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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  December 18, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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they are getting robbed and their cars broken into. a 13-year-old boy flipped a stolen car during a police chase last week across the street from the company alive and radiant. a worker took the cell phone footage. it's one of the latest incidents plaguing this industrial block on adeline. >> people are afraid to come to work. >> reporter: christopher holt says two weeks ago an employee walking to work was robbed at gunpoint. >> was held up twice two days in a row and needless to say he works the day shift now. >> reporter: some workers have quit. the $10 million food company is projected to hit $100 million in a few years. it's debating whether to move out of oakland, taking its tax dollars and jobs elsewhere. >> we're bringing in more employees. we don't feel it's safe bringing people here under these conditions. >> reporter: that's precisely why this chocolate company is
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leaving. the owner matthew rogers has had his car broken into three times. >> it's horrible. there's tons of drugs. there's tons of prostitution. >> we have only been in here since may essentially and we have already had two people's cars broken into, one of our employees was held up at gunpoint and we had a drunk driver crash into two of our employee's cars. >> reporter: some fed-up business owners met with police asking for help. >> we are going to be spending a lot of time in these different areas because we do recognize the fact that these businesses provide a lot of jobs to our community. >> reporter: alive and radiant hopes the extra patrols will keep their workers safe. but for some neighboring businesses, it's too late. >> i hope it gets better, you know, but we won't be around to see it get better because we'll be out of here as soon as we can. >> reporter: aside from relying on the police, these companies are teaming up. they are sharing crime information and reminding their workers to be vigilant. live in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> the oakland police captain that's overseeing west oakland right now says once he has
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collected all the crime data from that neighborhood, he will center a better plan to reduce crime -- he will have a better plan to reduce crime in the area. those looking for affordable rent got help today but even the mayor admits it's not enough. phil matier with how the city is struggling to keep up with demand. >> reporter: there's no shortage of high-rises in san francisco as you can see. but it takes big bucks to get there and the city is pretty good when it comes to building affordable housing for low- income families. but what about the middle?! that was the question we asked today. here's the story. >> apartment that are standing with me -- >> reporter: a ribbon-cutting today for new low income apartments in san francisco pretty much sums up the housing crisis in the bay area cities. in this case, we have a building that has 60 apartments but there are 2800 people trying to get in. >> 2800 applications for 60 units is incredible reflection of the need. tens of thousands is what we need to get at.
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>> reporter: there are about 40,000 new houses and apartments in the pipeline in san francisco. but much of that new building will be priced beyond the range of the average family. now, with the government's help, about 5,000 of the new units like these shown today, will be set aside for low incomes with rents that range from $700 to $1,500 a month. for apartments that would usually go for $3,000 or more in the open market. but there's a catch. to qualify for one of these new apartments, a household can't make over $64,000 a year. the result? people find themselves caught between making too much money for subsidized housing like this and too little to buy or rent in the open market. >> probably one reason why we are planning to move away from san francisco. >> it's tough. i don't think i could find another place. >> we do well with housing, high income people. we do better than most places in terms of building low-income housing. and that's great. it's very important. but the middle class gets squeezed out. >> reporter: is there an answer for that?
