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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  August 30, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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evening commute. in fact, southbound 101 slow from 380 on to eastbound 9 2:00ing in at 92. i want to show you pictures the chopper took moments ago in san francisco. it looks like this now, northbound traffic on park presidio jammed up all getting towards the golden gate bridge. you get to the golden gate bridge, no relief. one hour drive time leaving san francisco as we go to a map now, northbound traffic on the 101 very slow. it stays heavy to 580. you can see right there down to 7 miles per hour. in fact, chp has issued an advisory telling folks to stay away from sir francis drake. it is bumper-to-bumper just stay on the freeway instead if you need to get over to the richmond bridge. some good news in all of this is that bart has been on time. they are still on schedule with no problems for the bart or ferries all day long. ken? >> reporter: yeah, liza. what do you think comparing yesterday with today? a big problem with the getaway
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commute because it's a three- day weekend? is that the biggest deal? >> absolutely. the commute started earlier and the commutes are longer. so definitely, much worse today because we have folks trying to leave town and get a jump-start on their three-day weekend. it would be a good idea to tank the dumbarton instead of the san mateo bridge for sure. >> reporter: we'll check in with you in a little while. thanks very much. a lot of initial deconstruction getting back to the bridge project has already been completed. paving work started yesterday after just one day on the job. at the same time, demo work is still under way on the old incline section. and we have team coverage of today's progress on both sides of the bridge. i want to start with mark kelly on treasure island. mark, what have you seen today? any changes? >> reporter: ken, there were a hand. construction projects going on, everything from paving and striping around the toll plaza to making way for that new bike path we have heard about.
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here's a look at all the work that construction crews have for this upcoming holiday weekend. don't let this beautiful shot of the new bridge mislead you. there's still plenty of work to do. first the toll plaza. there, a large chunk of the grinding work has wrapped up laying a smooth coat of asphalt will be a focus heading into the holiday weekend. >> as of now everything is going quite well. we're on schedule and looking forward to opening on time. >> reporter: believe it or not, the old bridge is still a priority. specifically, a 1,000-foot stretch of it. crews have been chipping away at its concrete deck and torching the steel underneath. bridge officials are calling this part of the bridge a critical path for two big reasons. one -- >> because it's very close to live traffic on tuesday morning. on tuesday morning at 5 a.m. when we open the bridge up, they don't want to be doing this demolition work. >> reporter: and two, it's time to get going on that new bike path. crews hope to start piecing it together saturday.
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>> it could be far enough along by saturday night where they could start bringing in sections of that bike path connector and start putting those in while they are wrapping up the demolition work. >> reporter: and the tunnel on yerba buena island getting a face-lift of sorts. paving on the top deck is done. work on the bottom deck continues into the weekend followed by striping. and when it's all done, no more dreaded "s" curve for any drivers. >> here it's pretty much a straight shot into the tunnel and a straight shot coming out. so they will be able to continue driving at 50 miles per hour. >> reporter: as for when the public will see all this hard work and get on the new bridge, officials are still playing it safe. >> process is good. but it's a little too soon to start making predictions about opening early. progress is good. >> reporter: talking big picture, they are overall moving from the demolition into the paving phase this weekend because they are heading towards the 5 a.m. opening on tuesday morning.
