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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 16, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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for the warmth. all right that is going to do it. have a great day, everyone. sit monday. welcome to "cbs this morning." the keys to the kingdom. the nsa opens up like never before on the threat from edward snowden. new details on the 60 minutes report. plus a budget deal but not a done deal. the risk of unusual last minute road blocks. >> cbs news investigates how speeding tickets may give lawyers a way to chase you. >> and the burial of nelson mandela. >> we begin with a look at today's eye opener your world in 90 seconds. there's no rivalries.
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nothing that says now i understand. without warning a colorado community struggles with another school shooting. >> 17-year-old claire davis is in a coma shot by a gunman karl pierson who took his own life. >> senate leaders plan to persuade republicans on tomorrow's federal budget vote. >> the struggle is on in the united states senate. we'll need eight republicans to come our way. >> secretary of state john kerry denies the united states abandoned robert levinson who vanished. >> could you get him back to america? >> if we can find him. >> could it be possible? >> everything is possible. >> in south africa, this morning a 30 foot statue of mandela was unveiled. >> mandela and many paying
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tributes to him. >> the driver carjacked and died. the suspects are still on the run. >> the northeast digging out this morning more than a foot of snow falling in new york and new england. hundreds of flights cancelled. >> miami's biggest win in years. >> out in front. nobody is going to catch him. touchdown. >> pittsburgh 30-20. >> all that matters. >> for an adversary in the intelligence game that's a gold mine. >> it's the keys to the kingdom. >> "cbs this morning." >> film legend has died at age 81. >> to earn my living by doing what i love, i can't ask for more. . you have no regret? >> not a have no regret? >> not a sausage.
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welcome to "cbs this morning." good morning, welcome to "cbs this morning." good morning norah. >> good monday morning to you. >> for the first the national security agent is talking about the secrets taken by edward snowden. the senior correspondent spoke to john miller on last night's 60 minutes. >> $1.7 million in stolen documents could cripple the nsa's mission. >> of all things he took is there anything in there that worries you more than anything else? >> that's an exhaustive list of information levied against the national security agent. what topics we're interested in where our gaps are. additional information about u.s. capabilities and gaps is provided as part of. that. >> i'm going to assume there's one in there about china, iran and russia. >> many more than one.
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>> many more than one? >> yes. >> how many of those are there? >> 31,000. >> if those documents fell into their hand what good would it do them? >> a road map of what we know don't know and give them a way to protect their information from the u.s. intelligence community. >> for an adversary in the intelligence game, that's a gold mine. >> it is the keys to the kingdom. >> john miller once worked in the office of director of national intelligence. there he saw first hand how secret the nsa operates. good morning. >> good morning. first question. we have to believe they have them. >> there's a couple of things. edward snowden according to nsa,
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up you to or r around 1.7 million documents.
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they say, here's what we know about the adversary, they change all that. when they say here's what we don't know about the adversary they're saying we don't know that now. really it tells them how to counter program intelligence and there's not much the nsa can do about it. >> this is the first time we're hearing from richard leggett who's heading the investigation. why did it take investigation. why do you think they gave you access? >> we spent a number of months meeting down there and getting them to agree that while they declassified everything and came out with the statement every time there was a leak their story wasn't getting out. be a there was an opportunity in one place to tell the whole thing. they this was hard for them. this is not what they do. they're not used to having
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cameras or asking questions about classified programs. the idea was if we can sit down if and have the conversation a lot peo of people are interested in it. >> good to see you. good report. >> thank you. emocrats senate democrats are trying to drum up enough votes to the ag approve the dee. the budget passed overwhelmingly in the house. >> nothing is certain. nancy cordes is on capitol hill. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you and our viewers in the west. normally it's the house where deals get hung up. this time it's the senate where the deal is causing problems. mostly among senate republicans, they feel the cuts are too smallre s and too many were stripped out all in the name of compromise. >> we'll need eight republicans to come our way. >> on face the nation dick said durbin says the budget deal is struggling in the senate where
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republicans feel they were cut from the negotiations between senate democrat patty murray andeement house democrat ryan. >> that agreement cuts the ome of the deficit $23 billion over ten years and replaces across the know board spending cuts known as sequester. this budget deal increases incre spending and chose one thing one democrats and republicans can agree on is putting off you the tough tough decisions. we can't keep on doing that. >> durbin argued some senate e republicans oppose the budget b compromise because they're up for re-election and face enge challenge from the right. >> others are frankly afraid of aid this new force the tea party pa force, heritage foundation force, threatening seven of 12 republican senators running for re-election. it's difficult. >> other senate republicans favor the deal because it l b prevents deep sequester cuts to requ
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the pentagon. s >> are you going to support it? >> i am bob. i think it's important we have this agreement. as you know i'm particularly sensitive about the military. i've talked to our military leaders. they say they badly need this relief. >> most senate democrats will vote yes. the question is are there eight senate republicans who will vote with them to november the bill forward? already a handful of fulful of senate republicans say they will. we'll find out tomorrow when we see the first procedural vote in the senate. the american disappeared in ame 2007 after visiting an island inson off the coast of a ran. the associated press reported levinson was on a cia mission. iran's government insists it had nothing to do with his in disappearance. elizabeth palmer is in iran and bout
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t talks about the case. good morning. asked >> reporter: i asked the foreign minister what his government had been able to discover in the six years or more than six years actually since levinson was seenming out o coming out of a hotel and a getting into a taxi. he had here's what he had to say. >> where is he? >> i have no idea. >> if he did surface here, could give you give him back to america now that we know his cia connections? >> i can't talk about tuatio hypothetical situations. if we can trace him and find him, him, we'll certainly discuss this. >> it is possible? >> everything is possible. >> reporter: so the case remains it is likely to come up as a side issue when iranian and erican american diplomats next meet to uss th discuss the comprehensive solution in view to resolve ssues
