now it's a mop-up scene. but the good news is there were no injuries. in san mateo, sue kwon, kpix 5. calls for justice across the country in response to the george zimmerman verdict over the weekend. streets of l.a. are quiet this morning after protestors got out of hand. demonstrators throwing rocks and batteries at officers. they were upset about the acquittal of george zimmerman in his florida murder trial. [ screaming ] >> at one point about 200 protestors took over interstate 10. they blocked traffic in both directions for about a half hour yesterday. marlie hall joins us now from sanford, florida where the aftereffects of the zimmerman trial are not over yet. good morning, marlie. >> reporter: good morning,
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frank. the case that started right here in florida has thousands marching and rallying in protest. more rallies are planned today as thousands have taken to the streets to protest the verdict in the george zimmerman trial. >> they are entering this intersection. >> reporter: demonstrations sunday lasted well into the night in cities from coast to coast. [ screaming ] >> reporter: in new york, protestors shut down times square and then marched through the streets to harlem. and in los angeles, demonstrators marched into the highway temporarily shutting down i-10. [ screaming ] >> reporter: most of the rallies sunday were peaceful but zimmerman's family and lawyers say his life is in jeopardy from people who are upset he was acquitted of second-degree murder in the shooting of trayvon martin. >> there's still a fringe element who have said at least in tweets and everything else that they want revenge. >> reporter: there are people who feel the legal system worked. >> it seems to me it was self- defense.
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justice was served. >> reporter: trayvon martin's parents were not in the courthouse when the verdict was read. family members spoke to the press sunday. >> very disappointed at this point. but we know in the end god will prevail and justice will be served. >> reporter: the martin family can still file civil lawsuits against zimmerman and the department of justice announced sunday it is looking into possible criminal civil rights charges. >> there seems to be evidence that suggest that is race may have been a factor. >> reporter: but experts say the legal barrier to even file charges in civil rights cases is high and it's even harder to get a conviction. police in los angeles say they have arrested several protestors and in new york authorities say they have arrested at least a dozen. frank? >> marlie, martin's parents weren't in the courtroom for the verdict. >> reporter: lawyers for the
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martin family say they advised the family not to be there believing simply that it would be too emotional for them. >> marlie hall live in florida, thank you. oakland was one of many cities where the zimmerman verdict led to protestors. cate caugiran is in oakland this morning and cate, protestors were mostly peaceful but some caused damage. >> reporter: thankfully it was a small group, michelle, but as you mentioned, for the most part these protestors were calm especially in comparison to what we saw on saturday. so last night, when police told protestors to go home, they did. they spent most of the day marching making noise on behalf of trayvon martin. some protestors burned the american flag and took their anger to the streets of oakland. this is what the city will have to clean up starting this morning. there was a good amount of damage done this weekend.
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people broke windows, vandalized cars and buildings. last night protestors said it was more about the message not the mayhem. >> this is oakland. this is our home. and why degrade where we live rather than try to pick it up? >> we are tired of not getting it. >> i don't think we want to hear from anybody throwing a tantrum which is what this is. >> reporter: oakland police say about 100 people came out. the crowd marched about five miles before settling at 14th and broadway. as of late last night, there were no reports of violence or arrests. live in oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> demonstrators are expected to protest in san francisco again today. protestors yesterday said zimmerman should have been convicted and put the blame on the legal system. >> this is a system that doesn't give a damn about a black life. it doesn't give a damn about a brown life. it doesn't give a damn about a
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poor life. >> that's right! >> this whole system is made to take you down! >> protestors marched through san francisco downtown and ended their rally at the justin herman plaza. 6:05 right now. let's check the weather. it was a little foggy this morning. >> a little gray out there today. yeah. that fog is surging well onshore. drizzle tow coastline cooler -- drizzle at the coastline and cooler temperatures for the day. sun is coming up elsewhere as we look from the mount vaca cam a couple of high clouds in the distance but plenty of low clouds and fog have surge onshore. you see that over the bay even some drizzle approaching the coastline very damp there this morning. temperatures staying mainly in the 50s now. i think by the afternoon, probably holding in the 50s out toward the coastline maybe some low 60s there. but elsewhere around the bay area it's even going to be cooler inland usually in the 80s in some spots inland today. today a good three to 10
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doctors below average about 74 in santa rosa. 76 miles in san jose and partly cloudy and cool into san francisco. >> reporter: we head back to berkeley. we just got off the phone with the berkeley police department and they say it is a hit-and- run crash involving a pedestrian. that's what happened on city streets. and that's why they have had to close the off-ramp from interstate 80 to university avenue. so you cannot access university avenue off-ramps from eastbound or westbound 80. in the meantime, you can use gilman or ashby and it's beginning to slow down the commute on the main lines of the freeway now, as well. want to update you here traffic alert still in effect on highway 152. it's approaching lovers lane. they are still doing one-way traffic control in the area after a head-on collision involving a big rig. quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza, where you can see still no metering lights. fastrak users are still getting by okay.
