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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 10, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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. this is kpix 5 news. >> suspect james lee dimaggio was shot and killed by an fbi tactical agent. >> hannah is safe up that was our first priority from the gib. >> a multi-state manhunt is over and how they found the suspect and the california teenager in the rugged wilder. bart and unions continue to work towards a deal, but find out who is walking away from the table. a wildlife destroyed their home just days ago and why wasn't enough to keep a couple perfect saying i do. >> tonight a 16-year-old san diego girl miss for almost a week is getting ready to go back to her dad. man accused of killing her mother and brother and kidnapping her is dead. cbs
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reporter marley davis. >> the search to find the man who allegedly abducted an haul in anderson came to aband after a fbi agent shot and killed james dimaggio. authorities found hannah and dimaggio after aerial universities units spotted their campsite. te team will determine exactly what happened and for this reason no other details can be released at this time. >> reporter: dimaggio's car was found friday morning, abandoned near the town of cascade. 70 miles northeast of the boise. >> the blue nissan versa was discovered and that led to a really a massive federal, state and local manhunt. >> reporter: a manhunt covered some 300 miles in the southwest corner of an area called the frank church river of no return
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wilderness. a roadless rugged mountain region. >> our team faced a very challenging situation. >> reporter: hannah went missing lasted sunday, the same day the body of her mother and 8-year-old bother were found in dimaggio's burnt california home. authorities say dimaggio was a friend of the family and had a strange infatuation with the teenaged girl. marley hall for cbs news. plans are made to reunite hannah with her father tomorrow, our father brent anderson texted this message, "i am nervous, excited, saddened for wife and son and worry about what daughter has been through. it's now healing time. keep us in your prayers ." a discouraging development in the bart negotiations, one of the unions is called it quits to you weekend saying they are as far apart from management as
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ever. kpix dan knap report. >> reporter: julie, a different development and we're left to interpret signs, because nobody is talking to us directly food deliveries. tomorrow morning governor jerry brown is expected to ask the superior court to consider the request of a 60- day cooling-off period. >> we're making proposal as and we'll wait to hear the response and be able to tell the tope based on next response we hear. >> reporter: without the pressure of a strike, is that changing things? >> i think the cooling-off period is not in effect yet, so i think there is still a little pressure on the parties to come to a deal before the governor comes to a step. >> reporter: are you hoping that that happens?
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>> of course we're hoping. we have basis point ready to meet since april 1st. >> reporter: one union throw in the towel at 5:00, the american federation of state county and municipal employees says they are too far apart he says they will likely meet tuesday of next week to map out strategy for the next 60 days. now less than ten hours before the governor goes to court, can had he this work it out before then? we'll have to see. >> don, thank you. all of the unions have agreed to honor evening's picket lines and that means all unions need to approve contracts by midnight tomorrow in order to avoid the 60-day cooling-off period. a fire blackened the back of a tour bus in san francisco between front and davis streets. known was injured and no word yet on what sparked the fire. a body was found in sequoia
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national park, where crews were searching for a missing hiker, however the identity has not been confirred. crews were searching for5-year- old daniel, who was reported missing on thursday. the search for her is suspend for now. it's not the type of accident you hear often about. an 11-year-old girl and a man riding in a horse drawn carriage were injured when the horse got spookedded and took off rung. james crawford and his horse lady were giving carriage rides@family event in petaluma. crawford tried to stop the runaway horse and was throne from the carriage and dragged for several yards before losing his grip. the horse ran off, but was later corralled. today emergency responders in one community prepared for a scenario that many parents fear. they held a school -shooting
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drill. san leandro police, school administrators and students, paramedics and fire county members took part in the exercise. they worked from a script, but together by police who have gone through special training. the u.s. postal service is trying to cut some of its losses by closing post offices. but dozens of people are fighting to keep one berkeley location in business. providers rallied against the sale of this berkeley post office today. they played music and handed out fliers and asked people to sign petitions. protesters say the banker and his fiscal year are to blame for multiple post office closures across the country. >> they are trying toel sell this one off because it's historic building with a lot of value. >> people have been catching out in front of the post office. a postal service spokesman says if protesters don't move soon they could be arrested. ntsb investigators looking into a deadly connecticut plane crash. say they have found no obvious signs there was anything wrong
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with the plane. the private plane carrying former microsoft executive bill henningsgaard and his teenaged son crashed into two homes in east haven, connecticut. both died in the crash along with two young killers who lived in one of the homes. >> a rush of air came down and felt the ground shake and heard the explosion. >> it was smoke, blue flame smoke coming from the house and. >> it was henningsgaard second aviation accident. in 2009 he survived when he crash-landed in the columbia river in washington state. check this out, flash floods swamp a mountain road in colorado. the muddy water was flowing to powerfully, cars were carried away. this vultof heavy rain in a burned-out area. one person is dead and three others missing. san diego's mayor is sending
