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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 5, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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weatherman day or something like that? >> that's right. >> weatherperson day. >> happy day to you. we'll have to get you a cupcake. >> it's over now. captions by: caption colorado only on "cbs this morning," what major product the company will not sell anymore. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye-opener" your world in 90 seconds. >> just spent about 45 minutes traveling five blocks. thinking of moving to florida.
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>> a snowstorm pounds the northeast. boston, new york city philadelphia. >> take a look. it's icy, slippery. >> still bad in the midwest, a southwest jet got stuck in the snow. >> -- manhattan, snow and ice falling from a skyscraper. >> big big, cylinder block and it's coming down like -- like it's an ambulance. >> police arrested four people on drug charges they're being questioned in connection to the deadly drug sale to philip seymour hoffman. >> -- quote, specific threats aimed at the olympics. >> real questions about whether sochi will be ready. >> that is the water that came out of the tap in one journalist's hotel room. >> target apologized for the massive security breach at its stores over the hlidays. >> i want to say how deeply sorry we are for the impact this incident has had on our guests. >> -- set off early as a strike threatens widespread disruption.
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>> l.a. firefighters escaped when the strip mall collapsed right in front of them. >> oh, that? >> and it opens up and -- >> oh, my goodness, and he made it. >> did it go in? >> he made it! >> richie incognito's suspension was lifted on tuesday. >> incognito sent out a tweet, i support -- >> and all that matters. >> president obama stopped by a middle school in delphi maryland -- >> he borrowed an ipad to narrate a tour -- >> i haven't been recording this whole time? i thought you had it on record. >> we don't spend enough time together. >> no, we don't. but you and i both know it would be great if we did. >> right. [ laughter ] i've had this relationship conversation before, you know? [ laughter ] this morning's "eye-opener" presented by toyota. let's go places.
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welcome to "cbs this morning." good morning morning." good morning, norah. >> good morning, charlie. tens of millions of people from kansas to maine scraping off the car and crawling to work through the snow. the& secptheond secmajoond r wimajonterr wi blanterst i blanst in ree thdaysree days is hitting hard this morning. it is disrupting air travel from coast-to-coast. >> take a look at the trea chertreaouscherous driving conditions in in chicago. the storm dumped up to a foot of snow yesterday in the plains. it'& alpit'sos also ugly on the east co ast.coast. massachusetts is seeing some of the heaviest snow and all of interstate 84 in new york state is closed. areas from pennsylvania to maine are likely to get at least 12 inches. terrell brown is in ppou ghkepougepsihkeee, npsieew y, neork,w york, where snow has been falling for several hours. terrell, good morning. >> & epop>> rterrepo: rter: charlie, norah, good morning to you. pthi s wethist, h weteavy, he snoavy wsnow is falling right now. it's been falling like this all night long. 3 to 5 inches already. and then, a little later on this morning, we're expecting it to change over to sleet and freezing rain. the governor of new york is
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al readalreyady warning that driving co nditcondionsitio wilns wl beill trebe tachereacroushero us to for& pfor the second time this week, the northeast is getting pounded pounded. >> i'm sick of it already. >> i'm out here all night >> reporter: the snow started piling up early and quickly across new york this morning as the latest winter blast swept in .in. forecasters say an inch of snow could fall per hour in some spots, followed by a dangerous layer of ice. p>> >> real slushy and real sloppy, yes. treacherous. people should stay off the road. >> reporter: in pennsylvania, there was a deadly pileup involving two tractor trailers an dand several cars soon after the hours earlier, a bitter blow p>> when>> when the roads aren't bad, i can make it to work in about 20 minutes, and today it's taken me 45 to get this far. >> & epop>> rterrepo:rter: drivers did their best to navigate snow-covered
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streets. and at kansas city international airport, crews worked just as ha rd dhardeici deingcing planes. in arkansas, tens of thousands were left without power after six sheets of ice coated trees and power lines. pthr oughthroout ughotheut the region, icy and s owy& conpsnoditiwy cons ondictions caused plenty accidents piled up as cars slid off the roads and slowed traffic to a crawl. p>> just>> j speust nt aspenboutt ab 45 out minu45 mtesinutes trav and it's not a lot of fun. thinking about moving to florida, actually. >> reporter: in total, 8 to 15 inch es oinchf snes oow ef snxpecow eted xpecwherted e wewhere we are& herparee th heris me thorniis mngorning, and when this storm finally moves out, 100 million people will have been impacted across more than two dozen states. charlie, norah? >> terrell, thank you. in new england, they're in the bull's-eye of the storm. pchi ef mchieeteof meroloteorgistologist eric fisher of wbz is tracking this winter >> charlie norah, good morning. good morning to all of our viewers on the west coast.
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pcer taincertly yainlouy you wish for something like this for mountains in the west a dry winter but in the east, it's been a busy winter. and still a long way to go. the current storm is across the northeast for today in particular. new york state, new england. pthi s isthis is where some of the bigg and so continue through the evening before things start to wrap up as we head into the overnight hours. and in terms of snow totals wi dewide expanse, 6 to 12 inches of snow. a couple of towns picking up many travel restrictions. somecan& ellpsomatioe cans onceln lations on the boa& ds,pboa andrds, not and not just the snow, bu t icbut freezing rain a big problem in pennsylvania, jersey, new york city, reaching into southern con& ectpconicutnect.icut. er over 500,000 customers without pow& r.ppower. and then we look toward the next storm. another piece of energy up the east coast sunday and monday. the track there is still uncertain, but certainly we could be talking about more northeast corridor, end of the weekend and to start next week. pmor al omoraf thl ofe the story is, a lot of travel disruption today, a chance to clean up toward the weekend, and then here we go
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again, another winter storm. >> eric fisher thanks. p so so far this morn, well over 2,000 flights are cancelled. pit' s th ite's the third straight day that bad weather is paralyzing air travel. in the next half hour, we'll go inside delta air lines' have to decide minute by minute which flights get to stay on the ground. tha& 'spt ground.ha that story ist's ahead. and to a big announcement big this morning from one of america's largest drugstore chains, cvs will stop selling drugstore all tobacco products at more than 7,600 stores on october 1st. pit is tit ihe fs thirste first nation storesal c onhain september 1 st. of pharmacyies to make that it's the first cha decision. pthe th pharmacies to make that decision.e president and ceo larry mer! ceo$!! philiphe sale of merlo tobacco products at cvs pharmacy is the right thing for us to do for our customers and our obacco company, to help people on the path to better health. and& pand only oncvs cbs farm ly, larry merlo will be here in the next half the for he will talk about the decision for and the potential impact on the
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help company's bottom line. on their new developments this and morning in the investigation into the death of philip seymour hoffman. pvin ita vininairta nair is her in a raid laste with anight.n vinita, good morning. aid la >> goodst night. morning. >> reporter: officers officers recoveredrecovered heroin heroin andand arrested f arrested four peopleour people overnight all overnight, all of whom had of who possessionm had possession charges in the past. the nypd told us they've been in vestinveigatstigingatstigating whether ing whthere's ether th any connection between the four ere' people and thes attween the four people and the drugs found at hof& manphof'sfman's apartment. ppol icepolice raided an hoffman's apartment. apartment in lower manhattan and arrested three men and one woman on drug nhattan and cha& gespcha,rg es, incl threeud mening criminal andpos one ess- pion woman on osseo drugf cssioontrn ofo lle cond tr chargesolled s bst& ncepsubs.stances. po possession of controlled of of the investigation is still ongoing. we now know the days before his the investigation is still ongoing. we now know the days before his dea& h, pdeahoffth, man hoffwithman drewwithdrew hoffman $1,20 withdrew 0 in six separate transactions. he was found with a syringe he was stillhis arm on the bathroom found withpflo or the ofloofr of his new york city syringe in his armapartm onent on sunday. inside his home, police found throom
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flo m re & hanpmor enside his home on sunday.used please found 70used syringes, and mor bags ofe than heroin five different prescription medications. and hof& manphoffman struggled with drug ad ict- aionddiction for decades, a battle more he discussed with than 75 prescription"60 minutes'" pste ve kstevrofte kr in oft 2006in 2.00 he had6. an addiction and >> so this was drugs or alcohol or both? >> oh, yeah, it was all -- it was a ll twas hat all stufthatf, y stueah.ff, yeah. pany thinanytg i hi with steech kroftve kroft onngcoul i cd geouldt my get han my ds hands on. yeah. yeah.0 i liked it all. in >> reporter: his death has left ma ny qmanyuest queionistiong tninghe g therowi grong wing >> yeah rks, yeah epidemic i like it it all. >> the gro p>> did>> did something come out of it, epi you know, somebody watching that >> i pgoe s, goes, wow, maybe i watching shoul who d just stop doisaidng this o wow,r maybe maybe i i sh ouldshou tryld try doing this or to find help, try i hop to finde so. i hope it helps somehow. somehow. >> reporter: we spoke with the ith drug drug enforcement enforcement administration adm yesterday and askedinistr whereation yes erd& y apyesndte suddenrday and influx asked where the sudden influx of heroin is ming co ming from. we were told mexico is the main told supplier and that most addicts turn to heroin when they've and the bu ilt builupt up a tolerance heroin to prescription drugs.
