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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 30, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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windshield? a couple drops out there. tracking the storm system. not much to it. will we see more rain? we'll talk about that coming up. >> we have folks using windshield wiper this morning toward san francisco but wide open at the bay bridge toll plaza. i'll have more traffic in a few minutes. >> thanks. >> after two nights of loud music and dozens of arrest, people just want a peaceful night of sleep. more on the two day rav that invaded their neighborhood. >> a stream of 20 somethings wait in long lines. >> we're about to have fun. >> i promise you how rap and hip hop is, this is going to be the next step. >> this is video tonight from inside the venue beyond wonderful features dozens of
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high decibel djs attracting young music lovers in all shapes, sizes and costumes. >> you can be whoever you want. nobody judges anybody. it's pretty cool. >> these are some of the closest homes to the rav. you can easily hear the music tonight and residents tell me it was much worse last night. >> it drives me crazy. all the boom, boom , boom. >> i've never heard it that loud. >> police arrests 100 plus drunks and drug users in two days. fairly typical according to this brother and sister who works security. >> anything that can soak up some sort of drug, they'll use to get high. >> the promoters who don't like that kind of bad press, told us to take that kind of camera and leave. >> all we get is negative press, no sense in allowing you access. drinking and drugs may come with the turf, but most people
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herein cyst the rav is about the music, the fun and being young. >> that connection of love. we all love music . that's it. >> brian webb, kpix 5. >> mountain view police tried to help concert goers stay out of trouble. they gave them a chance to dump anything illegal. police tweeted it will do your body and wrap sheet good. lsd is being blamed to a violent ending to a party this weekend. paramedics and firefighters were called to a home about a boy having a seizure. they were greeted by a teen covered in blood who began to attack them. when more party goers got involved, they called for back up. >> developing news on the federal spending. at midnight tonight the current budget expires, that means the government will be forced to
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close many services not deemed essential. susan mcginnis explains why congress can't seem to find a compromise on a bill to keep the government running. >> reporter: a partial government shut down begins at midnight unless congress can reach a deal. the senate will likely vote down a bill. but in the final few hours, house leaders say they will try to once again weaken obamacare. >> a few other options for the senate to look at again. >> criticizing senate democrats for not working in the hours before the shut down. >> the senate needs to act. why are they waiting ? why aren't those doors open? >> democrat chris van holler says republicans have been stalling for weeks and bringing the debate down to the deadline is part of the plan. >> this was a calculated strategy to drive the country to the cliff and say give us what
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we want in the affordable care act or we're going to shut down the government. >> the president's healthcare law. neither side willing to budge. >> majority leader harry reed has essentially told house of representatives go jump in a lake. >> voted to abolish obamacare. not to change it . >> president obama has called a cabinet meeting for today to prepare for a possible shut down. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> on saturday, house republicans also passed a promise to pay the military. but senate likely won't act on that bill today. an aid tells us that bill would be necessary if republicans pass continuing resolution to keep the government running. >> a call center opens tomorrow. one of three dedicated to answering questions about the affordable care act
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and helping people find health plans through the new statewide insurance exchange. all uninsured americans are required to sign up or pay a penalty. open enrollment begins tomorrow and runs through the end of march. >> 4:35. get you out the door with weather. it's wet out there. >> one weekend. one nice weekend around the bay area. cold front sliding in . we have a couple scattered showers outside. kpix 5 high def doppler radar is picking up on that. a chance of more scattered showers throughout the morning. see some of that over the past few hours. not a very strong cold front. enough to pop up some of the showers. east of napa right now, light showers there. a chance of more scattered showers. cold front sliding on through. most of the energy headed north of the bay area. a lot of clouds and a couple sprinkles out there. the temperatures are staying mild in
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the 50s and 60s right now. by the afternoon becoming partly cloudy. a chance of a few showers north of the golden gate. let's check out the roadways. >> good morning, everybody. on this monday morning we're starting off with no big accidents out there. and light traffic no matter where you are headed. start off in san jose where 101 is looking good. highway 4, that usually backs up in the morning. so far, that is looking okay. and heading down the willow pass. the bay bridge drive is fine. you may hit drizzle and may be using windshield wipers this morning. no big delays. all of the bridge commutes are still okay including the bay bridge. no major construction projects overnight. all lanes are open for 880 and 92. and the golden gate commute, southbound traffic looking good leaving southern
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marin heading for san francisco. now to frank. >> thank you, liza. the family of the dodgers' fan stabbed to death makes an emotional plea at at&t park. >> i believe someone may have videotaped the incident and help us discover the truth. >> kpix 5's don knapp was there. >> i will always cherish the time me and my son spent here at the game. more than once that night, jonathan told me how much he loved me. >> his family and friends held a news conference to ask for help into the investigation into his son's death. the stabbing death came after a series of confrontations between the group of dodgers fans and a group of giant's fans. the 24-year-old denver was killed in a fight after a giant dodgers game.
