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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 19, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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the cracn the crackdown continues in egypt. more bloodshed as the military backed government comes down on supporters of ousted president mohammed morsi. and in the u.s., members of congress remain split on whether to suspend aid to the egyptian military. >> there are no good choices in egypt. there's no good guidance. >> more than 2,000 homes are evacuated in idaho. and new information in princess diana's death. nearly 16 years after she was killed in a car crash, scotland yard says it will take another look at the case. this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, august 19th, 2013. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green.
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we begin with more bloodshed in egypt. egyptian officials say suspected militants killed 25 policemen this morning in a border town on the northern sinai peninsula. there are growing calls on capitol hill to discontinue u.s. aid to egypt. while egypt's military says it won't tolerate anymore violence. ko is in washington with the details. ko? >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. clashes are also dividing leaders in washington. there are fears of an army rule. there's delicate diplomacy. egypt's military is stepping up. armies are in the streets and police are arresting anyone violating the curfew. the general told the country he will not tolerate anymore violence. >> translator: we will not stand by silently watching the destruction of the country and the people.
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>> reporter: more than 800 have been killed in clashes between security forces and ousted president morsi. the protesters are terrorists trying to bring down the country. the protesters are saying they staged a cou pf over the legitimately elected president. as the death toll mounts soes do pressure from capitol hill. they're calling on president obama to cut off aid to egypt. >> we're going to have to suspect our aid because we can't support the action of the military. >> reporter: the president says the egyptian military is necessary because it keeps the peace with israel and provides safe passage through the suez canal. >> there are no good choices but of the two i think there's more opportunity to protect american interests if we work with the military. >> reporter: the u.s. sends roughly $1.5 billion to egypt each year with nearly all of it going directly to the military.
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the european union is also considering a suspension of aid to egypt. european foreign ministers say they will decide this week what to do with the $7 billion in loans and grants promised for egypt. >> ko im in washington. thank you, ko. british authorities detained the partner of the journalist who broke the story. glenn greenwald says his long-time partner david miranda was returning from berlin to brazil yesterday when he was stopped at heathrow airport. greenwald had written a series of reports based on information leaked by edward snowden. "the new york times" claims miranda was carrying documents by snowden on a thumb drive which was confiscated. greenwald says authorities are trying to intimidate him. >> i think this is a serious escalation where the closest ally obviously with the cooperation if not on the orders of the u.s. government detained the spouse of a journalist who's
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been doing reporting and held him for nine hours and that was a very serious action. >> miranda was held for nine hours under the u.k. terrorist act. a massive wild fire threatens 23 homes. firefighters say they caught a break from the weather. the beaver creek blaze is threatening sun valley in ketchum. it's burned 163 square miles. it is 9% contained. weekend cloud cover slowed the fire down. theresa garcia reports. >> reporter: a thick column of smoke coming from mountains arranged resort communities in central idaho is a sign a major wild fire is still burning. the main focus is keeping the flames away from home, some worth millions of dollars. the battle is taking place on the ground and in the air. helicopters are dropping flame retardant to try to stop the fire from advancing. more than 1,000 people are trying to get the fire under
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control. >> god bless them. god bless them. they just -- they are -- they're amazing people. >> reporter: more than 2,000 homes in the area have been evacuated. people who live in haley, one of the communities on the edge of the fire, are grateful for the crews risking their lives to save their town. >> how lucky are we, right? we've got a town to still come into. they kept everything far away enough. >> they're going to clean this thing up and so we can again move forward and life goes on. >> reporter: a lightening strike sparked the fire august 7th. winds and dry conditions have been fueling the flames, but firefighters say they are optimistic and that they're making progress. theresa garcia cbs news. double amputee pistorius ap south african court today. pistorius was formally charged with killing his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. they say pistorius shot her at his home but he says he thought she was an intruder. the trial is scheduled for march
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3rd. if convicted, he could face life in prison. a sentencing hearing is scheduled today for sergeant robert bales, the soldier who admitted killing 16 civilians in afghanistan. bales pleaded guilty in june to a predawn shooting spree at twoville los angeles back in 012. by pleading guilty bales avoided the death penalty. embattled san diego mayor bob filner is expected to return to work today after two weeks of behavior therapy. more than a dozen women accused him of sexual harassment. as carter evans reports, efforts to remove filner from office are intensifying. >> reporter: the drive to recall san diego mayor bob filner is officially underway. >> our petitions for recall are here. >> reporter: on the eve of his return to city hall. what is it going to be like in the workplace when the mayor is back in the hallways? >> it's going to be awkward and its there's going to be some
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tensions. >> reporter: city attorney jan goldsmith says the mayor cannot undo the damage he's already done and he gave this warning to the mayor when he returns, behave or else. >> we're not just going to sit back and let him have the run of city hall without having some protections for our employees. that's our obligation. >> reporter: at his last public appearance in july filner announced he would undergo two weeks of intensive therapy. >> i must become a better person. >> reporter: too late say all nine members of the san diego city council who are demanding his resignation. >> and he ran his finger up my cheek like this and he whispered to me, do you have a man in your life? >> reporter: so far 16 women have come forward. >> and he just slobbered down my chin, and i was so violated. >> reporter: one by one. >> i got a very wet, saliva-filled kiss including feeling his tongue on my cheek. >> reporter: each with a disturbing story. >> i was placed in the filner headlock and moved around as a
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rag doll while he whispered sexual comments in my ear. >> reporter: the city's investigation of its mayor has expanded beyond filner's alleged mistreatment of women and now includes scrutiny of money spent on his city credit card so even if the recall efforts is not successful -- >> there are options, legal options, and he will be removed as long as the people of san diego and the counsel want it, he will be removed. it's futile to hold on. >> reporter: to get the recall on the bat lot, this he have a month to gather 100,000 signatures. in the meantime, the city attorney is willing to seek a restraining order to keep him out of city hall if his return creates a hostile work environment. coming up on the morning news, new rumbles. an erupting volcano in southern japan covers a town in ash. and in "moneywatch", a rare ferrari drives up a record sale in auction.
