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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 12, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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of or annual budget. bingo pays for music. it pays for entry fees for festivals. it pays for uniforms. bringing in outside instructors to make sure that we get as good as we can possibly be. >> reporter: but you don't have to be in the band to have felt robbed. students we talked to said the incident has taken away their sense of security on campus. >> it's kind of crazy what could happen if a guy is just coming on campus, what else can you do? just coming to steal money, he could come and harm the students. >> it fells like we have to have our guard up more now because of it. >> reporter: there are no more bingo nights scheduled for this year. the next one is in january. and it will probably be a couple of months before they really know the financial impact on the music program here at oak grove and whether or not the students will be deprived of any competition later down the road. the police department is investigating but so far they have no suspects in this case. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. and the band director says that the robbery happened so
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fast, many of the players never realized it happened. new at 5:00, milpitas police say they have arrested four people for the robbery and murder of a popular 7-eleven clerk. police didn't give many specifics because the investigation is still going on. the crime happened last year at a 7-eleven in north milpitas. police say the suspects robbed the store and then killed the clerk. it was the only murder in the city that year. officers say hours of police work finally gave them a break in the case. the victim's family issued a statement thanking officers for their work. >> though nothing can bring mo back, you have given us the next best thing, justice for an amazing father, husband and friend. you have brought our family, friends and the whole community relief by taking these criminals off the streets. >> three of the suspects are from menlo park and a fourth is from las vegas. two of them were 17 at the time and will be charged as adults.
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developing news tonight. north korean state media says that the uncle of leader kim jong-un has been executed calling him worse than a dog. the announcement comes just days after the man was removed from his military post because of allegations of corruption, drug use and gambling. he is seen here with his nephew and was once considered north korea's second most powerful man. state media says he was executed for trying to overthrow the government. analysts say this is the latest move in kim's consolidation of power. he has been on the fbi's "most wanted" list for years. tonight, the feds are renewing their push to capture a berkeley man suspected of bombing two bay area buildings in 2003. over the years there have been numerous tips about his whereabouts, some placing him in the north bay, santa cruz and massachusetts. the fbi says in august of 2003, he planted a bomb that went off
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at the chiron corporation in emeryville. the blast did some damage but no one was hurt. chiron is a biotech company. an hour later a bomb went off at shaklee corporation in pleasanton. that company makes nutritional products. the fbi says the bomb was likely timed to injure first responders. it is offering $250,000 for information leading to daniel andreas san diego. there is a surge in redevelopment happening in one oakland neighborhood and they call it the broadway boom. broadway corridor is creating new jobs and a slew of new businesses but kpix 5's da lin tells us it still has a ways to go. reporter: a walk down the broadway corridor, you will notice new faces in town. in case you missed the coming soon or hiring signs, the construction noise will remind you broadway is slowly transforming. >> i love the raw energy that oakland has. >> reporter: ulysses romero is one of the new faces. the cal graduate is opening tierra mia coffee across from
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sears next month. >> there's a lot of room for new businesses to come in and if you sort of join that movement and be a part of it i think that makes it more exciting. >> reporter: there's been a renaissance in uptown and downtown in recent years and things have really picked up in the last six months. >> 20 beers on tap. >> reporter: tim martinez is opening a beer garden behind paramount theater. boarded-up storefronts on broadway and on telegraph here all being snapped up really fast. >> uptown, downtown, we have had 61 new restaurants as of last year, now up to 80. >> reporter: while growth iseth, there's still a lot of room for it. it's not hard to find empty storefronts and failed businesses along broadway. while growth is evident, there's still room for it. some say we have a long way to go. >> it's sad to see it like that. i have been here so long. i know it's going to come back. >> reporter: many say the perception of crime makes them avoid oakland, whether it's to shop or set up shop. those who have joined the movement say it's exciting.
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>> this little jewel to be discovered and a great timing -- timing is great, investment is great, and for professionals, it's really great. >> reporter: in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> the oakland business development corporation held a ceremony this afternoon to celebrate the revitalization. it credits partners such as citibank for speeding up the loan process for small businesses in the city. now, bart and its unions are back at the bargaining table today to try to work through another contract stalemate. these talks are the first formal negotiations over a provision that management says was mistakenly included in the contract. that provision allows employees up to 6 weeks of paid family leave. well, the unions already ratified the agreement. management did too after removing that section. it's a stalemate that the unions are now suing over. >> when you make a mistake you acknowledge the consequences your actions. if i sign an agreement my word is my bond and we have to live with that, okay?
