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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 3, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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to do. >> i will too. thanks for watching. the next local update is 7:26. captions by: caption colorado . good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday, october 3, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." no end in sight for the government shutdown. what happened inside the white house meeths and will a break through come in p >> israel's prime minister tells charlie why he's skeptical of the olive branch and why the military is ready to strike in necessary. the designer deon is here in studio 57 today. what she says is the third phase of her remarkable career. >> we start with your eye opener in 90 seconds. >> the president reiterated one more time he will not negotiate.
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>> budget talks go nowhere. >> president barack obama met with congressional leaders last night. nothing was accomplished. 70% of the cia work force furloughed. >> where is our commander-in-chief? what is he doing? >> a violent accident that left eight dead. investigators say a blown out tire caused the bus to spin out of control. >> the most serious incident i've been a part of. >> the michael jackson lawsuit. the pop star's death by drugs. >> we thought he was competent. we didn't think he was ethical. >> tropical storm karen forms this morning packing winds of up to 60 miles per hour. >> prime minister saying they cannot be trusted.
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>> when iran has the capacity to make a nuclear bomb. >> that's right. >> death toll rises rapidly from a sinking ship carrying migrants off southern italy. >> this man went into a house emerged dressed differently. >> excellent try. >> all that. >> tampa bay rays moving onto the division series. >> look at this. taking the house down. >> all that matters. >> president barack obama is warning wall street that a default on the nation's debt is possible. >> is that the right dayway to look at it? they should be concerned. >> how long have you been married. >> it was recent. >> to whom are you marry snd. >> i don't talk about my personal life. >> this morning's eye opener is
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presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is on assignment. anthony mason is with us. >> nice to be here. >> good to have you. u.s. heads in today of the three day partial shutdown with no sign to end it. according to a poll out you this morning, 72% of americans think the dispute over obama care should not have led to a shutdown. >> 44 percent blame republicans for the impasse. 35% blame president barack obama and democrats. the president met with top congressional leaders yesterday m. bill is at the white house. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: it was the first meeting between the president and the congressional leadership shins the shutdown. it wasn't productive. afterward, john boehner told reporters the session was nice and polite but neither side
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changed position. the meeting with the president lasted just over an hour after word lawmakers blamed one another for the continuing impasse. >> my friend john boehner, i repeat, cannot take yes for an answer. >> american people expect leaders to come together and find ways to resolve differences. the president reiterated one more time tonight that he will not negotiate. >> in an interview that took place before the meeting, the president accused boehner of giving in to a faction of the republican party obsessed with the health care initiative. >> am i kpasexacerbated? >> absolutely. we have a situation where john boehner, speaker of the house, puts a bill on the floor to reopen the government level at current levels to negotiate on a real budget that allow us to stop governing crisis to crisis, it would you pass a. >> earlier in the day the president met with wall street
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executives that warned serious fiscal consequences if congress does not act. the goldman sachs leader says raising the nation's borrowing limit could harm the recovery. >> if wasn't doesn't flow in it doesn't flow out. i'm not anxious to be part of the process that witnesses it. >> on capitol hill james clapper testified to a senate committee the effects of the shutdown could be felt well beyond the economy since 5,000 fbi will lows face furloughs. >> each day that goes by the impact and safety of this increase jeopardy will increase. >> reporter: the president will once again call on speaker boehner to allow a vote on the shutdown.
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they're comfortable here at white house refusing to negotiate. both on the health care fight and to raise the nation's borrowing level. norah and anthony. >> thanks bill. on the other end of pennsylvania avenue the house and senate head this morning locked in the stalemate. nancy is on capitol hill. good morning. >> good morning anthony and norah. the big fight isn't over when to open the entire government it's whether to open certain slithers of the government. yesterday and in a couple of hours, house republicans pass bills to fund certain sections that the white house says it will veto. house majority leader canter explained why restoerg funding for national parks is at the top of the gop party list. >> it's a shame folks in this country who come to washington to see memorials can't. >> republicans rallied around
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park funding after veterans had to push pass barricades tuesday to visit the world war ii memorial on the national mall. the republican national committee even offered to pay for the memorial's upkeep during the shut down. the the park service declined saying the staffers who normally examine the request were furloughed without pay. >> why are you pushing for monuments to be open instead of head start preschools for low income children? >> that is coming as well. we are going to take every issue that is out there that we have agreement on and put it on the floor. we will pass the funding bills to go to senate. >> republicans also passed funding for the national institutes of health. tody they'll tackle national guard pay. senate democrats say they'll block the approach which they call irrational. >> why not put some constituents back to work? isn't that better than nothing? >> you have to open the entire
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government. you have to open rapid fire government. [ applause ] they'll do it agency by agency. >> democrats insist and many house republicans acknowledge if a bill were put on the house floor today to fund the entire government, no strings attached it would pass. house speaker boehner is under pressure for tea party republicans that want to hold out for concessions on the president's health care law than more moderate republicans that want to see this fight ended. >> game of who blinks first. thank you. a tragedy is unfolding in the mediterranean sea. a boat packed with 500 immigrants caught fire and sank off the island. 94 people are dead and many more missing. they were trying to reach southern italy. fishermen and the italian coast guard have rescued 150 people. the search for survivors
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continues. secretary of state john kerry said iran will have to prove it is not building nuclear weapons. >> it would be diplomatic malpractice of the worst order not to examine every possibility. i assure the prime minister and people of israel that nothing we do is based on trust. >> this is kerry's first response to a u.n. speech from israel's prime minister warning the u.s. not to trust rowhani. in the interview yesterday with charlie voed, he laid out his evidence. >> the first i think this is what is going on. this is not a guess. this is solid information. >> you have you sources? >> a few. >> there's a clear distinction between rowhani. he says we can get to nuclear weaponses with a smile.
