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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 24, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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. this is kpix 5 news. a massive wild fire continues to burn into part of yosemite tonight. it is prompting a state of emergency in san francisco. good evening. i'm ken. >> i'm elizabeth cook. tonight the impact of that fire burning near yosemite stretches all the way to the bay area. the governor just declared a state of mrj for emergency for san francisco. the fire is threatening transition lines. the rim fire has exploded to four times the size of san francisco. it now covers 125,000 acress and just 5% contained. angeli is near the fire lines tonight and dells us there's no end in sight. >> we're up all night every
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night just wondering if it's going to come across the line and come towards us. >> it's been several days but flames from the rim fire continue to shoot up towards the sky with the fire swallowing up irg in its path. >> it's scary. just don't want to see your house go up. we've got so many memories in the last year. >> neighbors watch as helicopter hovers other their home picking up more water to fight the growing flames. >> the beauty of high houn tan lake, that's the part you can rebuild, but you can't put trees up. >> the plume of smoke is so big it creates its own weather patterns inside making it even hard for crews to predict where the fire burns next. >> it sucks the air out and all of a sudden you goat a wind coming from nowhere and it's not windy up here. it's just the fire pulling all the oxygen so can it breathe. >> crews say the try brush and rugged terrain make getting into the fire on foot very difficult.
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>> so it's drier than lumber that you buy at a lumberyard. >> many have been forced from their homes already, but others who haven't had to leave just yet are bracing for the worst as an unpredictable inferno devours the land around them. >> we pray that nobody loses any lives in their homes, that mother nature is going to take its course. >> the worst of the fire is burning in the northwest corner near the city where people have had to leave. meanwhile, the main access road into yosemite park remains closed as crews work to replace around a thousand guardrail posts destroyed in the fire. >> and as you just saw, that fire is putting up a lot of smoke for miles around. paul has a closer look. >> well, often nasa with these big fires will take a picture from space looking down on a fire and showing not only where the fire actually is but how big that plume of smoke can be at the bottom of your television screen is yosemite. look at how that smoke the being
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carried north and in places like reno, the air quality isn't just bad. it is quite unhealthy for everyone there. look at that haze and that smoke. air quality some of the worst we've seen in a couple years and then looking at the forecast for yees yosemite over the next 48 hours, the weather is not going to hurt, but this fire is so big it's creating its own wind patterns within the fire itself. suven shine on saturday. warm, 86 degrees, sunny and warm on sunday, 84, obviously no rain in the forecast. big fire, likely only going to get worse before it gets better. local forecast up in a few minutes. crews from all over the bay area have been called in to help niethd the fire. today 22 members from san francisco packed up and headed out to the fire zone. the fire could hit the bay area hard, as well. the flames are just miles away from the reservoir. that system provides much of our
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water the big concern right now is all that ash and soot. >> the ash gets through the water and creates a cloudiness. the cloudiness leads to sort of exceed ens of state's standard and we cannot serve that water unless we filter it. >> if there is a problem, it will temporarily switch to other local supplies, but for now, the water is safe. the count down is on just over nour days to the closure of the entire bay bridge. that happens next wednesday and that's when workers will finish their work and finally open the new eastern span, but tonight kpix 5's christin ayers is live on the bridge where there's already some closures affecting drivers. christin. >> yeah. a lot of big changes on the bridge from now until labor day. you can see three lanes currently shut down until monday morning to make room for a new fast track lane, the biggest change the permanent closure out
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of the old eastern span this is the home stretch. in wung week, the last car will drive over the oes eeld earn span of the bay bridge. caltrans is preparing for bridge closure that will allow workers to put the finishing touches on the new eastern span. >> the work taking place during the closure is not particularly complicated. it's going to take a long time, but it's -- you know, it's primarily moving dirt, laying asphalt, letting it cure, painting it, watching the paint dry, all those kinds of things. it's small stuff, but it's important stuff. >> small stuff that will not stop the bridge from opening on time or possibly even early. >> it is possible some time late in the day on monday. >> for commuters, the earlier the better. bart will roll out special overnight train service at 14 stations throughout labor day weekend to make up for the closure, and a spokesperson says there will be no disruptions from bart workers in the midst
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of a schooling-off period over a labor dispute. >> there may be posturing going son. that's all sort of the give and take, but our employees always rise to the occasion. >> now, once the -- you know, of course, giving commute others some time to sort of mentally prepare at this point for that closure, this is kind of the precursor to that. we are seeing backups on the bridge at the toll plaza at the moment. they are not going to take out the toll booth here, ken, until the bay bridge actually closes over labor day, then when you come through you'll have a new fast track lane in there. >> last 24 hours, noticed little things. you're starting to see things getting taken off the bridge. not long now. >> absolutely. just a few days to go now so people really got to get prepared for that commute. >> thanks, christin. of course, we've got all the detoils on additional bart trains as well as bus and ferry service during the bay bridge closure.
