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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 3, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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brrrrr. and paul says.. it's gonna get even colder. paul? this is kpix 5 news. one word for tonight, brrr. paul says it's going to get even colder. paul. >> the temperatures outside right now would already be well below normal, and we still have about 7 more hours of coolinging to go. it is 41 right now in fremont. 38 already in palo alto and napa. 37 walnut creek just 3 degrees above freegz. speak of freezing, all those counties, which is every county except for san francisco either has a freeze warning tonight or tomorrow night. it's the north bay north of the golden gate north of vallejo tonight under the freeze warng. we all get it coming um tomorrow. a sampling of some of the lows tomorrow morning, santa rosa you will drop down to 28. mrez santon right around the freezing mark in sunny vail 35 degrees. the cold front passed by today. we are cold. it will actually get colder.
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cold enough for snow pa perhaps. take a look at mount diablo. that was the view last november. let's talk about the chance of more snow moving into the bay area. find out which day make it white around here coming up in a few minutes. all right. right now pg&e work to fix power lines that came down in fremont tonight and nearly set a house on fire. this happened a little after 7:00 p.m. at lauren drive. the homeowner told us it didn't take long to figure out something was wrong. >> we have vines on the side of our fence. it caught on fire. we were just inside and the lights went out and then we started smelling smoke inside so we went to go check outside and we saw the flames on the side of our house. >> firefighters kept those flames spreading. just the fence was damaged. pg&e is hoping to have power back on in the neighborhood by 3:00 a.m.. we've heard a lot of stories about road rage, but this unis unusual. joe vasquez says a bay area man
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claims an off-duty police officer took him down and broke his arm. joe. >> liz it happened in february right back over here on highway 24 just east of the caldecott tunnel. two cars are driving right next to each other when they collide. >> the two men pulled over the side of the highway to exchange insurance information. that's when according to the federal lawsuit filed today, one of the men, an off-duty concord police officer named kevin charged at the other man 63-year-old walter wiland of oefk land. his lawyer says the cops started screaming profanities at her client. >> essentially asking him what the f are you doing and then identified himself as off-duty mrifrp. when our client asked for him to produce his badge, he said that he didn't have it on him. >> according to the lawsuit, the officer then threw him to the ground and sat on him as they way waited for chp to arrive. the whole time, he was telling him to get off because he has a
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heart problem. >> grabbed him, slammed him to the ground face first. our client's face was first and one of his hearing aids dislodged. in that assault, our client's arm was broken. our client is keep in mind a 63-year-old man. >> the officer told deputies it wasn't road rage. he thought he might have been drunk but investigators on the scene found no such evidence. he is suing him and the city of concord for wrongful arrest and excessive force, which are federal civil rights violations. concord city attorney mark coon told me he doesn't comment on pending litigation but the city will defend a lawsuit. joe vasquez kpix 5. a popular cable tv host bill was killed in a motorcycle crash in san francisco. he cohosted the show curb appeal on hdtv. a car struck and killed him last night as he rhode through the lower. you can still see evidence from the crash near oak and stiener. it's not clear who was at fault. police say the driver of the car
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is cooperating. beckwith was 38 years old. new clue tonight in the search for that missing san jose pilot and his family. betty yu says the crews have a much better idea of where that plane went down. >> the smiths are a tight-knit mormon family. after spending thanksgiving weekend in oregon, silicon valley xhektive dale smith left for montana. his son daniel and his son's wife, his daughter amber and her fiance were in his beach bonanza similar to the one pictured here. it ran into engine trouble over central idaho sunday. smith intend today land at the remote johnson creek airstrip seen in this you tube video, but they never made it. >> the temperature really dropping tonight. that's probably the biggest concern. they've got their winter parkas and clothes so they can layer up and stuff, but this is the third night out. >> his founding business partner know it is wilderness is unforgiving but knows smith to be kaushsz. >> he's so intelligent that i
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figured anybody could get out of the situation he's in, he would be one that could put that airplane down. >> today idaho search teamed detected a faint signal from the emergency beacon but haven't been able to pinpoint where it was coming from in the rugged mountainous terrain. smith also used the missing plane to help others. >> flies with aeromexico to take doctors and dentists down to mexico to do services down there. he does that quite regularly. >> back at the office where the two started the high-tech company, his employees are anxious. >> come back, dale. got some work for you to do. not done yet. >> idaho search teams are hopeful that conditions will improve tomorrow. they will also add more resource bringing the total number of people on the ground to 50 and planes to 5. in san jose, i'm betty yu, kpix 5. a man who killed a hayward high school student and shot at his friends has been convicted of murder. samuel the third was shot to death in 2010 following a confrontation at a park.
