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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  December 12, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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sitting down with the union work on a solution to the stalemate in your realtime captione mrs. linda m. macdonald right now bart management is sitting down with unions to work on a solution to the stalemate in a contentious contract negotiation and the result of these talks could have a big impact on commuters. good afternoon, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. the big issue today is the big dispute over family leave. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is live outside bart headquarters over in oakland. and cate, any movement at all
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today? >> reporter: not that we know of, frank and michelle. as far as we know, both sides have been at the table for the past two hours over the family leave provision. the unions say presumably this is a face-to-face meeting with a federal mediator overseeing the negotiations. the unions and bart management back at it again for something union leaders call unprecedented. management says one provision in the tentative agreement that allows employees up to six weeks of paid family leave shouldn't have been in there in the first place. bart says it's a mistake. >> when you make's mistake you acknowledge the consequences of your action. if i sign an agreement, my word is my bond, we have to live with that, okay? they signed an agreement. they have attorneys that reviewed it. that was not a mistake. they presented it to us. >> reporter: the unions already ratified the tentative agreement with that so-called mistake. last month, bart directors also
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approved that same agreement without the family leave provision which brings us back to bart headquarters where the management and unions will face off once again. >> we need to know whatter in saying at the table today. they made the invitation for to us come and meet. we want a resolution to the contract. our members deserve it. so we are going to see what they have to say. >> quite frankly, bart cannot afford to pay employees six weeks for family medical leave. so we are hoping that we can resolve this dispute. >> reporter: they are scheduled to talk for two days. riders hope it doesn't go longer. live in oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> all right, cate. thank you. there is some good news. the unions say they are not considering a third strike as an option, at least at this point. in just two hours, we'll find out whether the house will pass a new budget and avoid another goverment shutdown. the bipartisan bill would increase the deficit $41 billion over the next two years
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and stop repeated government shutdowns. the proposal is highlighting a split in the republican party. some conservative groups who call the bill a step backwards are urging representatives to vote no. >> they came out against the agreement before we reached an agreement. >> the budget deal would also ease some of the sequester spending cuts. president obama says if the budget passes through congress, he will sign it. stocks are a mixed bag now as traders wait to hear about the prospects for a budget deal. let's get a live look at the numbers right now. dow down 61. fire and car crash causing problems on 580, happened around 10:00 this morning near north livermore avenue. you see the wreck there. at least one person has died. there are major backups in both directions of 580. eastbound is now open, two westbound lanes are open.
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slow in the area. newly released airport surveillance video shows the moment of impact when the asiana airlines crashed last summer. it hit the seawall, skidded and caught on fire. it was released yesterday at the ntsb hearing in washington. san francisco fire department official was also there to explain why a teenaged passengerey ming yang was declared dead before she was run over by two fire trucks. >> one of the personnel that recognized the deceased immediately based on their training and our protocols defaulted to the higher priority of effecting rescue of trapped victims in a burning aircraft. >> as to why the plane crash- landed in the first place, one of the pilots said the visual approach combined with the sfos downed guidance system stressed him out. for a second day thousands waited for hours to see nelson mandela's body. his body was moved from a military hospital in pretoria
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to the union buildings where he was inaugurated as south africa's first black president in 1994. tomorrow will be the last day of viewing. after that, he will be taken to his hometown of qunu for burial on sunday. a member of the south african government says they made a mistake hiring a sign language interpreter who is coming under fire for his performance at mandela's memorial. tina kraus tells us the interpreter says he was trying not to panic on the big stage. >> reporter: the man accused of using fake sign language during tuesday's nelson mandela memorial is defending himself. >> i think that i have been a champion of sign language. >> reporter: thamsanqa jantijie told radio 702 in south africa his work speaks for itself. >> i have interpreted in many, uhm, uhm, brief conference including the presidential conference and then -- no one at all have said i interpreted wrong. >> reporter: jantjie says he was interpreting correctly but tells the "associated press" he
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was seeing visions of angels coming into the stadium tuesday. he admits he is schizophrenic and has a violent past. several world leaders including president obama were on stage with jantjie. the south african government says it contacted the company that employed the interpreter but the owner has since disappeared. >> we spoke to them wanting some answers. and they vanished into thin air because it's a clear indication that over the years, they have managed to get away with this. >> reporter: the government is also looking into how the interpreter passed security background checks before the memorial. tina kraus, cbs news, pretoria, south africa. >> the interpreter did apologize for his performance and asked everyone to forgive him. happening today, "covered california" the state's new health insurance marketplace will unveil enrollment numbers for the month of november. those figures will be announced at a news conference in l.a. about an hour from now. new customers must sign up by december 23rd to have coverage starting at the beginning of
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next year. also today, authorities expect to find out whether they got a serial bank robber. yesterday marin county sheriff's deputies shot and wounded a man after he pulled out a gun. that man is suspected of robbing a bank of the west in novato earlier in the day. investigators are now checking to see if he is connected to nine or robberies in the past year. those crimes are attributed to the cotton ball bandit referring to the robber's hat. a man is it in custody after a police chase that began and ended in antioch. it started when officers tried to pull over a driver about 7:00 last night. investigators say the car struck one of the officers, starting a chase through pittsburg, bay point and concord. when the driver circled back to antioch, spike strips flattened the car tires and the suspect ran off. he was quickly arrested. the officer was not seriously injured. a south bay city is taking action to kick out medical marijuana shops in its neighborhoods. kiet do tells us what san jose is doing to shut down dispensaries.
