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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 20, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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the next hour or so. take a tour of the totals around the bay area. more than half inch of rainfall today for morgan hill and mountain view. san jose three-quarters of an inch of rainfall. oakland an inch of rain. concord more than an inch, hayward two-thirds. downtown san francisco an inch and a quarter. half inch redwood city. this time the north bay didn't get the most rainfall. yountville about .6", petaluma two-thirds, sonoma one inch. in san francisco, the rainfall we had over the past two days was more rain than the previous 228 days combined. we'll talk about how long the shower chances stick around and when the next chance moves in. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> you got the numbers. let me show you more video. rain at its worst in san francisco. a downpour about lunchtime brought freeway traffic and our mobile weather unit to a halt. this was rain-soaked gridlock on interstate 280. not much better on 101.
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we snapped this picture of a flooded lane northbound. and the chainsaws hard at work this morning in san francisco's nob hill neighborhood. that tree came down during a storm blocking the hyde street cable car line. >> the weather almost toppled the power pole in lafayette. the lines came down at a construction site on second street near mount diablo boulevard at around 1:30 this afternoon. the street was closed for about 90 minutes while crews cleared the road. and a free day for students at silver creek high school in san jose. the storms sparked a transformer fire knocking out power to the school. all classes were canceled. silver creek high will re-open tomorrow. new at 5:00 the weather could be to blame for a series of underground explosions in san francisco. at least two pg&e utility vaults blew their covers on montgomery street between sacramento and clay. kpix 5's andria borba is there with more. >> reporter: you can take a look behind me right now,
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allen, and you can see pg&e crews still working, they are out there trying to figure out what the cause of this was and put the smoke to an end. >> there's a little explosion, a little fire and smoke. >> reporter: after a soaking 24 hours in the financial district, the opposite of that, when an underground pg&e vault exploded just before 3:00 on montgomery in front of the anglo bank billion. >> it flew up a couple feet and went down. >> reporter: the force of the explosion popped manhole covers and resulting fire no joke. >> that thing is solid so i'd say probably at least a couple of hundred pounds. >> reporter: smoke was also pouring out of another manhole cover near montgomery forcing san francisco fire to close the street. and pg&e crews to go underground to discover the cause, although the puddles covering the streets of san francisco might just be a hint. with all the heavy rains we have had in the past 24 hours, that might have had having to do with it?
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>> could be. that's what we were wondering if that's what it was, a big short or something. >> reporter: you can still smell smoke in the financial districters who later after those explosions. pg&e crews expected to be here for a while as they investigate the cause of the manhole covers to pop off in the first place. they have one lane of montgomery closed in the middle of the rush hour. live in the financial district, andria borba, kpix 5. >> today's storm was the first test of a new airport landing strategy to cut down on delays at sfo. this is a live look at the airport which normally struggles to keep flights on schedule during bad weather days. this new procedure is only being used at a handful of airports. mark kelly shows us how it works. mark? >> reporter: well, liz, for a good chunk of the day today, it's just been cloudy and wet just like this. usually that's bad news for airports but today, sfo used this weather as its first opportunity to test the new
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landing protocol in this wet weather, something they call casper. among bay area airports, sfo is notorious for delayed flights when the weather is wet and cloudy. the airport admits bad weather can cut the number of planes landing in half from 60 an hour to a measly 30. but a new procedure for landing planes hopes to improve that. it's nicknamed casper. >> it stands for closely spaced parallel runways. it's a new faa procedure that applies to sfo and a few other airports around the country. >> reporter: airports like boston and seattle. here's how cspr works. on bright sunny days planes can land at sfo side by side touching down on two different runways no problem. but when bad weather would strike, this kind of landing wasn't allowed. planes could only land in a single file line leading to long delays for passengers. cspr changes that allowing
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planes in bad weather to land staggered like this. a small plane paired up with a bigger plane a shorter 1 1/2 miles apart. the hope is cspr will allow the airport to land about five to ten more planes a day in bad weather. >> anything we can do to shorten the amount of delays we experience would be beneficial. >> reporter: no hard and fast numbers yet on how cspr is doing but passengers we found aren't delayed possibly a sign it's off to a good start. >> but so far, we not get any news of any message from the flight authority. >> anything to get us moving quicker would be great. >> reporter: sfo reassures me that using cspr is a safe landing protocol emphasizing that the faa has extensively tested it. live at sfo, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> fresh snow in the sierra today covered the tree branch ofches at boreal. it's one of the good snowfalls of the season.