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in bay area headlines, a teenager is dead after a shooting in east san jose. it happened at 1 a.m. yesterday. police showed up just as a large party was breaking up. then officers stopped the car with a wounded 17-year-old who died later. no word on progress between bart and the union. strike against the transit agency was suspended this month when the two sides agreed to extend the previous contract for another 30 days. the contract expires august 4. a temporary fix may get the eastern span of the bay bridge open labor day weekend. the seismic safety regroup says the temporary fix could make the postponement unnecessary. but the chair of the metropolitan transportation commission told kpix 5 a lot
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still needs to happen. >> i do know that the plan -- it needs to have a thorough vetting. so caltrans and engineers as well as independent engineers need to review it to be sure this is a plan that can work. >> caltrans says it's looking into the idea but as it stands now the opening will not happen until at least december. it could be edward snowden's most damaging weapon yet. the secret documents that could cause serious harm here in the united states. >> the sudden death of aglee star sent shockwaves through hollywood. the addiction struggles that haunted cory monteith for years. ♪[ music ] >> and remember that baby grand that drew all kinds of crowds to half moon bay? how the artist behind it now has plans for an even bigger encore when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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documents describing how the intelligence agency operate the journalist who was first welcome back. nsa leaker edward snowden reportedly had thousands of documents describing how the intelligence agency operates. journalists [ indiscernible ] disclosure says the papers appear to be an instruction manual and could enable people to evade surveillance. snowden is apparently insisting the documents not be made public citing potential harm to the u.s. government. developing news in south africa. nelson mandela could soon be out of the hospital. his family says the leader has been responding to treatment for a recurring lung infection and is getting better. he is still on a ventilator to breathe. mandela turns 95 thursday. an autopsy is planned today to determine what killed actor cory monteith. the 31-year-old canadian actor
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was well known for playing fin hudson on the fox tv series "glee." he was found dead in his hotel room in canada this weekend. >> the coroner will determine the next steps with respect to establishing cause of death while all indications are that there was no foul play. >> monteith had openly talked about struggling with drug addiction since he was a teenager. he had checked himself into a treatment facility in april. 6:13. this morning, searchers will focus on a new area looking for that missing east bay toddler. yesterday,search teams focused on the oakland hills. 21-month-old daphne webb's father reported her missing wednesday morning. he told police the child was taken from his suv while he stopped at a corner market. today crews will search other areas where the father and the daughter were known to frequent. >> anything is possible at this point. she could have wandered off. the area she lived around is the woods, so we asked them to conduct a search for us.