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>> there has to be. i mean, if we are going to keep the middle class, which i want to do, in san francisco, we have to come up with solutions. >> we have to look at ways to make our processes more efficient to lower the cost of land to lower the other costs that developers can bring in and we have to look at potentially subsidizing middle income housing as well. >> reporter: what's been resistance to building it up until now? >> i think we have not been paying attention to it. i think everybody thought it was somebody else's responsibility to do it. we thought middle income people take care of themselves. >> reporter: well, that middle income people are now telling pollsters that they are not happy. as a matter of fact, 63% said that the biggest problem they are facing is affordability and the fear that they might get priced out. mayor lee is going to be responding, he has an idea possibly using vacant city land, community college land, even empty reservoirs filling them up and using them possibly as housing sites. we are going to hear more of that in the coming year. but for now, it is one of the biggest problems facing the
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city and the bay area. in san francisco, phil matier, kpix 5. >> doab expect the problem to go away anytime soon. san francisco could need as much as 100,000 new housing units in the next 25 years. don't expect the problem to go away anytime soon. a lot of smiles there. that closing bell marked the close of a big, big day on wall street. stocks jumped after the federal reserve announced it's ready to start pulling back on the stimulus program. dow, s&p, both closed at new highs and the nasdaq also had substantial gains. allen martin is here tonight to tell us what this big announcement means for the economy. >> reporter: investors have been pretty anxious about this for months now. whether the economy was actually ready for it. the fed obviously thinks it is strong enough to sustain a pullback on the economic stimulus and for the fed chair it may be the right move at the right time. after two terms as federal reserve chairman, ben bernanke is on his way out. >> at the same time, the
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recovery clearly is far from complete. >> reporter: his finishing mark on the economy is what many see as the most important market shift in the last five years. investors seemed to give it rave reviews by sending the dow and s&p 500 to record highs. >> seems like investors are looking at the long term picture of an improving economy and stronger job market which is good news all the way around. >> reporter: ben bernanke announced the fed will begin to taper off its economic stimulus by reducing its bond buying program by $10 billion. it won't end it entirely, which was what some analysts feared. and the fed also decided not to touch interest rates. its key short-term rate will stay near zero until unemployment drops more. it. >> now expect the unemployment rate to fall to a range of 6.3 to 6.6% in 2014, down from the 7% that we saw in november which was already a five-year low. >> reporter: ben bernanke made it clear the economy is improving slowly. so any change in stimulus should be equally deliberate. and if the pace continues, the
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fed's plan for changes will remain the same. >> my expectation is for similar moderate steps going forward throughout most of 2014. >> so janet understands it. >> reporter: as for his successor janet yellen who will have to carry out future mon think policy, bernanke says she is on board. >> i have always conducted closely with janet even well before she was named by the president and i consulted closely with her on these decisions, as well. >> reporter: her nomination is expected to be approved by congress next month. >> a lot of people wondering -- well, we have been living in this really nice bubble of -- [overlapping speakers] >> 2, 3, 4% interest rate for mortgages. how about housing rates? >> they will be affected. looks like mortgage rates because they have gone up 1% over the past year, the research firm-zilla believes they will top 5% for the first time in four years. might not stop there. we have seen it before. >> i paid 18% in '81.
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>> then you refinanced. >> 5%? that's still good. >> it is. >> allen, thank you. new at 6:00 it was touted as a groundbreaking experiment with online education. now san jose state is scaling back on its partnership. governor brown announced the program in january but there's been results so the campus -- disappointing results so the campus will offer three instead of five courses next spring open only to cal state tuition. u dasty won't have direct involvement. business schools across the country are giving their mba programs a makeover. instead of traditional programs like finance, now it's all about students learning to start a company. two bay area business schools rank in the top 4 on bloomberg's list for wannabe entrepreneurs. stanford and uc-berkeley haas. take it away shows us how schools are catering to students' startup dreams. >> reporter: off campus, in downtown berkeley, the top
