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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  October 6, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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seal team six on the job again... the operation that nabbed one of the world's mt wanted those members of al-qaida and other terrorist organizations literally can run but they can not hide. >> team 6 on the job again. one of the operations that nabbed the world's most wanted. what they are learning about the shutdown in washington. an airport security breech by an unlikely intruder. how a run away boy made his way aboard a plane without a ticket. good evening. the government may be shutdown but seal team 6 is on the job. the same special ops unit that nabbed osama bin laden captured another of america's most
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wanted. the raid in two countries that brought down at least one al- qaida leader. >> reporter: this is the neighborhood where one of the fbi's most wanted terror suspects was living. he was napped outside of his home in brood daylight. >> it was a big get and a risky get. you were going into a major metro area. >> reporter: his family said he just returned from morning prayer when masked men surrounded his car. >> al-liby's brother called it -- >> we want to know what he knows but not historically but what they are planning. >> the secretary of state, john kerry says it sends a message to all terrorists. >> we hope this makes clear that the united states of america will never stop in its
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effort to hold those accountable that conduct acts of terror. >> reporter: a navy team swam ashore and engaged in a suspect fight. it is not cheer if he was wounded or just got away. the mall attack two weeks ago. alexis christoforous, cbs news. >> there were no american casualty in either operation. we are getting word a fire is contained. it was burning in the open space area near marina vista. multiple agencies responded and an air tanker has been deployed to drop retardant. we are in the 6th day of a government shutdown. tonight, neither side is budging. the deadline draws near. both parties continue to put the blame at the feet of their
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rivals. >> the house passed four bills to keep the government open and to provide fairness to the american people under barack obama care. >> even after the senate rejected -- they rejected all four of them. >> the speaker said there are not the votes on the floor to reopen the government. put it on the floor monday or tuesday. i bet there are the votes to pass it. >> congress has until october 17th to raise the debt limit or face default. lawmakers getting an earful from the folks back home. angry the two sides can not come together. julia good rich is there where one congressman is encouraging his constituents to speak their minds. >> reporter: hi, ann, they did get an earful. he flew back to washington, d.c. late one night for a hall meeting. the 15th congressional district. >> congressman eric swawel,
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they wanted answers for the government shutdown and what he is doing to get the country's operating again. one community member who is a small business owner blasted obama care. >> affordable care act is a misnomer. i own a small business. in 3 years since the law has been passed my cost to my employees insurance has gone up 75% because the insurance companies don't know the answers. we got to cover our butt one way or the other. >> reporter: the congressman says small businesses under 50 employees not subject to obama care. the congressman says it he took two hours to take questions. >> i have called a by part tan group that i helped fund we have been meeting all week to come up with the bipartisan approach to this. >> and coming up at 6:30.
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the congressman tells us his short term solutions to ending this shutdown, he talks about the looming debt ceiling. he mys back to washington, d.c. first thing tomorrow morning. one thing that did draw a round of applause is when he told constituents he is refusing to get a paycheck until workers get theirs. juliet good rich, kpix5. the shutdown is spoiling a lot of weekend plans. some of the bay area's popular destinations are closed. visitors are not happy. how beachgoers and hikers are frustrated by what is going on in washington. bay area commuters on edge over a different kind of standoff. b.a.r.t negotiators are four days away from the end of the cooling off period. we could see another strike at midnight thursday. ann has more on what is holding up the settlement. the threat of a b.a.r.t strike is looming large. >> it is the thing, the whole area. >> the magic bullet.
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the deal between b.a.r.t's labor union and the board. >> the unions made clear to us that it must go their way or the highway. >> both sides spoke live on kpix5 on monday morning. >> people came to the table with shoulds instead of what can be done, what should be done. >> the last negotiation session ended yesterday after noon without touching on the big wages of health care. they can not agree on how far apart they are. b.a.r.t says it is $89 million. >> we argued on the numbers. >> we have moved and made many leaps. >> it is caving in or accepting a strike. where the board will come in that regard, i can't say. >> political insider, brown says things don't look good. >> this is deteriorated beyond anybody's real control. most of the time when you have these kind of labor disputes
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this are identifiable power sources that can ultimately be the adult in the room. >> reporter: it is the riders caught in the mid -- caught in the middle. >> the uncertainty, it is inconvenient. >> reporter: the two sides were adviced by a mediator to take today off from negotiations, they are back to work it tomorrow. >> because of the government shutdown, the federal mediator involved in the talks is working without pay. checking bay area headlines, pg&e says they will shutdown an aging pipe finely san car loss. they had memos surfacing and questions the integrity. it runs under britain avenue. we will hear from both sides at six:30. a violent crash claimed the
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life in san jose. the fire department tweeted this picture of a car split in half by the impact. it happened just before 2:00 a.m. at blossom hill road. former president jimmy carter and his wife are in the bay area with a special habitat for humanity event. they will be working on a project tomorrow in oakland at the court development. they are celebrating the 30th anniversary of habitat for humanity, leading 3,000 volunteers in project buildings from coast to coast. >> an unbelievable breech in airport security. >> i can not think a child unattended to would get on board. >> how a 9-year-old hopped aboard a flight to texas. a tragedy at a monster truck show. the accident that left 8 dead and the one thing that the authorities say could have saved lives. a 3-time indy 500 driver
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three children. hundreds of people had gathered at the event near
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chihuahua in northern mexic am a monster truck driver involved in a crash that killed 8 people including three children. hundreds gathered in northern mexico. the driver climbed a dirt mound and then going into the crowd. nearly 80 people were hurt. the authorities say that the track lacked safety bear kwrors, the driver is questioned and checked for drugs and alcohol. 50 people are dead in the latest crashes between islamic protesters and government protesters in egypt. muslim brother hood supporters met resistance from police who fired tear gas. the sup potters are demanding the reenstatement of morse. they resemble combat zones after street battles raged for hours. >> the state and federal aviation are investigating a breech in security in minneapolis. last week a young run away snuck aboard a night.
