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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 17, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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just shocking. >> so far there's no motive and little information about the shooter. >> i urge the parties to get real. >> bart and unions with no new movement. >> the flag of main land china flies over san leandro city hall. >> i was denied by three of the major carriers in california and i was not able to get insurance at all. >> the state set up call centers to explain to people how obamacare works. but not all the employees that work there are eligible themselves. from across the bay to around the world. the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> that's a tremendous play. >> good morning, it's tuesday september 17th. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00 straight up right now. a man killed 12 people at a washington naval yard. the gunman was treated by u.s. officials for serious mental
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illness and hearing voices. he's 34 years old. and susan mcginnis has the very latest. >> reporter: now that authorities have narrowed their focus to a loan gunman, they are looking to aaron alexis' past. one question that remains unanswered is why. >> we don't know what the motive is at this stage. >> 34-year-old alexis opened fire inside a building. >> just like pow, pow, pow. >> from his position, he had a sniper's view overlooking the atrium below. >> there was no cover to take. we were out in the open. >> 12 people were killed in the attack. all of them civilian contractors. he died in a shoot out with police. >> police can't question alexis. they are looking to the public for better information in
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the days leading up to the shooting. >> the fbi released a poster asking the public to call with any information. >> they've already had numerous acquaintances come forward. former co-workers, current co-workers and they've learned a lot. >> he had little to do with them and came as a surprise. >> no one saw it coming. no one knew anything . it's shocking. >> authorities do not believe alexis has ties to terrorist organizations. >> two hours from now, the secretary of defense will lay a wreath at the u.s. navy memorial to honor the victims. susan mcginnis. back to you. >> the fbi says alexis used a valid pass to get on to the navy yard. the oldest installation is three miles from the white house. investigators say alexis
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was armed with ar-15 assault rifle, a shotgun and semi automatic glok. in a statement she said quote when will enough be enough? congress must stop shrink ing its responsibility. >> a word from the united nation's inspectors. turned up in 85% of the blood samples tested. does not specifically assign blame. but american un ambassador says only the regime could carry out such a large scale attack. today the assault regime is responsible for the august 21st attack. >> after a long operation, the crippled coasta concordia is up right and ready for next move.
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crews called monday's effort perfect and say there is no damage to the environment. took 19 hours to up right the ship. 32 people died including two americans when it ran aground and tipped over in january 2012. and the latest project allows for a search for two bodies never recover. crews have to wait until spring to tow it to a nearby port. >> there's a break in rain. so far more than 2,000 people have been rescued but hundreds are still stranded. others are getting to check the damage finally on their homes. >> today is our first day up here sints we've been evacuated and i feel like it's worse than i thought it would be. we lost everything we own. >> 8 people are known dead. the search for more victims will
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continue. here's how it looks to the national guard when they got on the rescue mission here. this crew has a camera rolling as they look for stranded people and pets down below. >> hopefully they do get a break. i talked to lots of family and friends out there. >> they are going to catch a break today. looks like it will stay dry. hopefully things settling down. we have a couple clouds outside. the winds starting to kick up a bit. a breezy day on the way. if you are headed around the bay area, some of the winds blowing west of 13. west of 21. and at sfo, 28 miles per hour. over 22 there in antioch. around the bay today, the numbers right now in the 50s and 60s. by this afternoon, cooler day in store for the bay area. a little breezy. 70s inside the bay. 70s and low 80s
