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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 16, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> what a play to end the second inning. >> good morning, it is monday september the 16th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00 . >> we begin with breaking news this monday. police in washington d.c. are searching for active shooter in a military building at the washington navy yard. this happened 30 minutes ago. police say they received reports several people have been shot. you are taking a live look at the area right now. the washington naval yard is the home to the chief naval operations. continue to monitor the situation and bring you the latest as soon as we get more information. >> other developing news as you wake up. preparations are underway for massive air rescue. days of heavy rains and flooding have destroyed houses and turned roads into rivers. 1200 people unaccounted for this evening. >> and crews off the coast of italy are removing the wreckage
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of the cruise ship. capsized in january of last year killing 32 people on board. this kind of operation has never been attempted on a boat this large. it's more than twice the size of the titanic. >> a man trying to cross broadway is hit by a taxi. he's now in serious condition at a hospital with injuries that are considered to be life threatening. cate caugurian is at the scene of the overnight accident gathering the latest information. >> reporter: we still don't know the circumstances of how or why this pedestrian was hit. there's a lot of construction going on along broadway leaving pedestrians without a sidewalk. and throughout the early morning hours we've seen a lot of j walking. we don't know if that was the case. police say the pedestrian was hit by a cab about ten minutes before midnight. we spoke to the owner
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of a pizza place and he said pedestrian cross this street illegally all the time. >> this has been going on for years on this block. the jay walking is something normal between the clubs and stuff. so, yes. it is. not because of the construction. >> reporter: we know the victim was taken to san francisco general hospital with life-threatening injuries. and the last we heard he was in serious condition. back out live, we are trying to figure out if the victim was crossing illegally. but as we mentioned throughout the morning, we have seen people crossing the street without using the crosswalk. we don't know if that is because of construction or not. this street is typically busy with all the bars and night clubs. we know it is a concern for business owners. reporting live, cate caugurian, kpix 5. >> police say the driver of the taxi cab was not arrested. >> let's check in with liz and find out what's going on, on a monday.
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>> we have a bit of breaking traffic news. we are seeing delays heading towards the tunnel. there's a power outage in that center bore on westbound 24. we'll continue to keep you updated there. a power outage closing the middle bore of the caldacot tunnel. southbound 880 at thornton avenue. just issued a traffic alert for this five minutes ago. they have two lanes blocked. there was a bunch of debris in the roadway. this is an overturned crash. and traffic is backing up beyond highway 84 inter change. pretty good size delays through fremont. they expect lanes to be closed for a while. here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we're beginning to see delays in the cash and fastrak delays. here's lawrence. a lot of fog around the bay area. drizzly and wet
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approaching the coastline. visibility down to a quarter mile. watch out for thick fog settling in. delays at sfo about an hour. looks like the temperatures not all that bad. 63 in livermore. 64 in san jose. 5 a little cool into santa rosa. as we look toward the afternoon, these temperatures going to be a little below the average. still comfortable toward the afternoon. still see 80s in the valleys. 83 in livermore. 83 in concord. and breezy into san francisco. the last week of summer and a chance we could see precipitation. >> happening today, bart contract talks back to the major issues involving money this week. now more than halfway through that 60 day cooling off period. sue kwon is by the walnut creek bart station. they start chatting at 9:00. they have work to do. >> reporter: yes, they have a
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lot of work to do and have a deadline looming. october 11th is when a strike could happen if they don't come to some terms. been talking about safety equipment issues and now it's about money. it is about pay. and pensions and benefit s as well. bart is offering a 10% raise over four years. cost of $24 million. they say that employees pay less than $100 in healthcare month and not paying into their pension. the union says hold on a minute, we've given back concessions. they need a living wage and they want 21.5% increase over three year as. basically if you do the math, still about $130 million apart. >> they do a great job and work hard but their pay is high. and their benefits are extremely high. >> we're asking for a living wage, asking for decent healthcare and a pension we can
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retire on and live in the bay area where we work. >> reporter: cooling off period ends on october 10th hchlt and during this period, we're hearing about potential plans if there is a strike. and one of those would be to put managers upwards of about 200 of them in the driver's seat in trains. workers say we should be talking about a solution, not about what to do if there is a strike. if there is one, it will be called october 11th. sue kwon, kpix 5. >> bart directors decided to use $5.7 million to pay for equipment and not on the employees. new this monday morning, a man is in critical condition after being shot several times in oakland. police found him lying on a sidewalk last night. a short time earlier, shot spotter technology detected gunfire at 5th avenue.