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p>> >> tolerance to prescription vinita, drugs. >> t hankvinitas. & p>anks. >> opp a government report showsonents of obamacare have themore ammunition.ealth ca pthe the heal cost th care law could cost the economy 2 million jobs. nanc y conancrdesy co isrdes is on capitol hill ncy, na gooncy,d mo goornind mog.rning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie and norah. pthi sthis report was put out by the npar notisanparntisan congressional budget poff ice,offi andce, theand heathe d ofhead the of cbothe cbo tespis tifytesting ifyihereng h on ere the on thillhe h ill republicans say this is just pmor e evmoreiden evicedence that obamacare's incentivans lesse to work while incentive to work democrats argue their co lleagues are migopsinterpreting the findings. colleagu >> very, very distressing -- >> very >> reporter: republicans jumped on on the new cbo report whdistressing. ich e tim& tespest thaimatteshe that newbecause of the ceo reportfableorda whichca erble ecare act, the eq uivaequilentvale ofnt because of the of 2 million workers wi ll lwilleave lea theve tir jheirobs jobby 2s by017. 2017. care act, an pthe the numb 2er rises million to will leave their2.5 million pby 2024 by. 202 by4. 2017. pin in 2011, the cbo had estimated only 800, 000 only 800,000 rises to full-time workers woul2.5d leave their jobs because of obaof omacabamare bcarey 20 by 21.2021. million p> by> >> honestly, it's no 2024. t >> a
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su rprisurpsingrisi ng rep aort. all of the anecdotes you hear all ross ac theross teshe you cou hearntry are t hat premiums are going up and jobs ar e beare ing beinlostg premiums are going up and. >> congratulations, sarah. jobs >> & epop>> rterrepo:rter: de lost.mocrats no >>ted that akoirding to the cbo ed prep ort,repo thort, sethose to thejo reportb re the jobductions wi reductions ll nwillot will c not notome comfr come fromome fr empom eloyemplors yers slashing positions employer slashing positions but ent rel- ey bentircausely ebecaus entirely becausee workers will workers supply less labor will choose to supply. ret& re pretearlire y, fearlor ey, fxampo less labor, r retire early once they noele, x longeramponcele, once have to rely they on no longer have to r theirel job fory on their job for health insurance. jason furman is the president's ch ief chieeconf >> & hisp>> this is not businesses cutting back on jobs. this is people having new choices they didn't used to have. have economist. >> this is people. having new >> reporter: the cb o choices they didn't report pr edicpredtsicts the workf toorce wil l grow pove r thovere the next te predict then years, just growas it would ha overve without obamacare. the-pthe next ten years cbo also predic justts the not as quickly as it would have with a obamacare.ct will boost pove rallover demall anddemand for goods and services over the next few years, as low-income americans low inc newl ynehinerieswly newlyeligible for medicaid or eligible for medicaid or ancpin seurance s insuranceubsidies fin subsidies findd they have more spending money. still, the jobs numbers are surey to & indpto find their spending way money. into still the
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pant i-obantiamac-obaaremacare find ads, like the their way in ones already blanketing the obamacare airwaves. >> because of the doctors and blank health insurance i had, my wave di seasdisee waase s mawas nagemanaablegeab, bule, t thbut atthat insurance was cancelled because of obaof health care i . >> & epop>> rterrepo: anrterd: and that is a big who are worried they're goingem to have to spend even more time eligible but thaw come the midte rm emidtlecterm ionselec thitions fas fall. pnor ah anorandh and charlie? p>> >> nancy cordes, thanks. & ap a top executive at target is back on capitol hill this law a house come thismassive data fall. target will testifypbre on its ach. breach. target's chief financial officer apologized yesterday while testifying before the senate judiciary committee. pjan jan crawford is in washington pwhe rewhere lawmakers are searching for ways to keep shoppers' pper sonapersl inonalform infatioorman sationfe. safe. jan, good morning. p>> repo >>rter rep:orter: well, good morning, nor& h,pnorah, charlie, good morning to the-pthe hearing in the house of and when you think about 110& milp110lion million people were affect by that attack on target, it's not surprising, you know, when targetsay- ts thargeat tt sahe cys tonfihat dencthe econfidence pin theiin trheir stores has really takir en a hit, and they're working to ores,
7:13 am
that has really regain that trust. pwhe n when it came time for john came time for john ligpmula mulligan to chief,n tligaon to speak, target's target's chief financia l chief o financialfficer officer got g ot straight to the point.t. >> i want to say how deeply sorry we are for the impact this incident has had on our guests your constituents. >> reporter: mulligan was joined cit by a top executive at neiman marcus, who revealed hackers top between july and october of last year could have accessed more 1 m thillian 1on a milccoulionnts. accounts. he testified the he said the company didn't fully rea& izeprea thelize the attack until 1th e be ginnbegiing nninofg of january, the company didn't realize theand that it was finally abl e to sto attack until january andp it eight days later. p>> thes>> tehese r stop it eightecen dayst cybe r attacks these recen pthi ngsthinverygs t veryhat haven't been seen >> reporter: the hearing made clear a stark reality -- nearly half of the world's credit card nearly half of the world's raud credit card fraud hap happens inpens in the united the psta tes, united states in partstat inesecause , in part u.s.because u.s. retailers an retailersd credit card companies don't use the most advanced technology that's been don pla ince f plaor ace ft leor aast t lea deast cadea de ca that'sde eur in ope. europ been in place fore.