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he played on the varsity baseball team. the killer 23-year-old robert is scheduled to be sentenced in march. a brutal trip to the mall for one bay area woman. police say a 15-year-old girl attacked her in a bay fair parking lot yesterday in san leandro, then she snatched a woman's purse and ran to a waiting car. a witness saw the whole thing and called police. >> she was kicked repeatedly and struck repeatedly. it was really all for a purse that the suspect was trying to steal from her. >> the girl and two other teenagers were arrested in east oakland. the victim who is in her 60s is recovering. tonight, the investigation into the deadly train crash in new york city is zeroing in on the driver. he said he went into a daze right before the train ran off the rails. >> federal investigators say that so far, they found no mechanical reason for a metro north commuter train to travel at almost three times the speed
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limit and sore off the tracks sunday killing four people. >> there's no indication that the brake systems were not functioning properly. >> sources say engineer william rockefeller told first responders that before the train derailed, he began to daze, thinking about nothing in particular. rofkefeller and the other crew members were given drug and alcohol tests. >> results from the alcohol breath tests were all negative. the results of the other tests are still pending. >> rockefeller is a 15-year veteran who switched from a night shift today shift two weeks before the crash. his union leader says rockefeller nodded at the controls. >> there was a -- a lapse, and that was a nod or -- or however they want to couch it, however it'll be explained today, and it was a mistake that any of us could make. we caught that mistake too late. >> investigators say they will continue to interview rockefeller and that it's too soon to say whether his actions directly caused the crash.
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cbs news the bronx, new york. >> the ntsb says there's every indication that rockefeller had time to get enough sleep before starting his shift. new video shows an amazing underwater rescue. that man was trapped underwater for almost three days after his tug boat sank in the atlantic. he was the cook on board that boat. it happened in june. video just surfaced now. 29-year-old nigerian man got trapped in a 4-foot-square air pocket after a diver rescued him, spent two days in decompression chamber and returned home in good shape. you won't believe what paul walker did for this couple, and he didn't even know them. a mystery tipper is giving away a fortune at restaurants across the country, and now here in the bay area. they call him mr. christmas. meet the bay area man behind the holiday light show so epic someone just made a movie about it.
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♪ pillsbury cookie dough. make the holidays pop! it's the city s 40th traffic fatality of the year another dlid bike crash in san jose tonight. it's st city's 40th traffic fatality of the year. you can see the crumpled bicycle and badly-damaged suv. police say the bicyclist was struck near the corner of vista park drive. he died at the hospital. the driver is cooperating. also tonight we are hearing from the military couple who once received a very generous gift from actor paul walker. they shared their story with reporter tom. >> it was an unexpected gift as eternal as love itself. the glittering symbol of christian and kyle's marriage was an anonymous present from paul walker himself. >> when i tell the story to people, they kind of just brush me off like, yeah, okay. >> it was back in 2004. kyle was in the army and set for
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deployment in iraq. before he left, the couple from victorsville got married. when kyle returned a few months later, he wanted a new ring for his bride. they made a trip to a high-end jewelry store where they would meet oo celebrity whose heart was as big as his wallet. in the store, kyle struck up a conversation with walker and figured out who he was. >> and when he found kyle just came back from iraq, i remember seeing the look in his face. he -- it kind of transformed. >> kyle and kristen ultimately left the store without a ring. a salesperson called them and said come back. someone spent $9,000 to get kristen the ring she wanted. >> i think after a couple minutes of shell shock, i finally said, well, how, you know, who bought it, and she just smiled at me and said it was better not to say. >> they saved the gift receipt and suspected walker was behind the incredible gift, then they
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saw our story yesterday where one of the jewelry stores salespeople had come forward to tell the story. their suspicions were confirmed. in victorville, i'm tom wait. >> there's a closer look at the kind of car that walker was in when it crashed, a porsche carera gt. it can go more than 200 miles an hour, cost about 450 grand. experts say in the right hands, this is a great car, but it's powerful and lacks electronic stability control. porsche only made about 1300 of them. the bay area restaurant world will never be the same. judy rogers, the chef and co-owner has died. the san francisco restaurant was packed tonight. rogers worked there for more than 25 years. she won tons of awards but was most famous for her roasted chicken. >> it has been an honor and a privilege to work for someone like her, and i'll miss her. >> she had the biggest heart.
