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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 17, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PST

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hospital from taking her off life this is kpix5 news. >> don't pull the plug! >> tonight the family of a 13- year-old girl is desperately trying to keep the hospital from taking her off life support. >> joe vazquez is at children's hospital oakland. the family did win one battle tonight, right? >> reporter: the girl's family tells us they convinced the hospital to do one last medical test and, in fact, they made that announcement a short while ago here in a small demonstration. convinced y one more e >> these are people in the waiting room with us. these are all friends and family. this is not even all of them. so all these people right here got the same belief that we all have that she can still wake up. >> don't pull the plug! >> if you guys are out there or
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at home and want to come down and help support, you're more than welcome to. please come down and help us save jahi. keep . >> reporter: she was supposed to walk out of the hospital after a routine tonsillectomy. following the surgery a week ago tonight 13-year-old jahi mcmath experienced severe bleeding leading to cardiac arrest. doctors declared her brain dead by the end of last week. earlier told the family said the hospital informed them the hospital was going to take jahi off life support against the family's wishes, but late this evening jahi's mother convinced the doctor to try one more eeg, a test of her brain for activity. >> they are telling me the coroner is coming to get her, come say your last good-byes and i asked this man just check her brain one more time. i ask doody have children? he said yeah. i said you should know how it feels. i won't give up on my daughter.
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>> reporter: you convinced him? >> i did. i had to. >> reporter: a hospital spokesperson told me she's not allowed to talk about this case directly. they're not authorized by the family, but they often work with families on end of life decisions like this. in in case the coroner seems to -- in this case the coroner seems to be involved and in some reason that is trumping the hospital. in any case they've made this decision to give one more test. we'll see how that works out. >> she had a relatively common surgery, but there are still risks. >> reporter: right. i talked to 1 doctor tonight who said this is not a minor surgery and there are risks with any surgery. in fact, several children die every year from this same type of tonsillectomy and that it's the same thing, severe bleeding followed by cardiac arrest. >> thank you. we have breaking news in san francisco right now where the fire department says a structure has just collapsed. this is on greystone terrace in twin peaks.
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we don't know if it's a house or apartment building exactly what's going on up there, but we have a crew on the way. we will bring more details as soon as we get them. right now big wildfire burning out of control in one of california's most popular tourist spots. 15 homes have been destroyed near big sur including the fire chief's own house. more than 500 acres have already been burned. it's been going strong for almost 24 hours now. inside the los padres national forest. marissa schwartz is there. >> reporter: the firefighting effort continues tonight in big sur. the los padres national forest firefighters say 4 to 500 acres have burned and it's 0% contained right now. progress is being made. smoke is making it difficult for firefighters to build that containment line. they say there's a lot of structures and homes in the area, but it's been so thick they haven't been able to get in to see just how many structures are affected. the firefighters say that about
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100 people have been evacuated and they're not sure if any more evacuations will need to happen overnight. i'm marissa schwartz in big sur. this time last week we were freezing. today it felt more like summer. it was a perfect beach day in santa cruz. >> i'm wondering if some of those same people that wore the turtlenecks and scarves were on the beach today. santa cruz today 80 degrees nine days before christmas, half moon bay high of 73, campbell 71 degrees for your high today and san francisco even in the financial district officially 67 degrees, but it came with a price. we have bad air quality again in the east bay and south bay. we will do that again tomorrow, a record setting 10th consecutive spare the air day. all we need to do is change the wind direction to get cooler and get some better air. we'll do both of those, find out when and which day has the best rain chance coming up. things have almost finished
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drying out at san jose minetta airport tonight. crews began putting away all those fans and hoses to suck up the ankle deep water. everything but two check points are open now. this was the scene this morning. a hot water main ruptured sending hundreds of gallons of water down through the ceiling. a federal judge had a pretty blunt assessment of the nsa surveillance program today. he says it's likely unconstitutional and he said, if "i have little doubt that the author -- he said, "i have little doubt that the author of our constitution james madison would be aghast." tronic fro undation.. says th >> reporter: the government doesn't need to listen to your phone conversation to violate your privacy. trevor tim of the electronic frontier foundation says the eff has made the argument for years and now a federal judge agrees. >> if it's collecting all other information around that phone
