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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  August 3, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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doors. could it be that no news is good new >> no sign of bart management or union leaders. they're still hunkered down behind closed doors. could it be that no news is good news? hundreds of thousands are formulating commutes backup plans but many others won't go to work at all. what they will do to prevent sitting in gridlock. they're mad and they don't want to take it anymore. what thousands are demanding from richmond's largest employer, the chevron refinery. good evening. with just about 30 hours left, an agreement and avoid a strike, bart management and union leaders are back at the bargaining table. we've seen neither hide nor hair of them. >> reporter: actually what we do see from time to time is
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people leaving. obviously taking a break, then going back into the building. they're not telling us anything so we really have to wait to find out what's going on. bart management and the unions returned to the bargaining table this morning but the sides remain far apart, at least as bargaining resumed the big unresolved issues which are pay, pensions, health care contributions and worker safety remain unresolved.bart spokesmen said they hope they can settle things or continue negotiations without a shutdown monday morning. if not the riders who made 400,000 trips a day will have to look for other ways to get to work and we know what that means on the freeways. if there is a strike monday morning it is expected to be more of a problem this time. every other kind of transportation that can be added to the streets and to the bay and to the rails will be tried. we'll have to wait and see. ann? >> of course, it could be a mess. i'm curious though. for the past few days the
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negotiators have been briefing reporters in the afternoon. we've seen nothing today. are you reading anything into that? >> as one of my associates said, they're all poker faced so you can take that any way you want. it does at least mean they're serious and somehow very concerned about trying to get some kind of an agreement. it's hard to prognosticate on that but they are poker faced. as commuters around the bay area prepare to find other ways to get into work, one alameda city, where people are being encouraged to hit the library. >> this library is offering office space if you can work from home and don't want to sit through monday morning's commute. >> i take bart to work every day. >> maybe not monday. >> maybe not monday. no definitely, probably not monday. >> reporter: for routine bart
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riders like norma sanchez it's time to rethink your work week commute. sanchez heard the horror stories from last month's strike. >> about how long it took, two or three hours to be able to cross the bridge. and i'm not going to do that. >> reporter: she's one of the 400,000 daily riders, looking for a backup bart plan in caseworkers walk out monday morning. last month's strike worked out for sanchez but not her partner. >> i was able to work from home. i actually kicked her out of her office. >> kicked me out cold. cold. >> we're setting aside part of the library. >> reporter: they're setting aside part of this room. by monday the serenity that comes with it will be gone. work space and wi-fi will replace the potted plants. >> we felt it was important to make space available. >> i actually probably will come to the library to be able to do that. >> reporter: as your office. >> yeah, as my office. >> reporter: so as your office space is sparse you need to get
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online, here's another alternative to all that traffic we might face. that room's going to be available monday and tuesday from 8:30 to 5:00. kpix 5. >> stay with kpix 5 for continuing coverage of the threatened strike. the best thing to do, plan ahead and be prepared. log on to for kpix as city council prepares to take chevron to the court, richmond nurses, environmental, labor and community groups came together today to tell chevron to clean up its act. >> reporter: one by one, protesters were arrested today after marching from the richmond bart station to the seven refinery. they are marking one year since the devastating fire there sent
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more than 10,000 people to area hospitals. >> i don't know. [ inaudible ] >> this is for my children and my grandchildren. >> reporter: more than 1,000 people attended the protests, demanding that chevron stop refining crude oil and transition from fossil fuels to clean energy. the oldest arrested, 90-year- oldellen small. her grandson was also taken in cuffs. >> what message she had for people as she was about to be arrested, she said join us. >> we have to change the way we do business on this planet. we have to look after people, not profits. chevron released a statement saying in part, we're committed to do lab greating with our community as well as state and local officials to continuously improve the safety and reliability of our operations. we are committed to making sure something like the august incident does not happen again. nurse christy represented 300 other nurses from the
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california nurse's association who joined the demonstration in the fight for a healthier future. >> more than 100 people were arrested at this protest today, but almost everyone i spoke to said that being arrested is a small price to pay for a cleaner environment. reporting from richmond, kpix 5. >> chevron was slapped with a nearly $1 million fine after that explosion. the threat of an al qaeda attack prompts a global warning for travelers but do they really care? taking down the plant, it's supposed to be a fun spectacle to watch. what went terribly wrong? sure it's been a stagnant weather pattern but drizzle in the forecast. the days when to expect it as the news continues right here on kpix 5.
