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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 31, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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it's nearly 4:30. and we're going to begin with breaking news. flames shot out of a home overnight in santa clara on the north side on avenita de lago east of the 49ers new football stadium. four people were inside at the time the one person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the fire gutted the home and charred the car in fact driveway. it took 40 minutes to put the fire out. we have traffic and weather. the rain s gone. >> tapering off now. still a couple of leftover showers sliding eastward. you can see the rain making its way up to the sierra nevada. lots of snow into the high country. we might have more showers this weekend. we'll talk about that coming up. >> it's "friday light" for all bay area roadways wide open at the bay bridge toll plaza but we are just getting word of an accident in pleasant hill area off highway 24. i'll have details of "kcbs traffic." thank you very much, liza. now more than ever we need to save every drop of water that
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we can! that's what the head of the state of water department resources says after the latest check of the sierra snowpack yesterday. it's at a record low at only 12% of normal. the 8" of snow made for better skiing conditions at boreal but didn't put a debt dent in the drought. >> these first storms are just being absorbed into the dry ground. >> folsom lake looks said right now. a big little pond and if we don't get any runoff we'll be hurting for summertime. >> ski resorts continue to make snow to keep the runs covered. what about folsom lake? looks like this now. get this. the water level was actually higher before the latest rain than before. they need the water. business is back to normal at san jose's reid-hillview airport after a small plane skidded off the runway and crashed into a fence. it happened just after 4:00 yesterday afternoon. the twin-engine turboprop careened off the runway through
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a grassy area then hit the fence. the four people were unhurt. this is the second incident there this month. two weeks ago a pair of small planes collided on the runway. no one was hurt then. happening today, the first lady michelle obama will wrap up her visit here to san francisco. she will join nancy pelosi for a women's lunch at the fairmont this morning and security is tight. yesterday, bomb-sniffing dog was part of a security sweep at a fancy san francisco restaurant. huge mode indicated pulled up at the restaurant but mrs. obama was nowhere in sight. during his state of the union address this week the president called attention to the first lady for setting a good example. now many are calling attention to the dress she wore that night. that's because she broke tradition and went with a non- american designer. her dress was made by a designer from paris. there are convicted
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criminals by those working for "covered california" the state's held insurance marketplace. as juan fernandez reports, that raises concerns as enrollees must give their personal information. >> reporter: enrolling for health insurance in "covered california" should be safe. but new information reveals 31 out of more than 3,000 certified enrollment counselors have a criminal past. former prosecutor and security experts say that could be a problem. >> there are individuals here who are being given information that is very personal that can locate you, that can identify you, and that can destroy your future if it is misused. >> reporter: information released by "covered california" shows the past crimes range from forgery, shoplifting, burglary, robbery and welfare fraud. dana howard with "covered california" says all applicants went through thorough background checks and training. >> these convictions happen 10, 20, 30 years ago. and they do not pose a threat
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or a significant threat to those people who they would be doing business with. >> reporter: "covered california" went on to say especially rolement counselors have access to the name, address, telephone and social security numbers of people but only of those they enroll. >> we know well who they are. so that it's not a case where if anything did happen that that was inappropriate, that we would not know who did it and where to find them. >> reporter: he says the state should require disclosure of the counselor's criminal past and give applicants the opportunity to speak to someone else if they wish. >> an attorney for "covered california" cautioned this could deter some people from signing up for health insurance. 4:34. the weekend is here. i guess the rain has disappeared for the most part. >> it has. this storm system winding down. more showers overnight on our hi-def doppler radar we had a few scattered showers sliding through. but most of that now beginning to head on eastward, where it's
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headed up to the sierra nevada. there it goes moving on through through the evening hours and tapering off. we have lingering clouds but most of the rain is done for now. still, out over the bay partly cloudy skies, temperatures a little cooler this morning as we start to clear things out a bit. 45 degrees in santa rosa. 48 in san jose. and 49 degrees in san francisco. looking toward the afternoon, we'll see a little sunshine and a couple of passing clouds, the temperatures will be cool mid- 50s out toward the coastline, a little breezy there, 50s and 60s inside the bay. a chance of some showers over the weekend. we'll have more on that coming up. right now let's check out the roads are john vanbiesbrouck. >> reporter: we are kicking off this morning's commute with this accident coming in, in lafayette westbound 24 approaching pleasant hill road involving a car and big rig blocking two lanes of traffic. this is in the commute direction but it's early so not delaying the commute too much p this is in lafayette. meanwhile, over at the bay
