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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 23, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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mcmath as her family fights to keep her alive. a teenager in oakland after tonsillectomy went wrong. the stories that matter on kpix 5 new this is morning. ning off. . >> good morning. it's a big holiday week. monday december 23rd. good to have you with. >> i'm anne macovic. michelle has the morning off. the day haves brought a bizarre mix of weather extremes across the country. winter storms and deadly flooding could make holiday travel difficult. >> reporter: i'm live at children's hospital in oakland where the mother of jahi mcmath sits by her daughter's side. she's been on life support after a routine surgery went wrong. in court the family plans to name the doctor they chose for a second opinion. 's meteorologist . >> good morning, i'm ryan, live at candle stick park, this is the first stadium built to last
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that was more than five decades ago. and another check of your kcbs traffic. things are looking okay at the bay bridge. in the outer lanes we're seeing delays are continuing to grow. but if you're a fast track user, no sign of metering lines yet. but we know thursday and friday last week, closer to christmas, they were turning the metering lights on later and later. we'll let you know when they turn them on and the lanes begin. we have a new eto for this accident. a recycling truck that had an accident on the onramp northbound 101 approaching old bay shore. it's 6:45 until they can get that clear. they need a heavy duty tow truck. outside we go and here is a live look for silicon valley commuters. westbound 237. problem free this morning. all the way up passed anchor road toward sunnyvale. bart also on time. they should have more than 30 trains. all good to go.
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that's your latest kcbs traffic. sunny and bright around the bay area today. starting without 30s and 40s. but by the afternoon, expecting mostly sunny skies. a bit on the hazy side again. temperatures moving up into the 60s outside. mid 60s in the valleys and the bay. out the door though right now. we have patchy fog toward the santa rosa area. and there at the freezing mark. 32 degrees there. 40 in san jose. 46 in san francisco. and 36 in concord. by the afternoon, plenty of sunshine under the big dome of high pressure. temperatures running a good five to ten degrees above the average. 65 in oakland. 62 in san francisco. and about 64 degrees in redwood city. that's the latest, back to you. we continue to follow breaking news in san francisco this morning where a man is in critical condition now after a shooting in the neighborhood here. the shooting on the 500 block of howard street happened a few minutes before 2:00 this morning. the victim not cooperating with
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the investigators no information about the shooter as well. and there's more action on the streets and in the court today in the case of jahi mcmath. she's the girl on life support after she was declared brain dead more than a week ago in oakland. covering this developing story from oakland where the family meets with doctors in court later this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank, we also know that supporters of jahi mcmath will be back here at children's hospital in oakland to rally as the court or the family goes back to court to make another announcement. >> we say to this hospital, and we say to this community, when you have done wrong as doctors, you need to pause. you need not to exert your rights. this is not about money. this is about human beings. >> last friday the family was able to get a superior court judge to order children's
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hospital from removing jahi from a ventilator. jahi's mother has been by her daughter's side ever since. >> there's so many people that come to pray for her all the tile. that we've never met and never seen. it makes me feel better. i know they believe just as well as i do that god has the final say so on my daughter. >> according to court documents. three doctors determined jahi is brain dead. but the hospital agreed to have an independent neurologist examine the girl before a final decision is made. in the court memorandum the hospital claims they have no duty to keep her on life support because they say her condition is irreversible. >> what's happening in court later today? >> well, we know that the family will be back in court around 9:30 this morning. the same time the rally will be held in oakland. the family is going to announce that independent doctor they chose for their second opinion. >> all right, live at children's hospital in oakland. thanks. one way to describe the
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nation's weather is bizarre. wendy gillete reports on the mix that's including a winter storm in the midwest and deadly flooding down south. d ice knocked do lines in okla which caused numerous apt stan may/ . >> reporter: at least five people were killed by flooding in kentucky where high winds also took a toll. there was also flooding in neighboring indiana and as far east as vermont. in the midwest, winter's first official storm brought heavy snow. snow and ice knocked down power lines in oklahoma which caused numerous house fires. >> we go from one house fire to the next. to the car wrecks. do what you can to protect yourself. we've had one incident of a house without a smoke detector. >> reporter: the storm knocked out power to half a million homes and businesses from michigan to new england. >> when they get one line repaired, another branch is coming down. they're not really catching up. they're not gaining ground. when they think they have one fixed, another branch goes down. >> the weather caused delays on the roads and in the air.