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floor of this office building looks like a startup company. right down to the fun and games in the workplace. we're at the skydeck accelerator. it's actually a group of about two dozen startups all founded by uc-berkeley students. >> just even on a personal level it feels great to be building something. >> reporter: traditional mba programs have had to change course because of students like mitch gordon. he left corporate life in new york city to come to the haas school of business. >> the students want to start companies. they are coming in with that idea, more so than i think has ever happened before. >> reporter: the dream is to follow the path of successful cal startups like the crowd funding site indiegogo or the test prep startup magoo. andre marquis says the entrepreneur track is so popular it's tough for the school to keep up. >> when we're trying to train 100 startup teams, we have to turn people away. we don't have the capacity. that shows the demand. >> reporter: this is an accelerator. the white boards are covered in
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business plans, not lectures. here engineers and researchers collaborate with the mba students. they get mentoring, office space, and some room to fail. >> i feel like people just always say, wow, that would be great to be the founder of a company. it's mostly really hard. it sucks a lot of the time. but worth it. >> reporter: gordon has learned some valuable lessons. his company, go overseas, is like the yelp of study abroad programs and it's starting to see some success three years in. >> a lot of grinding. a lot of pivoting. changing your business model, filing a way to make it work. >> reporter: startups need to start somewhere even if some of the books are used to prop up computers, there are plenty of lessons to be learned here. in berkeley, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> skydeck is one of half a dozen of cal's startup accelerators. well, the fix is in. the busted bolts on the eastern span of the bay bridge have been permanently repaired. it's over. caltrans says it finished the
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work this morning putting steel saddles on 32 bolts that snapped. there still is some work to be done like touchups and a little paint here and there but the big part of the project is done. caltrans says the bridge was safe before and remains safe in the event of a major earthquake. >> we achieved the seismic safety that we needed to open the bridge by putting in those shims, toes steel wedges to get the bridge open on labor day weekend so now we have that seismic safety. it's now on a permanent basis as opposed to temporary basis. >> it cost about $25 million to fix the bolts. caltrans is still testing other bolts on the span to make sure there are no more problems. the crews are finally cutting up the huge eucalyptus tree that was knocked down in oakland by those strong winds a few weeks back. the downtown 137-year-old tree at lake merritt had turned into a jungle gym and gathering spot
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for weeks. people are taking pictures of it. her family is fighting for time but her doctors say there is no hope. the medical dilemma over a girl whose tonsil surgery went wrong. >> it shows that, you know, she is fighting the battle and fighting the battle for herself and being a good citizen. >> move over, batkid. meet wonder girl. how she is bringing her superpowers to a bay area city that could really use a crime fighter. good evening. i'm meteorologist paul deanno from bay street in emeryville. folks doing christmas shopping, the palm trees decked out with lights and the forecast is changing. we'll have details on that coming up in about 7 minutes. >> a million dollars, everything i want to do. >> a bay area store owner goes from rags to riches with a single ticket. the clues he may have about the mega millions jackpot winner. ,,,,,,
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oakland hospital. a prayer service is going on right now for a 13-year-old girl who is being kept on life support at oakland hospital. the teenager was declared brain- dead last thursday but as brian webb tells us, her family is clinging to hope and help from the court system. brian. >> reporter: liz, family and friends just stepped inside for their prayer vigil and asked that cameras stay out for privacy. the story has received national attention not only for what happened to jahi,but for who has the legal right to decide when she dies. >> reporter: inside, oakland children's hospital, 13-year- old jahi mcmath is still breathing by machine with questions swirling around here over the difference between life and death, medicine and morality. >> i let her know i will not let them take you to the coroner's office. >> reporter: jahi's tonsillectomy turned tragic when complications led to
6:16 pm
bleeding leaving her brain- dead. taking out tonsils is common for children. and it can be cause for concern. it's estimated one out of every 35,000 patients dies. >> your heart has to go out to the mom and the family. >> reporter: nationally known medical ethics expert arthur kaplan says, despite whatever went wrong or what the family is feeling, brain-dead means dead and it's time to move on. >> we don't treat the dead even when a mom says please, give me a chance. i want my daughter to somehow come back. death is that end point for treatment. >> reporter: but still, where science intersects with faith, things can get complicated. and sometimes good questions come with bad answers. >> i just want them -- i feel like they owe her another chance. >> reporter: so as a family fights a hospital in a battle that will be decided by lawyers, a little girl and what's left of her life remain in limbo. >> she is a big part of my heart.