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>> reporter: this isn't any specific tip you got that she could be buried in these hills? >> no, no such tip. >> the father was briefly held on child endangerment charges because he left the little girl with his mother, who has dementia. he has not been named a suspect in her disappearance. let's check the roads with elizabeth. how's it looking? >> unfortunately, we have some problems in berkeley. the berkeley police department just confirmed with us that it is a fatal accident involving a pedestrian. it happened earlier this morning on city streets right there around university avenue. it was also a hit-and-run. so at last check the off-ramps to interstate 80 to university avenue are shut down. they are trying to ease up some of the congestion in the area while they investigate. eastshore freeway main lines backing up from richmond to berkeley. use the gilman or ashby off- ramps in the meantime. this traffic alert in gilroy causing delays. highway 152 at lovers lane they have a one-way traffic control
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in effect after a head-on collision involving a big rig. and along the peninsula, 101 and 280 are both moving at the limit. so this is a bright spot up towards san francisco and moves well into san jose. bart all systemwide good to go on time about 50 trains running with no delay. muni, caltrain and as trains one and three have no problems. getting a check of the bridges, here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. san mateo bridge commute no delay this morning on westbound or eastbound 92. and over at the bay bridge, here's what it looks like now that the metering lights are turned on. we have delays in all lanes including the fastrak lanes stacked up beyond the overcrossing towards the foot of the maze. that's your latest "timesaver traffic" for your latest forecast, here's lawrence. all right. all the low clouds and fog causing delays now of over an hour at sfo. cloudy skies even some drizzle if you are headed out the door. so be prepared a little gray especially at the beaches. but even some of the valleys seeing clouds early on this
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morning. and some drizzle out toward the coast. this afternoon, though, we should see some clearing although at the beaches touch and go with low clouds and fog. cool to mild temperatures but some warmer weather expected as we head in toward the middle of the week. right now though we have a trough of low pressure camped out along the west coast. that is ushering in that cool marine air so the temperatures going to be starting out on the cool side this week but ending up probably hot especially away from the immediate coastline. temperatures will be hot into the valleys, 97 in yosemite, 81 beautiful sunny skies into lake tahoe. around the bay today, we'll find some warmth by the afternoon still mid-80s into morgan hill. very comfortable 76 degrees in san jose. not much in the way of sunshine in pacifica at 59. and then you're looking at 70s and some 80s as you head into the valleys today. even some mid-80s in the warmest spots with all these temperatures almost 10 degrees below average in some spots inland. plan on about 61 degrees a mix of sun and clouds and breezy
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into san francisco. 67 into oakland. as we head out toward the next couple of days a cool start to the week with plenty of low clouds and fog tomorrow maybe even a little cooler. but then after that high pressure starts to build in. temperatures warming up and by this next weekend, i think we could be flirting with some triple digits. so yeah, from one extreme to the next. >> i guess. it's getting hotter. >> that's weather. >> that is weather. all right. >> don't like it wait. >> right. it is 6:17 now. the owners of the drakes bay oyster company plan to tell their side of the story this afternoon. they are fighting federal orders to stop operations at drakes bay. their 40-year lease has expired and the bay is to be restored to its natural conditions. they say they are the victims unjust attempts to shut down their business. they plan to speak at a news conference in san francisco a little later today. an artist has placed several pianos outside along the coast of half moon bay. the project is called opus 2 for 12 pianos. ♪[ music ]
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this is video from an earlier project involving one piano. now the organizers are aiming for 12 although five have already been removed by park rangers. anyone is welcome to sit down and play to the accompaniment of the surf. the city of san francisco has expressed interest in doing an urban installation along market street. there you go. >> love the piano. >> yeah. well, the woman famous for writing the harry potter novels has apparently worked some magic of her own. j.k. rowling wrote an acclaimed detective novel and no one knew it was her about a war veteran turned private investigators. it was a hit with critics when it came out in april and word has just now gotten out that it was rowling who wrote the book. sales have skyrocketed going up more than 500,000% on amazon. that's pretty good.
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rowling said she wished the secret could have lasted longer because using a pseudonym had been such a liberating experience. she doesn't need the money but she is getting it. the right place at the right time. four times a fan lucky haul at an indians game and it got messy too coming up. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up the giants try to streak into the all-star break and josh donaldson might not be an all-star but he is playing like one. that's coming up. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house,
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aren't approved to kill the germs that cause the odors. lysol disinfectant spray does more. it kills germs at the source. and you can use it to freshen the air too. lysol... a fresh smelling home... ...and a healthy one. we take you to walnut creek. sunshine there this afternoon, should be sunny and fairly mild for this time of year into the low 80s. >> and right now we have pretty much a solid wall of traffic on westbound 580 coming from tracy and continuing to about isabel
6:23 am
avenue. we'll have all your latest traffic trouble spots before you head out coming up. good morning, everyone. grant balfour the as closer will be the team's lone representative on the active roster of the all-star team replacing teammate bartolo colon who pitched sunday. so he won't actively be pitching in the all-star game. that leaves josh donaldson as the team's only all-star snub. he made a statement about it yesterday. he hit a game tying home run and won it in the 11th with this rbi base hit. they take two out of three from the red sox. they beat the red sox and a two- game lead in the a.l. west. well deserved day off for tim lincecum after last night's 148- pitch no-hitter. different story yesterday. the padres offense pounded out 12 hits including three home runs off barry zito who is winless on the road. san diego a 10-1 winner. nascar new hampshire joey logano not making any friends. brian vickers won for the first time since 2009.
