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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 18, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> christmas tie. >> captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, december 18 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." who in california won the mega millions jackpot? we're at the store one of the life changing tickets was sold.dent barack obama uses the olympic games to jab russian president putin. >> the ultimate film bulk. where they're keeping 750,000 classics. >> we begin with your world in 90 seconds. >> somebody here in san jose have joined a new tax bracket. >> here in atlanta going to be a
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merry mass forchristmas. >> one was sold in atlanta, georgia. the the other at a gift shop in california. >> two people have been killed in the crash of a small plane in atlanta. >> a gunman burst into the medical center shot three people and shot and killed himself. two astronauts work to repair the broken cooling system. president barack obama sending a clear message to russia about gray athletes. >> this will be taken as a snub. we have 22 homes now destroyed by the the wildfire in california. an incredible rescue. the victim was rescued from the crane by helicopter.
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this man tried to trade the alligator for a six pack a. the mayor of toronto still knows how to party. a workout dvd is next on his agenda. a blind man fell onto the tracks. both are okay despite having the train roll over top of them. the clips are funny. >> i'm a big, huge fan of yours. >> i hope we can doll it again. welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie is under the weather.
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anthony mason is here. >> glad to be here. two will share the largest jackpot in american history. $636 million. all picked the winning numbers. 8, 14 17 20 39 and mega ball 7. one was sold in atlanta and the other in san jose california. john black stone is in san jose. good morning. >> reporter: good morning norah and anthony. for california viewers just waking up now, if you bought your mega millions ticket from this store in san jose you better check your numbers. you could be hundreds of millions of richer. at least one winning ticket from the half billion plus jackpot was sold here at jenny's gift shop. last night local media caught up with the man he claimed he had just taken over the store four months ago. >> the lottery called me and let me know. i come and took a look.
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everybody here whoa. >> lottery officials say $336 million in tickets were sold for tuesday's big drawing. even while the odds of winning were lower than ever. >> apparently you've got a more chance of getting hit by lightning than winning. >> in fact the chances are 1 in 259 million. the odds used to be 1 in 176 million. this past october, mega millions restructured the system to increase the payouts. instead of picking numbers between 1 and 56 now players choose between 1 and 75. it's increased the amount of roll overs. mega millions lead director paul la says that's exactly the type of outcome they're looking for. >> we put more money in the jackpot prize and change the way
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we pay out over 30 years. all to help the jackpots grow bigger. it's worked. >> reporter: no word on who the lucky ticket holders are. it may not be a secret for long. california and georgia are two states mega million winners are considered public record and subject to disclosure. the jackpot for the drawing friday now resets to a measly $15 million. that's hardly worth worrying about, you think? anthony and norah. >> john, thanks. 50 days until the winter olympics begin in russia president barack obama is said he will not attend. >> the u.s. delegation will include openly gray agent lyly gay athletes. >> good morning to you and viewers in the west.
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russia has passed laws against the so called gay propaganda. now president barack obama is making his thoughts to the laws loud and clear. >> this is a strong message sent to the country on gay laws. the president announced two openly gray stars will be part of the u.s. delegation. janet, a former secretary of homeland security has been named the delegation leader. >> it's not as dramatic or a rupture in the way a boycott would be. it's meant to send a clear cut signal of u.s. disapproval. >> for the first time in 14 years the u.s. team won't be represented by the president, vice president, first lady or former president. in a statement, the white house said the president's schedule doesn't allow him to travel to show which. the delegation represents the
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diversity that is the united states. russia and its president, putin have been under growing pressure from the international community after passing antigay laws barring non traditional sexual relations. president barack obama has resisted calls for a boycott. >> one of the things i'm looking for is gay and lesbian athletes bringing home the silver or bronze which would go a long way in rejecting the kind of attitudes that we're see there. >> mr. obama cancelled the september meeting with putin in response to russia's decision to grand asylum to snowden. when the president personally
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decides not to show is a snub which was clearly the the intention. >> president barack obama is ot the only world leader who will be absent from the upcoming winter games. the presidents of france and germany have also declined to attend. >> chip reed in washington, thank you. monday is the deadline for people to buy 2014 health insurance at a new york times poll shows people still have doubts about the affordable care act. major garrett is here. good morning. >> the website is performing better. impressions of the law itself remain negative even among those designed to help the most uninsured. >> the knew cbs news poll with americans with and without health insurance found a third of the country, 34% believe the law will hurt them personally. 16% said it will help them. 46% said it will have no effect. we interviewed 700 adults
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without insurance and found optimism mixed with negativity. nearly one in four uninsured said the law would hurt them even though they have no coverage at all. one in three said it would help. the uninsured were equally divided on whether it will make the system overall better or worse. one-third said better another third said worse, and another said no difference at all. overall, 39% said the health care system will be worse. 36% said better and 21% said nothing would change. we met beverly in middle town new jersey and found bordering pessimism. she and her husband are uninsured. after failures on the website, she discovered the cheapest plan for a family of three would cost more than $400 a month, too much. she won't enroll. >> i'd rather pay the fine and
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spend a lot of money and have the health care plan that isn't going to do much for me. >> she hopes more families fair better than hers. >> i really think that the new law that they have is going to help a little bit more than hurts. >> she would like a plan to cover only catastrophic health care cost but she's too old to qualify. her story is one of many. the december 23rd deadline to secure coverage begins january 1st. the biggest hope is the perception of the law improves as the uninsured become insured. >> i want to ask you about tech executives at the white house yesterday. what went on? >> twice as long as scheduled, two hours in the meeting. the president projected the health care level and high-tech
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exec executives said we're here to talk. they're losing market shares. ibm had a shareholders lawsuit filed because their shareholders believe in the surveillance. all those are huge commercial concerns. the white house releases next month changes in the high-tech companies that made their word strongly herd. a new poll shows americans are impatient with the war in afghanistan. >> more than half says president barack obama should pull troops out of afghanistan. six americans died yesterday when their helicopter crashed. david martin is at the pentagon this morning. >> this loss of six americans is a grim reminder while the war is winding down, u.s. troops remain in harm's way.
