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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 30, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5. >> that's more like it. it is raining for the second night in a row. we are getting right to it. paul deanno is tracking the rain. >> we could get used to this. two nights in a row with rainfall. let's get to who is seeing the rainfall already. you in the south bay are getting the heaviest rainfall. sunnyvale. the eastern half of san jose. petaluma light showers. mill valley, heavier showers sneak through the golden gait. look at all the snow in the sierra. here is why we need the rainfall. our drought was downgraded to exceptional. the worst level of drought. so we need more rainfall.
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there is another rain chance even after this one, we will talk about when coming up. >> thank you paul. well kpix5's andria borba is live where it is snowing finally. >> reporter: liz, it just stopped a little while ago, but it dropped eight inches of this stuff. at the moment, the only snow coming up to here is the stuff they are making up on the mountain. this is the aftermath of the first winter storm in the sierra in 50 days. at 5500 feet, there is barely a dusting a snow. all along i-80, snowplows roamed with their blades up. not even enough snow to scrape off the asphalt. today, the word from the state department, the eight inches of snow last night is historically bad. >> that wasn't nearly enough to make a dent in the drought. >> reporter: a minimal dusting was enough to raise spirits at the ski resort.
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that said, the snow making operations have been going on nonstop here since november putting up as much as a foot of man maid powder a night. supplementing what nature is not providing. >> i cannot predict what is going to happen. >> reporter: skiers and snow boarders are excited but like the rest of california, acutely aware of how dry it has been. >> i don't know if you have seen fulton lake, but it looks pretty sad. it is just a little pond. if we don't get any run off soon, we will be hurting in summertime. >> reporter: to answer a question, no, this storm is not going to provide reservoir one off. not even close. >> these first storms are just being absorbed into the dry ground. >> reporter: and the dire news keeping coming. the official snow survey happened this afternoon along highway 50 at el dorado county. the statewide snow pack is a mere 12% of normal. that is the lowest total ever for the january survey that
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happens up here in el dorado county every year. the next snow survey happens in april. we are on track if we do not continue to get storms to have the lowest ever for that one as well. andria borba, kpix5. >> this is what folsom lake looks light rye now. a bay area airplane is back to normal now. kpix5's lynn ramirez says it only stopped when it hit the fence. >> no doubt some scary moments for the people who came crashing down. the twin engine prop made a normal landing but lost its breaks. it careened off the runway and hit a perimeter catch fence on the backside of the airport. there was a small hydraulic
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fluid leak that was quickly cleaned up by the firefighter who's responded. the airplane was towed back to a hanger and was not badly damaged. >> four people on board were not hour. this is the second incident in two weeks in that airport. last time, two planes t-boned on the run way. nobody was hurt. a scare on the cal campus. a lilt before 8:00, a container of hydro chloric acid broke in the science building. about two liters spilled. police cleared out all the students. nobody was injured. the police department is now dealing with cleaning up the mess left behind. imagine trying to sign up for health insurance an giving your personal information to a convict. juan fernandez says that is what happened to some people who signed up for covered california. >> reporter: covered california should be a relatively safe
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thing, but 31 out of more than 3,000 certified enrollment counselors have a criminal past. criminal expert says that could be a problem. >> there are individuals here who are being given information that is very personal, that could locate you. that could identify you. and that could destroy your future if it is misused. >> reporter: information released by covered california shows the past crimes range from forgery, shoplifting, burglary, robbery, and welfare fraud. dana howard with covered california says all applicants had thorough background checks an training. >> these convictions happened 10, 20, 30 years ago. they do note pose a threat or a significant threat to those people who they would be doing business with. >> reporter: covered california went onto say enrollment counselors have access to the name, address, telephone, and social security numbers of people, but only of those they
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enroll. >> we know who they are so that if anything did happen that was inappropriate, we would not know who did it and where to find them. >> reporter: the state should require disclosure of the criminal past and give applicants the desire to speak to someone else. i'm juan fernandez for kpix5. >> an attorney for covered california says this could keep people from signing up. hard to believe it is 25 years since ayli disappeared. a lot of people have not forgotten. they retrained her steps. aileen was on her way home from school when she vanished. many of the marchers carried signs with her pictures, aileen's parents say they will never give up on searching for her cigarette is all about her. as far and wide as we request get the word out. we are looking for her until we find her.
