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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  December 6, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> we are going to whip their butts. >> reporter: the rivalry intense. and sunday's game between the 9ers and the seahawks promises to be one for the books. >> this is depending nfc champion and the top seed in the nfc west and they don't like each other. >> reporter: just in case sunday's showdown gets rowdy, more cops will be at candlestick in uniform and undercover as decoys. >> we always have police officers dressed in rivalry team jerseys, hats, whatever. they will be out in numbers this time. >> reporter: ever since this brawl at a 9ers-raiders game two years ago, police have been more vigilant. >> we have a few people that are telling to us watch our backs. but we're not too scared. >> reporter: what's with the hard hat? >> it's protects me in case of -- in case it gets crazy out at the game. >> reporter: all in good fun. still, the cops are making sure
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the fans don't act tougher than the football teams. if fights break out, it's game over for the fans involved. and because seahawks fans have the reputation for being the noisiest, that just could set off some 9er fans. >> you have to heckle me at my stadium. >> reporter: the cops say some of the fighting in the past also happened out here in the parking lot so as always this lot will not be open to fans until 3 hours before the game for tailgating. but once kickoff starts, the tailgate parties are over. if you have a ticket, go inside. if you don't, go home. the parking lot will be closed. live at candlestick park, linda yee, kpix 5. another way to control troubles also beer sales will be cut off at the end of the 3rd quarter. new at 6:00 a man suspected of throwing a woman's two cats into the bay has been arrested. eric leroy paterson was taken
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into custody this afternoon near the embarcadero in san francisco. the cats and a woman's belongings were tossed into the chilly water last monday near pier 14. both of those cats were killed. surveillance video helped identify the suspect. paterson faces two counts of animal cruelty, not clear if the suspect and the woman knew each other. tonight, santa clara county plans to expand its shelters after four people in the south bay died from hypothermia. and that's not all. our cold spell is causing problems all around the bay area. our ryan takeo is in pleasant hill. ryan. >> reporter: good evening. drivers have been filing into the chevron off 680 all day to fuel up. but also, right over here, this is a common theme all day too, with people and driverstopping off their tire pressure. the temperature plunge has deflated some tires which came
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as a surprise to some car owners. >> i saw it. >> reporter: she didn't need a low pressure light to tell her, her back left tire needed air. it's cool now it should be at 30. >> reporter: it's something garages have seen a lot of over the past few days. >> i'm sure we are not the only ones seeing people come in. >> the air contracts inside the tires so tire pressures get lower. >> reporter: at this auto shop he says it's better to check before you drive. >> early in the morning get a better reading. >> reporter: you can find the on thal number when you open your driver's side door for the optimal number. there were water main breaks, too. the weather is freezing home pipes. this company gets 5 calls a day usually and today got 56. the cold broke these pipes at this house. copper and plastic pipes break. >> keep the circulation going, run the faucets.
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>> reporter: the owner said you should change the insulation every three years or so. it's true, these inconveniences aren't the end of the world, just come with winter weather. >> tire pressure changes and it has to be done. >> reporter: if you are worried about your tire pressure, most garages will check out your car and put it up on the lift. check it to see if there are any nails in it or if there are larger issues with your tires. live in pleasant hill, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. our mobile weather lab and paul deanno are at mount diablo right now checking more than their tires. got to be cold up there, buddy. >> reporter: it is, yeah, and above 2500 feet a little up this hill in the mount diablo foothills currently it is going to be snowing tonight. two weather headlines. one, we will not have another freeze tonight because of the cloud cover because of the rainfall but headline 2 is that rain is not going to be rain. it's going to be snow,
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precipitation snowfall above 2500 feet. rain showers moving in. the bulk of the moisture is still offshore. down to the south bay you can see all that rain about to move in. things are moving west to east but check out the snowfall. that white that you see on the diablo range that is mount hamilton already picking up snow and that will continue for the next several hours. for that reason, the snow levels being so low tonight a winter weather advisory is in effect from 1:00 to 10:00 tomorrow morning but the snow has already begun in the east bay hills and santa cruz mountains two to four inches of total snowfall above 2500 feet. get out tomorrow afternoon and you will see some snow on some of our higher peaks and if you are a skier, excellent news for you. a winter storm warning is in effect for the sierra around the tahoe area, wide range of snowfall totals anywhere from 3" in the foothills to the higher peaks getting a foot and a half of new snowfall. coming up in weather, we'll talk about another freeze and what night that's coming and if you're tired of the cold weather we're also getting back to the 60s. let you know when that's going
