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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 16, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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victim to his home demanding $1,200. >> well, you know, there's people out there that are willing to do anything. >> when police arrive, the women drove away empty handed. a scam in the parkening lot of this safeway, not on jasper's watch -- parking lot of this safeway, not on jasper's watch. >> i feel good. this was an older game he was scared. he was going to get the money. >> one. >> reporter: one of the women, 35 to 40. the other, 75 80. police are warning shoppers to be on the lookout for scams like this, especially this time of year. brian webb, kpix 5. >> the police think the women suspects may be driving a blue 2003 honda crv. it was a horrific scene back in september. a speeding car smashes into a mini van with a family inside killing a 16-year-old boy. ed to, charges were filed against the woman accused of
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causing that crash. mark kelly finds out why it took months. >> thed has charged the 58-year- old with three felonies, one includes one count of gross vehicular manslaughter as well as two counts of reckless driving causing serious injury. she turned herself into authorities late friday night and posted bail at $320,000. remember, it was september 27th when police sayz was allegedly driving 80 miles an hour and crashed her mercedez into a family mini van. in that van, a 16-year-old was killed. his mom and sister also in that van left with serious injuries. that horrific day, that was nearly three months ago. so,ed to, we asked thed what took so long for these charges. >> this has been a very thundershower row investigation in this case. we wanted to make sure we charged the case appropriately based on the evidence that we
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could gather and that investigation took some time. >> zu faces her arraignment this friday at 1:30. the da says he will give us a clearer picture of the investigation afterz's day in court. mark kelly, kpix 5 at the hall of justice. >> if convicted she faces seven years in prisages longer security lines at the airport after major flooding forced terminal a to be evacuated. a hot water main run sured sundaying hundreds of gallonsover water down through the ceiling panels. departing passengers were forced to be screened in term ideal b or the international arrivals building. >> that sounds like a pain. >> it is a pain. we have two kids. had to walk back. so, yeah. >> we just got word that two of the six screening lanes are now open. couple of flights were canceled
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while others were delayed. cause of the water line break is still under investigation. that massive fire at the chevron refinery in richmond that sent 15,000 people seeking treatment could have been prevented. that is the finding of a new report from a federal safety board. it urges california to take a proactive approach to regulating refineries by requiring them to prove their practices reduce risks of hazard. right now, the state has a largely reactive system that sets penalties for accidents. the explosion fire in august 20/12 caused by a leak in a corroded oil pipe. developing news out overmount -- out of monterrey county. a fire broke out just before midnight and is burning mostly inside the national forest near highway 1. also on private land. it's already charred 550-acres. at least two structures are damage, including the home of the fire chief.
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the fire has prompted mandatory evacuation as it burns dangerously close to home. from the air, we have seen homes surrounded by smoke and flames. the local fire chief told reporters her home was destroyed. here is another look at the fire from the ground. smoke and haze from the fire is being carried from the north and can be seen from the monterrey peninsula. one teen said he tried to save his family's home from the fire, but it was too late. >> raining fire. it was like a volcano just erupted. >> i kept my mind on the fire to fight the blaze and help as much as i could. i just wanted to save the house. i didn't want to lose the house. i have been there all my life. >> unfortunately, those efforts were in vain. his home was destroyed. there are no reports of any injuries. we may be halfway through december, but now it feels like summer in some parts of the bay area. len ramirez joins us live from santa cruz where record high temperatures are bringing lots of people out to the beach.
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len. >> reporter: brought them out to the beach, brought them here downtown, liz. it was kind of a schizophrenic day here because the calendar said one thing, but the bether said something else. >> if -- weather said something else. >> i can't believe how hot it is today. >> you'd have a hard time believing this was december in santa cruz. >> almost feels like summertime. >> and it looked like it, too. shimmering sun on the water, toes in the sand, ice cream cones. and, just in case you need a reminder, this man the drew a line in the sand at 75 degrees. >> after wisconsin, this is beautiful. >> these midwesternerest touring the west coast made like the locals and stripped down to shorts. >> wisconsin you couldn't wear shorts today. so, this is great. >> shorts, tank tops, even flip flops all came out of the closeted to. it was like an early christmas present for some kids coming home for the holidays. >> this is about 45 to 50
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degrees warmer. >> but you could also say the same thing about the wild weather swing around here. businesses along the open air pacific avenue mall say last week's freezing weather put a lot of shopping plans on ice. this is warming things up nicely heading into the final shopping week of the season. >> you're definitely seeing higher foot traffic on the street. if you thought about this maybe last sunday orange monday, these streets were just empty. >> what do you think is going on here? >> probably global warming, something to do with that. we're kind of in trouble down here. >> reporter: so, the warm weathered to, a bit of a guilt pleasure for some. things are expected to get back to normal, which is around 61 degrees. certainly not bad. reporting live in santa cruz, len ramirez kpix 5. >> from record highs to bad air quality. meteorologist paul deanno says tomorrow will be the 10th straight spare the air day for the bay area. paul. >> reporter: yeah, ken.
