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breach... the big bank that's limiting spending --r mi iday shoppe new fallout tonight from the target security breach. the big bank that's limiting spending for millions of last- minute holiday shoppers. good evening, i'm juliette goodrich in for ann notarangelo. >> and i'm brian hackney. some might finds themselves looking for more ways to pay jp morgan chase is limiting purchases, affected customers can only withdraw up to $100 a day in cash. and only make up to $300 a day in purchases. chase will also reissue debit cards to the people. meanwhile, target is offering customers 10% discounts this weekend to try to make up for the inconvenience. >> it's unacceptable what guests are experiencing. we wanted to deliver a great
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experience and we're working around the clock. >> target says that hackers stole data from about 40 million people who shopped at its stores between november 27th and december 15th. we have a deal. b.a.r.t. and its unions reached a tentative agreement today on the controversial family provision. here's a look. a bereavement leave policy expands the list of deceased relatives and workers get paid time off for the death of a grandchild or the stepparent of a spouse. in another item, break rooms get upgrades at three b.a.r.t. stations and a third feature allows workers more flexibility in how they pay for family medical leave. the unions say they'll take the deal to their members. >> we have a general agreement with b.a.r.t. on some issues that were in the contract. >> b.a.r.t.'s general manager put out a statement saying quote -- eat servic bay area during the peak hoy period and beyond." a-c transit also has a tente
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labor agreement with its bus drivers. the union presented the transit also has a tentative labor agreement with its bus drivers. the union presented the agreement to its members this morning. as a raise and various work role changes but it's getting a lukewarm reception. members voted down two previous agreements. >> i don't want to go on strike. but i don't see where our negotiating team is seeing they can do any more. that's whoo i'm here. i mean that's like your lawyer and everybody telling you hey man, i don't think you can get any more. this is the best you can do. >> the leaders like the deal because they say that health care costs are kept under control. all right, well this weekend, crews are making sure everything is in place for monday night's final regular season football game at candlestick park. you can watch the game right here on kpix 5. brian webb went inside the stadium. >> reporter: monday night football is fast approaching. one last time in the national
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spotlight and candle stick needs the look good. >> what a beautiful job. pipe down. >> reporter: jose alvarez has been painting by numbers there for more than 30 years, and he has the pants to prove it. and he's proud of the work he does. >> if they can see it all over the world. my work but tape don't know it's me. they don't know who does it. but now they do. >> reporter: a crew of only six grooms the bermuda grass from end zone to end zone and with a little help from the sun, they make this 50-year-old field look new again for every home game. >> prepare the field like -- like it was a championship game. every time. we didn't do it -- we don't do anything any different. >> reporter: but this isn't just another game. it might be the very last game. so everything is checked and double checked. from the stadium lights above to the toilets down below. >> 20 restrooms and we go through and kind of do a white glove test on everything. >> reporter: so it's the end of an era. all these hours and gallons of
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paint and career full of memories, jose is just a few stripes away from finishing for good. he's retiring right along with candlestick. >> know i'm goating older so -- it's time for me to stop too you know. >> reporter: jose won't miss the stadium near as much as the guys who kept the stick looking sharp all these years. brian webb, kpix 5. >> there will be other events at candle stick after monday night's game including corporate events and concerts before the stick is finally torn down. kpix 5's coverage of monday night's game begins at 4:40. after the game you can watch the fifth quartzer and bye bye baby. a better idea tonight of who the nsa was snooping on and when the surveillance program started. documents show that the program started shortly after the september 11th attacks. president bush authorized the spying to collect phone and internet records in the hunt
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for terrorists. the disclosures are part of the white house's effort to justify surveillance programs. the obama administration has said it will consider making changes. a tweet about a trip to africa cost a public relations executive her job. jus teen sacco posted quote going to africa, hope i don't get aids. just kidding. i'm white. end of quote. sacco worked for iac. the company runs sites like and the daily beast. iac condemned the message and today parted ways with her. a colorado teenager shot by a classmate last week has died. 17-year-old claire davis had been in critical condition since the shooting on december 13th. police say another student karl pierson shot her at point-blank range at arapahoe high school outside denver. they say he was targeting a librarian who managed to escape unharmed. pierson later killed himself. a terrorist attack that killed 270 people was remembered around the world
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today. 25 years ago, pan am flight 1013 headed from london to new york exploded over lockerbie, scotland. all of the passengers and 11 people on the ground were killed. libyan leader muammar gadhafi later claimed responsibility for the attack. hundreds of the service at the arlington national cemetery today beside a memorial to victims of the attack. family members recited names of those who were killed and attorney general eric holder told family members they should take comfort in their unity. >> no amount of distance or time can ease the pain or erase the loss that was inflicted on that day. >> the memorial at arlington is made up of 270 blocks of red scottish sands stone one for each of the victims. and also a memorial service at london's westminster abbey, participants observed a moment of silence for the victims. there were also commemorations in scotland and at the university of syracuse in new york, which lost 35 students on
