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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 29, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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knowledge about google's mystery barge and any approval from the development authority. >> listen, we have been on this story. do you have any comment about that? do you know what's going on over there? >> no. they kept the secret from me as well. i was trying to see what the people were saying. they have done a lot of high level secrecy that even the mayor doesn't know what is going on. i'll have to wait to see what happens. >> the barge is hidden in plain view. it is four stories built out of shipping containers 70 feet wide and 200 feet long, yet no one is telling the mayor anything. >> i have been kept out of the loop myself. >> don't you want to know? >> i am curious, yeah. they are not forthcoming yet. i'll have to just be patient. >> also being patient is the san francisco bacon service and development commission which was established to minimize bay fill. >> the way we do that in part is by insuring that vessel that
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is more at one place can't be more for an extended period of time because that constitutes bay fill. >> bcdc might issue google a permit if the tech giant could prove what it would do with the floating structure can only be done on water and not on land. as kpix 5 first reported on friday, well placed sources tell us to barge is going to be google glass, the wearable computer. it will be towed from treasure island to fort mason. if it is out on bay water, coast guard should know what's going on, right. we came to the coast guard head quarters lookings for answers because we have put in numerous requests asking for the coast guard's inspection information on that barge. what we were told today is that the people who have the answers are all in meetings. >> so maybe we can hear from the barge itself. not kidding. a ghoul barge twitter account
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lab set up. one tweet referring to the bay bridge. the other a star war are also rebel attack. all very much tongue and cheek but still this is spreading around. everybody wants to know. >> very interesting part of the pier, too. >> the shipping containers, we have seen them used for houses, storage. even at the america's cup village they used quite a few of those to build the hospitality suites. it can be configured in many different ways. >> so something to figure out next time. how much free publicity is ghoul getting from all this? >> it's priceless. >> can't put a price on it. >> allen, thank you for that. in santa rosa, hundreds of people demanding justice for the teen shot rain killed by a sheriff's deputy last week. large crowd marched in the middle of the street on the way to the sheriff's office before staging a peaceful protest for andy lopez.
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when that crowd arrived, sheriff's deputies stood in front of the building in head to to riot gear. barricades were also blocking the entrances to that building. the funeral for andy lopez got underway just about an hour ago. our andrea borba is right outside. andrea. >> reporter: services started just a few minutes ago. you can actually hear the choir singing from where i am standing. andy's coffin was carried in by what looked to be school he aged friends and family from the hurst inside resurrection church here in santa rosa. as he was carried in, you could hear sorrowful hims being sung in spanish. the church absolutely packed. standing room only there as this community is still in mourning. >> i felt really sad, especially for the family, even for my father. i know it was his friend. it really hurts. >> reporter: now, the funeral for andy lopez, of course, is not happening right now as we speak, but the burial stand
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still very much in the air at this point. no set burial date or time has been set yet. we saw andy's parents and brothers and sisters walk in not long after andy's body went inside resurrection church here in santa rosa. they all had on t-shirts with his face on it. live in santa rosa, andrea borba kpix 5. >> andrea, thank you for that. authorities say today's demonstration was definitely the largest. our julia goodrich with the message they want to get across. julia. >> cortez didn't go to school part of the day. she wanted to join the march for andy lopez. >> with respect to his family, a mother should never feel the pain of a lost child. >> he was part of more than a thousand protesters who gathered at santa rosa junior college and marched down the street to the sonoma county
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sheriff's department. family, friends, students, and community members. some even oakland occupy protesters. when protesters arrived at the sheriff's department, there were barricades blocking every entrance, and deputies in riot gear standing guard. >> we need respect for andy and his afmilia. >> there was moment of silence in the crowd and then a call for a peaceful protest to get their message across. >> what happened here was not right. we need to do this in a peaceful way like cesar chavez and martin luther king, jr. >> one week after andy lopez was shot and killed, there is growing discontent with law enforcement and little empathy for the deputy who killed lopez, deputy eric gelhouse. deputy gelhouse has been with the department for 20 years.