7:14 am
p>> i>> i don't want to decade in europe. s >> i wantay we've le ft tlefthe the door unlocked in the retail industry, but certain toy e lo thcks e loare cks a loare t lea loss t or unlocked in the retail industry but certainly the locks are aless lot lesssoph istisophcateistidcated th sophisticatedan the than the technology technology available would provide. p>> repo>> rrterepor: thter:at that technology is ca led- called chip and p.i.n., chip and insid p.i.n.e inside creditt cards is a compu cards is ater chip computer chip that th atthat s stores yourtores yo ur perso personal nainformation.l information. wh en ywhenou u youse use the ccardard, you you have have to to enter a private p.i.n. num er.- number. cre it - ccardredi comt capanird ces aompare nies are credit card irin regquiring all u.s. companies r areetailers to cept accept these requiring all cards b retailersy october 201& , op201r be5, o resr bepons resiblepons forible any for a2015ny or aud. fraud. be respon >> chip and p.i.n. is one small >> c ece .n.piece to an isoverall se onecurity and privacy puzzle. p>> repo>> rrterepor:ter: theresa paytooverall securityn is a privacy pu pfor merformer whi ofte house chi theef info newmat& book onpinformation author an "privacy in thed author o age of bigf "privacy in t data."he big she said chip and age o p.i.n.f sh e sashe y itsay i s it iwills reduce fraud but warrants itwills red uce fraud but warns it's not a silver bu bullet. >> >> the cyber criminals are changin g th cheianging their tactics to go always changing their where the action is tactics to and go where t thehi action iss is where it will be at in 2015 so it's my prediction is you'll see mor
7:15 am
attacks ag ains att thtackis ts against thisprediction you'll type of see more technology. technology. >> rep orter: n attacks against this typeow, target's i ofn the process of rolling out some of thiof tshi >> target is in thes new tech processnolo ofgy, an rolling out some ofd aid yester technology andday it s has opened to anything t neiman marcushat wo uld woulmaked make consumers safer, but said it's not so simple to says pcha nge chancredge citre said it's not sodit cards acro simple toss the change credit cards board. but that's the future. board, but that' and, in fact europe was hit firs credit pfirst s wpthahyt's why companies there sta& tedpsta usirtedng t usihis ng tadvahis ncedadva nctartinged technology. u nowpso thanow th advance these c so now thatyber thesecriminals have come here, everybody seems to agree the u.s. is going to have to make those samthose kie sand ome kf chind angeof cs.hasnges that the u.s. is going to. have tocha& make liepch thosea, rlie , norah? >> thanks, jan. cha p this charlie and morning norah?, the obam >>a admi itponding to a "washington post" that the united states is cutting back on dro& epds sharply cutting back onrone attacks in dronepakistan. attacks in poff iciaoffils tcialells tell "the post" the reduction comes at the request pmaj ormajor garrett is talking to his so rce- ssources at the white house. major, good morning. >> report er: >> rwelleporter: well, good morning, charlie and norah, and good morning to the viewers in the west. there are two parts to the psto ry.story. one, the united states has cu rtaicurtledailed drone strikes in pakistan. these attacks from unmanned
7:16 am
aerial vehicles are deeply unpopular there and routinely in ght sionght on street protests. the& pthe obama administration hat not lau& cheplaudnched a drone attack since pdec embe der.cember. the l ast the one lastoccu onerred occ in urred in pnov embe nor, avembnd ier, t kiand lledit killed the top pakistan-taliban commander, mehsud. the second part is the effort to negotiate a peace deal with fig& terpfigshters occupying the northern pfro ntie frr neontiarer near the afghanistan rder bo.rder. those talks have begun under new pakistani sha& if.psharif. nov& mbepnovr, bembeut tr, bheyut they were canc of the united states killed the top toll ban leader in pakistan. the& whipthete h whiousete house denies it has cut any sort of formalized deal with pakistan to stop the drone con& inupcone.tinue. admi ev en devenescr desibecribe the notable pcoi ncidcoinencecide.nce. states remains
7:17 am
strikes anywhere in the afghan theater, and that, of course inc& udipincngluding the pakistani bad& andpbads.lands. bac& topbac youk to. you. >> major thanks. p russian troops say they kill add militant who may have trai december. the& pthe counterterror chief briefed hous a ehouse committee on the threats to he-pto the sochi olympics. >> the greatest danger is the potential for attacks to occur pthe the games themselves, in the sur arrounea sdingurro sochi. thr ats& ofpthreats of varying degrees of credibility that we're tracking. th is ithiss is what we expected, it's wh at wwhate we saw in the run-up to pri& r opprilymor olympic games and prior peve nts evenlikets l theike se.these. two >> guard also protect two austrian >> guard also protect two austrian athletes threat.dd it's time to show you the secu morning's headlines. threat. it's time to show you "the washington times" says susan rice is defending secretary of state john kerry. the move comes after israeli leaders publicly criticized kerry over mideast peace negotiations. on twitter, rice said, personal
7:18 am
attacks in israel directed to secretary kerry are totally unfounded and unacceptable. >> the "wall street journal" looks at an attack last year on a power substation in . california. snipers opened fire taking out wa 17 giant transformers. now, a now, a former federal agency mer terr or agencyisterrt atoristackt at.tack . regulator is calling it more a cases terrorist like that could cause blackouts across the country. pthi more cases like that could cause a blackout mor across thening, no one is -- has country. been arrested or c so far no oneha has beenrged. arrested or >> "the journal" also says shack is goingk is to going t closeo clos about 500 stores.e about 500 stores. the retail chain has more than p4,0 00 4,000 locations nati moreonwide, but it's been struggling financially as for two years. pdur ing duthe ringsupe ther bo supwl, er bowl, prad iosh raack diosannohackunce annd plou but has bin ncansed plans to update its image. p>> >> "the los angeles years.times" during the super bowl sadays ei ghteight police to officers violat ed the department's policy of using deadly force. pthe the incident the incidentss occurred last january during a fugitive cop ch ristchriophestoprher dorner. searching for of cop ice- orsfficer christopher s dorner.opened f they wereire on a pickup truck thinking he was behind the wheel. two innocent women were sitting a pins ide.inside. pthe thickupe police commissioner will truck now pdec
7:19 am
ide deciwhetde wherhether to discipline t washe officers. the >> and "the new york times" ploo ks alookt ths ate pe therson peralsoeel. nal no "the new york times"tes of pope john paul ii. a cardinal was supposed to destroy the notes according to the pope's instructions, but ins& eadpinstead john paul, he published them in a pboo it his today. a little cold if you are headed out the door this morning. we have some clouds on the way. by this evening, chance of rain too. out the door we go. you can see that system off the coastline approaching now bringing with it some increasing clouds throughout the day today. then as we head in toward the evening chance of rain developing most of the day should stay dry though. it will be cool highs only in the low 50s coastside, mid-50s inside the bay. looks like rain possibly heavy at times overnight tonight into tomorrow. a stronger storm over the weekend. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay.
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>> reporter: the olympic games poli anticad pol galitimes al $games$!! s!$!games, the ioc del& verpdelsivers a wrist slap to leaders like president obama who have found reasons not to be here. the politics of sport coming up on "cbs this morning." >> the news is back in morning on "cbs this morning."
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mrs. linda marie macdonald is your realtime captioner. good morning, we are waking up to a "kcbs traffic" alert in san jose. avoid stevens creek both the off-ramps from northbound and southbound 880 are closed after a big rig took out a power pole and there were downed power lines all over the roadway. it's happening west of 880 actually pretty close to valley fair mall. again, both off-ramps northbound and southbound 880 from stevens creek are closed for several hours. a look free bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights were turned on before 6:00 so for about the last hour and a half and you are backed up into the macarthur maze about 20 minutes to get you on to the span. that's a check of traffic. over to michelle with your news headlines. >> elizabeth, thank you. police are looking for the driver in an early-morning hit- and-run in san francisco.
7:27 am
a man suffered life-threatening injuries after being hit in the crosswalk at van ness avenue and grove street around 2:30. the road was reopened about 3 hours later. charles schwab is moving 1,000 jobs from its san francisco office over the next three to five years. texas and colorado are among the possible destinations. the financial giant says it's too expensive to do business here. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great deals the easy way. you do enough flying around. that's why we give you real big club card deals.