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a volcano southern japan yesterday sent a giant smoke plume more than three miles into the sky. it was the 500th time the volcano erupted this year aronne. falling ash made day feel like night in nearby kagoshima. ash blanketed the streets and coated car windows. no injuries or damage were reported. on the cbs "moneywatch" now, jpmorgan chase under a new investigation, plus a ferrari sets a world record. marley hall is here in new york with that and more. good morning, marley. good morning, anne-marie. u.s. regulators are reportedly investigating whether jpmorgan chase tried to boost its business in china by hiring the children of chinese officials. "the new york times" reports jpmorgan hired the son of a former chinese banking official. that resulted in several contracts. the daughter of a chinese railway official was also given
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a job. asian markets were mixed as investors remained cautious. tokyo's nikkei added half a percent and hong kong's hang seng lost a quarter percent. in this country stocks are looking to rebound after its worst week of the year. the dow is down 344 points for the week. over a 2% loss. the nasdaq lost over 57 points. the violence in egypt is causing a number of international companies to suspend operations there. general motors, electrolux, toyota and others have shut down facilities. thousands of workers have been told to stay home. gm's operations in egypt will be closed indefinitely. president obama holds a private meeting today with financial regulators to discuss implementation of the dodd-frank law. dodd-frank is designed to revamp the nation's financial system and the consumer protection act t. would implement the most comprehensive oversight and enforcement reform since the
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great depression. "the butler" cleaned up at the box office. it stars forest whittaker and oprah winfrey. lee daniels "the butler" day bud in the top spot with $25 million in ticket sales. "the mill letters" hung on to second place and last week's number one, "elysium" dropped to third. anne-marie, take a look at one very expensive car. this sold at auction for $27.5 million. it was one of justen built and owned by a man from north carolina. they want the owner to take it out of the garage, drive it, love it, share it with others. they are donating the money to charity. a very generous donation, i'd say, anne-marie. >> indeed, brought that family a lot of joy and speeding tickets. maybe one person more speeding tickets. marley hall in new york. thank you, marley. straight ahead, your monday
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morning weather, and in sports the red sox/yankees rivalry reheats when a-rod gets plunked by a pitch. reheats when a-rod gets plunked by a pitch. so how did the slugger respond? . ♪ if soap breaks down this paper, just imagine what it's doing to your skin. soap strips your skin. dove is different. ♪ with 1/4 moisturizing cream, dove doesn't strip your skin like soap. ♪ ♪ the joint is jumpin' ♪ it's really jumpin' osteo bi-flex® helps strengthen your joints.° like calcium supplements can help your bones, osteo bi-flex® can help your joints° so you can keep doing what you love. ♪ osteo bi-flex... the best stuff in the joint.™
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national forecast. showers and thunderstorms will continue today from eastern louisiana to the carolinas. it'll be cool and rainy across the mid-atlantic and dry in the midwest. some heavy downpours are expected in the west. in sports, the red sox/yankees rivalry may not be what it once was, but last night's game was a reminder how bitter things can get between the two teams. alex rodriguez at the plate in the second inning when he gets hit by a pitch. the benches clear. yankees's manager joe girardi gets tossed for arguing with the home plate umpire. a-rod gets his revenge. he hits a long two-run homer to center field to sprk a sixth inning rally. the yankees win 9-6 and take two out of three to boston. the rays and blue jays play a tight one in tampa bay. evan longoria starts things off with the rays with a solo home run in the first inning. then with two outs in the second
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inning edwin encarnacion connects. in the bottom of the tenth jose lobaton ends it for tampa bay. the solo home run gives the rays a 2-1 win. the l.a. dodgers were on their way to winning the 11th straight game, but a pair of errors from hanley ramirez gives the phillies a walk-off 3-2 win. it's the first win for ryne sandberg who took over on friday. one nfl preseason game on sunday. the new york giants hosting the indianapolis colts. in the first quarter colts receiver reggie wayne looks like he's in mid season form. he tips a deflected pass to himself in the end zone and makes the grab for the touchdown. it looks like a sure interception, but once the ball goes in the air, wayne doesn't quit on a play. in the second quarter, see why hamilton makes it look easier. he brings in an 18 yard touchdown pass from andrew luck.
