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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 31, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> "cbs this morning" is next. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, july 31st, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." the penalty phase begins for bradley manning. will the judge send a message to other leakers? and anthony weiner has a message of his own he is not quitting. >> will a-rod be banned from baseball? we could know very soon. plus, an inside look at the world's most successful jewel theft ring. >> but we begin with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> you can't take it upon yourself to disclose secrets and put american lives at risk. i think a life sentence is more than fair. >> bradley manning faces decades in prison. >> the former army private
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accused of feeding secrets to wikileaks could spend 136 years behind bars. >> manning convicted of 20 of the government's 22 charges. >> on the most serious charge of aiding the enemy, the government could not get a guilty verdict. >> this was never a fair trial. the only victim was the u.s. government's wounded pride. >> there are newspaper editors and other politicians that say, boy, i wish that guy weiner would quit. >> in a new video, anthony weiner once again vowing to stay in the race. >> do you see what's going on today? if you become mayor of the city of new york, you got to put up with this every single day. >> prepackaged salad mix could be the source of a stomach bug. the worst of the outbreak is over. >> daily news reporting this morning that major league baseball will suspend a-rod and eight other players by the end of the week. >> the players union will not attempt to try in any way, shape or form defend people who hethey know are guilty. >> the city of san diego wants
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mayor bob filner to pay all the costs of defending his sexual or harassment lawsuits. >> walking between two hot air balloons. >> the marlins pitcher celebrating a big strikeout by walking off the mound and fail. >> charlie rose is going to do "breaking bad" so you should do "true blood." >> most washington politicians only care about bringing home the bacon. >> the king of bacon talking about bacon. >> on "cbs this morning." >> the heaviest baby at 13.47 pounds. a lot of it is baby weight so --. welcome to "cbs this
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morning." as you are waking up in the west, a sentencing hearing for bradley manning is under way. it began moments ago. a judge convicted manning of releasing government documents to wikileaks. >> the army private first class was acquitted of the most serious crime. bob orr's in washington. >> reporter: good morning. bradley manning will likely spend years in prison. military prosecutors hope his conviction on 20 unit coulds will be a strong deterrent. but there are serious holes in security. and the nation's secrets are vulnerable. bradley manning stood as the military judge read her verdict. the army private briefly smiled when he heard not guilty on the most serious charge of aiding the enemy. but manning was convicted of 20 other counts including espionage, theft of information and computer fraud. all in connection with the largest intelligence leak in u.s. military history. >> this wasn't your garden variety guy acting badly.
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>> reporter: joe brennan, a former top counter intelligence official at the nsa, says manning's breach was in many ways predictable. after 9/11 intelligence agencies including the cia and fbi, began sharing more classified information in an effort to stop the next attack. but brenner says too many people were given access to too much information. >> it was as if we were conducting foreign relations in mr. roger's neighborhood. everybody should be nice and share everything. >> reporter: manning was able to access and release hundreds of thousands of files, including this 2007 video, showing a u.s. apache helicopter in baghdad mistakenly opening fire on civilians. while leaks are rare the security of the information largely depends on the integrity of those handling it. top secret clear ens ans are held by more than 1.4 million people. and a third of them are government contractors. like former nsa contractor edward snowden. snowden's recent leaks about nsa
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data collection programs now have officials tightening protocols. they're now implementing a two-person rule. so the systems administrators like snowden will no longer work alone. and quietly be able to download secrets. >> there will be more leaks. we can do a better job of reducing them. but transparency has come to the intelligence business. >> reporter: the sentencing phase of manning's trial could take weeks as the judge assesses the damage caused by manning's leaks. while he's been spared the possible sentence of life without parole he still faces up to 136 years in prison. >> bob, what impact might this have on decision making by edward snowden as he sits in russia? >> you know he has to be watching this, charlie. the manning verdict probably ends any chance if there was one, snowden would come back to the u.s. voluntarily because the government has put down a clear marker here on how it intends to go forward. so snowden's continuing to seek
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temporary asylum in russia with the ultimate goal of finding a safe haven somewhere in south america. the u.s. government continues to pressure russia to return snowden. sources tell us that could happen if the two countries find a way to make some kind of deal. anthony weiner's going on offense in his fight to stay in the race for mayor of new york city. he's releasing a new campaign video. in it, he talks about the sexting scandal that is not going away. elaine quijano is with us. >> reporter: since the scandal first broke a week ago, weiner has been keeping a full campaign schedule in an effort to move forward. everyone has been wondering if or when he'll drop out of the race. well, last night, he repeated his answer. >> quit isn't the way we roll in new york city. >> reporter: in his latest campaign ad, anthony weiner made it clear he's not going anywhere. >> i know that there are newspaper editors and other politicians that say, boy, wish that guy weiner would quit. they don't know new york.