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check out survival guide at the fbi and bay area police are laufrmging a new search for baby daphne webb. the oakland toddler has been missing almost seven weeks. still no trace of the 22 month old. tomorrow morning, police plan to search an open space in oakland. daphne's father says someone snatched the little girl out of his parked car. he has since been named a person of interest in his daughter's disappearance. today the fbi added to the reward money, which is now up to $20,000. the serious fums forced the evacuation of a city building in san francisco this afternoon. people decide the sfmca building were given blankets as they were checked out by paramedics. they reported breathing problems, burning throats and itchy eyes. at least 34 people were treated outside. firefighters suspected pepper spray caused the problems, but they never found anything. tonight's cbs news has learned u.s. naval ships are
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moving close to syria is are preparing for a possible missile strike. the u.s. believes syria used chemical weapons on its own people, and new graphic photos explain why. horrific scenes showing the dead and dying, hundreds of them many are children. u.s. intelligence agencies are all leaning toward the conclusion that the government carried out a chemical gas attack near da mass kus this week. kpix 5 kiet do talked to syrians in the bay area trying to raise awareness about the atrocities in their homeland. >> the most heart-wrenching video out of syria shows a mother embracing then tucking in her dead children. it is part of the growing body of video evidence pointing towards chemical weapons used by the regime. after days of graphic footage, the u.s. representative 06 the syrian opposition says there should be consequences. >> you need to at least have the
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credible threat of the use use of force, which has been lacking. he's been given all of the wrong signals in the past and so all of those wrong signals meant to him a rye sense to kill. >> the body count is now well over a thousand victims. the government is not allowing them into the neeld. 10,000 miles away, bay area syrians joined a crowd of more than 200 people in santa clara to raise awareness and pressure the u.s. government to do something. >> barack obama has put red lines after red lines after red lines and has done nothing about it. if you're not going to do anything, just say i'm not going to do anything. don't give the impression you reelly care and want to do something. >> organizer says opposition forces need u.s. help to keep up the fight. >> nobody in the opposition is asking for boots on the ground. we're asking for more pressure on the regime and to arm the opposition to end -- to put an end to these atrocities. >> there are reports people are
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smuggling hair, skin and tissue sampling to those un investigators in syria. until there is conclusive evidence, it's unlikely president obama will do anything. >> tonight's demonstration coordinated nationwide effort by the syrian american council. it is planning another demonstration tomorrow at noon in union square in san francisco. today army major nidal hassan was convicted on all 13 counts against him in the fort hood massacre. the former army psychiatrist showed no emotion as the verdict was read. the 2009 shooting was the deadliest ever at u.s. military facility. prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty. sentencing begins on monday. army staff sergeant robert bails is headed to prison for life. bails admit today murdering 16 afghan civilians, mostly women and children back in march of 2012. six military jurors decide to do the 40-year-old father of two
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should not be eligible for parole. san diego mayor bob filner out of a job. he resigned today amid a slew of sexual harassment claims t. move was part of mediation agreement with the city. 18 different women have accused him of mafking unwanted an advances, including at least one city employee. today filner offered his accusers an apology but insisted he has never harassed them. >> not one allegation, members of the council, has r been independently verified or proven in court. i have never sexually harassed anyone. all the women that i offended, i had no intention to be offensive. >> filner's last day will be next friday. there will be a special election to replace him. he is one-third of an iconic