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several resorts will open friday. you can track the storm in your neighborhood with our hi-def doppler radar. just go to our website, a santa rosa teenager is under arrest accused of stabbing a teacher. it happened around 1:00 this afternoon at elsie allen high school in santa rosa. unclear what weapon was used but we are told the teacher was not badly hurt. the student ran off after the attack. the school was on lockdown for nearly two hours though until police made the arrest. >> all students cooperated, we're very good about staying in the classroom and locked down as a safe situation we always, you know, lines are closed, lights are off, the teachers with the students and that's what we did to cooperate with the police. >> the student's name is not released tonight a robbery suspect on the loose at 83rd avenue around 11:00 this morning. two suspects held a victim
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hostage at a nearby home. da lin reports the others sparked a neighborhood manhunt. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. team members took cover behind a armored vehicle as they searched for an armed man at an elementary school. while police tried to locate the man in the pouring rain, students like 6-year-old josh were locked down in their classrooms. >> kids were crying because they are scared of something that happened. >> reporter: it was an armed robbery that led police and snipers to this elementary school. police there ran 11 this morning two men robbed another man at gunpoint near the school. when police got there, the robbers split up and ran away. >> first suspect ran in to a residence and for a brief period of time held one of the residents as hostage. since then, the hostage has been released. >> reporter: they arrested the first suspect. police believe the second suspect ran through the school
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during his escape. first grader john vete says it's the third time his school has been put on lockdown in three months. his father is worried. >> it's really frustrating when you have your kids at school you don't know what's going to happen. >> reporter: police couldn't find the second suspect. they cleared the scene and reopened the streets around 2:30 this afternoon. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> now, while police were searching for the robbery suspects, the police chief and the mayor were at an event nearby trying to raise money for a gun buy-back program. a burglary suspect went to a lot of trouble for very little payoff at emeryville. police say 42-year-old michael shea broke into an estate auction business at around 6 a.m. looking for jewelry. he didn't realize he made off with costume jewelry worth about $30. while taking off from police, he slammed into a patrol car and ran on foot, climbing on to the roof of a home and a school.
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that's where police caught him. the officer was not hurt in the crash. sean penn's meltdown at a bay area hotel. >> i'll make you eat this. [ censored ] >> how he flipped out on a fan who tried to take his picture. >> an astronaut, tv legend and former president. the special honor bringing them together 50 years after the assassination of john f. kennedy. >> a 50" flat screen for less than $200? we got our hands on the black friday deals. but there is something you should know before you ditch dinner to camp out. ,, ,,,,,,
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today.. after one of its evacuation slides accidentay ide the pl new at 5:00 a jetblue flight had to make an emergency landing today after one of its evacuation slides accidentally it deployed inside the plane. the flight was headed from fort myers, florida to boston but didn't make it far. the pilot made an emergency landing in orlando. no injuries to the 74 passengers on board. the ntsb is looking into what
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went wrong. sfo says it learned some valuable lessons from the deadly asiana airlines crash. the airport conducted an independent review of its emergency response. it gave itself high marks for cooperation and communication among first responders. but it says its triage procedures could have been better coordinated. the airport has also upgraded its website after it failed to keep up with the sudden surge in traffic following the july crash. hundreds of patient couldn't have surgery or chemotherapy treatments today because of a statewide strike against uc medical centers. [ chanting ] >> this is the picket line at uc-san francisco earlier today. two unions representing almost 22,000 patient care and service workers call for this one-day strike. it concerns a year-long contract dispute about wages, pensions and staffing. >> we have been telling the university forever that we have staffing problems, we're understaffed. we are putting patients at
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risk. and they try to shut us up. >> the uc medical system says there's no safety problem. but either way, five uc medical centers and nine campuses were affected by today's strike. and just at ucsf they had to postpone 50 surgeries. saving the city from super villains doesn't come cheap. just how much it cost to make batkid's dream come true. >> striking gold in one of the last places you would expect. the hidden treasure discovered in an airplane toilet. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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appears poised to reject itn contra after eight months of negotiations and two strikes, the bart board appears poised to reject its own contract offer to the unions. the directors are set to vote on that proposal tomorrow. but they say there is simply no way to pay for six weeks of paid family leave that was, they say, mistakenly added to the final draft. >> anything that adds cost to the contract i'm not able to vote for at this point. >> if the board rejects the deal it's back to the bargaining table again. and if the workers decided to walk out again, bart can't stop them. a former president, a media icon and the first female astronaut were among those to receive the nation's highest civilian honor today. 16 people were awarded the presidential medal of freedom
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at the white house. among them, bill clinton, sally ride, ernie banks and oprah winfrey. president obama thanked winfrey for her charitable work as well as a career decision. >> early in oprah winfrey's career, her bosses told her she should change her name to susie. [ laughter ] >> i have to pause here to say i got the same advice. [ laughter ] >> also among those honored, the late senator daniel inoue, he is only the second person to receive both the medal of freedom and honor. that's the highest award given out by the military. well, the medal of freedom was started by president kennedy 50 years ago just months before his assassination. actor sean penn didn't take kindly to a fan trying to take his pictures of a san francisco hotel. >> get the [ censored ] out of here. i'll make you eat the -- get out of here! >> all right! >> penn was in lobby bar last night at the st. regis.