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call, so who calls you, who you call, when you call them, for how long and from where, the government can paint a detailed picture about your lives that even your closest friends and family don't know. >> reporter: the judge said the nsa must stop collecting phone records of two men who challenged the surveillance program, but he's holding off enforcement and awaiting the government's appeal. the reporter who broke the edward snowden story says the court decision vindicates the visit blower. >> i think it's not only the right, but the duty of an american citizen in edward snowden's situation to come forward at great risk to himself and inform his fellow citizens about what their government is doing in the dark that is illegal. >> reporter: eff and aclu lawyers are studying the 68 page ruling. the obama administration defends the surveillance program as a critical tool in the war on terror, but the judge notes the government never gave any evidence it actually stopped an imminent
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terror attack. >> a spokesman for the justice department's national security division said the nsa program is constitutional as previous judges have found. today's ruling doesn't change anything for you or me, but it is the start of what is sure to be a long legal battle over privacy. google, twitter, apple, yah, facebook and others.. will tomorrow ceos from a number of leading tech companies, google, twitter, apple, yahoo, facebook and openers, will meet with the president to talk about -- and others will meet with the president to talk about nsa spying and >> the new tower at the eastern span of the bay bridge needs new lighting. caltrans is testing 2,300 new lights, 800 at the base which are on quite yet and 1,500 at deck level. the idea is to make the tower stand out. caltrans hopes all the lights will be on by the end of the month. the woman accused of causing a horrific crash that killed a teenager is now charged with manslaughter.
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58-year-old jennie zhu is also charged with two counts of reckless driving causing injury. police say zhu was driving 80 miles an hour when she slammed into a minivan at pine and goff streets in san francisco. this was back in september. 16-year-old kevin sand who was in the van was killed. his mother and sister were seriously injured. through an interpreter kevin's father says he still doesn't know what really happened. in translator: i want her to reflect and think deeply on herself why this happened and to cause this devastating consequence to my family. >> zhu will be back in court friday. if convicted, she faces seven years in prison. three major paint companies are ordered to pay $1.1 billion to remove lead paint from millions of homes across california. a santa clara county judge found nl industries, conagra grocery products and sherwin- williams marketed paint they knew was harmful to children.
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lead based paints were banned in 1978, but millions of homes painted before then still pose a health risk. the paint companies say they will appeal. the colorado school where a student gunman opened fire on campus will be closed through the end of the year. a 17-year-old girl shot in the head remains in a coma tonight. during friday's rampage outside denver one student hid in a classroom. he wrote a note to his family on his hand in case he got killed. this is th o write the >> that morning i didn't really tell my family i loved them or anything like that. so i wrote i love you on my hand just to -- just so that they knew i was thinking about them and i was praying for them and actually ever since the shooting i've been carrying the pen in my pocket the whole time. this is the one i used to write the note on my hand. >> two other slightly injured students were treated and released. karl pierson was trying to settle a grudge with a speech and debate teacher.
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what is google up to now? its new mystery fleet of military grade robots, wait till you see what these big guys can do. >> are vitamins a life save are or a total waste of money? -- saver or a total waste of money, the new evidence you'll want to hear before you pop another pill. >> and a teacher put on ,,,,,,,,
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first there was that mysterious barge in the bay. remember that? tonight betty shows us google is working on another top secret project. >> reporter: that's right, liz. and it involves robotics. we know google has enough money to go on this type of splurge it. has incredible resources to get into this cool futuristic stuff, but why it did so and so suddenly is a big mystery. the ups does today." he believes this kind of realis in our not-so- distant futu. sot: larry magid "i 2020s, we will see what looks like a scary creature in a sci-fi movie is part of google's new robot dream team. >> these devices can run, walk, traverse through forest. they can get through snow. the mobility and the fact that they do have kind of animallike qualities to them is both exciting and scary. >> reporter: these realistic beastlike emergencies like big dog, cheetah and petman were made by a major military robotmaker called boston dynamics. it's the eighth robotics company google has bought in the past six months.