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to happen coming up. >> paul, mr. freeze, deanno, thank you. our len ramirez is in san jose with more on the cold snap that's actually turned deadly. len. >> reporter: it has turned deadly in santa clara county. there are thousands of people who are spending another night in the cold in the streets. this is one of the camps around central san jose. there are hundreds like this. for the people living in the tents it's not just a discomfort. it's a life-and-death situation. in a last-minute desperation effort to save lives, homeless agencies sent workers to the shantytowns along the tracks and creeks loaded down with blankets and supplies. >> blanket and stuff. hello. >> reporter: they are checking in on folks encouraging them to come in the from cold and handing out hundreds of survival kits in case they decide to stay. >> it's hard to speak on that because i have seen a lot of them pass away. >> reporter: mm-hm. [ pause ] >> reporter: john, a homeless man who camps near here was overcome with emotion weather we told him that the cold has claimed lives.
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three people died in homeless camps last night and a fourth died sleeping in a garage. all victims of hypothermia, according to the santa clara county coroner. >> your heart stops. and when nobody's there, they don't even know you're dead yet until the morning. >> when the weather gets like this, we're going to lose people and this isn't over. so we have got to as a community say this must stop. >> reporter: the life builder says the people didn't have to die. the three shelters opened in san jose, sunnyvale and gilroy this week have not been full to capacity. as word spreads about the deaths, they will be filling up. >> for folks who make the decision to come in or not, there's a lot of factors, will i lose my freedom, if they have pets they are worried about what will happen to their pets. it's complicated and a life-or- death issue. >> reporter: this person is coming into the shelter tonight after braving the last four
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nights under a tarp. >> it's real bad. and if you are not young and strong, you won't make it especially the older like 70, 80-year-old people. they couldn't make it out here. >> reporter: all of the shelters in santa clara county are making room. they are making extra capacity available. they say no one will be turned away at the door. it will be a little bit warmer tonight than it has been the past couple nights but you throw in a little rain and you get that wind chill and that wetness, that makes things extra uncomfortable for people living on the streets tonight. 40 people died in san jose last year sleeping on the streets. live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> about 140 customers are without power in benicia which means they have no heat. the outage started this morning and initially more than 4,000 homes were without power but pg&e has gradually restored it throughout the day. it's not clear what caused it.
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the cause is under investigation. breaking news tonight. the palo alto war veteran who has been detained in north korea has been released. that is very good news for 85- year-old merrill newman and his family. he was finishing up a tour of north korea when he was taken into custody more than a month ago. this video was released just last week showing newman reading an alleged apology letter for the crimes during the korean war. back in 1950s, north korea's state media says that they released merrill because he made that apology. the pier where the google barge is under construction at treasure island is under investigation tonight because contractors might not have the proper permits. san francisco bay conservation and development commission confirms it has begun an internal investigation into the permitting process. the agency wants to know
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whether the permits issued for the google project actually allow allow the work that has been going on. after secrecy google finally admitted the barge is intended to be a floating marketing center. other bay area headlines now, three teenaged boys in richmond face rape charges for the alleged assaults of two girls one 14 one 17. police say it happened a week ago at wildcat canyon regional park. the victims say they drank alcohol and passed out. when they woke up, they called police to say they had been raped. a hotel security guard being credited for helping nab a hit-and-run driver who collided with a police cruiser. this is what's left of the mangled police car that was pushed into the intersection of san carlos street and almaden boulevard in san jose. a security guard who saw the suspect trying to get away tackled the man until help arrived. the officer is treated for minor injuries. a green makeover or a money making scheme? tonight we ask if a bay area