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and finally, pga final round john deere classic 19- -year-old jordan spieth holds out on the bunker on 18 to get into a play-off and wins becoming the tour's youngest winner since the hoover administration. i know frank, i know, that game against the series against the as is killing you. that's it, everybody. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. >> i got over it! play of the day, we have baseball. marlins and nationals. misses the flyball. quickly he goes to play it from right field. pick it up, pick it up, he is going to get the out from his knees, little one hop in the second. see you later! but they lost to the nationals 5-2. but it is a great play. it's one thing to catch one foul ball at a baseball game
6:25 am
but to go home with four? forget about it. that's unheard of until yesterday at the cleveland indians game. greg daniel caught four foul balls. at one point during one of his grabs he got cheese and fries on himself. he didn't care. greg is a season ticketholder but he wasn't sitting in his usual seat. there you go, four foul balls. >> i think i have gotten one in 40 years. >> he could have given one to the kids. >> he gave one up. >> great. that's good of him. 6:25. doping al allegations against some of the top sprinters on the globe. how an american champion's clean reputation may have been tarnished. >> as i was waking up, you know, i just heard a big bang. impact. >> they say it's a miracle they survived. a family of five on the asiana flight describes how they all walked away. >> reporter: water damage,
6:26 am
smoke damage and a very bad night of sleep for residents in a san mateo apartment complex. i'll tell you what started a fire here coming up. ,, ,,,,,, mom, frank ate the bones.
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no justice no peace! >> anger over the george zimmerman verdict spills on to the streets of the u.s. >> that could have been my son. >> the flashing lights next to city hall. >> from san francisco -- >> this is a system that doesn't give a damn about a black life. >> --to los angeles. >> protestors shut down part of interstate 10. >> the naacp wants federal prosecutors to file civil rights charges against zimmerman. >> anything is possible at this point. >> a new search for an oakland toddler reported missing by her father. >> police say they are now searching places throughout oakland where the father may have taken his child.
6:30 am
>> as i was waking up, i just hear a big bang. >> i look to my parents, they were on the floor. >> new accounts from the asiana plane crash as survivors return home. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning, everyone. it's monday, july 15. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. half dozen families are homeless this morning after an overnight fire gutted six homes at a san mateo apartment complex. kpix 5 reporter sue kwon is there with a tool that helped firefighters pinpoint the fire. sue, good morning. >> reporter: they used a camera with infrared, the ability to sense where heat was coming from to battle this fire.
6:31 am
i'm standing in front of 2201 bridgepoint parkway an apartment complex about three stories. around 1:00 firefighters were called to the scene when an active alarm was going off as well as sprinklers. what happened was residents started smelling smoke. they couldn't see actual flames. but apparently a fire broke out in a duct or in a venting system that was on the second floor near some dryer vents and when firefighters got here, they were able to use that infrared camera the heat sensing camera to determine where the flames were in the wall. they knocked through the wall, put out the fire, and got all of the residents out. now, once they were able to mop up the scene with all the water and smoke damage, they did let the rest of the residents try to get back in and get some shut eye but again, those who are living in about 6 units are going to have to find another place to live while this clean- up continues. reporting live in san mateo, i'm sue kwon, kpix 5.