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by last night, 700 flights were canceled. and more than 1,000 delayed. in the midatlantic and northeast, folks were walking around in their shorts. in new york city central park, the mercury reached 71 degrees. a new record. record highs were also set in wilmington delaware and philadelphia. >> wendy gillete, cbs news, new york. the 49ers will take the field at candle stick park for what could be the last game ever at the stick. you can expect tight security to stop the fans for taking a nostalgic piece of the stick back home. ryan is live at candle stick this morning. and it should be an emotional night. the falcons are in town and the 49ers need to win too. >> that's right. on the day it opened richard nixon called this place the finest ball park in america. tonight fans and players could be saying goodbye after 52 years. memories and character will live on here.
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you have to start with the catch. >> looking, looking, throwing in the end zone. he caught it. dwight carr. >> at 52, candle stick is showing age. even with all that rust, tonight the stick will shine in the spotlight. because of history. >> a number of memories. but it has a certain character. >> reporter: the 49ers organization is playing up the nostalgia. we asked if there's anything candle stick has that the new levy stadium won't offer. >> i would imagine it's not going to have it but it will take time. that will be character. >> if you're trying to wrap your head around the 49ers. without candle stick. imagine if you worked here everyday for 34 years. he's been here since joe montana was a rookie. >> i'm the first person here. and it's just -- like i said, it's part of my life that's
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going to be missing. >> reporter: there's an outside chance the 49ers could host another game here. a playoff game that would come down the road. we don't know if that's going to happen. the 49ers need help for that to happen. game time is at 5:30. you can see it here on kpix 5. >> tickets i imagine are going for a premium. are they available? >> reporter: you could always buy tickets online. stub hub or other outlets like that. one of our producers did some research for me. and he found one pair of box seats, two tickets for $12,000. so i mean no doubt you're going to get a good seat for that. you know. you can get a good seat for that price. but you know, i mean you're looking at hundreds if not thousands of dollars to get a seat, to get that look at history in person. >> i have a better way. watch it right here on channel 5. much cheaper. >> free. in the confounds of your own home with a christmas tree and
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everything. ryan is live at candle stick, thanks. and we are counting down to the final kick off. our live coverage starts tonight at 4:30 with denis o'donnell. tune into kpix 5 and stay tuned for the fifth quarter and bye bye baby. a special look back at the stick later tonight. oakland police are investigating a shooting to death of a man in a wal-mart parking lot. he was found in the lot on edgewater drive. he'd been shot once and was pronounced dead at the scene. police haven't released his name yet and there's no information on suspect. breaking news out of southern california. the after math of a tour bus crash in the los angeles area. this is off the 10 freeway in baldwin park boulevard. that bus went through a fence hitting a water main and a light post. passengers were stuck on the bus for a while because the only exit was blocked. so far, seven people have been taken to local hospitals. this comes in the wake of last week's tour bus accident in the