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witnesses say the flash from the phone caught the actor's attention and sparked the outburst. they say penn chased after the man and reportedly slammed his phone to the ground. you can check out the confrontation on our website, turns out dreams can be bought and sold. two years ago, we introduced to you james lane as he built his custom made 65-foot-long catamaran called the flyin hawaiian at the hotel. his dream was to sail to hawaii and beyond. now the catamaran is listed for sale on ebay with the starting bid of $80,000. no bidders the last time i checked. lane faces criminal charges after an alleged fight with the harbor master where he built the boat. if you were not ready for tase rain, you really paid the price. we caught these people trying to run through a downpour in san jose this afternoon. no umbrellas. then there are those who charge right through the weather and
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including these girls puddles no problem at all. >> also a break in the clouds gave mother nature a chance to show off some color. cameras also caught this rainbow over cupertino. but hold on! san jose's got everybody beat. this video just into the -- no jokes about the double rainbow. and the guy on youtube. but it's a double rainbow! the big storm moving out of the south bay. >> gorgeous. mobile weather giving us a glimpse at the gloomy weather over the sausalito harbor. it's not the downpour we're seeing earlier. but the gray skies have stuck around at least for now. our chief meteorologist paul deanno with how long we'll be seeing this wet weather. paul? >> we can count the minutes i think when it comes to rain on the radar. we have had two solid days of rain the most rain since november, december. really wet out there. the heavy rain is now finished. we'll be cloudy. we'll be foggy overnight tonight. but the heavy stuff is done. take a few peeks outside at sjc airport we have a little bit of clearing. you will see some fog in san jose in the santa clara valley overnight. this is a view om dublin
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where we also are still mostly cloudy. uniformed temperature profile too either 58 or 57 at all of our airport locations including oakland, live, san francisco, santa rosa, livermore, concord and san jose. what a soggy day, but things are wrapping up dry. four-hour time lapse here with kpix 5 hi-def doppler. all that moderate range, heavy rainfall more half inch an hour is all moving out you can see it racing off to the east. just a few showers wrapping around the area of low pressure. there's a chance of showers able to way through the night tonight. but currently we are seeing showers toward lakeport. clearlake as far south as angwin but watch out for a stray shower or two overnight tonight. more rainfall totals just from today, orinda in livermore, more than an inch of rainfall. how about that? redwood city half an inch, and san jose nearly half inch of rainfall. and speaking of livermore, did some math for you. 2.5" of rain for the first 321 days of the year and in the past two days, you have had more than half of that, 1.31" so a lot of rain in a short
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amount of time. but we're kind of wrapping things up now. the big low pressure system that swung on through is racing off to the south and east. we'll still see some rain over the sierra tomorrow. we'll see rain down toward arizona. watch out, phoenix, they are going to have flooding in two days. actually this storm become a nor'easter on the over side of the country bringing snow on thanksgiving to other parts of the country. for us, we are winding things down. the rain is pretty much done. the high pressure dome that stuck around too long is going to come back for several days and we'll be dry from tomorrow all the way through the weekend through about the first half of next week, although there is a rain chance coming up next wednesday. big travel day may be wed but steady rainfall for tonight is finished. still some scattered showers showers overnight. then sunny and dry. pretty pleasant to get outside for several days beginning tomorrow. highs tomorrow livermore 64. san jose 64. afternoon sunshine in the city high of 63. palo alto you had a wet day on the stanford campus your high tomorrow 63.