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. and 60s but even a little sunshine out toward the coastline. >> thank you, lawrence. southbound maybe leaking fuel into the roadway. northbound is moving okay. and we're beginning to see slowing now on westbound 580 as welcoming through the livermore valley. this is our other problem spot northbound 680 by highway 84. this was another stalled big rig. it was on fire for a while. everything is now cleared and sounds like they are working to completely get it out of the roadway. the tow crews are on scene. still seeing slowing on our sensors northbound. just a heads up. should be completely out of there. if you are heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. the toll plaza and all the approaches are moving at the speed limit. san mateo bridge, 13 or 14 minute drive. and mass transit all good to go. bart
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right now, 37 trains and they are all running on time. ace train number one looking good. that is traffic. back to you. >> thank you. the clock is ticking toward another potential bart strike. negotiations ended for the night with either side any closer to an agreement. a strike could happen as early as october 11th if they can't figure it out. sue kwon has an update on what the governor is saying about the labor dispute. >> reporter: you know what, if you look at this like a chess game and each group is moving their pieces, the employee's union did move their chess piece yesterday. they did put a proposal out on the table and bart is considering it. we should hear their reaction a little bit later on today. but in a statement the spokes person says bart sees little change in the newest proposal. doesn't represent any significant movement. employers went from 5% wage increase to a 4.5% wage
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increase. but bart still wants a 4 year contract and a 10% increase over that period. here's what riders might want. want to outlaw strikes by transit workers and have a mediator forced. >> they haven't shown appetite for binding operation. i do not want to see a strike. i urge the parties to get real. that was governor brown speaking. >> reporter: propose a bill that would force mediation so we're not in this situation where the strike is looming. the strike is looming for october 11th. and there are about 8 more sessions including today to come up with a deal. we will be following this story
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as it happens. back to you. >> bart has used managers to run trains before. that was during a strike in 1979. >> a plan is dividing the city of san leandro. to raise the flag of main land china above city hall. protestors express opposition to the idea citing human rights record. benny lee says the event will help attract chinese investors though. >> if we close our doors, that closes our opportunities to be influenced with them. allows us to grow much quicker. >> people and their allies will be protesting the raising of that bloody flag in front of counsel. if they think they heard an ear full, they'll hear more of an ear full on october 1st. >> cities have both hosted chinese flag ceremonies in the
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past. >> this afternoon, the marin county board of supervisors will consider a housing plan. has attracted large passionate crowds to previous meetings. calls for rezoning to allow affordable housing developments and north of san ra finishing ael. more affordable housing is badly needed. others are concerned about overcrowding. in news around the bay area, the oakland city council is set to vote on an ordinance aimed at preventing vandalism. make it illegal to carry hammers, clubs and other tools of violence. the council gave it approval in july. the america's cup final continues today with two races on san francisco bay. leads oracle team 7-1. and the first team to win 9 races takes the cup. if they win both today, it will be the new champion. the new race today at 1:15 with the
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second race at 215 tame time. >> pull up your pants. the fashion statement sending a strong message to young men. >> plus another appeal. why jerry sandusky does his conviction should be overturned. >> the celebrity most likely to give your computer a virus when we come back. >> chance for some sprinkles on the way. talk about it coming up. >> the commute is starting to pick up westbound 580 close to the dublin inter change. you want to know about those after this break. . thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment.
