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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  August 18, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> glor: tonight the growing divide. as members of congress debate whether to cut off the money. >> stop this before it gets out of hand. >> jeff: egypt's generals continue to show off their force. jeff peggest is in washington and charlie d'agata in cairo. hundreds of extra firefighters move in to contain the expanding wildfires in idaho. john blackstone is there. a mother who just lost her daughter makes a case for parents spying on their kids on-line. and for 17 and for 17 summers elaine quijano says they've been enjoying shakespeare in the
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we begin with jeff pegues. >> reporter: with nearly 900 killed in five days of clashes with the egyptian military the call to end the flow of u.s. money are getting louder. south carolina senator lindsay graham believes egypt is looking more and more like a failed state. >> we're going to have to suspend our aid because we can't support the reaction of the military. >> reporter: historically the u.s. has been a sponsor of the egyptian military with 1.5 billion dollars in aid the u.s. sends egypt yearly, 1.3 of it is for the country's security forces. it was the military that ousted the elected president mohammed morsi and is shooting the president's supporters. middle east analyst mohsin khan says even if u.s. aid is suspended it will have little affect.
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>> egypt needs something close to between 15 and 20 billion to get by. 1.3 billion is not really going to be much. an they're going to get a lot more from the arab countries. >> reporter: for decades the u.s. has relied on egypt's military to stabilize the middle east. but the white house faces a dilemma, preserving the relationship but at what cost? >> we deplore violence against civilians. >> reporter: on thursday the president canceled joint military exercises with egypt and vowed more punitive action if the violence continues. an approach democratic senator richard blumenthal says he supports. >> looking forward i think that the approach has to be that condition our future aid on specific steps towards the rule of law and return to democracy. >> reporter: but critics of administration strategy believe the white house options are limited and arizona senator john mccain says the obama administration has lost credibility.
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>> we have to comply with the law. and we are-- this administration did not do that after threatening to do so. >> reporter: the president returns from his vacation tonight and increasingly there are concerns the lines of communication between egypt's military leaders and u.s. officials are breaking down, jeff. >> jeff: jeff, thank you very much. in egypt today the military says the world isn't getting the full story. from cairo here's charlie d'agata. >> reporter: with images like these broadcast around the world, egypt's military-backed government knows it has an imagn image problem. today the foreign minister to the foreign press we haven't been telling the whole truth. his staff handed out photos showing gunman among the protestors. it was a clear attempt to brand the muslim brotherhood as a terrorist organization. >> 800 people dead, 3,000 people wounded. it doesn't sound like restraint from your security forces. some of that we witnessed
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ourselves. how far are you prepared to go down this path before suffering serious consequences? >> there is a distinction between casualties that occur by mistake, casualties that occur by way of collateral damage, and casualties that occur as a result of premeditated, rampant acts of violence against civilian facilities. >> reporter: today the military gave us a firsthand look at their security operation, across the barbed wire they were string up. the muslim brotherhood called on supporters to return to the streets in large numbers today. this is the focal point of the constitutional courthouse. but there is a huge military presence surrounding it. and so far the protestors have yet to arrive. we eventually saw a small group, about 500 yards away.
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there were reports that marches were cancelled because of the threat of snipers along the route. today at least this show of force was enough to keep protestors away without a shot being fired. >> reporter: we had to leave that area because it was getting dark and there was a strict nighttime curfew in effect. we did see a few members of the muslim brotherhood there, but nothing like the demonstrations we had seen in cairo to leave people here to wonder whether that crackdown is working. >> charlie d'agata n cairo, thank you. >> jeff: there is little relief in sight as firefighters battle at least 20 major wildfires burning in seven western states. the beaver creek fire in idaho is the biggest. and john blackstone is in boise. >> reporter: more than 1,200 firefighters and four national guard units are now on the ground and in the air over central idaho tonight battling the beaver creek wildfire. today weather is not on their side. hot, dry winds and dry timber are fueling the for which has
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burned through more than 100,000 acres. it was started by a lightning strike on august 7th and is threatening multimillion dollar homes in the ski resort communities of haley, sun valley and ketchup, some insurance companies in those towns have sent in their own fire trucks for additional protection. peter lives in hailey. >> it spread all over the place, pieces burning every why. no wonder it is tough to get a handle on this one. >> reporter: state and local authorities have ordered more than 2300 homes evacuated. residents still there are being told be ready to leave at a moment's notice. mike nathan is doing all he can to protect his house. >> i put together a sprinkler system that would totally saturate the roof. >> reporter: while there have been no reports of injury so far and only two structures lost, this fire is far from contained. and because it is burning so close to homes and subdivision, fighting it is a top priority.