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the victim could have been shot there. >> autopsies will be performed on three women who died while apparently trying to escape their burning home. the victims believed to be sisters in 60s and 70s were found dead inside the home yesterday. two were in the kitchen. the other were near the backdoor. >> all three were found in a position that suggests that they were all attempting to get out of the home. the two in the kitchen were headed towards the secondary exit that was in the back of the home. >> firefighters found several smoke detectors inside but they do not have batteries. a severed human foot was found in a shoe on ocean beach. there was no sign of the rest of the victim's body but whatever happened it was not recent. the foot was probably rolling around in the sea bed for some time. >> the head of the united
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nation's panel says it is investigating 14 suspected chemical attacks. still the panel says the vast majority of casualties is from guns and mortars. the obama administration is making it clear there will be consequences if syria does not comply with a plan to give up those weapons. latest now from susan. >> the threat of force is real and the outside regime and all those taking part need to understand president obama and the united states are committed to achieve this goal. >> reporter: kerry briefs leaders on the deal yesterday. syria will provide inventory of one week once it is approved. international inspectors must be on the ground no later than november and all of syria's chemical weapons must be eliminated by the end of next year. >> a syrian minister called the
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deal that averted a u.s. strike a credit to russian diplomacy. there are those in this country who feel president obama has given too much power to russian president putin. >> think about where he is and what he wanted out of syria. he got everything he wanted including taking away the president's advantage of a guaranteed or a credible military strike. >> syrian forced bombed rebel positions in the suburbs sunday. rebel leaders had hoped u.s. military action against the regime would tip the balance in their favor. more has to be done for the opposition forces.. >> i think the opposition views this agreement as a set back. but the way to counter that, i think is to much more strongly equip and train the opposition there on the ground. >> the un secretary general said he believed the report will show overwhelmingly chemical
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weapons were used but will not say who is responsible. cbs news. >> the price of oil fell below $107 a barrel today in reaction to the agreement. thousands of people across california say they are struggling waiting on unemployment checks from the state. edd says a glitch in a new computer system is causing a backlog and people should expect to wait ten days for unemployment money to arrive. the state says this is a one time problem and hopes to have everything fixed in the next couple weeks but can't give a definitive answer as to when that problem will be resolved. >> 6:10. it's a day or two dirty problem in one bay area county. how two women are making the difference. >> she's waking up as miss america for the first time this morning. the backlash that hit social media once miss new york was crowned. >> plenty of clouds outside right now. enjoy the last few days of summer. real fall
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where authorities are still looking for the shooter. the very latest information as soon as we get it. >> it's a dirty problem. two marin county women are trying to clean up. trash is all over the highway and there's lots of it. it's got so bad, two women created a group called marin clean highways. hired a contractor to pick up the litter rather than waiting for someone to do it. >> the fact it never gets picked up or rarely gets picked up by our government, it piles up and it's huge. i think most of it is blown around out of trash cans and out of the back of pick-up trucks. >> the women used own time and money as well as contributions to clean roads of 101. they say they'll continue to pick up the slack until their funds run out. >> keeping that highway theme and kick it over to liz. >> they are busy highways. a kuch many of problems. if you
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are used to having no back up, you are in for a different story this morning. all red sensors. because of power outage , it has shut down the bore. typically two bores open to help all that traffic. but right now only one is open. so traffic is delayed. looks like our sensors are picking up brake lights. if we don't get that middle bore open soon, the delays are going to continue to grow. in the meantime, traffic alert continues to slow down. our own photographer is stuck in the back up. southbound 880 by the thornton avenue exit. the two right lanes are still blocked off and have the traffic alert issued. so the back ups begin around alvarado niles. and they continue to grow as well. the metering lights are turned on before 6:00.