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they don't know me. >> reporter: the one minute clip came nearly a week after he stood before reporters with his wife huma by his side and admitted to yet another sexting scandal. since then the former congressman has seen his campaign manager step down and his one-time lead in the polls disappear. at every campaign stop a crush of cameras follows him. >> someone wants to come out with something embarrassing about you in your private life you have to talk about that for a little while. >> reporter: will the video be enough to convince voters? the first question from the audience was about the scandal. >> i violated trust in my wife. i did that. that was wrong. people have every right in the world to say that disqualifies me. but i'm not going to quit based on that. >> reporter: in the face of another skeptical crowd, the feisty candidate refused to give ground and appeared to win some respect. >> you see what's going on here today? if you become mayor of the city of new york you got to put up
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with this every single day. people saying to you, you know what, you did something we don't like, cameras in your face back down, quit. that's not the kind of mayor i'm going to be. sir, i say to you with all due respect, if you don't like to vote for me do not vote for me but don't deny these peepople the right to vote for me. >> reporter: weiner's communications director apologized to an intern last night. barbara morgan tells cbs she's sorry for scathing comments that included a rant about the intern. after the intern provided an unflattering account of the weiner campaign to a new york newspaper. charlie, gayle. >> congress begins its summer recess this morning. but this morning, president obama is on capitol hill. they'll be taking on republicans over the budget in september. yesterday, the president offered the gop a cut in the corporate tax rate as long as the money's used to create jobs. >> we can't allow an impasse
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over long-term fiscal challenges to distract us from what the middle east need middle class needs right now. so here's the bottom line. if folks in washington really want a grand bargain, how about a grand bargain for middle class jobs? >> cbs news political director john dickerson is here with us. so why is the president going to capitol hill? >> the white house asked for this meeting. it wasn't democrats calling for him to visit. although in conversations with members of congress in both the senate and the house, they have been wanting the president to give direction, particularly on the affordable care act. his health care plan that's getting beaten about. so the president's going up there to talk about his health care plan, how he's working to make sure that gets implemented. but also his plan for jobs and how he's going to go forward with this set of budget fights
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we're going to have in the fall that are going to be ugly and are going to be very high stakes. so that's kind of giving the road map. >> do we have any measurement how successful he's being in getting across the economic message? >> we don't have a measure yet. but they hadn't been too successful before. it's hard to change the conversation. what he's trying to do now is narrow -- we talk about the grand bargain. the grand bargain used to be an exchange where the president would accept some cuts in entitlements. that was the big grand bargain. that's gone basically. now we're in a little mini grand bargain. what that is the president says i will support cuts in the corporate tax rate if we use that money to pay for infrastructure. the idea is to focus republicans on policies they have supported in the past to try to make a clear political break between what the president supports and put pressure on republicans so it's gotten much smaller, this strategy. >> any response from the republicans so far? >> they don't like this idea of splitting corporate from person
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tax breaks. the head of the finance committee in the senate who has been working on tax reform doesn't like it either. the white house says wait we're giving you some tax breaks on the corporate side. please take yes for an answer. that's where the fight is at the moment. >> on the politic, of anthony weiner, there was a note in politico this morning that huma is taking a leave of absence from her work with the secretary of state. from that job to her foundation. >> can you read anything into that? >> we can read so much. where to begin. we could go
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baseball association is ready to step up. statistically alex rodriguez is among the best the game has ever
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seen, but major league baseball is expected to suspend him or possibly banning him for life overal gations he was involved with a now closed clinic accused of pedaling performance enhancing drugs. to be talking about measures this punitive they must. li >> reporter: a lifetime ban will unpreced be unprecedented and maybe more of a negotiating tactic. going >> it's more difficult to get a lifetime ban. he's not the first player to use peds. he's also not the first player not to be caught lying about peds. in fact, if that's the case. ying i >> reporter: still even a suspension could be a career ould b ender for the 38-year-old third r-old third baseman who is already battling major injuries. injuri >> he's not a welcome presence s and to new york yankees.ot >> there it goes left field. >> reporter: while a-rod >> admitted using banned substances between 2001 to 2003 he claims n 2001
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he hasn't since. he in an interview for the "sports illustrated" cover story prophetically titled "the last nce. days a-rod," he seems hopefu optimistic. i'm not giving up, he said, i have tremendous faith. and hopefully there's a happy ending somewhere. while the final chapter on a-rod is yet to be written, it may wh already be too late for a happy ending.te >> it's going to be remembered fo as one of the greatest if not the best player of his one of generation, but he made a lot of very bad decisions at the end e which really cost him his legacy. >> reporter: arod's attorney has vowed to fight any suspicion. vo >> terrell brown, we thank you. prepackaged salads under ged fire today. authorities say they caused a harsh stomach bug known as invest cyclospora. the outbreak has hit 13 other states.ther sta and the federal government says
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the salad mix is not linked to is all the illnesses. nearly 400 people have reported getting ill. the parasite is spread by food and water causing flu-like symptoms. new economic numbers show the recovery's picking u.n. speed up speed. the commerce department says the economy grew 1.7% from april to june. that's faster than analysts expected. another report says american businesses added 200,000 new jobs this month. cbs news jill schlesinger with us. what do these numbers mean? >> we're in a slow growth recovery recovery. first quarter was revised down quite dramatically. we now know the last three quarters, growth under 2% so that's not exactly what we want to hear. it's also much less than we've seen over the last 60 years where growth has averaged somewhere around 3% to 3.5%. so again, slow growth. we are picking up a little bit of steam coming into the first half of the year. but it's not where we want it to
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be. >> and jobs? >> jobs well the adp gives us the signal potentially the friday employment report by the government could be better than expected. we're expecting somewhere around 150,000 to 200,000 jobs. 200,000 job pace for the month is a fine job pace but it's not strong enough to get those 11. million people back to work or to drive down the unemployment rate from its current 7.6%. >> what about that recent job opening in the amazon factory? it's got a lot of attention. >> it did. i want to point out that we love to see new jobs created but what are the qualities of these jobs? it's okay but this is really underscoring a part-time economy. people cobbling together two or three part-time jobs where they're not getting benefits. trying to make as much money as they were previously. it's very hard. this is a struggle for many americans. >> we hear that home prices -- home prices on the rise.