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♪ ♪ >> > th is ithiss wh is atwhat millions of heavy snow is wrecking the commute from indiana to pennsylvania to massachusetts and also grounding flights pacr oss acrothess the c coming up this halfountry. hour coming up we'll we'lltake you ins take youide nside delta's command center. welcome back to "cbs this morning." ck too also ahead, a face-off over ahahead, pevo luti evon.olution. bill nye the science guy takes ve on a leading creationist in a debate drawing national patt entiatteon.ntion. that's ahead. & a p a quloeser look at the story we broke on "cbs this morning." cbs, one of the country's banning the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products at all of its stores. >> this morning the white house is applauding the move in a st atemstatent emenprest prideesident because says today's decision will help myful
7:31 am
example, and administration's efforts to redu decision will help advance my administration's well as brin efforts tog down health care costs. reduce >> tobacco use is the number one dow pcau se, causkille, king illioverng over 140,000 americans each year. the chief executive officer of cvs pcvs carcvs emarcarek jomarkins joins us for welcome. an >> good morning, charlie. in >>tervie obviouslyw thisyou'll onl isy see a on h "cbs this morning." >> good morning. s >> tell us more about why you his made the decision now? >> well, >> this decision really ecision underscores the role that cvs pcar emarcarek ismark i ins playing in our our health health car care system.e there's sys atem. there's a growing focus and emphasis on healthy outcomes, diseas managing chronic disease. about about half of all mayor cans today suffer from one or more diseases as well as controlling and and reducing health care costs. >> what does it do to the bottomt does it do t line of the company? >> we generate about $2 billion in tobacco and related sales. but at the same time we believe enerate sal this is the right decision for elieve this our company. is the it positions us for future company.
7:32 am
growth, and the opportunity to play a bigger role in our evolving health care system. stem. >> i want to get to what it terms of means in the terms of the health health care system. of people. pbut $2buout $2 billion i justify n revenue that as a business?you'll lose. how do you justify that as a well business? >> norah, it's my job as the ceoo to to ensure that we're positioningning the the company for not just just short-term success but for long-term success.long-term pwe' rewe're success.evolving into more o we're evolving into a health care company.f a health care company, and we're doing many things.ings. we have 26,000 pharmacists and nurse practitioners who are practitio helping millions of patients millions of pat across the country every day ma managee conditions like high blood blo& dpblood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes all effects are conditions whose effects are worsened by the impact of ned by the smoking. >> but was >> was everybody on board, this o lar& y, plarwhenry, youwhen f you first couple of presented people say lookthis? por did or dyou id yhaveou h a cave oupla coe peupleople people saying, look, we're talking $2 n billion. are ar e yoare u you su >> look, re?gayle. >> we had a lot we had a lot of of discussions 578 month our management team and i think everybody came to our management team an the right decision, that it's a that
7:33 am
real contradiction to talk aboutl all the things that we're doing to to the things that we're doing better health and at the same help people on time sell tobacco products. time sell >> have you heard from other products. pharmaceutical executives dru& stopdruregstore execu othertives? >> i have executives? i think those competitors will have to make their own dec& siopdecns.isions. i i would hope they would look at the role that their pharmacists look and pharmacies are playing and pl do what we did in terms of look in in the mirror asking those mirr ions and hopefully make the right anddecision. make >> was it a personal issue for you or a family member? so many people today will say >> was i thank you for doing this. issue others will say what the heck say thank are you thinking? >> it's a very interesting heck point. are you thi i, myself, am not a smoker. my father was a smoker and died not a of cancer at a young age. my father was a s as we've talked to people over died the last 24 hours, i have been k by struck by how many individuals have a personal story about a or a loved one or a friend a family who member who suffered from the illsof&-pills suffered from smoking as you kno and as you knoww, charlie, as you mentioned, it continues to be a cont leading cause of illness and of illness death in our country.
7:34 am
>> som>> se miome ghtmight ask >> somewhy didn't you do this earlier? why didn't >> charlie it's an interesting ier? question. i think the important thing is we've made that decision now andquestion. pwe' re twe'rhee th it'se first national important that pharmacy chain t we're changingo now andsay we're changing. t >> the journal of american pha pmed ical me assdicaocial astionsociation ha >>s a report out about this about ending of tob& ccoptobacco products in pharmacy. thi& ispthis is one of the leading medicalineways hasy get people to psto pstop smoki ng is reduceout. the we know availabi taxation worksli andty. we know taxation works and this ar i &-pis >> norah, you're absolutely p>> >> norah right. and think the interesting, yo pointu're absolutely prig ht.right. i out of sev& n opsevuten out of ten smoker ten s say they want to stop and about nt to stop and half attempt to quit each pin and in in the the spring time springtime fraim frame w we're going to bee're going to be annou announcingncing a a national smoking cessation program across all of our cvs cvs pha& macpphaiesrm acies an pharmacies andd minute clini clinics andcs, an d weand we want to help the want to people help those pe achieve ople achieve their goal and help them on their path to better health. you >>r yactionou tor re the white acti houseon to the wh applauding youite e ap hoplauuse dingappl thiaudis?ng this? there are a lot of interest groups out there that will be veare a-pvery lot
7:35 am
pdec isio den. cision. thank you for joining us. once again, the severe athe werather has taken a toll on the pair lineairls.ines. here is how the travel disruptions have unfolded in the plas t 24 last 24 hours. the& redpthe red shows delays and pcan cellcancatioellans. tions. p>> >> last month alone winter storms forced nearly 50,000 flights to be scrapped. ptha t cothatst cost the industry up to $150 million. mar& pmark strassmann gets an inside look at how delta manages all passen grounded planegers. crews, and p>> repo>> rrterepor:ter: passengers. i >> reporter: it'st's shaping up as another turbulent day of flying noof for america's airlines. >> >> from a meteorology standpoint, what are you looking pat in at operation in new york? p>> repo >>rter rep:orter: a centert delta's i erat opionerveation center in atlanta, holtz is dave hol int is in charge.charge. he knows planes often can't f phe know hes pl knoanesws p oftlaneens often can't freezingfly through the freezing rain and snow forecast today for the pnor theanortst. heast. p>> hinking about >> thinking about aircraft, thin aircraft, g abourepositioningt cr crewsews, pre and we're positionin thinking about afterg that crews as well storm is and also thialsonkin thig abnkinoutg about after th at it's moved st off, or howm storism is com quicklypl caneted, after it we reset's moved off, how quick can we reset the operation. >> reporter: delta has already canceled more than 1100 flights ncelled more tha
7:36 am
this week positioning planes t this f the path of the weekstorm. >> we' positioningre tryin planesg t o keep out of the everything organized, our manner. >> jeff reorganizesgd anized manner. bookings with the >> r helluvaepor>> rter:epor witter:h th witeh the help of a xwuter program called viper -- ram >> what i'm going to do from here is select all these flights pand an do is select all of thesed we're going to let v flights andiper d o it s thits ingthing as do far as these things asrebook faring the customers on these impacted hts. pfli ghtsflig.hts. that takes the cancellations andorts them it sorts them in time order, and from this desk we monitor the processing of that. p>> repo >>rter rep:orter: disrupted travellers are notified by phone and& pand e-mail. desk we pdel ta's delta's social media cente monitor r tr cks- track >> social media centers twit trackste r, looki twitter looking forng for passengers who p passengers ost co who post complaints ormplaints or need help. the goal is to cancel flights fore be anyforeone anyis sone tuckis s sletuckepin sleg eping at the airport. p>> >> b >> better toet ter to disappoindisappointt them them earl th& early than makenpear themly than make t furious he late. m fu >> exactly right.rious late. >> exactly right. we figured out that disrupted at