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the sheriff says he feels terrible. he has been given extra security while on leave. >> there have been several threats made. we have to balance the deputy's safety with the understanding that the media wants to report and the public wants to know. >> there is growing anger in the crowd, and a call to lawmakers to take action and have a community review board be part of any officer-involved shooting incident like this one. >> reporter: now, the santa rosa sheriff's department is not investigating per protocol. it is actually been handed over to the santa rosa department to investigate. liz, the fbi is also conducting its own investigation. >> julia, protesters mentioned they want to take their concerns to city leaders. did they do that today? >> reporter: well, that was their goal today, but actually there was a city council meeting scheduled for 1:00 o'clock. it was canceled because of security concerns. employees were tally sent home at noon today -- actually sent home at noon today. in fact, there were a couple
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council members spotted in the marched to. >> julia, thank you. attempted murder charges filed against the man who shot and wounded six police officers in a violent confrontation in roseville last week. sammie duran, also faces weapons, burglary, false imprisonment charges. duran did not enter plea today. police say he ran from them last friday and barricaded himself in house as they try toad arrest him -- to arrest him on a parol violation. he faces life in prison under california's three strikes law. the woman charged in the dui crash that killed a menlo park couple is due in courted tomorrow after medical issues did that her arraignment for the second straight day. she complained of chest pain and the hearing was moved to today. but today it was postponed today. wrightfeld faces vehicular manslaughter and dui charges. she has a prior dui conviction and was on probation when
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police say she hit and killed the couple last thursday. her brother says his sister had a mental break down. >> she was unstable, you know what i mean. she been grieving ever since my mother died. i'm going to blame it on the grief. >> she is in jail on $2 million bail. private funeral service for the couple is tomorrow with a public memorial on thursday. other bay area headlines. some community leaders in san francisco expressed anger over a proposal to close city parks overnight. supervisor scott weiner wants the parks closed from midnight to 5:00 a.m. to prevent vandalism and violence. opponents call it a way to push the homeless out of the city. san francisco is about to have one of the cleanest fleets in the country. the city approved the purchase of 50 new hybrid buses to be used as part of muni's treatment they will replace 50 older buses. total cost, about $40 million.
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the los altos home where steve jobs and steve wozniak founded the first apple computers will be preserved. the city leaders voted to designate the houseless tour crystal. the. the first 100 apple 1 computers were done at steve jobs' house. transforming these run down homes into a cultural hot spot. how a bay area city best known for its technology is constructing its own little italy neighborhood. have you ever hustled to catch a b.a.r.t train and got to the platform to realize it's not your train. how riders will know if they real my need to rush even before they enter the station. the sun is now setting on another chilly bay area day. danville 64. santa rosa, one of the warm spots at 65. how cold do we get tonight?
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that and the 7 day forecast, coming up. how much is too much time spent staring at your smart phone? the new health guidelines regarding kids and social media. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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was home to it lost piece of bay area history is being brought back to life. it's the rebirth of a san jose neighborhood. years ago it was home to italian immigrants. kpix 5's len ramirez is live. the story of one of those immigrants and the quest to resurrect little italy. who knew, len? >> reporter: who knew that a pge would have been born couple block away from what is now this little italy neighborhood. many cities have little italy neighborhoods. many of them never lost theirs like new york and san francisco, but san jose sure did. now it is on the comeback and so is the italian american
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cultural pride. >> they are the students at an elementary school. >> ♪. >> learning to sing and speak in the language of their italian immigrant ancestors. >> we really wanted to have italian culture back in our lives. >> the ail preschool is one small piece of a grand plan to turn this corner of downtown san jose into a thriving little italy. >> bon apetit. >> this is an owner who wants to create authentical american business district. >> people in san jose, they wanted this so many years. finally, it is a dream come true. >> ail americans have a long history in san jose.