7:17 am
is that a silver lining? >> you know i'm feeling like a bummer today but prices up over 12% from a year ago. we're still down 12% from the peak. and we also know home ownership is now dipped to the lowest level in 18 years. just 65.1%. why is that important? it does tell you a lot of people frozen out of the housing market or just scared to get back in. so, again, housing is a positive contributor. we still have a long way to go. >> what about the markets? >> here's the thing. the stock market is up huge. we're up about 19% on the year. corporate profits have been growing. but that's a real difference between the real economy and the corporation. companies are making a lot of money because they cut people. but this is not something that you can extrapolate into real people's lives. >> jill schlesinger, thank you. ck president obama is sending two of his toughest critics to
7:18 am
egypt. john mccain and lindsey graham will head there next week. they hope to meet with both the m military and muslim brotherhood which which supports ousted president morsi. mors mccain and graham will urge the generals to move ahead with elections. graham says the trip shows america is unifyied in its approach to the crisis. "the washington post" says the government is revealing some details about its secret collection of phone records. in the last hour, intelligence director james clapper released the declassified court order. it spells out rules under which intelligence agencies function. >> ut san diego says the city is suing its own mayor bob filner and the council voted to make him pay for his own legal bills. eight women now accuse him of unwanted sexual advanced. he has apoll juiceogized but says he did not harass anyone. "the new york times" says big banks are black listing low
7:19 am
income americans because of bounced checks and overdrafts. the banks say it helps them weed out ricky risky customers. 10 million families lack a bank account. >> the center daily times says penn state's former president and two former administrators will stand trial in the jerry sandusky scandal. they're accused of covering up the allegations against sandusky. prosecutors call it a conspiracy of silence. the "new york daily news" look, ats at a setback for the ban on large sugary drinks. it said the board of health went beyond its power.drinks. mayor michael bloomberg vows to appeal. >> i heard him say this morning he was disappointed that was the still seeing a lot of clouds around the bay area to start out the day and thick enough there's some drizzle at the coastline. outside the clouds stretching inside the bay and some of the
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valleys now, as well. so looks like another cool to mild day outside as low pressure continues along the coastline. it's going to be a while before we warm things up again. still, we'll find some sunshine and mild temperatures inland. 70s and 80s there. 60s and 70s inside the bay. 50s and 60s at the coast. next couple of days, just minor changes, a little warmer over the weekend. >> announcer: this national weather report spons y hilton. travel is calling you to book a great getaway at
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the pork barrel spending he brings home to kentucky. >> this is the king of bacon talking about bacon. >> why both men have something to prove. plus a digital tribute to a dying mother. >> i see dawn coming in disguise and i want to hold it back to keep my mother from what's ahead. to keep my mother period. >> radio host scott simon tell us why he shared her final days through twitter. >> a daring jailbreak captured on video. how deputies were tricked. the news is back in the morning here on cbs this morning. stay tuned for your local news. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by twizzlers. enjoy some twisty fruity summer fun. twizzlers, the twist you can't resist. wherever your summer takes you...
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning. it's 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. get you caught up with some bay area headlines now. a violent assault on the san jose state campus put a man in the hospital last night. the suspect ran away after slamming the victim's head on the pavement several times. cindy chavez won the special santa clara county supervisors race by 55-44% over teresa alvarado. chavez replaces george shirakawa who quit the board before he pleaded guilty to misusing public funds. and early this morning, oakland city council voted to ban hammers and other weapons at protests. it's a move aimed at putting an end to vandalism during demonstrations in oakland. traffic and weather for your wednesday coming up right after the break.
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out to the bay bridge toll plaza, following an accident on the tunnel of the upper deck of the bay bridge, westbound 80 traffic already stacking up towards the incline. and, of course, it was already a wait behind the pay gates jammed through the macarthur maze. at least 20 minutes just to get on the bridge and obviously heavy towards treasure island. also very sluggish through the altamont pass and livermore but the oakland commute off to a great start. that's traffic. here's lawrence. >> the clouds have gathered again. the sea breeze is blowing. temperatures below average still comfortable in spots inland by the afternoon. plenty of clouds today though and we do have some drizzle at the coastline. temperatures now in the 50s and 60s. sunshine in the valleys, 70s and 80s there. 60s and 70s around the bay and cool 50s and 60s breezy coastside. next couple of days, just minor changes in the weather. a little warmer though over the weekend.
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talk about your win toe of opportunity. a prisoner used an open window to escape. there you see the deputy running after derrick estelle in hot pursuit. officials say this is really not as simple as it looks. others lured officers away from the window. phe's in trouble and a woman was waiting in the getaway car. estelle is still on the loose. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour npr host scott simon and his bittersweet journey using twitter, sharing his mother's final days. some say his latest stunts may have gone over the top and
7:31 am
that's not the only problem he's faking with his image. political watches are waiting to see if governor chris christie or rand paul will use it to slam the other. >> reporter: you know chris christie and rand paul are from opposite ends of the republican party. christie is running for re-election in a very blue state but rand paul is a favorite of the tea party. both are running for nomination of president. their feud could be a sign of what's to become of the republican party. >> this is the king of bacon talking about bacon. >> his response seems to be he has something against me. >> reporter: the battle between chris christie and rand paul is playing out not in the
7:32 am
cornfields of iowa or the streets of new jersey. >> maybe he should start looking at cutting the pore barrel spending. >> i'm probably the most fiscally conservative member of congress. governor christie and others have part of this gimme, gimme, gimme. gimme all of this money. it's not real smart for republicans to be attacking republicans. >> what they'd really like is to see things get done in washington, d.c. >> reporter: the verbal abuse began last week. saying they would hurt efforts to stop terrorism. >> this strain of libertarianism that's going through both parties right now and making big headlines, i think, is a very dangerous thought. and i remember what we felt like on september 12th 2001. >> it's really i think kind of sad and cheap that he would use the cloak of 9/11 victims and say, oh, i'm the only one who
7:33 am
cares about these victims. hogwash. >> reporter: for christie, picking a fight on national security could help him reconnect with member of his own party who are still angry at the governor's embrace with president obama a after hurricane sandy days before the 2012 election. paul's goal in this is to show he represents the future of the party more than christie. >> i think he's on the wrong side of history here and i think they're getting desperate because actually our movement within the republican party is growing. >> sources in the rand paul camp tells cbs news he's done talking about chris christie. as for christie well we'll hear from him later today and see whether he's ready to give it a rest. >> thank you, chip. john dickerson is back with us again. who's benefitting? >> they both get a benefit. chris christie is running in a
7:34 am
blue state and getting some greefl for spending time with the president gets to burnish his national security credentials by talking about a strong defense and 9/11. he gets to beat up on rand paul and rand paul gets to rail against the establishment and that's the box he's putting chris christie in the kind of establishment box and that's the message he puts out. this gets them both a lot of coverage for their views. >> do you think it's a forerunner for the campaign in 2016? >> absolutely. and it's not just going on with these two. we see liz cheney, the daughter of former vice president running a campaign against the establishment in washington, touching on some of these same themes. so this is going on in several different areas in the republican party. >> even if there were parents in the room they would say, you two knock it off.