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they signed an agreement, they have attorneys review it. that was not a mistake. they presented it to us. >> the federal mediator is overseeing today's negotiations. the unions say that at this point, they are not considering a third strike. bay area headlines. a 53-year-old man is behind bars on dui charges after a fiery crash on interstate 580 in livermore. the chp says the man rear-ended a jeep at 50 miles per hour this morning. the jeep was launched forward more than 100 feet and slammed into two other cars and burst into flames. the driver of that jeep was killed. garcia faces felony manslaughter charges. a man was killed in san rafael this morning. witnesses say a man was crossing civic center drive near the farmer's market about 10 a.m. the driver of the van hit him and stopped to him. police in belmont are looking for the thieves who stole copper wiring from streetlights. police were investigating an
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open grate with some exposed wires yesterday on ralston avenue near highway 101. they found 600 feet of copper wire missing. the wire is worth about $600. a college freshman killed while pledging a fraternity. now his death is exposing a dangerous hazing ritual. how a game called the glass ceiling took a deadly turn. >> his sign language was bogus. now the mandela interpreter gives his side of the story. his bizarre explanation for being distracted on stage. >> did you feel it outside today? a little bit warmer. some of you did make it to the 60s including fremont at 63, alamo 61, menlo park 61 degrees. it gets warmer. find out when we're not going to talk about the 60s but when we'll be talking about the 70s in december! your forecast coming up. >> there's so many memories that they will take with them for a lifetime. >> a bay area high school band gets ready for the big time. the once in a lifetime chance to play for millions in london and how you can help.
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cell phones.. but not everye is on board with the idea. the fcc may be ready to allow passengers to make in flight calls with their cell phones but not everyone is on board with that idea. the head of the fcc says its current ban has to do with technology not usage. in now sees no problem with allowing calls. the department of transportation has its own ban and is worried about the problems that would be caused by passengers talking on their cell phones. politicians are trying to head off the fcc. senator dianne feinstein introduced a bill today to block cell phone calls, saying this bill recognizes the use of cell phones to make calls can be disruptive and irritating to other passengers. more than 100,000 people have signed up for "covered california" but new numbers show the state's health exchange is still struggling to attract young people. nearly 60% of people enrolled in the exchange were ages 45 to 64. only 13% were people ages 18 to
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34. a total of 109,000 people signed up for "covered california" in october and november which is a bit higher than the federal figure. >> if you choose it just use it they can't refuse it no pre- existing condition could ever make you lose so tell a friend or a random guy i have a game changer here -- >> here's one way the obama administration hopes to appeal to young people through a new social media campaign which is being led by "covered california" with the help of hollywood, of course. the goal, reach 100 million people who will spread the word about the benefits health insurance coverage. police are looking into whether a fraternity hazing incident caused the death of a 19-year-old freshman last weekend in pennsylvania. prosecutors say chun michael deng was blindfolded and forced to run a gauntlet with a heavy weight on his back while frat members tackled him an initiation stunt called passed
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ceiling. he was injured and fainted. 30 other fraternity members and pledges didn't get him to the hospital for hours and he was on life support. he died the next day. >> typically, colleges and universities don't know that hazing is going on until something serious like this happens. the first thing that requires is to understand what the problem is. is this hang on our campus? how much is it happening? when is it happening? >> the college which is in new york said it had no knowledge of the event. but in the past five years, hazing has been blamed for at least 16 deaths nationwide. electronics, books and now groceries. amazon tries a fresh spin on same-day delivery. how it's hoping to succeed where others have failed. >> and what was he thinking? the fake interpreter at mandela's memorial speaks out. what happens when he is asked to sign again. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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only to be turned away. ".(sot - carolin here since before frustration for thousands of people who came to pay their respects to nelson mandela. only to be turned away. >> we have been here since before 7:00. i saw the first bus leave! >> mourners pleaded with police to let them in. crowds packed buses to get to the public viewing.