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it is backing up towards the foot of the maze. right now about 15 minutes to get you on to the bay bridge. that is traffic for your latest forecast and 6:17 this morning, here's lawrence. >> visibility is down out of a quarter of a mile. you'll find thick fog toward the coastline and even drizzle there this morning. it all should give way to sunshine except right now toward the coastline and should turn out to be a nice day. mild in most spots and a little breezy. and a cooler tuesday before things begin to warmup as summer is quickly winding down. trough of low pressure along the coast. the temperatures going to cool to start the week. warming up wednesday and thursday and by this weekend, clouds rolling in. even a slight chance could see sprinkles or light showers. 80s and 90s in the valley today. and 68 partly cloudy into the monterey bay. see the temperatures running up in the 70s. 60s toward the coastline.
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east bay temperatures nice this afternoon. below average. 85 in brentwood. 83 in livermore. inside the bay, 68 degrees into san francisco. a little breezy. patchy fog into daly city and 78 in petaluma. next couple days cool down the temperatures and a brief blast of summer on wednesday and thursday. and after that, we have a pretty deep trough for this time of year into the bay area. could it be fall is coming early? it starts on sunday officially. usually don't see anything until october. >> it's like mother nature knows. >> all right. thanks. >> miss new york . >> and there she is. 24-year-old nina. the second year in a row miss new york has won. she was crowned last
6:19 am
night. first indian american to be crowned miss america. no sooner had the tiara placed on her head, racist tweets on the internet. celebrating diversity. the first runner up miss california and san francisco native crystal lee coming in. also trending this morning, no bodies were found. still looking for two. breaking bad. last night's episode was one of the most intense of the season. colorado with all the flooding going on. and smile because you can follow us on twitter. smile because it's monday. >> there gou. >> maybe not. >> between the seahawks and the 49ers. had nothing to do with anything on the field. why the fans are making big head lines this morning. >> and i'm dennis.
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coming up. great news for the as. great news for the raiders. did you see that disaster in seattle last night? if you didn't, you wouldn't have believed it. that will coming up.
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good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. reds joey votto fielded a grounder... and made a "behd the good morning, everybody. in 2010, the seahawks won the nfc west with a 7 and 9 record with embarrassing moment that is completely turned around. first quarter in seattle last night. had an hour delay because of lightning storms in the seattle area. third quarter. rustle wilson. lynch . 12-0 seattle at that point. 4th quarter here's lynch again from wilson. 19-3 at that point.
6:24 am
seattle wins 29-3. they dominate the 49ers. back in oakland after being gone for 7 seasons. up the gut, touchdown raiders. and they go on to beat the jaguars 19-9. they dominate in front of a packed house in oakland. as looking for the three game sweep. three home runs on the day. as win 5-1. they have a 6 6.5 game lead over the rangers with 13 games left by your playoff ticket. giants and dodgers tied at 3 in the 8th. not any more. home run left field . third of the year. 4-3 in a game. hunter pence two more home runs. news is all good except for the 49ers who had pretty significant injuries. we will update those for you tonight at 6:00. have a great day, everybody. >> and a tough night. thank you, dennis. play of the day.
6:25 am
cincinnati reds. watch the play by the pitcher. he's going and a little flipper from behind the back. beautiful play to get his guy at first. reds lost to the brewers. back to football. if you watched the seahawks, 49er game, sorry. did win a new world record. last night's seattle crowd set a world record for the loudest roar at a sports stadium. 131.9 decibels after a sack on colin kaepernick here. hoped to getting that record certified. >> they had lots to cheer about last night. >> yes, they did. >> and two of those 49ers will be back at work today but for all the right reasons. >> joe and vernon davis will be giving high school students a lesson in financial planning.