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and your choice of soup or salad. it's just one of chili's delicious lunch break combos. more life happens here. bay area protesters are taka stand on the turmoil half a world away. it's the side of oakland you don't get to see often. what some are exposing about the city. the bay bridge -- years latd billions over budget. what that say about california's other big projs in the works? join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3 good morning. it's monday,,,
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., thunderstorms today. atlanta, thunderstorms as well. st. louis, mostly sunny. denver, a chance of thunderstorms with a high of 92. seattle, sunny. over the weekend british police said they're looking at new evidence related to the deaths of princess diana and her companion dodi al fayed. they were killed in a car crash 16 years ago. as kelly reports, the cause has been debated ever since. >> reporter: the crash in a paris tunnel that killed princess diana, dodi al fayed and their driver, henri paul, was the fault of the driver,
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drunk and speeding away from the chasing paparazzi, at least that's what a court ruled in 2008. case closed. in a statement, scotland yard announced they're taking another look at the deaths. scoping information they've received in assessing its relevance and credibility. the assessment will be carried out by officers from the specialist crime and operations command. this new information about diana's death reportedly came from the in-laws of a former soldier and was passed on by the royal military police. the deaths of diana and dodi al fayed were investigated for 11 years at a cost of $12 million. there were countless rumors and conspiracy theories, including an alleged letter from diana to her former butler claiming her former husband, prince charles, was plotting to kill her. al fayed's father insisted the two were murdered. investigations by the police and the courts ruled that out citing
4:22 am
insufficient evidence. a spokesman for mr. al fayed said he had no comment to make but said he will be interested in seeing the outcome, adding that he trusts the metropolitan police will investigate the information with vigor. scotland yard is not talking about this new information beyond what they said in their statement. they did say the information is not part of the old investigation, not a rehash of old facts. a royal spokesman said there will be no comment from prince charles, prince william or prince harry. kelly, cbs news, london. coming up after your local news on cbs this morning, live reports from cairo as the crisis in egypt continues. and why the ncaa is blocking a marine from playing college football. i'm anne-marie green. football. i'm [ man on radio ] there's an accident on the freeway
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in as you like it, william shakespeare wrote, all the world's a stage. for nearly two decades in new york that includes even a humble city parking lot. elaine quijano has the story. >> shaded, a beacher of assembling nature. >> reporter: three nights a week, every summer for 17 years now, this municipal lot on new york's lower east side has turned into a stage. also remaining a parking lot. the only lights are the street lights. hamilton clancy is the director. >> it's a beautiful crazy, but it's crazy. >> die. >> reporter: most of the actors come from clancy's troop, the drilling company. they rehearse for weeks indoors. >> the beholders of this fran it can place. >> reporter: before taking the show outside.
4:26 am
>> anything can happen. it really connects you to the energy, the magic of theater and thinking on your feet and reacting. >> reporter: on the night we visited, the car alarm went off but the actors ignored it and so did the audience, only leaning in a bit closer to hear. this month they're doing richard iii, the one about a hunch back king. >> madam, you speak to me as if i had killed my cousin. >> i think if shakespeare was alive now, he's be down in that parking lot and he would be seeing the opportunity of, wow, we can tell a great joke but there's also an audience that comes that wants to hear the beautiful poetry. >> see thou what thou are. >> reporter: maybe the best review they ever got came from a homeless man. >> he came every single night and the last night he dropped in this letter and it said, to the shakespeare in the parking lot actors and crew, i would like to say you guys take me from a
4:27 am
harsh reality every weekend. i hope you all achieve your dreams and aspirations. i hope to see you guys in years to come. peace and love. >> reporter: the show is over for now. richard iii wrapped up this weekend. but the actors will be back next year and so, they hope, will the audience. elaine quijano, cbs news, new york. coming up after your local news on cbs this morning, we'll go live to cairo for the latest developments on the crisis in egypt. plus, the drive to recall san diego mayor bob filner as he's due to return to city hall today. and a first glimpse inside the biggest building to be unveiled next week in china. that's cbs news this morning. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. monday.reat day. i'm anne-marie green. have a great monday.
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this is kpix 5 news. >> good morning. where did the weekend go? >> i know. it's monday august 19th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time is just about 4:30. the weekend goes by so fast. >> i know but i'm so glad to be here with you guys. look who is back.
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>> back bright and early. feels just like fall time. >> hey, guys. we have interesting weather. starting out with mild temperatures. a lot of 60s and 70s. a chance of thunderstorms. red flag warnings are up. >> looks muggy in a lot of our traffic cameras. we had a traffic alert about a half hour ago. all lanes northbound 880. full breakdown in your morning commute all coming up. >> happy monday. >> we begin at 4:30 now. 10 minutes ago, egyptian president could be freed this week. a prosecute for cleared him. and a judge says he has no grounds to hold him. egyptian militant have a new target. killed two dozen officers this morning. supporters have been carrying daily attacks since the ouster nearly two months ago.


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