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bridge toll plaza toll plaza, everything is looking okay with no big delays leaving oakland heading into the city and bart is on time. that's your "kcbs traffic." now to frank. if you like to shop at the outlet stores, watch out! kpix 5's christin ayers says you could be the victim of a big bait-and-switch. >> reporter: art knew exactly what he was getting when he found these nikes on sale at san leandro's nike outlet. >> these are 30 bucks and 30% off for that i got these out the door for $22. >> reporter: a $22 sale that comes with a catch. but you're not going to expect those to last like a normal nike? >> not at all. >> reporter: he knows what some other shoppers told me they don't. that the stuff you find in and out let store often isn't sold in the main store and the quality of the merchandise doesn't stack up either. bay area representative anna eshoo and three other members of congress wrote the federal trade commission pointing out the merchandise found in outlet stores is often of lower
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quality than goods sold at non- outlet retail stores and urging the ftc to investigate deceptive and unfair marketing practices at outlet stores. this retail expert says outlet stores started out selling goods that were overstocked or defective but began manufacturing their own lower quality products to meet demand. >> i think what they do is they figure out the price point and work as hard as they can to produce products at that price point that's not inconsistent with their brand. >> reporter: he says the outlet stores could standing to more transparent. if not, they risk losing shoppers like this, who is now second-guessing the alan schwartz heels she bought. >> i'll think about it next time. >> reporter: congress wants the ftc could to come up with definitions for factory store and outlet store. in fremont, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> a san francisco internet cafe is getting ready to close and the owner promises not to open a similar business in the city for five years. the city says net stop in the
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excelsior had become a magnet for criminals and illegal gambling. the first year it was open, police responded to more than 200 calls at net stop. >> there were definitely people coming in and out at 2 a.m., yelling, getting in fights, like i can't tell you how many times i have seen police out here. >> the san francisco city attorney's office says the agreement to leave is not an admission of guilt. the cafe has 60 days to go. around the bay area now on this friday, there was a scare at the cal campus last night. the fire department says little before 8:00 a container of hydrochloric acid broke in the science building there. two liters spilled. police evacuated the students on the 6th floor. nobody was injured. two burglary suspects in custody now and a third still on the loose after a manhunt in milpitas p a police dog helped in the search yesterday afternoon and officers set up a perimeter near north abel street and marilyn drive. people in the area are urged to stay inside their homes as
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police search cars and yards around the neighborhood. zynga, the san francisco- based videogame company announced more job cuts. this round affects more than 300 employees, about 15% of the company's workforce. zynga had already cut about 1200 jobs over the past couple of years. across the bay area, people are celebrating the lunar new year. >> reporter: celebrating is four generations of this man's family. he came to america when he was 12. his family is among the many we found crowding into chinatown restaurants. [ non-english language ] >> a lot of food cooked new year's eve. new year's day they don't cook, just play and enjoy. >> reporter: the dinner includes many traditions such as serving fish and fowl with heads attached, symbolizing wholeness and life. oranges, symbolizing wealth.
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>> i pick and give everyone in the family oranges with leaves and it's to give great fortune. >> reporter: and the red packets of cash. >> this is called lucky money. lie see in chinese. >> as a kid it was great because of all the money that you get. but growing up, yeah, it's a bit more kind of give back to the culture. you see here all these fireworks, all the bad spirits will go away. [ fireworks ] >> hopefully, everything will come true what you wish for. >> reporter: here's wishing you a terrific year of the horse. joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> looks like fun. the empire state building pier is lit up in red and gold for the lunar new year. it is 4:40. punishing the kids for the parents's mistake. why some children went hungry when the lunch lady cracked down. >> and hackers are at it again. the damage done this time at yahoo. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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apologizing for taking foody from hungry elementary scho
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children. about thirty students lost their 4:42. the salt lake city school district is apologizing taking away school lunches for children. they lost lunches because of no money. some students were in tears and shared food with friends. the food is now restored. >> her best friend was crying because she didn't get lunch. i asked her why. she said, well, because they said there was no money in her account and the lunch lady just took her food away and gave her an apple and orange. >> the food that was taken from the students was thrown away. now the principal set up an account to cover lunch for students whose accounts have no money. let's check the weather. hey, i was driving this morning and i noticed the pavement was wet. >> yeah. just a little damp. we had some light showers overnight. they were scattered, of course not enough to break the drought but much-needed rain falling in the bay area over the past 24 hours. looks like that is now winding down. we have some dry weather headed for the rest of the day.