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>> yeah, hope maybe even a little sooner than that. mark kelly reporting for us on that. thank you, mark. you know, all the talk has been about the new eastern span and it's gorgeous in the afternoon sunshine. but a lot of work is being done on the western side, as well. the suspension bridge that sits on the san francisco side of the island and mark sayre has been keeping up on the progress there. mark. >> reporter: yeah, ken. kind of a forgotten span, isn't it? you know, if you have driven the span late as night, you've seen the lane closures and all the bright lights they have for all the overnight work for the never-ending process of keeping the bridge in operational shape. well, this full bridge closure is really allowing caltrans crews to do a lot of work in a short amount of time. reporter: from the eastbound lanes on the lower deck of the bridge to the towers high above the san francisco skyline, caltrans crews are busy on just about every section of the western suspension span. >> we are estimating that over the course of four days, we can get as much work done as normally requires three to four months. >> reporter: while the new
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eastern span is getting all of the attention, the western span needs repairs, inspections and general sprucing up. and while there is still one lane of traffic in each direction, to allow access to yerba buena and treasure island, it's just a fraction of the traffic. so having the span essentially closed is a big benefit. >> we are performing bridge painting, electrical system work, replacing any lights that don't work, looking at the expansion joints, making sure they're properly lubricated or replaced if they have to be, doing any kind of pavement work, striping. >> reporter: for example, having these crews suspended above the roadway during normal overnight work hours would likely require at least two lanes below to be closed for safety purposes. but today, working in the daylight is a whole lot easier and safe for the crews and there's no additional disruption for commuters. >> because again, when there's
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no traffic on the bridge, you can accomplish so much more so much more quickly and so much more safely. >> reporter: now, while caltrans did not give out any specific numbers today they say there is no question that the efficiency of all of this work doing all of it at the same time is saving taxpayers money, as well. reporting live in emeryville, i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. >> all right, thanks, mark. you know, all the way along for the past couple of years that we have been covering this story, you get a sense of pride when you talk to a lot of the construction workers about the work they're doing, the historical nature of the whom thing. really taking it seriously not unlike the builders of the original bay bridge and also the golden gate. there are a lot of people buying into this investing into it emotionally. from the mood out here, it's downright celebratory if you look around. you can see it everywhere. some of the contractors who helped build the new bridge have their cell phones out today taking video as a frisbee was getting tossed around. the old eastern span wide open now. one guy pulled out a bike for a
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quick ride. i'm not sure if his boss wanted him to do that but he got away with it but while they are obviously enjoying the moment they are well aware that they had a hand in building lift. >> you know, day to day, it is another job. you know? you're in here, you got your head down and you're working. but every once in a while you pick up head up and look around and just say, you know what? i'm lucky to be here. this is pretty magnificent. >> reporter: stories they will be able to tell their children and grandchildren. when she showed up a couple of chp were standing here because they saw our view and they really wanted a photograph something to remember the moment by so we accommodated them with that. we'll have a lot more thoughts from other people coming up later in the show who actually helped build the bridge and what it means to be part of this. >> never going to look like that again. thanks, ken. bart trains were packed again on the second day of the
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bridge closure. yesterday was bart's third busiest day ever. more than 400,000 people were riding the trains. and we also saw long lines at the vallejo ferry this morning. the san francisco ferry reported the 60% hike in riders, that's an additional 1700 passengers. we have got a survival guide to help you get around this weekend. just go to san jose police were involved in two unrelated incidents which officers shot at suspects. now, the first one happened at 1 a.m. on king road near wilshire drive. the second was just before 5:00 this morning at west san carlos and lincoln. in the first incident, officers tracked down a man accused of robbing a woman of her purse. he took off in a car and crashed. as officers approached that car, police say the suspect floored it, came right at 'em. one of the officers fired his gun hitting that driver. the man took off again but police caught up to him and arrested him. investigators were processing the second scene late into the morning.
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in that incident, police were after a man who stole beer from a safeway. they saw him at west san carlos and lincoln avenue. when the suspect refused orders to get on the ground, police say he then reached for a gun in his waistband. that's when an officer fired his gun. well, the suspect's gun turned out to be a toy and the man turned out to be 18 years old. that suspect raymond cardenas was not hit but he was arrested and booked on a number of charges including robbery and brandishing a weapon at a police officer. >> we can go weeks or months without an officer-involved shooting and to say we had two in one night it's going to weigh on the officers when they hit the streets. it's a dangerous job. >> there have been five police shootings in san jose this year. president obama calls syria's chemical attack a challenge to the world. >> a lot of people think something should be done but nobody wants to do it. >> the new intelligence report that reveals the situation is even worse than we thought. >> fire crews in yosemite face
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an uphill battle this weekend. the tool that's helping them stay a step ahead of the "rim" fire. >> there's a chance that we can rescue an industry. >> donkey kong and pacman were destined for the dump. how two bay area brothers are giving old school games a second life. >> and i'm meteorologist paul deanno. it will not be as sunny and it will not be as warm for the upcoming holiday weekend. what will be it like weather- wise? i'll have the answer coming up. ,, female announcer: female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight
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because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. choose from a huge selection of tempur-pedic models, including the new tempur-choice with head-to-toe customization. plus, get 36 months interest-free financing, two free pillows, and free same-day delivery. are you next? announcer: but don't wait. sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic is ending soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ as we get ready for the opening of of the new span of the bay bridge, these are demolition crews because part of the work involves taking the old bridge down. we're keeping an eye on the progress and we'll keep you updated on how things are going. president obama is inching closer to a military strike against syria. >> we cannot accept a world where women and children and
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innocent civilians are gassed on a terrible scale. >> the white house says a new intelligence report shows syrian chemical weapons experts were on the ground making preparations and government personnel were warned to prepare for an attack with gas masks. all told, more than 1400 people died including 426 children. >> the american intelligence community has high confidence, high confidence. this is common sense. this is evidence. these are facts. >> the report also describes intercepted syrian communications confirming the attack and expressing concern that u.n. inspectors would find evidence. this weekend, the weather is going to work against firefighters up near yosemite battling the "rim" fire. temperatures are rising and humidity is dropping,ists with unfortunate because they have -- which is unfortunate because they have made enough progress to get the fire 32% contained.
