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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 26, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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consumers partly because it's been really short, partly because it's been flooded with one promotion after another, which is exhausting consumers. >> reporter: the day after christmas comes with its share of returns. here's a list of the top stores with the best return policies. costco tops the list, no return time limit except for electronics, and no receipt necessary. nordstrom also has no time limit for returns. and walmart's 90-day return policy begins today,not the date of purchase. as for those mall kiosks, well, read for yourself. no return, no refund. >> there's no return on your hairstyle here i don't think. >> no. [ laughter ] >> no, no. supposedly it's going to last me three days. we'll see about that. >> reporter: really, three days, is that your guarantee? >> uhm, well, without product we use a nanofusion technology. >> reporter: i was just kidding. three days. [ laughter ] reporter: also target has a good return policy as well 90
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days with the receipt. and despite the security breach, business is actually good the day after christmas. but check your receipts. you would be surprised, there is the fine print and some pretty strict rules at particular stores. in pleasanton, juliette goodrich kpix 5. >> always read the fine print. sears and best buy are other stores with strict return policies. returns have to be made by january 15th. fedex and u.p.s. are scrambling today trying to get deliveries out promised for christmas. online shopping was up 10% this year. as cbs reporter tara mergener shows us, shipping companies couldn't handle the rush. reporter: u.p.s. drivers are hustling to get packages to their final holiday destinations. >> busy? >> yeah, a little bit. >> reporter: bout u.p.s. and fedex customers complained on social media that gifts didn't show up on time for business. "u.p.s. ruined my son's christmas." u.p.s. blames bad weather and an
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overwhelming number of packages for the delays. fedex officials say their service didn't experience any major disruptions in the week before christmas. they describe any late packages as isolated incidents. fedex driver scotty law says this was one of the busiest holiday seasons he has ever seen. >> it was insane. i been working for fedex almost 20 years. so this is the biggest i ever seen it. >> reporter: internet sales are a major reason why. is reimbursing shipping fees and offering customers a $20 gift card. but victim madsen says she would rather have -- vicki madsen says she would rather have seen her daughter open gifts on christmas morning. >> i couldn't wait to see her face. it didn't happen. [ pause ] >> so i was disappointed. [ crying ] >> reporter: the shipping giant expects to get any late packages before the weekend. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. >> u.p.s. says that air and international customers who didn't receive packages on time will get refunds. but that same policy was
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suspended for ground packages that were shipped after december 10. new at 5:00, those trying to get healthcare insurance through "covered california" ran into all kinds of problems with the website today. people got this message when they tried to log in. there were other errors popping up on the site preventing people from finishing their applications. "covered california" says it took down the site for several hours to fix some of the glitches. >> we looked for things that could potentially be an issue. and we found one today that had the potential to affect our performance. so we took it down immediately so that the issue could be addressed. >> reporter: now, it's not clear what the problem with the website was. but it is back up and running. the deadline to get coverage was extended and is now the end of the day tomorrow. "covered california" is planning for website maintenance this weekend. -- more website maintenance this weekend. the u.s. fire service met with dozens of residents
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affected by the big sur wildfire. 34 homes were damaged. 900 acres burned and they don't know how the fire started. meanwhile, further south, hundreds of firefighters are battling an aggressive brush fire in simi valley. santa ana winds fueled the flames that broke out this morning. then the fire quickly spread across nearly 10 acres. it's 80% contained so far. but crews continue to douse hot spots. no evacuations have been ordered yet. usually fire season ends when it begins to rain. it hasn't started raining yet so fire season keeps going in some parts of the state. look at these rainfall totals before we get to the warm stuff. 26" below normal for the year in santa rosa, 17" in san francisco. now san jose in double digits. so it is dry. and if you have been outside today you might say, well, it's also not feeling like december temperature-wise either. santa clara 70 degrees today.