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issues around iran's nuclear nuclear program. charlie and norah. >> thank you. levinson's family accuses the united states go.vernment of secr not making the effort to find him. secretary of state john kerry reject had the claim yesterday. >> to suggest we've abandoned or anybody has is simply incorrect. and not helpful. the fact is that i have personally raised the issue not only at the highest level that i i have been involved with but also through other intermediaries. >> he says the u.s. is looking roof for proof levinson is a live. is the last known photos were sent in 2011. this morning police are looking for two carjackers. a man and his wife were his returning their car when attacked. the killers drove off you with
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the couple's silver range rover. dro the arapahoe high school in colorado is closed.igators investigators are trying to learn why a student shot a n classmate in the head and killed himself. it happened not far from the the 1999 shootings. we're getting a look at the moments that followed. kcnc our affiliate station. >> reporter: investigators say the suspect, 18-year-old karl pierson acted alone. his real target was his debate coach who is also the school's head librarian. new cell phone video obtained by li "cbs this morning" shows the n. scene after the shooting after the arapahoe students were being scho evacuated to safety. the ramp page lasted just 80 ust seconds, shotgun in hand 18-year-old karl pierson went toold
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the school library around 12:30 friday afternoon looking for his debate teacher tracey murphy. >> we believe based on the fact he was armed with multiple rounds armed with a machete and three devices, his intent was evil. his evil intent was to harm multiple individuals. >> reporter: pierson was upset for murphy disciplined him in pie september. murphy escaped the library. claire davis in the nearby hallway was not so lucky. >> she was shot point blank with a shotgun in the face.lway she's obviously in a coma. >> this student was taking a chemistry quiz when the shots rang out. >> we were hoping to god we to di weren't going to die. everyb everybody was staying quiet. if you were crying you were as quiet as you could. >> reporter: with officers closing in pierson set off a ckta molotov cocktail before take hisms
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went own life in the library. the students fled the school with arms up in the air to show they were unarmed.un pierson was an eagle scout, a since smart student with a passion for politics who hated losing an argument, says a fellow >> he wasn't some creepy loner kid. he had a lot of friends. >> reporter: classmates continue to rally around the shooting victim, claire davis who's reported to be in critical but stable condition at a nearby g a hospital.oting charlie, norah. >> thank you. for the first time a brain disease associated with football hockey and soccer is hot and diagnosed. freel shot and killed himself elle last year. a study of his brain is y of revealing new details.
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>> to cincinnati reds fans ryan freel was known for fearless all out playing style during his eight year career in the big styl leagues. he estimated to have suffered up to eight concussions. >> he had pretty important hits prior to getting on the baseball field. i think a lot of people are the aware that he was a pretty aggressive hard nosed player on ve the field. >> freel retired in 2010 but last december, three days before christmas, the 36-year-old and father of three was found dead ad from a self inflicted gunshot wound a. at the time wound. his family requested his brain be tested. >> i don't think we'll ever really know if ct contributed to his death.dual in some individuals it can increase problems with impulse ntrol,
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control and lead to depression and suicide. >> freel is the first major legal baseball player diagnosed with the disease more commonly >> associated with football. friday the family of former kansas city chiefs line back belcher had his body tested for cte.exhu he fatally shot his girlfriend heir h last year before taking his own life. like nfl, major league baseball has taken steps to curve concussions. >> whether you're a football player boxer or whatever else if your brain is hit enough times it may set in motion the beginnings of this disease. >> freel's family told a florida di paper the findings hahve offered the them closure. offer major league baseball will continue to work to remain proactive on concussions and head injuries. charlie, norah. >> michelle thank you. the father of modern south t
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africa stands over its capital in bronze. a 30 foot statue of nelson was i mandela was unveiled. on sunday mandela was laid to ere he rest in qunu, the rural village piz where he grew up.ports, the private burial followed a state funeral.te >> reporter: the process of turning qunu into the time before the famous son left on fam his long walk has begun. now the hillside behind me will never again be just another will pasture. whether or not the grave side will be open to the public is t unknown. o that's up to the family. given the amount of attention on this place, it will certainly become an international shrine even if accessible. an extraordinary amount of work went into the funeral. went 95 candles marked each year of
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his remarkable life. his could have fine had two cattle skins, a sign of wealth in the place the tradition runs ill deep.erve one year of official mourning of official mourning and hold a joy es feast to mark the return of his spirits to watch over spi them. for some saying good-bye was more painful than most of the 44 4500 guests that were invited. >> my dear brother, my mentor my leader. >> reporter: warriors took over the nearby hillside to say good-bye in their own way. senior chief of mandela's clan thanked the ancestors for lending us such an icon.he >> reporter: the speeches and eulogyies led up to the process.
7:19 am
it was turned into a party political event. many are wondering how long that allen will qunu, south africa. >> gayle king was among those invited by the family.he funer gayle will join us from south sh africa ahead on "cbs this morning." time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. new york times says sheriffs are refusing to enforce tough new gun laws. they argue the rules are vague and violate the second amendment. in colorado 55 of 62 elected sheriffs joined the federal lawsuit challenging the >> pop constitution. frances rejects the idea of objec naming a female cardinal. he talks about his first christmases. he believes the message high pressure and offshore winds going to make today the warmest day of the week. in fact some of the temperatures getting near record levels by the afternoon.
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very mild outside, the low off the coast will spinoff a few clouds in your direction. temperaturewise, 70 degrees in santa rosa. redwood city 67. 71 degrees in san francisco. next couple of days very nice, then we cool things down big time on wednesday and thursday. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay.
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a speeding ticket could cost you more than money. ahead, our investigation, how your personal information is going places you wouldn't expect. >> the news is back in the morning on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by hershey's kisses chocolates. delightfully delicious one-of-a-kind kisses. ♪ i'll call you in a little bit. ♪ google... how do i get home?