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john blackstone, cbs, boise idaho. >> jeff: heavily rain this weekend triggered flash floods in the south. up to six inches of rain fell in areas. gulfport, mississippi, was swamped. flooding forced the first day of school in washington county, florida, to be canceled. san diego mayor bob fillner is expected back at city hall to. he has been out of sight since announcing in july that he would seek therapy cunce announcing in july him of sexual harassment. as carter evans reports, fillner now faces a fight to keep his job. >> hey hey, ho, ho. he has got to go. >> the drive to recall san sand-- san diego mayor bob filner is officially under way. >> our petitions for recall are here. >> on the eve of his return to the city hall. >> what is it going to be like in the workplace when the mayor is back in the hallways? >> it's going to be awkward, and there's going to be some tension. >> reporter: city attorney jan goldsmith says the mayor cannot undo the damage he's already done. and he gave this warning to filner when he does return,
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behave or else. >> we're to the going to just sit back and let him have the run of city hall without having some protections for our employees. that's our obligation. >> reporter: at his last public appearance in july, filner announced he would undergoto weeks of intensive therapy. >> i must become a better person. >> reporter: too late, say all nine members of the san diego city council who are demanding his resignation. >> and he ran his finger up my cheek like this and he whispered to me, do you have a man in your life? >> reporter: so far 16 women have come forward. >> and he just slobbered down my chin. and i was so violated. >> reporter: one by one. >> i got a very wet, saliva-filled kiss, including feeling his tongue on my cheek. >> reporter: each with a disturbing story. >> i was placed in the filner head locked and moved around as a rag doll while he whispered sexual comments in my ear. >> i thought the mayor was a
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dead man walking when this first occurred but he is now look a character from a zombie movie, he keeps on going. >> reporter: carl luna say political science professor at san diego's mesa college. >> if bob filner is able to survive-- survive this scandal he will have written a new page of the political playbook but will leave scars on the city of san diego to be sure. >> reporter: how long do you think the mayor will stay in office? >> whether he resigns is up to him. we're not going to have a coup deday. >> the city's session of its mayor has expanded beyond filner's mistreatment of women and now includes scrutiny of money spent on his city credit card so even if the recall effort is not successful. >> there are options. and legal options. and he will be removed, as long as the people of san he will be removed. it's futile to hold on. >> reporter: to get the recall on the ballot organizers have a little over a month to gather more than 100,000 signatures. and jeff, in the meantime, the city attorney told me he's prepared to seek a protective order to keep the
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mayor out of city hall if his presence creates a hostile working environment. >> jeff: carter evan, thank you. >> later the place where all the parking lot's a stage. and should sparnts-- parents pie on their kid's on-line lives. this grieving mother says yes. those stories when the "cbs evening news" continues. but it will... that's why there's a new duracell battery. introducing duracell quantum. with its high density core, it's a quantum leap in battery power. the next storm is out there. but so are the heroes. so we're giving a million duracell quantum to first responders everywhere. power. in the hands of the most powerful. duracell. trusted everywhere.
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axiron. yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief! >> jeff: in a survey for parents one in five american teens said they sent a nude or semi-nude photo of themselves. in some cases the consequence of unsupervised on-line behavior have been tragic. leading one mother to join the campaign to watch kids closer than ever. >> she had so many friends, you just-- hard to keep up with them. >> reporter: like many teenagers nichole cable was very active on social media. her mother said she tried to watch her daughter's activity. >> as a parent for the social
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media, on that aspect i completely failed at that aspect. >> reporter: on mother's day this year, cable went missing from her home in glenburn, maine. >> she thought she was going to go to the end of the road and meet somebody that she had met on facebook and going to meet him for the first time. and that wasn't the case. he ended up-- he killed her. >> reporter: 20-year-old kyle dubie has now been charged with cable's murder. >> if i would have had some type of spyware on her phone that would have texted me, e-mailed me her conversations, it could have been prevented. i really would urge any parent in today's world, if your child has a cell phone and they can text, social media, anything, they should have a form of spyware. and it's not spying, it is parenting. take it from somebody that
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knows. this can happen to you. >> in west palm beach, florida, paula plasencia routinely discusses on-line safety with her kids. and as an added precaution she tracks them with spyware called dad-guard. >> i have always been a single mother. this has allowed me to have that second parent or even third parent who can be anywhere and everywhere at all times. >> this is an alert you would get to say your child has left the area. >> reporter: the spyware confirms the location of her children's cell phone. notifies her every time they send a text or photo. an when they're on-line, what sites they visit. >> i think it will be a deterrent. i think that, they know this is on their phone and they feel that it is a safety mechanism. >> reporter: to some it may sound extreme but plasencia says in today's world, it's also necessary. >> every parent should know where their kids are. i don't think that there is anything inappropriate about that.
