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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 30, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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masquerading as ride share vehicles for a fee. >> oversized car lift offers the only forms of transportation in the country maybe the world where the drivers and passengers have to sign a waiver of liability before they can ride in the vehicle. >> reporter: the companies primarily lift sidecar and uber build their service around a phone app that lets passengers find a driver who will take them where they want to go in their own cars for rates lower than cabs. >> so you have these young people out there who think they are involved in a social experiment. they are teetering on the brink of disaster. >> reporter: because this attorney claims insurance won't cover driving passengers for hire. cab drivers say the ride share drivers are costing them their livelihoods. >> today, i got my medallion after waiting 18 years. but i have to pay $195,000 for it. >> reporter: bill says his income has dropped to almost minimum wage as he worries he won't be able to pay for the medallion, the city license to
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operate a cab. >> to allow unlicensed, unregulated commercial practices by anyone who wants to pick up the public, that is what's happening now. >> yeah! whoo! >> reporter: this person came to defend the ride share company he drives for but things got rough. our efforts to get response from lift and sidecar were not successful but an uber representative emailed kpix 5 to say all uber partners and drivers are properly licensed and regulated by the public utilities commission. san francisco mayor ed lee also defended the firms. >> companies like lift and uber and others are creating jobs in the city and new jobs and they are also fulfilling needs that customers didn't like them they wouldn't have to use them. >> reporter: that's not what cabbies wanted to hear from the mayor. >> we are the real community drivers, who are? we are. >> you are, we are. who are? we are. >> reporter: the puc told us today they have operating agreements with lift, sidecar and uber. and they said by coincidence just today voted this on a new set of regulations, i should
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say proposed regulations, to regulate those companies and others like them. those regulations will be voted on in final form in september. reporting live in san francisco, don knapp, kpix 5. >> one possible regulation would be ale million dollars in liability insurance for each of the ride share drivers. new tonight some internet cafes in san francisco are handing out prizes like it's las vegas! they are exploiting a loophole in california's gambling laws. people are lining up to place their bets. so we asked, who is trying to stop it? kpix 5's mike sugerman got a surprising answer. >> reporter: at the net stop internet cafe on mission street, you can send a fax, print a resume' -- i just won $100 -- or play vegas style video slot machines. i won $100. ha ha! gambling? out in the open in san francisco? isn't that illegal? >> no, it's not yet. >> reporter: people who run it will tell you it's not gambling. >> when you buy computer time,
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they're also given points. the points you can play are promotional games and possibly win cash prizes. >> reporter: like i did hitting a king high straight flush in spades. it sure looks and feels like gambling. how do they get away with this? >> all the prizes are predetermined so the games are just there for your mental stimulation i guess. >> hard to catch in the act. >> reporter: net stop in supervisor john avalos' district as are at least four other such internet cafes. didn't seem too hard for me to catch them in the act. >> we have been talking a lot with the police departments. we have heard a lot from residents who have been concerned about what they see as gambling going on there. and we're trying to figure out ways to stop it. >> reporter: the state calls it gambling and illegal. it says the sweepstakes argument is a loophole and courts have generally upheld that when there have been busts. but it's up to locals to take action and police already have a lot of other things to do. >> it's already in the books
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that gambling is illegal. so it's more an enforcement thing. >> reporter: neighbors complain there have been 83 arrests nearby this shop just in the past several months. petty thefts, intoxication, robberies. >> can't really pin that all on net stop. we're not responsible for what they do outside net stop. >> reporter: counties around california are trying to deal with this new phenomenon. but it will be a long battle. mike sugerman kpix 5. >> now, mike tells us alameda county is trying to tackle the problem. they recently filed suit to close five internet cafes linked to gambling. talk about a comeback. tonight facebook stock is just pennies from its ipo price. the company went public more than a year ago at $38 a share. it was below $18 in september and today shares jumped more than 6% closing at $37.61. the world's biggest online social network has been on a
