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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 4, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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of arinse for special olympics. >> -- of awareness for special olympics. >> have a great morning. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] good morning to our viewers in the west it is tuesday march 4th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." secretary of state kerry lands in kiev as the united states prepares to punish russia for the ukrainian siege. and president vladimir p breaks his silence. first on "cbs this morning," a new report could make you think twice on why your doctor is prescribing certain medications. plus we're on the edge of a sinkhole to show you the effort to save eight classic corvettes. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener your world in 90 seconds. >> russian president vladimir putin says ukraine's ousted president is the only legitimate leader of the country and what's happening now is a coup. >> russia stands its ground in
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ukraine. >> shots fired in an attempt to control the advancing ukrainian troops, coming back to their base. >> we have the top -- >> secretary of state john kerry touched down in ukraine this morning. >> ukraine's navy reportedly ordered to surrender or be stormed. >> russia is on the wrong side of history on this. deep freeze settling in. 45 outside of dallas was turned into a parking lot. >> i'm going back the other way. >> i just want to go home. today is primary day in several states. the most high-profile race is in texas. state senator wendy davis is expected to grab the democratic nomination for governor. it is fat tuesday, annual mardi gras parade bourbon street already packed with partier s partiers. bill gates once again is the richest person in the world with a net worth of $76 billion. national corvette museum has begun removing the eight
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corvettes that fell into a 40-foot wide sinkhole. >> all that -- >> a couple of plows demonstrating what i -- >> ooh! >> what i said hitting us. all right. there you go. 7 of 7. can he do it again? >> yes! the highest scoring game in history, lebron's 61. >> and all that matters. >> controversial toronto mayor rob ford made an unexpected stop. >> i heard you dressed like a magician. >> on "cbs this morning." >> bonjourno. >> in a speech pop francis accidentally said the "f" word in italian. when told about his mistake, the pope said no [ bleep ] [ laughter ] >> announcer: presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." good morning, nor wraahnorah.
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>> good morning to you charlie. big news day. as you wake up in the west the obama administration said it is ready to impose sanctions within days in retaliation for pro-russian forces moving in to ukraine. russian president vladimir putin predicts any western sanctions will backfire. >> putin made his first extended comments this morning, since ukraine's president fled to russia. he called it an unconstitutional coup and that his government has right to use any means, including force, to protect russians inside ukraine. a short time ago, after putin spoke, secretary of state john kerry arrived in kiev to meet with ukraine's new leaders. margaret brennan is traveling with secretary of state kerry. margaret, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and good morning to the west coast. secretary of state kerry arrived here in kiev and headed straight to the shrine of the fallen. it's a memorial for some of the protesters killed in demonstrations against the former pro-moscow government. he was swarmed by religious
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leaders and people in the street who pled for help. he says the u.s. will deliver financial support and he hopes that russia will respect the outcome of upcoming elections. but there is real concern among u.s. officials that rush bea will expand its invasion in ukraine beyond crimea and the u.s. is considering slapping sanctions on russia in the coming days. right now, kerry is in kiev meeting with the acting president and prime minister pledging a $1 billion loan guarantee. he is also sending a team of financial advisers to help this country avoid economic collapse and try to claw back some of the money that has been taken out of it by corrupt politicians. so in the next few days kerry is going to try to jumpstart diplomacy, provide an off-ramp to avoid armed conflicts with russia. he will meet with his russian counterpart in paris in the next few days. >> secretary kerry and other
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officials met with president obama last night to discuss possible action. early in the day, the president said russia's move into crimea is a violation of international law. >> what cannot be done is for russia with impunity to put its soldiers on the ground and violate basic principles that are recognized around the world. and i think the strong condemnation that it's received from countries around the world indicates the degree with which russia is on the wrong side of history on this. >> in brussels nato officials say russia is agreeing to talk about the military situation in ukraine. earlier this morning, president putin ordered russia's military exercises on ukraine's border to end as scheduled. in the crimean capital of si
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simferopol tensions remain high. >> reporter: reinforce russia's armed positions, but tensions have risen in areas where they've also taken over the ukrainian military positions or tried to. for example, the belbec air base. in the last few hours, about 150 ukrainian soldiers loyal to kiev marched their air field, hoping to retake a weapons depot from russians control. russians soldiers who took over here last week stopped them. first with warnings and then with shots. possibly the first shots fired so far in this invasion. but the firing didn't last long. no one was hurt and both sides moved quickly to dial back the tension. we have just spoken to the commander, who says that
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standoff is ongoing. neither side is backing down. the belbec air base they said they would defend their base. the fact is that they are vastly outmanned and outgunned. this may have been a brave gesture but, really that's all it was, a gesture. charlie, norah? >> elizabeth palmer thank you. some leading republicans are blaming the president this morning for acting weak and not deterring russia's move into ukraine. >> this is the ultimate result of a feckless foreign policy where nobody believes in america's strength anymore. >> the u.s. is behaving in a way that tells the world we're in decline, that we're in withdrawal. we've created a leadership vacuum in the world, and it is being filled by the putins of the world. >> tom donilon joins us from washington. good morning, tom. >> good morning, charlie. good morning norah.