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one native son was a banker apge. he founded the bank of italy in 1904 which later pledged into the bank of america. >> apge was born in downtown san jose. ultimately transformed a small local bank. the branch is here in san francisco, into the largest bank in the world. >> there is now an effort in city hall to change the street name. and a nonprofit little italy foundation is building an average to provide a neighborhood gateway. the foundation has also bought several run down but historic homes which it is renovating. >> i think it is cool. they are doing something with them. >> these homes were part of the turn of the century and will soon be transformed into shops and cafes. >> i think it's important have food, art, culture, education. it's vitally important, i think, to a city, especially
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when you have so many ail americans who came here. you have to remember where you're from. >> reporter: san jose's little italy is definitely work in progress. it won't be as big as many other cities but it will be a nice place to visit. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix. >> part of that project is to build a piaza. the public is invited to help build it by buying an inscribed brick. individual or family bricks can be purchasedded for $100. >> now that b.a.r.t's contract issues are settled, it's focusing on a serious makeover. that includes new seats and signs to let you know when your train is coming before you rush through the ticket gates. kpix 5's john ramos on how bart is going digital. >> b.a.r.t has to replace its aging train cars. most of them are from the 1970s. so delay spent the past few years asking people what they would like. today at the west dublin pleasanton station it was all
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about the boat line as they tested three different foam seat cushions. >> -- bottom line as they tested three different foam seat cushionsny not too hard. it is just -- cushions. >> it is not too hard. >> he obviously liked it, and b.a.r.t says that is the point. >> what is it that people comb plain most about when it comes to the b.a.r.t seats? >> it has been, in fact, the cleanliness of the seats. that's why we're making the changes we have. >> so the new seats will be about an inch and a half taller and clean. because the seat backs are thinner you will get an extra amount of leg room. the old card board route maps will be replaced by digital displays. customers have told b.a.r.t they don't just want to know
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when the trains are rifing after they have rushed up to the platform. >> they want to see it right outside before they come into b.a.r.t, do i have to run or can i walk really slowly. >> so they began placing real time monitor screens at the entrance of the stations. there are 01 now with 10 more in the coming year. the rest will have to wait for government funding grants. but if you don't want to wait, the future is already available on your smart phone. >> you can go to bart.govny all an attempt to get people to voluntarily choose commuter train travel. when the new train lives, well, they are -- arrive, they are hoping the customer doesn't stand for it. john ramos kpix 5. >> b.a.r.t says the new trains won't arrive until 2017. but few demonstration cars will be put into service some time
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in 0215. >> this little italy story kind of got me going. >> yeah. >> little ravioli. >> comfort food. >> reporter: grandma's cooking. who is hungry now, right? whether your grandmother is italian or not, grandma can always cook. mother nature, a live look. we were very cloudy new mexico about 2:00 o'clock. you can see the atmosphere really began to clear out as that low pressure area moved out. beautiful view over san jose. mostly clear in the skies. beautiful shot outside from the pyramid looking toward the golden gate. no cloud cover out there. highed to, mid 60s for you. morgan hill and oakland. napa, 61. half moon bay 60. i have two pieces of evidence as to why we live in the best place in the world. here is sierra. it snowed a foot and a half over the past couple days. that's live shot. some ski resorts are going to try to open up maybe this
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weekend. within a couple hours, for mavericks. starts on friday. this is video from last year. they need 30-foot waves of regular intervals, good visibility and low winds. i don't think you will get that on friday, but the season opens up on november first. what have we not seen around here recently? rainfall. kpix 5 high def doppler dry again this evening. we have gone 0 for october in san jose. 0 for october in livermore. 0 for october since 1980 the first time. coming up tonight. frost advisory for you. lows will be in the mid to upper 60s. not a freeze but frost. near the water will be down as low as mid-40s. so the setup is that low pressure area slowly pulling away. the clouds are gone but that means the blanket that would keep us milder at night is gone as well. we will be chilly because our source of air is still coming
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down from canada. next couple days high pressure begins to transition in. we will still be chilly but we get sunshine throughout the day. thursday, halloween, trick or treating for you and your kids or maybe just your kiddies. high pressure building in. we will be milder with that sunshine thursday, friday, and saturday. the last chilly day for awhile will be tomorrow. concord 66. san jose 66. that's 7 degrees below average but warmer than today. oakland, 65 tomorrow. san rafael 67. it will not be 67 in san jose. that would just be bad. extended forecast for you, back to the 70s on thursday. halloween, first day of november, mild. saturday, 70s. here comes the next front on sunday. still no rainfall. we will cool things back down to the 60s on sunday, monday, and tuesday of next week. >> 80s and 90s we were talking about a few weeks ago, put that in the back pocket until about april or may of next year. >> i like it. thanks, paul. still ahead, stopping social media from becoming a
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is this flu shot necessary? it keeps you healthy during flu season. but does it hurt? nah. plus you get a really sweet bandaid! anything else i should know? here's a thought, try scoring more points on the other team.