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we can get to nuclear weapons with a frown. because sanctions are about to take a devastating blow on the economy that's already badly hit, he's giving rowhani a chance -- >> there's nothing in your dna to allow you to be prime minister when iran has the capacity to make a nuclear bomb under no circumstances would you allow that to happen? >> that's correct. >> does israel today have the capability to stop it? some people say yes the united states does but no israel does not. all israel can do is delay. >> you know something, i'll give you a state secret. united states has a stronger military than israel. don't shortchange israel either. i wouldn't go beyond that. i never do. >> do you worry at this moment while negotiations are underway
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frightened in your language? >> no. >> no negotiations are underway you can't launch an attack against iran. >> i want to talk about that. i formulated the principle. >> what's wrong with what i said. you cannot attack during the time they're negotiating, can you? >> i never talk about that. i did and do say what has been says time and time again including by president barack obama . israel is threatened by iran. israel has the duty to defend itself against any threat. iran would not be interested in having one por two bombs. they're gearing up for 200 bombs. their they're not developing those for us. it's for you. it's for you. >> you clearly told the president that didn't you? >> i don't have to tell him
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that. the american intelligence knows as well as we do that iran is developing icbms. >> i want to ask you one more time. is there know space between you and the american president? much has been written and said about differences between the prime minister and president. are you saying after this three hour conversation we're on the same page there's no difference, we have the same go ahead momentum? >> i think that at this stage what i can say is we have pay common goal. we've had it many years. >> that's always been true. that's nothing new. >> this is very important. publicly and repeated it privately, you said what we have to see are steps, actions. policy should be not to let iran. it's in no one's interest not ours or the u.s. not to let iran wiggle with the partial deal they macon sessions. you lift the sanctions or part
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of them then the sanction regime can collapse. this is an important point hmpt where is it the united states differ having negotiations with iran. the president says we have to see deeds not rhetoric. >> absolutely right. >> what do you differ on? >> we don't object to testing the diplomatic group. any country on earth threatening there iran nuclear weapons, it's us. if we can resolve this diplomatically, bravo. what is a deal that doesn't? >> and we are going to hear more from the israeli prime minister in our next hour. this morning the commander of iran's cyber warfare program is reported dead in possible assassination. officials say he was shot by two men on a motorcycle. his death is not treated as an
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assassination. since 2000 the ballistic missile program have been killed. the navy officer is relieved of duty in a growing bribery scandal. captain daniel is being investigated for an alleged scheme to swap classified ship information in exchange for luxury travel and prostitutes. another navy commander was arrested last month. stars and stripes officials boarded yesterday to remove him from the ship. the highway patrol is investigating a bus full of elderly church goers that barrelled across the median and slammed into oncopping traffic. it happened in tennessee yesterday. 18 dead, 14 hurt. passengers were heading home from a three day festival. >>. >> reporter: the crash occurred when the front left tire of the
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bus apparently blew out as it was traveling east near knoxville. swerving across the highway median and into oncopping traffic it truck a tractor trailer. the bus ended up on its side. the truck was engulfed in flames. >> in my 17 years, this is the most serious incident i've ever been a part of. >> reporter: the church group departed from gatlinburg tennessee and headed home to statesville, north carolina. a journey of 200 miles. it occurred an hour into the trip. officials say six ponte bus were killed, one in the suv plus the driver of the tractor trailer. 14 were injured, several critically taken by helicopter and ambulances to the university of tennessee medical center. >> it was a tragic day today. our thoughts and prayers arewith
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those victims and families. we'll continue to remember them. >> at the baptist church in statesville, members tried the to make sense of the tragedy that had befallen of so many fellow worshippers. >> this is a time of difficulty. we trust in god. we trust that he is there always. >> reporter: the tennessee highway patrol just ended the news conference. they are looking at the bus driver's driving record, qualifications and have not ruled out the possibility of mechanical failure. >> thanks michelle. the family of pop star michael jackson is considering the next move this morning after being dealt a major defeat in the singer's wrongful death trial. at stake, more than a billion in damages. los angeles jury decided the concert promoter is not liable for his death. >> has the jury reached a
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verdict? >> after three days of deliberations, the jury decided michael jackson was the victim of his own bad choices. >> michael jackson was used to getting his own way. he was a big star. he had doctors who wanted to be his doctor. >> the jury's verdict stated that aeg live the company behind jackson's planned farewell concert hired con way murray to be jackson's doctor. murray was giving him a powerful drug to help him sleep. the drug killed the pop star. the jury was asked if the doctor was qualified? >> dr. murray was unethical. he did something no doctor should have done. he wasn't hired to do that. he was hired to be a practical practitioner. >> the jury says you can't hold
7:18 am
the doctor responsible. >> michael jackson wanted the doctor. he made certain choices with the doctor. that's not aeg's fault. >> mielkchael jackson's mother and children blamed the doctor and seed him. >> the family asked for a million in damages based on what he would have made if he lived. the jury didn't give the jackson family a single cent. >> aeg lawyers never considered settling the case. >> they weren't going to be shaken down. >> jackson's attorney hasn't decided if they'll appeal. ben tracey los angeles. >> it's time to show you morn headlines. wall street journal the largest producer of oil and gas. the surge is fuelled by shell rock formations. boston marathon suspect may
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have gotten rid of key evidence after the attack. he threw out the the remaining bomb detonator and smashed his cell phone. the express news looks at texas senator wendy davis expected to announce run for governor today. in june the democrat gained national after tension for a 14 hour filibuster against abortion restrictions. stock dropped 6% before this video got attention online. this show shows an electric car on fire. the vehicle was hit by debris in seattle. good morning, things are starting out nice for a thursday morning with mostly clear skies and temperatures in the 50s as we like live over san jose with plenty of blue out there. it's going to windy today. forecast highs about the same as yesterday. 71 in san francisco, 80 for santa rosa and 77 in san jose.