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they are hoping for full containment in 3 weeks. 4500 homes outside the national park are still in danger tonight. the fire has burned 315 square miles. it is now the fifth largest in state history. firefighters are using a new tool to get a bird's-eye view of the fire, an unmanned drone aircraft began flying wednesday morning. it has helped crews pinpoint the spot fires as well as giving them information for a more comprehensive fire map. first, a fast-food strike. now anger at the airport. why bay area retail workers say their current situation won't fly. >> and of all the work getting done on the new bay bridge today, these guys literally came out on top. take a look. chopper 5 caught the picture of these people on the top of the tower. we'll be right back.
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food strike--nearly 200 oak aiport workers walked off the job. food and retails workers are protesting their latest cont from a day after a nationwide fast food strike nearly 200 oakland airport workers are protesting their latest contract from host international. their union contract expired last month. the new proposal from host reduces vacation and sick days and eliminates pensions. airport kiosks and fast-food
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restaurants stayed open today and were staffed by nonunion workers. you know, it's tough enough, guys, for people here in the bay area to deal with the closure of the bay bridge. just imagine if you planned all year to visit san francisco in the bay area and you show up here from out of town. it's not the warmest of welcomes. many tourists arriving at oakland international are getting a surprise at the car rental counter. >> they told us that the bay bridge -- yeah -- it's closed and that we have to take another way. reporter: that means a long crowded road ahead for those heading to san francisco. >> i honestly don't really know how to get from here to san francisco. >> what's the best way? go south? i don't know. >> reporter: let's see. heading north along highway 80 to the richmond/san rafael bridge, and then south to the golden gate bridge is 46 miles. while heading south down 880 and then across the san mateo bridge and then up the peninsula, that's 44 miles.
5:17 pm
>> i think this is no problem. we have a map and a navi and i think that we'll be okay. >> reporter: maybe, maybe not. right now, some sites like rand mcnally and mapquest are still routing drivers across the bay bridge and tourists driving across the golden gate for the first time will get a second surprise. no tolltakers! and car rental companies are taking on big fees to renters who don't plan ahead by either renting a transponder or by paying ahead. >> if you are renting a car, ask questions of your agent so you're not caught off guard with the convenience fees that may be added to that charge. >> reporter: it's estimated about 25% of visitors to san francisco rent cars. and this weekend, most of those will probably wish they hadn't. >> i don't know what to expect. >> reporter: so it would be really easy to just blame out of town people and laugh at them for not knowing what's going on.
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but we know and we have proof that many locals here in the bay area are still kind of in the fog about what's going on. oh, the bay bridge is closed? yes, it's been closed for a couple of days now. it's a surprise to some people. in fact, you got to look at some of the postings online. tributes to it the wrong aspan. that's right. buzz feed found plenty of examples. we're going to miss you old bay bridge. it's the wrong bridge. that's okay. the social edition said no one will be able to drive over this bridge ever again. how weird is that? marianne said, good-bye old bay bridge. it's been wonderful. and ricardo said epic. goes to prove you can't believe everything you read on the internet. sometimes a meteorologist will try to ruin a perfectly good three-day weekend by saying, it's not going to be sunny. paul deanno! you're out there somewhere on treasure island. [ laughter ] >> what are you doing? >> i'll tell you this it's not going to be as sunny.