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l.a. area that injured 30 people headed for a southern california casino. we'll keep you posted as we learn more about what's happening down in l.a. time is 6:10, fresh food at the doorstep. local produce is making its way to your kitchen table with the click of an app. we're not letting this get our hopes up. >> thieves steel christmas presents from under the tree of the home of an war mall corporate. how a california community rallied together to give him and his family the christmas they deserve. . could we see more sunshine today? or do we have a little rain headed in our direction? we'll talk about that coming up. foggy conditions in the north bay reducing visibility down to 1.5 miles on part of 101. we have the late e on your morning commute. we still want to know what drives you crazy during your morning drive. tweet me or watch right here every morning to see if your question gets answered on air. ,,
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serving in afhganistan and s family. but thanks to the generocit their community...this won' . >> thieves in lodi almost ruined christmas for an army corporal serving in afghanistan and his family. >> residents, firefighters, and police officers many the town of lodi gave gifts and cash to replace the $5,000 worth of presents that robbers took from the corporal's home. among the gifts he ordered online and sent home, an ipad and camera. >> they took the electronics and what presents we had. she wanted an ipad. and i finally went and got it. >> they were able to replace almost all the gifts. the corporal says he will not let it ruin their holiday
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spirit. online shopping is up during this holiday season. and that's bad news for the retailers. sales have been disappointing for stories. retailers produced up websites and lowers online prices to compete with giants like but 1/3 of items bought online are returned. and for every $9 spent in stores, only a dollar is spent online. christmas of course trending a couple days away. duck dynasty trending after an outrage, cracker barrel pulling an about face on duck dynasty merchandise in their restaurants. fast and furious 7 the film is scheduled now for july 2014 release. colorado school shooting, claire davis died saturday at a hospital. and obama care deadline, today is the last day to sign up for coverage through the government's website. and of course you can follow us at twitter any time cbssf.
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if you're looking for local produce there's an app for that. san francisco based good eggs is connecting foodies and local farmers. taking a literal farm to table approach. by delivering fresh local produce on demand. the start up is preparing expansions to new york and l.a. let's get you out on the roads. i would imagine pretty quiet out there. >> we have a couple dense dents out there causing a few delays. so you will find some brake lights coming down the east shore freeway in the commute direction, westbound 80. it looks like kcbs sent out a mobile unit and they spotted slowing because of activity on the right hand shoulder. the bay bridge toll plaza, the cash lanes are stacking up. the cash lanes are backed up to the 880. over crossing the middle lanes. the fast track ones are fine. and no metering lights. that's the biggest difference. the onramp still closed.
6:17 am
there's a recycling truck involved in an accident there. they're working to clear it. they're expecting to reopen at 6:45. the main lines of the freeway look great. no delay morgan hill into san jose. and similar story on highway 4. this is your holiday gift, everything is looking pretty good right now. that's your latest kcbs traffic. still pi and dry around the bay area. high pressure sitting overhead. a couple patches of fog in the north bay valleys. otherwise, mostly clear skies. and chilly headed out the door. high pressure is very dominant. continues to be so. if you're stepping outside this morning. we have a couple patches of fog. a little rainbow shot in the middle of that one as well. 36 in concord. and 40 degrees in san jose. as we look throughout the day, we'll find plenty of sunshine. another spare the air day. sunny and dry weather expected for the week ahead. maybe changes into the weekend.