7:35 am
you're from the same family. >> there is no parent in the room and this happens with parties who don't have a leader, don't have a president, and don't have a charismatic next-in-line candidate. and the republican are going through a very exciting -- maybe crees creates heartburn. they're trying to figure out what the party stands for, what its core principles are and when you throw in a heavy dose of personal interest and self-interest they promote themselves by beating up on the other guy. >> at the same time they're waiting for a coronation. >> they are, but, you know there are problems with that too. >> thank you john. >> thank you, john dickerson. scott simon, a long-time host for national public radio has captured attention, not nr what he said on the airwaves but for what he said on twitter. >> reporter: scott simon was on
7:36 am
vacation in california two weeks ago when his 84-year-old mother called. i can't talk. i'm surrounding by handsome men. emergency surgery. >> reporter: she knew that death was slowly approaching. >> he flew to her and slept on the floor and spent the remaining hours with her. i said mother you need to get rest. i knew what she meant. no, i don't. it was, rest? i've only got a few hours sleeping. >> reporter: that kind of deathbed candor struck simon as worth sharing with his friends, family and 1 million twitter followers. >> in her pain and in her misery, she was giving not just me but us a great performance.
7:37 am
and i wanted to share it. i'm glad i shared it with the world. >> reporter: what unfurled in bursts of 140 characters or less was a poignant loving account of his mother's last account. the funny. >> listening to low boherne. maybe opera will heb. i see dawn in the sky. i want to keep my mother back, keep her, period. >> reporter: her words and hiss. >> mother's asks will this go on forever? this means pain dread. no. she says it will go on forever, you and me. yes. >> reporter: his mother should not be a stranger to "weekend
7:38 am
edition." >> people hear me on the radio and they think i have very good manners. >> oh. okay, yes. >> that comes from you. >> thank you. >> you were so intent that i say please and thank you. >> i think any parent -- most parents are that way. your father had lovely manners. >> my mother and i were very close. she used to joke that we raised each other. >> reporter: on monday when she passed away simon with an assist from william shakespeare tweeted this. the heavens over chicago opening and patricia lions new mon has stepped on stage. she will make the face of heaven shine so fine that all the world will be in love with night. >> reporter: some critics have suggested that using twitter on such an occasion was somehow inappropriate but simon told us the vast majority of reactions have been positive especially from those in similar circumstances. >> if i didn't have my arm around -- one arm around my mother and the other around my
7:39 am
iphone tweeting and there were hours that went by where my mother was snoozing in and out and i was left alone with my thoughts. >> reporter: it was a very 21st century means of mourning of spreading the word of his mother's death. >> there's nothing left unsaid number regrets. nothing -- no more that we can add. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," dean reynolds chicago. >> wow. i have to say. i winced a little when i fefrt heard he was doing it. then you read what he's saying. it was so poignant. i'm so glad he shared. it's amazing you can do that in 140 characters. you know scott simon. >> i do. to have someone walk through and share it is a sense of peacefulness. >> his mother was beautiful, really beautiful. >> he's a great guy. ahead russia's prlt hat its
7:40 am
shares of problems. his crazy photos are catching up with him. we'll show you the backlash against putin. you're watching "cbs this morning." [ male announcer ] this is bob a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's doctor recommended a different option: once-a-day xarelto®. xarelto® is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem that doesn't require routine blood monitoring. like warfarin xarelto® is proven effective to reduce the risk of an afib-related stroke. there is limited data on how these drugs compare when warfarin is well
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russia's president vladimir putin is no stranger to controversy but he's facing a backlash on several fronts. this morning starting with a fishing, pe diggs. charlie d'agata is in london. good morning, charlie. >> good morning. he may have gone overboard and the criticism comes at a time when his problems at home and abroad can't be glossed over with a simple photo op. here's renowned outdoorsman vladimir putin proudly landing his latest catch and landing one
7:45 am
right on the kisser. not just any fish but a 46-pound pike. right. people were mocking the president saying the story sounded more than a little fishy. not only did they doubt the size of the whopper, they wondered if it was for everyone to swallow hook line and sinker. not this time. showing off macho videos it was for his image. the weary russian public has apparently had enough. putin's credibility issues go beyond fish tales. the massive anti-putin demonstrations over corruption and dubious parliamentary results came as a shock said james of the chatham house. >> it hadn't happened before
7:46 am
except in very minor laws. >> reporter: banning laws like criticizing the church and the protest on the pussy riot are all actually designed to boost popularity at home. >> the fact of the matter is russia is a more homeophobic country. this is one of the most controversial countries in the world than the uk and u.s. for sure. >> that may be the case in russia, but putin's anti-gay laws has caused the bars in other areas to still seeing a lot of clouds around the bay area to start out the day and thick enough there's some drizzle at the coastline. outside the clouds stretching inside the bay and some of the
7:47 am
valleys now, as well. so looks like another cool to mild day outside as low pressure continues along the coastline. it's going to be a while before we warm things up again. still, we'll find some sunshine and mild temperatures inland. 70s and 80s there. 60s and 70s inside the bay. 50s and 60s at the coast. next couple of days, just minor changes, a little warmer over the weekend. from droughts to floods extreme weather is taking a toll on the nation's food supply. it's leading to higher prices at the grocery store. professor michio kaku tells us why it may be the new normal. that's ahead on "cbs this morning."
7:48 am
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7:52 am
go home. >> that's the good thing about the "new york post." they do have good headlines. >> encouraging news for veterans. amazon is interested in hiring a few good men and a few good women too. that story ahead on "cbs this morning." what you wear to bed is your business. so, if you're sleeping in your contact lenses ask about the air optix® contacts so breathable they're approved for up to 30 nights of continuous wear. serious eye problems may occur. ask your doctor and visit for safety information and a free one-month trial. ♪ ♪ ♪
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when i
7:56 am
vice mayor cindy chavez is the next member of the santa clara county board of supervisors... good morning. 7:56. i'm frank mallicoat. get to you updated on some headlines around the bay area now. former san jose vice mayor cindy chavez is the next member of the santa clara board of supervisors. she will replace george shirakawa, who quit the board before he pleaded guilty to misusing public funds. and talks are set to resume at 10:00 this morning. hopes of averting another bay area transit strike. bart sunday is the big deadline at midnight for an agreement between bart and union reps. yesterday both parties met in the same room for the first time in 11 days. the unions say it did not go well. but they still have four days to try to work it out. we have your traffic and weather for this wednesday coming up right after the break.
