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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 18, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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enjoy it. things are going to change toward the end of the week. but out the door we go. we have a little haze. otherwise looking mostly clear this morning. and it looks like starting out sunny-side up and these temperatures going to heat up in a hurry cooler in spots this morning. 54 in concord. 56 in san jose. and 59 in santa rosa. by the afternoon what a day it's going to be less wind outside. yesterday topped out with temperatures in the 70s, some low 80s. but by the afternoon, i think we are pushing the upper 80s, 71 and beautiful in san francisco. 80 san jose. 86 degrees in livermore. more on your weather in a moment. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> reporter: thanks, lawrence. and we sent mobile5 out this morning because we heard about the great highway being shut down for sand removal like it usually does when it gets windy outside so once again this morning it's just been the southbound lanes so you can see they have the roadblocked. southbound shut down between sloat and skyline, we'll let you know when they open it.
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another issue going on, on the lower deck of the bay bridge. a big rig is stuck blocking the eastbound 80 treasure island off-ramp. so you cannot use it now if you are leaving san francisco trying to access treasure island. that off-ramp remains blocked. westbound commute direction looks good across the pay gates and very quiet right now across the new eastern span heading into san francisco. mass transit is on time. new details in the washington navy yard shooting. the investigation is uncovering the gunman was an agitated and erratic person whose behavior and mental state was on the police department's radar. a police department report says aaron alexis heard voices a month before the shooting rampage. cbs reporter susan mcginnis with how alexis was still able to get on the navy yard despite his issues. >> reporter: officials say 34- year-old aaron alexis used a valid pass to walk on to the washington navy yard monday. once inside, he pulled out a
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shot gun he recently bought and opened fire killing 12 and injuring 3. >> that presents the greatest problem of all an insider. >> reporter: alexis had a security clearance despite a history of gun related charges and mental health issues. his family says he suffered from mental illness for a decade and recently sought treatment through the veterans administration. last month in rhode island, alexis called police from a hotel to say he was hearing voices and that people were stalking him. newport police say they alert naval police that a contractor was hearing voices. despite alexis' run-ins with the law and history of mental illness, he held on to his security clearance. family members of victims say they don't know how this could have happened. >> i don't know how in the world he got a clearance to be able to get into the navy yard with those weapons to begin with. >> reporter: john johnson's widow says the 73-year-old was a happy man. >> we were going to retire soon and he loved his job. he wanted to keep working.
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>> reporter: president obama has ordered a review of security standards for contractors and employees at federal agencies. in washington, susan mcginnis, kpix 5. congress has announced it too will look into security procedures for government facilities. a young boy is being treated for injuries after he was hit in the neck by shards of glass during a shootout about 5:00 yesterday afternoon as the boy was in the back seat of a car on 27th avenue in east oakland. police say bullets shattered the glass of the car when people in two different vehicles fired on one another. a woman who doesn't want to appear on television said she held a cool cloth to the child's neck. >> they had to hold him still because he was very scared. >> people with the gun still on the loose at this hour. the shooting happened on the same day the city was promised some federal money to put more police officers on the streets. >> i would be here saying it was wonderful if we were getting two additional officers. the fact that it's ten, that's a whole squad of officers that
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you can run an operation. >> five years ago, oakland had 837 police officers. that number now down to 614. san mateo county supervisors have rejected a plan that could have put some county weapons in the public's hands. the sheriff's department had asked the board to amend a county ordinance and allow it to sell more than 700 used guns. they would first be offered to sworn officers and the rest would be sold to gun manufacturer smith & wesson but supervisors worried the guns could end up on the streets the opposite effect of a recent gun buy-back program. >> we think that gun buy-back makes people safer so why would we then turn around and provide guns? essentially replacements guns if you will. >> while the supervisors rejected sales of firearms to smith & wesson they did agree to allow sheriff's deputies buy their own used weapons. convicts serial killer joseph naso will almost certainly die behind bars.