7:37 am
the& laspthet last minute not is not th the waye way to do business whether it's our pbus ines bus orsiness or an y other business. our job is to getbusiness. ahead of our job is to get weather, look atahea thingsd of weather, look at things well in advance, make sure we're giving we' that tough to the customer. >> re port >>er: reptougortehr:s. >> tough choices all tweek.ough choices all wee& forecasters call for another .pweek. forecasters call for another winter storm the week's third, this sunday. pfor fo "cbs this morning,"r "cbs this morning," mark strassman n, a sttlanrassta.mann, atlanta. mark strassmann, atlanta. >> s morning-p this morning chinese esid prentesident xi president is on his jinping is on his way to way theto the winter olympics winter in olympics in sochi. sochi. he's set to meet with russian president vladimir putin. but he's one of the few world leaders planning to show up for the games. rk i mas inrk is in sochi. good morning, mark. p>> repo>> rrterepor:ter: good morning, gayle. the olympic games open in two two time. the political games are under way and just won't and closer and closer it gets. the& pthe torch has made made it it to to sochi.soch pat someat some point,point, h hopefullyopefully soon soo n, these these olympics will olympics be abo will be aboutut sports. but for now the blizzard of
7:38 am
pol& ticppolsitic stops won't stop blowing. blo president putin laidwing. on the pres ident pu charm again,tin laid on the charm again, breaking into ass he welcome the he ioc to welcomed to the wn. town. >> dear friends, isle ladies and sea to to gentlemen, let me declare the are 126th session of the sessions international olympic committee open .open. ank thyou. olympicank you. committee open. thank you. p>> repo>> rrterepor: buter:t but putin games's gam es are not being ar helde not being held in a vacuum in of sporting purity. pthe ythty.ey rarely they rarelyar e.are. prus sia russhas ia hbaggas bage.aggage. its& pits perceived anti-gabaggage, "i" per received anti-gayy laws, its laurk itsppos itio posintion positioning in supporting sy ria,syria, its ha rborharbin g orinofg harboring ofof cia leaker leaker edward edward snowden. they've all meant a lot of im portimpoant rtanpeopt peleopt people have foundle hav e found reasons not to be here. no p no president obama or senior non officials. d pno davino ddavid cameron britain fro orm britain or fra& coipfras honcoillans hode fllanromde from france or ang& lapangela merkel from germany. pins teadinst, loead,w low devil france deleg orations ar eare being sent inthe- in the u.s. c answer gelase, a not so su btlesubtle statement made with well
7:39 am
kno& n gpknoaywn gay pergela merkel from germany. a statement from billie jean sona king and brianlities billie jean king and brian boitano. th kindboitano. of response got a bit of an unwelcome lecture from the pioc 's nioc'ews ne kind of response got a message here. >> havew the couragehe toad, thom express as bach. your >> have thedisagreements in a courage to peaceful direct direct your disagreements in a peaceful t dia& ogupdiaelogue and no athletes. >> reporter: politics have oftent on the backs intruded in the o olympics. the blackf athlet poweres. >> reporter: the black power sa lutesalu in te imexin mecoxico city, the city, the western boycott of pwe& moscow inte rpwesn boterny boycott of moscow in 19 p198 0. 1980. >> >> reporter: the tit for tat ru ssiarussnian boy cat of los angeles the games here, too, are not all played on playice ed oand n icsnowe an.d snow. theact& alpthe actual competitions, well, pr lim- pinarreliyminary ones, will begin morr toow, morra daow, ya day ahead of the big ope& ingpope cerningemon cery whemonich y whwe'rich ewe're told will feature a celebration pnor ahnorah, charlie, gayle, gayle? n >> all right,o politics there. phil >> thank you mark.mark plov elove thatve thacameo.t cameo. miss the mustache. >> i >> interesting that china is ch
7:40 am
goi& g,pgoing, going. politi >> yeah. ca >> this islly, pgeo another poli interesting geopticaol story too.itlly.ical ly. bill nye the scienceti guyng story, too. bill nye the science guy says ev olut evion olutexplion ainsexplains why we're we're up&-pup to 100 million americans here don& tpdon't believe him. on erts.arth.>> n up too one is ever going to con& incpcone mevince me tha milliont the word americans o don't believe him. f go >> no one's going to convince me that the word of godd is not is not true. true. >>heir p>> >> their noisy debate over creation. deb that's next on "cbs this morning." ate over rnin mog."rning."
7:41 am
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yes, sir in 1959. his theory undermines creationism. more than 150 years later it's still contentious. there's a showdown in kentucky that's the talk of social media this morning.
7:45 am
>> mr. bill nye and mr. ken hamm. >> reporter: it's a debate that's been going on for years, creationism. >> i take genesis as literal history as jesus did. >> reporter: versus evolution. the founder of creation museum ken hamm taking on bill nye the science guy. the two squared off in a 2 1/2 hour debate that aired online. >> your view that was suppose to have taken place is more important than what i see with my own eyes. >> we do see a collapse of christian morality because generations of kids are being taught the bible can't be trusted. >> reporter: at one point they argued over whether noah could have realistically built the ark.
7:46 am
>> to me it's just not reasonbling. >> why would you say it's unskilled? i didn't meet noah and neither did you. >> reporter: the national center for science education told cbs news it finds such debates counterproductive in part because, quote, for a scientist to engage in a formal on-stage key bait with a creation nift is to legit ma tiez the creation nift's position. >> please, you don't want to raise scientists who don't understand how we understand our place in cosmos, our place in space, we need to innovate to keep the united states where it is in the world. >> reporter: four states have anti-evolution laws on the books and four others are considering such measures. a proposed bill would allow parents to pull their kids from classes that teach evolution. a recent pew analysis show thad
7:47 am
a third of the people rejected the idea of evolution. >> no one's going to convince me that the word of god is not true. >> reporter: a little cold if you are headed out the door this morning. we have some clouds on the way. by this evening, chance of rain too. out the door we go. you can see that system off the coastline approaching now bringing with it some increasing clouds throughout the day today. then as we head in toward the evening chance of rain developing most of the day should stay dry though. it will be cool highs only in the low 50s coastside, mid-50s inside the bay. looks like rain possibly heavy at times overnight tonight into tomorrow. a stronger storm over the weekend.
7:48 am
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and oscar winner asks her friends to boycott "vanity fair." >> i'm very excited. it's going to be fun. that's what gwyneth paltrow told me to say. >> a "vanity fair" editor will tell us what's really going on with gwyneth paltrow and the magazine ahead on "cbs this morning." it tastes like you're biting into a luscious chocolate covered strawberry. ♪ ♪ let someone at mcdonald's make your day, with a chocolate covered strawberry frappé. ♪ ♪ enjoy. [ female announcer ] another way to love mccafé. ♪ ♪
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goes up in fla ghters in oakland mrs. linda marie macdonald is your realtime captioner. good morning, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. a former grocery store goes up in flames. firefighters in oakland spent the morning checking for hot spots at what used to be the sun hop fat supermarket on international boulevard. investigators are still trying to find the cause of the fire. charles schwab is moving 1,000 jobs from its san francisco office over the next three to five years. texas and colorado are among the possible destinations. the financial giant says it's gotten too expensive to do business here. and in san jose, a big rig knocked down some power lines this morning making for a rough commute. this is a live look at the scene. it happened about 6:30 on stevens creek boulevard and north monroe. traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:57 am
dear future olympian one day you'll be standing on a podium. and here's exactly how you'll get there. you'll work hard, and you'll fall hard. you'll lose sometimes when you really should have won. you'll win sometimes when no one thought you had a shot. and you'll never, ever stop. we know this. because you're one of us. at citi, we believe in everyone's potential which is why citi and evan are giving back to community sports programs to help future athletes every step of the way.
