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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 27, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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high, thin clouds not as cold as yesterday. those clouds act like an insulator as a blanket so it's 33 in santa rosa compared to yesterday at 28. 40 in san jose. and it is yet another "spare the air" day. more coming up. >> and checking the roadways outside right now, we have a lot of overnight roadwork. caltrans is back in business. we'll tell you about your morning commute coming up. developing news about a family's fight to keep a 13- year-old girl on life support. it could be headed back into the courtroom. >> jahi mcmath has been on an ventilator since she had tonsil surgery a couple of weeks ago. another facility in the bay area and the family was ready to move her out of the hospital. she would need certain tubes inserted. but the hospital says it won't do that. >> children's hospital does not believe performing surgical procedures on the body of a
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deceased person is an appropriate medical practice. >> help us get her out of your hospital so we can take her somewhere elsewhere someone wants to help us keep her alive and they're like no. >> a family attorney is promising legal action if the hospital does not do the necessary procedures. a judge has given children's hospital permission to remove jahi from life support monday. people seeking healthcare coverage in california have run into another roadblock. faced with a deadline, the website went down for a few hours for maintenance. kpix 5's andria borba has the ripple effects from the signup crunch. >> reporter: want to sign up for "covered california" but haven't been able to get through online or on the phone? you aren't alone. here's how "covered california" says you can get health insurance by the latest deadline, friday. >> you can go to covered and click on find help near you
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and you will see a list of insurance agents in your area to get through the process. >> reporter: here's what one of the handful of official "covered california" agents in the bay area has to say about the crashing website. how many people have you been able to enroll? >> zero. >> reporter: not for lack of trying. >> we spent all day monday on the computer for eight hours with four clients for hours sitting here and all four of us we put eight hours in and got nowhere. >> reporter: he says the website keeps spitting the same frustrating message at him. >> stay and compare prices and plans but why even do that if you can't really enroll? >> with everyone procrastinating until the 11th hour to sign up the site couldn't keep up forcing a
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grace period to get coverage. >> you tell them december 23 is the deadline, when is the day you're going to have your biggest traffic? and i'm not an expert. i'm just an insurance agent but i know that's going to be the biggest day that this is going to happen. andria borba, kpix 5. >> teague says he tried to help 17 people sign up for "covered california" but no luck. for more information on the deadline go to and click on the health tab at the top of the page. firefighters rescued an injured worker from his garbage truck in san jose. the sjsc supplied this photo of the scene around 6:00 last night on concord avenue near city college. the rescued man is being treated for a broken ankle. no word on the cause of the accident. u.p.s. and fedex are playing catch-up after they were overwhelmed by the last-minute christmas rush. because of the backup, a lot of gifts didn't arrive all across the country in time for the
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christmas holiday. more now from kpix 5's joe vazquez. reporter: >> in 20 years, this is the worst i have seen it. >> reporter: she is carting nearly 2 dozen boxes into the potrero hill u.p.s. freight center. the boxes contain gift orders elena's company billed and sold through online retailers like amazon and to customers in the u.s. way too late to be standard under a tree. >> drivers weren't showing up or they were coming and saying they were too full, they couldn't take our orders. >> reporter: jeff's grandmother went home to ohio without her gifts. >> you can't recapture that wow factor. that's gone. >> reporter: u.p.s. in a statement earlier this week said, the volume of air packages in our system exceeded the capacity of our network immediately preseatedding christmas so some shipments were delayed. we apologize. nasty weather and dramatically higher online shopping sales created the huge backlog over the last few weeks. still, stores continued to guarantee they could get your
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gifts there by christmas. in the end, u.p.s. and fedex just couldn't deliver on that promise. >> it was insane. i been working for fedex almost 20 years. so this is the biggest i ever seen. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> one of u.p.s.' biggest customers online retailer amazon is offering affected customers refunds on shipping charges as well as $20 gift cards. as for traditional brick and mortar stores, the post- christmas shopping frenzy is under way. customers are back at the malls making returns and taking advantage of big markdowns. as betty yu reports from san jose, retailers are counting on customers to clear out inventory. >> reporter: it's their final attempt to squeeze whatever they can out of a tough holiday season. today stores across the bay area slashed prices often by 70% to get customers back in their stores to buy more and hopefully with gift cards from santa. >> also got this. this was 60% off.