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but there wasn't enough time to fit the more than 20,000 people who lined up. the buses eventually started taking people home. and that interpreter accused of faking sign language at mandela's memorial claims he was hallucinating and saw visions of angels coming into the stadium. he also admitted he has schizophrenia and has been violent in the past. check out his heated exchange with a reporter when asked to show some of the signs. >> if i was speaking garbage and then there was nothing that had been done and then it's only now when something is being done and then i again make another, uhm, sign, you want to me to what you want me -- uhm,uhm, uhm, [ indiscernible ] you want me to -- >> i'm just asking if you can show me some of the signs. >> no, no. let's be realistic. >> government officials have tried to track down the company that hired him. but the owners seem to have vanished. a scare on the international space station has put science work on hold and a
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spacewalk in limbo. a faulty valve is causing problems with the cooling system. nasa's now trying to diagnose what's wrong and come up with a fix. the valve was replaced three years and there are several options being considered right now. the easiest would be a software repair. but the most difficult would be a spacewalk. they did it! house republicans and democrats compromised on a budget but neither side too fond of it. the deal cuts the deficit by $23 billion. it eases the across-the-board spending cuts we came to know as sequestration. some republicans say it doesn't cut enough spending. democrats reluctantly voted yes even though the bill does not extend unemployment benefits. >> yeah. we'r unhappy about it but not enough to say therefore we're going to make matters worse by not having an agreement. >> i came here to cut the size of government. that's exactly what this bill does. and why conservatives wouldn't vote for this or criticize the bill is -- is beyond any recognition i can come up with.
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>> final passage in the senate could come next week. and the president is expected to sign it. stocks fell though a third straight day. investors remain anxious about the future of the fed stimulus program. the dow dropped more than 100 points. the nasdaq, s&p also finished in the red. the world's biggest internet retailer is now dipping its toes into the grocery delivery business in san francisco. on the consumerwatch, julie watts gives amazon fresh a test drive and explains how it's trying to succeed where others failed miserably. reporter: from the people who brought you same-day delivery amazon will now bring groceries to your door. stop me if you have heard this one before. remember web van, the billion- dollar grossly delivery startup went bust in 2001 and with the rollout of amazon fresh, many are wondering how the world's biggest etailor is going to turn a grocery profit when its
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predecessors couldn't. >> for starters amazon is a company that isn't afraid or embarrassed to take things really slowly. >> reporter: cnet says amazon is learning from web van's mistakes. unlike web van criticized for growing too large too soon, amazon tested fresh for five years in seattle before expanding first to l.a. and now san francisco. >> web van was also targeting large regional areas. >> reporter: saving time and gas, amazon will only deliver to specific densely populated zip codes. so specific, they wouldn't deliver to the tv station just a few miles from my house. but the biggest difference is printed right here on the bag. amazon wants you to buy things like harmonicas with your bananas because as web van learned the hard way, there's not much profit margin in groceries. >> you can order electronics and household items products that amazon can make a good profit on. >> reporter: and in order to get free grocery delivery, you have to sign up for the $300 a
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year amazon prime which also gives you video streaming book rentals and overnight shipping. so what you're really buying into is the entire amazon ecosystem and that's exactly what they want. >> now, amazon is offering a 30- day free trial before you're automatically signed up for amazon prime and on a side note, all of my groceries could have fit in one bag. there weren't that many. >> how many? >> but instead i got 10 individual plastic bags inside five of those larger amazon bags which is good for me, i don't have to pay 10 cents a bag but not so good for the environment. >> those reusable kind? >> reporter: they were the plastic bags, you know, the old school plastic grocery bags inside the reusable bags. >> not very environmentally friendly. >> reporter: but now i'm saving 10 cents a bag. >> there you go. thank you. [ laughter ] all right. time to turn it to the outside because man it was considerably warmer. it actually felt great today. >> the process is beginning. it's a warming up process. the forecast delivered to you
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5:18 every night free of charge. now, to sign up for kpix 5 prime we have it for you here. [ laughter ] >> warmer today post-sunset well before 5:00 now starts getting dark. mount diablo from dublin, where you had highs inland today mid- to upper 50s almost t 60. you got there to san jose. santa rosa the north bay in the mid-50s. san jose 54. livermore 54 degrees. the warm spot would be oakland coming in at 59. look at this cold snap. not including today, the past 8 days we were eleven degrees below average in san jose. that's significantly below normal! more than 8 degrees below average in santa rosa. and you were 8 degrees below average in oakland. but past tense, it is now finished! we are going to have chilly nights but no more freezes. look at napa and santa rosa. you will be one degree above freezing tonight. concord 35. fremont 36. san francisco tomorrow morning 45 degrees. for the sixth consecutive day we have another "spare the air" day so no burning in the fireplace. south bay you will have the
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worst air quality, unhealthy tomorrow and each day over the weekend likely. big ridge of high pressure is trapping the pollution but also a big ridge of high pressure is keeping the storm track well to the north. we'll see rainfall in far northern california perhaps as far south as redding and eureka but not for us. that ridge will kind of wash out the front when it moves through tonight. you may notice a little bit of cloud cover if you are walking the kids to school tomorrow morning. it's all about the ridge, strong. milder afternoons tomorrow, saturday and sunday, each day two or three degrees warmer. as it gets to the peak the top of next week, temperatures will be running 10 to 15 degrees above normal. not below normal like they have been. that ridge won't go away until the end of next week. nights chilly near freezing. no more freezes but it will be colds in the morning but each afternoon will be a bit warmer through tuesday and by the middle of next week we'll be talking temperatures close to 70 degrees. right around 60 tomorrow. livermore 60 degrees. san jose 61. palo alto you hit 60 tomorrow.