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the flight. well today in its first christmas message to vatican. administrators told them the pope said to be humble professionals. when he was elected in march, the vatican was dealing with leaking of documents that alleged corruption and infighting. the pontiff wants to turn the page saying that gossip is harmful to the church's work. pope francis has earned a reputation as being humble and giving a voice to the poor. still ahead, a big fix in space. astronauts sailed through the process. but the new delay they're going to have to deal with now. >> plus, ice and freezing rain. where winter weather could tie up travel ahead of the holidays. >> winter weather, looks leek summer to me. we've got the forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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utah courthouse... as same-x couples waited to get their marriage licenses. the cler a long line today outside a utah courthouse as same sex couples waited to get their marriage licenses. the clerk however posted a letter apologizing his office couldn't open. he cited security requirements as one reason. a judge overturned utah's ban on gay marriage yesterday. like many americans, president obama flew home for the holidays. the first family flew overnight from washington arriving in hawaii early this morning. after a few hours rest, mr.
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obama went golf fg in the afternoon and the family is expected to stay in hon lieu for the holidays and returning to -- honolulu for the holidays and returning to washington on january 5th. two major problems today. wendy gillette on the urgent repairs they made to the international space station. >> reporter: american astronauts rick mastroccio and michael hopkins sailed through the spacewalk saturday. on the international space station. rick did have some discomfort about mid-way through the five and a half hour excursion. >> hey houston the only issue that i'm personally having is it's very very cold. >> reporter: but the astronauts were able to continue their work. removing the 780-pound refrigerator size faulty ammonia pump ahead of schedule. during the walk, nasa mission control urged the men to check each other's suits for dangerous frozen ammonia flakes. >> rick if you can put some
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eyes on hopper's suits as well. >> reporter: they wanted to astronauts to accomplish even more work but he begged off. >> my vote would be to call it for today. >> that's a little bit unusual. it's physically demanding working in the pressurized space suits. >> reporter: nasa later discovered the suit has water in it. because he's accidentally turned on a water switch. he's getting fitted for a new suit and monday's planned spacewalk has been pushed back to tuesday. wendy gillette for cbs news. >> you know, i know we see that stuff all the time but that is treacherous work. it was rick ascents spacewalk and a first for hopkins. travelers hoping to get a jump on the holidays may have to wait. >> the storm system already keeping some planes on the ground and frustrating flyers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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far this season, while shop ly more americans are doing their holiday shopping online. online sales are up 9% so far this season. while shopping at stores is up only 2%. one of the reasons may be that retailers have improved their websites. but that doesn't mean that shoppers will do all their buying online. experts say there are still problems with online shopping like website crashes and items running out. a very busy travel weekend with christmas just around the corner. we saw lots of people coming from and going to the oakland airport this afternoon. there were no big jams though. just a steady stream of travelers headed out of town. some of them running into delays because of weather and other parts of the country. but most of the people we spoke to said that things weren't too bad. >> i think everything was smooth. it wasn't too hard getting
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here. on the freeways. and there aren't long lines so -- that's good. >> aaa estimates that today about 95 million americans are going to travel at least 50 miles from home for christmas. and it is not smooth sailing for other parts of the country. ice and freezing rain have made for treacherous conditions in oklahoma. causing deadly accidents on the roads. homeowners have had to deal with tree branches coming down because they couldn't take the weight of the ice. and the storm is marching eastward and as nick valencia tells us it could mean trouble for holiday travelers. >> reporter: from cars skidding on frozen roads and some flippings over to flight delays at the nation's airports and expected power outages, it's beginning to look a lot like a holiday travel nightmare. ice storm warnings in oklahoma and severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes across the south. heavy snow and flooding in the nation's midsection. who's going to be impacted? more than 94 million americans
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traveling this week. already dangerous driving conditions this morning in kansas and iowa. >> it's trying to stop. i mean -- pavement but my car just would not lie there. >> reporter: if you're flying watch out for possible flight cancellations in the midwest and up to two hour delays in kansas city, chicago and dallas. with more delays expected up the east coast on sunday. travel experts say it's best to check ahead before leaving home. >> we really recommend that travelers be smart. they plan ahead and they take advantage of smart phone technology that keeps you up-to- date on travel conditions and road conditions. >> reporter: while the weather can be a pain for millions of fans around the nation. for some football fans in green bay, wisconsin it's provided a $10 an hour job. to sweep lambeau field for the game on sunday. >> you get a chance to get out and meet people and get some exercise and enjoy the cold. >> what a difference a few thousand miles makes.