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ending his sexual harassment therapy today and will continue counseling on anant pointer. fimner's last two supporters on the council are now calling on him to resign. >> it was a very hard thing to do, because he brought something new and different to the community. it's just unfortunate he is flawed and i believe not really able to lead our city again. >> filner's attorney says he is expected to return to office on august 19th. he will not be available for comment until then, but has given no indication that he plans to resign evacuees are starting to return home as firefighters gain control of a wildfire wildlife had a burned 1900 aches are and destroyed at least 26 homes in southern california. here is melanie woodrow with the latest. >> reporter: the wildlife burning in the san jacinto mountains. >> you could see the fire and
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smoke over ridge there. >> reporter: the wildlife spared the house where the couple lived for nine years, they say they worked hard to fireproof it. >> we have fire protective siding a everything on the house. >> but not far from their house, kathy dexter returned to this. >> we got out with our lives and animals. >> reporter: her home and all the memories in it, now gone. >> was pretty devastating. there is just -- there are no words to put in it. >> the wildlife scorched at least 30 square miles and destroyed more than two dozen houses. this is just one of the homes that the fire wiped out. california governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency for riverside county, so residents could get help with the recovery. utility companies are working to restore power to residents as teams of firefighters and a fleet of helicopters and earp airplanes get an upper hand on the wildlife. >> we hope to have it contained by the 11m, if things
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progress and the weather cooperates. >> as residents return home, they are showing their gratitude to the firefighters. malanie woodou for cbs news. the fire injured ten firefighters and a mountain piker. it's now 70% contained and the cause is underinvestigation, but the fire destroyed the home of this couple, but it standpoint stop them from saying i-do this week. they were supposed to get married at their house. instead they got married at a relative's house this afternoon. >> my fiancie was too upset over the loss of house and didn't want anything to mess up the wedding day. >> the groom's father was able to grab the wedding rings as he ran out of the burning house. what officers in one city are doing to make sure you pay up. >> they seem like regular used- cars until you look a little closer. the serious problem some buyers may not even know about and how many of these cars may be out
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otn roads. let's go ahead and take a look at the 586 corridor in the tri-valley and this is just one of the scenes. at least one of the cities, one of the locations that will be warmer tomorrow. we'll pinpoint your neighborhood as the news continues on kpix 5. i want you to know stuff i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. to speak my language. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. quiero que me hagas sentir segura. i want you to be awesome. that's the doctor i want. at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at and thrive.
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down an old power plant -- d its 2 smokestacks in florida today. the power company says the plant wasn't needed . controlled explosives brought down an old power plant and it's two smokestacks in florida the power company says the plant wasn't needed any more because of its investments in clean are and more efficient natural gas power-plants. 811 is the number pg&e wants you to dial before you dig in front your home. today pg&e held a national safe digging day event in front of an east palo alto home depot. the goal is to educate do-it- yourselfers and contractors on the importance of calling 811. >> what happens is that the company comes out and they mark the utility lines for free on the job site. that way you avoid things like this happening, where you have digs that can create a real public safety sis issue. >> the 811 hotline is available to homeowners and contractors who plan to dig,
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etch caviate or drill fred hutchinson everyone hates to come back their car and find a ticket on the windshield. kpix anne mac makovec shows us. >> reporter: in san francisco they are using these little machines to both write a ticket and take traffic evidence. >> this is a logical progression in technology that gives parties more information. >> the city infamous for handing out parking tickets has a lot of drivers contesting them. >> we do put a lot of resources into the hearing process when people have complaints. >> reporter: there are so many complaints that one driver started to keep track, we spoke with him the new policy by phone. >> i'm surprised they haven't done it already. >> reporter: he thinks it will force officers to get real. >> they would have to stop and consider and say yes, this person is really in this other
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person's driveway. >> reporter: it's not like taking pictures is new technology, but it only became mandatory in july. some officers we spoke with off- camera are concerned about taking extra time and say that the machines don't have flashes and they can't take pictures at night, but the municipal transit authority says it's better than now. >> it provides more clarity. >> it's getting more and more invasive, isn't it? >> this driver isn't looking forward to his vehicle's close up. >> a better option, chloely follow the rule. anne makovec kpix 5. >> they upload the pictures to a database and the information is schroeder for the life of the fict. >> used-cars like this may seem fine to insufficienting buyers until they take a closer look. it turs out this car was submerged in the floodwaters of hurricane sandy ten months ago.