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presume upper 60s. berkeley upper 60s. look at the high feet in the sand santa cruz, because of a northeast wind coming down off the mountains there 83 degrees today in santa cruz. a big ridge of high pressure is taking the storm track north of portland and seattle up towards vancouver british columbia which means stagnant air once again tomorrow. tomorrow will be yet another "spare the air" day here in the bay area. we'll talk about the potential for any minimal change coming up in a few minutes. right now city college of san francisco is fighting to keep its accreditation. if it loses, it could shut down next july leaving tens of thousands of students scrambling. linda yee was at today's hearing. the fight is already taking a big toll on the school. reporter: yes, it has, liz. the threat of that accreditation loss doesn't do anything to boost the confidence of the students already attending the city college. and also the college itself says it's already suffered a 30% loss in enrollment since
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this all began. and that translates into an estimated $20 million loss in federal educational funds. professors and students of city college are fighting for their school's life. they asked a judge to belong the termination of their accreditation next july and give them a redo. >> we want the judge to set aside the disaccreditation, create a review panel that meets the standards that the u.s. department of education laid out, with a real peer review panel, and come back and reassess the college. >> reporter: the accrediting commission for junior and community colleges stripped city college of its accreditation saying it was out of compliance. it had problems with financial accountability and leadership. the commission says stopping the clock on the termination date interferes with the ongoing appeals process. >> the institution is not satisfied with the result, it has the right to take that into federal court and challenge it.
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that's the way our system has been set up. that's the way it's always been done. >> reporter: but city college says while they appeal, the threat of shutting down next july is hurting the school. it's already suffered a 30% drop in enrollment. fewer students less federal educational money. >> students are going to not have confidence their degrees will mean anything or their courses will mean anything and they will get financial aid and they will bail. >> reporter: most students at city college are working class and cannot afford other institutions or even commute to neighboring ones. >> that's a huge problem. i don't know where else to go. >> reporter: so the judge has heard the arguments from both sides. it's not clear when he will make a decision. but it's generally expected it could come within the next 10 days. live in san francisco, linda yee, kpix 5. >> ccsf says it is the largest school of its kind in california and has close to 1500 faculty members.
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on this subject, california students are in for a change after the holiday break. >> how bay area schools are preparing for the new transgender law. coming up. >> it was just a matter of seconds. another 10, 15 seconds -- >> a california cop was being hailed as a hero after a dramatic christmas day rescue. how he was able to save a driver from a fiery mess. >> and sometimes you read the news. other times you become the news! the crazy takedown that happened right outside our station right after the break.
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not guilty. 23-year-old paul ciancia pl was in the man prosecutors say was behind the deadly shooting spree at l.a.x. last month says he is not guilty. 23-year-old paul ciancia was in court today. he is facing 11 federal charges including murder and attempted murder. police say that he opened fire killing a tsa agent and injuring two others. if convicted he could face life in prison or the death penalty. we didn't have it go very far to cover this next story.
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in fact, it happened right outside our door. a few of our coworkers witnessed police tackle this bank robbery suspect. the man almost got away. but he got tripped up right in front of our building on battery street! the security cameras around our building caught the whole thing. take another look as the suspected bank robber takes off running with the backpack. you might have noticed the surprised faces on our camera guys next to the news van. nobody was injured in the chase. a gilroy man is behind bars tonight in connection with a christmas day murder. police say 21-year-old ernesto rodriguez had been hiding from police after his family found a woman's body yesterday in the home that they shared with him. the victim, 21-year-old alma ortega, had reportedly placed a restraining order against rodriguez. checking other bay area headlines, the family of jahi mcmath is planning to move her to a bay area subacute care facility. there, she will be provided