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the black hawk with seven a board was one of two american helicopters on a daytime mission in afghanistan when it was forced to make a crash landing. what caused it to go down is still unknown. the taliban claim to have shot it down. the second chopper saw no sign of enemy fire. only one a board was still a live. >> it was the worst loss since afghan afghan troops officially look the lead in operations. 125 deaths this year compared to 310 last year and high of 499 in 2010 at the height of the fighting. casualties have are gone down as the number of american troops has gone down from high of 100,000 to current 42700. while the war is winding down the cost is actually going up. this week the senators expected to pass a defense spending bill
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to include $80 billion for afghanistan in 2014. that's an increase over this year to cover the costs of bringing troops and equipment home. >> all right thank you. though the far from afghanistan the u.s. is having trouble with the important partner. india is protesting the arrests of diplomats in new york city. the diplomat claims to be mistreated while this custody. margaret is at the state department. good morning. >> good morning to you norah and anthony. diplomats are often given a privilege status that makes them immune to prosecution under u.s. law. the state department says in this case that does not apply. 39 yooirld dev-- 39-year-old was
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charged with fraud. u.s. marshals strip searched her in jail saying that was routine procedure for someone accused of felony. marshals were not told to give her privileged treatment. her father was outraged. >> she has not done anything to be treated like that. was that absolutely appropriate? >> the indian government demanded answers and retaliated by removing security barriers from outside the u.s. embassy put up two years ago following threats of a possible attack. several top indian officials also refused to meet the visiting u.s. congressional delegation this week. spokesperson harp voiced concern. >> we take security seriously. we'll continue to have conversations with the the government to make sure our facilities are properly secured n. the statement, the lawyer denied all charges and said the prosecution represents a significant error in judgment and an embarrassing failure of
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u.s. international protocol. jeff smith said her treatment struck a nerve. >> the fact she was strip searched and the graphic detail as in the indian press have fed the public fur. >> if convicted she could face 15 years in prison. the big sticking point between the u.s. and indian governments is whether as a diplomat she should be considered immune to prosecution. because she's junior level, the state department says she's not a high ranking official therefore the immunity does not apply in this case. they are reviewing the circumstances around her arrest. >> margaret what about the nanny? >> the nanny stopped working for her back in june. she reported this paid discrepancy discrepancy. the investigates informed the indian go. in september.
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that complaint led to this investigation, arrest and prosecution. >> margaret thanks. the federal reserve may announce a major policy change after a two day meeting. the economy is doing before. there's speculation the fed could start to cut back controversial bond buying programs. >> that puts an extra trillion a year in the economy. the final news conference of bernanke is today. jill is with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> the economy is looking better. are they likely to ease up on the stimulus? >> let's talk about the economy improving. we have seen real progress in the jobs market. over 200,000 on average the last three months way better than september. we've seen the economy itself accelerate. gdp at 1.1% earlier in the year now at 3.6% annual rate. retail sales picked up in november. all things seem good. there's a but. the but may be the federal
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reserve may say it's not good enough we have a weak labor market. let's keep everything status quo. >> why not keep it going longer until janet yellen becomes the fed chair? >> there's a case to that. think about the two of them together. i don't think there would be a big change in doing it now versus waiting months. there's concern about low inflation. prices up 1.7% from a year ago. they really want it at 2%. inflation could help your wages and house prices. >> one last thing, worries about interest rates starting to rise even if the fed hints at this? >> the bond market is better prepared. we see rates up considerably from may. i don't think that's the big issue. if the fed does something drastic, watch out for stocks. could be look out below. >> thanks so much.
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police in reno nevada are asking for help. a gunman opened fire killing one person at the medical center before taking his own life. two others wounded. the witness tells cbs news he entered the waiting department ordering those there to leave. he opened fire this the exam room. investigators do not think the attack was random. time to show you this morning's headlines. new york daily news says the author of the anarchist cookbook wants his book pulled from shelves. it includes instructions on making explosives. the colorado teen that opened fire at his teen was obsessed with the book. the continued publication of the anarchist cookbook is irresponsible and should go quietly and immediately out of print. the wall street journal says
7:19 am
they reached an agreement with the airlines stemming from the 9/11 attack. $135 million is the cost. the company accused the airline of negligence by allowing five hijackers aboard flight 11. houston chronicle looks at the lawsuit against carnival cruise lines. the company allegedly knew of mechanical problems before the ship left for sail. news day says a fuel tanker burst into flames. two were hurt. the heat melted a few clouds scooting overhead today and a cup of raindrops most of it not in the bay area. so hi-def doppler radar scanning your skies. some of the moisture in the sierra nevada, not a whole lot to it. but we are seeing some changes coming our way.
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more of a sea breeze going to be kicking in to help to cool down the temperatures and start to improve the air quality. 59 degrees expected with breezy conditions in pacifica. 64 degrees in san jose. even windier into tomorrow with a few more clouds, warming up over the weekend. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay.
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ahead the growing fire storm over the treatment of whales. news is back in the morning here on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news. (♪ maroon 5 "love somebody" ♪) ♪ ♪ shop the adam levine collection,
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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald good morning, it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. san francisco police recovered a stolen atm machine from a stolen van after pursuing a wrong way driver on interstate 80. the unusual smash-and-grab happened at 3:30 this morning. there are two winning particular in the big mega millions jackpot. one of them was purchased at jenny's in san jose. the total prize is over $600 million. the berkeley may raise the minimum wage to $10.74 an hour. stay with us traffic and weather in just a moment.