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i won't give up. even my shirt says, i won't give up. i can just see her face saying, mom, don't give up on me. i will never give up on my daughter. [ crying ] >> she deserves to live. >> reporter: that was jahi's mother speaking to the media just moments ago. the family says they are praying not only for the little girl, but praying for more compassion from hospital staff. live in oakland, brian webb, kpix 5. >> the hospital says it can't discuss what happened to jahi because her family refuses to give them permission. some terrifying moments for a gas station owner who came face to face with an armed robber this morning. take a look at this. surveillance video shows what happened at a vallejo chevron station about 7:30 this morning. you see the robber walk up grab the owner who is behind the counter. he takes us through what happened next. >> said give me money. so he put me in handcuffs, say lie down on the floor and he
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took money from the cashier's drawer. and i told him don't do it because of the camera. >> the robber took off on foot. the owner wasn't hurt. another brazen crime in vallejo. police say a robber used the drive-through window to get into a mcdonald's at 3 a.m. on tuesday. once inside, he forced the employees to strip and put them all in the freezer! he then cleaned out the cash registers. the freezer wasn't locked. so the employees got out about an hour later. no arrests have been made in either of these robberies. well, with crimes like these, vallejo could really use a superhero right about now. >> absolutely. kpix 5's john ramos explains that help is on the way. >> reporter: the images of an armed robbery this morning in vallejo are frightening to see. and unfortunately, crimes like there are nothing new for vallejo. but stepping up to help is a young girl in a familiar
6:19 pm
outfit. >> he said wonder woman is a perfect superhero, you know, to compare me with because, you know, we're both fighting for a cause. >> reporter: alejandra's 10- year-old daughter monica has been battling cancer and taking a page from the batkid's story, the city of vallejo will be honoring her tomorrow morning with a surprise tour of the city. monica wrote an essay about making vallejo a safer place by battling the fear of crime that often causes people to give up. she will read the essay wearing a wonder woman t-shirt at city hall and various schools in the district. >> somebody who has the struggles that she is going through currently and what a messenger. we are just very excited to hear what she has to say. >> reporter: maria of a community action group called "vallejo together" set up the fun event where everyone is encouraged to dress up as a superhero but says monica will be using wonder woman as a symbol. >> it's girl power and
6:20 pm
arresting evil. >> reporter: she says monica has always wanted to be a teacher and will be delivering an important message to the city. >> i'm sure there's a fear about her illness. but she continues to live and fight it and i think that's a message for vallejoans. we are in it together no matter what happens and not to be fearful and hopeless but hopeful. >> reporter: batkid was about a city helping a young child fulfill a dream. but when wonder girl speaks to vallejo, a child will be helping a city to maintain its hope. in vallejo, john ramos, kpix 5. >> monica's cancer is in remission. but she is still undergoing chemotherapy. tomorrow's event is a big surprise for her but her mother says it's okay for us to talk about. she is going to keep her from watching any tv tonight. [ laughter ] let's go live to meteorologist paul deanno. everybody start watching tv right now. >> yes. >> because we have the mobile weather lab out in emeryville.
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hi, paul. >> reporter: hey, how are you doing, guys? out in emeryville it's the holiday rush. isn't there more people caught up in the rush of having to shop and do all these things? let's pause for a second before we talk about the weather. look how beautiful they have made bay street in emeryville. it's a prime shopping destination. things look really, really nice out here all decorated for christmas and for the holidays. let's take a couple seconds and enjoy that and enjoy this beautiful weather' going to have for the next several days. live look outside over the embarcadero. concord 50, livermore 50. san francisco currently 51. oakland 54 degrees right now. we have had a few sprinkles out there throughout the day maybe you encountered a few of those. most of the moisture is staying offshore to out south but kpix 5 high-def doppler radar tracking a few showers out there. great news when it comes to air quality. we won't have another "spare the air" day tomorrow. thursday the air quality will be good! that's because the air will be blowing all over the place especially in the north and east bay hills. a wind advisory is in effect, 40-mile-per-hour gusts perhaps
6:22 pm
up to 60 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon. there is a low pressure area to our south that gave us an increase in humidity today and those sprinkles. that's going to pass by pretty safely to our south. then a different low pressure area to our north will bring a front through. that will be a reason why we'll see a few sprinkles overnight tonight and also tomorrow morning and that's also the catalyst behind the wind that's coming up tomorrow. your highs tomorrow, oakland 58, san jose 57, pacifica 54, san rafael 57. extended forecast, chilly breezy tomorrow. then right back to high pressure on friday 60s away from the water. the weekend last shopping weekend before christmas, gorgeous! low to mid-60s with sunshine. and that beautiful weather to get outside will continue on monday, tuesday and wednesday. we have been talking so much about the drought, i will say this. most of the country would beg and plead for the weather that we are going to enjoy through christmas. 60s with sunshine after a chilly day tomorrow. back to you. a smash-and-grab but the