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plan to ease rainstorm runoff really a city's cover to rake next stra cash. >> and teaming up to catch some crooks. the new bay area tactic to bust the bad guys. >> also, how shopping malls are coming up with some creative new ways to combat the competition from online retailers. [s[man] no one told her,right?a. [son]hi! [mom screams]
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sunset neighborhood - buried under a layer of concrete. but as allen martin sh it's a complaint that goes back several years. san francisco's sunset neighborhood buried under a layer of concrete. but as allen martin shows us, the city thinks it has a new solution >> it might be. the city tried issuing fines people happily paid them so now a new strategy. offer homeowners over $1,000 worth of yardwork for just a few hundred dollars. >> reporter: in a city famed for its landscape of soft green hills, the sunset district is,
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well, just a little bit harder. >> there's definitely a lot of concrete. you don't see a lot of gardens. >> reporter: of course, there are some exceptions. >> it's a small piece. but we enjoy it. >> reporter: a small piece where some blocks seem to be paved end to end. >> for multiple reasons, over the years, people have paved over the front yards. >> reporter: district 4 supervisor katie tang wants to break up some of the concrete so she is asking for volunteers. you give the city about $200, they give you a new front yard. >> we'll help you do the prep. we'll help you break up the concrete, help you figure out what kind of plants and species will survive at sunset. >> reporter: but the pitch doesn't end with more appealing streets. >> we're looking citywide at opportunities to better manage stormwater. we have a combined system so stormwater and sewage gets into the same pipes. >> reporter: we have taken you down into the aging sewer system. >> that was the flow line sometime not too long ago. >> reporter: we have also shown you what happens when a storm
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overwhelms it. so when you see a concrete yard, remember, that leaves the rain with only one place to go. >> while each home doesn't seem like a large area? >> cumulatively it adds up to millions of gars every year. >> reporter: so the city wants volunteers to break up the sunset. >> there are folks who want to do this but didn't know how. >> reporter: with a stormwater strategy that might ultimately be used across the entire city. >> what we are trying to do encourage the tipping point of saying hey, i want to live on a block like that. >> reporter: there is another aspect of this, parking. they have no neighborhood parking permits leading some this is a plan to move more cars on the streets, issue permits, collect fees $109 each a decent revenue city for the city but the supervisor says that's not the reason. it's all about the water and better for the city. >> it could be a double benefit. i like the idea of more green in the sunset. >> reporter: now what it's
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like. >> there's a lot of concrete. and it's a huge water collector. >> it is. >> got to go somewhere. >> cars, too. >> exactly. allen, thank you. well, home surveillance cameras put a burglar behind bars after catching him in a home in fremont. 28-year-old richard andres banuelos is facing charges tonight. tips poured into police after they posted the surveillance footage on youtube. our brian webb reports, neighbors say security cameras are combatting crime in their area. >> reporter: the city of fremont is on the verge of putting up an entire network of security cameras across the city and one of those test cameras is right over my head here on central avenue. part of a growing number of communities and neighborhoods keeping close watch over would- be criminals. in fremont's scott creek neighborhood the good old family dog is being outdone by a higher tech security. >> it's a deterrent. >> reporter: after battling break-ins about every other month, neighbors pitched in for these two security cameras that
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capture every car coming and going. >> we put up cameras at both entrances that are hi-def so as the cars come in, we catch their license numbers. >> reporter: in another fremont neighborhood, a security camera led cops to an alleged crook in 24 hours. police posted the video to youtube and within hours, they had more tips than they knew what to do with. this is the man rummaging through things inside the house's every move being recorded. it played out next door to this man's house. he also has a security camera. >> keep those thieves away from your house. kind of give them second thoughts before they come into your house. >> reporter: over the past year in scott creek, daytime crime is down to just about nothing thanks to two well placed cameras with a little credit still going to the family dog. and fremont police plan to ask city leaders for the network of cameras sometime in the next couple of months hoping to get some grant money to pay for a big chunk of it. live in fremont, brian webb, kpix 5.