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roll since a reported stronger- than-expected earnings last week. investors are especially upbeat about its fast growing mobile advertising revenue. facebook now gets 41% of its ad revenue from mobile advertising. time is running out. a bart strike could be just around the corner. only five more days until bay area commuters con stranded again. kpix 5's ryan takeo in oakland. negotiations just ended and i'm told no deal on the table? >> reporter: no deal today, allen. they will be back at it tomorrow. for the first time this time around, we are getting down to the numbers. bart is offering an 8% raise and the unions want 20%. >> i wanted to start off with a really simple number. >> reporter: bart made a big move in revealing the numbers that are keeping both sides apart. >> because i think it's very reflective of how much we've moved. >> reporter: on one side the district's latest proposal offers an 8% raise over four years asking workers to pay 5% into pensions and 10% of their healthcare premium costs. >> our very first proposal
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represented $140 million takeback from employees. and where we're at today represents a $33 million give -- oh back. >> we are dismayed but not surprised by the inaccuracies coming back from the district. >> reporter: the unions want 13% over three years and 2% annual cost of living adjustment and argue what workers pay into healthcare and pensions will negate any raise. >> when in fact that 50 sent increase a year is a net zero or something less for our members. >> reporter: they say it's a net loss for employees. >> that's incorrect. right now where this proposal stands and that includes all of the contributions we're asking it's a net increase of 1% per employee per year. >> reporter: what seems more upsetting to the unions is that bart is even talking about the numbers. >> we have been under gag order that they have continually violated. >> really we wanted to let the public know we're only days
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away from the deadline. we wanted them to know exactly where we stood. >> reporter: both sides continue the back and forth battle. no matter how you add it up, the numbers are still far apart apart. bart talk was a surprise to the unions and to everyone except bart. they will be back to the negotiating table tomorrow. ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> the mtc met are regional transit agencies talking about a backup plan for a strike. they can pick up 25% of bart's daily ridership which is similar to the last strike. former bart officer johanns mehserle will be heading to court again. a federal appeals court cleared the way for two civil rights lawsuits against mehserle. one was filed by oscar grant' father. the other by five of his friends who were handcuffed and detained but never charged. mehserle killed oscar grant four years ago during a new year's eve incident at a bart station. mehserle was convicted in a
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criminal trial and served prison time for involuntary manslaughter. a memorial service in oakland today paid tribute to the life of 8-year-old alaysha carradine. friends and family came together dressed in pink and wore necklaces that had a picture of the girl. she was at a sleepover in oakland when someone fired bullets through a door and killed her earlier this month. so far, no one has been arrested. bay area headlines of a house fire in san francisco's visitacion valley led cops to a pot growing operation. firefighters called police when they spotted around 60 plants and growing equipment in the tucker avenue home. investigators say the home was illegally wired to bypass the utility meter. there were no injuries or arrests. santa clara county residents casting votes for a new supervisor. former san jose vice mayor cindy chavez is facing teres alvarado to replace former supervisor george shirakawa, jr. who resigned in march.
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folks have until 8 p.m. to vote. a massive bay area radio tower topples to the ground. coming up, why the feds think this is no accident. how remnants of the past are affecting the future of a huge new bay area sports stadium. >> the bay area under a blanket of smoke and haze today. hazy sunshine due to forest fires burning in oregon but some of you never got to see the sunshine today including at the coast. find out when this pesky and strong onshore flow will finally weaken coming up. >> it sucks a little bit in this neighborhood. >> why a bay area community is so fed up with the growing number of drivers trying to shave time off their commutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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over in the east bay. and pe say this was no accident. you got to see this. a 200-foot communications tower topples in the east bay.