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and we are never going to give up. >> aileen was 13 years old when she disappeared and there is a $100,000 award for information leading to an arrest. an internet cafe that generated hundreds of come plaits is shutting down. the city says net stop had become a magnet for criminals and illegal gambling was taking place. they agreed to shut it down and pull out the software. the first year it opened, police responded to more than 200 calls at net stop. >> there were definitely people coming in and out at there 2:00 a.m. getting if into fights. i cannot tell you how many police have been here. >> the agreement to leave is not an admission to guilt and the cafe has 60 days to leave. across the bay area, people are getting ready to ring in the year of the horse. joe vasquez is in china town
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with the preparations. >> reporter: the streets are full of excitement and fire works as the lunar new year is about an hour away. with it comes a lot of traditions. celebrating new year's eve tonight is 106-year-old dur and four generations of his family. he came to america when he was four years ole. his family was among the many we found. >> new years eve, they cook a lot of food. new year's day, they don't cook. they just play and enjoy. >> reporter: the dinner includes many traditions such as serving fish and fowl with heads attached symbolizing wholeness and life. oranges symbolizing wealth. >> i give everybody oranges to give great fortune. >> reporter: and the red packets of cash. >> as a kid it was great from
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of all the money you get. but yeah, growing up, it is a bit of getting back to the culture. >> you see here all the fireworks. all the bad spirits will go away. and hopefully, everything will come true what you wish for. >> reporter: here is wishing you a terrific year of the horse. joe vasquez, kpix5. one of new york's land marcs the empire state builting is lit up for the lunar new year. yahoo has encountered a security breach that compromised e-mail accountsful it is working to investigate. user names and pass wheres were stolen. yeah yo leaves the information was taken from a third party data base. if you have a yahoo account, reset your password. a bay area start up just made superbowl history. >> betty yu has a sneak peek at the ad that crushed the
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competition. >> reporter: watch out boys, these girls are only getting louder. [ screaming ] >> this is one of the greatest days of my entire life. >> reporter: the oakland based toy company goldie blocks just got a superbowl ad. >> it was such a huge win for girls around the world to introduce them to the cop septembers of engineering. >> reporter: the ad is worth a cool $4 million. it is just a tease of what is to come. goldieblocks just added a second factory to china. >> it has been my dream to inspire girls around the world with a real positive role model. >> reporter: the company has already achieved youtube fame. this video ended up in a legal
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battle with the beastie boys because it spoofed their song girls. >> don't underestimate girls. >> reporter: they beat out 15,000 small businesses around the country to win the top prize. they were among the top four finalists and ultimately, it was one million online votes that helped decide the winner on superbowl sunday. they are throwing the company a big viewing party. in the news room, betty yu, kpix5. >> the founder talks to us from new york saying she is working to settle with the beastie boys. did you ever see your son again? >> no. >> he died while you were in jail? >> a bay area dad wrongfully accused of shaking his baby to death. the shaky science sending many people to jail. >> and are you really buying what you think you are buying when you shop at the outlet
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two free pillows, and free same-day delivery. are you next? announcer: make sleep train your ticket to tempur-pedic. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ doctors have said violent >> every year, it is estimated 200 people are convicted of shaking babies to death. for years doctors have said violent shaking causes babies brains to swell and bleed. now that science looks shaky. linda yee talked to one bay area father who was wrongly accused. >> reporter: a parent's anguished call. christian slipped and fell dropping his three month baby upon to a hard kitchen floor. >> the arms and legs are not moving and he feels limp. >> is he still on the ground? >> he went silent from crying. and i fell into shock. >> reporter: and so began the
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nightmare. 15 hours after his baby was rushed to emergency, he was accused of child abuse. a violently shaking his baby, not dropping him. >> the doctors have told us at least to me, that they thought the injuries where inconsistent with my accounts. >> reporter: baby johan had bleeding and swelling behind his eyes. they insisted it was shaken baby syndrome. >> they asked me if he had shaken the baby before. >> reporter: they said johan was dying and the cops came to arrest him. >> christian tried to lean over and kiss the baby. they said sir, step away for the baby. >> reporter: he was? jail a week before making bail. >> you didn't see your son again? >> no. >> he died while you were in jail? >> reporter: it is hard to watch this nanny cam video of a woman violently shaking a baby
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in her care. specialist says it is abusive and can cause injury, but shaking alone is not enough to cause the bleeding. he says there are other reasons. >> these things are nonspecific find that's can occur in impact injuries, birth trauma, complications, a number of medical problems that result in increased pressure and bleeding around the brain. >> reporter: the american academy of pediatrics agreed there could be other problems besides shaking that could cause brain injuries. but it also emphasizes that is not in every case. san francisco prosecutors decide evidence in this case did not prove abuse and dismissed the murder charge against him. attorney page kaneb says the california innocence project is relooking at cases nationwide. helping people who may have been wrongly convicted. >> the dane sir people have been convicted on faulty science.
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science we know know is wrong. so how do we deal with that? how many people are in prison based on an incorrect hypothesis that was never proven? >> guess who is coming tomorrow? >> reporter: aspelin was forced to sell their home to raise money for his defense. the case is now over two-and-a- half years later. >> are you better at all? >> yeah. i think we are both very bitter and it goes up and down the level of bitterness. >> reporter: they grieve the loss of johan, but there is a happy ending of sorts. they are having triplets who came into the world yesterday. in san francisco, linda yee, kpix5. >> wow. the innocence project says there are about a dozen convictions nationwide that have been reversed. you don't usually see a bomb sniffing dog go into a
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restaurant. it was a security sweep for the first lady who was in town. mrs. obama was nowhere in sight. during his state of the union address, the president call attention to the first lady for setting a good example. now many are calling attention to the dress she wore. that is because she broke tradition and went with a nonamerican designer. her green dress was made by harris bay's alaya. >> yes. >> she actually had worn that dress before. >> she wore it for an interview before. >> i guess even the first lady is a little frugal. if you like to shop at the outlets, watch out. christin ayers on the big bait and switch. >> for working out. >> reporter: art knew exactly what he was getting when he found these nikes on sale at san leandro's nike out let.