6:26 am
doing it with a help from financial football. 6:26 now. mount diablo state park has been closed for more than a week. when trails will reopen to the public. >> reporter: and with bart negotiations picking up again today, i'll tell you about the plan to keep trains moving if there's a strike. ,,,,,,,, hey lena, what ya looking for?
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this is kpix 5 news. >> city college continues down path to improvement. the bumps in the road as officials fight to keep the school's accreditation. >> mother nature isn't cooperating in colorado. the flood waters continue to rise. >> thick fog settling in over
6:30 am
the bay. warmer temperatures on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. >> first live pictures of this overturn injury crash in fremont and it's causing traffic to be nearly at a standstill in hayward down towards thornton. the latest on this coming up. >> good morning, everyone. it's monday september the 16th . i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6 :30. >> we're following breaking news out of washington d.c. at this hour. five people have been shot at the washington naval yard including one officer. we're also hearing police are still searching for an active shooter. and a shelter in place has been ordered at the headquarters of the naval c systems command. officials say 3,000 people work in the building where authorities as i mentioned still looking for the shooter. the latest information as soon as we get it. >> developing overnight, a man is rushed to the hospital with
6:31 am
life-threatening injuries after he was hit by a taxi. witnesses say they heard a loud crash and found a man in the street. the man was trying to cross the street in an area where sidewalks are closed because of construction. happening totd, the count down continues toward october 10th. the cooling off period ends and a possibility of a strike starts again. this morning, a new round on some of the core issues. one of them being money. sue kwon is with us with reaction to the possibility of another strike. >> reporter: good morning. yes, as you mentioned it's all about pay, pay, pay. up until now talking about safety issues and other equipment problems. but as you mention, it's about how much they want. bart is offering a 10% raise over the next four years at a cost of about $24 million to the agency.
6:32 am
and the union is saying that is not enough. they want 25.5% increase over three years because they say they need a living wage and already given up a lot in concessions during the economic downturn. the cooling off period ends on october 10th. and one of the things that is being thrown around is the possibility of having managers drive the trains during a possible strike. here's reaction to that. >> our fathers and grandfathers that used to run those trains and they fought for what they have now. they need to continue fighting. >> so the thought of managers driving the trains during a potential strike? >> no. no. nope. are they trained to run a train? is it going to be safe? they are not engineers. >> reporter: and that is true. they are going to get trained from what we've been
6:33 am
researching. but training takes up to four weeks. could be one of the items thrown out there as a way to indicate to employees there are back up plans in place. one of the back-up plans is getting 100 buses to get in and get some of the people around the bay area as we saw earlier. it was a mess with buses turning people away. so, again, the deadline october 10th with a strike that could happen october 11th. reporting live, sue kwon, kpix 5. >> last week, bart directors decided to use surplus operating funds to pay for equipment and not for employees. >> some encouraging news regarding wildfires here. upstate crews have fully contained the clover fire. burned 13 square miles. expected to reopen today now that the morgan fire is fully contained. crews spent much of the weekend patching up damaged
6:34 am
trails and buildings. the wildfire burned more than 3,000 acres. target shooting sparked that fire. a woman who once lived in san jose expected in court tomorrow accused of killing her two children in orange county. 42-year-old marilyn edge lived in san jose for much of the mid to late 90s. her current address is scottsdale, arizona. arrested on murder charges saturday. told police they would find the bodies in santa ana. she just crashed her car in an apparent suicide attempt. >> other bay area headlines, as city college of san francisco continues to fight to keep accreditation, there's new information about the effort that began last year. the san francisco examiner reports in july of last year, the interim chancellor asked for help. email records show her call was largely ignored for four months.
6:35 am
repair work is now complete on a series of tsunami warning sirens. a test in august found five of the eight sirens were not functioning properly. the new system has the ability to deliver voice messages as well as the siren tone in the event of an emergency. and right now let's go to jeff for the latest on the destructive floods in colorado. he joins us live where thousands of people are waiting fob rescued. >> reporter: you can actually hear boulder creek roaring behind me as the rain continues to fall. the hope is the weather will clear up so air rescues can resume. >> officials are preparing for massive air rescue of people still stranded in their homes. entire communities are still isolated. >> they are ready to be evacuated out of there..
