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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 30, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning. monday, december 30. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time is 6:00. a russia ship is trapped in ice off antarctica but the people on board may get a break. today an australian icebreaker will attempt a rescue mission. >> i'm mark kelly in the newsroom. two major blasts within 48 hours in russia. coming up who investigators say is the mastermind and what does this mean for security at russia's winter olympics. >> i'm cate caugiran live in oakland. the fight to keep jahi mcmath alive could end today. she is scheduled to be removed from life support at 5 p.m. the family says they still have one option left. >> another check of your "kcbs traffic." this is probably the most traffic we have seen at the bay bridge toll plaza in the last week but it's not much. the volume is still down but delays are growing. maybe in the far right cash lanes, backing up towards the middle of the parking lot. once again, still no metering
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lights, no huge delays getting into san francisco. in fact, all of your east bay travel times are still in the clear including the altamont pass and livermore valley drive westbound 580 even though we are seeing slow sensors. probably the bulk of the traffic is from the altamont pass to north flynn and then things improve closer towards the dublin interchange. bart has 47 trains on time. ferries are also back to a regular schedule golden gate ferries. caltrain and ace trains 1 and 3 also reporting no delays. that is your also "kcbs traffic." for your forecast now, here's lawrence. >> a lot of sunshine coming our way a little chilly out the door some of those numbers dropping off into the 20s and 30s but plenty of sunshine throughout the day as these temperatures cool down slightly from yesterday's highs but still near record levels by the afternoon. very mild. mid-60s inside the bay and the valleys. low 60s a little cooler toward the coastline with a sea breeze kicking in. if you are stepping out, we have some hazy skies to begin with this morning and the temperatures cold in spots.
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32 degrees in concord. 28 now in santa rosa. and 34 degrees in san jose. so as we sail into the afternoon expecting mostly sunny skies, mid-60s in much of the south bay. east bay temperatures low to mid-60s in many spots. as you get inside the bay you will see some hazy sunshine, these temperatures well above the average about 62 in san francisco, and 65 degrees in oakland. guys, unfortunately, no rain in sight. that's the latest forecast. back to you. >> and thank you, lawrence. 6:02 now. the family of jahi mcmath racing against time today. children's hospital in oakland can remove the brain-dead teen off life support at 5:00 tonight. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran live at the hospital. the family running out of options as that deadline approaches later tonight. >> reporter: i don't. you know that they are still going to be looking for more, frank. they are still here at the hospital right now. we know today is going to be a crucial day to see what happens as the clock ticks closer to 5 p.m. that family again is going to be fighting to extend that deadline. now, this weekend the family satisfies one of two facilities
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willing to take jahi mcmath in backed out. but that's not stopping them. the family says they have one more option left but hospital officials say they have not heard from that facility. >> 5:00 comes around, the ventilator will be removed. there is no good way to end this story. there are no winners in this story. there's only a lot of people walking away very, very sad. >> reporter: jahi mcmath has been on life support for more than two weeks now. she was declared brain-dead after children's hospital says she had a very complex surgery and outside physician appointed by the courts agreed with the hospital's diagnosis. now, we do know that the family has raised about $20,000 on website to move jahi. the question is now, where? live in oakland, back to you. >> will the family head back to court to stop the hospital from taking her off the ventilator today? >> reporter: frank, last we heard from the family's attorney, yes, that's the case. we heard they would possibly be seeking a restraining order in
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order to keep the hospital from turning off the ventilator but again, we are just going to have to see what happens. >> thank you, cate caugiran live at children's hospital. developing news in southern russia. overnight 14 people died today in a bus bombing. the second suicide attack in as many days in the same city. kpix 5's mark kelly has the latest. >> reporter: today's blast brings the death toll in russia to 30 people. remember yesterday's explosion was at a train station in volgograd. two attacks within 48 hours have many worried over the upcoming winter olympics in russia. a burned-out shell is all that's left after a suicide bomber struck this bus in the russian city of volgograd. dozens have died in two separate terrorist attacks in the past two days. sunday, another suicide bomber detonated a device at the entrance to the volgograd train station. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: this woman left
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the station just before the blast. she said, i saw people running, human flesh all around, shattered glass and broken doors. after the first bombing, russian president vladimir putin ordered tighter security at the country's airports and train stations. security in russia is a major concern as the country prepares to host the winter olympics in sochi in february. putin has promised this will be the safest olympic games ever. but they are already a target. in july, a chechen rebel leader called for more terror attacks on civilians in russia and urged his followers to use maximum force to stop the games. officials say the two explosive devices were similar meaning the same mastermind could be behind both attacks. so far, michelle, no group has claimed responsibility. >> mark, the olympics in sochi russia start in february. so what does this mean for security? >> the russian olympic