6:32 am
coast to coast, george zimmerman's acquittal has ignited outrage. in new york, l.a., the bay area and other cities statehouse have protested the not guilty verdict. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in oakland with how a group of protestors broke from the peaceful rally to cause damage. >> reporter: you can see the aftermath of this weekend's protest behind me. this window at the sears in downtown were broken and now they are all boarded up but as you mentioned earlier, overall the protests were calm compared to saturday. take a look at this video. the one thing they were not was quiet. demonstrators made lots of noise over the verdict. the group marched for miles throughout downtown oakland taking over 14th and broadway. earlier in the day, protestors burned an american flag. oakland police say 100 demonstrators were out on the street. oakland police say a smaller group vandalized some businesses and there was some graffiti reported. >> there was a big impact on
6:33 am
the community because that could have been my son. i have four boys. and that could have been my child. you know? i don't condone them having violence or whatever or doing it their way but when are we going to be heard? >> reporter: as of late last night, there were no reports of arrests or violence. this could be just the beginning of a series of demonstrations and hopefully a continuation of peaceful protest. reporting live in oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. in san francisco, anti- zimmerman protestors vow to continue their demonstrations today. yesterday, the crowd was vocal and disruptive. there were no reports of major troubles. they marched through the downtown area before ending their rally at justin herman plaza. president obama is calling for calm reflection in light of the zimmerman verdict. the president called trayvon martin's death a tragedy. meanwhile, the justice department says it will resume looking into the possibility that the government could charge zimmerman with a federal
6:34 am
hate crime. doj started an investigation last year but dropped it after florida filed criminal charges. time now is 6:33. let's check the weather. >> we are raring to go on this monday, aren't we? >> you slept all weekend. >> i did! it was great. [ laughter ] >> tell us. low clouds and fog around the bay area surging onshore. drizzle at the coastline. we found some sunshine for you to get you going on this monday. looking good there from our mount vaca cam. but yeah, we have plenty of clouds inside the bay in toward the san jose area. we have some mostly cloudy skies. delays at sfo now on arriving flights over an hour because of low clouds and fog. temperatures running in the 50s outside right now. by the afternoon, staying below average today. we'll still see some 70s and 80s into the south bay. as you make your way to the east bay, these temperatures low to mid-80s about as warm as it will get but the clouds lingering inside the bay only about 61 into san francisco, about 67 and sunshine into oakland. and about 68 in hayward. we'll have more on your weather
6:35 am
coming up. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. and a few minutes ago they reopened the off-ramps to university avenue since about 5:00 this morning we have been watching this breaking traffic news. it was a fatal hit-and-run involving a pedestrian happened on city streets right there university was closed for a while. again the off-ramps were shut down but they just reopened it now the main lines of the freeway. as you can see sluggish delays from richmond. that drive time is up to about 31 minutes right now from the carquinez bridge to the maze. it's also backed up this morning coming out of the altamont pass. no incidents. we'll go flying, you can see some of the traffic sensors really heavy actually beginning even farther east near tracy and then continuing all the way towards isabel and then things break up closer towards the dublin interchange. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. things are better now than they were 20 minutes ago. some lanes only backed up to the middle of the parking lot. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> liz, thank you. the suspect in friday's deadly shooting at a san francisco
6:36 am
jewelry mart has a history of violence involving police. the 20-year-old is charged with killing two clerks in the store on brannan and accused of firing at six police officers at the scene. he was arrested two years ago for allegedly trying to run down a cop who fired on him in antioch. a trek home is over for students and teachers who survived the asiana flight 214 crash. they arrived in beijing saturday night and went home by train. they had been planning to go to summer camp when the crash happened. a colorado family sitting a few rows in front of the girls described the moment the plane's tail hit the seawall. >> when i saw the video i couldn't believe we survived that plane crash because it almost flipped over. >> i opened my eyes and saw my three children and then my husband laying down with bloody face. >> the mother suffered a spinal
6:37 am
injury, made it to an escape slide and found her family. she says it's a miracle they survived. some passengers have already contacted lawyers and when they do take asiana to court, there could be a big difference in the payouts. a treaty governs compensation of passengers harmed during an international travel. that means u.s. courts will likely be closed to people from other countries. it will force them to pursue claims in asia where lawsuits are more rare and tend to result in smaller payouts than here in the u.s. a blood driving being held at sfo today to replenish the blood supplies following the crash. that happens from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the arrivals level of terminal 3. travelers and others are welcomed and encouraged to donate. a woman is seriously hurt in the final bull run in spain. the woman is recovering in the hospital from rib fractures and damage to her right lung. she was hit by a bull while clinging to a wooden gate outside the ring entrance.