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what google plans to do with its robotics collection is top secret, but the head of its division told the new york times that the company is looking at commercial purposes. cbs news tech analyst larry magin says think factory or delivery work. >> a robot, for example, could fit in an autonomous vehicle and deliver a package much as the postman or woman or the ups person does today. >> reporter: he believes this kind of reality is in our not so distant future. >> i think by the early 2020s we will see robots in our communities delivering, serving, building, doing various functions. >> reporter: in mountain view betty hu, kpix5. >> some tech analysts speculate those robots are google's answer to amazon's drone. a health advisory so serious even china is banning shellfish imports due to the high levels of toxins. state officials warn people not to eat clams, oysters or
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scallops they harvest on their own. the toxin comes from the algae where the shellfish live and can cause paralysis or even worse, can kill you. the only safe mussels for now come from commercial farms, stores and restaurants where they are closely monitored. millions of americans take them, but is a vitamin a day throwing money away? julie watts with the big new findings out told. multivitamin and supplement clip 7069 @ 2:18:43 i take oil> but, a group of studies just published .... in the "annals of internal me bitter pill to out-- out today. >> reporter: from a to zinc and everything in between americans are hooked on vitamins and supplements. >> i take vitamins. >> a multi vitamin b12. >> i take fish oil. >> reporter: but a group of studies just published in the annals of medicine could be a bitter pill to swallow. >> the studies have been unable to show benefits of. >> reporter: dr. wilar worked on the studies and edited an editorial saying enough is enough, stop wasting money on vitamins and mineral
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supplements. the report found most supplements are ineffective and that long time or high doabs of multi vitamins did not -- doses of multi is right lynns did not prevent cognitive decline and in some cases taking too much of a is right monday can be dangerous. rather than popping a pill eat a healthy balanced diet with lean protein, whole grain and lots of fruits and vegetables. she recommends five full cups a day of fresh food. >> the preat is that eating healthy and -- reality is that eating healthy and being healthy is a full-time job. >> one big exception, of course, prenatal vitamins are still recommended for pregnant women. ticket sales for mega millions are now soaring, the jackpot now 586 million, the second biggest jackpot ever. if no one wins it all tomorrow night, there's talk the jackpot
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could hit $1 billion by christmas. of course, the bigger the pot means the odds of winning are worse than ever. that's what most of us would talk about eating yourself out of house and home. >> that's what most of us would do if we lived there. the life size gingerbread house is now on display at the ritz carlton at half moon bay. the sweet half moon entrance serves at the gateway to the hotel restaurant. ingredients include 570 pounds of gingerbread, 160 pounds of royal icing, 22 8:00 late bars, 112 -- 228 chocolate bars, 112 pounds of candy. >> it's all edible. it's all different colored gingerbread and edible items like cinnamon sticks, m and m's. it's on there. >> it took pay industry chef
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christian brashfield and a team of elves 260 hours to complete. it will remain on display through december 209th. >> it's just so tempting like -- 29th. >> it's just so tempting like a little gum drop here, a little chocolate here. 80 degrees in santa cruz, crazy, nine days before christmas, but that's what happened today. we had cold and dry for about a week and a half. now we have the warm and still dry. here's a live look outside, a little cirrus cloud cover throughout the day, keep us milder overnight tonight. absent tonight is the strong evening chill we have had recently. did you catch the full moon earlier? i have a picture thank you to jeff, one of our viewers, jeff cable, who took this picture. actually it's the smallest full moon of the year. the moon does not go around in a perfect circle. it goes in an ellipse and it's the farthest from the earth of any moon the full year. they call it the minimum i mean. that's what we had outside --
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mini moon. that's what we had outside tonight. redwood city 47, san jose torment, no more freezes the next couple -- 40, no more freezes the next couple days. it is mid-december, but that ridge is very strong. it should be a couple hundred miles to the south allowing storms to move here, but that has not been nor will it be the case, but one tiny area of low pressure amount the surface will shake things up wednesday. after another spare the air day tomorrow, the wind direction changes. it won't be as warm or smoggy. the air quality will get much area. wednesday night a weak area of low pressure passes by to the east, about a 10% chance of showers. what to expect, another warm day tomorrow, cooler weather moving in on wednesday. also it's better air quality and that slight chance of showers wednesday night. highs tomorrow 68 for san jose
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and livermore, milpitas 67, 70 for loss alto, walnut creek 67, livermore 68 degrees, san francisco 65 and petaluma tomorrow sunshine, mild, 66 degrees, much cooler wednesday, upper 50s, thursday 50s, friday back to 60 and the last shopping weekend before christmas mid-60s with suns so, this board gives me rates for progressive direct and other car insurance companies? yes. but you're progressive, and they're them. yes. but they're here. yes. are you...? there? yes. no. are you them? i'm me. but those rates are for... them. so them are here. yes! you want to run through it again? no, i'm good. you got it? yes. rates for us and them -- now that's progressive. call or click today.