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committee chief said everything necessary already has been done. no extra security steps needed. russia will deploy some of the most extensive security measures ever for an international sports event including special russian troops, speedboats patrolling the coast and drones keeping watch over the facilities. >> all right, mark. thank you. happening today, a court hearing in san francisco on the accreditation of city college. the commission that accredits junior colleges wants the court to issue its stay or abstain from ruling on a lawsuit involving ccsf. in the lawsuit, city attorney dennis herrera is challenging the commission's attempt to yank accreditation from the college. an open burn ban starts today after a dry winter led to more firefighters. alameda, contra costa, santa clara and san mateo are among those counties affected. campfires will be allowed only in designated campgrounds or with special permission on
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private property. two people including a firefighter were hurt in a crash in san francisco at fifth and howard streets in the south of market neighborhood yesterday. the fire truck was responding to a call at the time. the investigation now in its early stages but police believe the driver of the mercedes is at fault. >> the fire department was going to an emergency vehicle. they had their lights and sirens on. the other vehicle that was towed away the mercedes was going westbound on howard and apparently failed to yield to the fire truck. >> no word on what kind of incidents the truck was responding to at the time. the injured firefighter and the passenger in the car were taken to the hospital. they are expected to recover. firefighters in east oakland quickly brought a fire at this abandoned building under control. the fire started on the second floor of the two-story apartment building on west stardust place yesterday morning. just as power was coming back on in the northeast after a holiday winter storm, another round of extreme winter weather is now moving on in. as much as 10" of snow is
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expected to fall on places in new england. this latest storm system is massive. it's expected to stretch from southern texas all the way to the gulf of maine. a week ago, a powerful ice storm knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people in the upper midwest and the northeast. today an australian icebreaker is working its way through the ice to try to rescue dozens of people aboard a stranded research vessel. the 233-foot ship became stuck off antarctica last tuesday when strong winds pushed ice up against it. its carrying 74 scientists and tourists who are studying environmental changes. some have been sending video diaries to loved ones over the internet. >> just saying hi to let you know we are going to be a little bit late. the ship is stuck in ice. >> the stuck vessel reportedly has plenty of food and supplies. the australian icebreaker is more powerful than a chinese ship already in the area. but the chinese ship does have a helicopter that could be used
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for rescue. the new year will be a difficult start for millions of americans. long-term unemployment benefits ended this past weekend. 1.3 million people are losing their weekly unemployment checks. about $300 a week. congress failed to extend the federal program as part of the budget deal. extended unemployment benefits go beyond the usual 26 weeks. another issue at the center of a heated debate in congress. >> it encourages some people to stay unemployed too long and that makes it increasingly hard for them to get back into the workforce. >> this is what these people need in order just to get by and it's what the economy needs in order to keep its momentum. >> the senate is thinking about a bill to restore benefits when lawmakers return from their holiday break on january 6. time now is 6:09. ice in the sierra turned into art. the special sculptures at heavenly village in tahoe. >> and the "new york times"
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square ball drops signalling each new year. the unique 2014 design and its very special message. >> could we see rain before the year ends? probably not. what about this new year? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and the ride through contra costa county looking good on highway 4 and southbound 680. we'll have the latest "kcbs traffic" coming up. first, we still want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. continue to ask us questions or share a gripe by e-mailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix, and watch to see if your question gets answered on air. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,, female announcer: sleep train thanks
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acknowledged she's gay. in a facebook post marking a one-year- milestone of heal following a battle with can mentioned her lo "good morning america" host robin roberts has publish said
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she is -- has publicly acknowledged she is gay. she had cancer last year. she mentioned her partner amber language, who is from the bay area. she is a massage therapist who works with patients recovering from injuries. the two women have been together for 10 years. robin roberts is trending now on twitter also trending michael schumacher is in a coma after a skiing accident in the alps. 49ers won last night 23-20. chud the cleveland brown fired their head coach after one season. new year's eve supreme court justice sonya sotomayor will push the button for the new year's eve countdown ball. follow us at twitter. check us out at #cbssf. we all know the highlight of the times square new year's eve celebration is the dropping of the ball at midnight. but there are a couple of new things you should to about this year's event. follow the world's largest crystal ball on twitter of
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course. it already has followers in 180 countries. also the crystal triangles are in different pattern. the theme is the gift of the imagination. officers have been out at chick points looking for drunk drivers for two weeks. police say the holidays are an especially dangerous time to be on the roads. >> last fall a family of four, three out of that were killed at the hands of a drunk driver so we are doing everything we can to educate people get the word out make sure people are not on the streets driving. >> as of this weekend, there were 142 drunk driving arrests for the 15-day period in san mateo county. maximum enforcement will continue through new year's. 6:15. i think it's the favorite week for liz. last week and this week. >> right. >> not much going on. >> there's not much going on. westbound 24 you can see what i'm talking about through the macarthur maze, all the way towards the bay bridge toll plaza, which remains off.