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the jet stream is moving a little far to the north now. rain up in the pacific northwest. by the time the system gets here. maybe a few left over high clouds. that's about it. around the state, you'll find dry weather. high country looking good in the 50s. 67 degrees in monterey bay and 66 degrees in ukiah. a couple patches of fog this morning. mostly sunny skies a. few high clouds developing later tonight and into tomorrow. and that's it. we're keeping your skies mostly clear. temperatures running above the average. 63 in san mateo. east bay numbers into 62. a little hazy toward the afternoon. 65 in oakland. and 65 degrees in santa rosa. next couple days, we're going to see temperatures stay very mild right through christmas. and into next weekend. maybe a few more clouds coming our way. by the way, your christmas forecast, should be a very sunny and bright california christmas. temperatures in the 60s. sunrise time, 7:23, sunset,
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4:56 tonight. and it's winter in case you've forgotten. >> i can't believe it's almost christmas. you still have shopping to do. >> i still have shopping. i like the last minute rush. >> we'll give you tomorrow off to do that. >> thank you. i appreciate that. >> can i -- >> no you have to beer here. people are lining up to adopt a puppy found on a conveyer belt at a san francisco recycling plant. this ten-week old poodle thrown into a recycling bin on friday. she was then picked up by a truck. >> once it was in their truck. they drove back and the many other directions they collected, they traveled back to their recology site. dumped it into a chute. the chute goes down for processing. and they're hand sorting the trash and outcomes this little gem here. spoors that's her name, gem. that's what they named her. she's a little trooper. it's not clear what city she
6:20 am
was dumped in. the puppy has bite marks around her head neck and ears and she had injured hind legs. she most likely suffered injuries before someone threw her away. she's cute. a high school basketball game turned into a holiday surprise. we have an unforgettable homecoming for you coming up. coming up, the 49ers game tonight suddenly means a great deal. we're going to show you why and peyton manning made history again yesterday. he's next. schools at kpix- dot-com. wy come and feature your schoo . and what's cool about your school? you can email us your nomination. tell us about your school at we may come out and feature your school. we'll be right back. ,,
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good morning everybody. big football game tonight. but first the raiders with nothing to play for, oakland had a chance to knock san diego out of the playoff picture. looking over the play book from the bench again. the charges out scored oakland 16-3 in the half. the loan touchdown. and the raiders lose again. 26-13. hosting the cardinals. carson palmer threw four interceptions. but here's the game winner. 17-10. it weighs heavily on the game tonight and possibly next week for the 49ers. peyton manning throws four touchdowns. breaking the previous mark held by tom brady. denver blew out houston to clench the afc west and a first round box. the bears haven't won a road
6:25 am
game this year. doug mcdermott had a game high of 20 points the bears fall to 8 and 4. some women hoops. tom ranked uconn. not quite ready for the big stage. brianna stewart tied her high. and the st. marys men lose last night in hawaii for the first time this year. bottom line tonight, the 49ers have to beat atlanta to clench a wild card spot, if they lose this game, they will go to arizona next sunday with a win or be eliminated football game. the big one, we'll see you tonight, beginning at 4:30 from candle stick park, have a great day everybody. >> it's going to be a big night. and our play of the day today, a holiday homecoming surprise in west virginia.
6:26 am
daughter's behalf. instead, she was waiting in the wings for the su what a surprise it was. mo watson's parents thought they were at a game to accept an award on her daughter's behalf. and you see she was waiting in the wing for a surprise reunion. the west coast rivalry between the 49ers. and the seahawks. and i'm live in oakland where the family of 13-year-old jahi mcmath is planning to make an announcement in court today. the teen still on life support after a routine surgery went terribly wrong. ,,,,,,,, good. good answer.
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getting covered. the deadli looming to get health insurance in califor . >> this is kpix 5 news.
6:30 am
. >> the family of an oakland teen on life support wants a second opinion. the announcement they plan to make in court today. and getting covered, the deadline luming to get health insurance here in california. . mostly clear around the bay area now. but could we see a little rain for christmas we'll talk about it coming up. and first reports in oakland of a big rig on its side. it sounds like it's partially blocking the onramp. we'll have the latest coming up. good morning, everyone. it's monday december 23rd. a couple days before the big day. michelle has the morning off. happening today, uninsured californians have until midnight to sign up for health insurance. thousands have been signing up daily. but one particular group has been slow at getting started. for the tens of thousands of californians waiting for health coverage the holy grail is a little more than a week away.