5:19 pm
it will still be sunny but partly sunny by sunday and monday. you never hear a weather guy say this in the month of august. it is 78 degrees right now with virtually no wind on treasure island. this is always cloudy and foggy and windy, not the case right now. high pressure winning the battle of the skies today. and we're pushing 80 degrees on treasure island. right next to that beautiful bay bridge where weather certainly is not an impediment to the construction wrapping up over the next few days. live from the transamerica tower looking toward the golden gate bridge, fog well offshore low cloud cover staying away from the golden gate. it will be back overnight tonight. overnight lows tonight down to 63 in concord. san jose 64. we'll see a few upper 50s but not many. santa rosa and pacifica dropping down to 57 degrees overnight tonight. a lot of events going on this weekend this holiday weekend. the kings mountain art fair in woodside beautiful tomorrow sunny, warm, not as warm as today but still a high of 80. you'll likely be in the mid-70s with a little more cloud cover
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coming up on sunday and monday. high pressure is winning the battle today allowing us to warm up to the mid-90s away from the water. but high pressure is now retreating to the east allowing an area of low pressure which is off the pacific northwest coastline to slide on in. what that means for you, temperatures a little bit cooler tomorrow but simply cooling down to what is average for this time of year. we will be even cooler with more cloud cover. only partly sunny skies for sunday and monday. that's a change you definitely will notice outside and warmer weather comes back toward the middle of next week. highs tomorrow, in the city 70s today, upper 60s tomorrow. your average is 69. livermore cooling down to the upper 80s a few degrees above average and san jose a high in the low 80s for you. redwood city, you'll top out at 82 tomorrow. los gatos 86. san ramon hitting 85. antioch 88. petaluma 81 degrees. richmond will be in the upper 60s for your saturday. and starting off the holiday weekend up toward ukiah with sunshine and a high of 89 degrees. here's your extended forecast. cooling things off a few more degrees on sunday a few more on monday. by labor day, mid-80s away from the water. upper 60s near the bay partly
5:21 pm
sunny but as you see the 90s are back inland by next thursday. really, really nice weather over the weekend simply maybe not as perfect as what we have outside right now where it's nearly 80 on treasure island. back to you. >> all right. it is beautiful. hey, remember the old arcade games from the '80s? pacman, oh, yeah, space invaders? two bay area brothers now bringing them back to a whole new generation. >> and another look at the new eastern span of the bay bridge. we're counting down the opening in just over three days. ,, ,,,,,,
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pacman and donkey kong are swingi sue kwon on the consumerwat with how two bay area broths ng and delivering xbox, play stations are the rage now. but old school classics like donkey kong and pacman are coming back. sue kwon with how two bay area are delivering the arcade games of the '80s. >> reporter: they just arrived. and you know what? it's happening all over the bay area. five arcades have closed down in recent years sending machines like this to the dust. but you know what? all you can they find and refurbish and deliver them to your door with the hope of expanding the service nationwide. ah! >> we're here to save those games. reporter: when tim peterson isn't playing games, he is busy fixing them. the 20-something was just a baby when video arcades were big in the 1980s. now the millennial is on a
5:25 pm
mission to save them. >> literally they are getting stripped and sent to the landfill and it's horrible rows. >> reporter: so he is trying to bring the big screens to a new generation. tim and his older brother seth are launching all you can arcade a business geared towards saving arcade games from the landfill while also creating job opportunities for people who want to learn how to fix the games up and rent them out. >> there's a chance that we can rescue an industry. >> reporter: the business model is simple. game owners can register their games on the website. delivery is done by zip code. it's a system to encourage small operators to get into the arcade business. he came up with the idea when tim needed a job. >> i told everyone that they were getting something but i haven't told them what. >> reporter: and in tech driven silicon valley these arcade games are attracting a lot of attention. businesses like a connect see these games as an affordable office perk. just 75 bucks a month to rent.
5:26 pm
>> yeah. >> reporter: the best part, no quarters needed. it's all free play. >> all i need is a can of beer. >> there are thousands of arcade operators who are just struggling with business because the coin op stopped earning so if we can allow them to transition to a mental instead of a coin op market then we can help thousands of people save their businesses. that's our end game. >> reporter: so they can use the all you can arcade platform to rent and deliver the machines in communities all over the u.s. these babies are on loan for about 75 bucks a month. what do you think, allen, jules, do you think we could keep them? >> are they in a garage right now. >> we can have them downstairs. >> reporter: they are here in the garage and get it play with them for a couple of hours. they are rigged for free play. they are no quarters needed. >> okay! >> come on down. >> we're on the way. all right, sue. we'll be right back! you're on timeout leo!
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. the cbs evening news with s pelley is next. i'm patrick sedillo in san francisco in one of the quieter neighborhoods in the city. i'll tell you why coming up. >> oh, he will. at 6:00, "cbs evening news with scott pelley" though coming up next. >> we will have the very latest from treasure island and yerba buena island as we look out to the bridge the very latest for all the commute information.
5:30 pm
we'll have everything. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonight, the president's case for battle. >> this is the indiscriminate, inconceivable horror of chemical weapons. this is what assad did to his own people. >> pelley: the administration reveals why it wants to launch an air strike against syria. david martin has the new intelligence, elizabeth palmer is in damascus as it prepares for an attack. major garrett and nancy cordes have the war debate from the white house to capitol hill. the makers of tylenol attach a new warning so important that it's going right on the bottle cap. elaine quijano has the story. and steve hartman "on the road" finds jonathan stoklosa, a man who has simply overpowered his disability.


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