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good morning.
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let's check the commute over at the bay bridge. they turned on the metering lights about an hour later than we typically see them turned on because of an earlier crash on the nimitz nimitz. they are on now, and it's backed up towards the overcrossing. it was northbound 880 coming into downtown oakland by the fifth exit but right now all lanes are back open. we are still seeing an unusually heavy traffic pattern coming up northbound looks like around 98th. here's lawrence. >> >> cloudy around the bay area this morning making for a neat sunrise. unfortunately not much in the way of rain. in fact, a hi-def doppler radar has been scanning the skies. we have seen some showers into the central valley and the sierra nevada and the north bay valleys but not much. so i think throughout the day we'll see some sunshine and clouds. temperatures will be cooler. the sea breeze will be the big story, air quality should improve tonight. and tomorrow.
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centers for forces are threatening america's space dominance. >> china has become the third nation to carry out a soft landing on the moon. >> the pictures from the unmanned jade rabbit are the first new images from the moon's surface in nearly four decades. >> moon you belong to us. how could you just let china souft land on you? is that what you're into now? i thought you were into giant leaps and impacts or were you just faking it? >> yes, yes, we haven't been around spacewalk to deal with serious problems on the international space station. physics professor michio kaku is
7:31 am
in studio 57 and we'll look at what happens if they can't make the repairs. >> plus what do "mary poppins" and "pulp fiction" have in common? we'll take a look. that's ahead. the public relations crisis is growing this morning at one of america's best known aquatic theme parks. some of the named musicians are canceling appearances. anna werner looks at the backlash over the alleged mistreatment of whales. >> reporter: seaworld orlando entertains thousands of visitors with id bands, cruise and barbecue concerts but the park is running into a bit of trouble. several of the major music acts backing out. willie nelson reo speedwagon heart, and martina mcbride are
7:32 am
canceling appearances. mcbride took to her facebook to say given all the issues that aired recently the time isn't right for me to play at seaworld. some of the performers citing concerns addressed in a new documentary film "blackfish." the movie documents the 2010 killing of the seaworld trainer by an orca whale and asks serious questions about keeping whales in captivity for entertainment. >> it may have started as play or frustration and clearly escalated to be very violent behavior. >> reporter: it aired on cnn in october. in november fans started posting petitions to asking bands to cancel their seaworld performances. the first was addressed to the canadian rock band bear
7:33 am
bare-naked ladies. they canceled their scheduled appearance. now there are nine petitions with over 56,000 signatures asking other bands to cancel their appearances as well. >> there's a larger snowball effect where in pop culture, seaworld has become a prime target for people who are concerned about cruelty to animals. >> reporter: in a statement to cbs, seaworld responded to the petition drives by saying this is a coordinated campaign of digital harass millionaire and does not in any sense represent the opinions of the american public. a far better measure is the number of people actually coming to seaworld. only two of the original performers remain on the schedule. seaworld says it will replace replacement bands and they promise incredible concerts with top artists and classic rock and
7:34 am
country music. for "cbs this morning," anna werner dallas. nasa is taking urgent steps to fix a cooling station. two american crew members will do spacewalks beginning this weekend. >> they may have to fin tish repair mission on christmas day. professor meech your kaku is a professor. good morning. >> good morning. >> how serious is it? >> it's urgent that they stabilize the situation or there could be multiple system failure. remember the space station costs over 150$150 billion. second to the pyramids in egypt. it means that navigation life support, communications all of that could be in danger if if the equipment overheats. >> but the space walks are really dangerous, aren't they? >> yeah. remember george clie cloony and sandra bullock in "gravity?"
7:35 am
it's not at that bad. however one almost drowned in his spacesuit. water got in his helmet. >> you're making norah cringe. >> imagine drowning in outer space. who would have thought. >> so what exactly are they going to do on this space walk then. >> >> they have two cooling units external to the hull. they have to go outside and replace one of them because the valve is malfunctioning. they have conducted over 70 spacewalks during the lifespan of the space station so we think there's going to be success. however, we've all seen the movie "apollo 13," so we know what can go wrong. >> what if they can't fix it? >> there is a soyuz space module. of course, that's not going to happen, but that's the ultimate safety option. >> professor michio kaku.
7:36 am
thank you so much. this time of year hollywood often releases movies with award potential. this morning the library of congress announced the latest films to be honored with an official spot in american sin oh mattic history. bill plante shows us which movies made the final cut. >> reporter: among this year's selections, the whimsey of everyone's favorite singing british nanny captured in 1964's " "mary "mary "mary poppins." >> and the movie "the right stuff." this year's additions to the national film registry bring to 625, the total number of films that the library has put on its list since its beginning in 1989.
7:37 am
they honor movie of historical cultural, or aesthetic importance to american cinema. >> there really is looking back over the incredibly diverse history of motion picture production in the united states in all of its forms. >> reporter: the library not only recognizes movies of significance, its works to preserve them as well. at the library of congress in culpeper, virginia they maintain 750,000 films in vast temperature-controlled vaults and technicians work on films dating back a century in an effort to preserve it for ta'u future generations. all that to make the inclusion. >> they represent not only what we watched or enjoyed but what our aspiration were and dreaming were. they represent the best of us. they represent the worst of us. >> the worst of snus perhaps
7:38 am
this pair of hit men in 1994's "pulp fiction." >> how long do you intend to walk the earth? >> until god puts me where he wants to be. >> this is one among many that the library of congress believes should be preserved for future generations. for "cbs this morning," bill plante, washington. >> incredible. those archives. 750,000 films. i didn't even know there were that many films. >> i hope they have it backed up digitally as well. high hopes for a new law in colorado. >> i'm barry petersen. coming up the date is january 1 when it will be legal to buy marijuana for recreational use
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♪ let's get together and sing ♪ >> toronto's embattled mayor rob ford and the city council jammed to the beat of a bob marley classic in the council chambers. he danced alongside a council speaker who he clashed with earlier in the day. i don't know but the council meetings i used to cover were never like that. >> you can't make this stuff up. it's incredible sfroo from that to a marijuana use. marijuana sales begin two weeks from today in colorado. they approved use for anyone over 21. colorado already has a booming medical marijuana industry but it is having trouble figuring out how to sell pot to the mass.