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hi-def doppler radar is looking good. we are clearing out your skies now and it looks like a return to some dry weather at least for the first part of the weekend. and then some changes after that. so the cloud trying to break up just a little bit now. and the weather continuing to dry out. clearing skies as we head in toward the middle of the day in the afternoon and dry. should be a sunny saturday. but on sunday, there's even a chance of a few showers. all right. here's the storm system that moved through yesterday bringing the rain. behind that we had another area of low pressure sliding through. looks like showers ending this morning. breezy conditions toward the afternoon. a little sunshine and a few clouds around the bay area today. looks like numbers around the state 60s into the central valley, 59 fresno, high country still looking at snow and that's tapering off. they have avalanche warnings near tahoe so watch out for that this morning. skies beginning to clear out around the bay area this morning and more of an offshore wind beginning to develop so some nice weather as we head in towards saturday. the temperatures are still going to be cool. plan on those numbers in the 50s and some low 60s into the
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south bay. cool 50s and breezy out toward the coastline. 50s and low 60s in the east bay and then you get inside the bay, those temperatures running generally in the 50s and the 60s. next couple of days we dry the weather out, sly chance of showers near the coastline on sunday. the rest of us just some passing clouds and then on monday and tuesday, a return to some more dry weather and some warmer conditions. liza, how's traffic shaping up? >> we have an accident in lafayette westbound 24 approaching pleasant hill roadblocking two lanes. traffic still doing okay approaching the scene. you can see from our live sensors there, traffic still moving at 65 miles per hour. if you plan on making the bay bridge commute, westbound traffic looks okay leaving oakland into san francisco. we have not had any major problems yet for the bay bridge just the usual roadwork. highway 92 heading across the san mateo bridge still in good shape with no delays leaving hayward heading into foster
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city and all peninsula freeways are also moving at the speed limit. 580 this is it right here leaving the altamont pass bound for the dublin interchange, you're still in good shape. no delays as of yet leaving 205 and mass transit-wise, we're also looking good with no delays for the bart system, no delays for vta and if you need to drive through the silicon valley, southbound 880 looks good approaching the 237 interchange. the boston marathon bombing suspect could now face the death penalty if convicted. as adriana diaz reports, the move by attorney general eric holder is one of the most high- profile decisions of his career. >> reporter: attorney general eric holder says dzhokhar tsarnaev should way with his life for last april's twin bombings at the boston marathon. three people died in the attack. more than 260 others were injured. tsarnaev and his brother tamerlan were seen on surveillance video just before the blast carrying backpacks law enforcement says contained
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pressure cooker bombs. in court documents, prosecutors say tsarnaev knowingly created a grave risk of death and acted in a specially heinous cruel and depraved manner. the brothers evaded police for four days until this gun battle in watertown, massachusetts. tamerlan tsarnaev was killed along with an m.i.t. police officer. johar was seriously wounded and surrendered hiding in a boat in a suburban boston backyard. inside the boat, police found an alleged confession in which tsarnaev said the attacks were in response to u.s. military action in muslim countries. boston's mayor said he supports the attorney general's decision and honored the victims of the attack. >> today my thoughts and prayers are with the families of martin richard, lindsey lou, krystle cambell, sean collier and the brave survivors whose lives have been forever changed by the events of april 15, 2013. >> reporter: tsarnaev has pleaded not guilty.
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no trial date has been set. adriana diaz, kpix 5. >> with the death penalty now a factor it's possible the attorneys could seek a plea deal for a life sentence. a pretrial conference is scheduled for february 12. amanda knox faces a fight of extradition after she was convicted of murder. she was sentenced to 28.5 years in prison in italy. she and her prior boyfriend are accused of stabbing knox's roommate in 2007 when the two women were exchange students back then. >> every, single bit of evidence all the way down has been thrown out. but what happened is the supreme court decided that amanda needed to be convicted. >> lawyers for knox vow to appeal to italy's highest court. yahoo says it detected a security breach that compromised user email accounts. the company won't say how many
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accounts are affected. but it says it's working with the feds to investigate. user names and passwords were stolen and used to access accounts. yahoo believes the information was taken from a third party database. if you have a yahoo account, reset your password. wall street is checking more earnings reports and some big ones are coming up short. details from alexis christoforous at >> reporter: good just wasn't good enough for amazon. the online retailing giant said both profit and revenue grew last quarter but the results were still below wall street expectations. sales were strong over the holidays but amazon paid big to ship gifts. the company struck a deal with the u.s. postal service late last year to deliver packages on sundays in new york and los angeles. google's quarterly profits fell short of estimates because of a drop in advertising prices but sales were better than expected and google announced a two-for- one stock split april 1. on wall street stocks rallied, the dow climbing 109,