6:23 pm
grabbing party wasn't so easy. however some thieves went to steal an atm and their wild getaway on the bay bridge. >> we are counting down to the 49ers' last regular season game at candlestick. you can watch it right here on kpix 5 monday night followed by the "5th quarter" and "bye-bye baby," our special look back at the stick. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all of them, working hard tt by...received a very special ive's don ford it's an early christmas day for four bay area families. all them working very hard to get by these days received a very special gift. kpix 5's don ford caught their surprise reactions and even a few tears. >> reporter: mike's auto body shop in antioch is a successful business. even in these hard times, he expanded to 10 locations in the bay area. and for the past 13 years he and his team gave away 40
6:26 pm
rebuilt cars to needy families. >> i feel proud to be part of this and be able to help out with this. >> reporter: four more families this year get desperate help. today, christmas came early. >> take it off! whoo! >> reporter: susan green is overcome by the generosity. >> i'm so overwhelmed. i'm so sorry. [ sobbing ] >> reporter: she has 15-year- old special needs twin boys, now they can get to their doctors' appointments. >> oh, my god, thank you. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: sequoia stanley is a single mother with three children. now she can keep her job at diablo valley college. >> whoo! >> reporter: amity berry had to declare bankruptcy while her husband serves in afghanistan. the last family wanted to remain anonymous but their daughter loved the new bike that was thrown in by local firefighters. >> it's a lot because i can have reliable transportation. >> reporter: after a small break, mike says the search for
6:27 pm
next year's cars will begin right away. in antioch, don ford, kpix 5. >> amazing. this tradition, this guy has been doing this for the last 12 years. how about that. >> love those stories. coming up in the next half hour a bay area store owner is feeling like a million bucks tonight. >> and i'm len ramirez in san jose where california's newest megamillion area is on hold right now. where is that winner? when will he come in to cash out? >> and how one woman says her life was ruined after she wrote a bad online review. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now at 6:30: the american dream in action. this bay area today is a very good day. i'm so excited. i win 1,000 -- a million dollars, too! >> a very good day. now at 6:30, the american dream in action. this bay area store owner is a millionaire and somewhere out there is the winner of the second largest jackpot in u.s. history. len ramirez reports from san jose where one of two mega millions tickets was sold. len. >> reporter:that's right.
6:31 pm
no one knows who bought that ticket here. it could be anyone. but the owner standing there behind me in the white sweater thinks he knows the winner because he remembers that person picking all numbers under 40. he is a millionaire himself tonight. >> ah, i feel good. i don't know what to say. i feel 457py. i'm a lucky person. >> reporter: the shopkeeper is a lucky man as the seller of one of the mega millions lottery tickets, the east san jose vietnamese gift shop owner is one of california's newest millionaires. >> i believe if i'm doing good things, good things come. i'm happy with my life. >> reporter: he will be even happier when he collects the sellers payout one million dollars next month but so far only one big winner stepped forward. there were two winning tickets in last night's $648 million mega millions drawing one bought here the other in
6:32 pm
atlanta, georgia. they will split the jackpot each raking in $324 million. >> if they choose the cash option they will receive $173 million each. that's not bad for a dollar or two investment. >> reporter: lottery officials branded thuy nyugen's store with the much sought-after millionaire made here banners and as word spread his store became a magnet for player after player hoping the luck would rub off. >> normally i go to the 7- eleven. >> reporter: do you think this is a lucky store now? >> i hope so. somebody won the jackpot. >> reporter: it was all nguyen could do to keep the tickets printing. he only had the store for four months. emigrated here as a teenager, and saved money. the married father of three has plenty of ways to spend money but doesn't plan to splurge now. >> i don't want to spend that money. i want to make -- invest that money. i don't want to spend the money. i don't want to spend the money, i'm not here today. yes. >> reporter: a few more lucky
6:33 pm
lottery tickets being bought right now. lottery officials say the winner has until a year to come in and claim his prize but they usually only take a couple of days to call up accountants, attorneys, things like that. live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> the second mega millions winning ticket was sold in atlanta, georgia. >> i'm so happy. >> that was the owner of the newsstand that sold the winning ticket to miss ira curry who claimed her prize this morning. curry picked her numbers based on family birthdays and the lucky number 7. she chose the caption option which after taxes is $120 million. as for the store owner, under georgia law, retailers like her don't get any money for selling a winning ticket. it's a crime, caper fit for a movie and it played out on san francisco's streets while you were sleeping.