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fremont 62. pittsburg, walnut creek and dublin, low 60s tomorrow. 63 in the city as i mentioned. alameda 64. sonoma 62 degrees. lakeport drier with a high of 60. a lot of dry weather through the weekend, great weekend to get outside maybe rake some leaves that fell over the past couple of days. upper 60s with sunshine. there's your next rain chance. it's going to take a while. that's a big travel day. that's a really big travel day and right now both wednesday and listen up, thanksgiving, looking wet. about a week away but we're looking at more rain. we could use more. this is a start. >> good start. >> need a lot more. >> thanks, paul. holy expense account, batman! nobody said saving the world was easy or cheap. somebody had to do it. batkid miles scott home in tulelake after fighting off the bad guys in gotham city. it's an experience his family and miles won't forget but how about his favorite part? >> saving the world!
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>> everybody was smiling, happy, jumping up and down with their phones out and just to see a crowd like that of everybody excited and happy. >> saving the world. miles' wish was granted by the make-a-wish foundation. he has been battling leukemia since he was a year old. he is about five now. he is in remission. the san francisco picking up the tab for all the batkid celebrations. more than 14,000 people came out to the civic center as mayor lee presented miles with a key to the city, made of chocolate. but the total cost to the city is about $105,000. it is being paid with money charged to conventions that use the moscone center. some maintenance workers in india didn't expect to find this while they were cleaning out an aircraft toilet. 24 gold bars worth more than a million dollars. the jet airways plane landed at an airport from bangkok and was undergoing routine cleaning before the next flight. so far no one has claimed the
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goods. no one has been arrested, either. customs officials confiscated the gold and are investigating. how about deep discounts on 50" tvs? how about xboxes? before you go stampeding to the doors, why black friday deals may not be what you expect.
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on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains why s retailers will be going all out to get us to spend this holiday season. on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains why some of those deals may not be as great as they sound. >> reporter: it's become a sort of tradition. the black friday stampede also known as the official start of the holiday shopping season. but this season, expect some twists on the tradition. >> they all want to beat each other to the punch. >> reporter: he says more real tailors than ever including macy's, michael's and kohl's will be open on thanksgiving day. and walmart is trying to move black friday to this friday by price matching its competitors on certain black friday deals. >> walmart basically cherry
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picked the best black friday deals at their competitors. >> reporter: but how good are those deals? well, he says they are a mixed bag. >> they tend to be models on the shelves for a little while or models that aren't necessarily the cream of the crop. >> reporter: like this 50" element l.e.d. hdtv that target's offering for just $229. it is a bargain, even if it's not a top brand. this xbox 360 is only $99 at walmart dated maybe but it's a steal compared to the new xbox 1. not all advertised black friday bargains are a great deal. this kitchenaid mixer that target is selling for $199 was actually cheaper a couple of weeks ago. so while this year's advertised deals may not merit a stampede, many say tradition alone is enough to get them in the door. >> you're staying home from work so what else do you have to do? >> reporter: this year, more door busters are being offered online as well so you don't
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actually have to go into the store and cyber monday deals can be even better. so in this case, or in some cases, waiting can pay off. some credit cards will price match after the fact so if you buy something and find it cheaper later they will reimburse the difference. >> and it's more comfortable to stay inside and shop online. >> thanks. all right. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." scott pelley is in new york. scott? >> reporter: hi, allen and liz. great to be with you in the bay area. well, our new cbs news poll out tonight asks whether the president is trustworthy and what should happen to his healthcare law. we'll show you the sobering numbers. plus, today alex rodriguez stormed out and sounded off. we'll tell you what a-rod had to say about the baseball commissioner. those stories and the rest of the world news for you on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,,,,
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new at 6:00 tonight: they're critical to our fut. but they wh i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. coming up at 6:00, they are critical to our future but they are in short supply right now. why the bay area is suffering a lack of skilled workers. and new tools for self-defense. how more women are turning their cell phones into weapons. those stories and much more coming up tonight at 6:00. >> we'll see you in 30 minutes. thanks, ken. thanks for watching us at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: tonight, judgment of the people. our new poll has a verdict on the president and the health care law. john dickerson looks at the sobering numbers. alex rodriguez storms out and sounds off. jeff glor on what a-rod said about the baseball commissioner. >> to put me in his big mantle on the way out, that's a hell of a trophy. >> pelley: chip reid reports on an emergency landing after an escape slide deployed inside the passenger compartment. and we'll speak with clint hill, the only secret service agent to reach president kennedy as the shots were being fired 50 years ago. >> and then just as i approached the president's car there was a third shot. it hit the president in the head. >> pelley: what did you see? head. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs eveningew


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