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>> today i'm making a plea to the public asking that anyone who may have witnessed the incident to come forth so that both families can have some measure of closure. >> police initially named michael montgomery as a suspect and placed him in custody. san francisco police chief sounded confident that montgomery was their man. >> we do have an admission. they had him down there interviewing him a long time. >> but the father said his son acted in self defense. apparently prompted the district attorney to seek additional independent witnesses before filing charges. montgomery was released friday night and returned to lodi. >> we need those people to come forward and talk to the police. >> neither the district attorney's office nor the san francisco police department
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responded to our request for information. >> denver's death is the latest violent incident from the giant/dodger rivalry. ryan stow was beaten nearly to death. he suffers permanent brain damage and last week the giants raised about $5,000 to help in his recovery fund. >> the san francisco state student shot and killed after he got off an muni train was remembered in southern california. 20-year-old justin valdez was a swimmer in high school. a 30-year-old man has been arrested and charged with his murder. friends gathered to remember a teen killed in a car crash. kevin sahn was killed friday. police say the driver of the car was speeding and running lights when she rear-ended the family.
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>> police hopes someone can recognize two men caught on video. the homeowner mosted video. the men are seen knocking on the door and kicking it in. only then did they notice they were being watched. one of the suspects tried to smash the camera but it was too late. san jose may lift the ban on fire works. the sale of illegal fire works has exploded. city leaders are looking into the sale of safe and sane fire works there. 300 california cities already do allow them. >> time now is 4:40. the man known for the computer antivirus software squaring up against national security. the device that promises to keep the nsa out of your business. >> a beautiful tour around london turns ugly. why these tourists were scrambling in the river for safety coming your way.
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santa monica airport surviv. right now, it no one aboard a private jet that crashed into this hangar survived. right now unclear how many people were on that plane. the sesna citation was coming from idaho when it went off the run way. the structure burst into flames and collapsed. it took emergency crews two hours to enter the crash site because of the fire. more than two dozen tourists ended up in the river in london after their tour boat caught fire. amateur video captured the scene. 30 people were forced to jump in the water. no one was seriously hurt. the pacific northwest has been getting hit with rain. downed power lined left 17,000 people without power. wind gusts exceeded 50 miles an hour. high wind warnings through this
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morning from the canadian boarder. >> i was watching the game up in eugene. on saturday night, it was coming down in buckets. >> we're getting part of that storm system today. but we're getting the southern edge of it. not much left. still a chance of scattered showers if you are headed out the door today, be prepared. the temperatures staying mild. high def doppler radar making the moisture. light stuff focused north of the golden gate bridge. if you are stepping outside, the temperatures are mild today. mainly into the 60s. you have cloudy skies, drizzle. by the afternoon, becoming partly cloudy and still a chance we could see light showers outside. the temperatures going to stay well below the average in the 60s and 70s. you see the system. moving into the pacific northwest. that brought pounding rain. there's not a whole lot of energy left.
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looks like things staying unsettled today. mild and humid outside. and once the system moves by, dry weather and nice conditions in toward this next weekend. temperatures today, 70s and 80s here. high country looking at some showers. 69 in the monterey bay. not going to be a bad day. 78 degrees in morgan hill. 76 in san jose. and 73 in fremont . temperatures running into the mid to upper 70s. it's the bay you'll see the 60s and low 70s. dry weather and warmer conditions. sunny and bright conditions into friday and saturday. let's get out the roads now. >> we're going to start off in the north bay where the ch p is clearing an accident that happened about an hour ago. northbound 101 approaching highway 12. an solo spin out. ended up spinning into the bushes there. no lanes shut
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down. you can see the green approaching the accident scene. bay bridge commuting westbound traffic looking good. no delays heading into san francisco. also in good shape towards the oakland airport. both directions of 880 looking just fine. highway 92 over at the san mateo bridge. drivers are still enjoying light conditions. so early yet. 880 in oakland leading up to highway 92 is in good shape. no problems for this or the dunmartin span. you will see delays leaving the altamont pass. approaching and heading across the pass getting into san francisco. now, 580, you can see all the headlights here. it's already slow approaching and heading down the pass. and 880/237 inter change , that's been free and clear of problems. that's a look at mantra. frank. >> 4:46 now.
