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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 9, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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we've got 23 in santa rosa, 24 in napa 32 in livermore but a sign of warmer weather on the way. >> we already have problems in oakland, a traffic alert, a big rig hit some of the sand barrels and there was debris all over the roadway. they just cleared all lanes but the fifth avenue off ramp will remain closed the next couple hours so we have a couple other issues including black ice. >> it's a monday. >> i know, and wind advisory as well. >> and it is cold out there and we spoke to people in the eastbay that they don't seem to mind the cold. in fact those freezing temperatures didn't keep folks home over the weekend. kpix spent the day in concord. >> reporter: with temperatures headed for freezing, snow was piling up here in walnut creek at the ice rink on civic and folks were putting on more clothes. >> dressed up, bundled, three layers down. >> good day to come ice skating? >> great day. >> the sun was shining in late afternoon as the temperature dropped to 40 degrees. >> what do you think of the
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cold weather? >> it's awesome. >> it's freezing. >> it's very cold but it's amazing to skate. >> it's so cold. there's ice everywhere. >> most eastbay shoppers weren't quite ready for this. >> so how are you dealing with the cold? >> bundling up. i have my mittens on. >> is that enough? >> no it's really cold. >> you don't look very warm. >> i'm not. >> doesn't look like you're dressed as warm as you could be. >> no i'm really cold right now. >> jamie toughs it out with the help of hot coffee. >> just dressed up a little extra and wearing my rabbit fur an that's it. >> cold weather may have kept folks away from this ace hardware tree lot on main two nights i was very cold. >> many may not like the cold but shoppers suggest get used to it, it's winter. >> i love it. >> you love the cold weather? >> yes. >> why? >> because it's the season. that's how it should be. >> kpix5. >> the same system that's producing record cold here is
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creating an icy mess from texas all the way up to the northeast. in dallas, firefighters had to deice the roof of a terminal but that didn't help things much. hundreds of passengers were stranded due to delays and cancellations. and in philadelphia the forecast calls for some snow but some people were caught off guard with how heavy it turned out to be. the airport could only keep one runway open. korean war veteran merill newman spent more than a month being detained after being taken into custody on a tourist trip there. now we're learning he was kept in a hotel room the entire time. newman told us he was well fed and kept comfortable. when asked about his television ology, he said that's not my english. he added his wife controls his passport. a stanford medical team back home this morning after spending two weeks in the philippines helping with typhoon haiyan relief efforts there. they work six days a week treating 200 patients a day. they say the weather made things very difficult and it
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was very draining. while they were there to provide medical and emotional support. >> just been listening about their stories and i think they feel good, our presence actually makes them feel good and they're very grateful for that. >> members of the team say while the devastation is widespread, they saw rebuilding taking place and say the spirit of the philippines people gives them a sense of optimism. events are planned all week in south africa to pay tribute to civil rights legend nelson mandela. yesterday was a national day of prayer for the activist who died thursday at the age of 95. at one ceremony mandela was remembered by the man who succeeded him as south africa's president. >> what inspired by what he and his generation were able to do, for millions of our people, to engage in struggle, to end in
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justice. >> president obama and first lady michelle obama will attend a public memorial service for mandela tomorrow. former president jimmy carter, bill clinton and george w. bush also plan to attend with their wives. then mandela's body will lie in state for three days before his burial. >> mr. mandela is also being remembered in the bay area. kpix5 shows us the celebration of mandela's life and legacy at a bay area church. >> reporter: when san francisco's glide memorial church remembered nelson mandela at their morning services the only thing missing was sadness. the mood was joyful as a children's choir honored the passing of the man being called the father of a nation. >> it's bigger than that. i mean, nelson mandela touched all of our lives regardless of
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where we were in the world. >> pastor williams met mandela twice, the first time at his celebrated appearance in oakland in 1990. williams says mandela's power came from his ability to rise above the outrage of his imprisonment, to become an irresistible force for peaceful change in the tradition of ghandi and dr. martin luther king jr.. >> being in prison for 27 years, you hear me? 27 years and then walking out of that prison as a new person completely. there's no doubt about it, he liberated the world in many ways. >> mandela was already in his 70s when he walked out of prison but his message resonated strongest with a younger generation. john bailey thinks real change always happens because of young people. >> i don't think you can make the change out the youth. i think the youth see themselves growing up in a
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different world. >> i feel like me, i'm going to do everything in my power to make sure i teach my children about him, keep updating my status because i feel like he's a man that needs to be celebrated forever. >> kpix5. flags are flying at half staff for mandela's honor in several bay area cities. 4:36 right now. it's chilly out there. >> i know, day after day these cold temperatures of course we're seeing frost damage on some of the plants and looks like a couple more days with these deep freezing temperatures and then things will start to moderate but out the door we've got nice clear skies and a dry beginning to the day and the air is very dry and that's when temperatures are dropping off in a hurry. 23 degrees in santa rosa, even 29 in san jose, that's pretty amazing, 37 san francisco, 32 and freezing in livermore and 31 in oakland. looks like around the bay area starting out freezing warnings again for most areas except for san francisco overnight lows dropping off in the 20s and 30s.