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>> security experts think that there may be as many as 30 million more security cameras in use here in the united states since the september 11th attacks. caltrain's holiday express train will be rolling on the tracks this weekend. it's decorated with about 60,000 glittering lights. it will make its way between santa clara and san francisco at dusk. and at each stop the holiday express will be loading up toy donations for needy children. >> gets you in the spirit makes you think about snow. meteorologist paul deanno is here more with our forecast. >> reporter: not too far away from here juliette we are going to have snow. we are at the foothills of mount diablo. it's been raining on and off but at 2500 feet and above that's mount hamilton, mount st. helena east bay hills and mount diablo tomorrow afternoon you will see snow getting you in the holiday spirit. here at 600 feet of elevation it's not that cold.
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we are not dropping like a rock temperature-wise like we have been over the past couple of days because the cloud cover that's outside, also the relative humidity is much higher currently at 68%. but the big story tonight is rainfall moving in. much-needed rainfall being picked up on kpix 5 hi-def doppler. you can see scattered showers up towards the north bay but really the focus is in the south bay where heavy showers are falling over santa cruz mountains and raining in the city of san francisco. check out that white over mount hamilton, yes, we have snow falling above 2500 in the east bay hills. this cold storm will pass by to the west overnight tonight. winds will stay up overnight. behind this low, another round of cold air. futurecast showing you the scattered showers overnight tonight early tomorrow morning. most of it falling while you're sleeping. by mid-morning tomorrow any leftover showers are finished and you will get sunshine by the afternoon but tomorrow night, here comes the cold temperatures once again. there's a freeze warning in
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effect not for tonight, tomorrow night early sunday. another widespread freeze all that red you see is yet another freeze warning. highs tomorrow behind that low even with sunshine quite cold napa only hitting 45. santa rosa 46. san francisco 49. that's it. and livermore 47 degrees. here's your extended forecast. cold weekend. that freeze warning tomorrow night sunday still highs around 50 for the big 9ers seahawks game. monday a little milder. you will notice the change on tuesday upper 50s. then back towards 60 degrees on wednesday and thursday with chance of showers on thursday. you go up 1900 feet above where we are right now, it will be snowing. it is snowing in mount hamilton right now. so it will be a beautiful wintry sight for a lot of folks tomorrow afternoon. seeing that white on the top of some of our peaks. reporting live from a rainy mount diablo foothill, meteorologist paul deanno, back to you. still ahead, this holiday season the strategic move by shopping malls to compete with online retailers. >> it is going to go from shoes to booze.
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>> how the closure of a bay area neighborhood staple is a symbol of a downtown transformation. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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line? now some "brick and mortar" stores are offering somethi "new," that's expected to hp them compete w it's a classic dilemma for christmas shopper, order at the store or online. now some brick and mortar stores are offering something new to help them compete with the online retailers. julie watts on the consumerwatch tonight shows us what's going on at stonestown galleria to tell us about same- day delivery. do they gift wrap it? >> reporter: i don't think so. we are here at ground zero in the same-day delivery stores where the brick and mortar stores are throwing down the gauntlet. reporter: this isn't a sleigh and this guy is no elf but he is delivering goods to those naughty and nice.
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>> it's really convenient. >> reporter: it's same-day delivery for stuff you pick out at the mall allowing brick and mortar to compete in the battle for the almighty consumer dollar. >> i am a fan of amazon but i can still try things on here. >> reporter: perfect for those who like the tangible shopping experience and the convenience of same-day delivery. lounges like these are popping up at malls across the state where shoppers can drop off their purchases and have them delivered to their door. >> you take public transportation, mom with two kids, you have the stroller, you get to that point that you're done. and this again allows it to be a little more pleasant experience. >> reporter: and cynthia of san francisco's stonestown mall points to the added security. no more risking a break-in in your car. your purchases are under lock and key until your scheduled delivery something amazon just can't deliver. year after year, we see this, packages stolen in broad daylight. luna, a delivery app for online purchases. instead of having them delivered to your hour, ship --
6:25 pm
instead of having them delivered to your house, ship them to luna and schedule luna to deliver once you're home for the day. >> open until midnight. awesome. >> reporter: back at the mall shoppers are scheduling their deliveries at the same day lounge freeing them up for more shopping. >> i have eight bags so i can drop this off and do more damage on my credit card. >> reporter: clearly, good for the shopper and the economy in his case. now, you should know that same- day delivery is free until christmas. here and at eastridge mall. after that it will be $5. and ebay now is offering a similar service at some select stores in the ferry building in san francisco as well free until christmas, $5 after that. >> all right. that's not bad. >> yeah. >> sounds like a good idea. they have to do something. they are getting eaten align from the online shopping. >> you can see what you like walking around. coming up in the next half hour -- >> for retail it's not conducive. there's nobody.