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>> reporter: shoppers seemed to be responding at this target in san jose. >> kind of crazy, long lines. most of the gifts are already gone. so good stuff like holiday wrapping paper we got whatever is left. >> reporter: on what was likely the fifth busiest shopping day of the year, stores hope this year's bigger-than-usual post- christmas sales will give them some relief. >> people are not buying as much. and why they aren't buying as much, because their incomes are very soft. >> for me, i was spending less because, you know, it's not really the time for spending for all of us. >> reporter: online sales that were up 10% over last year and more people did their shopping on their smartphones. visits from mobile phones made up 48% of all online traffic. >> i shopped more online this year, yeah. the deals are just too good to pass up. >> reporter: betty yu kpix 5. >> before you return any items, be sure to check the store's policies. a few examples, costco has no time limit for returns and no
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receipt is necessary. nordstrom also has no time limit. zappo's and rei have a one-year limit and walmart has a 90-day return policy with a 90-day period starting yesterday. to save yourself from any hassles, bring the receipt and the original box. another day another record high on wall street. it was the 50th record close for the dow this year. marlie hall has the details from cbsmoneywatch. reporter: stocks were higher and trading was light on wall street yesterday as investors returned from the christmas holiday. the dow climbed 122 points and the nasdaq was up nearly 12. average u.s. rates for fixed mortgages crept up slightly but are still low. according to mortgage buyer freddie mac, the rate on the 30- year loan increased to 4.48% from 4.47% last week. meantime, prospective home buyers are bracing for the stricter new federal mortgage rules which take effect next month. starting january 10, lenders
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are required to review 8 types of financial information about a borrower to better evaluate income and debt. savvy bargain hunters snatched up some cheap flights on delta airlines. a computer glitch on delta's website yesterday brought roundtrip fares to just a fraction of what they should be. a $400 ticket sold for only $48. delta says the glitch was fixed after about two hours. it plans to honor all tickets sold. and the queen bee continues to rise. beyonce held on to the top spot on the u.s. billboard 200 album chart for the second week with her new self-titled album. the pop star's fifth solo album, which was released on december 13th, has already sold nearly a million copies as of last sunday. that's your moneywatch. for more, log on to at the new york stock exchange,
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i'm marlie hall. >> not surprising, beyonce is always selling. >> mrs. jay-z. which personality is she on this one? whatever she is, it works. >> it does. i got to get to work. we have a lot of things to talk about today. good morning, everybody. as you are heading out you need a jacket. we do have temperatures near freezing in santa rosa. at this time, look outside, wow! we are only going to get to see this for the next week? and then the lights get turned off at the embarcadero. so enjoy it. official sun-up this morning 7:24. with it again 30 santa rosa, 30s throughout the tri-valley, 30s in oakland after a record high yesterday of 67 degrees. it's in the 50s in san francisco. today the 20th winter "spare the air" of the season and the fifth day in a row with unhealthy level of pollution close to the surface. need a good breeze, not going to see it today. those northwest winds about 5 miles per hour late day. numbers coming down just ever so gently, 60s at the coast,
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mid-60s central bay to just shy of 70 degrees throughout walnut creek and in concord. going with 70 easily towards santa cruz and also towards the brentwood area. notice there's not a raindrop in sight each and every day all the way through the new year. but elizabeth, coming up at 4:46, i'll tell you when i see a chance of rain back in the forecast. >> chance of rain. all right, we all need it. and on the roadways right now the dry conditions are at least making for easy driving conditions. right now westbound 4 looks really good past the antioch bridge towards pittsburgh bay point and into concord. let's check other bridges and other bay area cameras. right now there is some overnight roadwork out there. buchanan to powell. they had the westbound lanes closed for a while. now it's just the eastbound lanes where the roadwork remeans so heads up in the east bay. 880 roadwork earlier this morning, southbound 880 approaching jackson. all that is gone now, as well. everything looks good if you are riding down towards hayward and 92. here's a live look along the peninsula, road sensors picking
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up no delays even the three left lanes are blocked san bruno to sfo until 5:00 this morning. so another 20 minutes. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you. >> thank you. another court hearing is set for monday in the battle over the only community college in san francisco. a state board has threatened to strip city college of san francisco of its accreditation unless the school comes up with a plan to fix financial and management problems. a judge heard key arguments during a hearing yesterday. at least three lawsuits have been filed over the situation. if the school loses accreditation this summer, it could close. about 80,000 students are enrolled there. school districts in the bay area and across the state are updating facilities to accommodate a new law aimed at protecting transgendered students. the state law set to begin in the new year has several requirements for public schools. they include specialty restroom facilities for transgender children and allowing them to
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participate in gender-specific activities of their choice. >> we understand that adolescents and teens have a lot of issues, a lot of stress. they are trying to figure out what they want to do. and as they are going through puberty and through their own growth they need to have outlets especially for somebody who is a transgender. >> opponents have gathered signatures to put it on the ballot to repeal the law. the secretary of state's office will determine if there are enough valid signatures for the ballot measure to qualify. still ahead, the police takedown that happened right outside our kpix 5 station. >> and turning their bad holiday luck around in a big way, the unexpected show of support for a bay area family. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the man was running san francisco police brought down a bank robbery suspect in front of the kpix 5 studios. the man was running down battery street yesterday,