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garner record- breaking sal. since it's launch in 1997..e more than 125 the newest version of the video game grand theft auto hits stores today. the series has sold more than 125 million units. critics say it glorifies crime. the video game is trending on twitter this morning. so is miley cyrus. she's officially single now that her engagement called off. the nfl. the navy yard shooting. the motive for yesterday 's massive shooting remains a mystery. and nothing was the same. follow us on twitter at
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cbssf. >> the actress says the celebrity most likely to lead you to a malicious site if you search for her. you could get dubious links. and free apps or nude photos. the five most risky are all women. avril lavine. sandra bullock and z oey saldona. sandra bullock? she's got a new movie coming out. >> i don't know who lily collins is. don't google search her though. >> this is where we have a problem going on. just in the southbound lanes. it's a pretty major connector. past the dumps. it is leaking some sort
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of fuel. those are all bad things. traffic is getting by northbound but a heads up they are working to clear it now. also calling chp to get an update. northbound 680 just past high 84. it's been there since 4:30. we think it's been cleared at this point. the big rig is off to the shoulder. it was fire crews and tow crews blocking one lane. there may still be emergency crews there off to the shoulder. more of a visual distraction. and mass transit, bart has 30 trains. about 37 when we last checks. all on time. ace train 1 reporting no delay between the central valley and san jose. muni, caltrain, everything else moving well. traffic moving at the speed limit up and down the
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nimmits freeway. 5:16 in the morning, a lot of that should be gone. for your latest forecast, here's lawrence. >> this is supposed to be the warmest time of the year. this year, we haven't seen it happen much. today get some sunshine, the numbers cooler than normal. out the door we go. breezy in spots. we have patchy fog along the coastline. 50s and 60s today. by the afternoon, we'll find sunshine and comfortable temperatures. numbers down from yesterday. 70s and 80s inland. breezy conditions inside the bay. and 60s toward the coastline. a little more sunshine there. bring with it a chance of a few showers in far northern california. the winds will be kicking up throughout the day. looks like the temperatures are going to be staying down. the gusty winds kicking up at times. the numbers not as warm and start to see the temperatures up tomorrow. wind modules picking up. gusting to 25 miles
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per hour. looks like we are going to see blustery conditions toward the beaches today and things settle down in toward tomorrow. 60s out toward the coastline. a couple rays of sunshine there. east bay numbers, 70s and low 80s inland. a little breezy throughout the delta. about 73 in oakland and 79 in santa rosa. next couple day as, start to warm things up on wednesday and thursday and the clouds roll back in. slight chance for sprinkles, late friday and into saturday. back to you. >> all right. thank you. happening today, a north carolina police officer is due in court to face manslaughter charges. randall carig is accused of shooting an unarmed man seeking help. he knocked on a stranger's door for help and that person called police. the officer fired 12 times killing
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the former florida a&m university football player. jerry sandusky's lawyer and the state attorney's general office are heading to court as he seeks to have his conviction overturned. he is arguing about a number of issues involving his trial saying his lawyers didn't have enough time to prepare. the 69-year-old assistant coach is asking for a new trial. a tennessee businessman is so fed up with a long time fashion trend, he's paid $6,000 to make a fashion statement. >> fred davis spent the money on a billboard criticizing the sage pants look. show your mind, not your behind. believes men who wear sage pants portray an image of crime and poor education. >> if you want to be outwardly mobile, you can't present that image to people who are qualified to make a decision about you. >> davis is the civil rights
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activist who marched alongside dr. martin luther king jr. they fought to move up higher. not for what he calls thuggish mentality. >> unusual arrest with a slippy suspect was nabbed for in texas. >> good morning. a little baseball for you. the as not invincible. the raiders, 49ers, how hurt are they? we'll update. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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wandering around town. the animal was taken into custon austin a in texas, police picked up a pig just wandering around town. the animal was taken into custody and placed into animal shelter until the owner could pick it up. it was put in the back of a police cruiser and a present of some sort for the officer. police say the pig is not facing any charges despite the mess. and we just had to show that. >> that's not good. >> good morning, everybody. we'll lead you up a little baseball. just a matter of time. the story how the as win the west. the last home game holding on to a lead. last night it was 6.5 with the angels
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coming in. mike trout doing damage. this will give 4-0 lead. same inning cole found a hole. that's going to score two more. parker up. the magic number is 7 to clinch. williams out for the rest of the season after breaking his ankle on sunday. raiders time on branch. according to reports, suffered a broken leg in the win over jacksonville. and look out cincinnati. last night, here's the key moment in the steelers game. rookie bernard. 27 yarder in the 3rd . the bengals won 20-10. pittsburgh 0 and 2. all about zach johnson. key shot at the 16th hole for his first win of the season.