6:36 am
>> with helicopters grounded sunday -- from their home in lyo, in, is. >> walked around and realized we're probably some of the only ones left. >> evacuees left messages for people still unaccounted for. one read call mom. and there are cots for sleeping, food to eat and hugs to be shared. >> the numbers are mind-boggling. 1500 homes destroyed. more than 17,000 damaged. even rescuers are shaken but say the recovery has already begun. >> the question i had is how can we recover from this? i know exactly inch by inch, mile by mile, community by community, they are taking this stuff back. >> four people are confirm dead including wesley and his girlfriend. >> dozens attended a memorial service for the couple in boulder last night. >> they treated everybody the same. everybody was their best
6:37 am
friend. everybody was their best friend. >> the 19-year-olds were killed thursday when flood waters overturned their car. >> and emergency officials say more than 1200 people are still unaccounted for with some of the phone service restored here. hope they can reach out to the missing soon. >> how will the phone service affect the 1200 people still unaccounted for? >> reporter: the problem they are having is they are not able to reach some of these people because they are in areas where roads have been washed out. as the phone service comes back, those individuals can contact family members or that's rights to let them know -- or authority to let them know they are okay. >> thank you.. >> good news, sounds like colorado is going to get a break soon. >> the low that was drawing up, all that moisture is weakening. i think after today, things
6:38 am
settling down. >> good. >> here in the bay area, patchy fog. thick fog outside right now. visibility down to a quarter mile. low clouds extending out over the bay. we've had drizzle along coastline. looks like the temperatures not all that bad this morning. 50s and 60s. by the afternoon, a lot of sunshine. it will be breezy in spots as you approach the coastline. the south bay, 70s and 80s. maybe mid 80s. and then you get inside the bay. you see the wind s kicking up. 68 there and 74 in oakland. more dumbing up in a moment. let's check out the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks. we have problems in the caldacot tunnel. going to take another hour to reopen the middle bore. that means just one bore is open right now. westbound 24. there's a power issue and haven't been able to
6:39 am
switch over the center bore. so the delays are really building. we're seeing them growing. and if it takes another hour to reopen that bore, i would ditch 24 and consider using bart instead. all bart trains are on time. everything looks good. if you are using that towards san francisco or daly city. also watching this traffic alert southbound 880 at thornton. the delays continue. the traffic alert is still out there. get a quick live look at the scene. they have up righted that vehicle. still have the traffic alert and delays extend in hayward. gridlock. that is the latest time saver traffic. back to you, guys. >> that gets your head bobbing. a bay area red carpet premiere is scheduled for later today. the band chose to hold this
6:40 am
event in san francisco versus hollywood because of deep bay area roots. the film opens october 4th. the america's cup concert series brought big acts to the san francisco's water front. and tonight, journey will be rocking the crowd at the america's cup pavilion. they hit the stage at 7:00. >> 6:40. every year mark zuckerberg sets a new challenge for himself. what he's trying to accomplish this year, coming up. >> the bleachers for the america's cup races are packed. but not everyone is watching the boats. why the birds are attracting viewers too. >> and the market opened up 10 minutes ago. let's take a quick peak. they are soaring out of the gate. up over 100 points. we'll find out why with jason brooks when we come back. stay with us. ,,
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that's why we bought a subaru.