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those metering lights by the way, yeah. so it's a great commute out of the east bay. and same thing for silicon valley. this is a live look at westbound 237 all green on our traffic sensors past zanker road even towards 101. so this is our one earlier incident northbound 280 at bunker hill. i just want to update you, everything is cleared to the right-hand shoulder. we saw some delays for a while there. they didn't last long. right now 64 miles per hour as you head past that area in san mateo county. bart systemwide continues to run with no delays. more than 40 trains all on time. and they are running on a regular schedule. in fact all of mass transit on a normal schedule today and everything is on schedule. here's a live look right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. probably the most delays we have seen in the last week or so. and they are only building to the middle of the parking lot in just those couple far right cash lanes. once again still no metering lights. they likely may not be turned on at all for the morning commute. they have not been since christmas. the rest of your drive time still in the clear, westbound
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580 the nimitz and the eastshore freeway all moving at the speed limit. if you have any questions about your morning drive once you hit the road, tune to kcbs radio 740-am and 106.9-fm. that is your latest traffic. for more on your forecast, here's lawrence. >> it's been very quiet in the weather office. been looking for rain, can't find any. may not see that until next week. right now, high pressure overhead keeping us dry. a few high clouds tomorrow. temperatures running well above average. today we could see the king tides. if that happens, we expect that to happen about 8:59 this morning, could see some localized flooding along the embarcadero and low-lying areas. the king tides are the astronomical high tides of the year and they run about a foot above average. they will within with us for several days but by the afternoon -- they will be with us for the next several days but by the afternoon, low tide so you can check the rocks. around the bay this afternoon, hazy sunshine and mild temperatures. sunny and dry right into the new year and beyond.
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the ridge of high pressure is holding on even though a couple of systems are trying to break it down. tomorrow cloudy and hazy. temperatures expected in the 60s and the 70s in the central valley today, about 66 monterey bay. around our bay numbers around 66 in morgan hill. 62 in union city. and 65 degrees in redwood city. 64 in san ramon. 63 in pleasant hill. 62 in vallejo. inside the bay hazy sunshine, 64 in alameda. and about 63 degrees in sausalito. next couple of days keep things dry into the new year and beyond. looks like even warmer temperatures towards thursday. finally cooling down a little towards the weekend. but yeah, your holiday forecast looking unseasonably mild dry and not a raindrop in sight. just maybe, just maybe, we'll see something next year. >> incredible. >> wait a second. good question by the director. why is there a baby on that graphic? >> baby new year. we are starting all over again, giving birth to a new year.
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>> creepy. >> it is. [ laughter ] >> i think it's cool. >> that's the way they do it. >> nevermind. all right. it is 6:19 on the nose. snow of course hard to find up in the sierra but there's plenty of ice. here we go. so over the weekend heavenly village held a fear no ice festival. sculptors created works of art. they don't mind the dry weather saying it's easier to work without fighting the elements. >> a lot of snow is too much. it really dumps because there's a lot of organizing trying to move the ice into place. but we like the snow because it gives it a nice winter wonderland feel to it like we're in dr. zhivago world. >> there you go. you have one more day to enjoy the ice sculptures up at tahoe. the exhibition runs through today. cool. a bit of a juggling act as the ravens, bengals football game goes on yesterday. a one-handed catch and it's your play of the day. coming up next. >> hey, are you ready for some 49 post-season football?