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okay. even a warrior can get sick. kaiser permanente reminds you to get your flu shot this season. but a doctors' group is recommending new limits fors media. c-b-s parents know how hard it is to pry that smart phone or lap top away from their kids, but doctor's group is recommending new limits for kids and social media. cbs reporter tony lopez on the two hour rule. >> the same doctors we turn to when it comes to keeping our babies healthy now say an unhealthy habit could be leading our children into dangerous territory. for the first time in a decade, the american academy of peed yeah trick has revised its guidelines regarding young people and -- pediatric has revised its grinds on young
6:24 pm
people saying parents should allow only two hours a day in what they call passive time. the author says the eight hours on day young people currently spend is way too much. >> that's more time than they spend in school and more time than they spend in any other activity but sleeping. so, yeah, there needs to be a more reasonable number. >> easier said than don. this is an elk grove family therapist. he recommends once homework is done then it is time to negotiate. >> get your homework done and then be on the phone or online or gaming between that time and dinner. >> speaking of dinner, he says make that quality family time away from social media. >> it is almost to the point where some families don't even know how to talk to each other when they do have time together just because it seems foreign to them to sit together looking at each other.
6:25 pm
>> tony lopez for kpix 5. >> three quarters of kids ages 12 to 17 own cell phones. specialist say that parents can limit the data plans or pay a few extra dollars a month shut off their child's phone from 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. yahoo ceo just bought pal low alto's oldest -- palo alto's oldest funeral home. they are not saying how much she paid for it. 1.1 six acre property is a block away from meyer's addison avenue home. >> what the heck is she gonna do with that place? not something i'd like in my inventory. >> she can do whatever she wants. >> the move comes just after facebook's mark zuckerberg bought up hand full of properties in his neighborhood. facebooks logo has been given a makeover.
6:26 pm
campus is complete with a frankenstein look. why this is prompting the feds to take action against the own. why the graffiti epidemic in bay area city could be traced to social media. and, ton usual music video you play see the next time you fly. ,, [uncle]this is hopscotch,okay? uncle go one,two,one,two,one two,one.
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so yso you can happily let the grlife get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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complex... now at the cente a federal lawsuit. eep off the grass" now at 6:30, the restricted areas of a bay area apartment complex now at the center of a federal lawsuit. keep off the grass is taking on a nasty new meaning at a bay area apartment complex. now the department of justice is getting involved. the owners of the freemont complex say kids are causing too much damage so they are not allowed outside at all. what? kpix 5's don ford on the threat to tenants if they don't listen. >> reporter: at this apartment complex in freemont, stay off the grass takes on a serious meaning. the owner and manager say some of the children have damaged the common grassy area. rock and dirt in the pool, broken sprinkler heads, just
6:30 pm
too many kids running around. the manager made new rules and posted this note. it said, they still don't listen. from now on, no kids or guest kids are allowed outside. if our instructions are not followed, we will have to move you out. the tenants filed a complaint with a fair housing hudd counseling program. the director says one of the fathers confronted the manager after the note came out asking. >> what do you mean they can't be outside at all? are you telling me that they can't even be outside supervised if i am there with them? they can't even be out then. she said no. he said well, do you mean that we have to keep them inside all the time like they're in prison and she said that's exactly what i mean. >> familiest won't two on camera saying they are afraid of being evicted or getting their rent raised. project sential and hudd have turned the case over to the department of justice.