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just $15.99. today tastes so good. yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪ p-g&e power plant in bakersfield-- did not go as planned. 5 spectators were injured when shrapnel s sent flying. the injured >> this explosion at a decommissioned power plant in bakersfield did not go as
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planned. five spectators were injured when shrapnel was sent flying. they were more than 1,000 feet away from the blast site. one man was rushed to the hospital after police say one of his legs was amputated. >> they looked down and i guess his leg was cut pretty bad. a lot of people said his foot was missing and leg's all torn up. >> shortly after the explosion a piece of 4 inch by 6 inch metal shrapnel came across and hit a young lady and hit me in the knee as well. the u.s. is intercepted terrorist messages discussing attacks against american interests. that's why there's a worldwide travel alert for americans traveling abroad. but as cbs reporter marley hall shows us, many americans are not canceling their travel plans. >> reporter: a barrier blocks people from getting to the u.s. embassy in cairo, egypt. it is one of 22 consulates and
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american embassies that won't open throughout the world. american allies including britain are also taking precaution cautions. u.s. intelligence said u.s. or western interest in yemen or other countries in the middle east and north africa could be the target. the threat is linked to al qaeda or one of its affiliates. >> the problem for u.s. officials is they don't have specificity with respect to where they might hit for the timing. they're taking general precautions of a type that you rarely see. >> reporter: there is also a global travel alert in effect through the end of the month. officials are warning american travelers heading overseas to take extra precautions, especially on public transportation. she's traveling with her father from new york to alexandria, egypt to visit family. they're aware of the threat but aren't changing their plans. >> i feel scared sort of, but i still hope that everything will stay safe. >> reporter: her american
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friends and family are worried. >> got a lot of be safe. >> reporter: senior administration officials tell cbs news president obama is getting regular briefings about the situation and has advised his national security team to take all steps to protect americans. marley hall for cbs news, new york. >> the international police agency interpol is asking countries to help investigate whether al qaeda coordinated the prison breaks of hundreds of terrorists over the last few weeks. they escaped from facilities in iraq, libya and pakistan. supporters of egyptian presidential morsi continued their sit-in today. he was ousted in a military- coup one month ago. they're warning protesters to abandon the sit-in but the protesters are calling on the outside world to rise up in solidarity with the egyptian people. new rules for fans
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attending games nationwide. what prompted the nfl to keep you from bringing in certain kinds of bags. from the coast to the bay to the inland areas, the second half of the weekend forecast you need to know about as the news continues right here on kpix 5. look at 'em.
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you've got to look at this. take a look. dozens of them running down the highway in china. they're not so busy in this picture. after the truck overturned. police having a tough time bringing home the bacon. after an hour of being chased, the pigs in a rescue truck. really, you need me to stop talking so you can hear these piglets. one by one they were lifted to safety. all right, this is the audio, and this is just as good as the picture. >> this little piggy went home, this little piggy had roast beef. it's so cute. they're so fast. >> they are. >> i went to the alameda county fair. i held a little piggy. >> he wasn't part of the races at the fair? >> no, he wasn't. he was too young. hi, everybody. what a day across the bay area. quite seasonal with the clouds
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at the coast and the sunshine. looking towards mount diablo. so far today 87 degrees. right now in the mid-80s. otherwise compare that with san francisco in the low 60s typically this time. we should be around 67 degrees. it's now 71 degrees in santa rosa. check out that deck of low clouds and patchy fog now beginning to crop over the golden gate bridge. cannot even see the top of the tower there which stands a little over 800 feet tall so it gives you an idea how compact that deck of clouds is. cloudy and cool at the gates. winds southwest 15 miles per hour. tomorrow we're going to see a repeat performance from today except it will be even be a tad cooler. tonight overnight, with the deck of stratus pushing into the bay and marching locally inland, dropping into the 50s.
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notice how quickly we fill in tonight, each into santa cruz, wrapping around the monterey bay, stretching towards the trivalley for the morning hours. then backing off but never quite clearing. so we have had a benign weather pattern that will pretty much stuck in. low pressure pushed out of the pacific northwest yesterday. this one still hanging very tight. that's what's enhancing our marine layer. until we get rid of that big bad boy right there, not going to see much change in our weather forecast. if you're heading out to the oakland a's game four for sunday. dress in layers. 64 temps. well have clear skies before the wind whips up during the afternoon hours and makes you feel kind of chilly. the art and soul of oakland, couldn't ask for better weather
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now. sunday, 95 at half dome. here's how you can pinpoint your forecast for sunday. partial clearing at best. 60s, 70s around the peninsula as well with a robust wind up to 20 miles per hour rotating to the northwest. 83 outside number in morgan hill. perhaps 85 in gilroy. that will be the outside number towards brentwood, tracy and 83 in. today we're stuck in the 60s. 92 degrees. i mentioned we have some drizzle in the offing. we certainly do. it's a deeper marine layer on tuesday all the way through friday, and that will cause some localized drizzle next to the seashore. i wouldn't bank on any clearing on those days at all if you have any kind of beach going plans. >> all right, we've been
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warned. thank you. all right, golf? >> tiger woods, he leads it off. he shows up and it's like who else is playing for second. the guy has just been raging. the latest on tiger woods. boy, he has playing like the old tiger woods. and the a's and rangers like fire and gasoline.