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the nasdaq climbed more than 71. federal prosecutors are asking a judge to order bank of america to pay $2.1 billion in penalties for knowingly selling bad home loans to mortgage giant fannie mae and freddie mac. the government says it wants bank of america to make a payment based on its total revenue from the fraud instead of the profit it made. and the feds are cracking down on super bowl counterfeiters. investigators seized over $21 million in knockoff nfl merchandise including football jerseys, caps and other merchandise. they will also shut down illegal websites and they arrested dozens of people trying to illegally profit from sunday's super bowl. that's your moneywatch. for the latest business news, follow me on twitter. in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. it is 4:50. a bay area company wins the super bowl lottery. what they will be contributing to sunday's game coming up. >> even the muppets have something to say about richard sherman's tirade. listen in when we come back. ,,
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we take you to pacifica this morning. 56 degrees, partly cloudy and cool. wind kicking up by the afternoon. you will see sunshine and clouds a cool mid-50s there but the westerly winds about 10 to 20 miles per hour. and lawrence, we're looking at an improving situation in the lafayette area. all lane opens westbound 24 approaching pleasant hill road. a big rig accident is pushed off to the side and traffic is doing okay. all feeder freeways leading to the bay bridge toll plaza in san francisco are in good shape so far this morning. "friday light" for the drive at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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i'll have a complete look at your "kcbs traffic" still ahead. a bay area toy company is going big time this weekend. kpix 5's betty yu explains how the small company got a commercial in a coveted super bowl time slot. >> reporter: watch out, boys, these girls are only getting louder. [ screaming ] >> this is one of the greatest days of my entire life. >> reporter: the oakland-based toy company goldieblox just scored a free 30-second super bowl ad as part of a contest hosted by software maker intuit. >> it was just a huge win for girls around the world to introduce them to concepts of engineering and science and math and make it cool. >> reporter: the ad is worth a cool $4 million, just a tease of what's to come. goldieblox started with two employees less than two years ago. today, they have 15. and just added a second factory in china. >> it's always been my mission
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to bring this brand to the mainstream to inspire girls around the world with a really positive role model. >> reporter: the company has already achieved the youtube fame after this video went viral at the end of last year. it later ended up in a legal battle with the beastie boys because it spoofed a song. sunday's ad will be different but the message the same. >> don't underestimate girls. >> reporter: goldieblox beat out 15,000 other small businesses across the country to win the top prize. they were among the top four finalists and ultimately it was one million online votes that helped decide the winner. on super bowl sunday intuit is throwing the company a big viewing party. in the newsroom, kpix 5. , betty yu. >> goldieblox is working to settle with the beastie boys. well, even the muppets are now weighing in on the now infamous post-game rant by seattle seahawks quarterback richard sherman. >> the interview reached parody
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status. meter is-mitt the frog. this is sheer-mitt the frog. [ rap ] >> it's time to play the game. >> i know. i know. but trash talk something part of the game, right? >> richard sherman made a name for himself. he better back it up this weekend. 4:56. the first lady wraps up her two- day trip to the bay area today. where you might catch a glimpse of michelle obama. >> reporter: "gung hay fat choy"! it is the year of the horse. happy lunar new year. coming up, we'll take a look at some of the ancient traditions being put into play today. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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griego. across the bay area, people are getting ready to ring in the year of the horse. >> got all these fireworks to all the bad spirits go away. hopefully, everything will come true when you wish for it. >> a house burns down in santa clara overnight. even the car is destroyed. one person is hurt. >> not nearly enough to make a dent in the drought. >> the official snow survey happened in el dorado county and showed the statewide snowpack is 12% of normal. >> the next survey happens in april. we are on track if we don't continue to get storms to have the lowest ever for that one, as well. >> it's the first lady's last day in san francisco. security is tight. she will be joined by nancy pelosi. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado mrs. linda marie macdonald is your realtime captioner.
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good morning, everyone. it's friday, january 31. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00. the weekend is nearly here. we need to know what's going on weather-wise. here's lawrence. >> showers moving through again overnight if you are just getting up. still the roadways may be wet in spots. otherwise the system moving east. the showers beginning to slide out of town. so we are going to see some drier weather on friday, breezy too. out the door partly cloudy skies, temperatures cooler this morning. 49 in san francisco. 45 in concord. 49 san jose. toward the afternoon, it will be breezy and cool along the coastline temperatures in the mid-50s there. we'll find some mid-50s and some 60s inside the bay. let's check with liza battalones and traffic. >> everything is as it should be for bay area roads. still "friday light" for all feeder freeways leading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see our sensors are picking up pretty decent fi


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