6:31 pm
thedj has filed discrimination against families. until the case is settled, the families are being careful. in freemont, don ford kpix 5. >> we tried talking to the manager of the complex today, but she did not want to go on camera. oakland is trying to erase its graffiti problems. the city's tagging numbers are 60 higher than just couple years ago, and it might be due to social media and taggers showing off their graffiti on line. kpix 5's ryan takeo shows how some are drawing in artist as customers. >> mike mccarthy dished out 800 bucks for muralist to pay this. >> it is a paint store. not that type i have paint, but kind of fitting i guess. >> he thinks that is a steal. >> saving me loot of money in labor. >> once a week his labor used to repaint the business' walls. mccarthy says it added up to 5
6:32 pm
grand in a year. he has heard from critics who wonder if the taggers he hired sprayed here until his patience ran out. he hopes that is not the case and stands by his new wall. >> generally it is not the muralist going out doing the vandalism. >> this is a muralist. his organization has spray painted more than 100 projects all over oakland. >> the mural itself is solace of violence. >> this one depicts the 131 murdered in city limits last year. mundo says the city is wasting more in abatement. mundo says it is covering up graffiti short term. >> we need a more proactive solution by involving muralist. >> some frustrated businesses who are not afraid to pay up, murals could be the answer. ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> it's important to note that mundo's organization does not charge companies. grants usually pay for the work. the san jose police
6:33 pm
department's gang suppression efforts appear to be working. from january of september this year, gang-related violent crime was down 15% compared to the same time last year. gang-related homicide were down nearly 43%. robbery down nearly 34%. overall in san jose, there were 33 homicide from january to september compared to 32 from the year before. but total violent crime is down more than 11%. some passengers are saying they'll never fly allegiant airlines again. kpix 5's mark kelly on how the airlines is now responding on the nightmare flight. >> the twice weekly flight is usually a quick 90 minutes. but at 9:30 monday morning, shortly after flight 1032 pushed back from the gate, cable controlling the front
6:34 pm
landing gear snapped. >> this is 1032. you just got pushed back into the gate. >> passengers deplained and were told secondary craft was coming from las vegas. departure time 3:00 p.m. plane number two arrived but also had a mechanical problem. passengers were told plane number three should arrive from arizona some time after 6:00. on board the third plane, there was this. >> low on fuel. we will probably be pushed out another 35 minutes. >> by then, passengers had lost all patience. >> been imprisoned by allegiant airlines. >> fed up. >> just before 9:00 p.m. flight 1032 finally took off, arriving in utah at 10:22, almost 13 hours after it was scheduled to leave. allegiant issued a statement saying in part, every effort was made to keep the passengers
6:35 pm
as comfortable as possible. we never want to delay or inconvenience our passengers, but the safety of our passengers and crew is our number one priority. >> reporter: three planes more than 12 hours letter, passengers did safely arrive late monday night. at oakland international, mark kelly kpix 5. >> allegiant says it gave passengers $100 vouchers and the option to cancel or reschedule that flight at no additional cost. well, it looks more like something you'd see on mtv than an airplane. coming up in tonight's consumer watch, why a major carrier wants you to watch this video. it is a big zero for october's rainfall. i am ann notarangelo in antioch w. have talked to water dis-- we have talked to water districts across the bay area. what they are saying about our water supply. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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expected to lose their currt health insurance plans undee
6:38 pm
affordable care act. millions of americans are expected to lose their current health insurance plans under the affordable care act. >> on our consumer watch tonight, julie watts explains how many people will be effected in california rather yeah. we're learning 800,000 to 900,000 californians will lose their plans at the end of the year. that's despite the fact that president obama insured americans that those who like their plans would be able to keep them. the head of covered california says many of those with individual insured plans will soon be getting cancellation notices. the they first said they would be grandfathered in, but an exclusion was later added so now any plans lose their grandfathered status. those who do lose their coverage but they will likely pay a lot more. people with spending less this year on halloween costumes due in part to the obamacare
6:39 pm
fallout and the government shut down. they estimate americans will spend about a billion dollars less on costumes, masks and decorations. psychologist kate yaro says lower halloween sales are good indicators that the all- important holiday sell will fall short. >> it is showing us consumers are a little bit wary and guarded. >> she says while holiday sales will not be like last year's banner season, they won't be as bad as years with high unemployment. >> in case we have to evacuate, we have a plan of attack. ♪ with no exits on this airplane, exits the in the front. >> and two in the back. >> and virgin america has figured out a way to get passengers to pay attention to its safety video. it has turned it into new music video. starting november first virgin
6:40 pm