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where a hot water line break in good morning, everyone. it is 7:26, i'm michelle griego. a look at san jose airport earlier where a hot water line break in terminal a, is causing problems. passengers check in at terminal a, then shuttle to terminal b, for a security katrina. a family says a teenage daughter went in to the hospital to have her tonsils removed and now is brain dead. for the ninth day in a row, a save the air day has been declared for the bay area. that meaning means woodburning is banned except in homes where woodburning is the sole heat source. stay with us for traffic and weather in a moment.
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good morning. a couple of new problems outside there that could slow you down for your morning drive. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. east shore freeway blocking one lane an accident. heavier than we are used to seeing and still backed up east of the maze because of a much earlier stall, long since cleared on center anchorage and westbound 80. high clouds drifting overhead. a beautiful day out there. plenty of sunshine and high clouds. you can see the camera shaking in the wind a little bit. we have an offshore flow developing, temperatures near record levels this afternoon. 60s and low 70s. much cooler wednesday and thursday. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays.
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i want to focus on one thing, health care. yeah, i have been listening. i want to say i've been listening to what americans have been saying. and while i can't say i've been entirely thrilled with the results, i'm just relieved that the website has been turned on again. >> we knew that "saturday night live" was going do that skit. we knew they were going do that. they did it really well. >> really well. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up, remembering actor
7:31 am
peter o'toole. we'll look back on a mem or only conversation. a dashing fill star spanning several generations. the china's moon rover announces its next big steph. professor michioeechichio kaku is in our green room. he looks at two programs and kwhie money may have a mid-life crisis. that's ahead. this morning we start with a controversial issue. it's personal information that could end up being taken for a ride. don dahler is with us this morning. >> all they have to do is file a formal request, but now some businesses are filing formal requests to help them identify clients, and taxpayers are footing the bill. >> 198 market street. >> reporter: if you get a traffic ticket in new jersey your full name home address, the date and type of violation
7:32 am
are public so anyone can obtain that information by filing a simple records request. >> harassment. i thought it was harassment. >> reporter: after ruben rodriguez was given a ticket. he got seven letters from lawyers all wants to represent him. >> it's an invasion of privacy. wanting to defend you like i was a criminal. i don't like that. >> reporter: nancy is the town clerk and principal of the association of new jersey. she said the problem is bigger than just privacy. record requests from businesses are swamping local governments. >> businesses have recognized that under the public records act gives them access to give them access to build a database. >> tax dollars are being spent for the sake of the businesses on how better to sell their goods and services. >> absolutely. >> reporter: she says a quarter of the records she gets come
7:33 am
from businesses. she says the work involved for something like this can cost hundreds of taxpayer dollars. >> just trying to find clients. >> just trying to find clients. >> do these requests often come from the same businesses same attorneys, week in and week out? >> repeaters who have been able to downsize their companies as far as employees because now they use us -- >> it's a good deal for them. >> it's a grit deal for them. >> reporter: but new jersey attorney britt simon who uses public records questions how big a problem this is. >> the abuses are big and far between and being identified by people who don't want the focus or the other work. >> reporter: most of them obtain the work from an online database so they're not creating more work. he adds his solicitations inform people of rights they may not be aware of. >> in many cases they don't know
7:34 am
they've got an ability to have an attorney and there are options for them. >> but they can pick up the phone and go in the phone book to find attorneys to represent them. it's not like they're ghoingoing to be without a phone book. >> they're not going to be without a phone book. it's the internet. in our case every time we send a letter out, it costs us 46 cents for a stamp. they know we're committed to that area of the business. >> i will say a lot of people their initial reaction when they receive that letter is a, embarrassment that somebody knows they got pulled over for speeding. and, b they're wondering who's snooping around in my life. >> the question of who's snooping around in their life would be the courts. the courts are where the data comes from. >> reporter: open records laws vary from state to state but all states have them in one form or another. an office of public integrity found texas rhode island,
7:35 am
washington, illinois and pennsylvania have the most open records. new jersey ranked sixth most open. and while the complaints about commercial requests don't worry simon, they do concern state senate majority leader loretta weinberg. she's currently crafting a bill to limit the abuse. >> have we found a failsafe solution? the answer is no. but are we trying to balance the right to know? i think we're working very hard to do that. >> until then she says taxpayers will foot the bill. >> are you certain that's not what legislators intended? >> i'm certain they would not know that that benefits their clients. >> it would not add any restrictions to people in particular. commercial requests come not just from attorneys but title
7:36 am
companies looking for lanes andiens, and even pet stores for new dog licenses. >> now we know why we get those records. not that i haven't been pulled over. >> really. >> no, i haven't. china plans to launch a fifth lunar probe in 20017. the goal? to collect rock and soil samples. they've become the third nation on the moon. the pictures from the unmanned "jade rabbit" are the first images of the moon for decades. astronauts may have to go on a space walk this week do fix a faulty pump. >> we'll get to the international space station in a second. with respect to the moon landing by the chinese, clearly an
7:37 am
skpaurmt for them but would we get the information because they're there and it's 2013. >> it's not really a science mission. we've been there. we've done it. however, they have a well defined timetable and well defined goal. in 2025 they want the chinese astronauts to put a flag on the moon that could create a spud nick moment like in 1957 when the russians lead into outer space first. some think that we have no timetable, no clear goal and is an agency to nowhere. >> more about national pride and press steej than science. >> that's right. >> to me it's a lot about politics. really, in china, planting that flag in space to send a message right? just as america's space age program is snielg that's right. united states and russia had a monopoly. but for the first time in seven years, a soft landing on the
7:38 am
moon. remember there's no adversary. there's no parachute you can use. >> turning to the international space station, how serious is this and what does it mean for the future of the international space station? >> the space station is 13 years old and it's beginning to show sign signs of wear and tear. they'll be conducting a space walk to repair it. some think they have no larger goal no, timetable. in a number of years they may dior bit it. it may have to come down as a meteor because it has no clear successor. >> i know you're a physicist, so i dwloink can address this. what about the race for space. >> why do we want to spend time in space, and why china wants to be in space. that's the future of space defense and everything right? >> you realize even this program
7:39 am
is carried by satellites. it's all in outer space. your bank records. everything is up there. and the nation that controls outer space has a tremendous leverage when it comes to political crises and the political problems. that's why it's so very important. >> why chinese wants kaku. this morning an insider's view of the whiziest day of the year. that's today for shipping. >> reporter: i'm mark strassmann. stressed about your last minute christmas crunch try to
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and dance and i'm just about to do it. >> there's a god in heaven. >> all right. we do want to talk about, it is the busiest shipping day of the year. the postal service expects to handle 600 million pieces of mail today. u.p.s. and fedex will process tens of millions of items. mark strassmann is at hartsfield-jackson airport in atlanta. >> good morning, charlie and norah. think of it this way, santa actually has two sleighs. one is called u.p.s. the other is called fedex. and between them from here to places like phoenix, los angeles, these two companies deliver most of christmas. and here is how they do it. it's 2:00 a.m. in memphis. the busiest cargo airport in the world. for 10,000 fedex employees here the christmas crunch looks like this. at the matrix the main fedex processing facility packages are sorted and rerouted on 42 miles of conveyor belts. how many packages?