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in the extended forecast, things will warm up into the mid-80s inland friday and saturday. winds pick up out of the northeast to about 40 miles an hour at the higher elevations . >> announcer: this national weather report s ed by new oxytrol for women. the fir and only treatment for overactive bladder. feds smash a billion online drug ring by going to the library. the blunder that brought down
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the alleged digital drug lord. millions watched the video of bikers attacking a man with his family inside an suv. this morning, there are new developments. his wife explains why her husband ran over the motorcyclists. jack ford looks at whether he could face charges. readers celebrate the life of tom clancy. a look back at his conversations with charlie rose. >> it's actually a victory. >> the news is back in the morning here on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for yourle local news. morp,ingmo need a spoon, dear? not anymore. ladies... kitchen counselor.
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investigating an early morning empted car- . your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald good morning, it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. san francisco police are investigating an early-morning shooting and attempted carjacking. it happened in the mission district around 4 a.m. no one was injured. san francisco neighbors will hold a memorial tonight for the seven monk and mother who died after being hit by a city truck. the zen monk was killed last month at bernal heights holly park. union leaders recommended it but ac transit workers rejected their latest contract offer. the tentative agreement calls for a 9.5% pay raise over the next three years. stay with us. traffic in just a moment. -- traffic and weather in just a moment.
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good morning. that motorcycle accident we were closely watching on the incline section of the bay bridge, it is now cleared. all lanes open. unfortunately, we have a big old backup behind it. it is kind of a mess this morning and it's jammed solid through the macarthur maze. a lot of the approaches are slowing, as well. if you are looking for an alternate, san mateo bridge might be a good one. westbound 92, moving well out of hayward and a new accident downtown san jose approaching reyes street. here's brian. >> weather starting out night with plenty of sunshine in the bay area on your thursday morning. right now the numbers are mostly in the mid-50s. 57 in oakland as we look live from mount vaca. 54 san jose. 49 livermore and 50 in pacifica so a cool start to your thursday morning but oh, we're going to recover and nicely. temperatures today top out in the mid-70s around the bay. and we'll have an update in 30 minutes.
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a biker led police on a wild chase in southern california wednesday. the pursuit went across several free ways and city streets. then it took a bizarre turn. the man ditched his bike and went into a house. moments later he came out dressed differently,
7:31 am
conversation with charlie rose and about his success and washington's failings. that story is ahead. >> a secret website that played host to a mavis black market drug ring is o uf off tu the line. as job blackstone shows us a crucial mistake may give investigators a very real victory. >> reporter: fbi agents entered the science fiction section of the san francisco library on tuesday and arrested the man, 29-year-old rossaz obrecht. he's the mastermind behind an underground drug market known as
7:32 am
silk road. >> it was set up to be completely anonymous, hidden from law enforcement efforts. >> the site was shut down by the fbi. it products included illegal drugs from heroin to location and also guns fake licences and hacking services. >> this is a website through which it's estimated $1.2 billion passed. >> the operation used a cyber currency called bit coins which are independent of financial institutions making them hard to trace. albrecht also signed them outside of the regular internet. instead he set it up which allows users to visit it
7:33 am
anonymously. >> it was a sophisticated electronic smoke screen and it took federal agents almost two years to infill trait albrecht. according to the fbi, albrecht not only want on to become the largest digital drug lord but with a twist straight from tv they allege he tried to put a hit on a blackmailer. they caught him because he failed to follow his own security rules. while checking tech help for the site he used his personal i'm and gave his rail name. >> it's kind of a fatal flaw if you're going to become a criminal mastermind but that's what he did. >> for "cbs this morning," john
7:34 am
oilt's getting it's getting attention across the country. >> you've probably seen the video by now. a group of bikers chasing an suv down the highway and attacking the driver in front of his wife and child. one of the bikers faced charges regarding reckless driving and unlawfulful imprisonment. he got in front of it and forced it to shut down. the driver alexian lien was with
7:35 am
his wife and child. the family was surrounded. after 15 seconds lien hits the gachlts about five minutes later after a high-speed chase police say bikers pulled lien out of the vehicle and attacked him. he received stitches from the hospital. the police has not ruled that out. jack ford is with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> i have so many questions. isn't there an amount of self-defense? can you do that? >> we saw it in a george zimmerman trial. ultimately he was charged. h we have to look at it.
7:36 am
cloirly his lawyers and even the prosecutors are looking at this saying is this an instance of self-defense where somebody got hurt. the standard is was your conduct reasonable? you can't pull out a gun and blow them away but here i'm sure they're saying he's sur rounded. he's terrified. if that person hadn't been there in the first place it would have never happened. >> let's talk about the motorcyclist. why has only one person within charged? >> they want to make an arrest. that's their job. they want to do it sooner. prosecutors will often take a look -- i go back to when i was a prosecutor -- look.
7:37 am
let's make sure everything is ready to go. so it's not unusual. and the prosecutor has said this, look we're going to take this to the grand jury but we don't want to be premature. these guys cruised by. they've passed by me. they're scary. there's almost a provocation involved here. >> if you look at the first guy charged, he's slowing his bike down. it appears he's trying for a p a confiscation. >> jack ford thank u so much. best-selling author tom clancy is being remembered this morning as mazz ter of a military thriller. clanlcy died tuesday night in baltimore. there's no word yet on the cause. he was 66. the lesions on his fans
7:38 am
remembers. >> he was too near sighted to join the military so he wrote about it. >> ju jufrtd va to thench of it. >> clancy was an insurance sailman what in 1983 he sold his first book for $5,000 to the military institution press. president reagan calls it the perfect yarn. the story later made into a film. a associate yet suck marine cab was looking to rirn to the indiana, kwmt red storm rising" and "patriot games" followed. he would right 17 number one new
7:39 am
york best hellers. as he told them in 1996 -- >> the book acquires a right of its own and the righter do. it make this femme sun too. >> sort of. >> whenl the book goes off in an unexpected visty. et wut a mattive tail. the perfect ee quinn request lent of a high tech video game. he later branched out. if clancy loved the pemt gob, he had little for the capitol. the difference between fiction and reality, tom clancy said, is the flex has to mamg fun.