6:31 am
>> do it online. go to a local insurance agent. go to the a county office. certified enrollment counselor, that's the best way to do it. you can call cover california's phone center but there can be a more than half an hour wait. and it's likely to get longer as the deadline nears. that's the trend they've seen all along. enrollment doubles from october and november and last week 23,000 people were enrolling per day. unfortunately, older californians are enrolling at a higher rate than younger. insurers need a higher percentage of younger and healthier enroll lees to make the pol is financially viable. but officials say they expected older people to sign up off the bat. those with prickiesting conditions who have been waiting for insurance they could afford. >> we're committed. every californian that makes a good faith effort to get in by the 23rd, we'll get them across
6:32 am
the finish line. >> the deadline to sign up before you incur a penalty is not until march 31st. go to and search cover california for more information. they put all five of the 49ers super bowl trophies on a billboard outside of seattle. seahawks fans weren't very happy about it. >> it fires me up. it makes me mad. but, get out of here. >> unfortunately for 49ers fans, billboard's about 27 miles from downtown seattle. but it was funded by donors on the website go fund me after seattle fans had banner flown over their game a few weeks ago. live coverage of the game starts at 4:30. and stay tuned of the game.
6:33 am
for bye bye baby. and our website is loaded with memories from candle stick. you can hear from jim harbaugh. talking about the park there. and submit your own stories. check out kpix stick. what should be a memorable night tonight. >> it shouldn't be bad weather wise either. >> weather should be great. and all those memories. all those great games played there. not only football but baseball games. >> concerts. events. >> the weather is very windy at times. folks throughout the bay area today, high pressure sitting overhead. still chilly this morning. into the 30s and 40s. by the afternoon we'll squeeze sunshine in. these numbers running well above the average. mid 60s in the valleys and the bay. low 60s toward the coastline. hazy sunshine continuing. out the door we go. over sfo. not too bad right now. but chilly temperatures in the valley. 31 and freezing in santa rosa with patchy fog.
6:34 am
36 in concord. 37 in livermore. and 46 degrees in san francisco. this afternoon highs will be running in the 60s. i don't think we'll see rain for christmas. we may not see rain until the end of the year. let's check out traffic with elizabeth. >> we're getting word that the 7:30:00 a.m. larks purr to san francisco feiry is not running today. if you were planning on taking the feiry, you can use the 7:00 a.m. rush to take that one or the 7:50. we'll have more on that coming up. in the mean time we're following two separate accidents involving big rigs on their side. the first one's in san jose. the onramp at old bay shore. they're hoping to get the ramp opened at 6:45. there's a bunch of scrap metal debris to clean up. the onramp southbound 880. to 98th avenue, another big rig on its side. we haven't heard anything about injuries. a quick look at the bay bridge,
6:35 am
no metering lights into san francisco. that's traffic, back to you guys. wild weather in parts of the country could impact holiday travel plans. no matter where you're going this week, bay area airports have been busy. and there have been some delays. one passenger at sfo told us she left a lot earlier than usual just to play it safe. >> we got to the airport about 2.5 hours before the flight was to leave. >> there are no flight delays out of sfo at this moment. but if you're flying out, picking up, or dropping off, check with your airliner before you head out to the airport. a court appearance and a march are planned this morning in connection with the case involving jahi mcmath. the teen declared brain dead after tonsillectomy. kpix 5 is covering the story from oakland where her family plans to have another doctor examine her. the family is not giving up hope. >> reporter: that's pretty clear here. that's the message. they're not going to give up.
