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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 17, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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serial killer to death. the creamy message he asked his lawyer to say to the public next. was a really bad speller? your word is...cow. cow. cow. c...o...w... ...e...i...e...i...o. [buzzer] dangnabbit. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know.
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>> this is kpix 5 news. >> here we go again. the $100 million gamble with your money that just went bust. i'm elizabeth cook. >> another green technology company in the bay area backed by the feds has filed for bankruptcy. linda yee says taxpayers lost another fortune. >> reporter: ecotality has 4,000 car charging stations under the blink name. 5,000 installed in homes. >> i have this brand at home, blink. there's too many different brands. >> reporter: there are many brands but this one is having cash problems and has filed for bankruptcy. the san francisco company issued this statement saying that it is regrettable but
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while other chapter 11 protection, ecotality contends to maintain the charger business. the company's problem is just a hiccup and does not hurt the campaign to get more people to buy electric cars. >> the bay area has probably the most charging stations of any large metropolitan area in the country across the united states there's over 10,000 charging stations. >> reporter: ecotality's biggest credit is the energy department. it got $132 million in contracts and a cost-sharing grant. there was bailout money given to solyndra in 2007. the company shut down and fired employees. >> so we don't have more scenarios down the line of
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companies going belly-up and not declaring bankruptcy and leaving the taxpayers out in the dust. >> reporter: last month, this company warned investors it was having financial problems because of weak sales. while electric car supporters say that's too bad because they have some of the nicest charging stations out here. >> ecotality says it has $50 million in assets but $500 million worth of debt. >> just hours ago, a bay area jury recommended the death penalty for a serial killer. joe vasquez says it happened in a county that almost never sends murderers to death row. >> reporter: joseph naso will make san quentin his new home. a jury sentenced him to die today. mcdonald, the daughter of one
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of the victims says he was relieved that joseph naso is getting the death sentence. >> i'm just glad that justice is served and we can put this to rest now after 35 years. >> reporter: naso is a former photographer who killed four young women decades ago, promising to shoot photos of them. he drugged them and strangled them when they were unconscious. his lawyer read a few of the serial killer's own words after the sentencing this afternoon. >> i am pleased that the jury listened to my arguments. i am on the threshold of a new life and will make the best of it. >> reporter: at this point the death sentence is just a recommendation. the judge says he has 20 days to look it over, make sure that all of the ruleswere followed before he makes his final decision. >> could there be political considerations? it's marin county. there are people that don't believe in the death penalty
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there. that's not part of the standard of what the judge has to evaluate. he follows the law. he follows the rules according to what the charges are and what has been presented to him and that's the analysis. >> i'm pretty surprised in marin county that a jury did that. >> reporter: it's extremely rare here. the last death sentence was in 1990 for a san quentin prisoner who killed a guard. >> i wouldn't think that he would be sentenced to death in marine but i understand it because he was a serial killer and he killed in marine as well. >> it hits close to home? >> yeah, it did. >> reporter: there is a death row inmate in his 80s. so at 79, naso wouldn't be the oldest. but there aren't a lot of people betting that he will make it to his execution date. >> california death penalty remains in limbo because of challenges. >> a very close call for a
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little boy. bullets flew just before 5:00 this afternoon on 27th avenue in oakland. kpix 5 christin ayers tells us this happened the same day that oakland got more money to more cops on the streets. >> we heard gunshots and then yelling and screaming. >> reporter: the bullets pierced the back window of a car with a man, woman and child inside. a tragically familiar scene in east oakland. a young boy who was in the back seat of the car wounded and bleeding. >> they had to hold him still. >> reporter: this woman told us that she held a cold cloth to the child's neck. amazingly the bullets missed the boy but shattered glass grazed his neck. >> both of the kids were very shocked. toddlers crying. >> reporter: the shooting happened on the same day that the oakland police department received a 4 and a half million dollars federal grant to hire
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ten new police officers. it may not sound like much, but the police chief says it could make all of the difference. >> i would say it was wonderful if we were getting two additional officers. we are getting a whole squad of officers. >> reporter: five years ago, oakland had 837 officers. today, that number has dwindled to 614. interim police chief says anything that helps but some oaklanders have their doubts. >> maybe 100 more cops. that may make it safer. >> reporter: it is clear that it will take more than police to turn things around. >> we as a whole have to come together. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> the boy was about 5 years old. >> the motive is still a mystery. but tonight we know a lot more about the gunman that killed 12 people at the washington navy yard. two days before the attack, he practiced at a shooting range