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nobody noticed until the plane was airborne. >> airport security is tighter than of. and yet, last thursday, a 9- year-old boy is suspected of sneaking passed the security checkpoint and on to delta flight 1651. headed to las vegas. >> that is shocking. it is craze tow me. >> the plane left minneapolis with a boy for a run away on trip cities. finally questioned and stopped in nevada. the airport officials tell us surveillance footage shows us the 9-year-old likely passed through the airport without a boarding pass. in a brief statement delta said we are investigating the incident. >> it crazy. i have an 8-year-old son so that freaked me out. >> reporter: a travel expert calls it a major lapse on many levels. >> the flight crew, then the gate agent, then tsa. >> they research the commercial air travel industry and all of
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the rules and regulation. >> all af this since september 11th has been to keep us safer and it has. still we have -- all of this since september 11th has been to keep us safe, and it has. but we still have this. >> stowaways are rare especially with children. the boy has been returned to the twin cities. we want to take a minute to mention a special honor for one of our colleagues. leonard mirise and family were given an warbgs an -- leonard ramirez family who were given an award for their outstanding work in the community. their children are following in their parent's footsteps. tonight does not look bad,
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numbers will still be in the 70s. things are changing as we look towards san francisco. we have the forecast coming up for you after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,
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we couldn't just move the tv wherever we wanted. yeah, our birthday entertainment was a mathemagician. because if there's anything that improves magic, it's math. the only thing he taught us was how to subtract kids from a party. ♪ let's get some cake in you. i could go for some cake. [ male announcer ] switch and add a wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. drew serious runners, party animals, and music lovers tn jose today. thousands turned out for the race, which went through e and several the rock 'n' roll half marathon is for serious runners, party animals and music lovers. thousands turned out for the thraeus went through downtown -- turned out for the race that went through downtown and several other neighborhoods. the fastest times for a cal -- california marathon. >> it was a beautiful day for
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it. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> some high clouds thought today. a sign of things to come with, with cooler air on the way for the bay area. but we still have a nice monday to get away with. midweek things will change as we look at the high clouds. they are over ocean beach right now. still 81 degrees. we are approaching 6:00 tonight. 81 in oakland, san francisco, 79 degrees. 81 in san jose and 83 at santa rosa. the warm weather, though, will be a thing of the past and the first indication of that is the wind directions have changed from mainly out of the east to out of the northwest or in part the southwest. livermore still has easterly winds out here at 9. elsewhere in the bay area cooler direction for redwood city. a struggle in the atmosphere to remace those very warm and dry off shore winds with a more moist flow. southwesterly and napa at 5 miles an hour. the next couple of days, getting more of a sea breeze and it will cool things down. >> tonight, can you believe
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they are playing at 8:35 tonight? they are the raiders? >> yes, that is right. >> the game time temperatures warmer than it is in the day time. 63 degrees. that is nuts. as you are watching that game on the east coast you will be up late. another warm one for us, tuesday, cooler midweek, the numbers will come down into below 70s inland. satellite radar is showing us that the low pressure is finally going to begin to nudge the high pressure ridge over the coast. east as it does we get sunny as it does. tomorrow looks nice. but, again, the pressure folds in the atmosphere the numbers will come right down with it and big time. kind of for fun. look at tahoe, part he cloudy, winds out of the south/southwest. midweek it will be only 44 degrees at lake tahoe and a slight chance at the upper elevations of snow. so, the bottom line is, things are going to change, big time this week in terms of the
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numbers. 73 at sfo tomorrow and elsewhere, rain in chicago, new york will get rain on tuesday. tomorrow looks okay. 77 at new york. and for us, here is how it looks. san jose, 79. over in the east bay, still, middle 80s will do it for monday and in the north bay, not bad. sanfrancisco, 67. in the extended forecast. yes. the numbers collapsed into the upper 70s, low 70s inland only in the middle 60s around the bay by the latter half of the week. >> things will warm up a little bit. sprinkle oned with, we will see. right now, does not like that tough. >> all righty. >> now, a lot of us are thinking about football, baseball, you are thinking golf? >> yes. i am i love the president's cub. they are bonding together and face the international team and tiger woods had a chance to clinch the president's cup today and there was plenty of oh here, can anyone stop peyton