7:45 am
a half million an hour or 140 a second. and yet somehow they keep up. >> walmart coming through here, macy's coming through here amazon kindle fire. anything you can name is coming through here. so so. >> this is the world in motion. >> paul runs a fedex global operations center. as we talked 155 planes were inbound. cyber monday was their busiest day in history. >> 20 million packages in a single day. did you feel it? >> sure. over 20 million packages in a single day on a network stresses a network, there's no question about it. we love it. we thrive on it. this is sort of our super bowl. >> reporter: 350 miles away in louisville, kentucky steve merchant of u.p.s. knows the feeling. this is the u.p.s. contingency unit. the trouble shooters. whenever the phone rings. >> it's not merry christmas.
7:46 am
it's usually a problem saying hey, i've got additional volume. i've got 40 more trailers. i need an aircraft. i need 20 minutes' time. >> reporter: the biggest worry in december is weather. as this weekend's snowstorm proved. jeff sarver is a u.p.s. meteorologist. >> we will get the crew in the plane, let's leave 45 minutes, yes we may leave a package or two behind. but 98% of them are still going to make it out. >> reporter: 120 planes landed at the world port. the u.p.s. processing hub in louisville. it's the size of 90 football fields with good reason. employees were processing 1.2 million packages. next monday the 23rd, u.p.s. expects that volume to triple. they've added 23 planes to their fleet. >> it's very synchronized. it's well orchestrated. but a lot of moving parts. >> reporter: i'm standing in the cargo area of a u.p.s. md-11. there's enough room in here to hall 200,000 pounds of packages
7:47 am
and tonight they'll fill it up and fly it off to the world port in louisville. just a reminder there are only seven shipping days left until christmas. charlie and norah? >> all right. that is cool. what a great stand-up seeing that. 70 inned redwood city, 71 degrees in san jose. next couple of days very nice. then we cool down big time on wednesday and thursday. imagine owning a pauca sow for less than you might spend painting your house. we'll show you how a masterpiece
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7:52 am
johannesburg this morning. she was among those invited by nelson mandela's family to attend his funeral. >> reporter: norah and charlie, it was awn forgettable moment in the city of qunu. actually there were many unforgettable moments. the man who changed this country together. and we'll be joined by one of nelson mandela's closest american friends. he was there for it all as well. that's ahead of "cbs this morning." obvi. he's amazeballs. he's, like, the hottest hottie that ever hottied. he's, like a hottie times infinity, plus another infinity. and his smile is totes adorbs. totes mcgotes. it's cray-cray adorbs. totes mcgotes. trouble understanding others on the phone [ male announcer ] in honor of the important things you do due to a hearing loss? save up to $100 on any new phone visit or call 877-805-5845. when you switch to sprint. "...three cat toys two hamster wheels..." ♪ "...and a rawhide enough for three." ♪ ho, ho, ho, ho... (female announcer) celebrate the joy in giving! save 20% on hundreds of items and save
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roblems for good morning, it is 7:56, i'm michelle griego. a hot water line break is causing major problems for passengers at san jose international airport. water poured down the escalators, flooding the baggage claim in terminal aearly this morning. passengers check in at terminal a, and then get boarding passes, but must head to terminal b, to get their security. family members are trying to understand how a routine surgery left a girl brain dead in just a matter of days. she went into cardiac arrest after getting her tonsils removed at oakland children's hospital. the hospital says it is reviewing the case. traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning. for awhile traffic was stopped on the san mateo bridge. it looks like traffic is moving once again at a very slow crawl, but nothing is in our reports right now, so there may be a stall or accident straight ahead as you approach the highrise. we'll check it out for you. eastbound 292 looks good toward the east bay. a fat talon collision in santa clara continues to block streets near winchester and stephens creek boulevard. a lot of sunshine coming our way. these temperatures are probably going to get close to record levels by the afternoon. love to get some rain in here, but if we can't, might as well have it nice. lots of sunshine, temperatures running in the 60s, even low 70s today. the next couple of days will cool down slightly. much cooler on wednesday.
7:59 am
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♪ it is 8:00 a.m. in the west. welcome back to "cbs this morning." ten days of mourning for nelson mandela ends with a funeral in his home land. gayle is in johannesburg this morning and she will share her firsthand view of history. movie fans say good-bye remembering a star who was memorable on screen and off. an unforgettable conversation and business hotels are making a new effort to welcome women. jan crawford looks at what they're putting in the rooms and on the menu. but first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> this happened on your watch. did you offer to resign about the snowden incident? >> yes.