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yesterday a jury recommended the death penalty, something that rarely happens in marin county courtrooms. 79-year-old naso found guilty last month of killing four women in northern california between the late '70s and early '90s. the judge has 20 days to decide whether to accept the jury's recommendations. >> could there be political considerations? there are people who don't believe in the death penalty in marin county. >> that's not part of the standard of what the judge has to evaluate. he follows the law. he follows the rules according to what the charges are and what's been presented to him and that's the analysis. >> even if the judge agrees with the death penalty recommendation, the 79-year-old naso will likely die on death row. california has only executed 13 people since capital punishment was reinstated here back in 1798. there have been no executions in the state in more than seven years because of a legal challenge to the lethal injection process. more charges are filed against the south bay child
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care worker accused of molesting young girls. 20-year-old nicolas lhermine from morgan hill was charged earlier with sexual assault on three young girls. two more alleged victims came forward. new this morning while the a's were beating the angels last night crews were busy cleaning up sewage backup in one of the dugouts there. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec joins us live from oakland with more on a big sewage snafu. that must have been ugly. >> reporter: not a good thing. this problem was much less than we saw this summer in june when we saw another sewage spill and it didn't ruin anybody's spirits because there was still a big win last night against the angels and they will play the angels again at at
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5:35. yesterday they sold out the regular capacity seats for any division series game at the coliseum and then there was that sewage backup in the a's dugout during the 7th inning. that similar stingy event happened in june. this is video from that. that one was much worse. sewage spilled into both club houses. the umpire room, the managers offices and the bathrooms on the club level. yesterday's spill not half as bad. "there is no carpet down there so it's a little better but still gross." this is ammo in the campaign for a new ballpark for the a's possibly in the south bay with the san francisco giants fighting because of their territorial rights. >> who can blame them? i would want to move south too. tell us the status right now on an opportunity perhaps to head down to san jose? >> reporter: recently the city
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of san jose filed sues against the major league baseballtrying to get a resolution. there's going to be a hearing on that coming up on october 4. >> hopefully they got the sewage problem all figured out. they play again today. anne makovec live over in oakland. today could be the finale of the america's cup race in san francisco and what started with big expectations has turned into a financial challenge. the city has projected the races would bring in almost $1.5 billion for city businesses but far fewer people than expected showed up and the city is in the hole. >> is the city going to lose money on this? >> i certainly hope not. i'm working hard to make sure it isn't. >> mayor ed lee says he is raising private money to cover the cost of improvement to get the cup here. he says the city raised up to $17 million but it's still about $4 million short. tackling safety. a new type of football helmet
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that could protect your child. also ahead -- [ whistle ] >> 911, hello? i need help. >> what newly released 911 calls reveal about a deadly shooting of an unarmed man. >> and a major redesign apple prepares to launch one of its biggest upgrades in years coming up. >> summer making a return to the bay area. enjoy it. we have some big changes ahead. we'll talk about it coming up. >> and a live look at the south bay at 101 at trimble. coming up an update on the overnight roadwork roadwork. "timesaver traffic" after the break. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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communications satellite fr and we have liftoff of the united launch alliance atlas 5 rocket. >> nasa launched a communications satellite from cape canaveral overnight. it is the third in a series of six satellites in the air force's advanced extremely high frequency program. later today a virginia company plans to launch its first supply rocket to the international space station. >> cool. cupertino-based apple is released another product today, ios-7 the latest software for mobile phones. it's the biggest change to the mobile world, according to the ceo, since the original iphone
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was released. anyone who owns an iphone 4 or later model should be able to download it. it's trending now on social media, of course. so is: big brother season 15. tonight is the season finale. you can catch it right here on kpix 5 at 9:30. the tea party, house republican plan to push a plan b to defund obamacare. hiccup girl who became famous for online videos of her hiccups goes on trial in a florida murder case. and there you go, happy "hump day." you can follow us on twitter @cbssf. >> i'm in. i just did a happy "hump day" 10 minutes ago part of the through. >> we need to get on twitter. >> i know. >> that is the most popular "hump day," the most popular camel around. let's go live towards the bay bridge. we have a problem eastbound at treasure island off-ramp closed
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until further notice. so we don't know how much longer. it's blocking the off-ramp. good news is the commute direction westbound 80 not impacting that and there's no brake lights at all from the pay gates towards the incline continuing into san francisco. checking alternate bridges, here's the live look at the san mateo bridge and as you can see once you get past the toll plaza, the flat section of the bridge looks good right now. these taillights that's the commute direction. 14 minutes or so between hayward and the peninsula and all lanes are now back open. this is an area of a lot of overnight roadwork. they shut down the freeway eastbound 4 by somersville. now usual brake lights westbound 4 once you get off the antioch approaching "a" street towards loveridge and here's a live look, this morning northbound between 23rd and broadway overnight roadwork picked up. 15 minutes between 238 and the maze. along the peninsula here's a live look maybe you're heading