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female announcer: closed captioning female announcer: brought to you by sleep train mattress centers. accident today in houston.. franchitti went airbourne io the fence when his car clipa fellow driver's car around a turn. debris went flying everywhere, dario franchitti is resting in a hospital after an accident. his car went air born when his car hit a fellow driver's car. debris went every where. some injured spectators. the husband of ashley judd suffered two broken vertebrae and a fractured ankle. he will be okay. things were not safer in kansas city. montoyiobushed busch causing him to spin out. the second record for busch and this one knocked hip out of the
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race. vickers lost control in the 55 carrot turn and goes right into the wall. this were 15 cautions in this. a new sprint record. in kansas speedway. kevin harvick avoided the carnage all afternoon and takes the checkered flag for the third win of the year. vaulting him into 3rd place in the chase for the cup. matt kenseth remains the points winner with 6 races remain. the walk off high in game 2. the a's mvp has that man. 23-year-old ricky, matt burr lander and 9 in the debut. >> i woke up this morning and let's come to the field and he said i was not planning. >> stay in bed all day. you can do whatever you want. >> reporter: you least expect what you see a young guy show maybe not all that much composure in every situation he was unbelievable. it was like he is -- they are
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coming up quicker, no fear, big stage does not seem to pwoergt them. last night, i mean he looked like a guy that pitched 3 games in the world series already. game 3, carlos could very well be the new mr. october. they are town 1 in the 8th. but pie rats did respond. pedro gets one through the infield in the bottom half of the 8. the pirates take the lead and the fans are loving it in pittsburgh. they have not seen play off baseball since 1992. the padres take game 3, 5-3 and they lead that series 2 games to 1. pryor might not be be the winner after all. he is on the short list of the teams interested in signing freeman who was released by the bucks earlier this week. they fired a big lead against them the first quarter. he falls on the ball in the end zone. but, they call it a safety instead of a touchdown because johnson did not control the
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ball before he went out-of- bounds. consequently it is a safety. it is two knows how it may of effected the outcome. they come all of the way back. there is the go ahead touchdown in the 4th quarter. seattle is no longer undefeated. alex smith and the chiefs on the road in nashville trying to remain undefeated. the 4th quarter. putting kansas city ahead with a 1 yard touchdown. smith had 245 yards and an interception. the chiefs beat the titans 26- 17. peyton manning and tony romo put on a quarterback clinic back and forth in one of the greatest games in nfl history. manning over 400 yards and four touchdowns, romo over 5yards and 5 touchdowns but romo always thoughs a pick in crunch tied. tied under 2 to go. interception. danny, picked him off. that was the game-winning field goal. broncos prevail, 51-48. this is the second highest
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scoring game in nfl history. broncos remain undefeated. 5-0. they both fell from the ranks of the unbeaten leaving the saints, broncos and chiefs as the league's only unbeaten team. >> rain was a factor for the 4th straight day. final round for the president's cup. team usa needing only 4 points to win. getting things rolling, sunk the long put, he would win. oh. >> and tiger woods continues to be the american's version of riviera. he gets the putt close enough. tiger earns the clinching point for the 3rd straight president's cup as team usa wins the event for the 5th straight time. so, get ready to close down the golf season and football season is just revving up. 3 teams and alex smith, you know, you have to feel a positive energy for alex. >> yes. tonight on game day, we will be discussing. >> tonight will be straeupg. you heard about start time 8:35
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-- strange. you heard about start time 8:35. if the game ends on time it will be a long night. >> it could go until 11:30 or midnight. >> it was a quick turnaround. i think the field will be okay. no weather issues but the football field itself. but it was getting the stands in place that is the issue for them. >> all righty. >> okay. tune in. it will be interesting to see if we are alive or not. a plan if san francisco for homeless to enforce city park operating hours is meeting with so much resistance, that is coming up at 6:30. we will see new half an hour. of course at 10:00 and 11:00. find your news updates on good night
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>> jeff: tonight the special operations raids in africa. one that is an original member of al qaeda. we'll hear from david martin and one of the prosecutor was was on abu anas al-libi's trail. a new death threat today from house speaker john boehner. >> the votes are not in the house to pass a clean debt limit. >> jeff: what a default would mean for the u.s. economy. selling obamacare, elaine quijano examines the new world of marketing health insurance. >> minnesota land of 10,000 reasons to get health insurance. >> jeff: an answering the call. don dahler talks to the man who refused to let america's oldest medal of honor wearer die alone. >> this is the captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."


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