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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 30, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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good night, everybody! captioned by the national captioning institute ,,
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landing in the best of weat now the f- >> this is kpix5 news. >> it's a tricky landing in the best of weather. now the f.a.a. is telling certain pilots, let the computer handle it. tonight, is this really what anyone wants to hear? good everything. i'm elizabeth cook. >> more on the f.a.a. recommendation in a minute. we have breaking news out of central florida tonight where huge explosions have rocked a gas plant in lake county. that is north of orlando. the first explosions happened about three hours ago. then about an hour and a half ago, the flames reached tractor- trailers that were loaded with pallets of propane tanks. 24 people work at that plant on the overnight shift. lake county sheriff says that 15 people are unaccounted for
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at least 7 people have been taken to the hospital. the plant is located near florida. homeowners living within a mile of the facility have been told >> they're telling pilots don't trust yourself. let gps land. linda is watching the planes atlanta right now. linda. >> the f.a.a. is suggest that some of the pilots landing on the runway behind me have mastered their basic skills with landing without instruments. so what they are suggesting is
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use auto pilot for now. >> now. the advisory only applies to foreign pilots. in the meantime, let the -- the auto pilot land the plane. pilots for the south korea an airlines have had more aborted landings than usual. that worries some passengers. >> that worries me. that raises concern for me. >> reporter: u.s. trained pilots say it's already common for the foreign counter parts to rely more on computerized instrument landings. but retired commercial pilot paul rogers says that's not the best way to land. >> sometimes the auto pilots don't work. sometimes the approach system doesn't work? rogers believes that anyone who flies should train on takeoff and landing without instruments. >> it's basic flying.
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lining it up with the runway and coming down at a nice descent rate. if the runway is going too high, that means you're starting to go low. but you're looking outside and you're making adjustments. so these people are used to pushing the button or changing a dial. that's not how you fly airplanes. >> reporter: now, sfo has at least three different landing aides that help pilots with visual approaches. but one of those aides has been turned off while they continue construction on the runway. it isn't expected to open for three weeks, making it that much more challenging for pilots who haven't mastered visual approach. >> this bay area couple was arrested after cops say they tried to profit off the asiana crash. shawn, a baggage handler at united and his wife are accused of stealing luggage from a richmond couple whose flight
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was diverted the day of the crash landing. the suspect's luck ran out when they tried to return some of the goods at nordstroms. >> our victim is well known in nordstroms. they contacted her and identified items going back and forth and it was determined who returned them had no association with the victim. >> he pleaded not guilty. his wife will be arraigned next month. >> a multi million dollar who done it straight out of hollywood. >> diamonds. the only thing in the world that you can't resist. >> in 1955, it was carrie grant to catch a thief. a cat burglar on the hunt for jails. in a classic case of life imitating art, a rip off at the same hotel. >> reporter: french police say someone walked into the
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exclusive carlton on sunday and walked out with $136 million in diamonds and jewels. the thief pulled a gun inside a jewelry exhibit at the hotel sunday, filled a suitcase with gems and quickly disappeared. >> it's a classic way of getting away with it. get into the crowd. it's a brilliant piece of simplistic easy robbery. >> reporter: sunday's heist comes a few days after members of the infamous pink panther jewel gang escapeedfrom prison in switzerland. they have made off with millions of dollars from around the globe. police have not linked the gang to this hold-up. if the value of the stolen jewels is correct, then the heist is one of europe's biggest. >> this is somebody who knows exactly what he is doing and he knows exactly where the goods are going to go to. >> reporter: and this isn't the
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first time that robbers hit this year. they tore a safe from the hotel wall and got away with a million dollars worth of jewels. robbers also stole a 2.6 million necklace have a different hotel. >> these stones belong to an israeli collector. it will be hard to track them down because they are easy to sell on the black market. >> it's the word that no patient wants to hear from a doctor, cancer. a proposal to redefine the disease. some precancerous conditions should be renamed. that way that patients could avoid treatments that are unnecessary. some say some -- they say some precancers never develop into full-blown cancer. a final decision is years away. we learned today that a huge number of american families are having trouble
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affording a basic need, diapers. see what this does to kids and their parents. >> reporter: diapers, for moms, they're as critical as food, rent and medicine. ashley was running low on diapers for her one-year-old daughter. as a student on a fixed income, she made an income call to star vista. it was not an easy call to make. >> it's not a good feeling. it's not. like i said, i always kept diapers for her. >> reporter: the journal pediatrics released a study called diaper need and its impact on health. one in three low-income families can't afford diapers that can cost up to $32 a box or $1,000 a year. as a result, babies sit in