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>> how neighborhood staples are falling victim to a transformation meant to attract a younger crowd. >> didn't come across as someone above everybody else. >> what a bay area pastor remembers most about his meeting with nelson mandela. >> how an investigation after the death of paul walker has led to an arrest. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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transformation... and placi there's just no viability in this city for daytime retail. >> now at 6:30, forced to close in the midst of a neighborhood transformation. and placing the blame squarely on city hall. we're talk about the uptown neighborhood in the heart of oakland. kpix 5's da lin spoke to one business owner who witnessed long-time mom and pop shops getting pushed out by trendy bars, music venues and restaurants. reporter: people come and go. but this corner shoe store? >> the neighborhood staple. >> reporter: 35 years and it, too, will go. closing at the end of the month. >> some days i have nobody coming in. absolutely nobody. >> reporter: some are even surprised he lasted this long. he credits his niche business, selling hard-to-find sizes. long-time customer elaine sampson drove from sacramento. >> very sad. this is the only shoe store in
6:30 pm
the bay area that i can get shoes at that i know of. >> it's going to change the fabric a little bit, the whole fabric has already started changing. >> reporter: fred's leasing his store to a brewery. >> it's going to go from shoes to booze report and uptown -- to booze. >> reporter: and uptown oakland has gone in that direction, more hip and young. restaurants, bars, and nightclubs have transformed telegraph avenue and broadway. the "new york times" even named oakland one of the top places to visit because of the new eateries. >> booming and booming and it's lovely and it's wonderful. >> reporter: wonderful for some. bad for others. >> the city has just gone down. i think oakland seems to have lost its soul. >> reporter: fred says the city overpromoted the new businesses. >> there's no viability in this city for daytime retail. i don't know what the people are thinking down at city hall. >> reporter: it's not the store but the people and relationships fred will miss the most. and he will miss singing to them. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5.
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>> now, we reached out to the mayor and the councilwoman who oversees the uptown district for comment. no response so far. nelson mandela, what he stood for is leading to a celebration of his life. he died at his johannesburg home yesterday tow age of 95. the praise has been coming in from around the world. his home is ground zero and a place of tourism for people to pay their respects to the leader. >> i think it was a great icon. he will be remembered in generations to come. >> sunday is a national day of prayer in south africa and a public memorial is planned for tuesday. mandela's body will lie in state for three days a few funeral sunday in his hometown. today our anne makovec spoke with a prominent bay area
6:32 pm
pastor who met mandela several times. >> he came out as a reconciler as a statesman as a person who really was going to make the world a better place. >> reporter: glide memorial's cecil williams met nelson mandela when he came to the bay area in 1990. >> didn't come across like someone that was above everybody else. >> you, the people of oakland, the people of the bay area, who have given me and my delegation strength and hope to progress and continue the struggle. >> reporter: that was mandela speaking at the packed oakland coliseum the final stop on his 1990 u.s. freedom tour. then congressman ron dellums was the first to introduce anti- apartheid legislation in 1972 and 7 years later the city of berkeley became the first in
6:33 pm
the nation to divest from south africa. >> it was so thrilling that we could have been part of something with that kind of global impact. >> reporter: a lone rose left in oakland a simple reminder of the impact the leader will always have. >> he was above anything that occurred that would take away from being with people and making sure that people understood he was going to be different nor san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> glide memorial is planning two services sunday in honor of nelson mandela. coming up, why there's an arrest tied to the crash that killed paul walker. >> and the new chapter in the life of a young woman who surprised a judge with her commitment to her family. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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stocks soaring today after a surprising jobs report. the labor department says