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this afternoon again we'll see similar temperatures to what we've had over the last couple days. it's going to be chilly in spots, 47 in concord, 48 for a high in livermore and 52 in san jose, a promise of some warmer weather is on the way. we'll have more in a moment. check out your roads with elizabeth thank you. outside we go towards the eastbay. northbound 880 a traffic alert is in effect. a big hit some sand barrels and there's still sand all over the roadway. they say lanes will be closed until about 6:30 so we are seeing slowing behind it. again the accident was reported northbound 880 near fifth. this is what it looks like near the oakland colosseum. it looks like things are pretty good there so it's backed up for an exit or so, heading towards downtown to oakland. we have a couple things, chp issued a high wind advisory earlier this morning, it is still in effect, so heads up ever traveling 680 any time soon and earlier there was some reports of black ice on eastbound 24 near the st.
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stevens exit, that's in arinda, it was blocking the slow lane and a quick check of the bay bridge where so far things are looking great this morning. that's your latest kcbs traffic report back to you guys. 4:38 now other headlines around the bay. a family walking in a county park stumbled upon a human remains yesterday, a man and his two children were at shilo ranch regional park in windsor when the father spotted a human skull near a tin us shoe. he called sheriffs deputies. no information on that persons identity. a gun buyback plan for this coming saturday in san jose is facing challenges. this is a crowd funded buyback and so far organizers have only raised a little under $5,000. they need 10,000 by tomorrow. organizers say every $100 will take one gun off the street. it's official stanford and michigan state will play in the rose bowl at pasadena new years day. 12th ranked michigan state with a 12 & 1 record knocked off
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ohio state undefeated ohio state and upset on saturday and number five stanford with 11 & 2 record will be back at pasadena for the second straight year. this is a big game as the rose bowl celebrates 100 years in pasadena. well it's a big test for the niners as well as they place the first place seattle seahawks yesterday. >> and as mark kelly reports it was also a big test for police to make sure fans in san francisco didn't get out of hand. >> reporter: outside candlestick park no shortage of crowd control, from all ranks of law enforcement. and when there's this kind of rivalry? >> go niners, baby. >> [applause]. >> go seahawks. >> extra security becomes a top priority for the san francisco police chief. he won't talk hard numbers, but did say-- >> i'll tell you we had about 50% more officers than in a regular non-rivalry day game out here today and we probably have twice as many officers in opposing team apparel. >> that means officers
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disguised in seahawks jerseys monitoring the crowd inside and outside candlestick at all timeses. the seahawks do it at their home games and for a big game like this, now we do it too. >> and if you get out anybody else you're going to find yourself in jail and these tickets are expensive. you'll want to find yourself to your seat inside the stadium. >> for fans, the extra security was paying off. >> it's a game. let's have fun. let's enjoy ourselves. >> the cortez sisters in from out of town agree. >> i've heard the area can be not so safe or whatever but i feel totally fine. we've been walking for awhile too so we're good. >> the true test of fans comes on the 23rd when the 49ers play their last game in this legendary stadium. at candlestick park, mark kelly, kpix5. well by the way the niners went on to win 19-17. highlights coming up a little bit later in sports. as for the police think say they were no major problems but
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they did arrest 23 people, 19 for drunkenness. an unusual obsticle turning drivers heads how this small plane ended up on a freeway. making commuter trains a little bit safer. the change demanded by lawmakers to prevent another tragedy like the bronx derailment when we come back.