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dirty diapers and develop rashes and other illnesses. mothers are just stressed out. >> we come into cases where they are using paper towels or a sheet for the diapers to help cover the child. that's what we're coming up against. they're trying to survive. >> reporter: since government programs don't pay for diapers, nonprofits have been stockpiling diapers by the hundreds of thousands in the warehouse, fighting what many are calling the silent epidemic. michelle just got help for her son. in the past, she had to stretch her diaper supply. >> how does that make you feel as a mom? >> not very good. i can't take care of my children if i don't have diapers. >> reporter: the agency is giving out a quarter million diapers this saturday across the bay area. they need sizes four and five. to help, go to >> help a mother out says that you can drop off donations or
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ship diapers directly to them. they have given out more than a million diapers so far. >> there hasn't been this much excitement about little league since last year. that's when petaluma made an appearance in the world series last year. well, tonight, young ball players, their families, their friends are pouring into the town of livermore in anticipation of the first ever league little intermediate world series. julia goodrich plains how livermore got picked for the games. >> reporter: they are the top of their game. little leathers from around the world, like fernando, puerto rico. his entire family traveled to livermore. >> it's a big deal for us. we take this seriously. >> reporter: a parade of scenes kicked off the eight-day world
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series. a total of ten teams from japan, canada, latin america, and six u.s. teams, including a host team in pleasanton. livermore beat out other cities to host the event. >> we have proven our self on the world stage. we did a great job with the angam tour and brought the world to livermore. >> reporter: the coach had to check out a map to see where his team was headed. >> i looked on the internet and it showed the map. they don't know where it is. >> what do you think of livermore? >> so far, great. very great. >> reporter: this new world series decision plays 50/70 ball. patio foot pitching distance, 70-foot bases. >> throw hard, believe in my pitches, deep breaths before every pitch. it's going to be fun. >> reporter: this field of dreams in small town america at
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max bear field will make history first thing tomorrow when all of the little leathers play ball. in livermore, juliette goodrich, kpix5. >> the pope's stunning statement, being gay is okay. what he says about divorce that is almost as surprising. >> when you first saw this machine, what did you think? >> i love it. >> tonight's dinner salad brought to you by a robot. it's in the fields and why farm workers say bring it on. wildfires more than 300 miles away were the reason that we had hazy sunshine today. some of you didn't have any sunshine. we will talk about how long the we will talk about how long the ,,,,,,,, ñáçwçñ
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including the sleep number memory foam series. sleep number. comfort individualized. comments today about how the church make room for gay catholics -- he actually us the word "gay"... got most the attention . but he alsod >> pope francis' comments about how the church should make room for gay catholics. the fact that he used the word gay got a lot of attention. but he said something remarkable about divorced catholics. he said traveling on the plane, the divorced catholics can receive the sacraments. but it's when they mary a second time without having their first union annulled. he went on to say that the annulment process needs to be stream lined. he will take it up on a church commission to revise him on reforms. >> it's back breaking word under a hot sun but harvesting crops in california is a billion dollar business,
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employing thousands of farm workers. here is the machine that some are happy to let do their jobs. >> reporter: in the salinas valley, there are tough jobs and then there is cutting lettuce edgar gonzales has been doing it for ten years. >> let's see how your back is going to feel. >> reporter: hunched over ten hours a day, six days a week for 10 bucks an hour. it's a job that nobody wants until now. >> when you first saw this machine, what did you think? >> i love it. >> reporter: taylor farms has built the first so-called auto romaine harvester that can cut five heads at a time. >> it's half an inch off of the ground and the blue fingers that come across, they're gently bringing the product up on to the product belt. >> reporter: workers then pack them into boxes while standing
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up upright under a shaded canopy. they do it with half the people and they get paid more. >> why did you do in. >> lack of labor. >> reporter: the economy in mexico is improving and immigration reform has stalled. >> at the end of the day we need to cut lettuce and bring it into a plant. to find a way to do it without being dependent on people is the way of the future. >> reporter: they are finally turning to robots that are also getting cheaper to make. taylor farms robo packer works 18 hours a day loading boxes with pinpoint accuracy, doing the work of six humans. they will pay for itself in two years. >> eliminate the risk of repetitive motion injuries which is always a concern in a job like this. this is a hard job to do all