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and police are saying it was no accident. investigators believe vandals targeted that tower which is near the san ramon danville border. ann notarangelo in san ramon with early clues police have. >> reporter: allen, the san ramon valley is behind me and tonight there are many, many people without internet service and that's because their carrier had microwaves on that tower that came crashing down. what's now just a crumbled pile of metal was a 200-foot-tall communications tower rocky ridge in the las trampas regional wilderness owned by american tower company, space on it leased to local governments and private companies. >> it's a very remote area on a ridgetop that's passed three gates and a fenced area. >> reporter: to get to it even though there are fire roads and jeep trails, is quite an effort and a hike. monday morning dispatch noticed rocky as it's nicknamed wasn't working. east bay regional park police discovered guy wires holding up the tower had been deliberately
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cut. one person who surveyed the damage said nine of ten cables had been cut on one side, putting all the weight on the remaining two. he said whoever did this knew what they were doing because these cables are not easy to cut. >> some people are considering it an act of vandalism. we're leaving everything open from vandalism to possible domestic terrorism. >> reporter: the fbi has joined local and state officials in this investigation. this tower is part of a group in the bay area to help transmit just about anything you can think of. television and internet signals as well as emergency radio dispatch communications. however, park police don't believe public safety was compromised. >> it's just one of many that in the public safety world if one goes down, there are other towers that can come up so in this event, there was never a loss of public safety services. >> reporter: because so many people rely on this tower, there was a steady stream of workers from government agencies and private companies going up and down the hill to assess the damage and try to figure out how to reestablish their signals. they are waiting on a crane to
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arrive to begin the extensive project. >> it's either somebody that was out specifically to vandalize property or somebody with a very specific intent to cause harm to communications. >> reporter: this is a very costly criminal act. in fact, allen, they think it will cost about a million dollars to fix this tower. >> you got fed, state, local, all looking for whoever did it. if they catch him, what do they charge him with and who gets to charge him? >> reporter: it's tough to say right now. at the very least this would be considered vandalism if it gets that kind of a charge, it would be felony vandalism. then of course civil lawsuits to try to recoup from the losses. but if the feds get involved it's considered domestic terrorism, it's much more serious. >> thank you. the mortgage crisis has hit many communities hard. but one bay area city has decided to use an unusual legal tool to help some people keep
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their homes. kpix 5's john ramos explains. >> reporter: in the city of richmond, there are a lot of places that look like this. houses where the owners just walked away. but that doesn't mean they wanted to. >> i bought a house for $428,000. the house is worth $160,000 now. >> reporter: a lot of people are in the same situation in this city with 46% of homeowners still under water owing more than their houses are worth but lenders having reluctant to modify loans and the city says the abandoned and foreclosed properties are causing blight in neighborhoods. so richmond is taking action. >> the city with its partners is stepping in to buy mortgages. the loans not the homes themselves. and then help homeowners refinance or modify so that they have mortgages that are in line with current home values. >> reporter: they sent this letter to mortgage holders of 624 properties asking them to
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sell the loans to the city for the current market value which will be significantly lower than what is owed. but if the banks refuse, things are going to get interesting because the city says it will seize the properties using the power of eminent domain. >> there is tremendous legal authority for richmond if necessary and only if necessary to do in the public interest to condemn under water loans through the use of eminent domain as long as richmond pays fair market value for the loans. >> reporter: but eminent domain is usually reserved for large public projects not individuals who can't make their house payments. lenders expect a huge court battle and a legal advisor to the city says any ruling will probably hinge on the issue of public interest. >> the public interest will be a major factor in that, are these communities blighted? i think it's pretty clear that in some pockets of many communities, they are blighted as a result of the mortgage crisis. >> reporter: but a man at
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today's announcement took issue with the plan saying, if it's upheld, lenders will raise their rates or stop lending in richmond altogether. >> it would only benefit a small number of residents. however, if adverse action is taken by the lending community at large, it's going to impact everyone in the community. >> reporter: other communities that have threatened eminent domain have all backed down from the legal challenge but this city says it's willing to take that risk because they say doing nothing clearly isn't working. in richmond, john ramos, kpix 5. >> the stakes in this fight are high. the city says the 624 loans included in the program represent a property value loss of nearly $65 million. when it comes to putting a down payment on a home, san francisco's first responders could get help from the city. mayor lee says the program would get the city's police officers, firefighters, sheriff's deputies, to live