6:38 am
four other runners were hospitalized with cuts and bruises. american sprinter tyson gay will skip the world championship in russia next month after he tested positive for a banned substance. when asked how it happened, gay said he put his trust in someone and was let down. gay is the u.s. 100-meter recordholder and has promoted himself as an antidrug athlete. he plans to take a second test. 6:38. coming up, a push to silence wedding bells for same-sex couples here in california. we are going to look at whether the latest challenge stands a chance. >> and a favorite snack makes a sweet comeback. the triumphant return of the twinkie. >> and the market opened up a few minutes ago. we are out of the gate with a mixed bag. dow is up though. crunch the numbers and more with kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks after the break. ,,,,
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i don't know. lawrence says we have to check weather. >> only because we're required by the fcc. [ laughter ] we are starting out with plenty of low clouds and fog surging onshore. and some drizzle outside too. looks like we are going to see plenty of sunshine in most spots away from the coastline as we head in toward the afternoon. but these temperatures running almost 10 degrees below average in some parts of the bay area. so the afternoon we'll see some clearing it will be cool to mild outside for this time of year. but then a warming trend as we start toward the middle of the week and maybe hot as we look toward next weekend. but right now, we have low pressure camped off the coastline ushering in the drizzle and low clouds around the bay area. so a cooler start to the week. and then it looks like things warm up toward the middle of
6:43 am
the week. delays at sfo on arriving flights of over an hour this morning. expecting partly cloudy skies about 66 degrees there this afternoon. around the country we'll see some thunderstorms into houston, denies and new york. you have a possibility of thunderstorms too in houston, denver and new york. around the bay temperatures cooler than normal, about 76 and pleasant in san jose, 50s and 60s gray at the coastline and mid-80s in the warmest spots inland and inside the bay only partial clearing highs generally low 60s into san francisco. next couple of days we are going to keep those temperatures down, but by wednesday and thursday we warm up. then looking a little hot on the weekend. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. we'll go out towards milpitas northbound 880 around 237, big rig tire on fire over to the right-hand shoulder but we may begin to see some delays. it was just reported by chp. 237 the silicon valley commute no delays between milpitas and
6:44 am
sunnyvale. we'll let you know if any of that changes. in the meantime, we have seen a lot of traffic a lot of congestion out of the altamont pass solid wall of traffic to vasco road and then our sensors start to clear out a little bit turn back to green and some yellow ones approaching the dublin interchange. no issues on the mass transit. bart systemwide on time. at last check they had 53 trains running on time. ace trains 1 and 3 no delays. and we'll take a quick look outside. a couple of our live traffic cameras, the nimitz 880 in oakland, overnight roadwork between san leandro and hayward is gone. so it looks good all the way towards oakland. southbound commute fine towards oakland airport. coming up a last check of the bridges. in the meantime, back to you. the fight over gay marriage in california is taking another turn. supporters of prop 8 have now gone to the state supreme court
6:45 am
asking it to halt all same-sex weddings in california. melissa griffin joins us. tell us about this motion. >> reporter: so, you know, we predicted right here on this show that there's going to be continued litigation after the supreme court ruled on the prop 8 case last month. the real question though is, will same-sex marriage continue while these appeals keep taking playist? on friday, a group called protect and a couple of other folks filed a motion in the state supreme court. it said two things. it said number one, the law as it is written now in the federal court which is who is ruling we're kind of abiding by at this point that law is unconstitutional. it's far too broad. the judge in the case did not have the right to issue a statewide ruling on same-sex marriage. he was limited to just the parties. so that's the first part of the argument. the second part is, until we figure out that first part you need to stop same-sex marriages throughout the state. >> does the judge have a valid
6:46 am
argument? >> do the proponents of the lawsuit have a valid argument? well, it's very unorthodox to go to a state court and ask it to limit or clarify a federal court ruling. experts say this really isn't the right place to even have this argument. the state supreme court where the motion has been filed is not appropriate. they should go back to the federal court if they want to take issue with the ruling and have that judge and that court clarify the scope of their ruling in the case. >> would do you think the supreme court will do? >> the california supreme court? >> yes. >> reporter: this is -- first of all, with regard to whether same-sex marriages are going to be halted, that would be an extraordinary remedy. and if that were something that the supreme court was going to do, basically it would mean that they are about to rule for the folks. so whether or not the underlying case is a good one, really that's what dictates whether an injunction will
6:47 am