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day, eight hours. it's hard on the body. >> reporter: taylor farms says for every two low-skilled jobs lost, they're creating one high- skilled job to maintain the machines. >> creating a better job where people can make more money, they feel better at the end of the day, not doing back- breaking work. >> oh, my god. i only did half a dozen and i'm dying. >> reporter: more robots, fewer injuries, higher pay. lettuce cutters rejoice. >> the engineers tell kit, expect a lot of robotic harvesting here in california in the next five to ten years. >> fascinating. >> it's neat. >> people that have to work outside are probably appreciating this much-needed relief from the heat. >> not everybody likes it hot and above normal. this was relief for a lot of folks. this has been going on for four or five days, temperatures below average. we will do it for four or five
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more days. big blanket of cloud cover behind the tower. let's talk about hawaii first before we get to the local stuff. big-time storm. this is tropical depression flossy but this is blossoming over the hawaii islands. 46 miles per hour wind gusts with half an inch of rain in the past half hour. also they're getting a thunderstorm. not the best time to be on hawaii. a lot of vacations, folks are going down there. but you can't be at the beach, rough surf and waves and the weather will be bad through tomorrow evening. tropical storm causing problems there. here, a little business of drizzle at the coast and the city, but that's about it. how about this, since the beginning of march, livermore has been drier than death valley. one inch of rain in livermore, more in death valley. that's how dry we have been around here. no rain, but lots of cloud cover for you. morning clouds, some afternoon
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sunshine. well below temperatures. highs in the mid-70s for tuesday and wednesday. over the weekend, low pressure area to the south and west giving us the on-shore flow. it's gone. now we have a new air pressure area. this is bigger, stronger, keeping the on-shore flowing going. it will give us the flow from the chilly pacific ocean from the week and into the weekend, keeping temperatures below average, all the way until sunday at the earliest. if you got drizzle this morning, you get it again tomorrow. fog this morning, you get it again tomorrow. a lot of stratus cloud cover out there. san jose is normal is 83. 75 for tomorrow. 60s for san mateo. sonoma only 63. we're going to stay chilly.
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not cold. this isn't cold, but it's chilly. warming up a bit on thursday and friday. and then next week will be milder. next few days, june gloom as we say good-bye to july. mother nature is confused. off by a month. >> she is taking a day off or a week off. >> or two weeks. >> speaking of june gloom. we should call it the june swoon. that's what we called back in the dangerously i. >> are you talks about the giants or the a's? >> you know who i'm talking about. >> my plan is that i'll be there next year the way that the a's are going right now. a presidential day in the sun. we'll have that ,,,,
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2:02 am
at 3rd. two runs score. he zigs out his third triple of the season. josh hitting just .216. three runs scored. double -- 37 rbis for him this season. three for five and got his third hit tonight with a towering shot to the left in the 8th. the a's beat the jays 9-4. they are 20 games over .500. from the outhouse to the white house, the giants got the presidential treatment. >> reporter: the giants have lost 7 of 8, are ten games out of first place and were just swept to a cubs. but leave it up to a chicago native to help them forget about that for just a second. >> there are new faces standing behind me. we have blockbuster and new
2:03 am
haircuts. where is tim? there he is. you don't even recognize him anymore. >> reporter: the crowd of white house staffers ate it up and it permeated through the team. >> with what we're going through right now, i hope that this does lift them up a little bit because they have had a tough time recently. something like this can pick them up a little bit and remind them, hey, they're good. >> reporter: it was a big november month for the 2012 world series champs. but it was quickly pointed out today that it was a celebratory month for president obama who was reelected. burn glenn, kpix5. >> i have in my hand the monday night top five. giambi is getting it done for the indians. can you see this? at 42, he is the oldest player to hit a walk-off home run.
2:04 am
a seattle based radio station spent money at the game. russian president putin pulled in a 46-pound pike. some are not taking the bait saying this was staged. minor league baseball with a major league play. it ricochets off of the bound. mitchell makes the play. brett lori may have made a future with ballet. look at that. throughout josh donaldson at 3rd base. we have two days left prior to the trade dead lane. >> who is going to get traded. >> who is going to get traded? the a's need help offensively. >> i'm not sure they do. 20 games over 5 and six games over the rangers. >> you can never have morrow fence. more on my blog tonight. >> blog away. he's been breaking into he's been breaking into homes on an unusual missio,, so... [ gasps ]
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police say william russell' an arrest >> well, a man's foot fetish has cost him his freedom. >> this is so weird. >> it led to an arrest on sex assault charges. he forced a woman to take off her shoes so he could suck on her toes. he was stalking her. russell confesses that he attacked three other women for ,
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chevron with techron. care for your car. and what's up with the cat? [ laughter ] [ laughter ] got my eye on him. ingested from cnn from u.s. >> david letterman is next. >> our next newscast at 4:30 a.m. let's all get up. i'm joining the cast at 4:30. for over 60,000 california foster children, having necessary school supplies can mean the difference
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between success and failure. the day i start, i'm already behind. i never know what i'm gonna need. new school, new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. so why do you feel so tired afterward?


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