7:44 am
barry petersen takes a look at the bureaucratic backlog. >> reporter: pot for recreational use will be legal on january 1st, but wanting may not be having. complicated regulations mean a mere 12 stores may be licensed by opening day. ian who runs the medical marijuana company won't be able to sell recreational marijuana until later in january. same case for other outlets. so will day one supply meet demand. the predictions are on january 1 there could be lines around the block with people wanting to buy recreational marijuana. what do you think? >> i think it's a very good possibility. it's the first time in the history of the united states that somebody can walk into a facility over the age of 21 and put down some money and get some cannabis in exchange for it.
7:45 am
>> reporter: although colorado is a state that has approved marijuana for recreational use, about 750 municipalityies have said no including the second largest city in colorado colorado springs. he said people there are worried that pot shops would scare away new companies. >> we do not look positively toward retail sales in the manufacturing cultivation of marijuana even though as a state we allow our citizens to smoke it recreationally. >> reporter: there's so many issues surrounding pot prompted the "denver post" to name this man as his new editor. let's say it's high profile. that's not each the worst of the joke. try this one from "saturday night live." >>. >> the "denver post" is looking for an editor for their mann
7:46 am
report. they have one, they're looking for him? >> reporter: he's looking for a pot critic. >> he'll be looking for different strains. >> reporter: feel free to apply but don't expect a desk at the home office because smoking pot and coming to work high violated their drug policy. >> it's a freelance position so they may never step foot in the building. >> reporter: it's marijuana's ground zero. it could determine how many around how soon other states think arresting people for lighting up. for "cbs this morning," barry petersen denver. >> some of our floor crew is talking about moving to colorado. a few clouds scooting overhead today and a couple of raindrops, most of it not in the bay area. so hi-def doppler radar scanning your skies. some of the moisture in the sierra nevada, not a whole lot
7:47 am
to it. but we are seeing some changes coming our way. more of a sea breeze going to be kicking in to help to cool down the temperatures and start to improve the air quality. 59 degrees expected with breezy conditions in pacifica. 64 degrees in san jose. even windier into tomorrow with a few more clouds, warming up over the weekend. you might call it a christmas miracle. a blind man and his guide dog survive being run over by a subway train and that's only part of the story. we'll have more ahead on "cbs this morning." ooh, homemade soup! yeah... [ male announcer ] campbell's homestyle soup with farm grown veggies. just like yours. huh. [ male announcer ] and roasted white meat chicken. just like yours. [ male announcer ] you'll think it's homemade. i love
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this is your business on the all-new quickbooks. run with it. two 60-on the cranes collapsed. one of the operators told a co-worker he was trying dangerous maneuver but he was doing an excellent job.
7:52 am
both crane operators survived but were injured. >> incredible. well mo rocca has a question for us this morning. >> nine letters starting with "c." it's that kind of puzzle celebrating its 100th anniversary. we'll fill in the blanks ahead on "cbs this morning." [ male announcer ] sprint honors lizzy and kim's call on our new network. ryan is a total hottie mchotterson. obvi. he's amazeballs. he's, like, the hottest hottie that ever hottied. he's, like a hottie times infinity, plus another infinity. and his smile is totes adorbs. totes mcgotes. it's cray-cray adorbs. totes mcgotes. trouble understanding others on the phone [ male announcer ] in honor of the important things you do due to a hearing loss? save up to $100 on any new phone visit or call 877-805-5845. when you switch to sprint. across america people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower
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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald good morning, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. police are looking for two men who ripped out an atm from fillmore and jackson streets at the mayflower market. this happened around 3:30 in the morning. apparently, the suspect struck the machine with a van a few times. then they took often with the atm. officers caught up with them. the suspects then abandoned the van. there are two winning tickets in the big mega millions jackpot. one of them was purchased at jenny's gift shop in san jose. the winners will share the second largest lottery prize ever in the united states. the total prize is at least $636 million. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:57 am
the hands that drive a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. good morning. there is a crash in lanes
7:58 am
westbound highway 4, two lanes are blocked so chp is on scene but you can see the delays through antioch. the accident is approaching loveridge. traffic is still recovering northbound 880 after the scene of a multi-vehicle crash also involving a big rig by the downtown oakland exits. traffic is jammed past the oakland coliseum ever since. and the bay bridge, the metering lights took a while to be turned on but once they were, traffic now is backed up into the foot of the maze. about 15 to 20 minutes to get you on to the bay bridge. that is traffic. here's lawrence. >> all right. a few passing clouds around the bay area this morning. got a lot of sunshine coming our way. the good news is, we are seeing the sea breeze kicking in and that's going to change everything today. it should begin to improve our air quality, at the same time cooling down the temperatures. live shot for you this morning, passing clouds, in fact our hi- def doppler radar has been tracking the system and bringing with it a couple of scattered light sprinkles. most of that is dissipating before it hits the ground. 50s and 60s. tomorrow cooler. blustery start to the day tomorrow.