6:36 pm
employers added 203-thousand workers last month. that's - thousand more than expected. and the un to 7-percent. stocks soaring today after a surprising jobs report. the labor department says employers added 320,000 workers last month 20,000 more than expected and unemployment dropped to 7%. >> it is an absolutely spectacular number. the best number that wall street could actually expect. >> but there could be bad news ahead for those still unemployed. about a million people will get their last unemployment checks just after christmas unless congress votes to extend their benefits. a crime after the crash that killed paul walker lands a teenager in police custody. police believe that the 18-year- old man followed the flatbed truck that towed the wreckage of the porsche saturday night, then when that truck stop stole a piece of the car. after that police say he posted a picture of it on instagram. he is facing charges of grand theft and tampering with evidence. a second suspect is expected to turn himself in. all right. you want to call the kids into
6:37 pm
the room to watch our student rising above tonight. what she did for her brothers and sisters even surprised the judge. >> as the rain picks up here on the mount diablo foothills, we have snow -- [ signal breakup ] -- north bay, and some spots are going to be white and not wet. details in your forecast coming up. straight ahead, recording artist jay-z made a thunderclap of a deal with an american league west deal. how popular is seahawks quarterback russell wilson? and a visit with a guy at the forefront of virtually every bit of sports information in the world. check back with me in just a jiffy. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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what a sweeter holiday. safeway. ingredients for life. it's an updat raised 4- siblings welcome back. wendy tokuda joins us in just a couple of minutes with tonight's students rising above. >> it's an update on a young woman who raised four siblings in student housing as cal. but first, let's check in with paul deanno and see how warm he is. [ laughter ] >> hardly, huh? >> reporter: not very warm at
6:41 pm
all. yeah. this rain is making us chilly. the temperature says 45. but it's snowing further up on mount diablo. we have had the earliest arctic outbreak on the west coast in 15 years. we now today have had snow already reported in both cloverdale and ukiah it has snowed already at mount hamilton. it is snowing on mount diablo. the rain is picking up here but temperatures will take a dip once again tonight. let's get to it. kpix 5 high-def doppler radar the best radar in town to track the rain and the snowfall. we're starting off wide showing you that white you see over the east bay hills above 2500 feet. it's already snowing. check out the heavier precipitation on the west side of the santa cruz mountains. but much of that not making it into the santa clara valley. that is the rain shadow those mountains blocking a lot of the moisture and now we are heading up the 680 corridor to san ramon, danville, alamo on the south side of mount diablo, we're seeing heavier showers there impacting that busy friday evening commute.
6:42 pm
overnight lows tonight, we will not see a freeze. the rain, the moisture, the cloud cover, putting a blanket over top of us. it will be chilly but not the 20s that we have seen the past couple nights. vallejo 37, fremont 39. napa just above freezing at 34 and san francisco 44 overnight. this cold storm is arriving from the north. it will pass by to our west. there's even a slight chance of a thunderstorm as the actual boundary the front passes by. now, in its wake, we are going to see winds increasing and cold air will continue to spill down for the weekend. we still have another freeze warning to talk about. not tonight but tomorrow night. we'll drop back to the 20s. and we'll see a wide president is freeze in the bay area. futurecast paints the picture very well on-and-off showers overnight tonight but they are likely going to be one band heavy rainfall as the front moves through around 10 or 11 tonight, rolling through north to south. don't be surprised if you hear thunder. rainfall ending by saturday morning. actually most of saturday will be sunny and dry. so what to expect.