6:34 pm
cheese usedthieves stole an atm machine. the thieves drove the van through the city and across the bay bridge to treasure island. that's when the police spotted them. the suspects took off going the wrong way on the bridge dodging oncoming traffic. >> hope they get them. >> the thieves left the stolen car on potrero hill and ran away on foot. coming up, a woman finds thousands of dollars for writing a -- fined thousands of dollars for writing a bad review. how she is fighting back about the company that turned her life into a financial nightmare. >> and disney steals christmas? the movie mishap that could leave some kids disappointed. ,,
6:35 pm
[son] all right,she has no idea. [man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
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story of a utah woman who w fined by a company, for wri a bad online review... on the consumer watch julie watts s us, that decision is costine company far more than it bargained for.
6:37 pm
s for the bad revi you may remember the story of a utah woman fined by a company for writing a bad company review. that decision is costing the company far more than it bargained for. julie watts reports. >> it fined the woman $3,500 for the bad review. and then it sent her to collection when she didn't pay. that cost her a car loan, home loan and forced them to live without heat for three weeks reportedly the. the story has destroyed the company's online reputation and today a $75,000 lawsuit was filed against the company on the woman's behalf. it began in 2008 when she wrote a review on the ripoff report complaining clear gear never delivered her order. four years later, the company fined her citing a nondisparagement clause in their online terms of use that forbids people from hurting it reputation. the lawsuit claims that clause violates the first amendment and as of today that clause is taken down. think twice before telling a store cashier you want a digital receipt. consumer advocates say once you
6:38 pm
hand over your email address to a retailer, the store can use it for anything including selling it to a third party. the consumer federation of california warns that could open you up to more emails, targeting marketing and profiling. and a wisconsin family says disney stole christmas. it's disney christmas movie. the family reported bought not rented this movie from amazon's instant video service. when their 8-year-old friday to watch it it was gone! disney decided to pull its content from services like amazon that aren't under its control. and amazon's terms of service does state that it's not responsible if your digital content becomes unavailable on their video streaming service. so the moral of the story is, if you buy a video on amazon, don't count on the digital version. download it as soon as possible or go old school and buy dvds. >> get that hard copy. >> those bins are everywhere in the store for like 3.99, 4.99.
6:39 pm
>> probably get it cheaper thank you. well, it's a talent show for kids and so much more. >> helps young people to perform in the world. >> how a bay area doctor is turning the stage into a training ground for real life. >> i'm meteorologist paul deanno in the kpix 5 mobile weather lab in emeryville tonight. air quality is getting better but something else is soon going to get worse. i'll have details on the forecast coming up. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, how the 49er playbook fooled the team photographer. >> i felt we were going to run the 18 bob. >> jim harbaugh actually praises another team's player. >> smile on everybody's face. >> and you're going to hear from a coach who doesn't beat around the bush. >> marcus was absolutely awful! >> wait until you hear the rest. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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he couldn't have known that0 years later, the idea woulde the foundation of a life-changing program for y. it' when shakespeare wrote, all the world's a stage, he could not have known that 400 years later the idea would be the foundation of a life changing program for youth.