7:59 am
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good morning, to you, 8:00. welcome back to "cbs this morning." a giant megamillions jackpot will be split in half. two tickets have all six numbers, one in california, one in georgia, wow. newest poll shows even people with no health insurance are worried about obamacare. we'll have why americans are still skeptical. he's in studio 57 with mo rock ka. america'sy america's crazy for crossword puddles after 100 years. if you bought your megamillions ticket from this store in san josing check your numbers. >> megamillions winners will
8:01 am
share the second largest jackpot in history more than $636 million. russia criticized for passing laws against so-called gay propaganda president obama making his opposition to those laws loud and clear. >> if the fed does something drastic drastic, look out for scotts. >> an american cinematic history. could be multiple system failure. the answer is unlikely they can't fix it there is a soyuz escape model. >> a public reeglations crisis growing at one of america's theme parks. >> a prime target for people concerned about cruelty to animals. >> colorado is a state approved the sale of marijuana for recreational units 70 municipalities said no. >> toys "r" us announced they'll stay open for 87 hours straight
8:02 am
leading up to christmas. toys "r" us started hiring only meth addicts. welcome our viewers in the west. hello to you, i'm gayle king with nora o'donnell, anthony mason. charlie isn't feeling we'll. we hope he feels better. if you're in california a co-worker might be calling in sick and forever for that mater. two lottery players from the bay area and georgia waking up with the prom is of vast, new riches. >> because they picked the winning numbers in the megamillions drawing, 8, 14 17 20, 39 and the megaball 7. winners will share at least $636 million. that is the second largest jackpot in u.s. history. a whole lot of money. john blackstone is in san jose. good morning. >> reporter: well good morning, nora, anthony, gayle.
8:03 am
someone walked in jenny's gift shop and walked out. the same thing happened in atlanta. this jackpot has rolled over 21 straight times. that's why it was so big. that's because of the new rules. instead of picking six numbers between 1 and 567,56 they have to choose six number between 1 and 75. the chance matches skyrocketed to 1 in 259 million from the much more likely 1 in 176 million odds that players had before the change. despite these seemingly impossible odds we're likely to learn identity of the winners some time soon because both california and georgia are states where the identities of megamillion winners are considered public record. for those of us who didn't win yesterday, didn't win last night, there's another drawing coming up on friday. we've got the same long odds but this time a much smaller jackpot, just $15 million this
8:04 am
time. any takers for that? nora, anthony, gayle? >> john blackstone thanks. a cbs news/"new york times" poll shows more serious doubts about obamacare. only 16% of americans in the poll say the president's health care law will help them personally. the survey finds even -- even 37% of uninsured people believe they'll be hurt by the new law. republican strategist frank luntz with us. >> good morning. >> the website is improving. why so are so many skeptical? the website symbolic of greater challenges. the danger in politic is when you overpromise, underdeliver. i'm not going to argue with the president's intentions. my job as analyst is to see both sides. i can't see anything positive for the president right now. when you look at people signing up, they're older than expected less healthy than expected which means the cost for these people is going to be more than
8:05 am
expected. we've seen that you can't necessarily keep your doctor. there are going to be more people who will face this. going through the cross tabs even a third of democrats don't are a positive opinion towards health care plan. when you have a problem like this, you cut your losses. >> why are the people who are uninsured, why are they against the plan if? it was designed to help them. >> one of third believe they are being helped 38% were all having trouble with numbers. have a favorable opinion. >> why is that frank? >> because, it's turned out to be more difficult and more cumbersome. i've seen this before. if you go back about ten years the republicans offered the prescription drug plan. and it took people a lot longer than expected to work their way through the system. but after months you started to have a 2-1 favor ability. these are people who are working their way through the system and still aren't satisfied with what they have. >> what changes the numbers for the president? >> it's about reality, it's no
8:06 am
longer about salesmanship and the president is wrong to say it's a marketing challenge. the a program challenge. they are delivering what they want. people now are protected until they're 26 years of age, protected with preexisting conditions. but the public never wanted this overall, huge plan that would throw chaos into the health care industry. remember, this is not about politics here. this business people's lives, and they feel like this was a lot of promise and very little delivery. >> i noticed, looking at president's schedule today he and the first lady meeting with moms bringing in women. women make the health care decisions, end up taking their kids to the doctor and trying to sell what's in this law. you're making the case you said, cut his losses. is it possible that people don't know what's in the law? >> i believe that is the case. to back you up over 70% of women make the medical decisions in their homes so he's targeting the right people. in the end, if the costs aren't as cheap as they were led to believe, if the availability of
8:07 am
services aren't as universal as they thought it was going to be and most importantly, if more people find they can't get the doctor that they wanted in the plan, you're going to see numbers potentially get worse than they are today. >> if people don't know the details, isn't that a marking issue? >> no, i think it's an issue of the plan being too complicated. when you give people 15 20 different choice of prescription drug plans, that's not choice that's chaos. so many details for something that is so important to so many people, it's said that you've gone too far. i don't think the president read the mood of the american people when he put this plan out. obviously he didn't get cooperation of the republicans but now it's the responsibility of both parties to fix it before the situation gets even worse. >> frank, thank you. high-tech skrchltceos say he should move aggressively to monitor cell phone data.
8:08 am
the president had another issue to discuss with netflix ceo reed hastings. >> i'm wondering if reed brought advanced copies of "the house of cards". >> a little cameo? >> well i wish things were that ruthlessly efficient. it's true. like kevin spacey this guy's getting a lot of stuff done. >> they invite cameras in for the president to make a joke. but when the serious discussion starts, they kick the cameras out. but we have got some reporting about what happened inside there. including tech executives saying, we want to fix this whole thing and the president does plan to announce changes in government surveillance policies next month. a loyal guide dog is being praised for his heroics during a subway square in new york city. the dog leaped after his blind
8:09 am
own who tumbled on to the tracks in front of an oncoming train. >> the retriever stayed by the side of cecil williams while the train passed over them. amazingly both survived. the two ducked in an opening between the railings. williams suffered a cut to his head orlando just fine. williams has to give orlando up next month when the dog reaches retirement age. his insurance will not pay for a dog not working. if he had the money, he would keep orlando. by the time we go on the air tomorrow, it will be a different end to the story. >> a wonderful dog. >> that's right. orlando and cecil will be
8:10 am
celine deion called the biggest vegas act sense elvis. motherhood is the cornerstone of her life. she talks about her mission to help children in need. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." big cornerstone in her life.