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she was compassionate. she was kind, and she was strong, as well. >> rogers died from cancer. she was only 57. in the back of the restaurant tonight, employees put up pictures and left cards thanking rogers for being such a good friend and mentor. tonight christin ayers tells us about the mistierous big tipper who has been visiting bay area restaurants. christin? >> yeah, ken, this is one of the restaurants that person has visited in the marina. just a short time ago a server got a wind fall when that patron left a huge tip behind as part of a trend that is sweeping the entire nation. it may even be a religious trend. it began with two men having a steak dinner here at san francisco's harris's restaurant two weeks ago and ended with a massive tip. >> at the end of the meal, they gave a very extravagant tip to one of our waiters. >> a tip like general manager
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michael has never seen. >> it's not uncommon for people to leave 20, 30, 40%. >> this was a 300% tip. $1,500 on a 500 $meal. the patron paid with his american express black card and mistierously on the receipt left this note, "tips for jesus." the message seems to be blessed are the wait staff. >> i'm not sure what the organization's goal is, but that seems like everybody wins. >> turns out the blessings are pouring out all over the country. google tips for jesus and this instagram page pops up. someone or a group of someones are leaving restaurant workers big money from utah to illinois. the grand total so far, more than $50,000 in tips. >> almost like something out of a movie. i'm always curious. i think it's awesome. waitresses are very underappreciated sometimes so very nice people are looking out for us. >> hilary jacobs and her friends
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had dinner at the spot where the most recent tipper appeared where a server got a $1,000 tip. jacobs hopes the mystery tipper will spread the wealth at her own restaurant across the country. >> please come to apartment 13 in new york city on avenue c in the east village. ask for me, please. >> got to actually split that $1,000 tip. back over at harris's, we learned that the waiter who got that $1,500 tip has worked there for 20 years as a busser, a bartender and now a wart. he's getting married soon, too, so he's definitely going to get that extra cash, ken. >> everybody should tip that much. they work hard. easy for me to say, right? >> if you' got it, you might as well give it, right? >> there you go. that time of year. well, all he wanted to do was light up the holidays. >> now, the light is being shined on a concord man and his festive display. andrea introduces us to
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mr. christmas. >> magic doesn't happen on olive drive until the lights go down, and this guy's -- >> mr. christmas. >> -- lights go up. for 35 years retired air force lieutenant and electrician has been lighting up koun cord with this christmas display. the cheerful front yard decor began small. >> i found a sequencer at a junk shop. it cost me, like, two bucks, and i broke up all the lights that go around the house. i broke them up into groups of eight and chased each other around the house. >> and grew into this twinkling twirling christmas display. >> my name is bruce. the people around here call me mr. christmas. >> and now this documentary, mr. christmas garnering a claim at film festivals in palm springs and aspen thanks to concord kid turned film maker.
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the lights cost around 200 bucks a year to run and three months to go up, but you post-christmas procrastinators, remember this. >> i have to take it down every year. >> even with an award-winning documentary about him, bruce doesn't think he's the star and says he goes through all this work for two reasons. a. >> i don't know where to go hide if i don't do it. you know what i mean? they're going to be knocking on my door. >> and b. >> mostly it's seeing people with smiles on their faces. >> now, in case you were wondering, this will be bruce's 84th christmas. his birthday is, in fact, this month. if you would like to see the mr. christmas documentary go to or the facebook page. >> andrea tell us the neighbors love it. nobody ever complains. lights go out at 10:00 so everybody can get some sleep. one suggestion, mr. christmas, stay off that ladder.
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>> well, maybe he'll get a little bit of help for next year. >> yeah. safety first, right? >> doing a great job, though. >> looks so nice. >> wonderful. >> neighborhoods house by house are all getting lit up for the holidays. now, we get cold weather, it's going to feel like it. maybe it isle spur folks to get in the christmas spirit because it's going to be chilly, not all the way to christmas, but it's going to feel that way. about 7 to 10 days we're well below normal. concord at 40. oakland 47. livermore 42. these are not your overnight lows. this is outside your house currently. san francisco 48. look at santa rosa 37. they are bundled up. in fremont here's a look outside earlier this evening. we caught folks outside. yeah. they have their warm weather or cold weather garb on trying to stay warm because temperatures taking a tumble, and they will be low for the foreseeable future. these are your lows tonight. fremont 33, close to freezing in fremont. san jose pretty close, too. 34. concord one degree above freegz. fairfield, livermore, napa, santa rosa below freezing.