6:43 pm
a breezy rainy night. the wind is already picking up and will stay up. mainly dry but a cold weekend, highs hanging out right around 50 degrees. we can't shake the cold yet. we will get a warming trend but it will take until the middle of next week before we get back to around 60 degrees which is average. so for tomorrow high temperatures running about 10 degrees below normal. san mateo only a high of 49. morgan hill, 46. and you'll hit 46 degrees tomorrow. benicia 46. dublin 47. 49 for you in berkeley on the cal campus. downtown san francisco, 49 degrees. and very cold up north. windsor 45, lakeport 40 degrees. here's your kpix 5 seven-day forecast. check out sunday after another freezing morning, highs around 50. so both weekend end days are going to be chilly. low 50s on monday. mid- to upper 50s on tuesday and there's that 60-degree mark coming up on wednesday with a slight chance of showers on thursday. here's one thing i want to point out. it's raining now. it will be back below freezing tomorrow night. sunday morning if you're out
6:44 pm
and about, there is a very high likelihood of black ice. so please drive safely over the weekend. wet tonight, potentially icy coming up saturday night and sunday morning. live from the mount diablo foothills, meteorologist paul deanno, back to you. >> thank you, paul. well, tonight we catch up with a student rising above who got a lot of response when we first profiled her here a couple of years ago. wendy is here now to tell us what she has been up to. >> reporter: as you mentioned, the judge in her case said she had never seen anything like it even the judge. and this year, shanita reached a new milestone for herself and family. >> hey, everyone. this is shanita on the east coast. >> reporter: she has moved to new york city for a new job. little brothers in tow. >> hi, friends and family in california. hi, california. >> reporter: she has enrolled her little brothers in a good school. >> i am in love with my work. >> shanita talton.
6:45 pm
>> reporter: right out of uc- berkeley, she got a job working with at risk families. but getting her degree in social welfare was simple compared to her job at home. this is shanita two years ago, a junior at cal, with full legal custody of all four of her younger siblings raising them in student housing. it's a job she knows well. >> i grew up bathing them, taught them how to walk, taught them how to talk. >> she's a superhero. >> reporter: everybody has a job. >> i have the garbage. >> i have the recycling. >> oh, i do the bathroom and the floor. >> i clean the kitchen. >> reporter: shanita had a different dad. but they all share the same mother, who died of aids. she was a drug addict who would leave the children with shanita. >> i was abandoned and i felt
6:46 pm
that i didn't serve no other purpose but to take up slack for my parents. >> reporter: babysit? >> right. >> reporter: the kids remember life before in east oakland. too dangerous to play outside, sometimes in foster care, sometimes with mom. >> she was still our food next change for drugs. -- she would steal our food for change for drugs. she would steal our bikes. >> reporter: their one great hope was shanita. >> she cooked for my birthday and then we ate but she didn't because it was such a low supply of food. >> she was like the only person who really, like, who cared about us and stuff. >> reporter: when shanita went to college, the kids went back into foster care. >> shanita was the one that was get calls from the schools when things were going on with the kids if they were sick she was the one that would drop whatever she was doing.
6:47 pm
she would go pick them up. >> they are not being cared for and until that part of her life was settled, academics was going to take a back seat. >> reporter: so she went to request legal guardianship of all four siblings at the age of 19. she had to find a pro bono attorney, prove that she could provide for them, paying for their housing with her scholarship money and when the judge granted her custody, shanita began to build a new home. >> i don't want my brothers and sisters to grow up and feel like because they don't have parents, that they can't love or can't be loved. someone told me, you're in a recovery home. you got to not -- not drug recovery but, you know, her children, her treasure. somebody told me that hurt people hurt people. i am teaching and guiding my
6:48 pm
brothers and sisters to grow up at being emotionally well. >> reporter: how has she made you feel here? >> uhm, safe, loved and cared for. >> i'm thankful. >> reporter: for what? >> for everything that i have. >> reporter: but shanita's own healing began in highland hospital when her mom was dying. >> during that whole year that she was in the hospital when i was in my last year of high school, i learned to love her. i couldn't let her feel that because she wasn't the mother i expected her to be, she was still my mother. >> reporter: a week before her mother died, shanita spoke at graduate at the high school. >> i said be grateful and thankful for the people that you have in your life. [ pause ] >> no matter, i said, no matter
6:49 pm