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>> reporter: earlier this week the city council voted to shut down the vast majority of the city's 82 pot clubs and only allow them to open shop in the northern tip of san jose. it's meant to keep them away from homes, schools and drug rehab centers. the city is getting numerous complaints of kids easily getting their hands on marijuana. warning letters are set to go out and the city expects many dispensaries to shut down in a month or two but not so fast! if you recall, two years ago, back in october 2011, the council voted to shut down nearly all dispensaries and only allow 10 to stay open. the medical marijuana community responded big time by turning in nearly 50,000 signatures that would have forced an expensive ballot measure to keep the dispensaries open. it worked! with that many signatures gathered in a short amount of time, the council got the message loud and clear and they repealed their own law. the medical marijuana community is a savvy well organized and experienced as ever and they are vowing to fight and they
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are confident they can do this again. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> the san jose city council will take a final vote in march. the new rules could take effect next spring or summer. a big scare on board the international space station. the potentially serious problem uncovered on the satellite orbiting 200 miles above the earth. >> and it was a big day in the entertainment world as the golden globe nominees are announced this morning. this year, there are some sure bets and a couple of surprises too. >> reporter: hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. from freezing temperatures to very warm, maybe even record- breaking temperatures ahead, we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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problem with a cooling syst. nasa has scaled back operations on the international space station today after a detecting a problem with its cooling system. nasa says the station's six man crew never in danger. problem was detected when one of the two cooling pumps shut down after hitting a temperature limit. authorities now trying to determine whether a spacewalk may be required to fix it. they can't call a mechanic i guess way up there, huh? >> need a little radiator fluid, antifreeze. >> trip there, $5 million! >> finally out of the deep freeze, we have warmer weather ahead. in fact, the temperatures going to be above average and the weekend. we have a cold front bearing down. you can see the clouds starting to make their way closer but most of the energy from the system going to stay well north of the bay area. blue skies and hazy sunshine right now, temperatures just beginning to warm up.
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54 in livermore. 52 in san francisco. 52 in san jose. and 51 degrees in santa rosa. plenty of sunshine this afternoon, hazy with pollutants in the air and "spare the air" night tonight. not as cold. looks like the air is moderating. we'll see a little sea breeze and that will help to bring the temperatures up a bit. now, as we head in toward the weekend we are going to get an offshore wind cranking up the temperatures but right now high pressure sliding overhead moving eastward. you have the cold front coming in. going to bring us a couple of clouds overnight and probably into tomorrow morning. and then that moves out of town but what that will do is help scrub the air a bit and make it a lot cleaner. temperatures around the state looking at 57 degrees and sunny skies in sacramento. 45 degrees in lake tahoe. about 62 in fresno. and 57 and sunny into monterey bay. computer models showing you that cold front working its way toward the bay area was hoping it would stick together to bring us some rain. doesn't look like that's going to happen just some passing clouds coming our way and then looks like very mild even some warm conditions as we head in
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toward the latter part of the weekend. for highs today, 50s and some low 60s into the south bay. about 60 topping out in morgan hill. 58 in milpitas. into the east bay you will see temperatures soaring into the 50s into livermore. about 55 degrees in walnut creek. and inside the bay 59 in oakland. about 57 degrees in san francisco. overnight lows, yeah, they will still be chilly but not as cold. most numbers going to stay above the freezing mark. see a lot of 30s and 40s out there but looks like a far cry from very cold temperatures we had just this morning. the next couple of days, we'll slowly warm things up and the weekend looking good. offshore winds should crank some of these temperatures up near 70 or so as we head in toward monday. cooling off slightly on tuesday and wednesday. by the way, sunset tonight is just after 4:00. >> really? >> yeah, 4:51. >> early. >> all right. >> i'm liking the warmer temperatures though. >> after the cold snap, yeah. feels really good. >> we need it. thanks, lawrence. >> you're welcome. the golden globe nominees were announced this morning. "12 years a slave" and
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"american hustle" lead the pack with 7 nominations each. on the tv side, the "big bang theory" is up for best tv comedy and jim parsons was nominated for best actor in a comedy. a local attorney has spent decades fighting for those who couldn't fight for themselves. coming up, we'll have more on the tireless efforts of today's jefferson award winner. >> and kpix 5 looking for a veterinarian to appear on tv. to nominate a vet you know, email us at we are going to narrow the field down to the top five and let you vote on our pet expert. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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lawrence is here with toda' generous contribution. we have two special guests our "food for bay area families" campaign is still going strong and lawrence is here with today's generous contribution. >> that's right. >> we have two special guests lily wong and devon grissom. devon, we want to talk to you. you guys decided to get involved. what did you guys do at baracuda to get involved? >> first of all, baracuda is so happen to be involved with such an amazing cause like second harvest food bank. our ceo has been cochair for the holiday food and fund drive for the past two consecutive years. on the part of all the baracuda employees we are just so proud to be able to make a difference. in so many lives especially during the christmas season. >> you guys brought in a big check. >> we did. >> what do you have there? >> we are contributing
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$80,000! >> $80,000! very good! >> takes two of us to hold this check up today. >> fantastic! >> for second harvest food bank and we again are just very proud to be able to make that contribution. >> that's going to go a long way. what can you guys do with that, lily? >> with $80,000, we'll be able to provide 160,000 nutritious meals for the community. so thank you! >> that is phenomenal! how far they can make that money stretch. so, you know, every bit helps. and, of course, they brought in a check for $80,000. but folks, if you would like to help out at home, you can go to look for "food for bay area families." you can donate $5, $10, $25, $80,000 if you would like to just like baracuda. whatever you can. that would help. thank you very much. back to you. a bay area attorney has been building a legacy in the courtroom and the classroom for decades. >> and what he is doing for free is what's earned him this week's jefferson award award.