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redwood city, union city, fremont sunshine upper 50s. pleasant hill 59 degrees. livermore 60. brentwood 60 degrees. napa 60. 58 in san francisco tomorrow. san rafael will hit 60 with sunshine. ukiah 63. look at the weekend. get outside maybe do anything outside, mid-60s on the sunday 70 away from the water and tuesday, sunny and dry next week. that's a very kind of early fall-ish forecast. >> beautiful. >> mid-december. >> we need the rain but enjoy the warm temperatures. >> yeah. >> uncover the plants. >> yeah. >> get the blanket out of there. >> okay, paul. coming up, talk about a high school highlight. a bay area band is about to play in front of millions. >> big adventure in london and how you can help them get there.
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group of east bay high scho students. as the new year approaches the world is about to open up for a group of east bay high
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school students. >> kpix 5's john ramos has the story of some small town kids heading out for a most excellent adventure. >> 3, 2, 1! whoo! reporter: each new year, after big ben strikes 12, the city of london is treated to a parade that features so many american high school kids, that even the bbc jokes about it. >> a three-hour parade unashamedly international even if it did have a few wondering this morning if they had woken up in london. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: but now the brits are about to get a taste of the bay area. east bay style. the pittsburg high school marching band calls itself a show band mostly because they like to show off a little bit. >> they play music they like. they do dances while they are playing which they like to do, whether it's hip shakes or jumping up and down. >> reporter: the band got a surprise invitation to perform at the london parade and the kids and the booster club have spent the last 12 months trying
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to raise the money to go. >> rummage sales, car washes, pasta feeds, crab feeds. >> reporter: you get the idea. they have even worked a deal that will raise $3,000 if they can collect 7500 pairs of used shoes for shipment to third world countries. and this saturday, former members of tower of power will jam with band members at a local benefit concert. for small town kids who aren't used to dreaming big, it's the kind of challenge and opportunity that can literally change lives. >> it will show kids how big things can be and how serious things need to be taken. >> to get them on a plane for the first time, you know, out of the state for the first time, and especially for this trip to go out of the country, i think there's so many memories that they will take with them for a lifetime, it's amazing actually. >> yeah. >> i'm glad that we can be part of it. >> reporter: so, come december 27th, the world will get a
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little bigger for some kids from pittsburg as they stage a little british invasion of their own. in pittsburg, john ramos, kpix 5. >> what an amazing opportunities. well, if you would like to purchase tickets to the benefit concert or donate your old shoes, contact the high school. >> everybody has old shoes. >> exactly. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." scott pelley is in new york. scott. hi, allen and liz. great to be with you in the bay area. well, after years of budgeting by crisis, democrats and republicans have met in the middle. now conservatives are attacking republicans. we'll take you to capitol hill. plus, john miller has learned that edward snowden's most damaging secrets have not yet been revealed. should snowden get amnesty now in return for the documents? those stories tonight on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. , ,,
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the warning signs - and the mistakes - bef i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. coming up at 6:00 tonight, the warning signs and the mistakes before two fire rigs ran over and killed an asiana plane crash survivor. plus we ask firefighters if they should change their procedures in the wake of that disaster. >> and how an elitist post is fanning the flames of the already heated techie backlash. we'll have those stories and much more coming up at 6:00. >> thank you. thanks for watching us at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: tonight, compromise. after years of budgeting by crisis, democrats and republicans meet in the middle. now conservatives are attacking republicans. >> are you kidding me? nancy cordes reports. john miller has learned edward snowden's most damaging secrets have not yet been revealed. should he get amnesty in return for the documents? >> reporter: what would your thought on making a deal be? >> pelley: the imposter and the president. how did a man give on the hallucinations end up next to mr. obama? debora patta reports. and the crime was unimaginable. the last thing terry roberts expected was the forgiveness she was granted. >> is there anything in this life we shouldn't forgive? captio


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