6:43 pm
it's called the all stars project. as kate kelly reports, this week's jefferson award goes to the woman who put it into action for bay area kids. >> reporter: when dr. elouise joseph isn't tending to her patients at a community health clinic in richmond you would probably find her here at the office of the all stars project of the san francisco bay area. >> very innovative approach to fighting poverty. people are shocked when they hear that the poverty rate in san francisco is 22%. >> reporter: and it's why after completing med school and a master's in public health, dr. joseph wanted to bring the new york-based all stars project to the bay area. >> when i was growing up poor in louisiana, we felt isolated. and what the all stars does is supports young people to take risks and try new things, to become more worldly. >> reporter: and they do it by performing. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: three times a year, all stars puts on talent
6:44 pm
shows, recruiting kids five to 25 who come from disadvantaged neighborhoods in san francisco. high school senior raven cisco's preparing for the december show. >> i think it's a really great program, especially for a lot of kids on the street who have nothing to do after school and everybody. ♪[ music ] >> people learn to perform on stage and off. they try new things. >> it builds their self-esteem, their confidence. >> reporter: the talent show is just the first step in the all stars project. with the help of local businesses, the older students can go on and perform in the workplace. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: tatyano martinez completed a summer internship at deloitte. >> they do tax and consulting and audit and things i never knew about. >> reporter: after 14 weeks of professional workshops, she was ready for a part in the office. >> when you're in a professional space there's a certain way to act and talk and approach other people. >> all of this helps young
6:45 pm
people to perform in the world, to see themselves as being a part of the world, to become mainstream. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: so for helping hundreds of bay area youth become stars in their own lives, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to dr. elouise joseph. kate kelly, kpix 5. >> the all stars project calls volunteers the heart and soul of the project. if you would like to get involved, use the link that we have posted online at kpix 5/hero. speaking of heroes, he is out there among you in emeryville! >> reporter: myself and my photographer are working. everybody else is out here shopping. it's a beautiful night. they have decked it out for the
6:46 pm
holidays nicely here. the weather is cooperating. a few sprinkles. we are opening presents on christmas day. air quality 11 straight "spare the air" days. we won't have number 12 tomorrow. a front will mix up the atmosphere and sprinkles tonight. but good air quality thursday and friday. but an increase in the wind tomorrow morning kicking up in the higher elevations, the north bay hills and east bay hills. you are under a wind advisory. we could see wind gusts from 40 to 60 miles per hour tomorrow. so certainly something to watch out for, for your thursday. radar currently couple of returns being noticed up towards sonoma county and napa county. you probably encountered a sprinkle or two today. same chance overnight tonight. it won't amount to much but we'll have a few sprinkles on the radar through when lawrence gives you the forecast tomorrow morning. highs today before the front moves through low 60s on average, oakland 61. san jose 62. napa you failed to make it to 60. but livermore was one of our
6:47 pm
warmer spots at 65. low pressure will pass by to our south overnight tonight. that's the reason why we were more humid today and why we had a southerly wind and then the front will move through with a low pressure area to our north tomorrow. kind of two near misses. we are not getting a solid chance of rain from either but that's mixing up the atmosphere and giving us better air quality with the haze and smoke what to expect? we'll see a couple of sprinkles overnight tonight and tomorrow. it will be windy and chilly tomorrow, the coldest day of the next several and after that, it is smooth sailing for anything outside all the way through christmas. we may be dry all the by through the end of year. highs tomorrow looking at highs in the mid-50s. san jose 57 which is a few degrees below normal. fremont 56. cupertino 59. concord tomorrow 56. brentwood you will hit 55. and a breezy day in the tri- valley, livermore only 54 degrees. novato 56. rohnert park 58 degrees tomorrow. alameda topping out at 57. and up to clearlake northern sonoma county mid- to upper 50s for highs. here's your extended forecast.
6:48 pm
we are in the 50s for one day. right back to the 60s away from the water on friday. look at the weekend! the last weekend before christmas, last-minute shopping, anything outside, pick your favorite main street, mid-60s for highs. monday still sunny and dry. christmas eve sunny and drive and christmas day now in the extended forecast we'll have highs in the low 60s with sunshine. so the shoppers are aplentiful. folks maybe not in the holiday spirit here, a lot of folks honking out there but the weather will be not frightful for the next several days all the way through christmas. that's your forecast. meteorologist paul deanno live in emeryville. sports is next. every year, kpix 5 teams up with food banks around the bay area to recognize local companies who give back to those in need. tonight we have an extremely generous donation. joining us is [ non-english language ] from sandisk and tammy from second harvest food bank of santa clara and san mateo counties. thank you so much for joining
6:49 pm
us. $324,750! incredible donation, incredibly generous. now, this money is going to be broken up into different categories to help the food bank. >> so, you know, elizabeth, thank you, the food bank has been a tremendous partner the last 18 years and this $324,000 represents a combination of -- >> all right! [ applause ] >> -- a combination of cash donations from sandisk directly to the food bank, matching grants from sandisk to the food bank for hours that our employees volunteer at packing and distribution events at the second harvest food bank as well as food donations directly from sandisk employees directly to the food bank so we are proud of. it's a very important cause and happy to be supporting it. >> it's incredible. tammy every donation helps but this is just remarkable. tell me what a difference this is. >> it's just incredible. this represents about 650,000 meals for hungry families in santa clara and san mateo
6:50 pm
counties. >> oh, my gosh. >> and we serve one in ten people every, single month. one in ten people receives some of their food from us and nearly half of those are kids so this is a real gift to the community and we couldn't be more grateful and we hope it's an inspiration for others. >> it certainly is. thank you so much for joining us. if you would like to help those in need this christmas season, donate at your whole foods market locally or donate at ,,
6:51 pm
of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone 'round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. starbucks is just $6.99,
6:52 pm
that's a cup of good cheer. get sweet clementines for $4.99, enough for everyone here. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life.