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with nutrition, ventilation and other care to be stabilized. earlier this week a judge ordered children's hospital oakland to keep jahi mcmath on life support at least through monday. the centuries old oak tree in sonoma county that inspired jack london will not be chopped down because of decay. that's because it actually became healthier. uc-berkeley researchers concluded that the base of the tree is not experiencing the decay that its upper reaches are seeing. and it has another 2 to 10 years of healthy living. a dramatic rescue along a california freeway caught on a cell phone camera. >> watch this, christmas miracle unfold and hear from the man who is now being hailed a hero. >> it has all kinds of penalties and fines quoted on the envelope, looks real official. >> sure it might look official. but the experts say it is anything but. how to avoid becoming a victim of a document selling scheme. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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accommodate transgender stus bay area school districts are starting to update their facilities to accommodate transgender students in the new year. a new law requires california public schools to let children use sex segregated facilities and participate in gender- specific activities of their choice. the law takes effect january 1 and schools will have to update
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locker rooms and bathrooms. >> we understand that adolescents and teens have issues and stress trying to figure out what they want to do and as they go through puberty and growth they need to have outlets especially for somebody who is a transgender student. >> this is a first-of-its-kind statute that could still be suspended if a referendum to repeal it qualifies for the november ballot. well, cell phone video captured a horrifying scene. a car burning on an l.a. freeway with a driver trapped inside. dave brian caught up with the guy who rescued that driver before it was too late. >> he was going to die. there is no ifs, ands or buts. another 10, 15 seconds, no one would have been able to get in there and unbuckle that buckle because there was just too much fire. >> lapd bomb squad officer donald thompson his hands bandaged from burns after he stuck his head into the car of
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a stranger that had crashed on the 405 freeway. a car that was fully engulfed in flames. he dragged the man out of the car and saved his life. >> is there anybody else in the car?! >> reporter: witnesses like drew and daria watched in horror and amazement as thompson, who was off duty and happened to be on the way to work at that moment, jumped across the rail dividing northbound and southbound freeway traffic and rescued the driver. >> he jumped out, jumped in the car, pulled the guy out, and all of a sudden he fell on the ground because he like breathed in a bunch of that black smoke. >> reporter: thompson gave me a description of what he saw what he was thinking and what was going on around him when he arrived at the vehicle and plunged in to help the victim, who was slumped over unconscious in the driver's seat. >> there's so much fire, it just gets into your head. you feel -- you see the smoke and the heat it's just -- it's
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unbelievable how much heat there is with that fire. and that happens just the time when i said, hey, it's now -- and that was just the time when i said, hey, it's now or never. either you're going to get him out or he is going to burn alive. and i grabbed him with two hands. i heard some screaming and i don't know if it was a man or a woman, they were just screaming, get him out, get him out! don't let him burn! >> that was dave brian reporting. two good samaritans who were driving by helped thompson and the driver get away from the fiery vehicle. when asked about the daring rescue, torcher son said he is no here -- thompson said he is no hero, he just did what he had to do. >> steph curry and his wife have teamed up with an international organization called feed the children to help families in need. curry and his family personally handed out boxes in oakland. >> know that every family can't provide during the holiday season and that's something that we want to help change and
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just bring a smile to families' faces especially the kids. >> 400 families received care boxes. every warriors player is participating in events this season who help families and children in the bay area as part of the community outreach campaign. preparations for the tournament of roses parade are in full swing with only a few more days to put the finishing touches on the floats. this dance group is rehearsing for their performance on board one of the 45 floats. all the materials on the floats have to be natural. mandarin tree, seaweed and hundreds of thousands of flowers are being used on just this float alone. dreams come true is the theme of this year's parade. school oh, my god! oh, my god, yeah! [ laughter ] >> awesome. sheer joy for one 11-year-old on christmas morning when santa brought him two tickets to the bcs national championship game. santa knows. rj white took a victory lap
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around the house screaming the whole way. white is a huge auburn fan. he will watch auburn university tigers face the seminoles in pasadena next week. we would react that way if we got rain in the bay area. [ laughter ] >> i think paul would. >> we may need to do that dance soon. we could use a little rainfall around these parts but if anybody is visiting here this is not normal but i hope you're enjoying it. it is just fantastic outside. if you are a fan of sunshine and warm weather, show it to you live, great sunset, another sunny mild day. great shot from our mount vaca cam there. we had a glorious day at the beach, half moon bay, why not, 70 degrees the day after christmas. these are your current temperatures outside. oakland and san jose leading the pack at 62. san francisco 61 in the financial district. livermore santa rosa 60. concord 58. let's talk about where we are going tonight. another chilly night away from the water. you have heard that before. concord you will wake up to 36.