issue. again, it would be extraordinary remedy and it probably isn't the right forum. the supreme court will probably kick this case out saying this isn't the right place and at that point the folks can go to federal court and sort of attempt to make the same argument there. this is really never going to end. >> we'll be talking about this for years. will it ever be over? >> potentially never. because the u.s. supreme court punted on the underlying issue of the right to marry for same- sex couples, we are going to continue to see various groups attempting to chip away at various state laws but whether it be a state law allowing gay marriage or prohibiting gay marriage throughout the country until we have -- an underlying ruling on this issue of the right to marry, this is probably never going to end. there is no mercy rule when it comes to lawsuits. [ laughter ] >> wasn't there a little codicil not only the plaintiffs but the county of san francisco jumped in on that lawsuit, as well. right? so aren't they covered even if they overturn this? >> we are in a very good
6:48 am
position. so there are three -- again, the folks are saying that the federal judge -- the federal ruling in this case was limited to just the parties in that case. and when you say something like that you look at who are the parties in the case san francisco made sure we were one of them so san francisco, alameda, los angeles, and in addition to the two couples that were plaintiffs in the case, even if the court were to find that the ruling was limited, san francisco is in a great position to say, hey, we're still -- the ruling still applies to us. you can come here and get married and eat at our restaurants and buy our things and stay at our hotels. >> come one, come all. >> thanks. >> remember, you can find more of melissa's segments on a jump in car sales led retail sales higher last month. here's kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks on this monday morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. good morning, michelle. turns out that june was a pretty weak month overall for retailers. yeah, car and truck sales were
6:49 am
really good. they were up 1.8% on the month and as a result the commerce department says overall retail sales were up .4%. strip out cars and gas sales and overall sales were flat. down from the prior month. gas sales were up by .7%. it was the best month for car and truck sales though since november. a number of other retail sectors like building and gardens and also grocery stores and restaurants and bars all had pretty weak months in june. there have been ongoing rumors for months now that apple is working on an iwatch. further confirmation from the financial times looks like the release of that device might be a little bit later than a lot of people expected. some thought we might see an iwatch this fall when apple releases its next versions of its iphone and ipad but the times says it probably won't happen until the second half of next year. wall street started out today in record territory for both the dow and the s&p. kind of a bit of a pause going
6:50 am
on this morning on wall street. let's check the numbers. dow lower by 4 points. nasdaq down 6. s&p down 1. michelle and frank, back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks. starting today, twinkies are back in stores across the country after an 8 month absence. some retailers like walmart got an early jump and offered first batches last friday. hostess products have not been made since november when the company filed for bankruptcy. a private equity firm bought the company, paving the way for the twinkies return. i don't know. i'm really happy about it. >> i lived without them pretty well, actually. [ laughter ] time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." it's monday, that means charlie rose is in the big chair in new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ahead, not guilty but still facing possible criminal and civil legal action. we'll ask cbs news legal analyst jack ford what's next for george zimmerman. plus, are car dealerships a thing of the past?
6:51 am
we'll take a look at palo alto- based automaker tesla motors. they are change the business of buying a car. and aaron sorkin is in studio 57. so the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. >> sounds good. we'll see you then, charlie. thanks. well, the cost of gas is expected to make a big jump in the next couple of weeks. some analysts predicting a per gallon increase of 10 to 15 cents mostly because of the rising cost of crude oil. here are the current local gas prices by metro area here. according to, regular unleaded $3.96 in san jose, $4.07 in san francisco and in oakland $3.97, 25 cents higher than a year ago. violators who drive the carpool lanes face stiffer fines now increasing to $491. there is some confusion because signs in different counties post different amounts. but kpix 5 confirmed that the
6:52 am
new amount is $491 despite what the sign says. official says it's expensive to keep replacing signs statewide. someone who recently went to a san francisco liquor store is suddenly wealthy. that person bought a powerball lottery ticket that was good for second prize in saturday night's drawing. state lottery officials say the ticket was bought at the cable car wine and spirits grocery on clement street. the ticket matched the five main numbers 2, 8, 22, 35 and 37 but not the number 6 for the powerball number which would have made the ticket worth more. the winner has 180 days to claim his prize. more than $2 million by the way for that second place prize. the high-tech tool that firefighters used here in san mateo to battle an apartment fire. a live report coming up. >> ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the thing is bee,
6:53 am
6:54 am
i got my mom wrapped around my little finger. do you? yeah, i do. huh. i said i want honey nut cheerios uh huh. and she just totally caved. it's all about psychology buzz. psychology? as long as i don't tell him the cereal is healthy -- he can't get enough. sad, really. i kind of feel bad that i tricked him. was easy.