7:58 am
good morning. chopper 5 our "kcbs traffic" alert still in effect in the south bay causing a big headache for morning commuters in san jose. that big rig you see there took out a power pole and lines are still down near valley fair mall. we just got an update from chp. 9:00 this morning, that's when they hope to re-open lanes. in the meantime, the off-ramp from northbound and southbound 880 to stevens creek are closed. and traffic is super backed up in the southbound lanes jammed from coleman to 280. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." here's lawrence. it's been a cold start to the morning so far. some of the temperatures down to the 20s and the 30s in the valleys. over the financial district in san francisco, in the 40s there some high clouds now moving in. look at that. we have a storm system off the coastline that will slowly increase the clouds throughout the day today. mostly cloudy by the afternoon. chance of showers this evening. temperatures are going to stay cool but mostly dry all day. then the evening hours a chance of rain, rain likely overnight into tomorrow morning. another and bigger storm over the weekend.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. it's 8:00 a.m. in the west and welcome back to "cbs this morning." tens of millions struggle with the new winter blast from kansas, ohio to new england. your flight east could be among thousands cancelled and hundreds of thousands are without power and first on cbs this morning, a break in a 25-year-old search for a florida woman. 48 hours, tracy smith with the major development. and then changes on tap for a massachusetts monastery, thanks to the blessing of beer. but first on february 5th 2014 here's a look at today's "eye-opener at 8:00 a.m." >> when the storm finally moves out 100 million people will have been impacted across two dozen
8:01 am
states. >> travel disruptions, and we will have to digout in the next couple days and get ready for the next storm. >> disrupted at the last minute is not the way to do business. >> cvs will stop selling alta back yo products. >> it's a real contradiction to talk about all the things we are doing to help people on their better path to health and at the same time sell tobacco products. >> and there's an investigation between four people and the drugs found at hoffman's apartment. the white house denied any formized deal with pakistan to stop the drones while the peace talks continues. >> and leaders like obama have found reasons not to be here. >> it's official. sunday's game was the most-watched super bowl in history. >> it was a hit for fans of
8:02 am
football and whatever it was the broncos were playing. i am charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. the newest winter storm moved from the plains to the northeast in 24 hours, snow sleet and ice are all hitting cleveland this morning, and chicago is seeing heavy snow along with gusty winds, and further east an ice storm knocked out power to more than 200,000 customers around philadelphia, and snow is piling up in new england at up to 2 inches an hour. >> and thousands of flights are already cancelled today and before the storm is over parts of new york and new england will see a foot of snow. and terrell, good morning to you. >> reporter: charlie, noaa gayle, good morning to you. when we drove up last night, these roads were completely clear. take a look at what it looks like this morning.
8:03 am
this is just to give you an idea of how heavy this snow is coming down 3 to 5 inches in the overnight hours, and then later on this morning we are expecting the transition to sleet and freezing rain, and then a mixed back of precipitation, snow sleet, freezing rain in new york city and then public schools will remain open the mayor urging residents and commuters to use mass transit. when this storm moves out when all is said and done 100 million people will have been impacted and more than two dozen states and by the time the snow stops falling here we are expect expected to see 8 to 15 inches. >> thank you. the big problem in the west is not enough snow. these nasa photos are showing how bad the drought is taking a toll. snowfall in nevada is tiny compared to last year. and that affects california's drinking water. and california suffered more
8:04 am
than 400 wildfires in january, last year in the same month there were none. the children of martin luther king jr. is locked in a legal battle bernie is accusing her brothers of trying to sell the bible. the brothers are accused of trying to sell the 1964 nobel peace prize. last week they filed a lawsuit calling for bernice king their sister, to turn over the items. in a statement she says quote, our father must be turning in his grave, and she calls the decisions to sell the bible and medal extremely troubling. and then in an effort to bring better technology to classrooms, the president visits a school where kids were assigned ipads to do their work. he decided to try one out. >> give me an ipad.
8:05 am
this is kevin. say hi kevin. >> hi. >> kevin has done an outstanding job filming today, and he looks sharp in the tie, also. i have been recording this -- i thought you had it on record. we have to do it all over. this is kevin, and he looks sharp in his tie. >> the president announced yesterday american companies are donateding $750 million in products to bring high speed internet to schools. >> yes, you have to hit the record button mr. president. happens to the president, too. members of the chilly hot red peppers are giving away a secret, they faked playing guitars and base during the super bowl's half-time show. ♪ anthony sang live but the bands mimed playing their
8:06 am
instrument because they did not have time to set up. >> the base player said quote, we thought it better to not pretend. it seems like the realist thing to do in the circumstance it was like making a music video except with live vocals. >> i don't have any problem with that. >> we all know they can play the instruments. and then for months talk about a feud between paltrow and "vanity fair" magazine. >> paltrow fanned the rumors with an e-mail and it said if you are ask for quotes or comments, please decline, and also i recommend you never do this magazine again. the article is on hold possibly forever, and "vanity fair"'s
8:07 am
editor said the story could not live up to the hype. >> and the editor writes the paltrow saga clearly just got away from us. and the digital director is here to sort it all out. >> we desperately need this. >> happy to help. >> a lot of people are curious. what was the original intention about writing an article about gweneth, and how did it go to the ep eubg takedown. >> one was "people" magazine that said she was the most beautiful woman in the world, and then she was on the list of most hated celebrities, and we were asking what is the deal why did some people love her, and he thought she was great, and it turned out some people thought she was a little too perfect, and there's a tone in
8:08 am
the stuff she does especially on her site like my life is better than yours -- >> those are called haters. >> so he wanted to do a piece on the love and hate thing about her, and what is the deal? honestly, he was confused what is wrong with her? >> so he commissioned the piece and the piece was written and now it will never see the light of day. did she win? >> i don't know. i think the whole thing went sideways when she sent that e-mail, and that occasioned a lot of speculation that she must have something to hide and then the whole world went mental digging up every possible scandal and rumor and publishing under the cover of this might be in the "vanity fair" story, and i think the letter presents him as an sane man in the insane world at the center of the whole thing saying how did this get this way? there were two pieces of information and the e-mail and then the whole world is
8:09 am
speculating about an article that doesn't exist. the writer wrote her story, which was never going to be a story about skeleton's in gweneth paltrow's life. >> it's on hold. it may come out at some point. but the editor's letter tells the story beautifully, and anybody disappointed can look at the rest of the issue, and we have a story about rupert murdoch's tkoersdivorce, and there's plenty not to disappoint in the issue. it tells a story for our times, which is people go a little crazy these days speculating on not enough information. >> yeah sounds like he said stop the crazy and everybody move along. >> yeah there's not a few. they spoke on the phone and
8:10 am
8:11 am
road again. what does it take to be nascar is about to hit the road again. a preview of that report also called "60 minutes sports" just ahead. and then all that mattered three years ago today, a golf shot for science and the record books. do you remember who hit it? the answer is next on "cbs this morning." [ female announcer ] did you know the average person smiles more than 50 times a day? so brighten your smile a healthy way with listerine®
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these are the hands of a surgeon. a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive. the man, the vehicle has landed on the moon. we're getting live color pictures from the moon for the first time. >> wow. all that mattered 43 years ago today, apollo 14's astronauts walked on the surface of the
8:16 am
moon. it marks america's return after apollo 13's aborted landing. they spechbt more than nine hours carrying out experiments. they also had some fun with science. sheppard hid two golf balls with a makeshift iron. he smuggled it on board. they returned safely. >> that's something the two of you would do. >> where's my golf ball. >> it's great. we think of them as just engineers and pilots. >> they may finally know who is response. the exclusive details coming up on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of
8:17 am
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now to a story you're seeing first on "cbs this morning." there's been a major development in one of florida's most famous missing persons cases. 20-year-old college student tiffany sessions disappeared back in 1989. "48 hours" correspondent tracy smith is here to break the news that sheriff's and investigators
8:21 am
are sharing with her. good morning. >> good morning, gayle. this sunday will mark the 20th anniversary since tiffany sessions vanished. her parents have spent all this time looking for any trace of her, finding nothing. for the past five years "48 hours" has been working this story and now detectives tell us they think they know who killed tiffany sessions. on february 9th 1989 a junior at the university of florida went out for her daily power walk and disappeared. tiffany's parents rushed to gainesville to look fehr her. >> we were all trying to get a handle on what possible explanation. did she have a boyfriend nobody knew about? she didn't have her license. her car was there. that was the scary part. >> reporter: hillary had just seen tiffy at christmas one month earlier. she came up to me and gave me a hug and it was a hug that i'd never had before. it was a very, very long hug and
8:22 am
she gave me a big kiss and she said, mom, i love you. >> she would have been wearing some kind of a sweat suit. >> reporter: jim eckert was one of the lead detectives in 1989. >> this woman literally vanished off the face of the earth. >> reporter: in desperation, pat, a marketing executive, did what he knows how to do best. he organized press conferences, brought in famous faces like football hall of famer dan moreno and politician jeb bush. and he coordinated one of the biggest private searches in florida history. over 700 people showed up. thy searched the swamps around tiff in's walking route. they blanketed the state with flyers, put tiffany's face on billboards, and answered the hotline. >> i mean this was really kind of unprecedented the amount of attention that tiffany sessions got, and yet -- >> no leads, no physical evidence. >> it was pretty obvious we were
8:23 am
having a huge problem. if anything would have turned it it would have turned up in that search. >> reporter: there were grueling ups and downs for the 20 detectives who worked this case for more than two decades, but for one detective, the time to solve it is now. >> i go to bed thinking about that case and i wake up thinking about that case. >> reporter: recently "48 hours" learned there's major ees's a major development in this case. tomorrow they'll announce they believe paul rowles a serial killer is believed to be the suspect in the disappearance of tiffany sessions. elizabeth foster disappeared. right now they're excavating the site hoping to find tiffany. >> 25 years ago we started. i hope we're going to finish. >> how long will you look for her? >> i think until the day i die.