8:01 am
>> who our enemy is. what does the nsa do now? >> really it tells them how to count their intelligence. there's not much the nsa can do about all that. >> normally it's the house where the deals get hung up, but this time it is the senate, where the deal is causing some angst. >> where is he? >> i have no idea. >> the case is likely to come up when iranian and american diplomats next meet to resolve issues around iran's nuclear program. >> they say the suspect acted alone. officials say his real target was his debate coach. >> the speeches and eulogies they must try to live up to nelson mandela's ideals and dreams. >> the last-minute christmas crunch? try having to deal with 140 packages a second. >> they're playing this music because they want me to get up and dance and i'm about to do
8:02 am
it. >> there is a god in heaven. >> i'm charlie rose with norah o'donnell and gayle king will be with us in a moment. the president of south africa unveiled a big tribute to nelson mandela this morning. a new statue stands outside the building that mandela served as their president. >> the new tribute followed yesterday's funeral in mandela's home village of qunu. more than 4,000 guests and dignitaries attended the service. gayle king was invited by the family and is in johannesburg. we miss you, but i know wow, what a moment in history to be there. tell us about it. >> reporter: you are so right, norah. hello to you, charlie. i will never, ever forget the last 48 hours. we gathered in qunu. it was a time to mourn, reflect, to celebrate the life of nelson mandela. and it was so fitting that it would happen in the village that meant the most to him, the place he loved more than anywhere else in the world. they say that's where he learned
8:03 am
his leadership skills from the tribal chic. the services ran a little longer than expected but nobody complained about that. we heard from someone who is one of his cellmates, ahmad cabr, a d action who says there's a void in my life monopoly i don't know where to turn. we heard from one of his 18 grandchildren who spoke for the family. and i love this saying the song is over but you don't forget the melody. when we first started the funeral they said listen we're going to stick to time because he has to be in the ground by noon. that of course did not happen because they said you need more than 2 1/2 hours to lay nelson mandela to rest. but nobody complained about the length of the service. nobody. >> gayle, there in the front row, his two former wives almost side by side. >> and, you know that's the thing, charlie. that was so striking to everyone. winnie mandela and graca michelle walked in hand to hand together. they spent most of this past week together, i have to say.
8:04 am
things haven't always been so good between the two of them. but they put all their differences aside this past week. we were invited to the home two days ago and spent time with graca michel. when i say we it was oprah, steadman, her partner of many years, and forest whitaker. at one point it was just the four of us in the room with graca michel. and we were asking her how she felt and she said, you know i'm still trying to process it. the week that he died she said he had a very rough week. wednesday and thursday he rallied and, you know, everyone thought he was better. and the doctors came to her very late thursday evening and said you better come we feel that it's time. and she said even when you're prepared, when the moment comes, you are not prepared. she said even now she is still trying to process it. >> you know, you couldn't be more dignified than she has been as his wife as well as by his side when he was dying. >> reporter: it is so true. i wanted to introduce to jerry
8:05 am
inzerillo, a family friend who was invited. we were talking about the relationships between winnie and graca. one of the most touching things was to see them holding hands and winnie wiping graca's tears away. i will never forget that. so, jerry, how will you sum it up, these past ten days? you know i was watching one of the villagers in qunu saying a big tree has fallen. that took me for a second because i thought what a lovely thing to say about him. >> it is a lovely thing. if you can compare him to a great tree, he was one of the greatest we ever had, but knowing his devotion to children especially when he got out of prison, he would often say the tiny seed carries the prom for the mighty tree. mandela would want children. it's their time now. i think of my own 7-year-old daughter, it's their time to lead now. so the inspiration and his leadership has to bring many generations of new leaders. and the thing i was most touched
8:06 am
about yesterday and this dignified great man was laid into the ground, is it occurred to me that somewhere in the world, some country, a baby is born that's going to be the next nelson mandela. >> i get that. go ahead, norah. >> i was going to say you did a great job on fais"face the nation" yesterday. it was good to see you there. bob said something on the air that it's not events that make history or timing it's people who make history. good point, jerry. what will go on in terms of continuing the legacy of mandela in south africa and elsewhere? >> reporter: go ahead. >> i think there's two things. and there's protocols that were put in place because, you know, even as far back as 1993 when president mandela won his nobel peace prize prior to being president, he said, you know it's not about me. it never has been. it has to be about the future generations. and that was the beginning of setting up the nelson mandela children's fund. then when he felt that the
8:07 am
nelson mandela fund had that protocol in place, he widened it to set up the nelson mandela foundation, which had to do with women's rights reconciliation, having people get along. you know, yesterday's burial was very, very sweet because you had over 20 different religious leaders of all faiths all colors honoring him, and that's the way he wanted it. you know, he's really the ambassador, really the father of the rainbow nation. the global rainbow nation not just south africa. >> reporter: and yesterday at the burial i think it was very special. they said they were going to televise the burial. there was tv cameras there in place shooting in all different directions. and right before the casket was to be lowered in the ground i saw a family member say, cut, cut, cut now. but during the burial service after his casket was lowered in the grave the family members came one by one and walked around and took a piece of dirt and a flower and laid it inside the casket.
8:08 am
then they invited heads of state to come and do the same. then they laid out his tombstone, which is a very elaborate tombstone. i'm curious what you think about that because people who know him best say he would not have liked all this pomp and circumstance. graca told us that night he said to her when i go, put he in the ground with a pine box and put a stone on it. she told him if i die before you, that may happen. but not if you die before me. do you think he would have liked all that yesterday? >> he would have said why are you making such a fuss over me? >> jerry and gayle, thank you so much. a remarkable opportunity to see one of the great men of our time make his final journey to his home village. you both have helped us understand it. hurry home gayle. we miss you. >> reporter: i'm getting on a plane in two hours. see you in the morning. >> another legend is being remembered this morning. actor peter o'toole was a giant of the screen and stage. he cut a figure in real life.