8:11 am
she talks about that next on "cbs this morning."
8:12 am
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♪ one of america's favorite mind games turns 100 and moroc morocca. >> meet the best crossword solver in the nation as we go up, down across the history of the puzzle. >> okay. that's next on "cbs this morning." morning." cross the history of the puzzle. >> okay. that's next on "cbs this morning." got it. my customers can shop around. but it doesn't usually work that way with health care. with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and cost estimates so we can make better health decisions. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. in a world full of dictates and conventions, could there be another way?
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8:19 am
okay crossword fans. okay crosswords fans, here's a clue from yesterday's "new york times." 20 across swapping out sheen for rose. any guesses? the answer? charlie charlie's chain. >> that was back in may when charlie was mentioned in the "new york times" crossword puzzle. we'll try one of our own. two word phrase starts with an h and b, happy birthday. we say happy birthday to crossword itself happy birthday. mo, good morning to you. >> good morning, gayle. the crossword puzzle celebrates 100 years this week. what started out as a puzzlemakers brainstorm has become a daily tradition for millions at the breakfast table,
8:20 am
on commuter trains but of course never at work. it's estimated that 50 million americans tackle the acrosses and downs of crossword puzzles every week filling in those little boxes to great satisfaction or frustration. my mother sometimes calls me to ask for help on "the washington post" crossword puzzle. >> huh-uh good. and? >> i try to be helpful. >> and what's your specialty? what are you good at? sports, geography? >> i'm good at geography, capitals. >> me too. >> will shorts is the crossword puzzle editor for "new york times," considered the gold standard for crossword puzzles. what do you look for in a crossword puzzle? >> i look for a theme, something fresh, interesting, something that hasn't been done before, maybe have a little humor to it. >> the times puzzle appears every day, relatively easy on
8:21 am
monday to positively evil on saturday. the famous sunday puzzle is the largest of the week filled with puns tricks and tantalizing clues. when i found out the crossword puzzle was turning 100, i thought really? i thought maybe it was older than that. >> most people think it goes back to ancient times but the first appeared in 1913 in an old newspaper "the new york world". >> that puzzle was called a wordcross. it was dreamt up by the editor of new york world's fun section at the time. >> did they catch on right away? >> it took until 1924 for the craze to happen. simon and shoouser came out with the book in 1924 it was their first book. the first printing sold out in a matter of weeks. >> crossword launched simon and shuster. >> that's true. >> a division of cbs. there have even been movies about crossword puzzles.
8:22 am
"word play" showcased all kinds of solvers from athletes to presidents to comedians. >> the times puzzle is one for me. >> the crossword puzzle has been very good to certain public figures. >> yeah. anybody with a short vowel-heavy name is going to appear in crossword. eno, bryan eno, he's an important person in music, but his name lives on largely through crosswords i think. >> actress director ida. >> uma thurman in cross words all the time. you can almost tell the trajectory of a celebrity's career by their appearance in crosswords. so take ito, in the old days that was japanese because there was a premier in japan. when judge ito in the 1990s, his name started appearing in crosswords and now we're on to the the skater.
8:23 am
>> she's the real ito now, but she's a crossword ito. if only lance had been able to do a triple axel. of course puzzles have gone digital and can be played electronically these days. daily celebrity crossword allows users to check-in with friends on facebook as they solve. >> i can't tell you how many e-mails i've gotten every day from nonenthusiasts who said finally, this is a crossword puzzle i can solve. >> there's something in our brains that responds to filling in these little boxes. finishing a puzzle is very satisfying to us. >> how'd it go? dan is the four-time champion of the american crossword puzzle tournament. right now he's the fastest and best crossword solver in the country. what is crammed inside of your brain because of crossword puzzles? >> i know so many three, four and five-letter words. >> how has this affected your home life? >> i don't think that solving crosswords has taken time away
8:24 am
from the real important things in life. it has just taken time away -- >> like sudoku? >> don't get me started. >> a 1924 newspaper article described crosswords as a simple waste and a primitive sort of mental exercise. ironically this is the "new york times." so for the 100th anniversary they should print an apology or retraction. >> wow, that's great. well my 6-year-old son and my daughter's into words with friends, which i think is sort of the great for being great at crosswords. >> to me i feel like my brain is like being pulled in all directions. it's got to be good for you to do them. >> i think mo rocca would be a good crossword puzzle. >> that would be great. >> we'll come up with something for you. thanks, mo that was fun. and the new beyonce album is already a megaseller. the cd version is out today, but
8:25 am
there's one place where you for two men who ripped off an atm machine and fled in a van stolen from the south bay. office good morning. it's 8:26. i'm michelle griego. san francisco police are looking for two men who ripped off an atm machine and fled in a van stolen from the south bay. officers say the men stole the machines from outside a market at fillmore and jackson. the man accused of killing two cats by throwing them into san francisco bay pled not guilty. eric patterson allegedly snatched a woman's cat carrier last month and threw it in the water near pier 25. patterson is charged with two felonies animal cruelty. two winners in the mega millions jackpot one purchased in san jose. the winners will share the second largest prize ever in the united states. at least $636 million.
8:26 am
stay with us. traffic and weather coming right up. good. good answer. check it out. learning's fun now. yeah, back in our day we didn't have u-verse high speed internet to play and learn online. all we had was that franklin fuzzypants. ah the educational toy bear. remember when the battery went out? [ slow, deep voice ] give me your abc's. all i learned was a new definition of fear. i need some pudding. yeah, there's one left. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.