8:24 am
how do you not look for your kid? >> there's one other tantalizing kill. the serial killer left behind an address book and on one page he scribbled 29/89 which is the very day tiffany vanished and he put a number two which detectives believes she was his second victim. >> and is there anything that ties paul rowles to tiffany? >> he was a pizza delivery guy and deliveredcould have delivered pizza to her door and he worked construction on the sight she power walked. >> where is he now? >> he died. so no confusion but they believe he tees number one suspect. daytona 500 drivers don't have time to stop for gas so the pit crews can make all the difference in the race. jeff glor is in our toyota green room and he'll show us how one
8:25 am
mrs. linda marie macdonald is your realtime captioner. good morning, it's 8:25. i'm for some news headlines. police are looking for the driver in an early-morning hit- and-run in san francisco. a man suffered light threatening injuries after being hit in the crosswalk at van ness and grove at 2:30. charles schwab is moving 1,000 jobs from its san francisco office over the next three to five years. texas and colorado are among the possible destinations. the financial giant says it's too expensive to do business here. a big rig knocked down power lines in san jose today. it happened about 6:30 on stevens creek boulevard at north monroe street. for more on that and the rest of the commute, let's go to elizabeth. >> we have an update on that big rig accident involving the
8:26 am
power lines. turns out the traffic alert is now extended until 5:00 this afternoon. so this is going to impact traffic a lot of the day. the off-ramp to stevens creek from 880 both directions northbound and southbound remain shut down. traffic is jammed up southbound from at least coleman. we have a couple of other problems out there. westbound 580 by santa rita road by dublin-pleasanton, blocking one lane, traffic already jammed up from the livermore valley. this accident just cleared southbound 680 by pacheco boulevard coming into martinez but traffic is still really backed up as you can see all across the benicia bridge. that's a check of your "kcbs traffic." we'll have a look at the weather forecast after this break.
8:27 am
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8:28 am
now we have some changes coming our way. starting out clear and cold early on but some of the clouds beginning to move into our skies now. and there's plenty more to come. in fact, as we head in toward the afternoon, some big-time changes. overlooking russian hill toward the golden gate bridge, see a few high clouds there in the distance and there you go. just off the coastline, you see the storm system developing now. that is going to be bringing increasing clouds throughout the day today. it should stay dry most of the day. but toward the evening, expecting some showers to develop. the temperatures are going to be cool. low 50s out toward the coastline. mid-50s inside the bay and the valleys and then the rain is developing tonight spreading across the entire bay area. rain tomorrow morning turning to showers. another storm and more powerful storm expected over the weekend.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour only on "cbs this morning," author and doctor robin cook, he presented the medical thrill never the 1970s with a novel called "coma." since then cook has written more than two dozen bestsellers. he'll tell you how he used the cold weather to fire up his imagination. plus, monks of massachusetts are brewing up a new business. they're making beer with a thousand years of business and reputation for excellence. you'll see how it can save the monastery. that's ahead. >> reporter: right now it's time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. journalists in sochi are sharing funny and gross hotel experiences. when stacy st. clair of the "chicago tribune" arrived at her
8:31 am
hotel, it didn't have water. she tweeted this photo and wrote, water restored sorta. on the bright sight i now know what very dangerous face water looks like. she also tweeted on the right side i watched my face with aveon like kardashian. a black market is popping up. some license plates are going for $33,000. that's almost twice the cost of china's best-selling car, the ford focus. and raleigh's news & observe eer says clay aiken announced a run for congress this morning. the "american idol" runner-up hopes to take on the republican but first he'll need to win the democratic pry pare for the house seat. aken says he wants to be a voice for the powerless. the daytona 500 kicks off the racing season in less than three weeks and they'll be
8:32 am
driving six-time world champion jimmie johnson. for starters the men changing his tires and filling up his gas tank. jeff glor on assignment for "60 minutes sports" got a chance to meet the pit bulls. jeff, good morning. >> yes the pit bulls. good morning to you. the cars reach more than 200 miles an hour but it's possible the most important part of the race is when they aren't moving at all. this is the 48 team six-man pit crew of race car champion jimmie johnson who knows without them hi would not win victory lane. >> is it the difference between wins winning and losing? >> absolutely. without a doubt. they set their driver up to win or not. >> reporter: they train every zdenoing they can be replaced at anytime by a quicker and hungrier backup. they hit the film room just like nfl players reviewing what went
8:33 am
right, what went wrong and how to function as a synchronized unit. >> we get an idea as a group. >> reporter: ryan patton was on the strengthening and conditioning staff at ohio state university when he was recruited by hendrick motorsports. now he's a rear tire changer for the pit crew. >> whether it's tv or fans or whatever, one mistake on this team, it could cost him a race. you're on sports center. >> everybody else wants to be on sports center. >> if you're on sports center something's gone horribly wrong. >> it's produced a mountain of heavy metal for hendricks motorsports. >> this is something you can kwauk through when you're having a bad day and it can make you feel good because you know that represents a tremendous amount of work and a lot of success. it takes an awful lot to miss one. >> members of the pit crew make
8:34 am
six-figure incomes they're often recruited from college football and baseball programs. they even train at times at hendricks with special forces teams. >> they're not playing. >> it is serious, serious business. >> how long does it take? >> it's about 12 seconds now. they're trying to break the ten-second barrier. keep in mind a decade ago, you're talking about 17-second pit stops. it was mechanics, grease monkeys in the machine stops. now these guys are highly trained and honed. >> it's fun to watch them. >> makes a difference. you can see the full report on "60 minutes sports" that's tonight on showtime a division of cbs. robin cook is considering the father of a medical thriller. he's a doctor and novelist with most of his 33 books turning into hits. his latest tale is called "cell." don dahler spent some time at his home in an interview you'll
8:35 am
see only on "cbs this morning." >> you'll only be able to give out 50 doses today. >> reporter: medical blockbusters make millions. you may know "contagion." >> joey don't touch anything. >> reporter: or "outbreak." but in the beginning it was "coma." she's suffering complete paralysis and i've got to breathe for this girl if she's going to live. >> coma when somebody's being put to sleep, you're not going to sleep. they're being poisoned. he wrote his first bestseller in 1977. he follow thad book to hollywood but started writing in an unlikely place. >> you know where i started my writing career? in a submarine. i was under water in a nuclear
8:36 am
submarine. >> reporter: cook served as a navy doctor for almost three years and practiced medicine for 15 years. but he's famous for his books. >> back when i wrote "outbreak" ee it was a real virus. to me it was so obvious this was going to happen all over. when the spine flu and avian flu were both in the same location together in china, i started getting really worried which is the reason that i wrote "contagion." and if his prognosis is again correct, look no further than his newest book cell to meet the doctor of the future a smartphone app called idoc but it takes a dark turn. >> the cell phone is the first thing they touch in the morning, the last thing they touch at
8:37 am
night. there is a bad side. i woke up in the middle of the night a few summers ago. i thought, my gosh i know what's going to happen. this is the outline for cell. it with us done by hand. >> when did you realize that i'm a writer i can do this? >> i still question that today. i think i'm a storyteller. i've never been tempted to wear turtleneck white turtleneck. i don't drink. >> you don't do the pipe or the patches on the elbows? >> i see myself as i guess mostly as a hard worker. most of this is 19th century. >> reporter: cook invests his time and money into homes around the country. he's written most of the his books here in florida. but when he's in search of some inspiration, he writes here in this little alcove in his ski house. >> if i have a plotting prom i don't know why it is but i go up to new hampshire and it's really
8:38 am
cold out and the fire is crackling and i sit on the couch and all of a sudden i seem to come up with the solution. >> reporter: cook bought this house in boston's bee conhill neighborhood from the money he made from his first big hit. coma. as he adds his newest novel he hopes this one makes it to the big screen. >> i think cell could be another coma in terms of a movie. so we'll see if they feel the same way. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," don dahler boston. >> interesting name. don dahler is also a novelist. >> that's right. don has two books. it's interesting to hear of different people's writing process, how they do what they do. >> coma is a great book. ry ebb the movie. it with us very popular in my house growing up. some might call the nation's newest beer divine. >> reporter: monks have been brugge beer for more than a thousand years but never in
8:39 am
america. that's about to change. the story and the beer coming up on "cbs this morning." good is in every blue diamond almond. a good that comes in 25 flavors. from whole natural to wasabi and soy sauce. and once good gets going there's no stopping it. get your good going. blue diamond. snack nut of the u.s. ski team.