8:09 am
he died in london saturday after a long illness at the age of 81. >> reporter: peter o'toole was an unknown stage actor in 1962 when david lean cast him as the eccentric british officer in "lawrence of arabia." >> they've come for me. >> reporter: the film gave him his first of eight oscar nominations, twice for portraying king henry ii first and second. again in the "the lion in winter." and in 2008 interview, o'toole told me his art was a combination of hard work and instinct. >> and the more you study, the more meaning you can tease out of each sentence the more you can memorize it something happens. you trust your unconscious mind. >> reporter: in "my favorite
8:10 am
year," he portrayed a fading alcoholic movie star famous for playing a big-screen swashbuckler. >> i'm not an actor! i'm a movie star! >> reporter: in real life he soebed up after a long stint of hard drinking and wild antics. he worked for nearly 60 years. his final oscar nomination for "venus" in 2006. >> have you ever been in love before? >> reporter: he has the dubious nominated actor to never win an academy award. but in 2003 at age 70 o'toole received an honorary oscar. >> always a bridesmaid, never a bride. i have my very own oscar now to be with me till death us do part. >> amazing man. i had a number of conversations with him and did a "60 minutes" profile. we were in london together and it was a memorable time. >> yeah. incredible actor. >> incredible actor. he and richard harris and richard burton you think of these giants who made such a
8:11 am
difference in cinematic stage history. >> incredible.
8:12 am
one thing many women don't need help with -- making friends. but for the guys it can be a bit of a challenge. we'll show you how that can take a toll on men's health. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." a toll on men's health. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] when you feel good, no one is immune. emergen-c has more vitamin c than 10 oranges plus other antioxidants and electrolytes to help you come down with a serious case of healthy. emergen-c. making healthy contagious.
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8:16 am
the first family got into the holiday spirit attends the christian concert. president obama, his wife michelle and sasha and malia collected presents that went to perrin end as the medical center. the evening ended with first family joining the audience of a rendition of "hark the herald angels sing." >> by the way, charlie, i learned to play "jingle bells"
8:17 am
on the piano. >> you're making progress. >> it's not that hard. we'll check in with the growing movement to draw female passengers. why some hotels are giving entire floors to women, no men allowed. that's next on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by macy's. you know how much grandma wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you he lives here, in chicago. and
8:18 am
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8:20 am
8:21 am
the latest trend in the hotel industry catering to business wimt but for some the peshlgs bring a different kind of reservation. jan crawford is in the lobby of the four seasons hotel in washington. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie and norah. you know women are the fastest growing segment of business travelers across the country, so that has hotels like here at the four seasons paying attention. they're offering these new programs designed by and for women to get some of their business. >> this is one of our standard rooms. >> reporter: inside the four seasons in washington it doesn't take long to figure out this room is a lot more than standard. >> we've added cosmopolitan, women's health gla manpower. >> and you also have an i mask. >> yes. soothing, scented. >> it's fancy. >> very fancy. >> general manager is talking about a pilot program the hotel will officially roll out right
8:22 am
after the new year. it's called ga on the go and is targeting women traveling for work. they now make up half of all business travelers. 48% in 2012. only slightly behind men. >> we think that's a very marketable and important market to us and we want to cater to that market. >> if you want that you'll get it at no additional cost to make traveling easier with a professional hair dryer, flatiron and name brand hair products. but it's not happening just here. at the 15 bee kohn women get an "oh no" kit that includes makeup cloths and earring backs. and there's also a special menu. >> it's on the 11th floor of
8:23 am
this property and key access. >> that grew oust the concept that women wanted to feel safe oretown road but within the industry there is debate over how much is too much. carry brassard is a former hotel executive that now teaches. she warns against stereotyping and marginalizing women. >> some hotels are on the bandwagon to put more things in the room because they think women want a pink this or that and men want i don't know chicken wings. let's look at it as women are really smart and they can see through thing ss. >> reporter: at the four seasons that's why they say the test season is so important. >> you always walk the line of could it be miss interpre telled as being discriminatory or offensive. what we see today they say we love it it makes sense, makes my life a whole lot easier.
8:24 am
>> reporter: they say since women are half of the business travel or market they're listening to what they want. if you don't want glamor or cause moe in your room or "sports illustrated," they'll work with you. on the flip side they say, look, these amenities, if the men want them they can have it. charlie, if you want that fancy flowery eye mask just ask for it. >> charlie wants to know how he can get a room on floor 11. >> oh don't you believe that jan. they're doing it the right way. ask women what they want. >> yeah. women are powerful traveling a lot more and they're catering to women. >> if they want me on the 11th floor -- i didn't mean that at all. no. i'm just kidding. >> jan, send charlie that info. for $138 you might be able to pick up ahead o
8:25 am
here a hot water lin good morning, everyone. it is 8:25. i'm michelle griego. a look at san jose airport where a hot water line break in terminal a, is causing problems for passengers. a family says their teenage daughter went into the hospital to have her tonsils removed monday and in a matter of days, has been declared brain dead. 13-year-old yes high mcmath is at children's hospital. her family tells us they are fighting to keep her alive on a ventilator. for the ninth day in a rowan air day has been declared in the area. woodburning is banned except
8:26 am
for homes where woodburning is the sole heat source. traffic and weather, coming right up.