6:36 am
we know last friday a superior court judge ordered children's hospital in oakland to keep jahi on a ventilator until the family can get a second opinion. the battle to keep 13-year-old jahi mcmath alive continues. her family will be back in court this morning to name the independent doctor they chose for a second opinion. the family has support of several religious leaders urging children's hospital in oakland to keep jahi and this family's hope alive. >> you need to do the right thing. and give this family an opportunity to explore every possibility of remedy. and if not that, then at least wait until you exalt your investigation. according to court documents, three doctors determined jahi is brain dead. the hospital's chief of pediatrics released a statement this weekend saying it's their responsibility they don't create hope where there is none. >> the doctors think they know everything. but if they new everything. then my daughter wouldn't be
6:37 am
brain dead right now. >> she's been on life support after tonsillectomy went terribly wrong. her mother by her side ever since. >> it's very important to me. because my doctor is very important to me. she's important to a lot of people. even people who don't know her. >> later this morning, jahi's supporters will be back here in front of the hospital to march as their family makes the announcement in court. reporting live in court, back to you. >> i know the hospital has been under constraints because of hippa laws. >> that's a great point. we do new they did release a statement this weekend. they said they're going to continue their investigation. from what they called a complicated surgery. all we know at this point really is that something went wrong. we just don't know what went wrong. >> kate, live for us in oakland. new this morning, a kitten stolen at a bay area shelter last week has been found. two--month-old arizona was
6:38 am
getting ready to be adopted when a visitor to the san francisco animal shelter took the kitten. a hotel manager took the kitten yesterday. staff at san francisco's animal care and control think these two women may have something to do with it. they were seen leaving the shelter rather abruptly at the time the kitten disappeared. security breech at target hurting business. now the company is trying to entice customers back into buying. and the market just opened about 10 minutes ago. let's take a quick check on your early numbers. everything green good to go. looking up at the start of the holiday week. we'll get an update at the new york stock exchange coming up. ,,
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increased their spending in november by the most in five months. alexis christo
6:42 am
. >> american consumers increased their spending in november by the most in five months. >> alexis of cbs money is in for jason brooks with this morning's financial news. good morning. >> good morning, frank and anne. we have stocks pushing further into record territory here. it's the early going. but so far, looking pretty good. the dow jones industrial average up 83 points at a high of 16,303. the nasdaq is up 30. a fresh 13-year high. the massive security card breech at target sparked at least three class action lawsuits. and more customers are weary of using their cards at the store. the number of credit card transactions at target this weekend slipped about four percent compared to the same time last year. target trying to do some damage control by offering a 10 percent discounts in stores on saturday and sunday. in the mean time, chase bank is slapping daily cash and spending limits on 2 million debit cards used at target that
6:43 am
could be susceptible to fraud. and tiffany must pay the maker ofswatch watches because of a contract dispute. they were going to make and sell watches under the tiffany brand and they were going to share the profits. the venture never got off the ground because tiffany tried to block and then delay the deal. and fans of the reality show duck dynasty quacked up a storm and cracker barrel listened. on friday the chain pulled duck dynasty products after phil robertson was suspended for making controversial statements about gay people. but yesterday cracker barrel reconsidered and put the products back on store shelves. that's it from here. frank and anne, back to you. alexis with cbs money time to check traffic on what should be a light day. but i guess there's some stuff happening outside. >> in have been a few incidents out there. a lot of things are clearing as
6:44 am
we speak. still no metering lights. that's the best indicator. here's the live look at the sensors. things actually begin to build. we see traffic stack up around north flynn towards the dublin interchange. but the volume of traffic is lighter. even in the commute direction in the westbound lanes. out towards the freeway, earlier they sent a mobile unit and they were spotting slower speeds approaching university where there was an earlier crash. now that that's out of there, everything looks good down to the bridge. it's only about 18 or 19 minutes from the commute from the bridge and up towards the bay bridge, no metering lights yet. things look really good right now. getting into san francisco from the east bay. and traffic is quiet up along the incline towards the island. here's a live look for silicon valley commuters. westbound 237 moving at the speed limit. towards 101 towards sunnyvale. no brake lights as you approach
6:45 am