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joe buck and tim carver...calling >> you just expected to get interesting when you have the number one playing the number two. >> that's right. it's nice to see big crowds at the coliseum again. today almost 29,000. last night sellout. you've got a winner on the field and eventually the crowd will follow. today's baseball, a's. rangers and the a's, round two. joe buck, tim mccarver calling their first regular season became in the coliseum. it's a natural game. a's get on the board quick. a first inning number down the left field line. chris made it 1-0. you know what? a few batters later, a two-run shot. the a's score three runs on the first six pitches of the game. yeah. a's up 3-0. scary moment here. that's stephen, got hit in the head on a back swing.
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yeah. here it is again. off the bat of jarod. he stayed in the game but did leave later. jarod parker, sixth inning, six strikeouts. seventh inning, a's up a run. it gave oakland a two-run lead. the rangers pitcher, garza, not happy about that at all. enter the balfour rage. that means the closer is in. shut the door. yeah. that's some inside stuff. balfour pitched a perfect night and the a's go up with a 4-2 final. balfour gets his 29th save. the a's again back up 3 1/2 in
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the division on the rangers. the dodgers, the friendly confines of wrigley field taking on the cubs. carl crawford drove in a run. it's the dodgers 13th straight road win. watch this. makes a nice catch, but on the catch, ooh, that's impressive. he had to leave the game with a wrist contusion. the dodgers pick up the victory 5-3. he's a big boy. is it the last we'll see of alex rodriguez on the baseball field for a while? as soon as monday reportedly a- rod could be suspended for the rest of the season and for all of next season for his tie-ins with the biogenesis investigation. he tried to negotiate a settlement with major league baseball but the league said
5:55 pm
no. 1 players are also -- 12 players are also expected to receive suspension next week. in golf, you talk about a tournament and say are you taking tiger and the field? we would always take tiger. that feeling is back, my friend, back this week. firestone in ohio, woods led the field by 7 at the start. today third round, he starts off birdie, birdie. everybody else in the field, as i said for the break playing for second. jason up 6th. nice curve on this putt but that doesn't get him within striking distance of tiger. here's tiger. tiger woods was certainly the man. here he is on 13. look at this shot. in trouble? out of trouble. that for birdie at the 13th hole. woods shoots a 68 and two under 68, maintained his 7th shot late. that's going to be a shot of
5:56 pm
the day. nationally, you look at all these, that will be the shot of the day. as he is well on his way to his career 79th victory. >> i've always liked golf courses that are straightforward, classic golf courses. this is certainly one of them. i have a seven-shot lead but i still need to shoot a good number tomorrow. and hopefully it will be enough. >> all right, round three of the british open, how could they play with these howling conditions? huh? >> too windy. >> 50 miles an hour. trying to milk history by winning the fourth straight major. she needs a lot of work. she's eight strokes off the lead. now, missy franklin looking for her fifth gold medal at the world in barcelona. 200 meter backstroke and this wasn't even close. she dominates this one. already the world record holder, she won by almost a two-
5:57 pm
body length. two full seconds ahead of the second place finisher with a first place win, she now ties the all-time record for most gold by a woman at the world championships. and back to the diamond, last night from anaheim, j.b. shocked, got a bead on it, back, back. oh! the grab fell into the stands number. he hangs on. took one away from jose baptiste and the angels won final of 7-5. anything i can do to get a rise out of my coworkers here, i've got to show it. >> all right, thank you. as the hours tick down to the strike deadline we continue to follow the bart negotiations. we'll have the latest from outside the bargaining table at 6:30 p. this is the closest thing to being iron man. the new water sport becoming all the rage. this story and more in half an hour. ,,,,,,,,,,
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>> brown: tonight, security t.ert. the state department warns american travelers to stay vigilant as nearly two dozen embassies and consulates prepare to shut down. jeff pegues reports on the terrorist threat. >> it's not time for me to hang et up. i have a lot more fight in me. >> brown: defiant words from alex rodriguez, facing a possible career-ending cspension. don dahler has the latest on the punishment negotiations. fallout from the "whitey" bulger trial. why was a potential witnessed veisoned with cyanide-laced coffee. and mowing down the grass ceiling. sarah thomas is one step closer tonight to being the first woman nfl referee. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."


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