7:40 am
>> i think he wanted to be and i think that's how he became one, and he ham an enormous following on among the military all over the kun trichlt the country. he didn't have it. >> he did it himself and he was a genuine publishing phenomenon out of. >> wre. whoo glow to the mfrm reince could legal you feelinging like you struggled a there trat edge sunshine injury. he surprises it was was a lom term stow lts. that's hi iowa head next on "cbs this morning." for those nights when it's more than a bad dream be ready. for the times
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in our morning rounds new research reveals the dangers of a hospital stay. a study finds nearly three out
7:45 am
of four patients treated in the intensive care unit leave with demean cha-type symptoms when they had no symptoms before they went into the icu. dr. jon lapook is with us. explain. this is really scary. what's going on in an icu? >> what's even more scarey is at three months a third of them have changes that look like alzheimer's or traumatic brain injury. after a year it persists. what's going on -- first of all, i should say they're very sick patients patient patients. severe infections or heart failure. they'd're getting sedation which can lead to delirium and in the intensive care unit it's very disyore yebted.
7:46 am
it's very noisy, machines going off, no changes in what's day, what's night. >> this is not just older patients? >> no. it's older patients too. we think what's going on is the understand lying illness, for example, can cause brain damage. when they have an infection there are microclots that can occur that can damage the brain. >> what can relatives do to prevent this? >> that's a great point. since 2010 when this wu done there's been a big movement, what can we do? >> cut down on sedation and try to have people be more awake, getting them up and around. there's a great story of getting them behind. relatives should come in and give them a sense of normal
7:47 am
environmental. bring their glasses, hearing aids, tell them what time of day it snies by the way, congratulations on the emmy. i should also say congratulations to you on the emmy. >> thank you. >> two big emmy winners kochbl good morning, things are starting out nice for a thursday morning with mostly clear skies and temperatures in the 50s as we look live over san jose with plenty of blue out there. it's going to windy today. forecast highs about the same as yesterday. 71 in san francisco, 80 for santa rosa and 77 in san jose. in the extended forecast, things will warm up into the mid-80s inland friday and saturday. winds pick up out of the northeast to about 40 miles an hour at the higher elevations. are we seeing a new era of divisiveness in washington or is this just another bump in the road for democracy? i we'll look at the truth of our
7:48 am
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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald good morning, everyone. it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. a san francisco man is behind bars accused of running a billion-dollar website selling everything from drugs to hit men. the fbi tracked the man they believe posed as dread pirate roberts and arrested him at a public library. one more week is how long bart and the unions have to negotiate before the cooling- off period ends. the two sides are chipping away at the $100 million gap between them. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:57 am
good morning. hopefully they will be able to clear this soon. we are already seeing backups heading out of san francisco. it's southbound 101 near hospital curve. four cars injuries involved a couple of taxicabs.
7:58 am
traffic is already stacking up on to the skyway and it was already a mess anyway behind the bay bridge toll plaza because of an earlier motorcycle accident. that was on the incline. everything there is cleared but it is a pretty big backup behind the pay gates jammed well into the macarthur maze and that highway 24 is slow all the way out towards 580. so definitely give yourself some extra time. or consider using alternates. the san mateo bridge looks okay right now out of hayward although it is starting to get heavy approaching the incline. that is traffic. here's brian. >> all right. thanks, elizabeth. we are starting out with clear sunny skies around the bay area temperatures going to warm up nicely today as we look at the pointy little shadow of the transamerica pyramid being cast on to the city of san francisco. 65 in santa rosa, san jose starting the day at 56. 55 in santa rosa. 77 later today. a look ahead windy tonight gusts up to 50 miles an hour above 1,000 feet. female announcer: the savings really stack up during sleep train's
7:59 am
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8:00 am
good morning to you. it's 8:00 in the west. welcome back to "cbs this morning." no deal yet to end the government shutdown. pressure is growing on republicans to make the first move. israel's prime minister says his country made a mistake it will not repeat. we have more of charlie's interview with benjamin netanyahu. diane von fuerstenberg is here. she's breaking new ground online. but first a look at today's eye opener @ 8:00. it was the first meeting since the government shutdown but it wasn't very productive. >> why are you pushing for monuments to be reopened instead
8:01 am
of head start preschools for low income children? >> and they're not developing those icbms for us. they can reach us with what they have. it's for you. it's for you. >> you clearly told the president that didn't you? >> the tennessee highway patrol says they're looking at the bus driver's qualifications. they have not ruled out the possibility of mechanical failure. >> attorneys had asked for nearly a billion dollars in damages. in the end the jury did not give the jackson family a single cent. >> the feds smash up a billion dollar drug ring. >> pretty strange that you put your name out there to become a criminal mastermind. >> he's surrounded he's terrified, he's trying to get away. unfortunate that somebody got hurt. but if that person hadn't been there in first place -- >> by the way, congratulations on the emmy. congratulations to you on the emmy. >> "killing jesus" the best
8:02 am
selling book in the world. >> the father the son and the holy ghost writer. gayle king with norah o'donnell and anthony mason. charlie rose is on assignment. day three and counting of the partial government shutdown. president obama met with leaders of congress last night but no progress. >> 44% of americans blame republicans for the impasse and 35% point the finger at democrats. the president spoke a few minutes ago about the budget standoff. >> veterans seniors, women, they're all worrying that the services they depend on will be disrupted, too. and the worst part is this time it's not because of a once in a lifetime recession. this isn't happening because of some financial crisis.