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i have the matchup right here. when we come back. >> and what's cool about your school? you can email your nominations to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. from ,,,,,,,,
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check it out everybody. our kids are out of their rooms.
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because we've got the kfc favorites bucket. 10 pieces, any recipe. twelve ninety-nine. everybody gets what they want.
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we love this new extra crispy boneless. he's taller than i remember. ♪ days getting longer now. 7:25 sunrise, sunset at 5:00. >> out the door bart has 53 trains back to a regular schedule and everything is on time. same thing with ace. 3 and 5 also on schedule. full look at your "kcbs traffic" coming up. good morning, everybody. 49ers an early 4.5-point favorite to go to green bay and get it done in the wild card
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weekend this coming sunday at 1:30. how did they get there? well, arizona certainly made them sweat for it. tie game late, closing seconds, kaepernick to quinton, a huge 29-yard game. why, vern? well, that set up phil dawson with two seconds left hit the game winner. 49ers beat arizona 23-20 to get the packers in the first round. so they will play mr. discount aaron rodgers, the packers, rogers found randolph cobb here. that helped beat the bears 33- 28. raiders hosting peyton manning' broncos, four touchdown paces single season yardage king in one half. they beat the raiders. warriors and cavaliers in overtime. steph curry is the a rear row. 29 points for steph curry to
6:25 am
beat the cavs for the sixth time, 108-10 had. logan couture career 100th goal against the anaheim ducks. snap the ducks' ten-game win streak. san jose wins it, final of 3-1. that is sports at this hour. everybody have a terrific day. play-offs ahead. i know you're ready. play of the daytime now coming from the ravens bengals matchup from yesterday. bengals dalton the quarterback finds marvin jones but watch the catch. mr. jones on the run, one- handed reels it in. cincinnati won 34-17 so the baltimore ravens who of course beat the 9ers in the super bowl last year are out of the play- offs for the first time since 2007. your play of the day. >> we like that, right? >> well, it's a harbaugh. we feel for him. the coach. >> i'm glad the ravens are out. >> all right. 6:25 right now. coming up, it's a nativity
6:26 am
scene with a controversial twist. how one california church is using jesus christ to make a statement. >> californians will start the new year facing hundreds of new laws. i'm mark kelly live in the newsroom. a look at the new rules coming out of sacramento. ,,
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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. we're live at children's hospital oakland where time is running out for 13-year-old jahi mcmath. she is scheduled to be removed from life support today. what options her family still has left. >> russian investigators are calling two deadly bombings in russia possible acts of terrorism. the concern about the safety of
6:30 am
the upcoming olympics in sochi. >> and not rain but maybe the king tides could cause a little flooding around the bay area. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and traffic is a breeze at the bay bridge toll plaza, it was busier earlier, no metering lights so it's a great ride into san francisco. full look at your morning traffic coming up. good morning. it's monday, december 30. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. developing at 6:30, a family's fight to keep their 13- year-old daughter alive may be over. children's hospital oakland can legally take the brain-dead teen off life support at 5:00 this evening. kpix 5's cate caugiran is live at the hospital and cate, the family is running out of options to keep jahi mcmath alive. >> reporter: yeah. we know, michelle, that the family is here at the hospital spending what could be the last few hours with their daughter. 13-year-old jahi mcmath has as you mentioned -- in less than 12 hours, the judge has given children's hospital oakland the okay to remove jahi from the ventilator but it appears the family will be fighting right
6:31 am
down to the last minute. the clock is ticking. >> 5:00 comes around, the ventilator will be removed. >> reporter: but this deadline not stopping 13-year-old jahi mcmath's family. the family says there is still one facility willing to take in the teenager but children's hospital oakland says they haven't heard from them. the issue of moving the girl sparked a heated exchange between the hospital spokesman and the family lawyer. >> really honestly -- this young lady is deceased. the doctor said she was deceased. the independent physician you approved said she was deceased. the judge said she was deceased. >> brain-dead. you need to be clear. brain death is not the same thing as death of the body. >> no. >> there are very different views on this that are religious views and medical views that are published in the literature. it's not convenient for the hospital to deal with that but this hospital seems hell-bent to stop her heartbeat. >> reporter: jahi has been on life support after complications from a tonsil surgery more than two weeks ago. the family has raised $20,000 to move her. but if this final option falls
6:32 am