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almost got away but a few coworkers witnessed officers chase down and tackle the suspect. the security cameras around our building caught the entire thing. take another look. the man with the gray shirt and backpack takes off running. you may have noticed the surprised faces of our cameramen standing next to the news van there. luckily, no one was injured in the chase. >> great coworkers we have there. a high-rise proposed for the heart of berkeley is sparking a heated debate. if approved a 16-story hotel would be built on the corner of shattuck and center. kpix 5's da lin reports the building would transform the downtown landscape and not everyone is happy about it. >> reporter: developers want to pump new blood in the hearts of berkeley proposing to build a 16 story hotel where the bank of america is now. at the corner of shattuck avenue and center street.
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>> makes downtown vibrant. >> reporter: developers submitted the plan last week and gave us these pictures. bank of america, restaurant and shops on the next floor, office space on the next three levels and above that 300 hotel rooms. >> we're at a moment in time where we can change downtown berkeley for the better both maintaining the good qualities of it but bringing some new things that are going to make it a better place. >> reporter: but the proposed high-rise is already drawing criticism. >> berkeley is full of beautiful spots and high-rises are not beautiful. >> reporter: some say bringing more people to berkeley will change its character and hurt the quality of life. >> berkeley is so congested that i should think it will add a great deal to the congestion and the difficulty of getting around in berkeley. >> reporter: even supporters worry about parking and the building's height. >> it would be too high, obscure the view. >> reporter: at 16 stories, it would be one of the highest in berkeley similar to the wells fargo and chase buildings
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across the street. but many people believe berkeley needs responsible growth and say the hotel could be a good start. >> it would certainly continue the revitalization of downtown berkeley. >> people don't realize that there's a lot of economic depression in berkeley. it doesn't show but it's there. >> reporter: i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> so the developers say the hotel would bring in millions of dollars in taxes each year for the city of berkeley. time now 4:47. another check on the weather. it's chilly. >> especially in tahoe, 15 degrees. we don't have snow but it's cold enough to make it. they are firing up the snow guns this morning. 15 in tahoe going up to 48 degrees. wow. good morning, everybody. let's go ahead and take a look at our current conditions in and around our microclimates. in the 30s and 40 hads at this hour. it is the fifth consecutive day of you not being able to burn
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wood indoors or outdoors. unhealthy levels of pollution close to the surface. need a good breeze? not going to see it. another hazy day today with sunshine with near or record warmth. we have had five record days of pollution in the bay area. sunny and dry the rest of the year. high pressure firmly in place. even though we have sunshine in the forecast, i'm looking at a chance of rain in the forecast january 10th. you guys write that down? hold me to it? january 10. traveling today throughout the central valley into the 60s. no threat of tule fog there. 48 degrees in the high sierra. low 60s coastside, mid-60s
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bayside to just under 70 degrees inland. going with 70 degrees easily in santa cruz today. otherwise, it will be dry all the way through the first of the year. how does it look at traffic this morning? >> everything looks good. this gap between christmas and new year's, we are not expecting as much traffic on the roads and bart is on time back to a regular citadel. caltrain and ace train number one no delays out of the central valley here's what it looks like. no metering lights the past few days so hopefully that will be a repeat today. right now things look light coming into san francisco. there is roadwork not accidents
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but roadwork between buchanan and powell in both directions but we are just seeing it now eastbound. and here's a live look at the nimitz, no problems near the oakland coliseum. along the peninsula, they have three left lanes southbound 101 blocked between san bruno and the airport. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right elizabeth, thank you. millions of dollars in security upgrades could not stop an intruder from wandering on the runway at newark liberty airport in new jersey. the man described as drunk and dressed as a woman scaled a fence on wednesday. he ran across two runways before he was stopped and police say he was never a threat to any planes but it brings into question an advanced security system that was also recently breached at new york's jfk airport. >> it's very disturbing because you have this system that's been installed and tested over the years and there continue to be different breaches at the different airports in the port
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authority jurisdiction. >> investigators are looking at how long it took for employees to respond to this latest breach. a newark family was left with no gifts under the tree after burglars got inside their home. but kpix 5's christin ayers shows us how their luck has turned around. >> reporter: the tro was lit. the stockings were hung. but when jonathan villaneuva and his sister got up early christmas morning -- >> came to the christmas tree and i didn't find anything under the christmas tree. >> i noticed that all the presents were gone. >> reporter: thieves are jimmied the door thrown open a window and stolen the family's presents leaving only tree needles where jonathan's bicycle was. >> we started crying. everything was gone. >> i was sad to see my kids' faces. >> reporter: a story so heartbreaking that newark police department officers pooled $200 to help the family. >> i'm like oh, my god.