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where they work. the loans would be for amounts up to $100,000 per household with the money being returned to the city once the house is sold. the mayor says it's important to have those employees living within the city limits. >> we must have our first responders living in the great city of san francisco. our police officers, our firefighters, our sheriffs, people that we look to, to depend on the first critical hours when an event hits our city. we want them here. >> reporter: now, the funding comes from $20 million set aside from the city's general fund for housing programs. san jose earthquake soccer fans won't be watching their team play from a new stadium as soon as they thought because of excavation issues at the construction site across the street from san jose's international airport. the stadium won't be ready until the second half of the 2014 season. the team's first 8 home games will be played at santa clara university's buckshaw stadium and ticket prices will be
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adjusted. when you go to a giants game next season you might see a garden between the left and right field bleachers. we have drawings of the giants' edible garden. the 3,000-square-foot garden will be used to supply food for the park's catering operations. we are told this will be the first type of garden at any professional sports venue in the united states. >> eat local. from right field to table. >> in the garden. >> the ball goes in the cauliflower we'll never find it. >> the left-handed hitter may be aiming for the tomatoes for an extra point! [ laughter ] we got sunshine more than yesterday. when you look up, that sky is not blue, because of the haze and smoke. usually fires in oregon aren't a big deal for us but fires from southern oregon since we have north to south winds carrying the smoke to the bay area, our oakland cam, there's a bart train moving right to left, we're looking at reduced visibility because of the smoke
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outside right now. you don't see the smoke at the coast because you have cloud cover between you and the haze and smoke and we were pretty chilly at the coast taste. highs only in the low 60s. a few spots in the 80s. livermore 86. gilroy 84. concord hit 78 today warmer than yesterday. napa in the mid-70s. mid- to upper 60s for oakland. san francisco did make it to 64. got to update you on tropical storm flossie. now just a remnant area of low pressure moving away from the beautiful state of hawaii. we did see some record daily rainfall but widespread damage did not occur. thunderstorms still in the forecast tomorrow but things calming down in hawaii. for us, let's review the month because tomorrow is the final day of july. interesting here. san jose and the santa clara valley you have been two degrees cooler than normal for the month of july. but livermore you have been nearly 2 degrees above normal. caught right in between, san francisco and oakland just a little below normal so it depends where you are in july. south bay was the most below
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average. an area of low pressure is moving inland over puget sound right now. it's still dragging in that ocean influence. the ocean sitting at 58 degrees, that's chilly so we'll stay chilly but as low pressure moves inland it gets weaker which means less of an onshore flow along this big ridge of high pressure over the four corners. that will expert a little more take until the top of next week to get back to normal normal. fairfield 85 tomorrow. san rafael 70. napa two degrees warmer to a high of 78. we'll hold the status quo through thursday first day of august. august! friday, saturday, sunday, a couple of degrees milder and likely warming up a few more degrees for the top of next week. if you don't like the hot stuff you know it's coming, we're going to start getting the offshore wind in september and october, if you like cooler weather this is the time of year to enjoy it before the winds begin to shift as we head
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towards fall. >> eventually it will warm up. >> we will, yes. still ahead, how the search for a shortcut during the morning commute is causing a backlash in the bay area community. >> and why a war veteran from the bay area is going to be buried at home 60 years after his death. ,,,,,,
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so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. chase quickpay. so you can. community. s say too many peo drivers trying to save time off the morning commute are causing traffic and safety concerns in a north bay community. neighbors say too many people on 101 are creating their own shortcut in marinwood. the problem? they call it freeway jumping. now the county and chp are cracking down. >> i made a conscious effort to live as close as possible to the city that i could afford in order not to get into this traffic problem and now this problem is at my door. >> reporter: alan says too many drivers on 101 in north marin county are doing this, getting
6:25 pm
off at miller creek road, driving in his neighborhood and merging right back on the freeway. >> for us neighborhood here as soon as you get out you're on the highway. not only that you're actually behind a lot of people cutting in front. it's not thrilling. >> reporter: traffic isn't the only problem. >> there's a lot of honking going on. people not wanting to stop, making u turns backing up the intersection and blocking traffic. >> reporter: are these freeway jumpers even saving anytime on the roads? probably not much if any. >> i think it's a psychological thing. they want to feel they are moving and getting somewhere. >> they are taking a little shortcut, get off, scoot along and then get back on the freeway. i think they are basically cutting in line. >> reporter: the proposed law would add turn restrictions here at marinwood avenue and miller creek road and several other key intersections from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. the chp says it will strictly
6:26 pm
enforce the 25-mile-per-hour speed limits in the neighborhood. >> it's been around for a while. it just seems to happen as well out of like i would say maybe nine months ago, 10 months ago, a few people started doing it and eventually it became a buzz and next thing you know it's massive. >> anything to save a few seconds. a public hearing is set for a week from today. coming up in our next half hour, the possible punishment for bradley manning. why the former soldier who spilled secrets tweaks could spend the rest of his life -- to wikileaks could spend the rest of his life in prison despite a key acquittal. >> i just started crying. who could imagine that would happen? >> six decades after a prisoner of war died, how his family finally brought him back home to the bay area. >> and after his son goes missing how his father tracked him down. ,, ,,
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excuse me, sir i'm gonna have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that?