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san rafael 34 degrees. get the point. going to be pretty chilly outside. microclimate forecast cold. 48 degrees tomorrow. 47 for a high coming up on thursday. we won't see 50 degrees again at fairfield until friday. cold front moved through, actually pushed south of los angeles sitting over orange county right now. winds are gusting to 40 miles an hour in and around vegas with snow there, the higher elevation. we saw snow there in the sierra earlier, but the big thing is the cold here. all you need is little bit of moisture to get snow in the hills. that will happen friday afternoon through saturday morning. do not be surprised at all if we see snow above 2,000 feet friday night. wake up on saturday mornings when the clouds clear. mount diablo definitely will. kind of chilly out there. coldest night since february, 3 to 5 degrees colder tomorrow night when we're all you should that freeze warng, and highs tomorrow only right around 50 degrees. livermore 49. here is your extended forecast.
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sunshine even colder on thursday. upper 40s away from the water. that's it. friday, saturday, a few showers. snow level down to 2,000 feet. we will stay cold each day for the next week. usually december, cold snaps are one, two, maybe three days. this one will be a min mim of seven so getting cold, staying cold for awhile. skwl all right, paul, thanks. an eagle steals a camera and then this happens. incredible bird's-eye view. that's coming up next. ,, you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love?
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shelter in fremont is offerg pet adoptions all month lon. at no charge. one of these free little faces could soon be yours for free. starting today, the animal shelter in fremont is offering ped adoptions all month long at no charge. >> we're hoping that people will choose to give a little animal like nugget a home for the holidays rather than buy a new tv or a vcr or something like that. >> the offer is good for all qualify and approved homes. animals will be spayed or neutered, have a ray bys vaccine and microchip, which usually
11:25 pm
costs about 150 bucks. a sea eagle in australia stole a camera. >> then he took a selfie, and park rangers placed that camera near a river back in mae to capture pictures of crocodiles. the eagle came by and picked it up and flew some 68 miles with it before setting it down again. what a journey. >> i think he thought it was a little kriter or something. >> how did they find the camera? >> must have a little gps thing on it. >> so some helicopter just flew up to get the camera back? >> must be. >> mistierous part of that story. >> how about the a's. what are they doing these days? >> eagle miss it had warriors game. the a's do continue as ken says to shake up their baseball team while the sharks were visiting canada, warriors were hosting canada. a historical night. wake up the kids. it's next. ,,,,
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it feels good to be a helping hand. uncle go one,two,one,two,one [uncle]thistwo,one.cotch,okay? [niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah? d tonight.. warriors have been in the bay area since the kennedy administration, but they never staged a comeback like they did tonight. toronto couldn't miss a shot. this jump shot gave a 27-point lead with nine minutes left in
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the third, but from that point on, it was all warriors. they close out the game on a 64-28 run. they scored 42 points in the 4th quarter. seth curry and clay thompson combined for 26 points alone in the final 12 minutes. golden state. curry's three ball put the warriors up for goochld the warriors complete their biggest comeback in franchise history 112-103. this was the 7th largest comeback in nba history. toronto mayor rob ford enjoying the spotlight. no, mom, i'm not drinking. sharks and maple leafs, early christmas present mid ice. up 1-0 in the first. thornton goes top shelf. third goal in four games. the leafs would tie the game at 2. answers in the 3rd. throw it in the net. hey, good things happen. the sharks win their sixth straight 4-2 is the final. oakland athletics standing by the division rival rangers
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for outfielder craig gentry. they also trade smith to the padres and make bullpen even stronger. so in a span of 48 hours, a lot of comings and goings in oakland and winter meetings haven't even officially began. expect more action in the coming weeks. i have my hands on tuesday night top five. at no. 5, had enough of the fight. look at the brilliant wrestling move right here, ken. down goes and andrew shaw. no. 4, we check in with aaron gordon in arizona. texas tech doesn't play defense, but this guy is really good. no. 2 wildcats win 79-58 over texas tech. gordon got guys. get one better. took on d man and the goalie and scores the winner free, too. no. 2, air ball avery bradley from behind the back board. yes, the celtics beat the bucks,
11:31 pm
and the no. 1 play. you thought kidd was great. this is nick of the blue jacket ts, and he was even better. through his leg. he scores the only goal of the game. have another look. over tampa bay. phenomenal goal to win it. beautiful. ken, we'll be right back. ,,
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our next newscast is tomorr ing at 4-30. letterman is next with james franco,palo alto's native son. >> there you go.
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our next news cast tomorrow morning at 4:30. see you then. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, the mayor of funkytown, david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause )


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