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rock band. >> they've been singing together for decades. tonight we check out graham nash's other artistic side. from cute to wacky and everything in between, what people did today to impress the warriors organization and be in their next commercial. and a crusader controversy. why so many people,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. what a sound, huh. crosby nash rocking it on stage. now, graham nash is in san francisco to show off his other artistic endeavour. photography. today he talk today kpix 5 linda yee about how his career start and had why he's still rocking after 50 years. >> light the fire, anyone that you bought. >> this was then. this is now only for me. >> 45 years after they started, crosby, phil and nash are still rocking at live concerts. >> we've been out every single year since 1969 except for the year that crosby was in jail. >> those were heavy times. sex, drugs and rock and roll in
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the 60s. graham nash first formed the hollis in 1962 with a pool chum in england. turned out top 40 hits but during a holli's tour of america in 1966, everything changed for nash when he met and sang with david crosby and steven stills sdmri heard something that moved my soul, you know, for me to move my entire live. >> in 1968, na sh left the hollis at home and country to form crosby, still & nash in america. >> i certainly don't have a favorite. i grew up with the hollis and came of age with daefd and steven. >> today at age 71, nash hasn't slowed down. his creativity comes in many forms besides music. >> it was incredibly decadent,
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incredibly great, chaotic, crazy. it was a crazy time. >> crazy times he captured on sam ra and now at exchange. >> this is a shot of steven here in -- in the city. >> now, he calls hawaii home when he's not on tour. >> did i think it was going to last 40-odd years? not a shot. am i glad it did? absolutely. >> in san francisco, linda yee, kpix. >> graham nash is in the rock and roll hal of fame, twice. once for being in the hollis, once for being in crosby, stills and nash. photographs will be on display at the san francisco art exchange through september. well, the golden state warriors held open try outs today, but they weren't looking for players. searching for stars for their next commercial. cheering fans showed up at the
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downtown oakland marriott for open casting call. the ad agency gave each act 30 seconds to prove they are the ultimate warriors fan. >> warriors. >> nothing but net. none of the fans get paid, of course. the ad agency says the spot should be ready by the end of october. is ben affleck the hero that gotham deserves? the movie studio is taking heat to the dislike of many nans. they announced affleck will play bat man. the casting has sparked angry tweets and antiaffleck facebook pages. some have even coined the phrase batflecck. protesting his role already has more than 17 thousand sittings. so what's with all the hate. >> i don't really see him as
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batman, but i do think he can pull it off. >> i had a friend tweet me last night that mtv announced ben affleck was going to be bat man. my business partner is like what's wrong with you and i was like ben affle ck is the new batman. >> i had the same reaction. didn't you? i threw my phone on the floor. no. affleck hasn't responded to the frenzy. why all the hate? is this guy pretty good actor. >> i think it would have been -- he's going to be fine. >> how hard is it. >> angry tweets. that never happens. everybody is positive on twitter. all right. we've got ourselves a forecast that will not make you throw your phone on the floor unless you're saying, oh, i hate sunshine. don't do that. live look outside. there's the pyramid. mainly clear skies. low cloud cover late to arrive. show you this beautiful shot. bay bridge in the foreground. we're got the moon in the
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background. low cloud cover little bit later when you look up tomorrow morning, some clouds out there anywhere close to the bay, inland, too. natural pa you'll wake up and start your weekend 53 degrees. san jose 57, can cord 57, redwood city 59, sunrise tomorrow 6:33. get you through your weekend with microclimate forecast, what a nice weekend. 83 tomorrow. more morning clouds. afternoon sunshine on sunday with a high of 81. the key to our forecast not being hot or cold is just enough of the on shore flow. this low pressure area off the western washington british clim columbia. it is still giving us light to moderate on shore, just enough of that pacific ocean temperature. that air is moving toward us. low pressure is not moving. we will keep that light to moderate on shore flow over the weekend and for all of next week. beautiful bether for you and your family to get outside.