6:53 pm
as we say goodbye to this w searching for its most signe moment begins and ends with dwight clark's catch the everlasting image of the play is this one, shot by ss illustrated photograper walr yohse. but not eve as we say good-bye to candlestick park this week signature moments are being sought for. this shot by a sports illustrated photographer. not everyone on the sidelines got as lucky. 49ers team photographer michael has been in the position for all of the great moments at the stick just not for dwight clark's catch. >> i positioned myself on the other side of the goalpost where dwight actually ended up making the catch because i felt we were going to run the 18 bob
6:54 pm
that sweep to elliott, we had run reverse to freddie solomon then the sweep to lenville and had big yardage. i waited and i was kind of blocked and i heard this roar and i see dwight coming down and that's when i shot. he is spiking the ball and i was shooting wide but i remember running to him and trying to get a reaction shot and then running with him to the bench, turned and embraced me and i yelled into the helmet, thanks for [ censored ] me up! i was looking for the 18 bob! [ laughter ] >> a lot of great stories from z. yeah. the final act monday night can be seen right here on kpix 5. our long coverage of candlestick starts at 4:30 and after the game we'll have the "5th quarter" and our "bye-bye baby" special featuring z. and more stories from him. 49er fullback bruce miller was placed on injured reserve today. officially ending his season,
6:55 pm
the 49ers signed fullback will tukawafu but anthony dixon is expected to take miller's place in the line-up. earlier dixon complained about lack of playing time. now he will get the chance to block for his buddy frank gore who can't seem to get away from dixon. >> we'll talk every day if the same room, you know, in the hot tub. we communicate. that's how we get on the same play and how we do good work. you know, so we communicating all the time. we probably be talking tonight some more maybe through text messages or something so we always communicating. i already know what he looking for. i'm just looking to be physical. >> hope he does well. former stanford star michael thomas has been named the afc defensive player of the week. it's an amazing story. in the winding seconds of the dolphins-patriots game, thomas picked off tom brady to clinch the miami victory. thomas played for jim harbaugh down on the farm and in fact, he was on the 49ers practice
6:56 pm
squad less than two weeks ago. >> brought a smile to everybody's face as we got that news on the plane and started seeing the highlights. mike's just a great guy and a great teammate. and everybody is just happy for his success. fewer players i have coached that i love more than michael thomas. >> coaches, all coaches. southern illinois basketball team lost 73-65 last night to murray state. the head coach added his name to the list of epic post-game rants. >> marcus was absolutely awful! that's about as pg rated as i can say it! he was awful. our guards were awful. our three starting guards have one assist and seven turnovers! they must think it's a tax credit! it's unbelievable. how our starting guards played! let's talk about our big guys. two for 11! how can you go two for 11?
6:57 pm
my wife -- my wife!! -- -- can score more than two buckets on 11 shots because i know my wife will at least shot fake one time. but those guys aren't listening. they're uncoachable right now. we're soft. we have been enabled for whatever reason. i got a bunch of mama's boys right now. to me when you have a young team it's a lot like training a puppy dog. when the dog does something wrong, you know, bad dog. i'm not going to hit 'em. i'm not going to swat them. but bad dog, get on a treadmill. >> one of his traitors tweeted i can't believe the little man had the nerve to callist a mama's boy. i guess this is where our team learns to point the finger. >> get ready. >> watch out for the 18 bob. captions by: caption colorado ,,,, ,,,,
6:58 pm
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