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100- years in prison. manning was found guilty of ltiple counts of now at 6:30 he did not aid the enemy according to the judge but bradley manning faces more than 100 years in prison after being found guilty of violating the espionage act in
6:30 pm
the biggest leak of classified information in military history but is he a traitor or hero? ken bastida is live with mobile5 at halladay plaza in san francisco. >> reporter: hero or traitor? it depends who you talk to and most of the people here at halladay plaza are supporting bradley manning tonight. they had a rally that started at 5:00 went on a short march up to union square. then back here it halladay driver. they say it's the net is free and wikileaks didn't do anything wrong and manning should be let out of jail. and really, it's one of those cases that you look at and if look at it you can see both sides. it's one of those cases that will be with us for a while. army private first class bradley manning arrived in court today and dodged a bullet a military judge finding him
6:31 pm
not guilty of aiding the enemy. the most serious of the charges he faced. >> the smartist thing that manning did was waiving a jury and going before a single judge. >> reporter: but in her verdict, the colonel found that manning was guilty of 19 of the other 20 criminal counts. manning faces 136 years in prison. even so -- >> the likelihood is that the amount of time he might serve maybe will serve 20 years. >> reporter: peter keane is the dean ee met thank you at golden gate university law school. he says while manning won a substantial victory in court, he was convicted of multiple counts of violating the espionage act and that may have a chilling effect on whistle- blowers. >> the message this might send to whistle-blowers who might have very good patriotic intent, that the government of the united states is doing something wrong and the people of the united states should know about it, the message that it sends to those kinds of whistle-blowers is, you better not do that or you're going to
6:32 pm
wind up in prison for many years just like bradley manning. >> reporter: the judge may have issued her verdict but for many in the community, manning is still a hero. >> if people can't stand up and tell us what our government is doing when it's wrong, ostensibly wrong, then we're in a lot of trouble. >> reporter: so whistle-blower who is trying to preserve democracy or somebody who should spend the rest of his life in jail? that's exactly what the judge will decide tomorrow when he is sentenced. he could spend up to 136 years in a military prison. ken bastida, kpix 5. >> so what's next for manning? tomorrow the sentencing phase in his court-martial begins. it can last for weeks with both sides calling a few dozen witnesses. it's a bay area homecoming six decades in the making. sergeant first class joseph steinberg died as a prisoner of war in 1951.
6:33 pm
tonight frank mallicoat shows us he is finally home. >> reporter: it's been 62 long years since army sergeant first class joseph steinberg has been on u.s. soil. the remains of the san francisco native were flown into san jose this morning after being discovered in north korea. reunited with family six decades later after starving to death in a p.o.w. camp. >> the caseworker said it's a positive identification. i just started crying. i mean, what else -- who could imagine that would happen? i couldn't. >> reporter: steinberg grew up in the mission district one of eight siblings who survived world war ii only to reenlist in the late '40s. it was his brother charles' mission to bring him home. he died 21 years ago and now thanks to dna testing, the two will be -- will be reunited at golden gate national cemetery. >> eight years ago when they asked for my father's and my aunt's dna, they didn't hear from the government for eight
6:34 pm
years. they didn't get the call, but back in may they got the call they were stunned. >> reporter: the patriot guard riders were part of the procession the final leg of a procession that began in 1951. >> we grieve as a nation grieve with them, they don't grieve alone. even after 62 years we want to make sure that that family knows that their loved one has not bee forgotten. >> reporter: frank mallicoat, kpix 5. >> he will be buried at golden gate national cemetery on thursday with his three veteran brothers. investigators in central florida are trying to figure out what caused a propane plant to erupt into flames. several workers were hurt in last night's explosions. cbs reporter kala rama tells us it could have been much worse. >> reporter: hundreds of charred propane tanks litter the ground at the blue rhino propane plant in tavares florida. it's hard to believe nobody was killed after a wave of
6:35 pm