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good morning. taking you outside, northbound 880 continues to be a mess. there's actually a new crash in the same place there was a traffic alert early this morning. officially they never issued a traffic alert but there was a
8:28 am
multi-vehicle crash causing early-mornin backups, still jammed past the coliseum. the backups are from san leandro to downtown oakland. this new crash is just past 23rd. northbound 680 before the 242 interchange, another multicar crash is blocking the slow lane. traffic is heavy in both directions. at the bay bridge, still backed up for at least a 15-minute wait. that's traffic. here's lawrence. a few clouds cruising across our skies today. and it looks like we are in for a big change as the sea breeze is starting to kick in. so instead of the offshore win, we're catching more of those winds from the ocean and that's going to help to clean out the atmosphere over the next couple of days. in fact, hi-def doppler radar has been tracking some of that moisture moving overhead. unfortunately, not a lot of it hitting the ground. we had some reports of some of light sprinkles in the watsonville area early on. temperatures this afternoon with some sunshine and clouds, mainly in the 50s and 60s. windy tonight and tomorrow. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays.
8:29 am
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nobody sounds like her. i love celine dion. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour celine dion is out with her first english language aillbum in six years and she shares is an emotional morning with lee cowan. flaws away from the diamond. author bren bradley junior is in our toyota green room. he conducted more than 600 interviews for his new biography. that's ahead. time to show you this morning's headlines around the
8:31 am
globe. radio's evangelist harold camp camping camping. he predicted the end of the world. he spent tens of millions of dollars spreading his dooms day message on billboards and when it didn't happen he was flabbergasted. he died sunday at 92. researchers call the fad diet disorders eating. they cut out major food groups like carbohydrate draits dairy, gluten and wheat. >> it's expected to announce today it's acquiring a rival ing. morris offering $2 billion. they include pay on the and eli manning as well as pop stars justin tim blerlake and taylor swift. a man offered to write a
8:32 am
sequel. the original author steve larson died in 2004 h. his trilogy sold more than 75 million books. the "los angeles times" says a generic version of viagra will be on sale in 2017. that's two years earlier than expected so men are celebrate. they'll pay an undisclosed rivalry. they generated more than $2 billion. and target is refusing to sell beyonce's cd. it hurts demand. it's the fastest selling in itunes history. psome brick and mortar stores are selling it today. >> they're lapping it up. celine dion has sold more than 200 million albums.
8:33 am
she's also a proud mother. she brings attention to thousands of kidding in a foster home. it's not the only way that she lead as crusade for children. >> celine dion has a hall mark. she sings with her heart on her sleeve. when it comes to children even more so. during the taping of tonight's special "home for the holidays" surrounded by foster children, celine moved even herself to tears. >> it seems like you got pretty emotional up there. >> i was try not to look but i was feeling the children around the stage and i didn't want to cry. when a child is hoping for a dad or a mom, that is not acceptable.
8:34 am
♪ >> reporter: the five-time grammy winner has spent much of her life on the cause of children. it started long before she was a superstar when her niece died at only 16 from cystic fibrosis. >> i could feel her organs leaving, one after the other, and i started to sing to her very softly and i saw her tear coming from her eyes and she left. we all knew that she was going to die but the good thing is we were all together. ♪ you were my strength when i was weak you were my voice when i couldn't speak ♪ >> reporter: since then celine's foundation has helped focus on other sick children. many of them she connects with personally.
8:35 am
>> most of the time the person cannot talk. for me not even knowing that person, i say, i know you can hear me very well. i'm celine dion. i just talked to your mom and i just want you to know that tonight i'm going to be performing and i'm going to think of you a lot. >> reporter: it took a long time for celine dion to have a family of her own. all her children are the result of ivf treatments with her long-time husband and manager rene. re rene is charl and her twins nelson and eddie are three. >> how has being a mom changed you personally in your life but how has it changed you professionally? >> it's the whole pups of micah re. erring has changed in my life because of me being a mother. nothing will ever be the fact that the real true values are waiting for me at my house, in my heart.
8:36 am
>> it all helped enspire her first english album in six years. love me back to life where for the first time she collaborated with r & b stars like ne-yo. >> this is a very different sound for you, but it's not a reinvention, you say. >> no. correct. i appreciate you saying that. i don't think i wanted to reinvent myself. >> if it's not a reinvention it's a little less grand and little more rich. >> instead of having the heart it was more like the soul try a little less. >> can you do it for me? what's different about? it's a little smokier? >> i would say it has like a -- instead of saying i'm tired of themty house i need a drink to
8:37 am
get me out. a couple more till i forget your name. i'm going to say i'm tired of themty house, i need a drink to get me out. a couple more till i forget your name. >> but it's motherhood not music, that gives her her greatest joy these days. >> there's no way for me to ever think that i can do my passion in spite of that. >> reporter: and tonight while raising awareness of some 400,000 foster kids nationwide hoping for a home this holiday she's remined fame and fortune aside just how lucky she's been. >> i thought i had it all. i thought i met love. i thought i was at the maximus
8:38 am
of my -- what i could achieve in my life. i can say to you that i have a life. i had a career, and now i have a life. >> life as moving offstage as on. for "cbs this morning," i'm lee cowan in los angeles. >> i've seen her vegas show twice and seen her in concert three times. i'm kind of smitten with celine dion. >> i know. you were singing along with the whole segment. >> is that annoying to you, anthony mason? >> no. i actually enjoyed it.