8:03 am
it's happening because of a reckless republican shutdown in washington. >> cbs news political director john dickerson is with us from washington. good morning. >> good morning, norah. >> with no resolution in sight this morning, i want to ask you about what's happening within the republican party. and yesterday i understand a number of senate republicans really rebuked their colleague senator cruz of texas saying that he never had a strategy and could never answer a question about the what the endgame was. is this now devolveing into infighting in the party? >> we had a lot of this infighting going into this shutdown. what you have now is a lot of republican senators against this strategy in first place saying basically i told you so. i talked to some about this. what gets them frustrated is they're furious at president obama when he says he won't negotiate. that has them outraged. they want to take that case to the public. but they think that senator cruz
8:04 am
have muddied that message by following this strategy that if you look at the polls leading up o to the shutdown people did not want to tie defunding health care to the government shutdown. our poll today shows that same thing. as angry as they are at the president, they want to go at him but they feel they've been distracted by this sideline fight. >> the heads of goldman sachs and bach of america were at the white house yesterday. we know wall street is really concerned about the debt ceiling being breached on the 17th. is there anything the president can do outside of cutting a deal with congress? can he issue some kind of executive order and bypass them effectively and extend the debt ceiling? >> i've been hearing a lot about this from smart people in washington that say look he can use the 14th amendment. there's a plan this he could mint a platinum coin. these are sort of break glass and get out of the problem emergencies. what the white house says is look, this is about confidence in the underlying securities that america's economy -- because the world has to have
8:05 am
confidence in it. if the president took one of these extraordinary measures to say it's okay to breach the debt limit, that wouldn't instill any confidence. it would be an emergency measure and that wouldn't settle the market down. now, having said that there's also political reason that the president wants to do this. and he wants this to be a congressional problem. congress has to fix the debt limit so if they even entertain the notion that the president could do anything it removes some of that political pressure from congress. even if they were noodling this they wouldn't let it become public. >> we heard a lot of wailing publicly. but you know a lot of people talk to a lot of people, are you hearing anything even privately that a resolution is in the works? >> no. it's kind of amazing. the meeting at the white house, the only thing achieved was they got closer and could trade their insults in person instead of through the television camera. so there is nothing happening in those private rooms. and then when you ask, okay i
8:06 am
know what your public posture is but how are you finding the exits here how do you create an exit for your tonight? it's not happening. both sides are fixed. >> pretty discouraging. john dickerson, thanks so much. when israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu spoke at the u.n. on tuesday much of the attention focused on his remarks about iran but the prime minister also talked about the israeli/palestinian peace process. in an interview yesterday, charlie rose asked netanyahu about the jewish settlements that many see as an obstacle to peace. >> i don't understand why you think building settlements in jerusalem is necessary. >> let me say. >> when the world believes it stands in the way. >> the world believes a lot of things but the world doesn't get it. >> i think the american president believes that. >> let me tell you what i think is the issue, then you can judge whether you agree with me or not and the same thing i say to everyone in the world.
8:07 am
the settlements and the territories are not the cause of the conflict. >> nobody says that but they are stand in the way of a solution. >> but here's the way we get a solution. they don't stand in the way either. 90% of the jewish population is clustered in the west bank is clustered in a tiny fraction of that land. it's not an issue. it's a bogus issue. suppose we just walk away from every settlement we dismantle everything, we walk away the way we did in gaza we walked away -- >> but that was not you. that was a different prime minister who had the courage to walk away. it turned out that it didn't work out. they came in and hamas continued. >> how do we know it doesn't happen again? >> in other words, the -- >> charlie, i got you. >> no, no you don't have me. the problem is that you can never do what? >> the lesson of gaza is the settlements, we tore up the settlements we disinterred
8:08 am
people from their graves. we gave the whole territory lock, stock and barrel to the palestinians. abbas, it was taken away from him in two seconds by hamas and iran and they continue to fire 10,000 rockets at us. >> we still have the palestinian, we have the iranian negotiations between john kerry and the foreign minister of iran, and now we have syria with the russians involved. everything is in play in the middle east. >> yeah. >> that's opportunity. >> some of it is opportunity. we have to be very responsible, buck the trend ss. don't go by fashion. if you govern by fashion and you govern by the kind of editorials you will get, you'll get good editorials, then you'll get wonderful eulogies. i'd rather have bad press and no eulogies. better bad press than a good
8:09 am
eulogy. we have to -- my responsibility is to ensure the survival security longevity of the one and only jewish state. i will do that pursuing peace, i will make and i'm prepared to make historic compromises. i will never compromise on israel's security. never. >> wow. >> i was just sitting here e-mailing charlie and saying fabulous, great interview with netanyahu. good to see charlie challenge him on some of those points and really informative. >> it was a really good give and take. you can tell there's mutual respects on both sides. let's have a charlie rose moment for a second since he's not here. in the last month, the president of syria, the prime minister of iran the prime minister of israel. who does he think he is charlie
8:10 am
all that mattered on october 3rd. the man found not guilty and guilty on the same day. do you remember who that was? it was a huge story. the answer's next on "cbs this morning." that answer that answer straight ahead on "cbs this morning."
8:11 am
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8:12 am
my side. it's so much better that way. [ male announcer ] have the right partner at your side. consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long.