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to keeping an eye on studen- facebook is fair game. the glendale sch a california school district says when it comes to keeping an eye on students, facebook is fair game. the glendale school district hired a private firm to keep track of teenage students social media activity. trolling for drug use, violence and bullying. the program aims to help identify problems before there's trouble. critics say it amounts to stalking. facebook 's ceo mark zuckerberg has a new personal challenge. try to meet a new person outside of the company everyday. and interaction must be a face-to-face talk. not just a handshake. some sort of challenge for himself every year. in 2010, he tried to learn chinese. and 2011, vowed to eat animals only if he killed
6:45 am
them himself. ben bernake's successor. >> that's true. financial reporter jason brook s on this monday morning. >> good morning. former treasury secretary pullig out his candidacy to replace ben. and wall street responding favorably to that. seen as hawkish on policy. not as willing to spend as much money on current stimulus programs. $85 billion in mortgage backs security. the other leading candidate vice chair and former san francisco is seen as more supportive of the current policies and wall street is happy about that. sending the stock market higher. and getting a good news. industrial production in august was up quite a bit. factory output at
6:46 am
best pace. reportedly tap to be lead underwriter. and one broker is offering twitter shares at $31 which will replace $15 billion on the company. most initial estimates placed at $10 billion. let's take a look. off to a good start. the dow up 135 points. nasdaq is gaining 22. and s&p is moving higher by 13. back to you.. >> all right. jason brooks, thank you. >> thank you. if you are commuting in from marin, might have issues. >> pretty big problems. and can mean big back ups. if you are coming from contra costa county. the middle bore, they've been unable to switch it. right now only the far right bore is open. you can see the gridlock.
6:47 am
extends to lafayette and growing. estimated time is 7:30 this morning. i should say it is open but handling eastbound traffic. heading out of oakland, the commute there is fine. really that westbound traffic. really bottlenecking right now. so if you want to avoid 24 in the meantime. i would recommend it. use bart. all trains are on time on that bay point line. all trains look good toward san francisco and sfo. over to the bay bridge shg the metering lights are turned on. we are left with a back up here as well. about 20 minutes or so. nearly towards the maze. and that drive time is nearly a half hour on westbound 80 from the bridge to the maze. this traffic alert is still in affect in fremont. southbound 880 by thornton. overturned injure crash. let's take a live look. they have begun to clear the accident. they have righted
6:48 am
that vehicle that overturned. we are seeing delays that look like this as far as back as the tennison exit. that is the latest. for more on your forecast, here's lawrence. >> thick fog in some parts of the bay area. drizzle toward the coastline. delay at sfo of an hour because of the low clouds and fog. out the door this morning, things are going to begin to lift toward the middle of the day. and plenty of afternoon sunshine. a little breezy inside the bay and the coastline. and cooler weather for tomorrow before we get one last warmup before the end of summer. trough of low pressure continues along the west coast. that is ushering breezy conditions. temperatures below the average. mild start to the work week and start to warm things up into wednesday and thursday. temperature wise for today not all that bad. 77 degrees, mostly sunny. 83 in morgan hill. 74 in fremont. a lot of 80 s in the east bay.
6:49 am
70s in through the delta. then get inside the bay, temperatures in the 60s and the 70s. mostly sunny in the afternoon. cool now temperatures tomorrow. and start to warm things up on wednesday and thursday before the clouds thicken up. there's a slight chance we could see rain drops in toward the weekend. time for your school cast. if you are just getting up, allen elementary school in san bruno. very thick fog settled in. drizzle there this morning. by lunch time, the sun breaks out. mid 60s. and final bell, a little breezy but mostly sunny. temperatures near 70 degrees. if you'd like to have your school forecast here, we'd like to do it. is where you go. submit your school and we'll put that on the air. >> not bad for a monday. >> it will get better. it is monday. >> true . >> thank you, lawrence. 6:49. one group of people watching america's cup race on the bay
6:50 am
have no interest in sailing whatsoever. they are interested in birds. keep track of bird activity. because of a suit by environmentists. >> a lot of species. and we're looking to see whether or not the sheer number of speck tay for boat s spectator boats. >> it will continue well after the racing is over so they can get a better idea of how birds use the bay when there isn't that activity going on. >> time now for a look on cbs this morning. >> charlie rose is in the big chair. he's live in new york with more. good morning, charlie. >> reporter: good morning. ahead, chip reed has just arrived in the washington navy yard where a shooter is on the ground. the latest on this
6:51 am
unfolding situation. plus, we're on the ground in colorado where the huge rescue effort continues. and hear from two friends caught in a mud slide. one clung to a side mirror until it broke off. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. >> thanks. cbs this morning starts at 7:00. >> time is 6:51. roads wiped away, homes destroyed and 1,000 still unaccounted for. the major rescue operation happening today. >> reporter: we're live in san francisco where a man is suffering life-threatening injuries after he was hit by a cab on broadway street. hear from a man who heard the whole accident happen. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:52 am
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds."