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>> reporter: for more than three decades, mort cohen has tried to inspire his students at golden gate university school of law. >> that love for the law as a nonviolent way of solving our problems is something i hope to communicate. >> reporter: while his students know him as a full-time law professor in the community he made a name for himself as a tireless advocate for the underdog. >> i represented what i consider to be invisible powerless people for a long period of time. >> reporter: mort takes one or two new cases a year pro bono. nursing home reform advocate patricia mcginnis says before mort's landmark legal victories in the 1980s, mental health and nursing home patients had no laws protecting them from being given mild-altering drugs. >> we were able to craft regulations that required informed consent before anybody in a nursing home can be drugged up with psychotropic drugs. >> reporter: mort won a marin county case in state appellate court last year that affirmed
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similar rights for mental health patients. >> you could not treat such individuals involuntarily without counsel, without notice, without a hearing. and so all of those things changed. they changed not merely in marin. they changed throughout the state. >> reporter: in his lawsuits on behalf of jail inmates, the 78- year-old attorney battled against overcrowding, understaffing and unsafe conditions that led to the building of four new jails. >> he's the ultimate civil rights attorney. those are lasting legacies. and not too many people want to take on those cases because, you know what, these aren't paying cases. >> being a bridge between society and that invisible powerless group of folks is just -- it makes you feel that your life is useful. they are restitutionry damages. >> reporter: so for decades of work on behalf of the elderly, inmates and mental health patients this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to mort cohen.
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sharon chin, kpix 5. >> mort grew up in a family committed to social justice. here's a photo he shared with us of himself as a young man with his father. he says he knew at age 8 that he he wanted to be a lawyer. right now he is challenging a california law that allows doctors to determine when a patient is medically capable of refusing treatment. you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online at coming up, a long lost letter finally reaches its destination in northern california but where's it become for the last six decades? coming up next. >> if you have a consumer problem or question, just call our hotline, 888-5-helps-u. volunteers are there right now. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ed bay time to eat. tony and stephanie tantillo are cooking up a one-pan dish rosemary potatoes and scallions. >> we went to the store and saw these beautiful baby yukon gold potatoes. we grabbed them. we coated the pan with a little extra virgin olive oil. sliced potatoes, coated it with chicken stock and once that reduced about 50%, rosemary. so now that it's almost all gone we'll add scallions. give it a nice bite. >> beautiful. >> mix that up. beautiful fresh scallions, too.
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a little bit of parsley. get some of that green. >> you think you can add a little bit of extra virgin olive oil? just a touch to open up the scallions and pepper. then a little bit of your favorite, salt. sicilian sea salt. >> so good. >> there you go. one pan dish. >> fantastic. >> stephanie. >> it's amazing what you can do with potatoes, isn't it? >> it is. let them speak for them servings the flavor. ciao. bye-bye! time to eat. coming up at 5:00, a talented bay area band has a chance to play in front of millions in london on new year's day. but they may not get there. the race against the clock to raise enough money for the trip of a lifetime. >> a letter written by a former secretary of the navy showed up in a mailbox in richmond more than 6 decades after it was sent. >> it's true. it was meant for mrs. agnes r. smith who doesn't live where it was sent to. people don't know who she is or
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even if she is still alive. so the letter is now at the point richmond history association where it will remain until she or the family claims it. >> i guess they got it a month ago and it didn't look like it was re-sent. it just moved along slowly. >> i hope they find her. >> they cail it snail mail. >> really slow. >> well, that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. >> enjoy your thursday. see you nice and early 4:30 tomorrow, right, guys? >> can't wait! >> michelle? [ laughter ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> wyatt: you won, liam. you got the girl. just please let my mother and me keep our jobs -- everyone at the company. i will respect your marriage. i will not cross the line with hope. i will keep my distance. you have my word. >> liam: why should i believe you, wyatt? >> wyatt: because i am looking you in the eye and i am making you a promise. come on, man. you can trust me. what do you say? >> eric: i will talk to hope. i'll see what i can do. >> quinn: thank you so much, eric.


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