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8:14 am
good evening. the crime was shocking the verdict dramatic the trial of o.j. simpson is over. he is not guilty. >> all that mattered 18 years ago today, o.j. simpson was
8:15 am
acquitted by a california jury after a 9-month-long murder trial. he was cleared of kill higz wife and her friend ron goldman. the trial and events leading up to it drew enormous tv audiences. tens of millions stopped to watch that verdict. i remember that. on the same day years later simpson was convicted of robbing two sports memorabilia collectors at gunpoint in las vegas. he's now serving a 33-year prison sentence. simpson could be paroled in just four years. we're here with designer diane von fuerstenberg. when did compromise become a bad word? something you believe in compromise. >> i don't like compromises. >> when did it become a bad word? >> we wouldn't be here of course, without compromises. i don't mean here in new york, but as a country.
8:16 am
>> maybe they need to take civics lesson 101. >> if we spent as much time on civics as we do miley cyrus -- >> ah. >> is there any compromise in fashion? >> i don't know compromise. you just have to seduce no? isn't seducing a better word than compromise? >> who are you wearing. >> i'm wearing dvf. >> we'll be right back. this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by party city. nobody has more party for less. nobody has more party for less.
8:17 am
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8:19 am
female announcer: save up to 35% on a huge selection of clearance mattresses. get two years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. sleep train's inventory clearance sale is on now. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ ♪ in recent days some believe that compromise has turned into a dirty word in washington. the author of the "don't know much about" series.
8:20 am
his latest is "don't know much about american presidents." just in the toyota green room you said we wouldn't be here without compromise. >> of course, a little over 220 years ago when in fact last week was constitution day, men got together in secret in a hot room in pennsylvania, no air conditioning of course windows closed, doors locked and they made compromises. that created the constitution. we wouldn't be here as a country. washington, d.c., as a city wouldn't be here without a compromise between hamilton and jefferson who did not like each other, but they got together and agreed on something that created the real estate deal that created washington, d.c. so that alexander hamilton could get his financial plan passed. >> what other good examples of a failure to compromise in u.s. history? >> the greatest and most tragic was 150 years ago as the country was working towards a civil war, we could not find a way to politically resolve the questions of slavery. it was a political and a social
8:21 am
and an economic question more than a moral question. and of course, that killed off 2% of the american population. that's the most tragic failure to compromise in our history. not all compromises are good of course, we go back to the constitution. one of those compromises said that slaves would be counted in the constitution as three-fifths of a person. >> i hate that rule. >> without it georgia and south carolina and north carolina would have walked out of the constitutional convention. so do you take that compromise and have a constitution? or do you walk away from it and the country never exists? that was the question they faced back then. it was not an easy compromise. people said it was a compromise with the devil for a long time. >> we're now in this situation obviously, in washington where no one seems willing to compromise. do you think something is actually different now or that once again we'll work our way through this? >> the long course of history says we'll find a way to work our way through this. as i mentioned, the civil war was the worst case of the
8:22 am
failure to compromise and it cost 2% of the american population between 600 and 800,000 people died. we had other times in our past where people refused to compromise over things like desegregation and it slowly but surely eventually happened. >> what about the language that's being used? i mean the democrats say republicans are acting like terrorists arsonist, people with bombs strapped to their chests. there's comparisons to nazis. republicans accusing democrats of killing women, killing children killing senior citizens. really acerbic language. >> nothing new about that. politics in america has always been nasty. thomas jefferson was called and atheist atheist, which was a terrible word at the time, a jo kobian, like being called a left-wing terrorist at the time. he was accused of sleeping with a slave. that wasn't something a historian came up with years later, that was a campaign
8:23 am
charge. politics have always been mean and nasty. >> thank you. ken davis, thank you. these are the hands of a surgeon. a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive.
8:24 am
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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald good morning, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 8:25. time for some news headlines. >> and we begin with some breaking news out of east san jose. a small plane just completed an emergency landing on the capitol expressway quimby road next to the reid airport. traffic tied up right now in that area. we'll have an update on the traffic coming up in just a moment. 7 days and counting bart and its unions have that one week to go until they go on strike unless they come up with an agreement. the chief negotiator says they are still $100 million apart. and san francisco police are investigating an early- morning shooting and attempted carjacking in the city. it happened in the mission district around 4:00 this
8:26 am
morning. nobody was injured. got your traffic and weather coming up right after the break. [ male announcer ] with at&t you're sure to get a better bundle. just choose the two, three even four services you want to build a bundle that works for you. [ female announcer ] call at&t now. choose a u-verse triple-play bundle for just $79 a month. get the same great price for two years. plus switch today and get a total home dvr included for life. [ male announcer ] with u-verse high speed internet, connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices to your wireless gateway and save on smartphone and tablet data usage at home. and now, choose from internet speeds up to 45 megs -- our fastest speed ever. with u-verse tv, you can record up to four shows at once with a total home dvr and play them back in any room. [ female announcer ] so call now to choose a u-verse triple-play bundle for just $79 a month. get the same great price
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for two years. plus switch and get a total home dvr included for life. why wait? call today. [ male announcer ] choose at&t and build your bundle. it's whatever works for you. ♪ ♪ good morning. once again, we're following this breaking introduce in east san jose. a small plane had to make an emergency landing. it landed on the road on city streets by capitol expressway. capitol expressway between tully and quimby roads. you can see it's just east of 101. we are waiting to see some live pictures but we understand that traffic is stopped in the area. they are rerouting traffic. so obviously, find alternates
8:28 am
while they clear that. in the meantime, here's a live look at the bay bridge. it's been a very busy morning. we had a couple of different accidents, a stall. it is jammed solid in all of the approaches including down the eastshore freeway. 45 minutes right now from the carquinez bridge to the maze. unfortunately, people are finding alternates and they are finding the san mateo bridge, so traffic is very heavy right now out of hayward. that's the latest from here in the "timesaver traffic" center. here's brian. >> well, they are having a slow drive on a sunny day. we have a lot of sun around the bay area and temperatures are beginning in the 50s. they will end in the 70s for the most part nudging 80 inland as we look live in san francisco. the temperatures right now 53 in san francisco. 56 in san jose. and just 44 at napa? it's still chilly up there in sonoma county. the look ahead, we are expecting temperatures to warm to 71 in the city. 77 in san jose. extended forecast, heat's on, winds up later today, strong northeasterlies up to 40 miles an hour in the north bay hills. an update in 30 minutes.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour our legal analyst jack ford knows both sides of the law as a former prosecuting attorney. he'll show how it's based on the real and sometimes ugly history of the deep south. plus sara marie gellar on her prime-time tv show. how life offstage got her ready for the role. that's ahead. >> this morning it's time to lookal our head lines. clinton tells "glamor" she and her husband decided to make 2014 the year of the baby.