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and bought a shotgun legally. investigators say he suffered from paranoia and had a sleep disorder and hearing voices. it's looking like a case of workplace violence carried out by someone intent onset willing a score. investigators say aaron alexis drove this car into the navy yard base yesterday and walked directly to building 197. alexis used his security card to open the door. he was carrying a bag that investigators believe contained the shotgun that he used to launch his attack. alexis arrived in the area about three weeks ago to work as an it contractor at the navy yard. he shared a room with other contractors at this hotel. just a few blocks from the shooting scene. sources say a search of the hotel room and car did not produce any manifesto or notes to explain his actions. his family and friends have
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told investigators that alexis suffered from mental illness for a decade. he sought and received treatment from the veteran's administration. just last month, there was an incident in rhode island. alexis called police to say he was hearing voices and that people were stalking him and using a microwave to send vibrations into his body. at the time, alexis denied ever having a mental episode. president obama has called for a review of security standards for contractors and employees across federal agencies. >> a blind bay area minister and his seeing eye dog hit by a car. what the driver did next that added insult to injury. >> more and more people are getting sick from super bugs. how the food we eat could be making the problem worse. >> why people are banned from wearing flip flops at some california parks. >> the drama that is unfolding about 1500 miles south of san francisco where they have picked up over a foot of rain in mexico. we will have the details coming
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up. ,,
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>> a blind bay area minister is asking for an apology tonight from the driver who hit him and his seeing eye dog. lynn ramirez says it's what the driver did next that has everyone looking for justice. >> it's more emotional, the
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fear of walking down the street and having this just sense of being hit by a car all the time. >> reporter: for the reverend, the sense of security that he once felt walking in his neighborhood is now gone. >> about 8:00, i left here to go to starbucks. >> reporter: he was out for a stroll for a cup of coffee with his seeing eye dog eaton when they crossed the street. >> a car came out of a cul-de- sac and hits me and my dog. >> reporter: the car was not going fast and neither the reverend or the dog were seriously hurt. what happened next made the incident a serious crime. >> are you okay? i didn't answer. she said let me move forward. and as she moves forward, she keeps ongoing forward. turns around in the cul-de-sac and makes a u-turn and comes back towards me. she swerves around my body and keep going out of the cul-de- sac and speeds out. >> we're talking to people in the neighborhood. seeing if anybody might have saw something or heard
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something. >> reporter: police canvassed the neighborhood in search for clues to the identity of the driver. because reverend is completely blind, he could not give police a description of the vehicle or the driver. >> to hit anybody and leave the scene is one thing, but to hit a blind reverend with a seeing eye dog is unheard of. >> reporter: he regularly walks the neighborhood especially to the church where he is the pastor. >> i know it is a woman. she is probably in her 40s, maybe early 50s. i just want her to come forward and apologize. just apologize. >> reporter: the reverend is a well known person in the community and has been for years. so some people think whoever hit him may have recognized him and knew he was blind and thought they could get away with it. >> if you have any information, east palo alto police want to hear from you. >> part of interstate 280 in san jose looks different
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tonight. there is new razor wire up on the overpass in order to take taggers away. the city says it was union pacific's decision to install the wire. officials want to do what they can to keep people from tacking and they want to focus on painting over graffiti as soon as it appears. >> i am certain that any 17- year-old tagger has an unfound imagination for how to get on to a bridge no matter what we do to it, even if we were to paint it in super glue, they would find a way on there. >> just last month we told you about the chp's crackdown on taggers in the south bay. there is a task force dedicated to arresting those that spray paint freeways. >> the san may day owe mountains are cleaner tonight after a huge operation to get rid of thousands of marijuana plants and tons of toxic trash. the narcotics task force says
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it has taken 8100 plants with the street value of more than $28 million. about four tons of trash was also hauled away by helicopter. it included camping gear, propane tanks, fertilizers and pesticides. so far no arrests. >> millions of americans are getting sick and they're not getting any better. antibiotics could be making it worse and so could the food we eat. their nicknames are catchy. but the tiny bacteria can pack a big punch. among 17 types grown resistant to the best antibiotics that we have. for those that get infected, it's a shocker. >> i have it. i can't get rid of it. >> reporter: for the first time, federal health officials have come up with hard numbers. more than 2 million americans fall i will from antibiotic resistant bacteria each year. at least 23,000 will die. cre is the latest nightmare.