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speaking of wins, frank, i got your email about our fantasy football game. much appreciated. rematch coming up. >> he had a lot of niners. we'll leave it at that. play of the day. pittsburgh. bounce off the glove whose teammate gyorko will react. got him over at first base. nice playoff the pitcher. over to the second baseman. the grab and san diego ended up winning 2-0. play of the day. >> the new surcharge you'll have to pay for illegal dumping. plus. >> as he came around the corner, aimed his gun and fired two or three shots. >> new details on the navy yard shooting. what authorities are learning about the alleged shooter now. >> reporter: and we're live in oakland where massive fire
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spreads from one home to another. what firefighters are saying may have started this. ,,,,
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. it was like pow, pow, pow, w pow pow pow ((butt to)) we d see him with the rifle and raised and this is kpix 5 news. >> we're live in oakland where at least four people are homeless after a five destroys two homes. >> it was like pow, pow, pow. and a few seconds, it stopped and pow, pow, pow. >> we can see him with the rifle and raised and aimed at us and fired. >> what we're learning about a navy man who went on the deadly rampage. >> breezy condition starting out the day. >> and a couple of our early incidents have just been
5:30 am
cleared. taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. more coming up. >> thanks. good morning, efrp. tuesday is here september the 17th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time is 5:30. breaking news in oakland where cate caugurian is on the scene of a three alarm fire. >> reporter: still pretty active. we know there are 55 firefighters here who worked to put out the flames. they are keeping an eye on hot spots to make sure that fire does not kickback up. take a look at how intense it got. oakland fire says they got the call before 3:30 this morning. and they believe the fire started in the back of the home in the washroom. there was more damage in that area. the flames quickly spread from that to a second home next door. and then after that, firefighters said
5:31 am
they had to do an attack. able to keep the flames spreading. the biggest challenge was just how close each home was to the other. >> the homes being close together, involvement of the fire. i had a look at the entire building. the rear part of the building, there's a lot of damage. went up to the up stairs. and travel to the -- before i could get to the third building, the firefighters stopped it. >> no injuries were reported. firefighters say they know that five people lived in the home where the fire started. there were four people where the home spread to. they think 12 people evacuated. we know all people are safe and well. and back out live here, roads are still blocked and areas of fire trucks and engines on scene. they are going to keep an eye on hot
5:32 am
spots in this area. firefighters did tell me they do not believe it was an arson case. they believe this could have been an electrical fire. cate caugurian, kpix 5. >> also new this morning, two hayward police cruisers are banged up following a chase. an officer tried to pull over a driver. the driver hit the gas, rammed into a police car and took off. only lasted a couple minutes before the truck crashed and a deadened. police arrested the suspect and a passenger both trying to runaway. one officer was hurt during the arrest. >> bart unions are making a new offer in the amended proposal. workers want 4.35% raise for every three years. what does bart management think of that? >> that is a tiny, tiny movement down. half a percent. it's just not enough . >> and with that, talks ended
5:33 am
last night and unlikely the state will step in again. sue kwon is at the pleasant hill bart station with the latest on what governor brown is saying publically about the dispute. there is at least a little movement. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. governor brown is saying hey i did my part with this cooling off period. get to the table and make something happen. and there's a little movement as you mentioned. the union did put forth a proposal, a small one. and supposed to come back today. in a statement, hinted it how they feel. it doesn't represent significant movement. employees went from 5% wage up crease to 4.5% which is about 17% over a period of three years. bart still wants a 4 year contract. and a 10% increase. still pretty far apart. riders will want to outlaw strikes by transit
5:34 am