8:31 am
call my mother and tell her about it. she asks every single day. >> the "new york post" says they're laughing off speculation that his fare may be frank sin a na. mia miaeia farrow says he could be her son. >> ty warner choked up as he admitted stashing millions of dollars in a swiss bank kupt. he faces up to five years in prison. marc jacobs is leavinging louis vuitton. under his leadership it became the most lucrative fashion house in the world. he wants to prepare his own label for an initial public
8:32 am
offering. >> deon von voss ten berg she call it is the wrap december. millions around the will still own it. determined to cree express her individualality he created elegant clothing. by 1976 she sold over 1 mill christian dresses by they'll calder her since cocoa cha knell. she was just in the right place at the rhyme title. dion's de new york magazine said her simple kohn jersey dress was
8:33 am
something that everybody lovend anwar anwar. in 1977 she put them back on the rack. today her brand is sold in at least 55 countries and has iks bradded to home furnishings. next here her wrap dress will be econic. >> it's so pretty. >> diane von furstenberg. good morning. great to have you here. 40 years. that's timeness. >> i think it has never happened to a dress before. it has lived generation after generation and it's always young girls who embrace it at the beginning of your life. as a matter of fact whenever i go, people have stories. oh, i met my first boyfriend, i
8:34 am
went on that. so tonight at 8:00 i'm launching something called dvf rap story taum and you can go there from tonight on on and send your picture with a story, this is what happened to me and you will be par of the wall of fame and in the books. >> you said the success of that dress taught me everything i know about design. what did you mean? >> well i mean, you know that drn -- i knew the kind wonger woman i wanted to be. that dress alaud me to be who they wanted to be. so it's been a wonderful thing. >> do you like diane or dianing.
8:35 am
>> michelle. i can't thing of a coolen time. when you look in the mirror what do you see how how do foul foy feel? >> when i look in the mirror i see my best friend. >> someone i can rely on. >> years ago you were married to a prince. usually when they mair a prince that's when e -- >> it ended. you mean on the fair tale. >> for me e began sfwl it began. what was its for you?
8:36 am
you didn't crumble. most women would be floored by that. first of all, it was mooi decision and that made it ease dwrer. i aren't ready to stand for the couple. i didn't agree with everything. i wanted to stand for who i wanted to. being enpen accident is very per fornlt. your first act was american dream, come back kid and now i mean bigz. >> and then the legacy. after 40 years i have created something formy and for my grand
8:37 am
children. anything i do is all about empowering women sand so that's guy. >> why do you think there ee's more heads of women that are heads of company? >> i think we're half the planet and shoup -- what happenen schajly ifrmgs tonight at 8:00 first the shopable haigout. goodell is a video chat with money their one person so you will be able to talk. >> you will be talking. >> i'll be tuquing and people can ask questions.
8:38 am
go on the google page at 8:00 tonight've terns. you can shop at a the siem time sfwloo yes. i saw you wearing google glass. most wienlt can noenlt. >> jack ford is in our toirl ta green room. whee hi's
8:39 am
♪ ♪ nice car. sure is. make a deal with me, kid and you can have the car and everything that goes along with it. [ thunder crashes tires squeal ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ so, what do you say? thanks... but i think i got this. ♪ ♪ [ male
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announcer ] the all-new cla. starting at $29,900. it sounds like a true story. a young law proffers and reporter combine forces to solve a decades-old murder of an activist. he's running for the highest
8:41 am
political office in mississippi. it's the kind of case that our legal analyst jack ford would talk about but actually it's applied to his second novel. it's called "walls of jericho." i say this movie because it should be a meerchlt this book took so many twists and turns. where did it come from? >> i spent a lot of time at oxford university in mississippi. i spent 15 years there. i have a lot of friends there. i came across the story of a 1955 civil rights murder rev reynolds george lee, shot guped to death after being involved in a civil rights voting movement. it was never investigated just a motor vehicle accident despite the shotgun blast. the university of mississippi
8:42 am
did this to regulate. how would the mississippi i know now deal with the ghosts of the mississippi past. >> so this is what it's about. the cold case. >> it is. people in places dealing with the ghosts of their past. how do you deal that when you're confronted with it. this coal place become ss. >> granddaughter of a klansman. i got to say i got a little uncomfortbling reading this. i thought, i know jack. >> and all of a sudden i think my mom who's 91 years old is going to read this. hit delete. maybe it will go away. i do think my children are
8:43 am
embarrassed. >> it's so well done and the names are good channing wallace, where did you get the names? >> they evoke a name and a feeling. i grabbed the oxford mississippi phonebook. i thought this sounds like the person who would be the trial order. >> this is your second book. did it get any easier? it did. i marvel at friends of mine like john grisham who does a book in six months. you learn what's the best time. >> when is it? >> later in the day. ty find ifky walk on the boardwalk it helps cheer your mind.