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8:42 am
michelle miller shows us how the monks are tapping into a long tradition thanks to beer.
8:43 am
>> reporter: for 70 years travis monks have called st. joseph's abbin abbey home. describe the life of a monk it's pretty ordinary with an alter nation between work and prayer. >> reporter: five years ago father dominic saw that way of life in st. joseph's in the abbey. >> it wums a promising future. >> it was a question of survival. >> it was a question of survival. >> they took out loans to replace the roof and considering selling their land to pay medical bills.
8:44 am
>> we had to look for a deeper way that would also work into our daily living. >> and beer was your answer. >> beer was the answer. monks have been growing beer for over a thousand years. >> brewing beer is the trashist monks' family business. only ten official trappist beer brands exist because they must meet strict standarded and be brewed within the monastery which is why they've never been brewed outside europe until now. >> how does it fit in with your values. we're talking about beer. >> our diet was so poor so they brewed a really nutritious beer and called it liquid bread. >> with help from their brothers they built this brewery next to the abbey where they develop their own unique brew. >> this is a blend. >> the brewery's director
8:45 am
traveled to belgium to get their beer certified. >> you have to protect the family name. >> their whole livelihood, right, hinges on the quality of the beer they produce. >> listen. >> okay. >> very sound. the sound is important. so we know the yeast did the work in the glass. >> quite impressed. >> and so are the critics. >> it's got loads of flavor and it's a beautiful color and just has the flavor profile and the weight and just jechb real experience of a great belgian ale. >> doesn't hurt that the big guysguy guy's on your side too. >> he's been very good to us. >> here's to america's first trappe's brewery. >> cheers. >> something everyone can rejoice about in moderation. for "cbs this morning," michelle philips.
8:46 am
>> the monks hope to make it nationwide this year. >> did you hear her say in moderation? >> aagree with that. nothing in moderation except food and eating and drinking. >> it's interesting to see them in their robes with the liquid bread. >> good for them. >> i can't wait to try it. >> and you guys let me know how it is. let me know. i'm still drinking sparkling cider. it's the sequel j.k. rowling admits she wanted a romantic ending go another way. doesn't she control that? the fan backlash is coming up next. one man's passion to save the hidden world. how he spent a small fortune to buy his own cave. that's tomorrow. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:47 am
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eight movies we know how the movie ended. now the creator said that was probably a mistake. charlie d'agata is in london with a revelation that's shaping up the mogul world. >> it's caution a backlash. there's been shock and confusion by fans who insist they know the characters better than jk rowling. why the change of heart? maybe it was seeing them move to the big screen. it was a happy ending. good triumphed over evil and all that. and in the epilogue we see ron and hermione with a family of their own, but this is the romance many potter fans had wished for. turns out they weren't alone. j.k. rowling has amitted maybe she got it wrong.
8:51 am
hermione should have hooked up with harry after all. she told emma watson this month's guest editor for reasons that have very little to do with literature and far more to do with me clinging to the plot as i first imagined it hermione ended up with ron. what? any other author may have gotten away with that but it's caused what's been turned a storm in a sorting hat turning it into a whole she should have married harry debate which should have been as dead as dumm billion dove. >> pamela paul says any muggle knows you can't mess with harry potter fans. >> this really shows characters aren't just -- they don't just belong to the author that really characters live on in reader's minds and take on their own life. it's interesting. readers feel like they own ron and hermione. >> reporter: but they don't or at least they didn't.
8:52 am
in 2012 rowling appeared on "cbs this morning" and talked about writing "casual vacancy." >> i was relished a private world that no one knew about. that was fun. >> reporter: the author knew there would be backlash from her kre cent admission saying she could hear the range and furry already and hoping she wasn't breaking people's hearts shoo it's very interesting to see these readers being distraught over the fact this neat ending has been opened up again and unraveled. >> and speaking of opening up and unraveling, jk rowling said ron and hermione's marriage would have eventually worked but they might have needed relationship counsel. there's no magic spell for that. >> so the harry potter saga continues. that does it for us be sure to
8:53 am
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looking for the driver in an early morning hit and run in san a man suffered good morning. it's 8:55. time for news headlines. police are looking for the driver in an early-morning hit- and-run in san francisco. a man suffered life-threatening injuries after being hit in the crosswalk at van ness avenue and grove street around 2:30. the road was reopened about 3 hours later. a police chase turned deadly in vallejo. it started about 10:15 last night off lofas street and went on 80 and ended up at curtola parkway. the driver died. the ramp is now reold. it's not clear what led to the clays in the first place. a former grocery store goes up in flames. firefighters in oakland cement the morning checking for hot spots of what used to be it the
8:56 am
sun hop fat supermarket on international boulevard. they spent the morning checking for hot spots and are investigating the cause of the fire. lawrence has the forecast. a lot clouds in the skies especially toward the afternoon. right now. it's dry outside. getting out there you can see some of those clouds looking back toward san francisco. but things will really be thickening up becoming mostly cloudy into the afternoon. you can see the storm system off the coast. now, looks like probably going to keep things dry the better part of the day but toward the evening hours, a chance of showers developing rain becoming likely overnight tonight and into tomorrow. temperatures are going to stay cool. highs only in the low 50s toward the coastline. mid-50s in the bay. and the valleys. next couple of days, here we go, some much-needed rain coming our way. a few showers possibly into friday in the north bay then a bigger storm for everyone over the weekend. we are going to check out your "kcbs traffic" when we coming back. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train' idents' day sale is on now.
8:57 am
♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪
8:58 am
(dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. a big rig hitting a power pole is causing big problems in san jose and it will stay that way for the day until at least 5:00 this afternoon when the traffic alert will hopefully be lifted according to chp. the off-ramp from the stevens creek to stevens creek from 880 remains shut down. you can see traffic is slow in both directions. southbound 880 specifically jammed from at least coleman and the accident is on city streets on stevens creek near valley fair mall. so traffic is a headache around there, as well. all lanes clear southbound 680 approaching pacheco boulevard. traffic jammed up on the benicia, bay bridge to the maze.
8:59 am
9:00 am
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