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it was awesome. >> reporter: but the bigger surprise came the day after christmas. newark police sent this bouquet of flowers over and invited the family to the police station. overnight the story spread and the community dropped off gifts for the family, toys, cash and all these gift cards. >> i never expected that from nobody. >> reporter: then the fire department came calling. >> we heard on the news this morning, sitting here at the station family burglarized going home there's something we can do for this family. >> reporter: firefighters checked more toys for the kids. >> i feel happy that, uhm, all those people came to donate presents for us. >> reporter: the family says what started out as the worst christmas ever has now become the best. >> you can see the community
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cares about us. we are happy. >> reporter: in newark, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> so far no one has been arrested. police are investigating to see in other burglaries in the area may be connected. 4:53. trapped in the ice. the mission under way to get this ship and the people on it free. >> and capturing a bird's-eye view of the city. how a filmmaker got this unique perspective. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the research ship has been trapped there since christm eve. all 74 scientists, tourists and crew members a doing fine. people onboard a ship may be rescued in in antarctica. all tourists and crewmembers are doing fine. people on board confirmed they can see a chinese ice breaker ship headed their way.
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the stranded ship left new zealand last month tracing the 1911 journey of an australian explorer while the bay area slept on the christmas eve, a drone silently flew above san francisco. it was loaded with a camera and the high-flying ambitions of a local photographer and the results are just stunning. take a look. beto lopez captured these beautiful night shots of san francisco. it's stunning and technically perfect aerial views. beautiful, right? >> nice and slow. >> he did it with essentially a small chopper and a camera stabilizer. but it was not just a technical feat. >> it's also art. i have a vision that i'm doing that i have always wanted to do. you have dreams and wake up and wish you can do that with my camera in my dreams. now i can. >> all these images were shot in one night. if you would mike to watch the full video, visit our website, and search holiday lights. 4:56. are we on the verge of another
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strike? the key vote today for ac transit workers. >> and a new twist in the fight to keep an oakland girl on life support. what the family says it's ready to do and how the hospital is keeping them from making the move. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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griego. help us get her out of your hospital so we can take her somewhere he is where someone else will keep her "alive." they say no. >> jahi mcmath was declared brain-dead. she needs tubes inserted so the girl can be moved to another facility. children's hospital oakland will not do that. >> how many people have you been able to enroll? >> zero. >> zero? >> zero. >> healthcare woes hitting home. the "covered california" website goes down in the middle of a crunch of last-minute sign- ups. >> i noticed that like all the presents were gone. >> from the worst christmas to the best, thieves took the
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presents from under the tree, so community rallied together to make sure they still got a christmas surprise. from across the bay -- >> we can change downtown berkeley for the better -- >> to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> we're going to disneyworld! >> i want to [ indiscernible ] [ laughter ] >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning, everyone. it's friday, december 27. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm mark kelly. frank has the morning off. let's get a look at weather with roberta. are we going to see another "spare the air" day? >> we certainly are, mark. good morning, everybody. it is the fifth consecutive day that we need to "spare the air" here in the bay area. the 20th of the winter season. take a look at the beautiful 17,000 lights all lit up at the embarcadero center. we'll be able to see it for the next seven days. until then, we will be dry. temperatures right now out the door 34 degrees in livermore. it's 30 now in santa rosa. 51 san francisco. another day


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