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towards sfo or even farther south. this is a live look at the southbound traffic. and as you can see, it is moving at the speed limit all the way down towards san mateo. we checked in with bart and right now they have 35 trains and they are all on time. that is your latest "timesaver traffic." more on your forecast. things are i guess warming up again. i even wore shorts yesterday. >> i think you will be able to do that today. lots of sunshine expected in the bay area. of course you get that heating in the atmosphere, you travel in the central valley and dust devils can b big. they can take down fences, mess up a shed. so you ever see those in the valley on i-5, they are neat looking. today mostly clear out the door this morning, temperatures in the 50s with a little haze. this afternoon enjoying that summer sunshine today well into the 80s inland. 70s and gentle sea breeze at the bay and breezy at the
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coastline and sunshine into the 60s. high pressure will bring warmer weather the next couple of days. enjoy it. we have some changes coming as we head in toward friday and weekend. so warmer for everyone and not as windy today. the next couple of days looking good. but friday the clouds gather and before you know it, yeah, looks like into friday evening we have a cold front diving in the bay area not very strong, but pretty impressive for this time of year and bringing with it a chance of sprinkles overnight friday night and into saturday. so here we go. looks like fall could be starting a little early. temperatures around the bay area for today some 70s and some 80s into the south bay. even some 60s and low 70s toward the coastline if we're lucky. 80s into the east bay maybe some upper 80s into antioch and brentwood. about 81 degrees in vallejo and as you get inside the bay a lot of 70s, 60s at the coastline. the next couple of days enjoying that summer sunshine and then it all starts to wind down. friday clouds gather slight chance of showers overnight friday night and into saturday. temperatures staying down on sunday. but, you know, they have the
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america's cup, they are trying to race. yesterday they had to cancel. i think today they will be okay not as windy. >> we were talking about it yesterday. you need wind for the america's cup. >> but not too much. >> yeah. >> those things are cooking at 50, 60 miles per hour. >> they start flying across the water. >> thank you. all right. the problems are far from over in flood-ravaged parts of colorado. more than 3,000 people have been rescued by ground and by air including these folks stranded in jamestown yesterday. more than 400 miles of roads all washed out eight deaths linked to the flooding and hundreds still unaccounted for. an estimated 19,000 homes are damaged or destroyed. three days of rain have stranded tens of thousands of tourists also down in mexico. several main roads cut off in parts of acapulco international airport. just a mess. people could be seen wading through water trying to keep their luggage dry. the heavy rains blamed for dozens of deaths in mexico. new details in the shooting
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of an unarmed man in charlotte. the 91 1 call from a woman pleading for police to come to her house are released. [ pause ] >> 911, hello? >> i need help. >> the woman thought a man was breaking into her front door. the man was 24-year-old jonathan ferrel who had just been in a car crash and apparently went to the woman's house for help. the woman told 911 she had a baby in a crib and didn't know what to do. >> is he still in the house? did he leave yet? [ inaudible ] [ crying ] >> three officers responded including 27-year-old randall car rick. investigators say he shot the unarmed ferrel 10 times. kerik is charged with voluntary manslaughter. his lawyer argues the shooting was justified. police and the fbi say they are racing against the clock to find a 14-year-old girl who was taken from her georgia home yesterday. these two men allegedly pried
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open the back door of the perez family home, shot the family dog and took ivany hostage when the mother told her men she had no money or jewelry. the family says the suspects are demanding a $10,000 ransom. in louisiana, a federal judge has ordered a new trial for 5 former new orleans police officers convicted of shooting unarmed civilians after hurricane katrina. the officers were convicted on a combined 25 counts of civil rights violations. but yesterday, the judge determined justice department officials tainted the officers' trial by posting inflammatory comments about the case online under fake names. 5:19. a narrow escape. how this man cheated death on the train tracks. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. one giant says something he hasn't done since may. and josh reddick looks to help the a's lower that magic number. a thrilling finish at coming up. >> ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and it's all caught on vide watch as he walks through a closed safety gate... and r in front of an express trai the 20- year- old man was grazed, but somehow survive and kept on walking. this a man escaped death in australia. he walked through a safety gate and in front of an express train. >> oh. >> the 20-year-old survived was
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grazed and kept on walking. he has been to court and fined about $2,000. the train's driver was traumatized and had to take leave from work. good morning, everybody. the tarps are coming off. the a's announced yesterday that the third deck will be open to the public during the play-offs increasing the capacity at to 48,000 people. only a shade over 18,000 last night to see the a's and the angels. grace struck out mike trout with runners in scoring position. six innings of work for graves. backed by great defense. look at reddick to keep the score at 1. angels threatening get. hamilton with a chance to give the halos the lead but he struck out and the a's win in the 9th inning, by a final count of 2-1. new york week tonight against the mets tied at 4, the former met angel pagan that's his first home run since the inside the park job in may.