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car facts estimates some 2002 cars are dried out and back on the road,:airbags and other safety systems may not work safely. >> roberta is here and told me not to get too excited. there is a warm-up's that slight. >> it's finally going to feel like summertime around the bay area and we're going realize temperatures that are seasonal, least in our inland areas. good evening everybody. take a look at this picture, see that big old spotlight? it's a search of juliet goodrich. she is in town. we have got the spotlights on. we have overcast skies there. the transamerica building and the tip-top at 860' tall and you can use that as a barometer. highs today a little bit of clearing was noted in pacifica,
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62 degrees. 60s and 70s common around the bay. still five degrees normal in the tri-valley, it was 78 in napa tonight with the layer of low clouds and patchy fog and even some drizzle, 51-59 for overnight lows. here is what you need to know. first off tonight, low clouds, fog, drizzle, deepening marine layer. so we'll wake up in the clouds tomorrow and then pretty nice day. the extended forecast calls for gradual warming in our inland areas. futurecast, watch the clouds marching inland, not really clearing around the san mateo coast. eitherwise, earlier burnoff inland, now finally lifting up in a northly direction allowing that area of high pressure to expand. when that happens we start to see the warmer conditions, at least of the warmer air mass away from the water. if you are closer to the waters
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like towards golden gate park, outside land, it will be cloudy and cool, but you will have a hint of some sunshine. 6at half moon bay, 60s awn 70s and 70s around the peninsula. robust seabreeze making it inland. from the 70s in walnut creek 80s towards brentwood, oakley and discovery bay. further north, 60s stenson beach and 80 degrees in sonoma. you want your 90s, head north. ukiah, finally seasonal temperatures return midweek. take a good look at tuesday forecast, do you want to know why? >> because you are throwing out of the first pitch of the
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a's game. >> thank you very much. vern will help out, too. >> thank you so much. [ laughter ] >> our team artemis is out of the america's cup races, defeated by italy's luna rosa. artemis has been scrambling to catch up since may 9th when sailor bart simpson was killed when the ship capsized. artemace was not able to launch it's its second boat until july. the winner the of that series moves on to the finals, vern is here and you have all kinds of baseball. >> we're going to start with the little guys and go up to the big boys. last year was all petaluma national heading to the world series, the little league world series. did the bay area get to send another? and in the big leagues, beat the a's secret weapon, goes by
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national a year ago...rode momentum into the ll world series in williamsport...... ...t was before the big league it tarts in little league and petaluma national, a year-ago, a win would get them to the world series in williams port, but today a southern california school was knocking on the door. it was all southern california, chula vista with nine runs, 6'2
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pitcher tossed a complete game shutout as belmont-redwood shore was beat 9-0. >> the a's once a tight grip on the al west, gone. sonny gray, first major league start. he did okay until he met josi bautista. that one gets out in a early. jays led-0 like that. after betting three home runs in a game last night, josh reddick got another one here. second pitch from mark burley, four homers in six at-bats for the man. 4-2. it was 5-3 in the 9th and redick again. a liner over the wall for his fifth home run in two games.
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and then cespedes strikes out to end the game and oakland has lost 7 of 9 and the a's sit in second place with the first time since late june, full game behind texas. giant fans take a look and take a look and just hang onto that image. giant's 13.5 out of first. played the orioles tough today. marco scutaro with his first rbi since the all-star break. hunter pence comes up big, into the corner. that will score two more. three runs in the 6th inning. but could they hold? well, chris davis in the 8th and no doubt about this one, 42 home run, that is a man shot.
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9th inning it's davis again and this time sergio romeo gets sergi yo romeo gets it to roll. the no. 1 and 2-ranked golfers in the world, anything, but at the pga championship. ,,,, could save you fifteen percent
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of my head... ...this is miguel angel 's warm up routine. pga championship third round i just want you to have this image before we say goodbye tonight. this was miguel anel jimenez in his warm-up routine the get that belly out there, jae, whew! phil mickelson with one of his worse rounds at a major, 8 over 78, 10 over for the tournament. next to dead last, tiger woods not that much better, shot a 3 over 7and we'll have to wait for 2014 for a chance at a major. he is 13 shots behind, jasons dufner fan club and they are cheering him on. jim furyk won ten years ago.
11:29 pm
pulled ahead and ended his day with that par save at 18 to lead the field by a single shot. how about some soccer for you? earthquakes and vancouver. the whitecaps would take it in the second half on two goals. quakes lose this one, final of- nil. dodger stadium, the rays just work the ball around, juan uribe has no idea where the ball is the hidden ball trick, longoria tags him and the dodgers win and they are 19-3 since the all-star break. >> .273 for the year. what was that? that was the sound that was not -- . >> that is j.j.
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putz shown off by the random noise through the pa system. geez. looks like these guys were the guilty party. mets did win the game by the final of 4-1. i know if they tried that funny business here, that goodrich and you would just keep on going, the show could keep going. you would be unflappable. >> vern, thank you so much. we'll be right back. stop eating. take deep breaths. avd weather. [ whispers ] get eight hours. ♪ [ shouts over music ] tuwn! and, of course, talk to farmers. hi. hi.
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to use your face as currency. paypal is trying out a smartphone system that uses facial reganything else and limps directly to a customer's account. if the system recognizes the kurt's face, it with draws the funds. paypal is trying to create an alternative to debit and credit cards unis testing the technology in britain and hopes to expand to other countries. >> what do you think about that? >> what if you grow a beard or moustache. >> or gain weight or wrinkle? >> that is true. thanks for watching. we'll see you back here tomorrow. have a good night. ,, ,,,,,,
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