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the looming government shut down will hit washington the hardest. we'll notice it in the bay area as well. john ramos shows us the bay area stands to lose tourism dollars if the government can't pay its bills. >> reporter: with the federal government herding towards insolvency, not much is likely to be open. tourists may be surprised by what could be affected here as well. like alcatraz. people line up everyday to visit the federal prison which is a federal park. >> some of the stuff that's not important. >> nevertheless, come tuesday morning, the rock may be as hard to get into as it was to breakout of. a lesser known victim could be john mir's old
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home. jose says he's fascinated by being able to touch history. he says it would be a shame if this place closed up because politicians were delaying a compromise. >> we'll take care of it. and when the moment comes, oh, we'll take care of it. seems to be one of those moments now. >> at the rosy the riveter national park, haven't been told what to do on tuesday. the can-do message of this place seems to be lost on capitol hill. >> i think it's the government's job to look for solutions. to funding problems and not to inflict pain so that others can agree with them. >> it is ironic that political squabbling could shut down a place that memorializes a time when america pulled together. >> different entities come together to solve a problem. that's very important and a
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valuable lesson we can all stand to learn or teach those who haven't already learned it. >> in the 1940s, the government was challenging the citizens to do their part. >> there is a shut down, social security payments will go out and so will unemployment benefits. medicare will still pay claims but payments to doctors could be delayed. you'll still get your mail. >> he helped pioneer antivirus software. why not build something to stop the nsa from snooping on americans. john macafee said he's creating a device to stop the nsa from monitoring people. would fit in someone's pocket and sell for less than $100. the first prototype will be ready in six
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months. >> happening today janet napalotano will takeover. previously served as homeland security. the new job entails a significant pay raise too. $571,000 a year. that's three times salary for overseeing homeland security for the country. jerry brown is set tonighter the record books as california's longest serving governor. first elected him way back in 1975 and he served two terms then. he's about to pass earl warren who made it to a third term. stepped down as governor to become chief justice. >> a possible government shut down in washington is looming over wall street. the uncertainty gave stocks their first weekly loss since august. the dow fell 70 points on friday. it was the 6th losing session out of the last 7. the
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nasdaq slipped about 6. exon mobile will offer benefits to same sex couples. starting in january, recognize all legal marriages when it determines eligibility for 77,000 u.s. workers. exxonmobile is facing a same sex discrimination in illinois. airline passengers may soon be able to leave smart phones, tablets and other devices on during take offs. even with the changes, downloading data, surfing the web and talking on the phone would still be off limits. >> 4:51. coming up. another leap for space . what you missed that was literally out of this world. ,,
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checking out your high-def doppler radar. those are rain drops we're seeing. a chance for more scattered showers for today. we'll talk about that coming up. >> traffic is doing okay approaching this accident which is in the clearing stages. north 101 to highway 12. details on this and more mantra for you just ahead. >> 3, 2, 1. >> and with that private space flight company, spacex launched a powerful rocket into space. yesterday from santa barbara. carried a canadian satellite to be released into space. eventually carry astronauts to the international space station. >> also on its way, a 3d
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printer. would serve as a flying factory of sorts for space equipment and replacement parts. could reduce the need to load up every space mission with tons of tools and spare parts. the count down to the 2014 winter olympics is officially on now. >> started yesterday with the torch lighting. always so neat to see. the ceremony happened in greece. the 2014 winter game s will begin in february in russia. the first time the country hosted the olympics. will make a 123 day journey including a trip into space. >> 4:55. coming up, a mucky mess in a san francisco neighborhood. >> we could see a partial government shut down if congress
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can't reach a compromise. the impact it will have here in the bay area. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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turn up. we're about to have fun and rav it up. >> isn't exactly getting rav reviews from neighbors. >> today i'm making a plea to public asking that anyone who may have witnessed the incident to come forth. >> an emotional plea from the family of a dodger fan who was stabbed to death after a giant's game. a san francisco state student is gunned down getting off the muni train. friends and family remembering 20-year-old justin valdez. >> the current government budget expires at midnight tonight. many services will be forced to close. >> the shut down won't go unnoticed here in the bay.
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national parks and major tourist attracts will feel the pinch. from across the bay to around the world , the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> good morning, it's monday september 30th. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00. and lawrence, you got it right. gave us a beautiful weekend. saved the rain for today. >> a good say to sleep in today. lots of clouds out there. clouds and water vapor and seeing rainfall. light scattered showers north of the golden gate bridge. you can see some of that dragging on through. take you in for a closer look now. not a whole lot to it. just some scattered activity. that's where we expect to see this morning. some of the thick fog and light drizzle and light showers. we're going to catch the trailing edge through the state. most of the strong rain, couple left over showers and clouds. temperatures very mild and muggy
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outside. 50s and 60s right now. becoming partly cloudy. and temperatures in the 60s and the 70s. let's check out the roads now. >> on this mono need to rush out the door if you plan on making the san jose commute. 101 looking great. moving well both ways. we have live pictures atroeching trimble. there is an accident in the clearing stages in santa rosa. it's not delaying traffic. north 101 on the connector ramp. an solo spin out off to the right hand shoulder. bay bridge commute still looking great with no delays. the metering lights are still off. so far, no back ups at the bay bridge pay gates. no delays for mass transit. our ferries, bart system looking good. that's a look at your monday drive and ride. now to michelle. >> thank you. developing news from washington


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