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colorado. people a major air rescue is planned today for thousands of stranded residents in colorado. people who need help are told to use bed sheets, mirrors and anything else they can to get the attention of helicopter pilots. more than 1200 are unaccounted for after days of heavy rain and flooding. flood waters destroyed roads and bridges meaning many people were unable to leave their homes. four people are confirmed dead and an estimated 1500 homes have been destroyed. >> and un inspectors filed reports on chemical weapons attack on syria last month. the panel says investigating 14 chemical weapons attacks. only say if an attack occurred on august 21st. not who launched it. the syrian government is responsible for the attack killing an estimated 1400 people. >> italian authorities gave the
6:56 am
full-time go ahead to pull -- final go ahead to pull the coastaconcordia. killing 32 people including two americans. president obama will have to keep looking to find the new federal reserve chairman. withdraw his name for the post. the president was favoring summers. janet is the leading candidate and would be the first woman to ever run the fed. >> back and forth and bickering, bart and union have weeks now left to get a contract union done. we could see another strike as early as october the 11th. back at the table to discuss benefits, pensions and paychecks. sgllt and we're still following breaking news out of our nation's capitol. police say a
6:57 am
gun man has barricaded himself in a building at the naval yard. these are live pictures now where the gunman opened fire. five people have been shot including a police officer. the navy says three shots were fired at about 8:20 eastern time. about 3,000 people were there where the shooting happened. the largest of the navy five system commands and maintains the navy ships and submarines and combat systems. >> cate caugurian is at the scene here in san francisco of an accident involving a taxi and a pedestrian. and i understand a man was hit while trying to cross the street near broadway? >> reporter: yes, frank. last we heard from san francisco fire the man was taken to the local hospital and in serious condition. san francisco #34ris say the accident happened 10 minutes before midnight. it was by a blue dosoto cab.
6:58 am
police say he had life threatening injuries. he didn't see it but heard the crash. >> we heard a big sound. we came out, the guy was on the ground. and it looks like the taxi was going down the street. the guy was j walking and the car just hit him. >> reporter: we're still working on exact details of what happened. where the man was when he was hit. you can see there is a lot of construction here. so walking for pedestrians is pretty limited. the south side of broadway all gutted out. we've seen a lot of people crossing the streets illegally and the business owner says that's been going on even before the construction existed. reporting live, cate caugurian, kpix 5. >> and another traffic check. let's go out to fremont. no return injury crash . looks like they have just cleared it. they were doing their final traffic
6:59 am
breaks to clear the remaining accident scene. but traffic unfortunately is still really zamed up. -- jammed up. backed up from hayward . westbound 24 to caldacot tunnel. they haven't been able to switch it over to the commute direction because of a power outage. the estimated time about 7:30 when they can reopen lanes. traffic is backing up closer to walnut creek now. bart might be a good option. it is on time. lawrence. >> a lot of low clouds and fog around the bay area this morning. we've had a little sunshine for you. mount vaca cam looking good. more of that in toward the afternoon. the gray stuff trying to breakup over the bay. leaving brizle behind. roadways are slick there. by the afternoon, we'll see the numbers running up in the 80s. cooler in toward tomorrow. then clouds and even a chance of sprinkles. >> we like that.
7:00 am
thanks for watching, everyone . next local update 7:26. >> take care. . good morning to our viewers in the west. monday september 13. welcome to "cbs this morning." a gunman on the loose in side the washington navy yard. at least five people are wounded. chip reed is on the scene. >> colorado flooding nightmare you brings new rescues. others are trapped and a thousand are unaccounted for. >> we'll take you to italy where crews are trying to raise the wreckage of concord i can't. >> we begin with today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. breaking news. >> a gunman goes on the rampage at the washington


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