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in there. well, that's the way the atmosphere works if it's really warm and dry like we've had it in one place, you can bet it's going to be very cold and wet or icy in another. that's what's happening. right now we've got mild weather as we look down towards millipedes. oakland at 53 and livermore 60. san francisco 54 and san jose the same. and santa rosa is warm there today in the upper 60s and right now still at 60 degrees there now. and by 8:00 tonight, we'll look at temperatures tumble into the low 50s but not a bad night to be out. i mean when you consider it's mid-december, those are fairly mild readings for this time of the jeer and for tomorrow not bad. mid 60s in the warmest spots around bay and low 60s inland and right at the beach probably upper 50s. but plenty of sunshine around and we might as well get straight to the headline. christmas looks sunny and mild and temperatures will range from the upper 50s near the coast to the mid 60s inland and not a drop of rain in sight. that's why this big blocking ridge is still in place in the eastern pacific and as long as that ridge is in place, we're not going to see any storms.
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we're just going to be seeing a continuation of the dry mild weather and above average temps. not dramatically above average but about six decks above where -- degrees above where we usually are this time of year: winter solstice this morning at 9:11 a.m. and tomorrow longer daylight hours. by a few seconds. no rain in sight. so sunshine, the days get longer from here to june from here on out. look at the temperatures out there around chicago tomorrow. 34 degrees. chicago will be down to 18 degrees by monday. as this cold weather in the far northern part of the states begins to push south. this is from the low pressure trough is but in the western half of the country that's where the high pressure is. miami has 82 but in north dakota they're below zero. pinpoint forecast in california tomorrow looks nice in the great valley. 65 degrees in fresno. 70 in redding in december. and yosemite 45 degrees. on monday if you're heading out of the bay area it will be sunny and mild here. but boy it's things elsewhere
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could slow you down. denver not bad readings. 48 degrees and snow in chicago and 18 degrees. new york on monday, rain and 57. overnight lows tonight will be in the mid 30s around santa rosa. 36 at livermore and 36 degrees at fairfield. daytime highs tomorrow santa rosa mt. nid 60s again -- in the mid 60s again. 62 at san jose. at the coast in the upper 50s. and in the extended forecast, have a look at this. do you see anything other than sunshine? even as we push it to next weekend. anything but sunshine. >> right and even beyond probably. huh? did you see -- >> i have to tell you, you know, you can look at the extended forecast a couple of weeks out and they're not that reliable but there's nothing on the horizon. >> did you say 70 in redding? >> oh my goodsst. all right. two words, stanford women. >> yes, they're always there. and there are certain games that you kind of you know you want to win every game. but you circle certain games, tennessee and connecticut.
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stanford women look to take out one of the nation's top teams and there's no love lost when usa and canada lit the ice -- hit the ice. we'll explain coming up next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this afternoon and the difference was simple accor to head coach tara vanderveer. the cardinal had chiney ogwumike and the vols didn stanford hosted third ranked tennessee this afternoon and the different was simple according to the head coach. the cardinal had shania grumetier and tennessee didn't. first half sarah james with the back door cut and stanford had the early nine point lead. the vols had no answer for her.