through and the 5:00 deadline expires, so will any hope this family had. >> there's no good way to end this story. there are no winners in the story. there's only a lot of people walking away very, very sad. >> reporter: will this family be back in court today? as far as we know, yes. the family's attorney says they have considered seeking a restraining order to keep the hospital from turning off that ventilator. reporting live at children's hospital oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> a previous facility backed out friday after hearing children's hospital would not perform surgical procedures needed for the transfers. russian city 400 miles from the february's winter olympics is on high alert following a bombing. 14 people killed today on a bus in volgograd. officials say the bombing was connected to the train station
6:33 am
bombing yesterday where 17 people died. let's check weather. of course, new year's eve tomorrow night. >> new year's eve we have that coming up. can't find any rain right now. that's a concern. and unfortunately, not going to see any but we could actually see a little flooding due to the king tides. those are astronomically large tides that will be paying a visit to the bay area later on this morning about 9:00 along the embarcadero flooding in low- lying areas. lots of sunshine all day long. hazy sunshine well into the 60s near record temperatures by the afternoon. a little chilly to start. mostly clear skies down to 28 in santa rosa. 32 and freezing in concord and 44 degrees in san francisco. this afternoon, we are going to race those numbers up into the 60s into the south bay as high at 66 in morgan hill. 62 concord. 65 pleasanton. inside the bay 62 in san francisco. 65 degrees in oakland. let's check your "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. sky 3 just flew over the nimitz freeway oakland and says in some cases traffic is so light
6:34 am
cars are going over the speed limit so we don't like to see that so be careful on the roads. overall though things look good. we have not seen hardly -- we have not seen -- i think we have seen one accident since we have been on the air blocking lanes. but now the bay bridge no metering lights. they likely will not be turned on this morning so we'll continue to watch it but for right now traffic is super light "holiday light" all the way across the span into san francisco. lower deck also looks good into the east bay. westbound 580, yellow sensors earlier but now everything is quiet, good to go through the livermore valley. that is "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. the obama administration says it saw a surge in sign-ups for this month for their health insurance. still it fell short of the goal. the number of people rolling through the website surpassed one million and experts say if you add all the numbers from the 14 states like california that are running their own websites, that number should really be more than 2 million. but the original goal was to have 3.3 million people signed
6:35 am
up by the end of the year. hundreds of new laws go into effect in california on new year's day. they range from new rules on the road to tougher gun control, as well. kpix 5's mark kelly joins us in the newsroom to tell us about some of the notable changes. mark. >> reporter: frank, governor jerry brown signed 805 bills into law many of those laws taking effect in 2014. to give you an idea, minimum wage employees will see more security in the workplace. gun owners will face heightened government oversight. >> reporter: in 2014, gun owners will see you in regulations on long guns, handguns rifles and shotguns will also be tracked. the department of justice will store the make, model and serial number of your gun. the law fired up some gun owners. >> these are law-abiding citizens. these aren't people who are trying to beat the system or anything like that. they are just people who don't want to be tracked.
6:36 am
>> reporter: for california's workers, more rights in 2014. july 1 starts the minimum wage bump to $9. $10 by 2016. and those in agriculture and landscaping will have required rest breaks working in the hot california sun. teenagers can no longer text and drive. no exception. not even with hands-free, voice- activated technology. only adult drivers can use that. >> when you're under 18, you need to learn how to drive first before you can introduce distractions into your sort of sphere. >> reporter: one of the headline grabbing laws accommodates transgender children in public school. it allows transgender students to choose which bathroom they would like to use and whether to play on the boys or girls sports teams. another law makes it easier for transgender person to update his birth certificate following a sex change operation. just a sample of the hundreds
6:37 am
of new laws facing californians in 2014. in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> there is an effort under way to derail the law allowing transgender students to choose which restroom to use and sports team to play on. frank, we could see that topic again on the november ballot. >> and mark, i understand illegal immigrants are also getting new rights. >> reporter: this has gotten a lot of attention over the past year. illegal immigrants will be allowed to get a law license if they have a law degree. and, of course, go on to pass the bar. and in a few years, frank, illegal immigrants will also be able to get a driver's license in the state of california. >> lots of changes. mark kelly live in our newsroom, thank you. recreational marijuana retailers in colorado are preparing to start selling their products on new year's day. that's when colorado becomes the first state to sell pot for recreation legally. 20 states including colorado already can sell medicinal marijuana but the rules for selling recreational pot are different. it will cost more.