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giants beat the mets 8-5. buckshaw, martin chavez, that's the great corner pocket. earthquakes beat the impact 3- nil. america's cup racing cancels today on the day due to winds up to 25 knots so they are going to resume today with new zealand needing just two more wins to take the cup. we'll be out there to see if u.s. can stay alive. so the a's magic number is down to 6. and don't forget the 49ers and colts sunday kpix 5. so get ready for that one of the that's it, everybody. i'm dennis o'donnell. we'll see up tonight. play of the day major league baseball brett lowry makes a nice diving stab to get his man. there he goes. from third to first. got him. good enough for the play of the day. blue jays beat the yankees 2-0 the final in toronto. we know football is back in action and never has greater attention been paid to player
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safety really at all levels. several high schools are cross the country are investing in these funny looking helmets called guardian caps. the company that makes them says the caps reduced the, of the impact of a blow to the head by as much as 33%. >> there's no way to prevent a concussion, no way at all. but what these -- it's a pad that sits on top of the helmet for an extra layer and we're confident to having that extra layer will provide a little more protection for our players. >> this team in ohio uses the guardian caps in practice. it's not just high schools. the product is catching on in the college ranks now. each cap costs about $50. >> good idea. it is 5:25 now. cutting into crime. why the city of san jose is putting up razor wire on its overpasses. >> another green technology company in the bay area backed by the feds is bankrupt. the $100 million gamble that just went bust. >> and we're learning one of the victims in the navy yard
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shooting had a bay area connection. we'll bring you the latest in the investigation and share some of the victims' stories. ,,
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[ telephone rings ] good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald i want him to be known as a dad above the victim of a shooting because he was a great dad for all of us. >> family members of the victims of monday's deadly navy yard shooting search for answers as new details about the gunman's mental state emerge. plus -- >> it is more emotional the fear of walking down the street and -- and -- and having this just sense of being hit by a car all the time. >> adding insult to injuries, what a driver did after hitting a blind man and service dog.
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>> a comeback around the bay area today not as windy either, with sun coming back. chance of showers on friday. we'll talk about it coming up. >> and mobile5 is on the move showing us live conditions through berkeley. coming up a check of your freeways and the bay bridge toll plaza. >> good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. time now 5:30. new details in the washington navy yard shooting. >> we are learning the gunman was recently treated for mental illness by the veterans administration. aaron alexis has called police last month to say he was hearing voices and was being followed. police say they warned navy officials about the call but did not hear back from them. two days before the attack, he practiced at a shooting range and then bought a shotgun legally. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran with more information about some of those shooting victims. cate. >> reporter: 12 families are still grieving this morning and we're learning one is here in the bay area.