8:39 am
>> i play the "titanic" all the time. people would say if you play it one more time i'm going to kill you. i love her voice. she's 45. look how fabulous she looks. congratulations, celine. you can watch "home for the holidays" tonight on cbs. the best hitter in baseball history kept a secret for most of his life. author ben bradlee jr. is in our toyota green room. he's just written the biography of all biographies on ted
8:40 am
8:41 am
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well, did you have a best ball that you grooved off of? >> i guess i did. and every hitter did. i'll tell you what it was. right there, middle in. >> reporter: fast. >> yeah. i didn't make any difference really how fast no. i might have had two strikes. it meant a lot of difference but when i was looking for that pitch and i had it i just compensated for the guy's ability to throw the ball. >> well, charlie spoke with baseball hall of famer ted williams back in 1988. the boston red sox slugger was a 17 all-star and two-time mvp. he's the subject of a new biography. it's ginormous. it's called "the kid: the immortal life of ted williams." i have to hold this up ben,
8:44 am
because i never have seen a biography this big. i flew round trip to south africa and i got lots of time for reading. you have admired him for a very long time. >> he was a figure in my life. i'm old enough that i saw him play the last three or four years of his career and i got his autograph once hanging out behind the park, fenway. >> you still have the ball. >> the ink fading with 50 years. didn't keep it as well as i should in one of those glass cases but over the lowell haul of this decade that i spent reporting and writing this book, some days when the newooses weren't clicking the way they should i would look at the ball and get the inspiration to keep plugging. >> for the first time you got people to speak who have never spoken before.
8:45 am
daughters, ex-wife, ex-girlfriend. >> right. >> how were you able to do that and what did you get from them? >> the early books were done mostly by sports writers and focused on his exploits on the field, but i thought that the word "big gaps" in his personal life. he grew up a very -- in a very tough childhood in depression-era san diego and he concealed the fact that he was mexican-american, the fact that hartley anyone knew until a month before he died. >> whydy did he hide it? >> he was worried the prejudice of the day could hurt his reputation. he was. taking any chances and his relatives on the mexican side of his rather distress thad he hid this. >> of course, he's known as the
8:46 am
greatest hitter of all time but he had a complicated personal life not only because of his parents, they were drinkers and he led a hard life too. >> he struggled with anger. i think it was perhaps rooted in resentment of his mother who was a soldier in the salvation army on the streets of san diego, out until all hours of the night saving souls but not home for ted and his younger brother danny. so they were some of the first latchkey kids. >> when you say with anger you say it was so intense his daughters sometimes thought he was mentally ill. >> he was probably bipolar before they knew what that was. he was able to channel the angle constructively on the ball field because he said he hit better angry and he would manufacture feuds with the baseball writers, go off on a tear and hit .500
8:47 am
for a while. >> he was an ornery -- i mean he was great copy wasn't he? >> great copy. >> but he was always himself. >> he was himself, true to himself. in the end he outlasted his critics and became in retirement more of a beloved figure than he was while he was playing, when he was constantly feuding and popping off. >> you know, he was a tall lanky skinny guy. he was nervous about that. he didn't think he was very strong and he still holds records, the greatest hitter of all time. could he have had those records today? >> in the steroid era? you know i think one of the things that cuts for pitching is there's no question he's bona fide. yeah, the game is different now especially with relief pitching becoming such a speb alt.
8:48 am
>> he hit .406 early in his career but you argue actually when he was 39 he had .388 which may have been a bigger accomplishment. >> he thought that was a bigger achievement than hitting .406 because he was 39 and -- and he count run. all his hitting were line drive. if he got five leg hits where you beat it out to first base, he could have hit .400 at age 39. >> you took us through his life in terms of anger, war service, his kindness to underprivileged kids and the controversial item about freezing his body. it was really very interesting. >> his ending was sad for the great evidence hitter that ever lived. >> the kid. >> i get into the backstory of his son john henry being
8:49 am
interested in cryonics and according to his sister they sold ted williams on it. >> and john henry is no longer with us. >> no. >> thank you. "the kid" is on sale tomorrow and our conversation with danny
8:50 am
8:51 am
the hands that drive a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors kids, and animals.
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that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. he slunk to the icebox. he took the pudding. he took the roast beef. >> "dr. seuss: how the grinch stole christmas" debuted back in 1986. isn't that interesting how it never gets old. >> i was watching that night.
8:53 am
>> never gets old. >> that does
8:54 am
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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning, it's 8:55. i'm michelle griego with your kpix 5 headlines. police are looking for two men who ripped out an atm from fillmore and jackson streets at the mayflower market. this happened around 3:30 in the morning. apparently, the suspects struck the machine with the van a few times then they took off with the atm. officers caught up with them. the suspects then abandoned the van. and happening today, berkeley city council is considering raising the city's minimum wage. the proposal would set the minimum at $10.74 an hour. there are two winning tickets in the big mega millions jackpot. one of them was purchased at jenny's gift shop in san jose. the winners will share the second largest lottery prize ever in the united states.
8:56 am
the total prize is at least $636 million. lawrence, it would have been nice to win. >> i'll take anything! i got a dollar the other day. that was pretty good. folks, around the bay area today, we have some changes coming in our direction more of a sea breeze kicking in and that's some good news. that's going to help to start cleaning up the atmosphere. still a couple of clouds floating overhead. our hi-def doppler has been tracking the system as it moves by bringing with it some sprinkles across parts of the sierra nevada. otherwise, looks like today we are going to see a lot of sunshine this afternoon. it will be cooler though, breezy at the coastline, 50s there, 60s in the bay and the valleys of. winds kicking up tonight especially over the north and east bay hills. partly cloudy on thursday with some cooler temperatures. we're going to check your "kcbs traffic" coming up next.
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good morning. 880 continues to be a slow spot. northbound right around the downtown oakland exits we have had a couple of different accidents two bigger ones in fact for a while blocking lanes. everything is now out of lanes off to the right-hand shoulder. obviously still gridlocked though south of the oakland coliseum. this accident is now cleared to the right-hand shoulder. still waiting for a few more tow crews southbound 680 by monument boulevard so sherry on 242 and -- so heavy traffic on 242 and 680.
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