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning. we're getting our first reports of an accident now it's westbound 24 it's right before the caldecott tunnel. one lane is blocked. it was already delays from orinda so just some slight backups there. once you get past the caldecott tunnel, things look good on 24 through oakland towards the macarthur maze. let's go outside. here's a live look at the nimitz. it is gridlock this morning from san leandro up towards downtown oakland. here's lawrence. >> we have some fog outside right now a little drizzle out toward the coastline early on today. probably going to stay gray there all day long. temperatures 50s and 60s outside now. by the afternoon, we'll see a little sunshine, 70s and mild temperatures inland for this time of year some 80s in the interior valleys. 50s and 60s, cloudy at the coast.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning to you. it's 8:00 in the west. welcome back to "cbs this morning." bradley manning beats the worst of the charges against him, but he still face ace lifetime in prison for leaking government secrets secrets. if you've been in the military amazon wants you. the company is counting on veterans to help fill thousands of new jobs. and we're excited that dean morris will be here in studio 57. make that psyched. his cbs drama "under the dome" is the hit of the season for the summer and a go for season two. first, here's a look at today's eye-opener for 8:00. >> i'll he's been spared the possible sentence of life without parole still faces up to 136 years in prison. >> the judge convicted bradley manning yesterday of releasing hundreds of thousands of secret
8:01 am
government documents to wikileaks. >> everyone has been wondering if or when he'll drop out of the race. last night he repeated his answer. >> quit isn't the way we roll in new york city. >> it looks like major league baseball is ready to take action. a-rod may not suit up again for some time. the question is will it be for a lifetime? talk about your window of opportunity. a prisoner used an open window at a service counter to escape sunday. a recent feud could be a sign of what's to come for the republican party. >> there are parents in the room, they would say you two knock it off, you're from the same family. what do you think this says about the state of the republican party going forward? >> well, there is no parent in the room. >> every fisherman exaggerates his catch and we're used to it with president putin. >> the sentencing of manning's trial could take weeks as the judge assesses the damage caused by his leaks. >> he was found guilty on charges of espionage. you know what that means? 20 years at the moscow airport. 20 years --
8:02 am
[ laughter ] i'm charlie rose with gayle king. norah o'donnell is off. a sentencing hearing under way this morning for bradley man, the soldier who gave hundreds of thousands of classified documents to wikileaks. he faces up to 136 years in prison. a military judge found manning guilty yesterday of espionage, stealing government property and other charges. but the former army intelligence analyst was acquitted of the most serious charge aiding the enemy. correspondent david martin is at the pentagon. david, good morning. let me begin with a question of the acquittal. did they believe within the military justice system that they could get a conviction on that charge? >> well obviously they did. and that's why they brought it. but the fact remains that although they were unable to convince the judge that he had deliberately aided the enemy,
8:03 am
they did get convictions on 20 of 22 counts. and adding up to a sentence of 136 years. that's a pretty stern warning about the consequences of leaking secrets. manning thought of himself as a whistle blower. but the government was able to prove that he was simply a criminal who stole secrets and gave them to wikileaks. and this case is going to go a long way toward determining whether the justice department tries to prosecute julian assange, the head of wikileaks, who was the person in charge of -- in control of those stolen secrets. >> so considering all that we have been hearing about the recent leaks david, do intelligence -- intelligence officials now acknowledge that there is more work that we have to do here? >> you know after the manning case, the president signed an executive order that set up a task force to get classified information under better control.
8:04 am
in other words, make sure that never again can an army private get his hands on so many secrets. so they did things like disable external drives on government computers so people cannot download classified information on to thumb drives and cds. and they set up systems that will track exactly who is browsing and downloading from these systems. but then along comes edward snowden, who used his position as an i.t. guy for the nsa to get around all those safeguards. so now the pentagon and the nsa have instituted this two-person rule which requires i.t. guys like snowden to work in pairs when they are going on to highly classified networks. but, you know in the end, you can't design an air-tight system. it all comes down to trust. >> david, what do you think this impact might have on the effort to get snowden, and what message he might take out of this?
8:05 am
>> well if i think if you are -- if you're snowden, you have lots of reasons to be worried about ever coming under the custody of the united states government. because he not only has stolen secrets, but he has also covered by a particular law which makes it a separate crime to steal communication secrets, which is what he did. so there is plenty of evidence by which the u.s. could use to prosecute snowden. and the fact that he is living in the moscow airport, i think, is testimony to how much he fears prosecution. >> all right. thank you, david martin. anthony weiner says people who want him to quit his campaign for mayor do not know new york. that's part of a new video on his website. and weiner is sending that same message in person to the voters.
8:06 am
>> i violated the trust of my wife. that was wrong. and people have every right in the world to say it disqualifies me. but i'm not going to quit based on that. do you see what's going on here today? if you want to become mayor of new york, you have to put up with this every day. people saying to you, you did something we don't like cameras in your face change your mind back down, quit. that's not going to be the mayor i'm going to be. sir, i say to you with all due respect, if you don't want to vote for me don't vote for me but don't deny these people the right to vote for me if they want to. >> weiner is facing pressure to drop out after admit to go sexting more women. san diego council says mayor bob fillner should pay for his own lawyers. he is fighting the sexual harassment lawsuit. eight women now publicly accuse fillner of unwanted advances. the latest to come forward is lisa curtain an official at san diego city college. she says her encounter happened two years ago when he was a
8:07 am
congressman. >> he pulled my hand closer to him, and he reached over to kiss me. i turned my head at that moment and on the side of my face i got a very saliva-filled kiss including feeling his tongue on my cheek. >> fillner has rejected calls to resign as mayor. he says he will go into therapy next week. no matter where you live, you're probably feeling the impact of a wet summer in the southeast. heavy rains and severe flooding are damaging fruit and vegetable crops. it could be a sign of things to come. "cbs this morning" physics professor at the city of new york. welcome. how unusual is this weather? and what do we read from it? you know >> you know the old song "it's a rainy night in georgia, i believe it's raining all over the world" that's would what the rainers are feeling in the
8:08 am
south, 25% high rainfall in north carolina south carolina. 22% above normal in alabama. across the board. and we're seeing a double whammy. last year, farms in the south were hit with a drought. this year it's massive rainfall. >> so what's causing it? >> well there's no one smoking gun that you can point to. however, what you can say is that on average, temperatures in the gulf of mexico and the caribbean have been higher than normal. meaning more moisture gets in the air. and when that moisture collides with cold air from canada watch out. that drives tornadoes, hurricanes and all this rainfall. and so we could be looking at a new normal. more energy means more swings. and remember two weeks ago we had this heat dome in the northeast. last month we had a huge blistering temperatures in death valley in california. that's typical of the swings you get as the temperature rises. >> so what crops were you &
8:09 am
talking about being affected? we've been talking all morning about crops and the change in the cost it's going to cost us. >>el well, the famous georgia peach is simply not going to be as sweet as normal. the water content is rising in the georgia peach. tennessee tomatoes could have splits in the skin. and get this 50% of the watermelon crop in certain areas have been washed out. so watch out when you go to the checkout stand. you may get sticker shock paying for your groceries. >> all right. thank you. >> your expertise is not only physics, it's also agriculture. >> that's right. >> in all things. thank you, professor.