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fremont on a friday morning 38. san jose mountain view 40 degrees for you. vallejo 40. and napa 35 degrees. show you some video from the beach. if you are heading to the beach with all that warm weather, there is a wave warning, a beach hazard statement is out. sneaker waves, unusually strong waves come along and they will sneak up on you, hence the name. watch out if you are going to dip your toe in the water. the water will be cold but the air will be warm at the beaches once again tomorrow. now, maybe you're not heading there. maybe you're heading toward the sierra. not much going on up there. 80% lower this year compared to last year with the snowpack right now sitting at 22% of average. that is not good. i do not see that changing anytime soon. they have snow guns going at night but high pressure is dominating and taking the storm track sending it north of the canadian border. until that ridge moves, the forecast will not be changing and i do not see that ridge moving for 6 or 7 days. as long as the high is off to
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the west we'll have another 7 days of sunny mild weather, dry weather and bad air quality for the next several days, as well. so the keyword for today is remain. mornings will remain chilly. afternoons for you will remain mild and our weather will remain dry for the next week. the seven-day forecast keep changing the days, the weather is not changing too much. highs tomorrow san jose 66. livermore 66. perhaps a degree or two cooler than today. fremont 64. redwood city 66. widespread 60s for pittsburg and danville, pleasant hill 63 in san francisco, petaluma 63. and ukiah more sunshine, 64 degrees. extended forecast, look at the weekend. the final weekend of the year, upper 60s with sunshine and maybe a little cloudier toward next wednesday and next thursday but that's the only change i see. rain-free once again, might as well enjoy. it will change eventually. enjoy it while we have it. >> it doesn't all change at once. >> we don't want all the rain at once. >> but a lot of sunshine now. >> thank you, paul. the so-called santa claus rally continued on wall street
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today. another banner day for the market. it's the longest winning streak since march. the dow set a closing record for the 50th time this year. it's up more than 25% in 2013. it's on pace to have its best year since 1996. some delta customers landed a post-christmas present thanks to a glitch. people were able to buy tickets this morning for steep discounts and the airline says it will honor them. listen to this. one person said he got a ticket from boston to honolulu for $68. another woman scored a roundtrip ticket between l.a. and tallahassee for $54. it's not just christmas cards and packages that are arriving this time of year. homeowners here in the bay area are also getting official looking envelopes that seem to come from a government agency. but consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains, they are
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something else entirely. reporter: tony diamond gets lots of mail but this stood out. >> it has penalties and fines on the envelope. looks official. >> reporter: inside it looks even more official with a bar code, details about his home, and a notice that diamond needed to send $83 to get a copy of his grant deed, a document used to prove ownership of a property. >> it did look like it was from the tax people. >> it does look official. >> reporter: but solano county assessor recorder says it's anything but. >> we have companies that buy our data. our data for the most part is public record. >> reporter: he says companies are purchasing homeowners' information from his office and reselling it back to homeowners at greatly inflated prices. it's not just grant deeds. companies are reselling many other legal documents that you may actually need but can get from your local recorder. >> a two-page grant deed is $8. >> reporter: if you own a home you probably have the documents. for instance, grant deeds are automatically sent to homeowners when they purchase a property something tony figured
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out on his own and hopes others will too. >> i'd like it to stop and i'd hate to see somebody else that falls for it. >> now, grant deeds are considered public records. so pretty much anyone can get a copy of your grant deed. don't be tricked into paying for it just because someone else has your information. we did call the company that sent that letter to the diamonds and it never returned our calls. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, kpix 5. wondering what to do with the christmas tree? >> we'll tell you what to do with that tree and just like the tree, it's perfectly green. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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san francisco leaders put a 50 christmas trees through e chipper today. its part of a reycling program t here's one way to recycle your christmas tree. san francisco leaders put about 50 christmas trees through the chipper today part of a recycling program that begins next week. trees on a curb or bin will be chipped and used for
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landscaping and energy. >> 25 million christmas trees, lives trees, are cut every year for christmas. and they don't end with christmas day. you can recycle them. >> firefighters are urging people to take their trees to the curb as soon as possible because it will avoid fire hazards. recology will be collecting christmas trees starting next thursday. today is the first day of kwanzaa the week long event celebrates black culture and tradition. qwanza calls on people to focus on 7 principles: unity, self- determination, collective work and responsibility, collective economics, purpose, creativity. we'll be right back. otel... the 16-story during sleep train's huge year efor a limited time,dels save hundreds on tempur-pedic mattresses.
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high rise that could be buin a city that's no stran us: new at 6:00 tonight the backlash over proposed bay area hotel. the 16 story high-rise that could be built in a city that's no stranger to protests. plus -- >> really rallying people around something to make it happen. >> -- how more people are helping to make a complete stranger's dream come true. >> that's at 6:00 tonight. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is coming up next. >> and remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website, see you at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado
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>> axelrod: tonight, holiday shopping comes up short. the first numbers show disappointing sales at the stores while online shoppers are furious their presents are late. terrell brown and manuel bojorquez report. holly williams on the plea an american hostage is making to president obama. >> it seems that i have been totally abandoned. >> axelrod: stuck at sea. bill whitaker on the mission to free a ship trapped in ice at the bottom of the world. >> the vessel hasn't moved for the last two days and we're surrounded by sea ice. we can't get through. >> axelrod: and with no time to waste, an l.a. cop rescued a man from his burning car. >> i just said "it's now or never. either i'm going to get him out or i'm going to see someone burn alive." captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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