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>> they are resistant to what is -- has in the past been a reliable last line of defense. >> reporter: the doctor is chief of infectious disease at san francisco general hospital. he says part of the problem is the overuse and misuse of antibiotics. not just among doctors and patients. >> most antibiotic use in the country is not in humans. it's used for livestock. it's not to treat infections. most cases it's not. it's a growth promoter. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. one member of the california beef industry disputes there's a link between antibioticsed in livestock and increased infections in humans saying there's no proof of cause and effect. the california department of food and agriculture gave us its opinion saying vets understand the need to use antibiotics sparingly. that doesn't mean that we should allow our animals to
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suffer without medical treatment. >> senator feinstein presented a bill that would reduce the antibiotics in healthy farm animals. similar legislation in the past six years has gone nowhere. >> tens of thousands of tourists are stranded in mexico after a three-day downpour. it flooded part of the airport. people could be seen wading through the water, holding up their luggage above their heads. since the weekend, rains have killed 55 people across mexico. for people living near the beach, they are a must. flip flops. >> one california beach community is banning people from wearing flip flops in parks. that city, san juan capistrano. it implemented the flip flop ban without consulting the parks and rec department and nearly everyone who lives there is upset about it. >> just flip flops which most of the people in san juan, a
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good percentage, wear on a regular basis. >> that would be a problem for me because i wear flip flops most all the time. >> i think people should be able to choose their own footwear. we can count on people to use common sense. >> the rules are in place to protect people visiting the parks calling it a liability. the parks and rec department is figuring out how to lift the ban, meaning they would flip flop on the issue. >> they are practically a rerequisite for southern california. you have to have a pair. they won't let you in. >> do you know you have to have a permit to wear high heels. >> because they have uneven sidewalks. they put that in effect probably 100 years ago. but you need a permit in carmel to wear high heels. the flooding in mexico is coming from a tropical storm. now tropical depression manuel has moved over the waters of
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the gulf of california and has dumped 14 inches of rain on alculpulco. there's the potential for all of that rain to head towards cabo. gusts to 50 miles per hour at sfo. gusts up to 60 across fremont. they have calmed down at this hour. the brighter colors, stronger winds. the blues are fairly mild. that's where we are tonight. that sets the stage for things to warm up in the bay area. it's mild now. temperatures mostly in the low 60s around the bay area and the skies are crystal clear. tomorrow we should have a rare day of nothing but sun from the coast to inland as we head out to work tomorrow morning, numbers in the upper 50s. here is what is happening next. the winds ease up. a warming trend starts tomorrow. a chance of showers by friday. there is the potential as the
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low pressure moves out and we get sunny skies in the bay area. temperatures should warm by five degrees heading out of sfo, it will be sunny and windy. thunderstorms in chicago with a forecast high of 81. forecasts for the bay area, numbers will be about what they should be for this time of year with 80s down in the south bay and 80s in the east bay as well. the extended forecast, here is the other head line. increase clouds. that will lead to the first chance of rain this season coming in late friday, early saturday. we will flip flop this week. >> last little push of summer. >> absolutely. >> i'll wear them tomorrow. >> coming up, an amazing rescue caught on camera. the heroes risking their lives for a guy they don't even know. ,, when it's time to talk business security, talk to the leader. tyco integrated security. we'll create a solution customized just for you.
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and you can manage it all right from the palm of your hand.
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happy birthday! it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in! this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. lives. and they did it.. for a guyy didn't even know. >> some quick thinking good samaritans in new york risked their lives. >> and they did it for a guy they didn't even know. you can see this man in red trapped on the 5th floor as his neighbors frantically work to save him from a fire inside of his apartment. he's dangling out of the window
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as you can see as thick black smoke pours out. the neighbors used a ladder as a bridge from the window to the fire escape. one of them even walked across to guide him to safety. >> a lot of people would say that you are a hero. >> nah. >> you don't think to. >> no. you just wanted to help him? >> yeah. >> he's a hero. at the very moment they reached the fire escape, the firemen reached them. unidentified man went to the hospital with minor injuries. >> like walking a tight rope. that ladder. >> yeah. he made it though. that's why they get paid the big bucks and great retirement as well. >> they have good karma. >> college basketball player is back after one of the most gruesome injuries in 2013. it came down to the wire in oakland thanks to this guy. this is a great ending to this game, folks. it's next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> we were just talking how great it is to watch the a's do so well this year. it's a great team. >> the team is reaping the benefits because they will make
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more money as they head to the post season. we're not there yet but they sold out the playoff series within two hours today. no protection for this fan. he bare hands the foul ball. tries to look strong. you know it hurts. gray comes up big. mike trout goes fishing. six innings he gave up one run. the halos shaking their head. can i have an amen tonight. >> amen. >> look at one more time. josh bottom of the 9th, two outs with the bases loaded. >> line drive base hit. and that's the ball game. >> 2-1 is the final. it is the a's eighth walk-off of the season. here is what it means. a drum roll add today that. excellent producing. the rangers did snap their 7- game losing streak.
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so the magic number clearly is 6. they traded him to the mets for some guy named beltron. he didn't make them regret that tonight. angel gone. the first home run since he hit that inside the park job back in may. the giants win 8-5. america's cup racing canceled today because of the winds. they will resume tomorrow with new zealand needing just two more wins to take the cup. >> that is a huge fish. >> we're looking good. >> yeah, that is a huge fish. jake hooked it with his hair. he caught his blue gil with his hair. what is worse than throwing out? number three, great strike by morton chavez with the left
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foot. , number two, derek jeter is out for the year but san diego's ronnie, jeter-like and they beat the pirates 5-2. the number one play of the night. you remember kevin ware of louisville who suffered that gruesome injury in the ncaa tournament a couple months ago? this is him today. dunking the basketball. the kid from san jose state who made that dramatic come back in the 6:00 news and of course kevin ware tonight. remember that injury? >> through for not showing it. i remember it. >> horrible thing on national television. he is back dunking the ball. i tell you what, medical marvels. >> miracles. >> it's true. good for him. >> buy your playoff tickets. >> absolutely. >> thanks. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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