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six was the record. we've done that plus four more. tomorrow, thankfully will likely be the last day before we get that wind shift which will cool you down in santa cruz. but also usher in some better air. we have moderate air quality. unhealthy for the east bit. unhealthy again for the south bay w. just had stagnant air and this big ridge of high pressure sitting right over top of us. not allowing the pollution to scatter around the atmosphere so we're stuck breathing it. half moon bay, 73 degrees today. yeah, that was a record. san jose state 72. saratoga 71. even the financial district of san francisco hit manager 69 degrees for a high today. we'll talk about how long the warm will stick around. and, if there is any chance of rainfall to talk about. that's coming up, ken, in about sew minutes. >> see you then. thank yous, paul. our first look at the vision for the new a's ballpark along the oakland waterfront. this proposed $500 million ballpark features 38,000 seats and will be located just west
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of jack london square. no word on how it would be funded yet. supporters of the plan hope to convince a's owner john fisher and lee wolf. it should have been a simple surgery. now, a bay area teen is on life support. the rare complication that has her family demanding answers. something so innocent can be perceived as something totally opposite. did this hug between a teacher and a student go too far? a high school senior could end up paying the ultimate price. it's something millions of americans do everyday. the new evidence that vitamins are just a big waste of money.
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,,,,,, struggling to understand how their 13 year old daughter d up on life support after a ne tonsil surgery.
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oakland family is struggling to understand how their 13-year-old daughter ended up on life support after a normally routine tonsil surgery. >> kpix 5's kate cogeron has more. >> they say you bring your children to a hospital thinking they will be safe. >> this is my worst nightmare. >> now, these parents are riding a roller coaster of anger and grief. >> before she came here, she said mom i don't want to have this surgery because i feel like something bad is going to happen to me. that's something i have to deal with every night.
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>> it's the guilt her mother has been car rig for seven days. last week she brought her daughter to oakland's children hospital for a routine tonsillectomy. after the surgery she was conscious, even spoke to her mother. but later wingfield said blood started coming out of her nose and mouth and that's when she got worried. >> i started crying because i was panicking. she was so sweet because she still said mom, doin't cry. >> chez suffered a heart attack. days later, doctors told wingfield her daughter was brain dead e. in shock, wingfield said she asked her daughter's surgeon what went wrong. >> he just put his head down and cried like a baby and said i don't know what to say. he honestly says he doesn't know what happened. >> there is like oh, you guys need to let us know something because she has to come off the ventilator. this is a coroner's case. there is nothing else we can do. >> i sit in that waiting room and i see everybody walk out with their kid. they p walk right past me everyday. and i just wish that i could walk out with my daughter.