workers and have a mediator create a deal for both sides. governor brown says he's not going to step in. he's done all he can do. >> the special session was considered and rejected in the legislature. so i think the folks at bart and the union better sit down. it could be a real problem. >> what are you going to do if they don't? >> i've exercised my power. that was the cooling off period. now within the framework of collective bargaining. >> a reminder to riders that there are about nine more negotiation sessions including the one today. if no agreement is reached, there will be a strike october 11th. on the 10th, the cooling off period runs outlet. reporting live here, sue kwon, kpix 5. >> right now the two sides are not any closer to an agreement. another strike could happen as soon as october 11th unless
5:35 am
negotiators can hammer out a deal. >> as the as get closer to looking up a playoff spot, fans will have to get used to new security measures. fans will have to enter through a metal detection system similar to those at the airport. fans will have to empty pockets and have bags searched. hopes to have them in place at all stadiums by next year. >> 5:35. another check on the weather. >> the wind is kicking up this morning. breezy started to. by the afternoon, a lot of sunshine in spots. the temperatures are going to be cooler. out the door we go. we have breezy conditions around the bay area. the winds kicking up over 20 miles per hour. 28 at sfo right now. westerly wind at 18. west 21 in san francisco . you get the idea. the delta is blowing good as well. that is going to help to keep these temperatures
5:36 am
down. numbers in the 50s and 60s by the afternoon. expecting highs to be cooler than yesterday. numbers are running well below the average. still comfortable. 77 in livermore. 79 in concord and 67 in san francisco. more on your weather coming up. >> we've been watching a couple problem spots around the bay area. in the last 10, 15 minutes both of them are clear including this one. this was blocking one lane. the big rig was leaking fluid. it's all clear now. and all lanes are back open in sunol northbound 680 past the highway 84 exit. mass transit continues to look good. they have 47 bart trains system wide on time. ace train 1, 3, no problems. and a quick look outside. the overnight road work cleared northbound and
5:37 am
southbound 880 moving at the speed limit between hayward and downtown oakland. that is traffic, back to you. >> thank you. developing at this hour , we're getting word this morning the gunman akuszed -- accused of killing 12 people has been treated for mental illness. he had apparently been hearing voices. 34-year-old aaron alexis died in a shoot out with police. he used a valid pass to gain access to the yard. defense secretary will lay a wreath in honor of the victims today. friends of the killer tells cnn the shooters are out of character. >> i know he was a practicing board ist buddhist: very friendly. >> investigators believe he acted alone. >> the man who went on a shooting spree collected
5:38 am
$300,000 in military pay while awaiting trial. almost all that money has been given to charity. hasan was convicted and sentenced to death for killing 13 people and wounding more than 30 others. >> deliberations are set to begin this morning at the marin county at the penalty phase. the 79-year-old was found guilty of killing four women between 1977 and 1994. yesterday naso asked the jury to spare him the death penalty. the jury is not unanimous, the default verdict would be life without parole. >> cautious optimism where a crack down appears to be working. the police department launched the effort in june after usual spike in homicides in the city. show a 19% drop in
5:39 am
gang related violent crime. gang related homicides are down 43%. the overall homicide pace is higher than normal this year. a worker who ran over and killed a young mother says he drove away from the scene because he didn't realize he hit anyone. he is now offering that explanation through his attorney. he was driving on an asphalt path on september 5th and then cut off the grass. the 35-year-old woman died. her baby girl who was with her was not injured. one of the bills on governor brown's death would add a surcharge to the price of a mattress to pay for a disposal. the tribune reports the city spends half a million dollars a year collecting 5,000 mattresses dumped on city streets. >> next why concord's newly opened call center is being called a huge disappointment. >> turning back the hands of
5:40 am
time. what a scientist says is the secret to living longer. >> feed the meter or take your chances? bay area drivers pay parking roulette. coming up. blach ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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rose dragged down wall street the dow was up 118 points yesterday. the s&p also rose. but the nasdaq fell.