what people do to you, how they hurt you, you love them. love them. >> reporter: her sisters stayed in california. one finished high school this year and is working. the other graduates next year. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: now shanita is the first in her family to graduate from college. she'll make sure she is not the last. consider the gift of education this christmas season and help more kids like shanita get through college. go to our web page to, students rising above to get to the get involved section and find out how. >> wendy, that story is a gift to anyone watching that right now and i hope the kids gathered around to watch it and mine did, too. >> she is extraordinary. she is a hero. >> she is. >> we all need to count our
6:50 pm
blessings. >> yes, we do. >> let's do some more followups on her. i'd love to see how the siblings do, right? they will be on a good track. thank you we'll be right back. ,,
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
if adding the yankees best player to the american leag west will move the interest needle...with staggering, v
6:53 pm
game-like numbers on his baseball up top adding the yankees best player to the american league west. staggering videogame numbers on his contract. robinson cano is a seattle mariner. hold on. third largest deal in baseball history. 10 years, 240 million. it becomes official pending a monday physical. and his name written on the dotted line of the contract. his agent is recording mogul jay-z and at 5% that's $12 million commission for him. nfl here we go. seahawks and the 49ers sunday. san francisco a slight favorite. quarterbacks colin kaepernick and russell wilson, how big is wilson in seattle? his teammate michael bennett dropped his name in public! >> hey, russ, man, i went and called his place after the game
6:54 pm
and made a reservation and they said, man, 45 hour and a half waiting. so i said, man, it's actually for -- this is russell wilson calling. i want to make a reservation. is there any way, you know, if we could get, you know, seating and get a vip or anything like that or whatever? he gets to the restaurant and it's all roped off and got sparkling water and everything set for him and she gets there and she's like, sir, your name? he says the reservation is russell wilson and she looks at him and goes like you're not russell wilson and she got all mad. >> that's great. deer valley high school product taiwan jones returns to the raiders backfield from special teams and defensive back. raiders a little thin there. darren mcfadden and stewart are hurt. jennings has been battling concussion so jones is the next man up. >> back home, man, back home where he should have never
6:55 pm
left. temporarily probably but we got confidence in taiwan. >> we're like the last of the mohicans here. good to have him back and running around. i'm looking forward to seeing him make plays again. all right. in this push button world are you amazed by these sports statistics? just constantly updated as soon as the player crosses the goal line a batted ball finds a hole for a hit a goal scored golf shot hit from some event halfway around the world? what's behind that? a room filled with startup company reps at s.a.p. in palo alto. a silicon valley forum designed for sports and technology and they were hanging on every word or should i say stat from a fella named steven bird. sports fans are tied to him
6:56 pm
indirectly. you cannot enjoy the nfl, nba, major league baseball, without his company. the stats pipeline. and bird as executive vice president is the ringmaster. >> the more we have given people the more they want, the faster we give it to them the faster they want. i remember when you had to wait for fantasy scores until the next day. fantasy sports is the original social network on the internet. i mean, that's what people have gathered around and communicated over. >> reporter: the big networks, teams an events like the olympics have bought in. content, numbers, in-game information from over 55,000 games a year with over 85 sports leagues. >> all of the leagues have invested heavily in the data collection but that has allowed then us to take that and deliver it to all the fans.
6:57 pm
>> reporter: did the 49ers win their last game? [ ding ] >> the 49ers out did the rams by a score of 23-13 last sunday. >> reporter: even siri is into it. it's amazing. he has guys at every game just constantly updating it like that. >> he has a server the size of the empire state building. >> if you are into sports and into stats, i checked the website, they are hiring, folks. so stats, inc. >> stats are us. get out there. >> constantly changing updating. >> amazing. >> we're already dated. >> yes. >> five seconds went by. >> some app. >> just like that. >> we'll talk to siri about that. thanks for watching. remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the venue changed but the tune was the same against the rams a team that was supposed to be jumping into the fray. it was a masterpiece for the 49ers one that even a van gogh fan could appreciate. and now, it's not hard to hear the seahawks coming. >> there are a lot of pundits and ignorant idiots who thought, oh, seattle is going to lose this game. please don't doubt us again. >> ignorance is bliss on "49ers preview" and it starts right now. captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald michael crabtree back in uniform for the first time since the super bowl and the 49er passing offense team changed with him in the line-up against the rams. they


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