8:27 am
good morning, it is still an extra slow ride on westbound 292. there is nothing going on, no major stalls or accidents, but a lot of commuters getting out toward the peninsula right now. southbound 85 approaching el camino an accident in the
8:28 am
southbound lanes. the bay bridge traffic is super backed up. it has been since early this morning. they turned the metering lights on jammed solid east of the maze. high pressure overhead. today will be warmer outside as the ridge builds. we take to you pleasanton right now. high clouds across your skies. we'll see those from time to time throughout the day today. high pressure in control, spinning a couple of clouds in our direction. but the offshore wind, the sinking air will really begin to heat things up. in fact today near record temperatures, 71 degrees in san jose, 70 in redwood city. 65 degrees, waves big along the coastline so watch out for that. 69 degrees in oakland. next couple of days, nice weather continuing and on wednesday and thursday a weak weather system in our direction to really cool down the temperatures.
8:29 am
♪ ho ho ho ♪ [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ ♪ green giant ♪ [ male announcer ] progresso's so passionate about its new tomato florentine soup it took a little time to get it just right. [ ding ] ♪ ♪ but finally, it happened. perfection. at progresso, we've got a passion for quality, because you've got a passion for taste.
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." and coming up in this half-hour, a classic picasso painting is up for sale but you don't have to bid at an auction. all you have to do is buy a ralph ticket. we'll have the story behind this most unusual art sale. men may be having a social crisis they don't know about. we'll see why starting a bromance could be good for men's health. >> right now it's time to show you this morning's head lines. the "the new york times" says the court in france is looking
8:31 am
at whether the furniture cain ikea broke the law. among those investigated were employees, and shoppers who complained to the store. the gordon times shows him helping to push a show in the snow. jordan was hit by a huge blizzard. and the wall street journal says researchers in washington state are learning about 0 basety by studying grizzly bears. they can gain more than 100 pounds for hibernation but their health does not suffer as a result. scientists want to know why. the new zealand herald said james cameron is planning on three sequels to avatar. cameron cameron's family is moving there. the first sequel will be 2016.
8:32 am
london's telegraph says there's a stink on the set of downton abby. that's because the costumes are never watched. actors do wear patches under their armpits that can be removed and cleaned. the chicago sun times says tuesday's mega millions jackpot could break last year's record. on friday no ticket matched all six numbers for the prize. officials raised it to 550 million on saturday but sales are expected to spike before tomorrow night's drawing. a paris auction house is auctions off a work of picasso. the odds are winning are better than any lotteryieslotteries.
8:33 am
>> reporter: we're lucky enough to see the art up close. the painting itself was all a bit surreal. it's not every day you get your hands on a masterpiece. >> that's what a million bucks look like. >> reporter: let alone, grab an original picasso for keeps. someone is going to win this for a $130 ralph ticket. >> you know the gala dinners that you go to and you're lord bored before you get there and you start looking at your watch, 11:00, i want to go home. >> she is passionate about art. she's also passionate about fund-raising helping to save the lebanese city of tire to preserve the world hear taj site. instead of raising money in
8:34 am
those boring dinners, why not ralph off a work of art, a regular come one come all ralph. >> here we are, i mean we're targeting people that would dream to have a picasso and they know they cannot afford it because it's so much money. >> reporter: people like art lover rachel walker. >> i love it. >> reporter: when he heard about the chance of winning a picasso, she promptly bought a ticket online. >> it is exciting. i can't imagine winning something so incredible and pieceful. it could be anyone. >> reporter: the man in the opera hat was part of his collection. it was bought by an anonymous donor for the ralph. there's been no blow back.
8:35 am
art critics say why not? >> it is hard to believe isn't it. when i know a picasso is being ralphed, it's hard to get my head around it and you almost think no no way. that's ridiculous. but actually it's true. >> reporter: it is true. and there are still some tickets left available online if you feel lucky or generous. you'll find a link on our website "cbs this morning".com. the ralph takes place in paris on wednesday. >> thank you. and men could use more guy friends. studies show that people with good social connections are healthier and happier. it could mean a 50% higher survival rate. but for men friendship doesn't always come easy as shown in the movie "i love you, man". >> you're going to have to be aggressive about this. use the internet to meet guys. ask them on a mandate.
8:36 am
>> jeff greif is here and also with us editor and chief of glamour magazine. we've all heard about bromances but you did some studies about this. why do men have a harder time making friendships? >> i think they've not been socialized as well as we could have been. you need to do a little bit of reaching out to others in order to make a strong connection. but men do have very good friendships they just look different from the way that women's trips look. >> how so? >> we tend to have what's called shoulder to should friendships. you and i will get together and do something and women are going to be more apt to meet face to face and have a face to face friendship. >> if you go into a restaurant you just see women engaged in animated conversation. >> right. >> which is the kind of thing
8:37 am
you're talking about. >> however we think that charlie is the exception to the rule because he has so many male friendships. how do you see this cindy? >> i think it's interesting. because in some ways women should be a little bit more like men and men should be a little bit more like women. men wished they had more of these kind of face-to-face relationships that the women have. they would like to be able to talk to their friends more. but i do think, you know the number one thing that men do with their friends is go to sporting events. the number one thing that women do is talk. it can be exhausting on women sometimes because it means the focus is always on you. i think it's great to have a friendship. it can be a break from everything else in your life. >> the part of friendship is finding things you enjoy doing and conversation is oning with sharing is another aspect both details of your life as well as passion for sports or art or
8:38 am
culture. >> right. i think the trick is if guys are at a football game they're probably talking about things other than themselves. >> women. >> that can be a good thing times. what defines a great friendship? what are the key to a great friendship? >> according to the men that we interviewed, if you can share with somebody else if you trust them, they're dpent dent and loyal. men want people who have their back and will be with them no mat whaer the situation is. >> do you think that's true for women? >> i do. a great friendship is a real as opposed to a virtual relationship. the facebook friends aren't the real friendships that are going to sustain you. >> i think an act of friendship is instinctively knowing what's important to that other person and being there for them whether it's some moments in their life or whether it's just some tragedy in their life.