6:38 am
only people over 21 can buy it and amounts are limited. a southern california church is using the nativity scene to make a statement. it features an image of trayvon martin in place of jesus christ. the scene on the lawn of the claremont united methodist church depicts the florida teenager. the artist behind it says he wanted to make the nativity relevant to modern times and generate a community conversation. >> we try to make it a new way of looking at the nativity and connecting the nativity story with a contemporary issue. >> the depiction here is uncomfortable. and that's kind of the point. >> some people have said the nativity is too sacred to modify in this way. but the lead pastor says the church is a progressive community where many congregants seek to challenge their minds. nationwide manhunt for a suspected cop killer and bank robber ended in a deadly shootout with police in phoenix over the weekend.
6:39 am
it all started last monday when 40-year-old mario edward garnett tried to hold up a bank in atlanta. he failed. investigators say later that day he drove to mississippi and robbed another bank. one officer was killed and another hurt in a gunfight there. and the suspect escaped again. police caught up with him saturday in phoenix when they say he tried to rob another bank. >> i heard one, boom, boom, boom. >> the officer is trying to retreat and take cover. at that point the detective drew his service weapon and fired at the suspect. >> garnett was killed. no one else was injured. time now 6:39. this bay area waterway has been calm almost too calm. how the dry weather is keeping away one of nature's -year-old attractions. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's get a quick look at the early numbers. you can see a bit of a mixed bag this morning. we'll get an update from cbs moneywatch reporter wendy gillette. ,,
6:40 am
6:41 am
6:42 am
a ticket purchased at a sane gift shop was one of two jat winners from the december 1h
6:43 am
drawing. t the bay area's mystery megamillionaire is holding out. a ticket purchased at a san jose gift shop was one of two jackpot winners from the december 17 drawing. the lump sum payout $173 million. the georgia winner claimed the cash already. the san jose ticketholder has a year to claim the prize. millions of americans will ring in the new year with a new paycheck. minimum wage is going up in a number of states. wendy gillette has a look at our moneywatch this morning. good morning, wendy. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. it's going to be a happy new year for more than a million workers making major. they are going to get a pay raise in 13 states. most increases will be about 15 cents an hour, but in new jersey the rate goes up $1 to $8.25. washington state the highest minimum wage in the country at $9.32 an hour. california will raise its major by $1 to $9 on -- minimum wage by $1 to $9 on january 1. the
6:44 am
dow was up 2.4% this month and 25% this year. the s&p 500 has soared almost 30% in 2013. trading is expected to be light today here on wall street because many are on vacation. the markets opened mixed. the dow is up 6. and if you dream of finding a treasure in your attic, listen to this discovery. the bbc's antiques road show says an english priest brought a painting to its experts that purchased at an antique shot for $650. the painting was by anthony van tyke from the 17th century and worth more than $650,000. >> i would never have such luck. would you buy a painting for $600 in the first place? >> at this point, i don't know. [ laughter ] >> that guy is lucky. all right. wendy gillette,, thank you. 'tis the season for big coho salmon to be making their way upstream in north bay creeks but a dry winter is
6:45 am
delaying the show. people come to the leo cronin area to see the salmon jump up to the tributaries. that's where they spawn and die. but a dry year is leading to a shortage of coho returning from the sea. >> i would have liked to have seen some fish. i have never seen fish spawning before so it would have been nice. >> the water district has been releasing dam wart but it's not enough. the fish need the unique chemical smell of a good rain and runoff. time to traffic. we are in the holiday mode in a big way. >> we are. it's very, very, very quiet on the roads right now. it's busy earlier in the morning. we saw a few incidents out there but now all is still. so here's a live look outside. this is along the peninsula 101 in san mateo near the hillsdale exit. we have had our photographer standing by all morning showing cars at the speed limit. thank you for the live look, edgar. on the maps, at the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights.