5:31 am
that would be the family of mary francis knight pictured here. she taught classes as a virginia community college professor or teacher, in addition to her work at the navy yard she just celebrated her daughter's wedding three months ago. >> i think nightmare would be a short-term. as family spokesman, it's been extremely difficult to witness her mother and father go through this. her father is retired special forces. she leaves behind her parents and two young daughters not even 30 years of age so it has been quite difficult. >> other victims was a sunday schoolteacher and 22-year navy veteran. his family says he was often wearing a boston bruins jersey and shorts even in the snow walking his dog and helping shovel driveways for his elderly neighbors. >> everything about marty just
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a great guy, you know, wonderful person, you know, father. >> and there were 62-year-old woman an animal lover and hockey fan nearing retirement. her husband says when he first heard the reports of the shooting he thought surely his wife was okay. after all, 3,000 people worked at the facility. and there were nine other families who thought the same thing. these are the families this morning who are grasping for answers as the investigation as to why this happened continues. cate caugiran, kpix 5. president obama says tougher background checks might have prevented monday's shootings. advocates in the senate say they are several votes shy of passing any legislation that would better prevent felons or mentally ill people from buying guns. the united nations investigators plan to return to syria next week to follow up on more allegations of chemical weapons use there. russian's foreign minister says the u.n. security council resolution on syria's chemical weapons would not contain any references to the use of force.
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sergei lavrov says the main task is to fulfill a plan for the destruction of syrian chemical weapons. police have released a sketch of a suspect wanted in connection with a home robbery in san leandro. investigators say he is one of two men who entered a home on britannia lane through an open window saturday night. police say the robbers woke the family up, demanded money and threatened harm. the family cooped and the two men took off. a blind bay area man is asking for an apology now from the driver who hit him and his seeing eye dog. albert was walking in his east palo alto neighborhood monday night when a car backed into him and the dog. maklin and his guide dog were uninjured in the incident but the person who hit them drove away from the scene. >> are you okay? i didn't answer her. i was bending down pick up the dog. she said will the me move forward. she keeps on the ground gene forward turns around in the cul- de-sac makes a u-turn and comes
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back toward me. i'm thinking she is going to stop. she swerved around me and speeds away. >> neighbors have been passing out flyers to see if anyone saw or heard the incident. part of i280 in san jose looks different this morning. there's new razor wire up on the railroad overpass near bird avenue to keep graffiti vandals away. officials say they want to do what they can to keep people from tagging and want to focus on painting over graffiti as soon as it appears. >> i am certain that any 17- year-old tagger has an inbounded imagination for how they are going to get on a bridge no matter what we did to it even if we were to paint it and super glue they would find a way to get there. >> chp is cracking down on
5:35 am
taggers in santa clara valley. there's a special task force on this. eye huge operation removed pot plants and trash. they have taken thousands of plants with a street value of 28 million bucks in the last year. 4 tons of trash was removed some by helicopter. including camping gear, propane tanks, pesticides and fertilizer. >> summer making a return today lots of sunshine outside. >> mostly clear skies. 50s and 60s now. by the afternoon how about this? we have some 70s and some 80s into the south bay. >> upper 80s in antioch.