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>> the family says they are pushing to meet with the director of the hospital in order to get the answers they're looking for. in oakland, kate cogeron, kpix 5. >> oakland children's hospital recently released this statement saying, quote, we can say that whenever we see a medical or surgical complication. we are reviewing her case very closely. our heart's go out to her family. we want to support them during this extremely difficult time. too harsh a punishment over a hug? the video that could derail a high school senior's college plans. how high will it go? the mega millions jackpot climbs into record territory. wait until you hear what it could hit by christmas. ,,,,,,,,
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data. the dow was up the market rebounded today, thanks to some good economic
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data. the dow was up 129 points. the s&p broke a four-day losing streak closing up 11 points. investors are encouraged that manufacturing was up in november. a sign of a strengthening economy. january first, we ring in a new health care system across the nation, including covered california. and, the race is on to get signed up. as of december 7th, more than 156,000 people have enrolled. that is an increased pace since november. about 7100 people per day. ann notarangelo on the push to get the uninsured to sign up. >> one week left to sign up for covered california to get health insurance starting new year's day and some things never change. >> i am a procrastinator by nature. >> hundreds of thousands have submitted applications. the number of people signed up the growing. but there are about 7 million uninsured people living in our state. the state's three call centers
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like this none concord, are getting more calls and expected to get busier. >> our volume is going to continue town crease. i am noticing that consumers are more informed about what they are looking for. they have a better understanding of the plan. >> and, the kinds of calls coming in have changes can. >> not as many escalating calls can. more people are calling just to enroll and meet the deadline. >> one of the reasons consumers may be better informed is because cover california has been working to get word out. county libraries have become one go-to source for information. >> we get questions about covered california everyday. >> there was so much buzz the concord library and many others have been holding covered california workshops. more libraries will do the same before the december 23rd deadline. >> we're always providing online assistance for people using the library's public computers. >> the last push is this weekend. it is also the last weekend before christmas which means they will be competing for the attention of people who may be preoccupied with shopping.
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but, instead of joining in the hustle and bulls, they are hoping to be busy. ann notarangelo kpix 5. >> you can find a link on our website checking bay area headlines. students on the uc berkeley campus are on alert after five robberies just last week. the latest was yesterday morning. a 21-year-old student was walking on campus when a man forced her to the grind tried to steal her purse. she scream and the suspect ran away. police were unable to find him. take a good look at this picture. the fbi is hoping this neighbor beard will help nab -- fake beard will help nab this guy. he is known as the p bad beard ban kit. looks like former giant brian wilson, but it is not him. his most recent robberies were
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earlier this month in dublin and sunnyvale. the board says the site which has been open rating atop mount hamilton since 1888 is low on the priority list when it comes to saving money. the plan is to cut costs gradually in 2016 and stop completely after 2018. those telephone records secretly gathered by the nsa have been rule unconstitutional by a federal judge. he ruled that the nsa's bulk collection violates the constitution's band on unreasonable searches. but his decision is on hold pending a government appeal. the obama administration has defended the program as a crucial tool against terrorism. high school senior says he was giving his teacher an innocent hug. now it's put his college plans in jeopardy. the hug at deluth high school was caught on surveillance
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camera. you can see he put his arms around the teacher before she pushes him away. the teacher claims his lips touched her neck. now the school has suspended him for one year for sexual harassment. >> i have five months left in my senior year. i don't see why they would take that away from me. >> he's a senior. you're stripping him of the opportunity to even get a full scholarship for athletics for college. >> the school spokesperson said the student's past record can effect their punishment. mcnair has been suspended before, but not for sexual harassment. the mega millions jackpot keeps climbing. now there is talk it could reach $1 billion. yes, billion dollars by christmas. that's if no one wins tomorrow night's drawing. jackpot is up to 586 million. the second largest in history. and, of course, the bigger pot means the odds of winning are worse than ever. there is a better chanceover
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getting killed by ancistroid. >> wow. and a great white shark in the same hit. >> exactly. >> you have to hope that it is a big office group like 30 or 40 people. it is too much money for one person. >> people keep telling us someone has to win. >> not the case. it could go on for awhile. >> will we see rainfall around here? >> reporter: the odds are also stacked against us. we have been dry. ed to at the beach, ocean beach 70 degrees. yes. it is nine days before christmas. yes, it will cool off tonight by a high of 70 degrees attache beach today. these are your current temperatures outside. as soon as the sun goes down it gets chilly. livermore, down to the 50s joining concord. oakland 66 degrees. santa rosa 64. san jose currently 60. have you seen this before? like 350 day this is year? kpix 5 high def doppler looking for rain. coming up positively dry. not just san francisco.
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we're likely going to set a record in san francisco. it is also those of you in the south bay. the driest year own record for you. calendar year crown plaza 1929. 6.1inches of rainfall. so far this year, 3.8 inches of rain. that's it for the entire year. you would need two and a quarter inches of rainfall to just catch up to the driest year on record. i am here to tell you that is note going to happen over the next couple weeks. look at this ridge of high pressure. this is something we would see in july or august sending the storm track north of the canadian board. this is mid-december, a week and a half from christmas and this type of pattern is developing. it will continue to at least be in some form over the next several days. within that area of upper level low pressure there is a small surface low which is huge for us, because as it swings by to our source our wind direction changes after tomorrow. by wednesday, the temperatures drop to the 50s. much cooler but also the air quality will get better because the air won't be as stagnant. the plus will be scattered out.