5:43 am
dragged down by apple . shares of apple are off 10% since the company unveiled new iphones a week ago. the federal reserve began a two day meeting to set interest rates. most economists believe the fed will take a step to reduce stimulus program which has kept interest rates low and rebound from the great recession. the dow rallied after larry summers took himself out of the running for the fed chairmanship. one week five years ago the u.s. financial system was brought to its knees. >> let's find out where we stand. business analyst jill joins us. let's start with the economy. how do we sit? >> reporter: the economy is larger today than it was back then. we're at $15.7 trillion versus 14.95 years ago. but. the pace of the recovery it has lagged our post world war ii
5:44 am
average of 3.3%. so a slow recovery. the economy still has 1.9 million fewer jobs than we did before the recession. and not to poor salt on wounds here but the crisis put a dent in median household income. right now when we adjust it for inflation. 5% lower than we were in september 2008. yes we've made progress but we have a long way to go still. >> no doubt. what about the stock market and housing? >> i think those are the glimmers of hope here. if you remember at the end of the horrible first week of the crisis, the s&p was at 1255 and stocks plummeted by 46% to bottom out in march of 2009. from there, the index sky rocketed by 150% we're at today's record levels now. in the housing industry, really
5:45 am
interesting, prices peak back in 2006. it look longer for the housing market to bottom out. that was early 2012. since then, house prices are up 16%. we're down over 23% from the peak. if we look at those homeowners who are under water. those are the ones who owe more on their homes than the house is worth, we have 14.35% of properties with mortgages under water. that is down from 26% from the 4th quarter in 2009. 14.5 is pretty high. i'd hate to go through the pain of a financial crisis and not learn anything. the five investor lessons we can take are available on >> save your money. >> jill, thank you so much. >> tip number one. thanks. 5:45 now . get a check of traffic on this tuesday. >> okay. thanks. the biggest difference is how the delays are
5:46 am
beginning to build over at the bay bridge toll plaza. really open that new eastern span. the right lanes are backing up first. the left lanes and carpool look great. no metering lights yet. but cash and fastrak lanes are beginning to stack up. the other bridges are problem free as you approach the san mateo bridge toll plaza. cruising right along as you head up over the high rise. 13 minutes between hayward and foster city. it is starting to stock up from 205 out of tracy. and continuing to see brake lights 22 minutes between the pass. as you head out towards the dublin inter change. and while it looks busy, everything is moving at the speed limit
5:47 am
past 680. so between 580 and highway 4 it's a tossup which is the slowest combhut right now. it is tight squeezed right now all the way through the antioch exits and as you get closer to concord. no big delays on the guadalupe parkway. that is the latest time saver traffic. for more on your forecast, starting to feel like fall. here's lawrence. >> got the winds blowing outside this morning. going to be a breezy day ahead. and the temperatures well below the average. out the door we go. a couple patches of fog. not too bad. not seeing the drizzle like yesterday. a lot of sunshine and probably going to mix out a lot of the clouds. breezy and cool towards the beaches. you'll find 60s into san francisco. and maybe some low 80s in the warmest spots inland. the trough of low pressure making its way on shore. showers to far northern california. we're not going to
5:48 am
see the clouds. just breezy conditions developing outside. a little blustery at times. not as warm around the bay area. the temperatures may be struggling to get out of the 70s. in the central valley, 82 in sacramento. 92 in fresno today. light chance of sprinkles into northern california. a few clouds into monterey bay. temperature wise, still looking at comfortable numbers. 72 in san jose. 73 in oakland. and 77 in livermore. 80 into fairfield and 60s told the coastline. -- toward the coastline. as we wind down summer, the temperatures going to head the other direction. on friday, slight chance of sprinkles friday into saturday. keeping the temperatures down through sunday. time for your school cast. waking up kids. steven millard, we've got your morning bell. a little breezy. by lunch, lots
5:49 am
of sunshine. breezy afternoon. temperature about 70 when you get out of school. if you'd like to nominate your school, go to and enter your school online. >> i think you just woke them up. >> time to get up, everybody. >> fremont is having a good day today. >> all right. thanks. >> it is 5:49 now. healthcare call centers are beig set up to help people understand president obama's new affordable care act. some of the people who work for those call centers are not eligible for healthcare benefits. >> i was denied by three of the major carriers in california and i was not able to get insurance at all. >> information on the affordable care act and how it may affect you is available at to find tips for choosing health insurance and a glossary of health insurance terms.