the road. in a half hour, we may see a few delays. but for right now. things are quiet heading out of milpetas. the main lines to the freeway are not impacted. everything looks good right now. southbound 880 towards hayworth. that's your latest kcbs traffic. you know you have a general manager that really cares when they show up right here onset for the morning show. >> the pressure is on this morning. >> we are so glad to have you here today. if you are headed out the door today we have a lot of sunshine coming your way. it will be hazy around the bay area. i think i was just fired. but it looks like it will be a pretty nice day ahead as high pressure continues to sit outside. temperatures in the 30s and the 40s. freezing right now in santa rosa. 32-36 degrees in concord and 46 in san francisco. throughout the afternoon though, hazy sunshine, going to be the word. another spare the air day with the air quality suffering with
6:46 am
high pressure overhead. sunny and dry weather through the christmas holiday. and probably for the remainder of the week. beverage has been a semipermanent feature all of fall and now the beginning of winter a cold front making its way up the pacific northwest. bringing it rain but we continue to see things dry here. sfo, no delays there if you're traveling heading out across the country. no delays just yet. rain and mild temperatures. 61 degrees in new york. 44 degrees and mostly cloudy in denver. temperatures around the bay mainfully the 60s. these numbers are running five to ten degrees above the average for this time of year and dry weather continuing. it looks like not only today. right on in through christmas. through thursday and friday with very mild temperatures. maybe partly cloudy into saturday. but by the way, it looks like now this is going to be be the driest year so far on record
6:47 am
since 1849 we've had five inch of rain this year. back to you guys. the principal wants to see you after class we understand. >> i bet he does. >> and he's right over there. there have been hundreds of proposals over the years to split california into different states. >> but splitting california not into two or three but into six different states. political analyst melissa griffin joins us now for a look on why someone would want to do this. good morning. >> good morning, happy holidays. >> well imagine six states in california instead of one. and imagine a state called silicon valley. who's capital of course would be san francisco. some people argue that's all ready the case. but venture capitalist tim draper from silicon valley is proposing to put something on the ballot in november 2014 that would split the state into six states. which she can those out. the little yellow one would be us. that's silicon valley. the purple one, that's napa.
6:48 am
sonoma and morin. there's a website you can go to and check out information there. the proposal would require six governors, six state legislatives. >> we like california the way it is. what's the problem with the current state of things. >> he says we have 38 million people. that's six times more than the average state in the union. and we still only have two senators. he also says political representation of california's diverse population and economy's rendered the state nearly ungovernable. he can we need to start over with smaller states. unsurprisingly the state of silicon valley where mr. draper would live would have its own new laws and regulations and a very enviable tax base. >> and this has no prayer or does it. >> it needs to get on the
6:49 am
ballot. it needs 800,000 signatures to do that. in 2012, to get those same number of signatures, folks spent 2.7 million to $8.9 million. and he hasn't said if he's going to fund this or not. let's assume it's on the ballot in 2014. and let's assume that voters go for it. it then has to be cleared by the united states congress. and you can imagine the reception one might get if you go to washington dc and say hey, we'd like ten new senate seats and we'd like you to give them to us in california. that would be very chilly. that would be a very tough sell even for a democrat. so this all seems very unlike country and the bank role obviously a huge problem. but why is he going forward with this? >> it's hard to say it's a stunt or whether or not he thinks he has a chance. in the other 49 states, members of the state assembly represent 50,000 constituents. in california, it's 500,000. look at places like the bay
6:50 am
area. we're experiencing a housing crisis and folks want to change state laws in regards to addiction. it's hard to get people to care about our specific regional issues. so the question of how we govern such a large state and how represented people feel maybe a conversation that mr. draper is trying to start. >> how many proposals have there been? >> 221. >> we'll see how this one flies. >> thank you. time for a look at what's come can go up late ore on cbs this morning. jeff joins us live from new work. >> good morning to you. merry christmas here. a massive security breech at target. how customers are taking action against target and no concerns over old space suits. what he calls the bubble gum and tape fix and the impact it could have on this week's space walk. and billy joel sits down to
6:51 am
tell charlie rose why he hasn't written a rock and roll record in 20 years. >> it's got to be good show. because you have two cups of coffee in front of you. >> and they're not all ready drank. >> you're off to a running start. >> thank you, jeff. cws this morning is 7:00. a los angeles tour bus comes to a crashing halt where pass sen urs got stuck this morning. . good morning. i'm live at candle stick park. this is the first stadium built to last. more than five decades ago. tonight could be the final game at the stick. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
weather as people travel foe holidays. snow and ice five things to know. sunday was the fist full day of winter.