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and they don't either they want to know that they're protected and that they're safe and that their parents are watching out for them. who wouldn't? >> jeff: but concerned parents should take note, 80% of teens say they found away around parental controls, according to the national crime prevention council. a volcano erupted in southern japan sending a plum of smoke three miles into the sky. the highest plum ever recorded for the have kanno. the eruption covered the nearby city with ash and forced residents to cover their faces with towels and masks. >> the fire chief in san francisco has banned the use of helmet-mounted cameras following the publication from images of last month's asiana airline crash in which a fire truck ran over a 16-year-old survivor who was covered with foam. raising questions of fire department liability. the ntsb an other agencies are currently reviewing those images. >> a high school football player in georgia has died after what officials say was a routine tackle. authorities say 16-year-old
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diontre turman fractured a vertebrae in his upper spinal chord during a preseason scrimmage. this happened on friday night. >> the auction of a rare ferrari set a new record, this vintage 1967 spyder one of just ten that ferrari built originally sold for $14,500. last night it sold for $27.5 million. it is one of the nation's oldest houses of worship. celebrating 250 years of american history at the turo synagogue, next. my asthma's under control.
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>> its truro synagogue in rhode island is the nation's oldest and celebrated at 2350s anniversary-- 250th anniversary. it offered immigrants refuge and hope from religious bigotry and persecution. >> reporter: at turo synagogue in new port, rhode island, they worshipped today much as they did in 1763 when it was founded by european jews fleeing violent persecution under the spanish inquisition.
6:21 pm
colonial new port was a haven for religious freedom. they were not just tolerated, but welcomed. >> the building tells you they were not afraid. >> reporter: linda nathan has been a tour guide at turo for five years. >> they built in synagogue on a hill. >> yes. >> where the history of synagogue was that they were hidden a a. >> right. >> that is significant. >> it is very significant. >> why? >> they had these huge windows. they had the candles bladesing. anyone could have watched them worship and they were free to worship here. >> they did not have to hide. >> never. >> reporter: the reputation as an early symbol of american religious freedom was cemented in 1790 when george washington in his first full year as president exchanged letters with the congregation. his letter included one of the new nation's first official guarantees of religious liberty. washington assured them that the u.s. government gives to bigotry no sanction to, to
6:22 pm
persecution, no assistance. for any jew living in america, he wrote, there shall be none to make him afraid. >> washington wrote the letter a year before the first amendment guarantee of religious freedom became the law of the land. turo important place in american history has made it a popular tourist destination. laura has dreamed of visiting for more than 30 years. >> i grew up jewish in the south. and i have heard about the synagogue since i was a little girl. and this was the place where i wanted to come and i wanted to bring my family. hi goosebumps. >> reporter: linda says it is a feeling that never goes away. >> i go into that building and i feel the presence of the people who founded it. i feel what a miracle it was for them to be able to worship freely. >> a miracle that continues twheek end as turo celebrates 250 years of
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>> jeff: finally tonight "all the world's a stage." famous words of william shakespeare. for 17 summers now a group in new york has taken that expression to its extreme. taking the bard well beyond the play house to the parking lot. here's elaine quijano. >> reporter: three nights a week every summer for 17 years now, this municipal lot on new york's lower east side has turned into a stage. >> for the king of heaven! >> reporter: while also remaining a parking lot. the only lights are the streetlights. hamilton clancy is the director. >> it's a beautiful crazy but it's crazy. >> thy clearance! >> reporter: most of the actors come from clancy's troupe the drilling company. they rehearse for weeks indoors... >> the beholders of this frantic play... >> reporter: ...before taking the show outside. >> anything can happen.
6:27 pm
and so it really connects you to the energy, the magic of theatre and thinking on your feet and reacting. >> on the night we visited the car alarm went off but the actors ignored it, and so did the audience, only leaning in a bit closer to hear. this month they're doing richard iii, the one about a hunchback king. >> madame you speak to me if i had killed my cousin! >> i think if shakespeare had been alive now he would be down in that parking lot and he would be seeing the opportunity of wow, we can tell a great joke, but there's also an audience that comes that wants to hear the beautiful poetry. >> see thou what thou are. >> reporter: maybe the best review they ever got came from a homeless man. >> he came every single night. and the last night he dropped in this letter. and it said to the shakespeare in the parking lot actors and crew. i would like to say you guys take me from a harsh reality every weekend. i hope you all achieve your
6:28 pm
dreams and aspirations. i hope to see you guys in years to come. peace and love. >> reporter: the show is over for now. richard iii wrapped up this weekend. but the actors will be back next year and so, they hope, will the audience. elaine quijano, cbs news, new york. >> jeff: that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. later on cbs "60 minutes." i'm jeff glor, cbs news in new york. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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hasn't been found. the bay bridge -- years latd billions over budget. what that say about california's other big projects in the w? and -- it's not the wild, wd west as it appears to many across the country. that's the message from people whot us to know--- the * real* oakland kpix 5 news is next. ,,,,,,,,
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the bay bridge opens septemr 3rd. but its on-again, off-again nature--- and its tremendous cost --- have a t of people shaking their hea. that includies state commite members who ar good evening. the bay bridge opens september 3rd and the cost has a lot of people shaking their heads. including state worker


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