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actually made an emergency that is a small plane parked on the side of a road in orange county. the single engine plane made an emergency landing on the roadway yesterday afternoon. there were two people on board. they're doing just fine. all lanes of the toll road had to be closed down for the landing and to tow that plane away took about six hours. happening today, san diego's embattled former mayor is expected to be sentenced on sexual harassment charges, as part of a plea agreement. he will get three years probation and three months of home confinement. he will also have to undergo mental health treatment. filner resigned in august after more than a dozen women accused
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him of making unwanted advances toward them. in october he plead get it to felony false imprison in and misdemean o battery charges. a man due in court today in connection with the murder in san francisco. 21 year old ronnie collins is charged in the fatal shooting of a man on december 1. investigators say l coins lured the victim to san francisco by offering to buy a video game console from him. the victim ikena waca of daily city posted the playstation 4 for sale online. 4:44. it is a chilly monday. ice cream for today. >> is that right? you were scraping away. >> i'm sorry we aren't working. >> yeah, a little dry in my neighborhood but temperatures are dropping like a rock. hope you guys had a good weekend. >> it was a great weekend. >> it was a lot of fun. yeah, enjoyed every bit of it. folks if you're headed out the door we are back into the deep freeze of that cold, arctic air, continuing just to roll right back into the bay area. you could see it. that offshore wind so you got that cold air coming right from the continent, back toward the
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bay area, bringing us those freezing temperatures once again. so if you're headed out the door today again get ready for another cold start to the day and it's going to be a chilly finish as well. some of these temperatures are impressive. wow it's very cold in santa rosa, 23 degrees there right now, 29 even in san jose, 37 san francisco. 32 and freezing in livermore and 31 guess freezing temperatures even into oakland. now as we head throughout the day we'll see a lot of sunshine toward the afternoon but the temperatures still going to stay well below the average and then looks like some slow warming. i think as we head in toward the middle of the week these temperatures getting back to normal in the bay area. but you see how that cold air continues to roll back in our direction, finally this ridge of high pressure will build in overhead the next couple days and temperatures should begin to warm up. still if you're traveling be careful. it's cold in the high country. overnight lows boy, well below zero up in lake tahoe area today, they top out at about 33 degrees, 49 in sacramento, and what it looks like we'll stay
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virtually cloud free in the next day and a half and then things begin to change, we'll see a few high clouds moving to our skies and then those clouds thicken up more into thursday and possibly into friday. temperature wise 52 degrees in san jose for the high, only 52 in pacifica, lot of 40s again showing up in the eastbay and as you get inside the bay you'll see 50s for the most part, lots of sunshine but bundle up. it's going to stay chilly. these temperatures start to warm up maybe 60s, haven't been able to say that for awhile by wednesday, on thursday and friday a few more clouds come our way but warmer weather next weekend. time for your kcbs traffic. >> thanks lawrence and if you want to take mass transit might be a great idea to do it. bart we just checked in, 27 trains and everything is on time. ferries should be good to go a little later this morning. caltrain all reporting no problems. there is still a traffic alert in effect, all lanes are open on the main lines, freeway, northbound 8980, but the off ramp remains closed for the next couple hours until about
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6:30 this morning, so there must be some activity there and you can see it because on our sensors there is some slowing. it's only backed up for about one exit so no real need to use an alternate and if you're heading towards the oakland colosseum this is what it looks like so pretty good near 66th but once you get closer to that fifth avenue off ramp you can expect to find a few taps to the brake lights but that off ramp will remain closed for the early part of this morning commute. also early this morning, chp issued a high wind advise our just going into effect for the venetia bridge but both directions of northbound and southbound 680, also earlier some black ice reported on eastbound 24 coming out of the caldecott tunnel. bay bridge toll plaza nice smooth conditions coming into san francisco. similar story out of the altamonte pass. another kcbs traffic report coming up. in the meantime back to you guys. 4:47 now. federal investigators will question experts of witnesses in washington this week to get a fuller picture of what caused
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the asiana airlines crash at san francisco airport last july. the hearings on tuesday and wednesday will focus on problems with the planes throttle and communications issues. they will also look at a broader issue, the relationship between pilots and their aircraft when many controls are now automated. after four people were killed earlier this month in a derailment in the bronx, two federal lawmakers want cameras now mounted in trains. they want them pointed at engineers and the tracks. the national transportation safety board has made a similar suggestion. one senator calling for cameras says they can detect and prevent problems. >> as we move forward from the crash, we have to focus on the lessons that we learned in the past week and make sure that these things don't happen again. reports are now pointing to human error. >> a union leader says the engineer nodded off or experienced some sort of daze just before the accident.
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and in addition to the four killed 60 others were hurt when that train barreled into a turn at 80 miles an hour. the speed limit was supposed to be 30. thousands of people turned up at the site of the valencia car accident that killed actor paul walker and his friend, yesterdays memorial was unofficial with information spread online. >> reporter: paul walker fans came from all over in modified cars, they mourned, they revved their engines and left and fans call it a fitting tribute to the star and his friend. two men, car enthusiasts they believe are now racing in paradise. >> i think it was great a lot of fans came out and a lot of cars too. >> the sheriffs department is also pleased. this is what it looked like late into the evening. at points traffic stretched on to the freeway, massive crowds, fast cars, souped up engines and no real trouble.