6:55 am
it brought wild weather for people. snow and ice knocked out power for hundreds of thousands of people from michigan through up state new york. and northern new england. major flooding killed five people in kentucky record highs stretched from the nation's capitol no new york city. today is the last day so sign up for health insurance at if affordable health care act if you want coverage to start at the beginning of next year. can handle last minute traffic. if you missed the deadline. you have time to sign up. march 31st is the deadline to enroll to avoid paying a fee for not having health insurance. president obama deployed 46 troops to the war torn country to help evacuate americans. 15 americans were evacuated from the u.n. compound as rebels surrounded the town. 45 troops with ur deployed liassic to supply security for
6:56 am
the embassy. we continue to follow breaking news out of southern california. pictures of a tour bus in l.a. this is off the ten freeway in baldwin park boulevard. the bus went through a fence hitting a water main and a light post. it's quite a mess. passengers stuck for some time as the only exit was blocked. 39 people including the bus driver were injured. 13 people taken to local hospitals with minor to moderate injuries. this comes in the wake of last year's tour bezzant that injured 30 people headed for a southern california casino. an independent neurologist will examine jahi mick nat according to court documents, three doctors determined that jahi is brain dead. good morning. we're saying good buy to candle stick park today. it could be the last game. there's a possibility there could be a playoff game coming down the road here. but we all have our favorite
6:57 am
memories. the photographer that'll working with this morning, his favorite candle stick memory is not a sports related memory at all. it's in the summer of 88. monsters of rock. van halen, metallica, and edgar's favorite, the scorpions. you can't mention candle stick without the catch. we'll show you that video right now. this is always a good way to wake up and start your morning. montana, finding clark in the back of the end zone. venn scully with the iconic call. the nostalgia is something the 49ers are selling. they have seats here at candle stick that are on sale. we wanted to ask if there was anything that candle stick has that the levy stadium with all its bells and whistles does not have. >> well what a great question. i would imagine it's going -- it's not that it won't have it. it's just going to take time. and that would be character.
6:58 am
>> i come in here in the morning and i open up. i'm the first person here. and it's just -- like i said, it's part of my life. >> 34 years and he has been working in the locker room for that long. right here this gentleman just pulled me aside a couple minutes ago. he said he's a third generation worker here. it's a proud family tradition for you. >> yes, sir, third generation fan and a first generation worker here. >> first generation worker. >> my grandfather was one of the first people to start tailgating at candle stick. he started the tradition of tailgating here. my dad's been here for all the important 49ers games, giants game. >> i've been here since i was three years old coming to giants games and 49ers games. i'm going to miss this place. go 49ers. >> cheers brother. he's going to be here and the fans will start showing up in the next couple hours. we expect to be packed early in the afternoon. live at candle stick, kpix 5.
6:59 am
okay. thank you ryan. we're counting down to the final kick off. live coverage starts today at 4:30 on kpix 5. stay tuned for the fifth quarter and bye bye baby. a special look back at the stick. >> a traffic update, another reminder the larksburg ferry service was canceled. they're having mechanical issues. the next feiry is at 7:50. bart is on time. and 7:15 this morning is when they'll reopen the onramp. mostly clear skies around the bay area. patchy fog showing up in the north bay valleys right now. by the afternoon, hazy sunshine, temperatures generally in the 60s. well above the average. staying dry through christmas day. in fact, probably dry until the end of the year. unbelievable. >> before we go, can we take a quick look at this. >> this is rudolph the red nosed reindeer. it actually plays music. look at that.
7:00 am
and his nose flashes. >> about as cheesy as you can get. but that's why we love it. >> thanks for joining us. sles i th . good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, december 23, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." a new crisis for target. how customers nationwide are taking action after a massive debit and credit card breach. if flying east, hundreds of thousands could spend christmas in the dark. can the obamacare website handle the load? >> we begin this morning with today's look at the eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> electric went off. a big loud noise like a train. >> deadly


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