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>> i got these for $22. >> reporter: a $22 sale that comes with a catch. >> you cannot expect them to lass. >> reporter: he knows that what you find in an outlet store is not always sold in the main store and the quality of the merchandise doesn't stack up either. three members of congress wrote the federal trade commission pointing out that merchandise found in outlet stores the often of lower quality than goods sold at nonoutlet retail locations and urging the ftc to investigate this unfair marketing practice. outlet stores started out selling goods that were overstock or defected but began manufacturing their own lower quality product to meet demands. >> they figured it out and produced the product. >> reporter: the outlet stores
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could stand to be transparent. if not, they risk losing shoppers like this one who is now second guessing the allan schwartz she bought tonight they also want to come up with definitions for factory store and outlet stores. christin ayers, kpix5. we have been waiting for this. and now it is back. >> bonus rainfall tonight. one more coming. we are not done yet. the hits keep coming. is it really bonus rainfall? well yes, because it wasn't in the forecast yesterday. let's take it. kpix5 high definition doppler. most of the rain down in santa cruz county. light to moderate rain showers elsewhere. it is raining. mountain view, sunnyvale. fremont. san jose getting rain. steadiest rainfall is right
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across the bay bridge over treasure island. berkeley, oakland, much of the city of san francisco getting wet right now. a live look outside from oakland. back to san francisco, the camera bouncing around a bit because the wind picked up. snow in the sierra. an additional two to six inches of snow. great news for skiers. maybe you should be heading up this week. winter weather advisory until 10:00 tomorrow morning. what is going on? what is changing? two night ins a row? there is an area of low pressure scooting by. the rain will be done in about two hours. you will likely get a tenth of an inch of rainfall, but it shows me that the high pressure ridge that has dominated the weather for the past half of a year is far enough away for the storm to go up and over the ridge and down into the bay area. now, the setup in the atmosphere, they go up and over the ridge, but when they come back over, they are coming theory. case in point, sunday, new rain
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chance. another low pressure area moves in and we will see more showers coming up on sunday. so showers likely over night tonight, dry but cooler for a couple of days. friday and saturday. highs around 60, showers are back on sunday. highs tomorrow, pretty close to average, but every day this month will have been warmer than normal. concord, 62, normal 58. walnut creek, 62, pleasanton, 61. it will be a pleasant day in san francisco tomorrow. we are dry tomorrow, dry on saturday, more showers on sunday. and then we are pretty dry next week. the first week of february pretty dry. bonus rain tonight. sunday, things are slowly changing. good news. good news. >> good, hopefully, lit change even more. coming up, new evidence that tanning is more dangerous than smoking. ,,
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journal of the american medical association says the number of skin cancer cases due to indoor tanning is higher than the number of lung cancer cases from smoking. >> if you have ever been in a tanning bed, it increases your risk of melanoma by 75%. it can spread through the body and there are not good cures for it yet. >> safest bet, stick to a spray tan if you want the glow. >> i will have to remember that next time i go. yeah. collin kaepernick opened up about richard sherman. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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goals the la clippers had..n the >> nba up top, the warriors are laughing tonight. one, that's the number of field goals the clippers had in the third quarter alone! 22 points for steph curry who is perfect four for four beyond the arc. the warriors defensively. andrew bogut, get out of my
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kitchen. three blocks, 17 rebounds. off the bench, one of them, big dunk. warriors up by 13. clippers score just 11 in that third. jj redick turned it over. iguodala. the warriors win. they are 2/1 against the clips this year. lindsay, 21st ranked bears trailed against number four stanford. the bears within striking distance. the clutch hoop or the foul to put it away. stanford holds on. 70-64. the hockey sharks in calgary. san jose trying to avoid their third straight shutout. but they didn't avoid their third straight loss. between the pipes. shucks lose it.
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their third straight l. nfl, collin kaepernick today broke his silence about richard sherman. now nfc championship post game rant. he popped up in new york with some pointed words. >> to me, it was ridiculous, but if that is what you need to do to make yourself feel like a better player, you have to tell everybody i'm the best corner in the league. go ahead and tell them. >> do you want seattle to win though they are in your division? or do you not want them to win? >> not a chance. [ laughter ] >> all right, kaepernick isn't the only one who thought sherman was ridiculous. the interview was reached party status. >> take me through it. [ screaming ] [ unintelligible ] >> don't you ever talk about me. >> nobody is ever talking about
11:31 pm
you. >> i always thought miss piggy played a great straight man. speaking of animals, eli the superbowl ape of the salt lake city zoo has picked the last six superbowl champions today. he picked seattle to win. >> you don't have to worry about eli. you have to worry about peyton. >> that's right. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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