8:44 am
i thought you must have been a badass in the courtroom. really. i would be very sub kudued if i didn't like it. >> thinks i wanted to say. doing that part tharngs was the easy part. you'll always wrestle with it. >> you know the outcome. >> you can make it up. >> and "the walls of jericho" is now on sale. sara is
8:45 am
8:46 am
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] switch and add a wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. what's a sfek tack lar? >> it's a media attack. >> let dees that. >> they already did that. that's how we know that. >> i give it to the spectacular day. >> that's enough lauren. >> it will be even better than red bull's. >> you're literally saying adjective adjectives. >> we're in. >> it could be anything. >> sarah michelle gellar co-stars with robin williams. it's called "the crazy ones." 16.2 million watched it.
8:48 am
that's good. three days ago she joined us at the table. >> i remember from back in the day on "all my children" you played erica kane's daughter. >> and you now play opposite robin williams your dad. >> they're like that's uncle robin on a light bulb at a bus stop. i always say, robin william. i can't say anything else. those lines don't frost. >> what's he like to work with? >> he's -- you know it's funny. he's a juliard trained actor so he takes it very seriously. he comes in learning his lines and sometimes you have to push him to rif. you don't know where it's going go. it's going go places where i'm scared. >> so as you start off in the
8:49 am
number one position are you feeling comfortable or pressure? >> i feel pressure. when you're first out of the gate i always worry. it ooh's mary thop not a sprint. the episodes get better and better. we hope -- we're finding our way through it. i hope people keep tuning in to see where it's going. >> what do you think is the genius of the show. 15.6 million. that's a strong start. what do you think it is? >> david kelly. one of the greatest witiest smartest writers out there. jason who piloted "mott erp family." we have this great mix and what we have is really funny but it's also really heartwarming. >> you have said before being a missouri and working is hard.
8:50 am
>> working with one is one thing, but working with two -- >> how are they? >> they turned 4 and 1 in 24 hours and we moved and launched the show. >> you don't have anything going on in your life. >> you don't have any children putting on crazy outfits. >> we're in the tutu and leather phase and that's just my son. >> this new law in california where halle berry and jennifer garner -- i wanted to go. my poor daughter who at her birthday party did not want to pose for one picture because she's so traumatized by takepeople taking her picture. >> in the new law they say
8:51 am
paparazzi cannot take pictures. >> yet they did this weekend. they're outside her school and ballet classes. >> you guys in public on the red carpet you're fair game. >> right. and if you take your children that's it. it scares the other children. it yale yen yated the other children. >> >> buffy was huge in your life, seven seasons. where does she stand in your heart? >> it's amazing and time help. i am so brought to be a part of that show and now it's -- if i see it on prewound i can't remember each episode spej le. i don't know what i had for
8:52 am
breakfast and that was literally an all hour. >> you were a brunette. >> what? this isn't natural? that was also pretweezers, before i found tweezers. and i think my bump started long before snookis's. there's a lot of things going on. >> you look good. cleaned up good. >> thank you. did charlie talk that whole time? you can tell he was into that one. >> you can see the crazy ones tonight at 9:00. that does it for us. what do you say, gayle? >> the local news is next. we'll see you tomorrow. take it easy.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald hi,everybody. good morning. 8:55. i'm frank mallicoat. we got your kpix 5 headlines now. a big traffic mess in east san jose where a plane landed in the middle of the road. the pilot made an emergency landing on capitol expressway and quimby road about an hour ago. so far, no word of injuries. but as you can see, traffic is pretty well tied up. we are going to have an update on that coming up in just a few minutes. a san francisco man behind bars accused of running a billion-dollar website selling everything from drugs to hiring a hit man. the fbi tracked that man they believe posed as dread pirate roberts and arrested him at a public library. and one more week, that's how long bart and its unions have to negotiate before that cooling-off period is over. the two sides chipping away at
8:56 am
the $100 million big gap between them. 7 more days to take care of it. >> got your traffic and weather coming up right after the break. female announcer: the savings really stack up during sleep inventory clearance sale. save 10, 20, even 35% on a huge selection of simmons and sealy clearance mattresses. get two years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. even get free delivery! sleep train stacks the savings high to keep the prices low. the inventory clearance sale is on now! guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ you ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ cut! i have no idea whats's going on. maybe you're the original really big chicken combo with curly fries and a drink for just $3.99. why the cowboy hat? you're the barbecue chicken combo with two chicken patties, bacon, cheese, and barbecue sauce. you also come with curly fries and a drink for $3.99. bubbles!
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i have no idea what's going on. just go with it. this director's a genius. good morning. let's get back to our breaking news in east san jose. a small plane landing on city streets. this is capitol expressway near the intersection of quimby road. a little more than a mile from reid-hillview airport where it was obviously supposed to land.
8:58 am
the pilot was airport park against the curb. so traffic is actually able to get by okay. we are not seeing huge delays right now along capitol expressway. and they are getting ready to tow it. probably a good area to avoid in the meantime. capital and quimby. that's the latest from here. here's brian. >> boy, pull it right off in that right-hand turn lane, amazing. starting out with sunny skies in the bay area cool temperatures, cooler than yesterday morning at this time. as we look live at the old suspension span of the bay bridge, we see plenty of sunshine. forecast for today will hit 80 degrees in santa rosa. the winds are the big story. we will get very strong winds coming into the bay area peaks and hills tonight with gusts up to 40 miles per hour out of the northeast. that's a very dry direction. so red flag warnings will be posted tonight. extended forecast, nothing but sun as we look ahead temperatures warming into the mid-80s. a good beach day. roberta will be here at midday.
8:59 am
have a good thursday.
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