explosions triggered a massive fireball last night. 20-gallon propane tanks commonly used for barbecue grills were launched hundreds of feet into the sky. >> did you see that? >> we are finding cylinders outside of the property line for blue rhino. >> reporter: there were about 53,000 tanks at the plant at the time of the blast. about two dozen workers were on the overnight shift when the violent firestorm broke out. >> probably threw me back about three feet. >> reporter: it was bobby's first night on the job. he says he wasn't told about evacuation procedures or what to do when something like this happens. >> i just kind of got up and just ran and just kept going on it looked like -- like missiles of cylinders flying everywhere. >> reporter: the explosion could have been a lot worse. not far from the blast site, there are three 30,000-pound propane tanks that did not ignite. investigators are looking into why hoses set up to spray water on the tanks in case of a fire
6:36 pm
did not go off. the fire chief says the possible causes of the accident include equipment malfunction and human error. investigators do not suspect sabotage. kala rama, cbs news, tavares, florida. >> people who live near the atlanta have been evacuated but have been since allowed back home. not waiting for the police to find his son, coming up how a worried father found his child. >> how to avoid getting a parking ticket in one bay area city. ,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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so he tracked his location an i-phone app. c-b-s reporter a one father in sacramento county was confused when his son didn't show up for work. so he tracked his location with an iphone app. cbs has a report on the shocking scene he discovered. >> are you scared? >> i'd be scared, too. >> reporter: a frightening morning for chris after he drove his pickup truck over a
6:39 pm
cliff near the folsom damn and survived. >> we're waiting for him for work this morning and he didn't show up. my son is never late. >> reporter: chris' father perry said when he didn't show he used an app on the iphone that can track the location of other iphone users. it showed his son along folsom lake crossing. it said he was still there 20 minutes later. he must be broke down. >> reporter: perry went in search of his son and found the crash scene but chris had already been rushed to the hospital. police say he was driving west along this road when his truck plunged at least 150 feet down this cliff bouncing and flipping all the way down. eventually it split the truck in two. >> from what i seen of that truck, nothing left, i'm amazed. >> reporter: police say construction workers were working close by and rushed to pull chris out of the truck. >> almost hit the gas tank they had down there or something and the lady said if he would have hit that the place would have blown up. >> reporter: chris has several injuries that will take some time to recover from. but perry says his son is
6:40 pm
focused on counting his blessings. >> he is alive. and that'ser what we thankful for. >> reporter: chris has a broken leg, broken ribs and several other internal injuries. at this point, police don't know what caused the crash. but they don't believe chris was under the influence at the time. in roseville, roseville, kpix 5. you can now park your car and stop worrying about the meter expiring. kind of. coming up, what you can do in one bay area city to make sure you never get another parking ticket. >> while you're out driving today you may have wondered what's going on with the sky? because you didn't see the blue sky. you saw haze and smoke out there. there's a reason for it. we'll explain. we'll talk about when sunshine and warmer will come back, coming up in your forecast. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, giants fans, time to break out your razors. >> a little close. >> the beard has a new address and the seahawks lose a huge
6:41 pm
part of their offense. >> doc, good to see you again. >> and why is a doctor playing arena football? you will flip for this sportscast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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sign the company appears toa step closer to going public. the company has a new 8-thod re foot office twitter is showing another sign the company appears to be one step closer to going publicly. the company has a new 8,000- square-foot office in sunnyvale and recently posted a job opening with duties such as, preparing quarterly and annual financial statements when we are ready to go public. if twitter does go public, it is expected to be the biggest consumer internet ipo since facebook. in tonight's consumerwatch the best prepaid card with the lowest fees. and how a wombatled a credit bureau and won a multi-million dollar lawsuit. here's sue kwon. reporter: on the consumerwatch, want to avoid parking tickets in san francisco? >> you are in a street
6:45 pm
sweeping zone. >> reporter: there's an app for that called tix alert and it just launched in san francisco. it keeps you informed about the location of your car and throws you a list when it's in danger of getting a ticket for example when your meter expires or street sweeping is starting. it uses gps to monitor your car an references it against a database containing parking zone changes and gives you the quickest route back to the car if you need to put change in the meter. >> over the years, you pay so many citations that i figured it's the best way to avoid paying tickets. >> reporter: prepaid cards are all the rage so it's high time to rank the best and worst. consumer reports says the winner is, american express's bluebird prepaid card based on convenience, low fees and how well those fees are disclosed. h & r block emerald prepaid mastercard and the green dot card round out the top three. the american express for target car is last for high and hidden fees. prepaid cards are like debited cards but not tied to bank accounts. finally this story is for