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who was unstoppable on the offensive glass. here's shania again going to work. stanford had the eight point halftime lead. second half it's her again. shania finishes with 32 points and a season high 20 rebounds and stanford hands number three tennessee their first loss. high school football now. and sacred heart prep blew out el cerrito last saturday but today once again the underdogs squaring off with unbeaten corona del mar in the division iii state title game. a rough start for the gay stores and quarterback -- gators and quarterback randall is picked off for a pick 6. sacred heart prep down 21-0 after one. late in the second, ben bercurving check out the moves, squeezes through the line and runs it in from 47 yards out for the touchdown. shp trailed by six at the half.
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the gators had a chance to take the lead in the third. randall rolls out on the scram. but is -- scramble but is stripped from behind. one of three turnovers by prep. their dream season falls short and they lose 24-15. bowl season is underway. new usc head coach steve sarkisian watching fresno state. big day for kessler. a touchdown pass to open up the scoring against fresno state. olestra januaries first in the first half -- all trojans first in the first half. lee does the heavy lifting and runs in the second touchdown. lee of course eligible for the nfl draft though. likely his time playing his final game as a trojan. kessler had four touchdowns and usc beat fresno state in las vegas 45-20. candlestick park, as the old park is ready to turn out the lights for the last time it will be remembered mart for the iconic moments it has been home to over the last six decades.
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>> young almost palms down. throws to the end zone. oh! >> what was your reaction and see how happy the cats doing -- against your packers? >> that haunted me for a lot of years. >> alex looking, hits the post and he's got it! a touchdown! touchdown 49ers! >> lot of memories it's tough off the top of my head. certainly you know some of the playoff games there you know certainly the saints one stands out in my mind. but you know historic places in football. >> my first playoff win. this is how we came outside and you know, how we finished. everybody thought you know, the game was over. and you know brandon made a big catch. and i played on a stadium that a lot of great guys. a lot of hall of fame guys did great things before us like jay rice. joe montana. steve young. and i'm happy i had the opportunity to play on the same field. >> and you can watch the finale
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from the stick monday night right here on kpix 5. followed by the fifth quarter and then a good-bye to candle stick special. even with the recent struggles, the warriors are a game above .500. one-half of the slash brothers, clay thornson is just 35% from the field in the last five games. he like the rest of the team will look to bounce back tonight against the kobeless lakers. >> you know i know shots are going to fall every night and i know you're going to have your rough stretches but that should never affect how you play the rest of the game. and that's what i've been doing the last few games. >> i take it personal. i've had my slumps. so you know when you're playing so well you feel -- invincible just humbling to have a few bad games. lebron james, this guy can dunk. despite what people say. he's all over isiah thomas jr. last night in south beach. king james just jumped over him. the heat beat the kings by 19.
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finally from north dakota usa versus canada hockey. a huge check in the corner. triggers a huge fight. you got to stick up for your teammates. who says there's no fighting in women's hockey? tempers were flaring the entire game. and ten fighting majors were assessed and every skater on the ice received one except for the two goalies. and by the way team usa won the exhibition 4-1. it should be really interesting when those two face-off against each over. >> kim you don't happen to know. this is the last game. but there was also talk about paul mccartney coming back and doing a final concert with the beatles having the final concert there. >> i haven't heard anything. if they're doing that they're being awfully hush about it. >> we're going to look into that and bring it back to you. that would be great. all right. >> that's going to do it for us at 5:30. we'll see you in a half hour. >> news updates are always on the cbs "evening news" and next and we'll see you at 6:30. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,,,,,,,,
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>> axelrod: tonight, a white icy and dangerous weekend before christmas. a wild band of bad weather 2,000 miles long means trouble for shoppers and travelers tonight. we'll have the threatening forecast. >> place a local tether. >> axelrod: spacewalk, a bit of a scare in the first step of an urgent repair job on the space station. don dahler has the latest. >> aircraft is on the ground and on fire. >> axelrod: pulled from the wreckage. the runway rescue by two hero cops. just in the nick of time. >> and they're off! >> axelrod: and hurray for hollywood, park that is. carter evans on the final weekend for horseracing's legendary track of the stars. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."


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