6:46 am
it's been a breeze all morning long into san francisco. westbound 237 similar story for the silicon valley drive. looks great out of sunnyvale. sky 1 showed us everything at the speed limit right now through the altamont pass and the livermore valley. the drive time down to 15 minutes right now on the stretch between there and the dublin interchange and even the eastshore freeway we often see some busy conditions through berkeley and it's not the case. everything good from ashby to the macarthur maze. mass transit everything is on a regular schedule today. starting tomorrow, some mass transit including ferries on a holiday schedule but for right now bart systemwide on time with more than 51 trains all running with no delay. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." for more on your forecast now, things are getting interesting, here's lawrence. >> they could be interesting. it's going to stay dry here but we could see a little flooding due to the king tides, the astronomically high tides. still outside we have high pressure overhead. that will bring lots of sunshine. a bit hazy. but yeah, we are going to see
6:47 am
some unusually high tides. this is the time of year we get them about a foot above average about 9:00 in san francisco causing flooding on the embarcadero. then by the afternoon, it will be down to 1.1 feet below normal so you get the idea, pretty extreme across the day today and into the afternoon. very low but the next few days, though high tides will continue. next few days, we are looking at more sunshine on the way, as well. very hazy and mild into the afternoon. sunny and dry right into the new year. that ridge of high pressure just too strong so we have a couple of systems off the coastline. unfortunately, can't get the jet stream to dip so that's sending all the moisture to the pacific northwest. we keep things dry. no delays expected out at sfo. mostly sunny skies. if you are heading across the country, we have some frigid conditions across a good part of the country, as well. 16 degrees mostly cloudy in chicago. 37 degrees and mostly cloudy into new york. and some rain, 51 degrees in houston. around the bay today you're looking at temperatures generally in the 60s well above the average. some places near record levels. toward the next couple of days
6:48 am
into the new year, looks like we keep things dry and above normal some of those numbers by thursday getting near 70 degrees again. a little cooler over the weekend. but staying dry. but yeah, looks like on your new year's, we are looking at unseasonably mild temperatures. it is going to stay in the 60s all across the board. and dry but maybe some changes next week. just maybe next week we could city a little rain. we'll see if it happens. >> it's getting scary now. >> keep waiting for things to change. i can't see it right now. >> thank you. it is 6:48 now. this new year's day tournament of roses parade in pasadena is always big. the event celebrates the 125th anniversary this year and stephanie simmons is going to take us behind the scenes. >> reporter: thousands of volunteers are putting finishing touches on the 45 different floats being showcased this year under the theme, dreams come true. >> so all of the materials on the parade floats have to be
6:49 am
natural so we are using seaweed right now to add to the leaves. >> reporter: those leaves will then become part of an exotic scene designed by dole, the winner of the sweepstakes trophy for the last three years. >> our float this year is sunrise at the oasis. it's kind of like a desert meets tropical rain forest. at dole we love nature and we wanted to show nature's bounty. >> reporter: the dole float will display real trees, a water follow, wild animals, and will be finished off with 40,000 hot pink roses. >> the ideas are endless. >> reporter: stephanie simmons, kpix 5. >> and keep your eyes out for a float called mateo's dream sponsored by the lions club and honors a concord park. of course after the big parade, don't forget the big game, right? stanford will take on michigan state in the rose bowl. >> i'll be watching. customers at a connecticut starbucks are taking paying it forward to a whole other level. the charitable gesture started the morning of christmas eve
6:50 am
and hasn't stopped. the store reached more than 1,000 customers buying a cup of joe for the next person in line. >> i thought it was very cool. yeah. he told me that there's like hundreds that have been going on now and asked me if i wanted to pay it forward for the guy behind me so i said absolutely. >> that's cool. workers at the store say since the first few drinks were free on christmas morning, customers decided to keep the good will going. time to see what's coming up on "cbs this morning." anthony mason joins us live in new york with the big show. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ahead, national security analysts on what the terror attacks in russia mean for security at the upcoming olympics. plus, 30 times stronger than steel, 50% lighter than kevlar, we put the new bulletproof suit to the test. and the best day of the year to get a new car and how you can
6:51 am
get the most bang for your buck. the news is back if the morning. we'll see you all -- into us is back in the morning. we'll see you all at 6:00. time now 6:51. an accident on the ski slopes sends a former formula 1 race car driver to the hospital. the latest on michael schumacher's this morning. >> reporter: we are live in oakland. jahi mcmath's family running out of time and options. the effort to keep the oakland girl on life support before the hospital can legally remove her from the ventilator. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. in the russian city of volgograd. this time, a bla on a trolleybus killed14 pe. 5 things to know at the :55. there's been another explosion in the russian city of volgograd. this time, a blast on a trolley