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was all caught o you could call it a bruhoho. a group of men wearing santa suits got into a bit of a scuffle in new york city and it was all caught in video. the revelers were believed to be taking part in santa con, an annual event that saturated pubs around the city with drunken saint nicks. a man claims his freshman son who has autism was called out when the students dressed up for christmas last week. now he wants the teacher who allegedly said this fired.
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>> santa claus is white. what are you doing wearing that? christopher was embarrassed and ashamed like he had made a mistake. this is racial in its context and that's my issue right now. >> albuquerque district reps say the teacher has since apologized to the family and been put on administrative leave. switching gears, we talking football? we talking baseball? we talking basketball or all three? >> the playoff picture keeps changing and you know what? don't say good-bye to the ravens yet, a thrilling monday night football finish coming up and the 49ers lose a key piece of the puzzle on offense and we're counting down to the regular last season game at the stick. you can catch the game here on kpix5 next monday. stay tuned for the 5th quarter ,
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good morning nelly! woah. hey! have you ever tried honey nut cheerios? love 'em. neat! now you on the other hand... you need some help. why? look atchya. what is that? you mean my honey wand? [ shouting ] [ splat ] come on. matter of fact. [ rustling ] shirt. shoes. shades.
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ah! wow! now that voice... my voice? [ auto-tuned ] what's wrong with my voice? yeah man, bee got swag! be happy! be healthy! that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet. a re that collaps we have breaking news tonight out of san francisco. about 10:30 this evening police were dispatched to a residence under construction that collapsed on the 100 block of crown terrace in san francisco. those are live pictures. you can see that building is at a weird angle like it fell. that whole block of greystone is closed to traffic now. at least one residence has been evacuated. we are not being told of any injuries in the area now, but it looks like a home was being renovated or under construction and came down off of the section as it was being worked on there. want to move to sports. we get any more of that we'll have it on >> if there was any chance of a
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49ers/ravens rematch in the super bowl however unlikely, baltimore would have to win tonight in detroit. john harbaugh looking for his fourth straight win, two minutes in the game left, detroit down by five, but then matthew stafford and joseph fournier miss a two-point conversion and settle for a one point lead it. came down to this, justin tucker 61 yards out. it's up. it's good, 61 yards, a franchise record, his sixth field goal. it counted for all of the ravens scoring. baltimore wins 18-16 and now control their playoff destiny. as for detroit, look at there. they are still in the hunt, but they no longer control their destiny. fullback bruce miller of the 49ers will likely miss the rest of the season after injuring his shoulder glade on a reception in the 4th quarter. miller is valued -- blade on a reception in the 4th quarter. miller is valued most for his
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running. there's 13 punts unanswered in the 1st half. there was a game high 32, seven rebels. stamford wins 75-41. the san jose sharks release their annual christmas video and we start the top five. >> mistletoe? mistletoe? mistletoe? >> that's a cactus. >> this is? >> yeah. >> oh. get him a free tee shirt at barclays center.. number no. 4, paul mccartney wants a t- shirt. he's a sir. no. 3, lebron james tweaked his ankle against the jazz. he stayed in the game and the heat would beat and win in salt lake. no. 2, bulls down four with one second left. mike dunleavy's half court shot is good, but the bulls lose to the magic 83-82. >> after kicking those six
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field goals justin tucker's reaction is this. >> i'm happy to do it. don't get me wrong. my fantasy team is benefiting from it as well. so i'm happy about that and fantasy owners around the world, i hop you guys appreciate the points a -- hope you guys appreciate the points as well. >> the guy kicks six field goals, wins the game with a 61- yarder and if all comes back to fantasy football -- it all comes back to fantasy football. it does put the ravens back in the playoff picture. don't forget the ravens were a wildcard team last year and they got into the playoffs on the last day of the season and they won the super bowl. >> a team we all know and love. kpix5 has you covered for the finale at candlestick next monday night beginning with a special hour long coverage from the stick at 4:30. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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