8:10 am
an international jewel thief escaped from a swiss prison last week. three days later there was a huge jewelry heist in france. is there a connection? hmmm, we'll ask a film maker who went inside the world of the notorious pink panther's gang. and all that mattered 42 years ago, a quiet song that became a number-one hit. can you name it? if you need a helping hand we'll have the answer next on "cbs this morning. " if you need a hand we'll have an answer next on "cbs this morning."
8:11 am
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♪ ♪ winter spring summer or fall ♪ >> i love it. all that mattered 42 years ago today, james taylor's version of "you've got a friend" was at the top of the billboard pop 100 chart. it is his only number-one single to date written by carole king. the tune won them both grammys in 1971. in january, i spoke with taylor about the songwriting process. you're happiest when you feel a song. >> that's right. that's the moment -- that's the most thrilling thing, most delightful thing that happens to me is when the pieces fall together and it makes a song. >> what's that like? >> it's just very satisfactory.
8:15 am
it's just very you know -- it's like -- it's like a puzzle fits together somehow. i mean we all do it. writing music is a lot like listening to music or appreciating music. just a little bit of an extra something to it. >> we go back a long ways a north carolina friend. but, man, he's just wonderful. >> and charlie, 42 years ago, and we still know all the words. >> exactly. >> nobody sounds like james taylor. >> sweet baby james. the online giant amazon wants leaders. they are turning to those who know how to serve our country. that's next on "cbs this morning." leaders this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by macy's. that's next. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by macy's.
8:16 am
what do you think? [ mom ] yea, give it more sparkles. [ male announcer ] your kids make great things. so give them a tasty, wholesome snack that has eight grams of whole grain... and is now made with real strawberries and bananas. honey maid teddy grahams. two new flavors now made with real fruit.
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8:19 am
ssaíksks president obama outlined a plan for the economy on tuesday. on monday the online retailer announced it's adding 7,000 new jobs in 13 states. manuel bojorquez shows us why many of those positions will be filled by veterans. >> reporter: as a company commander in the army reserves nicole miller lead 1/00 soldiers. and as a supervisor at this massive warehouse she manages 100 employees. >> i have an opportunity to be an advocate for the associate. it's huge. my only job is to make sure that my team is successful. that's my job and that's leadership. >> miller said her 20-year career gave her the career.
8:20 am
her job at amazon was not just a lucky break. amazon is on a mission to hire 1,200 military veteran this year, scouring job events like this one in dallas to find the best of the best. >> why has amazon made this commitment? >> it's great for our business. we value leadership and veterans bring that to the table. >> reporter: it's an explosive growth. they've tripled their work force in just three years. and kathleen carroll is looking to train them. >> having an ability to go into iraq and help build infrastructure over an airfield that doesn't exist right now, that successful commitment was -- >> i was a ft. bragg guy. >> what did you do in the military. >> i was a --
8:21 am
>> they help job seekers translate military jar don and complex occupation loads into skill sets any boss can understand. >> i have a lot of experience with industrial and mechanical. >> when you meet with them automatically you see, wow, this person would be good at this or that? >> it starts with let's hear about your background. you don't have to try to translate it. tell me what you've done in the service. use the acronym and military speak. >> reporter: the unemployment rate for post 9/11 veterans is down, nearly 7.4%. nearly the same as those for nonvets and those between the ages of 25 and 34 are doing better than others their age. this manager says there's good reason for that. >> they've general lil had more responsibility by the time they've reached that age. someone fresh out of college,
8:22 am
there's a good chance they've been a contributor that whole time and haven't had an opportunity to move up. >> reporter: he's found that veterans who return from long deployments can handle long hours and workplace stress. for him, amazon's hiring plant has been a win/win. >> h.r. duty is important but at the end of the day it has to work for both of you. >> reporter: managing the troops here has been agood. >> i said as much as i want to make you guys drop and do pushups here i can't do that. >> what's great about that seeing those two women, one from the outside coming in and the other who was there at amazon. >> i was thinking the exact same thing. so many people say it's not fair that people go overseas, serve their country and kind find a job so it's great that amazon is
8:23 am
doing something. you're
8:24 am
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8:25 am
>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald i'm michelle griego with your kpix 5 news headlines. talks between bart and its unions are expected to resume later this morning. time for contract negotiations runs out august 4, that's this sunday. if the two sides can't hammer out a deal there will be another strike. yesterday both parties met in the same room for the first time in 11 days. unions say it did not go very well. the man accused of killing two women in the san francisco jewelrymart is expected in court today. 23-year-old barry white, junior, of antioch will appear for an arraignment. police say he shot and stabbed store employees earlier this month over a price dispute of an item he previously purchased. a candlelight vigil is
8:26 am
planned this evening for daphne viola web the 21-month-old oakland girl missing since july 9. the vigil for daphne webb will beginning at 6:30 at sequoia community church in oakland. coming up an accident shuts down part of the caldecott tunnel. elizabeth will have that in traffic, plus weather, right after the break.