6:55 am
bus killed 14 people. this followed a suicide bombing at a train station in the city on sunday. at least 17 people died in that attack. the bombings raise concerns about security in russian during the upcoming sochi olympics in february. another winter storm bringing heavy wet snow to areas still struggling with power outages back east. forecasters calling for as much as 10" of snow in maine and vermont. those two states are already reeling from an ice storm just last week that knocked out power to thousands. many still don't have electricity. michael schumacher is in a coma after a skiing accident in the french alps. the retired race car driver was rushed to the hospital and underwent immediate brain surgery. schumacher's manager says the retired formula 1 racer fell on his head. a hospital spokesman says schumacher remains in critical condition. court hearing in san francisco on the accreditation of city college happening later today. the commission that accredits junior colleges wants the court to issue a stay or abstain from ruling on a lawsuit that's
6:56 am
involving ccsf. in the lawsuit, city attorney dennis herrera is challenging the commission's attempt to yank accreditation from a college next july. robin roberts is gay. in a facebook post, marking a one-year milestone of health, following a battle with cancer, she thanked her long-time partner, amber lane. lane, who is from the bay area, is a massage therapist who works with patients recovering from injuries. the two women have been together for 10 years. i'm cate caugiran live at children's hospital oakland. time is ticking for the family of jahi mcmath as they run out of options to keep the teen on a ventilator. we know that children's hospital can turn off life support at 5:00 this evening. this weekend the family says one of two facilities willing to take her backed out but that is not stopping the family. they say they have one more option left but hospital officials say they have not
6:57 am
heard from that facility. >> 5:00 comes around, the ventilator will be removed. there's no good way to end this story. there are no winners in the story. there's only a lot of people walking away very, very sad. >> reporter: jahi mcmath has been on life support for more than two weeks. she was declared brain-dead after children's hospital said she had a very complex surgery. an outside physician appointed by the courts agreed with the hospital diagnosis. as far as we know, mcmath's family attorney says that they plan on pursuing a restraining order in order to keep the hospital from pulling the plug. reporting live at children's hospital oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. an open burn ban starts today after a dry winter has led to more fires. alameda, contra costa, santa clara and san mateo are among those counties affected. campfires will be allowed only in designated campgrounds or with special permission on private property. and some new video of a volcano that's now spewing smoke and hot ash in eastern el
6:58 am
salvador. the eruption began yesterday. you can see the mountain letting out a steady stream of gas about three miles into the air. the good news, no fresh lava has been detected yet but people who live nearby have been asked to leave the area. probably a good idea. one final check of your "kcbs traffic." there's nothing going on. everything looks good right now if you are along the peninsula, 101 and 280. 65, 63, 61 miles per hour, those are all current live traffic conditions. in fact, kcbs sky 1 flew over the nimitz earlier. northbound getting crowded in the northbound lanes but overall the volume of traffic is "holiday light." southbound looks good from the macarthur maze all the way down to hayward. no delay now approaching highway 92. traffic has been so light towards the bay bridge toll plaza, they never had to turn on the metering lights. it's almost 7:00 and still no metering lights. they likely won't be turned on during the morning commute. we'll let you know during the cutins if that changes but for right now very quiet all across
6:59 am
the span and mass transit bart has 53 trains and they are all running with no delay. >> we could see flooding today and it's not going to rain. that could be interesting. we have some unusually high tides. king tides are coming today for the next few days. this one about 9:00 along the embarcadero right there, you may see a little bit of flooding along the embarcadero today. so we have some mostly sunny skies, hazy conditions coming our way for today and these temperatures running well above average. about 64 in san jose. 65 in redwood city. and 65 in oakland. next couple of days, looking out to the new year's, yeah, it is going to stay dry, guys. unfortunately, no rain, above average temperatures through friday. some of the long range models pointing to the possibility of a few showers next wee doesn't look like much. >> it will rain every day in february and march. >> to make up for it.
7:00 am
>> thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. good morning to our viewers in the west. sit monday, december 30, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." over night another deadly bombing in russia. what the new violence means for security at olympics less than 40 days away. >> new power outages in the the north as storms batter many. ships trapped off antarctica may not be free until next year. the best day of the year to get a new car. an analyst shows how you can show thousand this is week. >> we begin with a look at today' eye-opener, your world in


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