american passengers will heat a flight attendant rapping and singing the free flight safety instructions. delta has produced two new safety videos with holiday themes. southwest is using more humor. >> people will pay attention. >> yeah. >> they're thinking out of the box. right now the airline industry could use a couple cuddos. >> you usually watch them during takeoff so at least there is something to watch. >> it will be in your head the whole flight probably. >> yeah, exactly. >> thanks, julie. in hot water tonight. southern california city of irwindale has filed a public nuisance lawsuit against a sriacha factory. people complain it left them with burning eyes and throats and haiks. it is so bad they want to stop production at the factory while the company submits a plan to minimize the smell. >> your eyes are burning, nose
6:41 pm
tingling, like you want to sneeze. it is like cooking chili in your house. >> the chief executive says if the factory is shut down the price of the products will jump significantly and they are already having hard time meeting demand. a judge is set to decide on the dispute thursday. the bay area is on dry well. is it time to start worrying about a draught? the progress report. rain might not be dropping from the sky, but temperatures are dropping. 72 on saturday to 62 in oakland. once we got cold, we will stay cold. when do we warm up? the answer in the 7 day, next. i am dennis o'donnell. coming up, why boston's key to the world series might be a hall of famer. the legends come to san francisco. we will tell you why one golfer's love of the game is literally skin deep. and, a woman's catch nets
6:42 pm
her 400 grand. you hooked yet? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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been any rain this month. bs kpix five's ann notarangelo
6:45 pm
tells us... local reservoirs aren' bay area wrapping up a dry october. there hasn't been any rain at all this month. as kpix 5's ann notarangelo tells us, local reservoirs aren't feeling the pinch just yet. >> if only these clouds contained rain. >> we have been dry since january. we had heavy rains last november and december, and then mather nature shut off. >> we keep weight for rain and thought maybe october would bring some, but historically october has been unpredictable. last year in the bay area, we got a third of an inch to inch and a half of rain. for the most part, that was below average. this year, it's been bone dry. chopper5 took these pictures today of the red voyeur where the water levels look alarmingly low and there's lots of exposed shoreline. but santa clara valley water district says other all they are 81% normal for this time of year. and marin reservoir is at 97% of normal. so why are we still okay?
6:46 pm
we can thank the storms that came in at the end of to 2012. >> what the early winter did for us is today the reservoirs are exactly where we want them to be, which is just right as p we go into the rainy season. >> east bay municipal utility district says they have 97% of their average storage. contra costa water says they are also in good shape. >> because of the storage that we have and supplies available in the delta, we're looking okay. >> the state regulates overall water policy and if needed would declare a draught, but there are no such mandates yet. but in california whether you're in the water district or not, you're forced to be patient. >> we're going to be keeping really careful tabs on mother nature keeping track of the reservoir level, the snow pack, the snow melt. >> our habitat changed. in fact, many water districts say their systems aren't as taxed because more people are
6:47 pm
conserving, which is good. bottom line is. >> we have enough water to use, but we don't have enough to waste. >> the rainy season in the bay area is november first through march so it will be spring before we know whether or not there is any mandatory conservation in our future. in antioch, ann notarangelo kpix 5. >> this is the first october in 33 years that weather stations in downtown san francisco, livermore, and san jose are all showing zero rainfall. >> no rain in our future, but plenty of cool temperatures. >> reporter: it feels like fall maybe not forker reason on the list. we have snow in the sierra. we have cold weather. no rainfall but it will be the chilliest night since easter tonight. cloud cover during the day. as we look live outside, the clouds are gone and the blanket is gone, so all the heat we gained will be lost back in the atmosphere. what a spectacular sunset. 56 in san francisco. oakland, you are the warm spot
6:48 pm
at 61. concord upper 50s. livermore 60s. santa rosa 61. chillydegrees as we head down to the 40s or 30s tonight. i will show you the video in second. look at squall valley. 14inches of new snowfall. skiers, if you want to go to kirkwood, this is video. we have the snowfall coming down in late october. one that is good for the snow pack. we like that. two, there is a big industry. we want to make sure those ski resorts are open the entire season and open early. tonight, your windows won't be open. close them up. maybe get the heat on, maybe start a fire. vallejo down to 48 tonight. santa rosa likely dropping down to the mid 30s. there was a frost advisory out for the north bay mountains tomorrow morning between 1:00 and 8:00 in the morning. sunnyvale, sunny in sunnyvale
6:49 pm
tomorrow. lunchtime, sunshine, 60s. still bit brisk. 64degrees. 565 students at ponderrosa elementary. the principal calls them ponderrosa superstars. they have a newspaper there. you have to do something first. go to our website toward slash school cast. nominate your school. we may put it on television. what we have been talking about is this big air the yeah of low pressure. gave us the wind on sunday. gave us the snow in the sierra. chilly today. tomorrow, we are still getting our source of air coming down from canada. so it is going to be cold out there. with low pressure moving out, high pressure moving in, tomorrow is the transition day. trick or treating, last day of october much warmer. highs in the 70s. good news for the kids going out in costumes. milder weather for halloween. the next front will get here sunday, but a few mild days between now and then.