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning. traffic unfortunately is a mess now in the east bay. we're watching an accident westbound 24 it's an injury crash right before you get to the caldecott tunnel. in fact, it is blocking the center bore. so now what that means, traffic is very -- so you know what that means. traffic is very slow now. it looks like the delays begin towards acalanes in lafayette and unfortunately the backups are getting worse. so traffic is forced to squeeze by in one right bore. this might be a good morning to consider using bart. everything is on time. that's traffic. here's lawrence. >> we are seeing patchy fog around the bay area this morning. a little sunshine in the valleys already going to see more of that into the afternoon from our mount vaca cam a few mid- to high-level clouds moving on by. temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. by the afternoon, though, clouds going to give way in most spots with a little sunshine. temperatures below average, 70s and 80s inland. 70s and 70s around the bay. 50s and 60s, cloudy at the coast. warmer on the weekend.
8:29 am
8:30 am
ow you how this t-shirt bake an american classic. that's ahead. right now it's time to show you headlines from around the
8:31 am
globe. "the new york times" says a lot of drivers are getting tickets. the average speed is 95 miles an hour. some are going much faster but serious accidents are down by half because of aggressive tickets, tickets,. the wife of a lawyer leak add big signature. row ling said she will also donate royties from "cuckoo's calling." ear haet's plane disappeared during flight. a relative plans to take off next sum jeer "the wall street journal" looks at children chatting with their mom and dad from work. they're the first generation to
8:32 am
hit the work force with text-savvy parents. "the new york times" actress eileen brennan, she won an oscar nomination and emmy award for playing captain lewis in "private benjamin." she died at her home in los angeles. she was 80 years old. the ceo of discovery communication says she turned a profit on monday. oprah will join us on monday here in studio. the one thing she asked me the other day, is charlie going to be there? i'll be there. >> we told her. we're reporting on what may have been the biggest jewelry heist whatever. this morning two robbers held up a watch store on the same street. many wonder if it's the work of the notorious pink panther's gang. it's considering the world's
8:33 am
most successful jewelry heist gang. it's called smash and grab. >> i have a lot to tell you about these robbers and there were many. >> we understood they were able to do incredible things that nobody's done before. >> you get safes that are mechanical numerical, and visual. i can crack them all. >> i know where everything is. >> 500 cases, 300 million u.s. dollar. >> that's a lot of money. >> the only thing we know is they come from the former yugoslavia. >> any safe can be open. this is the beginning. >> welcome. >> welcome. >> tell us about the pin
8:34 am
panthers gang. >> well, they're a loose crime network. they come from the balkans which is the former yugoslavia, and they have just managed to achieve something incredible in terms of criminal activity. but amazingly the police are catching up with them now. >> but you had remarkable access. >> i was extremely lucky, yeah. i mean it took a lot of hard work. it's taken three years to make the film. the first year of that was basically going back and forth negotiating, gaining trust, and really just -- yeah making them see that we tell the story. >> you know what's fascinating to me about "smash and grab," i thought it was riveting to watch, but the role that women play. one woman said you have to be very beautiful and very
8:35 am
sophisticated. women are crucial in this. without them it doesn't get done. why is that? >> it was amazing. before everyone had written them off as eye candy. always their role is more sophisticated than that. she would scout the jewelry stores. she's able to go in and pretend to be buying diamonds whatever whatever. and also basically seduce people into trusting her. >> there's news of more jewelry thefts. are they connected to the pink panthers in your judgment? >> i can't say for sure. there are other people that steal diamonds out there, but it does have the hall marks of a panther robbery. >> which are --? >> simple unbelievably efficient, and disappear without a trace. >> in and out within 06 seconds. they are so organized they can
8:36 am
sell it authenticate it get the records quickly. i was fascinated. they're all like family. where did they get the name pink panther from? >> the british press called them there. that was a huge robbery in 2003. a giant, giant blue diamond was found in a giant tub of face cream exactly out of the movie. that's where the title came from. >> they say there's no hierarchy. some people don't know who they're working for. >> that is one of the reasons why they're so successful. it's not like your traditional pyramid pyramid. everyone knows each other. but they -- you know they're more like cells. >> how do they get rid of the
8:37 am
jewelry? >> this is what makes them brilliant at what they do. it's one thing to do a robbery but what do you do with a diamond worth $13 million? what do you do with that? >> they are able -- they have the connections in say auntntwerp. they don't forge the documents. they're completely authentic documents that says the diamond was mined last week or a diamond mine they have contact with. so they are able -- and they recut the diamonds as well so they're smaller but completely untraceable. >> smash and grab. "smash and grab" opens today. we're thinking it's really god to be dean norris. he stars in not one, but two of the most talked about shows on tv right know.
8:38 am
but guess what? dean is in studio with us today. we'll tell you ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] no other system lets you take your license from state to state. no other system integrates patient care so holistically. places such advanced technology in
8:39 am
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8:40 am
dean norris is one busy actor. his critically acclaimed series "breaking bad" is back for its final season and he stars in the huge hit "under the dome," the most watched series on mondays. it's just picked up another season. yay. here's a preview. >> please don't do this. please don't do this. she can hear. >> oh. i'm embarrassing you. >> i had to. the dome was making her sick. >> you're the one who's sick.
8:41 am
>> please don't say that. >> you have to leave. >> this is my home. where else am i supposed to go? >> anywhere else but here. >> dean welcome. >> thank you. >> what is so fascinating? >> we ask ourselves that a lot. the fact that we're moments away from a crisis that could cause tremendous chaos. in l.a. we think about earthquakes and riots. i think we all have this kind of oogie sense that civilization is this far away from falling apart. >> and then there's stephen king king. >> and then there's stephen king with the horror element. >> when you got this script and read his character, i'm not sure
8:42 am
i'm liking him. >> he's definitely different than hank schrader. i think he's deliver to play. he has bad elements in him but i think he's a really complex character and a lot of fun to play. >> is there some sense that it's a great time to be dean norris? >> they have. obviously "breaking bad" was a big part of that. when i got ask dodd this show steven spielberg, stephen king two answers, yes and yes, sir. >> there's a story that you wanted to leave "breaking bad" to go to this and they said no you've got to stay. and you said man, am i glad i stayed. they split it into two seasons. i said it would be interesting if hank died in the first eight.