5:50 am
>> the cdc is taking steps to warn people about dangerous resistant bacteria like e. coli. urgent, serious and concerning. the cdc estimates more than 2 million people get infections that are resistant to antibiotics each year. in your health watch, research supports progress is being made in the fight against cancer. the american association for cancer research says since 1990, there have been more than a million fewer cancer deaths. researchers say the number of people surviving cancer continues to increase. more than 13 million people are cancer survivors today. and lifestyle changes may affect age. a small study shows changes in diet, exercise, stress management and social support may lengthen the part of chromosomes that affect aging. >> when we lead high wear and
5:51 am
tear lives, they shorten quickly. this study shows us the power of our daily behavior. >> they fray as you age putting you at a higher risk. >> determine your odds of getting a parking ticket. a web site called parking find out how many patrols have gone by. and some zones clearly have higher rates. >> predictably the commercial zones are high probabilities. you can also see the affect of street cleaning everywhere in the city. that's a big red zone on the parking roulette map. >> outside our station, the chances of getting a ticket is about 1 and 8. but outside city hall, 65%. the program started a couple weeks ago. go check it out at
5:52 am
>> time is 5:51. red carpet, black leather . one of the most famous bands in bay area history debuts new project. >> talk about a mix up. the drive-thru prank that's gone viral coming your way. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. goglossophobia, is the fear of public speaking. ♪ ♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself. ♪
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(growls) (man) that's a good look for you. (woman) that was fun. (man) yeah. (man) let me help you out with the.. (woman)...oh no, i got it. (man) you sure? (woman) just pop the trunk. (man vo) i may not know where the road will lead, but... i'm sure my subaru will get me there. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. their best known songs.. "e sandman." and last night... the guys walked thd carpet i it's been 22 years since metalicca hit the charts. last night they walked the red carpet in san francisco. not just a concert movie. it's a 3d heavy metal explosion. 24 cameras capturing the band performing epic hits. >> we consider ourselves a bay area band. we're going to have
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u.s. premiere here in the bay area. >> three of the four members live in the bay area. through the never opens in select theaters beginning september the 27th. lawrence, first guy in line. while most drive-thru tenants are quick to fix orders. >> adding dry ice to just ordered soft drinks. take a look. >> this is a sweat tea? >> oh, yeah, what's happening man. >> did you give me this? >> yeah, i don't got nothing that will do that, bro. >> the look on his face is priceless. they came up with the idea while brainstorming science experiences that could be used in ana effecttive prank. >> it was like pow, pow, pow. >> shots rang out at a washington navy yard grounds yesterday. the new information
5:56 am
about the deadly attack. >> reporter: bart employees make the proposal on the table and why bart is not so thrilled coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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allows each of you to select your ideal temperature. and it's only at one of our 425 sleep number stores nationwide. sleep number. comfort individualized. there wasn't really no cover to take. >> a shooting on the navy base leaves 13 people dead including shoolter. >> no one saw it coming. no one knew anything . all it is is shocking. >> so far no motive and little information about shooter. >> i urge the parties to get real. >> part and unions in a day of negotiations with no new movement. the flag of main land china flies over san leandro city hall and all about money. >> i was denied by three of the major carriers in california and i was not able to get insurance at all. >> the state set up call centers to explain to people how
6:00 am
obama care works but not all the employees that work there are eligible themselves. from across the bay, to around the world. the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> that's a tremendous play. >> good morning, everyone. it is tuesday september the 17th. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. new developments in the washington navy yard shooting. the gunman was treated by u.s. officials for serious mental illness and hearing voices. 34-year-old aaron alexis died in a shoot out with police. the yard was locked down through the night as investigators worked. officials say he used a valid path to gain access to the yard and alexis apparently carried three guns. he acted alone. he worked for a defense contractor. he had been a full time navy reservist in texas and 3,000 people


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