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surprise... uh, ha ha ha. ♪
6:56 am
i'm sue kwon in san mateo with every firefighters were able to put out -- where firefighters were able to put out a fire using a high-tech device. they are cleaning up now. on the second floor where the open window is, that's near where the fire broke out around 1 a.m. apparently, there was smoke coming through a vent and when firefighters arrived here, they had to use a heat sensing thermal imaging camera to see where the fire had started in that area on the second floor inside the walls. they were able to pinpoint the area, knock that fire down and ventilate for the smoke getting the smoke out of the building. unfortunately, the sprinklers went off and there was quite a bit of water damage to about 6 units. so residents had to be evacuated in the building in those six units. but right now, clean-up is
6:57 am
under way and the good news, no injuries here in san mateo. reporting live, sue kwon, kpix 5. the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman murder trial set off a weekend of protests. big crowds gathered in oakland and here in san francisco, both saturday and sunday. there was vandalism. the protests were mostly peaceful. in los angeles, some protestors clashed with police and blocked i-10 in both directions for about a half hour. 6:57. let's check traffic and weather. >> a lot of clouds around the bay area to start off. we have drizzle at the coastline, delays at sfo of over an hour due to low clouds and fog. you can see some of that fog into san jose as we speak, as well. and into many of the valleys. the temperatures still holding mainly in the 50s at this hour. by the afternoon, going to stay very gray out toward the coastline. those temperatures will be cool, too, in the upper 50s and low 60s. even into san francisco some partial clearing there about 61 degrees. sunshine but mild temperatures into san jose at 76. about 85 in livermore.
6:58 am
about 80 degrees in concord this afternoon. the next couple of days we'll keep those temperatures down to start out the week. but by wednesday and thursday, we start to warm up maybe getting hot in spots inland by the weekend. liz? >> thank you, lawrence. we'll take you out towards the bay bridge toll plaza and things have loosened up a little bit over at the pay gates. they seem to be cycling through the metering lights quickly. no big hot spots out there now heading into san francisco. the carpool lanes look good. the rest of the lanes are backed up to the 880 overcrossing. and if you are using the eastshore freeway to get there, once again the university avenue off-ramps are once again reopened. the there was a fatal hit-and- run accident on city streets in berkeley. but the drive time is about a half hour from the carquinez bridge to the maze. over to the san mateo bridge now, where everything is moving fine both directions across the span, no delay over the flat section or the high-rise. >> lots of fog out there. >> there is a lot of fog. you may even need your windshield wipers. >> yeah.
6:59 am
>> mine got a workout this morning. >> you guys dave matthews fans. >> sure. >> he has some new friends in pennsylvania in a big way. >> oh, yeah. they were the reason he was able to get to his own concert on time. the singer signed a ticket saying thanks for the ride. emily kraus and her boyfriend were on the way to the dave matthews show in hershey when they came upon him stranded with a broken bicycle and no cell phone. so they ended up giving him a lift. >> we didn't know how to make conversation with him. so we were talking about his tour and stuff and where he had come from and they had just been in cincinnati and he said, i'm taking a short break after this one because i have to drop my daughters off at camp and, you know, it was -- he is just a very humbled guy. >> sounds like a cool car ride. matthews invited them to dinner, took them back stage and got them front row seats for the show. >> so they are going to the concert. dave matthews performing. what's he doing riding a bike, broken-down? miss the whole show. >> who knows.
7:00 am
>> that's it for kpix 5 news this morning. the next local update is 7:25. see you again at noon. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, july 15th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." overnight, an arrest in los angeles at a protest against george zimmerman. what is next for the man who shot and killed trayvon martin? >> edward snowden may have other nsa secrets. former intelligence insider john miller on how damaging they can be. >> only on "cbs this morning" the man who swam five hours to save his family. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> i couldn't believe it. >> justice was served. >> the nation reacts to the george zimme


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