6:46 pm
anyone who ever battled inaccuracies in their credit report. $18.6million, that's how much equifax is going to have to pay to an oregon woman. she found errors in her credit report including an incorrect name and social security number and debts that were not hers. over two years, she asked eight times to have the problems fixed. her reputation suffered and she could not get loans. equifax will appeal that verdict and an estimated one out of every five credit reports contains errors. for help, call 888-5-helps-u. sue kwon, kpix 5. as for that ticket app, the developers plan to expand the alerts to other big cities including san jose and oakland. the good news about the haze that we sort of have over the bay area is we have a really nice sunset coming our way. >> sunset alert one hour from now head outside while watching your favorite cbs program and take some pictures. it's going to be off in the sunset because the smoke and hayes scatters the leapt. you can look at the sun for a
6:47 pm
little bit longer. you can see lots of oranges and reds coming up tonight. you may see it in oakland and emeryville and berkeley. we are not as cloudy as we have been the past couple days. live look from the oakland touchdown of the bay bridge not as cloudy sunny but still hazy. we can make out mount diablo now from our dublin cam but still you can see the smoke and haze out there. i'll explain why in a second. livermore cooled off rapidly down to 76. san jose a comfy 71. concord 71. cooler in santa rosa and oakland in the 60s. and a breezy chilly cloudy 58 in san francisco. so what's going on? big fire burning up in southern oregon. they all get names and the name is the douglas fire in douglas counties. and the winds at the mid levels of the atmosphere are blowing from north to south. we have the onshore flow which is a west wind at the surface where we are but just above that it's a north wind carrying that smoke hundreds of miles to us. the cloud cover got you in san francisco again today with
6:48 pm
temperatures for the fifth straight day below normal. we have haven't been 70 or warmer in the city since july 4. tomorrow morning in oakland, 65. cloudy start in san jose with a low of 55 degrees. so what's going on? one area of low pressure moved out and we have more big guy to talk about up to our north and winds always flow counterclockwise around low pressure so that's cranking up the onshore flow. this isn't going to change for the next couple of days so if you had clouds this morning, you will have them again tomorrow. if you had drizzle you will have it again tomorrow and thursday. if you got sunshine in the afternoon pretty good bet you will have blue skies tomorrow afternoon, as well. the onshore flow will get a little bit weaker this weekend as low pressure moves inland. it won't be as strong. so plan on temperatures going up just a little bit and the amount of sunshine you get going up. it will be out earlier each day through the weekend. but we're so far below normal that it will probably take until sunday or monday until we get back to average for this
6:49 pm
time of year for early august. so lots of early-morning fog and low clouds. we'll stay below average through saturday or sunday. livermore should be 88, tomorrow 80. san jose should be 83, tomorrow 76. in the city a high of 63 tomorrow. sunnyvale 74. 74 for redwood city. milpitas 76. afternoon sunshine for concord and san ramon upper 70s. walnut creek i think you will make it to 80 tomorrow. low 70s for rohnert park and kentfield. 74 for novato. far north still below average but warmer ukiah 92 degrees. extended forecast, we'll level things off through thursday with lots of morning clouds. sunnier on friday and sunnier still over the weekend and we'll finally get back to normal by the top of next week. that is your forecast. going on to baseball and dennis with sports next. ,,
6:50 pm
you're on timeout leo! ♪ ♪ some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
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you're o♪ ♪meout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. what do you think? do you think brian wilson will be as popular in l.a. as he was here. > no because i don't think he will be as good. i never thought the giants were in the equation to sign him because they have a closer. i couldn't see brian wilson coming back to the giants as a setup man. it wasn't going to happen. so guess where he is going. by our account, just five pitchers have returned to the big leagues after having a second tommy john surgery on their elbows. you can likely add brian wilson to that list. >> let's just say i'd like to be one of the only guys to come back from it. it will. >> wilson is right.