6:50 pm
highs tomorrow, livermore 68. san jose 66. running still a few degrees below average. palo alto 64. 60 in the city tomorrow. san rafael 67. nevada sunshine, 66. back to the 70s for halloween. november, a mild note friday and saturday. cool things back down. little breezy on sunday with that next front moving in, but still no rainfall. dennis has sports coming up next. ,,
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
and it tees off at harding on thursday..kenny perry has a bigger lead in the points standings than the 49ers had over jacksonville. bernard langher would have to win the tournament d hope that perry finishes 6t lower.. ... perry is in the driver's seat after his drac come from behind win last wk in san antonio that gave him a 612 point lead.. was the 53-year old's first victory with his youngest daughter in attendance " " also at harding park, gene sauers, who won three >> all my kids are doing great. i said i was thankful they
6:54 pm
found their soul mate. as a father, you know, that is more important to me than anything, than winning a golf tournament or whatever, even though i like winning golf tournaments. also, gene sewers who won three attorney. s during a 22-year-old pga career had to learn the game all over again when he won the champions tour last fall. >> like i tell everybody, it doesn't matter that much anymore. gene sowers is comfortable in his own skin, but there was a time his skin was uncomfortable for phil matier. >> i ended up getting burned. got both my arms and both my legs. my wife took a picture of me one morning. back of my arm i had a black spot. she said what did you do to your arm. she took a picture of it and sent it to the guy at duke. by the time i'm driving up there it is spreading on me. my skin is just dying. >> doctors said sowers had a
6:55 pm
rare disease called stephens johnson syndrome. the cause, unknown. the cure, 57 week ordeal in the hospital. >> of course, they had to debris me, cheese grate me a couple times to get it all off. i was just -- if i had any kind of infection or blood clots, i would have been gone. i'm just luck i can to be here. that is a skin graft there. >> skin was taken all over the hefty parts of his body. today his arms and listenings are covered with scars. despite learning how to walk again, he was determined to get back to golf. >> i couldn't hit 5 yards, 10 yards. i was so stiff and humped over. i hit a couple balls out in the marsh everyday. hit five balls, then eight balls, then 12 balls. built myself up that way until i could do a full swing. first tame i went out and played i shot 71. i said if i can go out and shoot 71, i have to give this another shot. >> six years gone from the game, he is now firmly in the
6:56 pm
champions tour top 20. >> a dream come true. it is a goal i set for myself. i achieved it. now i have to make higher goals and go after that. >> yeah. check him out. tee off on thursday. the average price on the resell sell market for a ticket to the world series is 1900 bucks. red sox fans possibly seeing their team clinch a world series for the first time since wood row wilson was in the value office. priceless. >> i was born for this. >> move over reggie. he is born for this. david or has added another legend. incredible world series. 11 of 15 through five games. you know you're doing well at the plate when you stack up with barry bonds' performance when he reached base 21 of the 30 times and hit four home runs. >> that's why we call him coopers town. he does hall of fame stuff on a regular basis around here. you don't get to play with many
6:57 pm
hall of famers, but i'd like to call him a hall of famer. pleasure to play with him. hopefully couple more. >> thanks, brother. >> we'll see. >> slowing down second ranked oregon, just got a lot more channeling for sanford. senior gardener who is one of the leaders will miss the rest of the season with a pectoral injury. elizabeth, you're going to love this. linda williams became the first woman to have a winning catch in the black and blue moreland tournament. she pulled in a 774-pound marlin. she won 400 grand. the woman who came in second, another woman. >> oh. fantastic. >> isn't that great news? >> i love it. see you at 11:00. and you could save hundreds." call or click today. and why can you move the tv out here?
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: ha ha ha. how are you folks doing? thank you for coming, everybody. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and, boy, do we have another good one for you today. returning for their second day with a total of $20,000, from brigantine, new jersey, it's the russell family! [cheering and applause] and from westfield, indiana, it's the finnigan family! [cheering and applause] well, everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new stylish ford fusion. [cheering and applause]


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