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plenty of sunshine and a beautiful 71 degrees a gentle breeze in the afternoon into san francisco. about 78 degrees in oakland. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. towards the bay bridge, at 5:36 this morning. no metering lights yet but we are definitely starting to see those delays especially in the cash lanes. and you can see it right there. actually building a little in the left-hand lanes. it's unusual traffic pattern going on right now. but if you are a fast track user everything is at the limit. by the way that big rig is still blocking the eastbound 80 treasure island off-ramp. they are working to clear it so hopefully any minute now they will get that ramp reopened. in the meantime, we checked in with chp. it is still closed. southbound 680 coming into fremont, washington boulevard, couple of car accident there off to the right-hand shoulder but maybe a visual distraction so a few tapping of the brake lights as you pass the accident scene. southbound great highway remains closed sloat to skyline. pretty windy day yesterday once again they got to do their
5:37 am
usual sand removal. so heads up. northbound traffic apparently does get through and bart so far on time more than 35 trains on schedule. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. less than a month for bart and its unions to come to some sort of contract agreement. they have until october the 11th, d-day, to avoid another potential bart strike. and from what we're told, the two sides have a long way to go. the talks are long, the mood is tense, both sides blaming one another for not budging. yesterday was day 2 of ten scheduled negotiations sessions. unions offered a 17% wage increase over 3 years but bart says no way. >> there are people working late into the night. we're talking still $112 million, $115 million difference over four years. that's a lot of money. >> we're not here to play games or collect $400,000 from the public like mr. hock is doing and not doing his job. if he doesn't like to negotiate, he should go back home. >> lawmakers and governor brown
5:38 am
have expressed that they have no intentions this time of intervening in the process. caltrain is apologizing to its riders for problems that caused major delays this week. there were mechanical problems monday and tuesday on a number of trains. caltrain is using diesel locomotives and many are 25 years old near the end of their expected lives. "the examiner" reports caltrains plans to have an all- electric fleet by 2019. san francisco's transportation agency has approved a plan for a rapid bus project on van ness avenue. that means two lanes in both directions on the busy road will be dedicated bus lanes between mission and lombard streets. the $125 million project is set to begin in the winter of 2015 and should be done in 2018. in other news around the bay area on this wednesday, "star wars" creator george lucas is closer to getting his own museum. the lucas museum would include his $1 billion art collection and is one of three development projects being considered for a plot of land near the golden
5:39 am
gate bridge. the governor and film maker martin scorsese back the bid. students at san francisco state are planning to rally to save their school today. they are protesting the planned closures of the fine arts department glass art program. students say the glass program at san francisco state is the third oldest in the nation. 5:39 now. coming up, stuck in the sand. why people are banned from wearing flip-flops at some california parks. >> and armed and caffeinated. starbucks doesn't want guns in its coffee shops. the message it's now sending out to america. >> and talk about a wrong turn. crazy images of a smart car swallowed up in seconds. goglossophobia, is the fear of public speaking. ♪
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♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself. ♪
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just seconds before it was swallowed up by a sinkhole. madaline keeble says she dre through what looked like a r realize how a woman's quick thinking helped her escape from a sinking car before it was swallowed up by a sinkhole. she drove through a water main break, didn't realize how saturated the ground was underneath it. >> i saw water on the road and the security officer in his car at the corner and i made my turn and 20 seconds later i had water in my smart car up to my ears. >> well, she says her tiny car quickly filled one that water and that's when she grabbed her
5:43 am
belongings and took off. you see what's left there. a miss. >> it is a mess. a san francisco company that makes charging systems for electrical vehicles has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. ecotality makes charging and power storage systems under the blink and minutes brands for vehicles including the nissan leaf. it had received $100 million from the department of energy. but the company suffered from disappointing sales despite efforts to promote electric cars. >> the bay area has probably the most charging stations of any large metropolitan area in the country. across the united states, there's over 10,000 charging stations. >> the san francisco company released a statement saying while under chapter 11 protection, ecotality intends to continue to maintain and operate the blink network of ev chargers. one of the world's largest automakers is taking on tesla. general motors announced it's working on an electric vehicle that could go 200 miles on a
5:44 am
charge and cost about $30,000. tesla's model s is about $70,000 but tesla officials say in three or four years, they will have a car priced at $35,000. stock futures are little changes in morning after gains yesterday. investors waiting to hear from the fed today. wendy gillette from joins us with more on the business front. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. investors are clearly focused on the world's most powerful central bank. the federal reserve is widely expected to cut back its economic stimulus program today after a two-day policy meeting. analysts expect the fed will cut about $10 billion a month from its massive bond buying program. the program has helped the stock market and kept interest rates near historic lows. the feds will also update its economic outlook as well as its forecast for unemployment and inflation and fed chairman ben bernanke will hold his second- to-last press conference before his term ends in january. yesterday, investors shrugged off worries about what