6:53 pm
today he signed a contract with the dodgers! he is expected to be pitching in a couple of weeks. he was one of the more popular players in franchise history and had the game to back up the quirky personality. we'll miss him. he had 171 saves in 7 seasons with the giants. san francisco reportedly did not offer him another contract despite working out for the team this months. giants baseball is going to do this to you right now. barry zito is 0-6 on the road this season and it didn't get better in philadelphia. tied at 2 in the 4th, no longer. two-run shot by carlos ruiz. four runs charged to zito who didn't make it out of the 4th inning. 7-3 phillies now in the 8th inning. jason giambi wanted to be the colorado rockies manager this year. instead, he is winning games for the indians. last night, jason giambi at 42 became the oldest player to hit
6:54 pm
a walkoff home run. he is 45 years older than hank aaron was in 1976 and got a gatorade bath from his teammates. >> i think i'll have a touch of pneumonia. i'm too old to do this. this is what keeps me coming back every year. there is no greater feeling in this world than to contribute to the ballclub. >> looks like he is 60. but he is still hitting home runs. [ laughter ] nhl after locking up logan couture this month they made sure pavelski will be in the area until 2019. he was drafted in 2003 by the sharks. tony stewart just can't get enough. he was at a dirt track last night in canada racing the funnycars. sprint cars, dueling for the lead. he flipped five times through the air, landed right side up. his car was towed away but
6:55 pm
stewart didn't suffer any injuries in that incident. big news in the nfc west. the seahawks wide receiver percy harvin is expected to have surgery on a torn hip. he is expected to be back in november at the earliest and hasn't even played a down for seattle yet. the hawks traded three draft picks to minnesota to get him. the national football league is just beginning the arena football league is just getting. for one sabercats kicker he is delaying a career. >> soccer is my life. still funny for me to sometimes put on the helmet. >> reporter: it wasn't until after a prosperous soccer career in college that nick discovered his talent for place kicking as a high school coach. >> i was in texas and so they made me coach football too and literally the way i came into football was one day one of the kickers didn't show up for practice so i started kicking a
6:56 pm
few balls down to the guys and i was backing up to the 30-yard line. the coach said you should try out for football. >> reporter: since then he bouncessed around the indoor leagues and found a home in san jose where he teaches online kinesiology courses for the university of texas. he earned his ph.d. in education while balancing his professional football career,. >> i was playing for the iowa barnstormers and i left one monday morning drove all the way down to texas, defended my dissertation on like a tuesday morning, right then and there when you complete that successfully they shake your hand congratulations, doctor, welcome. so it's funny to hear these guys use that title. i think some of them sometimes think i'm a medical doctor and they ask me about some sort of injury well, i know a little bit about it but really -- >> reporter: like most of his teammate his shot at greener pastures isn't great but it's his teaching that keeps his passion alive for football. >> when i was advising students i would ask the question, why? why do you want to get this? what -- what is your goal at
6:57 pm
the end of it? and i was hoping they would always have something that they were passionate about that they would talk about. and so if i'm encouraging others to follow the palace and to follow their dreams, i think it would be hypocritical not to do the same myself. >> good stuff by the doctor who by the way if he had his choice dream job in the nfl he would like to kick in denver because it's the mile high city and he once kicked a football field goal 70 yards there. >> wow. >> which by the way cheap promotion 49ers play the denver broncos a week from thursday here on kpix 5. >> play-by-play? >> yeah. >> well, yeah. >> they kick off the season, it will be a very important year. nfc championship, super bowl, now they have to win it. >> go get it. captions by: caption colorado y. feed me! ey -- now, that's progressive.
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>> i complained the entire time, from the day that i moved in -- >> announcer: a tenant's many problems... >> it was an unregistered unit. >> announcer: ...and the judge's one-word solution. >> judge judy: move! if you felt that his apartment was substandard and not to your liking, you move! >> announcer: then one last try. >> will you look at the pictures of the conditions? >> judge judy: if you don't like living there, move! >> i have the paperwork to show it. >> judge judy: move! >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution kim hopkins is suing her former landlord, michael vaknin, for relocation costs, the return of her security deposit, and stealing her tanning bed. >> byrd: order! all rise!


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