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you'll have the morning cloud cover, but you'll get plenty of afternoon sunshine and slight chance of sprinkle sunday morning well to the north of the city and sonoma county up toward lake county. santa clara tomorrow, sunshine in the amp, 75. fremont 73. walnut creek, you'll hit 83. antioch 826789 livermore tomorrow 82, about five degrees below normal. 66. mill valley 78. warm stuff. upper 80s lake port. extended forecast, warm it back up monday. really hitting cruze control. low 70s near the bay. mid 60s at the coast. just a few degrees below normal, but this is not throw your phone down. >> no. >> this is tweet something nice about the weather kind of weather. >> oh, i should. >> why not. >> we'll take it. >> you showed me something a second sglag it cross it had wires. can you believe it. >> what happened. >> cal and stanford are considering plague the 2014 big
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game at the 49ers levis stadium. that's 68,500. how do you like it, folks? also, we got baseball. we got the giants. of course, we got the a's who let one just slip away tonight in baltimo,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today from the washington nationals...should be in the lineup tomorrow . catcher curt suzuki is back with the a's for second tour of duty. the team picked him up in trade earlier today from the nationals. should be in the line up tomorrow. now, all high fives in baltimore until this. bases loaded in the 4th. brian roberts back away. we call that a grand slam. 6-5 orioles, but the a's not done. they answer right back. eric sogard drove in two with single here in the 8th. back in business. up 7 to 6. 7th inning the a's defense faith instead of fortune and that is how the orioles were able to erase a deficit and win the game final of 9 to 7. now, the rangers won again so the a's fall three-and-a-half back in the west. the wild card lead also shrinking, only two games over those orioles. second from the right, matt
2:04 am
placed on the dl. sometimes it's better to be ruk can i than good when buster and brandon collide, but the giants' luck would run out. madison bumgarner taken deep by clint parmas. big mistake. in his eight innings of work, giant os fence also silent again as they lost 3 to 1. raiders first-round pick back peddling and making play against the bears and firgs stop. nice breakup of that pass. matt flynn struggled again. 3 of 6 for the night, couple of picks. tim generalings got this one. up 17. ouch. bears jumped out to 24-nothing lead. michael bush the former raider had two touchdowns. wearing no. 2 now, 25 yard scramble for a touchdown, also threw for a touch down but the raiders come back. efforts fell short. they lose final of 34 to 26. tiger woods against liberty
2:05 am
backdrop. round 2 of the barclays. tiger started strong. three birdies but give it all back with three bogeys. tiger sits at 500 through 134 holes. now, the darkness was the only thing that stopped matt kucher. rolled in this putt for one of his nooif birdies. he has a one-shot lead over webb since then. curry's little brother seth curry now a golden state warrior. the former duke star who went undrafted will receive an invite to training camp and have a chance to back up his big brother, but the big story tonight, i mean, just crossing the wiring, cal and stanford may be playing the big game in 2014, and that has wowed up because that takes home game asway. >> that's right. >> and they have a brand new stadium. >> they dropped 324 mill just to renovate their stadium.
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>> right. still ahead, no reeling in required. >> the huge catch these fisher menino made without even really trying. and don't forget we're now just over four days,,,,,,,,,,,,
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on board their boat. the florida-based fisherman hooked the fish yesterday. they were struggling to reel it in when it just, well, jumped on deck. it nearly took one guy out with,
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