5:45 am
the fed will say today. the dow rose 35, nasdaq up 28. starbucks says guns are no longer welcome in its cafes. the coffee giant's ceo says the move follows the growing frequency of starbucks appreciation days when gun rights advocates bring firearms to starbucks. the company says it hopes people will abide by the new rule but says it will still serving customers who bring in guns. starbucks plans to announce its new policy with ads in major newspapers tomorrow. toys 'r us has released its annual list of hot toys for the holidays so what made the cut? elmo that gives hugs, a kids' sized go-kart and an educational tablet from leapfrog. >> what are we about 3, 4 months away from christmas? >> already talking about it. >> okay. wendy, i guess the irs says budget cuts are having an effect on the agency? what's happening? >> reporter: yeah. the agency's inspector-general
5:46 am
says collections from delinquent taxpayers dropped in 2012 for the second straight year and part of the reason, budget cuts. enforcement revenue declined more than $5 billion last year and two billion dollars in 2011. back to you. >> thank you, wendy gillette, time now 5:46. let's check the roads with elizabeth. hey there. >> things looking better if you are traveling on the lower deck of the bay bridge now. eastbound 80 we had a stuck big rig out there for a while. they were able to clear the truck and in the commute direction westbound cash lanes are beginning to fill in. but if you are a fast track user this is the reason to get fastrak. look at that the middle lanes still getting by with no delay and continues to move well into san francisco. we'll let you know when they turn on the metering lights. in the meantime, all the approaches moving at the limit, as well. it's crowded in the westbound lanes of 24. this is past the caldecott tunnel where they do have two bores open this morning in the commute direction so once you get towards telegraph in
5:47 am
oakland everything looks pretty good even though we are starting to see a few more cars out there on the roads. a lot of folks are heading toward the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound 4 pretty tight squeeze as you make your way past "a" street 17 miles per hour. these are live traffic sensors. eastbound looks okay. they did pick up the full freeway closure that was in effect overnight as you pass somersville. 880 in oakland live look close to the oakland coliseum, oakland airport. headlights southbound towards hayward. so far at the limit. about 15 minutes in either direction now between 238 and the macarthur maze. bart systemwide on time. they should have a few more trains out there by this time more than 30 trains all reporting no delay. golden gate ferries also look good. cap train and ace trains 1 and 3 should be on time. that is your "timesaver traffic." for more on your forecast, we're cranking the temperatures up, with lawrence. >> back to summer around the bay area. looks like temperatures warming up very nicely outside today.
5:48 am
enjoy it. we have some big changes heading into the weekend. skies are mostly clear outside right now. temperatures generally in the 50s. by the afternoon, we are enjoying some mid- to upper 80s inland. you will see a gentle sea breeze today compared to yesterday. 70s and 80s around the bay and sunny and breezy toward the coastline. and temperatures in the 60s. low pressure kicking east and high pressure moving in going to bring with it a couple of very nice days outside. warmer temperatures for everyone. and not as windy as it's been so enjoy. this is probably the last gasp of summer and then things change toward friday. we have mostly clear skies at sfo. no delays expected there. if you are traveling around the country, we have the possibility of some thunderstorms into houston. also the possibility of a few more thunderstorms into denver and also chicago. sunny and bright, but keeping those temperatures very mild into new york. around the bay today, you will see 80s into the interior valleys, 70s and 80s inside the bay and 60s and sunny even out toward the coastline.
5:49 am
next couple days, probably warmer into tomorrow then the clouds roll in on friday with the clouds thickening up. a slight chance of showers friday night into saturday. keeping those temperatures down into sunday, as well. all right. it's time for your schoolcast. we have a very "cool school." this is valle vista elementary school in petaluma. sunshine to start out the day, temperatures in the 50s. 70s by lunch. time and 80s by the final bell. if you would like to nominate your school for our schoolcast go to we'll put that on the air. that's one "cool school." >> it is. >> i think they're double dipping. >> i'm visiting valle vista on monday and we are going to do a "cool school." >> they are letting you in? >> yeah. they have a pretty cool principal. >> now they have the forecast, too. >> there you go. >> they may not let her out. 5:49. the mother of that 11-year-old lung transplant patient has posted this video on facebook. it shows sarah murnaghan
5:50 am
breathing without any machines hooked up. you may recall the pennsylvania girl with owned stage cystic fibrosis received two double transplants in june. a federal judge had intervened in her parents's lawsuit challenging national transplant rules but it looks like she is on the mend. good news. meet the next generation jury room fighter and it's not a doctor. it's a robot germ fighter. a southern california hospital is trying out this germ zapper. it produces ultraviolet light and wipes out all the bugs in the room in a few minutes. doctors are concerned with preventing infections in their patients. >> it's a "star wars" type of concept, isn't it? you look at the device and think, wow, this unique. >> it's environmentally- friendly friendly because it uses a safe bulk without mercury. for people living near the beach, you got to have it. it's standard apparel. flip-flops, of course.