8:43 am
they said, no we're going to need you. i'm glad he did. >> aren't you glad he told you no. what's so cool about your life, they can say, i love your show and you don't know what show you're talking about. >> people say i'm obsessed with your show and i go hmmm. >> what's so fascinating about you, you're a harvard grad a father of five. you thought on the irs form for okay paying you said film actor. it was a dream for you. >> yeah. we weren't poor but we weren't well off. but to decide after harvard that you're going go into a career as tenuous as acting -- >> what did you study? >> it was a concentration of
8:44 am
social socioeconomics, history -- >> what's the lesson? follow your passion? >> absolutely. follow your passion and good stuff will follow after that. >> the question often asked is when did walt go bad? different people have different answers to that. >> yeah. well, he claims -- >> i'll take him -- for me it's when he let jesse pinkton's girlfriend die. that was the most exciting. >> for your character. here you are playing such a good guy in "breaking bad." now you're playing a shady guy in "under the dome. "do you like playing these authority figures because you play them very, very well. do you like that? >> i guess i do. you know it's fun to be the guy in charge. >> or the center of the action. >> or the center of the action. >> what's the reaction from
8:45 am
cops? i think cops really like you, true? >> generally they like me. i don't know how many tickets it's gotten me out of. >> back to "breaking bad," why does this thing have such a cult-like following? >> truthfully i think because it's perfect. i think from the writing to the acting to the directing to the cinema sincinema photog gra fi it's all. >> it's a collaborative effort. >> yeah. it starts with him. we're all inspired by the writing. i love the music in the show. they say we're inspiredpy what we see. everybody gets inspired by everybody else and we all try to do it. it's so good. >> i think you and your cast are bonded for life after that show. >> yeah especially now. >> one last question?
8:46 am
>> yeah. >> how does it end? >> you don't know that? check my website -- hmm. >> it ends with you sitting on the toilet finding out walt is the bad guy and then it's off you go. >> yeah. >> he was in the loo. you can see "under the dome" on monday nights at 10:00 right here on cbs. an iconic garment is turning 100 years old. that's next. tomorrow morning manuel bojorquez takes us on a wild ride ride. >> reporter: in a battle between
8:47 am
8:48 am
the t-shirt started as an undergarment in the military a
8:49 am
century ago. it's a staple in the wardrobe and as vinita nair shows it's par of the wardrobe. >> it's serious business. the company has been cranking out shirts sweat, and hats for 14 year but this year they're celebrateing 100 years of their number one seller. >> being the t-shirt nuts that we are, we started researching the origins of the t-shirt and the earliest kind of appearance that we could find with the t-shirt as we know it in the u.s. was in 1913. >> reporter: the u.s. was first introduced to t-shirts by the navy 100 years ago. in its 1913. it says it will be light weight, sleeves only love enough to
8:50 am
cover the armpit. the definition first appeared in mer yes, ma'am webster dix tair in 1920. they sold in the sears catalog. but it was in 1951's "a street karr named desire" with marlon brando that turned the traditional undershirt into a fashion phenomena. and 14 years later james dean would appear in it in "a rebel without a cause." over the years the plain white tee evolved into a whole lot more. >> clearly the t-shirt has impact which you don't say about other items of clothing. it withcan be a billboard, a meme a novelty item. >> reporter: are you a plain t-shirt kind of guy or logo? >> i'm kind of a logo.
8:51 am
it has a message. if they don't know me my shirt says who i am. >> reporter: they've put together their most iconic t-shirts of all times including superheroes and others. they found 87% of people own one t-shirt they refuse to trash because of a sentimental attachment. >> reporter: you'd let me throw away all your t-shirts? >> no. i love my t-shirts. >> reporter: there are even t-shirts out of reach. earlier this year posted this a crocodile t-shirt. >> t-shirt is a fashion item. the t-shirt is a piece of you utilitarian wear. it's very order.
8:52 am
you can buy an inexpensive one. you can buy an expensive one it's constantly evolving but it's always something new. vinita nair. >> i was going to say, how many t-shirts do you have? >> i can't count them. sometimes i like a plain old t-shirt. do you have some? >> i do. like the v-neck. >> you do? >>. >> i liked dean norris. he stuck to his passion and all of a sudden it happened. >> it's good to be dean. >> we'll see you tomorrow morning on "cbs this morning"." >> announcer: closed captioning is sponsored by citracal.
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police are looking for a suspect in a violent beating on the san good morning. it's 8:55. i'm michelle griego with your kpix 5 headlines. police are looking for a suspect in a violent beating on the san jose state university campus. witnesses say two men were arguing and got into a fight last night. the victim had injuries after his head was slammed into the concrete repeatedly. cindy chavez is celebrating this morning after winning a spot on the santa clara county board of supervisors. she won by a 55-44% margin over teresa alvarado. chavez will replace george shirakawa, who quit the board before he pleaded guilty to misusing public funds. talks between bart and its unions are expected it resume in an hour -- are expected to resume in about an hour. yesterday both parties met in the same room for the first time in 11 days.
8:56 am
unions say it did not go well. the deadline is looming and if they don't reach an agreement by sunday, workers may strike again. and now here's lawrence with the forecast. >> summer fog rolling into the bay area thick at the coast and drizzle there this morning. going to stay gray toward the beaches the better part of the day but we'll find sunshine in the valleys. 50s and 60s now, temperatures below average for this time of year. you will see some comfortable 70s and 80s inland. 60s and 70s around the bay but along the coast, cool and breezy right in there. you're going to see numbers in the 50s and the 60s. cool into san francisco, as well. next couple of days, we are looking at just some minor changes but over the weekend, high pressure looks to strengthen just a little bit. that should be enough to warm up those temperatures as we head to next week. traffic is next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. we're seeing residual delays for bart. about five- to ten-minute delays into an out of san francisco. it's because of some earlier police activity near the embarcadero station. the scene is now clear. once again, at least five- minute delays in all directions. also, all lanes are now open westbound 24 near the caldecott tunnel. still backed up to walnut creek.
8:59 am
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