8:39 am
>> not having to explain yourself. >> exactly right. >> your partner as well as your friend. >> we all need that 3:00 a.m. friend the person you could call at 3:00 in the morning. >> someone asked this morning, did you study both married men and unmarried men? in many cases the wife sets up a lot of the social interactions, where they're going to dinner with what groups of friends. >> more so with older people. but it's true across the life span that men turn over the relationship work to their wives. >> i think that's absolutely true. the other thing is if a man has a lot of sustaining friendships in his life it's a good thing for the marriage too. it means the wife is not the only one he's confiding in. >> charlie, we're good friends. >> we are. >> great to have you both here.
8:40 am
>> you're a shining example. >> but also i'm not married. >> there are a lot of men that say they don't have women friendships, that they wishz they had them but they had to have a sexual attraction to them in some way. >> i think that's generational. readers in 20s and 30s, they've grown up being men's equals. i think things are changing. >> great to have both of you. >> thank you. >> and you'll meet the man whose slow cooking could
8:41 am
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there's not one way to do something. no details too small. american express open forum. this is what membership is. this is what membership does. 41-year-old american surfing great kelly slater won this year's pipeline masters in hawaii. it is the seventh time slater has taken the top prize. in a close final, slater bean 21-year-old john-john florchls slater says he has no plans to retire. that's awesome. tonight detroit lions will fight for the playoff hopes. detroit is a city that knows what it means to keep hope even in the face of adversity. travel editor peter greenberg shows us one man with a face for change very on this by street in
8:45 am
one of detroit's most run down neighbored, lunch crowd has gathered. they come here for what some consider one of the best meals in town, but it's not just pulled pork and mac 'n' cheese that he serves up. owner phillip coolly a detroit native says it's about bringing life back. >> when we opened up business here, they said get out. >> yeah. >> he didn't listen. he bought the abandoned building that became slows for $45,000. it defied expectations by drawing customers from the city. >> there's way more supply and demand. our businesses are doing great and many others are. >> since then more business owners have taken the same leap of faith, transferring the area known as corktown as a go-to
8:46 am
destination. steven henderson is a columnist with the "free press." he says it proves that detroit is alive and well. >> city government is brunt but that doesn't mean droupt is bankrupt. we're not bankrupt of ideas. we're not bankrupt of spirit. >> reporter: that spirit is what led coolly here to roseville park. it sits in the shadow of detroit's long abandoned train station, both of which had fallen into a state of disrepair. without any money from the city coolly took matters into his own hands and raised nearly half a million dollars to renovate. soon other detroiters like anthony ben vee das joined in. >> he's investing his time and there's a lot of followers and believes that a lot of the parks will be renovated again. >> reporter: and coolly hasn't stopped there. even after the city declared bankruptcy coolly's optimism never wavered.
8:47 am
>> we need to make sure every detroiter sees himself in success. more and more they are. more and more people are staying saying we can be successful here this is our city. >> to help detroiter succeed coolly created cooly ride. he provided space for local artists and entrepreneurs. here they create everything from detroit branded clothing to specialized sleeping bags for the homeless. >> and then this is a sleeping bag. >> reporter: he has helped grow over 25 businesses creating more than a hundred new jobs. >> when new people come in, they need to be welcoming, too, saying you can set up shop here, live here, raise a family here, you know. >> back at slows where it all began, coolly remains hard at work optimistic that detroit will soon become the city it once was as well as the city it was always meant to be. for "cbs this morning," peter greenberg, detroit. >> that's a great.
8:48 am
>> boy, you sure hope so. detroit has so much and there's so much there but they have so many financial problems. >> tomorrow on "cbs this morning," actress and golden globe nominee lupita nyong'o. how others helped change her life. that's tomorrow on "cbs this morning."
8:49 am
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8:52 am
. how about this for in-flight entertainment. the aurora borealis also known as the northern lights captured through a plane window. a passenger captured this video while flying from new york to london this month, posting a time lapse on youtube. beautiful. >> wow. unbelievable isn't it? >> hey charlie. i know you weren't on twitter. i want you to read this. cynthia miller wrote this. hey, i wouldn't presume to speak for all women but i want charlie rose on the 11th flrt. all right, cynthia.
8:53 am
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k-p-i-x five headlines... a hot water line break is causing major problems for passenge good morning. it's 8:55. your kpix 5 headlines. a hot water line break is causing problems for passengers at san jose international airport. water poured down the escalators flooding the baggage claim and the security screening area early this morning. passengers can check in at terminal a and get their boarding passes but must head to terminal b to get their security. family members of a 13-year- old are trying to understand how a routine surgery left the girl brain dead in just days. she went to cardiac arrest after getting her tonsils removed at oakland children's hospital. the hospital says it's reviewing the case. and now the forecast. >> looking at a lot of sunshine around the bay area.
8:56 am
high pressure overhead. and today likely the warmest day of the week and spare the air day. a lot of pollutants near the surface. and waves along the coastline. watch out for that. and still, beautiful skies all the way to the coast today. and mild temperatures expected as high pressure sits overhead. and we will see clouds from time to time. and otherwise, enjoy the temperatures, big changes toward the middle of the week. plan on about 71 degrees. and san jose 70. about 67 degrees in san francisco. and as we look toward tomorrow, maybe slightly cooler and then much cooler weather as we head toward wednesday and thursday with partly cloudy sky staying dry the next five to seven days. your traffic is coming up next.
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8:58 am
good morning. expect delays to begin to build in the park there. is an accident that just popped up, southbound 101 involving a motorcycle. and the left lanes are blocked. this is just beginning to back up. and this is in the clearing stage, mountainview southbound 85 right before highway 82. the left lanes were also blocked but clearing to the right field shoulder and improved across the san mateo bridge where the earlier back- up is now gone.
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