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last spare of the air day coming up tomorrow. wednesday, a different set of low pressure passes east. there is a slight chance you may see a shower or two late wednesday, early thursday. that's the only rain chance for the next week. another warm day tomorrow. close to 70. cooler by wednesday. a coup elizabeth showers move in wednesday night. look at these highs tomorrow. again, close to 70. santa clara, you will hit 70. upper 60s antioch. mid 60s vallejo. nevada 67. close to 70 degrees tomorrow with sunshine in ukaia. cooler wednesday. back to the 50s. thursday, slight chance of a shower. look at the weekend before christmas. sunshine and highs in the mid 60s. >> i hope we enjoy the sunshine, because there are going to be some long-term impacts from the lack of rain. bit certainly is warm outside. >> thanks, paul. is a vitamin a day throwing money away. new evidence that poping certain pills could be doing more harm than good. and, we are counting down
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to the 49ers last regular season game at candle stick park. you can catch the game right here next monday december 23rd after the game, stunned for the fifth quarter. then, buy buy -- tuned for the fifth quarter. then, bye bye, bay bit. our special peoples from candle stick over the years.
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but now some major studies en millions of americans take a multivitamin everyday to boost their health. >> but now some major studies suggest that enough is enough. consumer watch reporter julie watts on the doctors who say it's just a big waste of money. >> from a to zink andc, and -- zinc, americans are hooked on supplements. >> the studies we have done, they have been unable to show
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benefits. >> this doctor worked on the stud disand authored a blunt accompanying editorial headline enough is enough. stop wasting money on vitamin and mineral supplements. >> we have found that they are not doing anything. >> the report found most multivitamin supplements are ineffective and that long term of high dose did not protect against heart problems or cause it to decline it it also says in some casques, taking too much of a vitamin can be dangerous. >> one good thing would be vitamin e. >> registered dietitian says rather than popping a pill, eat a healthy balanced diet with whole grain annulets of fruit and vegetables. >> we can get all our nutrients from foods, and we should. >> she recommends five full cups a day of fresh food. advice no one can dispute, even those who say effective or not, they are taking their vitamins.
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>> it's just a safeguard. >> representatives from the vitamin industry say multivitamins are intended to fill nutritional gaps. others show the benefits of vitamin d and calcium on bone health or folic. we should note that prenatal vitamins are recommended for healthy women, though. >> thank you, julie. the lead payment industry was handed a huge defeat this afternoon. 10 california cities and counties sued the industry in a lead poisoning lawsuit. a san jose judge ordered several paint companies to pay $1.1 billion to replace or contain lead paint in millions of homes. the five-week nonjury trial shamed sherwin williams, conagra for poisoning thousands of children in homes built
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before 1978. the plaintiffs have 15 days to object. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze.
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safeway will help you gather everyone 'round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. with starbucks at $6.99, serve coffee everyone savors. top it off with coffee-mate... just $2.79 for all kinds of flavors. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life. prompting a protest in san francisco.. why those demonstrator new at 6:00 tonight, a cozy relationship with the tech industry prompting a protest in san francisco. why those demonstrators say mayor ed lee is ignoring the needs of everyone else in the city. and, a health advisory so serious an entire country is banning shell fish imports from the west coast. tonight, the warning about toxic seafood. we'll have those stories and much more coming up tonight at 6:00. >> thank you for watching with. cbs evening news with scott pelly is next.
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>> remember, latest news, weather always on k >> pelley: tonight, spying on americans loses in court. in a first, a judge rules that anti-terror surveillance violates privacy. john miller has an unprecedented look inside the agency responsible. a study released this evening advises americans to stop taking vi >> pelley: tonight, spying on americans loses in court. in a first, a judge rules that anti-terror surveillance violates privacy. john miller has an unprecedented look inside the agency responsible. tiial soap really works. jeff pegues reports. liz palmer has a rare interview with iran's foreign minister. >> reporter: would you like to see in your lifetime a u.s. embassy reopening in tehran? >> pelley: and for the first time, a baseball player's brain shows evidence of injury from concussions. michelle miller on head injuries and america's past time.


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