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>> today, things went well thanks to very cooperative people and there was at least 5,000 people that came out and nearly 2000 cars we estimate. >> all here for an unsanctioned event to remember the two men killed in this fiery crash eight days ago. in this age of social media friends told friends to come pay tribute to the fast and furious star and word quickly spread. there was no one organizer, no way to know how many people are coming and deputies were left to deal with the mourners. >> we saw event after event showing up especially on facebook and ultimately found at least 13 facebook pages that i saw as well as other sites that were talking about they were planning on coming here today. >> the sheriffs department brought in extra deputies and volunteers and closed lanes and streets to help prevent grid lock, all while fans revved engines, signed memorials and thanked paul walker for his charity, his movies, and their memories. >> paul walker inspired us and
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we love him. >> fast and furious 6 will be released on dvd as scheduled tomorrow. some of the proceeds will be donated to his charity, reach out worldwide which benefits survivors of natural disasters. united airlines is now trying to figure out how no one noticed a sleeping passenger got locked inside a plane. todd wagner on his way from louisiana to california, well he fell asleep on his connecting flight to houston and when he woke up the plane was dark and he thought he was dreaming. he soon figured out it was real when workers came on board. >> i said don't put the blame on me. i didn't do nothing wrong here and they are like okay, well keep it quiet. >> well since wagner missed his connection, united did put him up in a hotel, gave him a voucher as well. it's now trying to figure out how no one noticed wagner during the post-flight walk through. the frigid weather in the rockies creating a new concern. the danger now facing one
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community near denver. and taking technology to the next level what some of the biggest names in the industry are doing to get bay area students more involved. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is clear and back to the deep freeze in some parts of the bay area at 23 right now in santa rosa, 24 in napa, even 29 degrees in san jose, when it might warm um we'll talk about it coming up. we have a new accident southbound highway 17 near highway 85. car ran off the roadway and into a ditch. it is visible from the connector ramp. we'll have all your latest travel times. kcbs traffic report coming up. icy weather conditions in colorado are adding to a flood
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danger. clear creek west of denver is six or seven feet higher than normal. frigid overnight temperatures are freezing the water on top of the creek but the water is still flowing underneath. that's causing more layers of ice every day as the creek continues to rise. once the ice breaks the area could be flooded with chunks of it. citrus farmers in california's central valley say they've dodged the brunt of the recent storm that brunt wind, rain and freezing temperatures. they managed to prevent drop damage by lighting fires and using wind machines as temperatures dip into the 20s. well this week some bay area computer classes may take a little different tone instead of learning how to use various programs, some students will learn how to write the codes behind them. the program is called hour of code, and it's being pushed by some of the biggest names in tech, including bill gates and mark zuckerberg. tens of thousands of schools are expected to participate. >> the idea is to get a one hour basic introduction to this
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field that is sort of behind the mystery, this vail that separates the average person from the mark zu ckerberg. >> this is computer science education week and it doesn't take a fancy computer to learn. there's tutorials that can be done online. well some of americas most talented people were honored last night. >> singers with the body of work spanning decades were awarded in front of the president and the first lady. well that performance was in honor of carlos santana. could listen to that all day, he along with billy joel were recognized at the kennedy center honors event in washington d.c. president obama saluted the honorees. the show will air on the 29th on kpix5. 4:56 right now. four u.s. presidents are headed to south africa to celebrate the life of fell san monday dell a. we'll have more on the special ceremonies planned for
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this week coming up.
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just up, i'm bundled three layers down. >> people all over the bay area are shivering this morning, there's a freeze warning in effect through the day. storms came out of know where. it just hit us. honestly. >> it hit us and then i'm slipping and sliding. >> commuters across the country are up against the elements this morning. snow and ice are wreaking havoc all across the country. a family walking in sonoma county stumbled upon human remains. this morning officials will identify who the victim is and figure out what happened. what he and his generation were able to do to modernize millions of our people to engage in struggle, to end injustice. >> president obama and the first lady will leave for south africa today to attend the national memorial service for nelson mandela. it will be held tomorrow. from across the bay to
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around the world, the stories that matter on kpix5 news this morning. good morning, everyone. it is monday, december 9, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00, a monday but already a busy monday on the roads. >> we do have a number of different incidents going on. it's pretty early to see this many accidents. nothing huge but we'll go out to loss gatos, we're getting word of a new issue, a car ran off the roadway into a pond or a ditch but it is visible from the connector ramp. southbound highway 17 to highway 85 right there by los gatos creek trail, not seeing major slowdowns and our sensors on the main lines and this traffic alert is still in effect even though the main lines of northbound 880 are open, a big rig hit some sand barrels and the off ramp remains closed for the next hour and a half until approximately 6:30 this morning. westbound 580 still lo


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