5:51 am
>> right. but one california beach community is banning people from wearing flip-flops in parks. apparently san juan capistrano implemented the ban without consulting the parks and rec department and everyone is upset about it. >> just flip-flops, which most of the people in san juan or a good percentage wear on a pretty regular basis. >> that would be a problem for me because i wear flip-flops most all the time. >> i think people should be able to choose their footwear and use common sense. >> the city says rules are in place to protect people visiting the park saying there's a liability issue that has to do with the ground cover under the equipment at most parks. the parks and rec department is trying to figure out how to repeal the law. britney spears is back. >> and the baby gear she used to fend off a bear.
5:52 am
and you could save hundreds." ♪ (woman) this place has got really good chocolate shakes.
5:53 am
(growls) (man) that's a good look for you. (woman) that was fun. (man) yeah. (man) let me help you out with the.. (woman)...oh no, i got it. (man) you sure? (woman) just pop the trunk. (man vo) i may not know where the road will lead, but... i'm sure my subaru will get me there. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
5:54 am
steer the weather is going to be perfect for a baseball game. sunny and warm for the a's and the angels. a live look at the san jose commute which is obviously off to a great start. we'll have more "timesaver traffic" coming up. britney spears is going to do a two-year residency at planet hollywood resort and casino with a show entitled britney, piece of me. it will feature 20 worldwide smashes from spears the pop icon estimated to bring in $15 million a year for the shows. she shows start december 27.
5:55 am
so get your tickets. >> i don't think so. hope she is doing all right, though. >> she is way up here. >> she is back. a woman vacationing in wisconsin has quite a bear story to share. a strong woman. staying at home in madison, wisconsin, she noticed her dogs outside barking at a growling bear. she says she grabbed the baby gate she used to keep the dogs on the deck to fend off the bear. her instinct to protect her pets just took over. >> i was holding it like this and the bear was right here. >> so i was screaming and the bear didn't really care. so i took the baby gate and i whacked it in the head with the baby gate and then dropped it and went running into the house. [ laughter ] >> apparently it worked. the bear ran off but did some damage to unwith of her dogs. her yellow lab needed a couple of stitches to close a wound from the bear as you can see. but it looks like the dog is wagging his tail. going to be fine. >> that's good. 5:55. next half hour coming up, new standards for taxis. what you can expect when you hail a cab.
5:56 am
>> all eyes on the a's. they have been doing very well this season. but it's not all smelling like roses. tell you about a stinky issue that recurred last night coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
for all those who sleep too hot or too cool, and struggle to sleep comfortably together, now there's a solution. sleep number dual temp, the revolutionary temperature-balancing layer with active air technology
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that works on any mattress brand, including yours. whether you sleep hot or cool, sleep number dual temp allows each of you to select your ideal temperature. and it's only at one of our 425 sleep number stores nationwide. sleep number. comfort individualized.
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>> i'll never have her back. >> a bay area jury recommends the death penalty for convicted serial killer joseph naso. >> very scary. >> a bullet barely misses a young boy in oakland as the city gets ready to hire 10 new police officers. >> i want him to be known as a dad above a victim of a shooting. >> we're learning more about the victims of the washington navy yard shooting as authorities continue their investigation. but the motive behind the tragedy remains a mystery. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> the america's cup is coming to an end but the bay area stands to lose more money than it's made. >> the bay area has probably the most charging stations. >> ecotality another green company in the bay area backed by the feds going bankrupt. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. >> exceptional play!
6:00 am
captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning, wednesday, september 18. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. developing overnight, floodwaters in colorado are receding although the state was in the middle of a drought. >> 14-year-old ebony hope peres has been missing from home for more than 24 hours. police say two men took her as a hostage after they broke into the house. new details in the washington navy yard shooting. the investigation is uncovering the gunman was an agitated erratic person whose behavior and mental state was on police radar. a police report says aaron


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