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>> here, president putin says unconstitutional coup, prepared to use force in ukraine as the last resort. and he says sanctions will not work. suppose he moves in to ukraine further. is nato prepared to stop him, or is ukraine lost? >> well, i wouldn't say ukraine is lost at all. what you're seeing here of course, is despite the pretext here of president putin saying that they're acting to protect russian nationals or russian language speakers in fact this is an effort to try to reassert some sort of control or some sort of leverage in the situation in ukraine, which they lost when yanukovych left. essential to this idea he has of eurasian to balance the european yub union. you saw president putin trying to regain some leverage here. >> but if sanctions don't work
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can you stop him from exerting that leverage? >> i think that there are a lot of things that the united states and the world community can do here. and we're starting to see this. one, declare his actions to be absolutely illegal in international law, illegal and in violation and the russian commitments, by the way, to protect the sovereignty of ukraine coming out of the cold war. second, we can and we need to isolate russia politically and isolate them economically. to those who say there's nothing -- there's no leverage here that the west united states and international community has, i say it's just not true. you saw it yesterday in the russian market. putin can stand aside and declare russia's illegal actions on the military front. can he not withdraw the russian economy from the world economy, though. >> tom, secretary kerry is on his way to kiev. what's the goal? what can he do? >> i think the goal should be two or three-fold.
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number one here to indicate political support for the government in ukraine, which is planning to have an election in may. that's absolutely critical. number two is to bring to ukraine pledges of and planned for international community economic support of the ukraine as we go forward here. and, third, to indicate that in fact, the international community will continue to press back on russian assertions that this is somehow a humanitarian mission. it is not. what this is about in ukraine is an attempt to refwan leverage in a situation. >> tom, you've met with president putin. there's a lot of analysis about how putin acts. doesn't he act when he senses weakness? >> well, i don't think it's about weakness here norah. i think this is about putin reacting to the the loss of a proxy here in ukraine, a real blow to his plan to have some sort of counter organization to the european union.
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what happens happened here of course, is that he act ed toed to regain some sort of leverage after a real blow here. the loss of ukraine, in his view from the russian influence is really a traumatic event. >> tom, how far do you think he is prepared to go to regain that sphere of influence? >> well, that's the question. and it's not clear at this point, which is why this is such a serious crisis. you've seen now the real tension in crimea. crimea has been a potential flashpoint in ukraine since really the fall of the soviet empire, the soviet union. and he is really pressing here, obviously, in a hard way to really bring these tensions to the fore here. not clear how far he is willing to go. what would have to happen, as we're seeing a pushback, embrace of the ukrainian government by the west by the united states and strong support by the ukrainian government as a strong force to putin's actions. >> tom donilon, thank you for
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joining us. >> thank you. the dow is up sharply after closing down more than 153 points yesterday on fears stemming from the ukrainian crisis. we turn to the weather in the bay area and the pacific northwest where there is new concern about mudslides. meteorologist megan glaros of cbs station wbbm is tracking severe weather in the west and across the country. >> good morning, charlie and norah. good morning to those of you in the west. if you live anywhere from san francisco up the coastline toward seattle, you've got another bout of heavy rain headed your way wednesday into thursday. you already have had several inches of accumulation as much as three inches in spots and could see an additional several inches of rainfall. that will increase the landslide risk for portions of washington and oregon. los angeles, you'll see a high of 70 degrees today. phoenix, 78. portland will hang tight at 58 degrees. but much colder in the eve. east of the rockies, we're talking about an arctic air mass which is still in place,
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impacting everyone from houston all the way up to the canadian border. in the northeast today, it is possible that we will see all-time march record lows broken there in new york, philadelphia and washington. and they're just dealing with all that snow that they had yesterday now finally getting a break from that. but the cold air stays firmly locked in place. charlie, norah? >> thanks megan. this morning, the white house is getting ready to release a 2015 budget packed with stimulus money. the centerpiece is an approach to fighting poverty that is favored by republicans. president obama wants to expand the earned income tax credit for another 13 million americans. that program gives tax breaks to the working poor. the president would pay its $60 billion costs by closing loopholes for wealthier taxpayers, $300 billion for highways bridges and transit. the budget is nearly $4 trillion. that's slightly higher than the current budget. the president is trying to
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put the middle east peace process back on track this morning, meeting with prime minister benjamin netanyahu monday. they discussed syria, iran and stalled negotiations with the palestinians. pressing netanyahu to meet a compromise. netanyahu says israel is doing its part. >> the best way is to do this is be strong. that's what the people of israel expect of me to stand strong against russia, to stand strong. this morning the fight against cell phone theft is gaining some momentum. new york congressman's bill comes after a similar push in the senate. elaine quijano looks at the controversy that's also getting support from the police commissioner of america's biggest city. good morning. >> good morning to you norah. smart phone theft has been described as an epidemic by some
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in law enforcement with no end in sight. now one family is hoping its tragedy will bring about change. it can happen anywhere any time. in train stations or on a city street. smart phones are being stolen in record number. >> right now we are forced police, government leaders, trying to find ways to respond to the the largest growing crime problem in america. >> 1.6 million americans were victims of a smart-phone related crime in 2012. and 40% of robberies in major cities involve mobile devices. megan bokin was just 23 years old when thieves in st. louis stole her phone and murdered her in broad daylight 18 months ago. >> sometimes i wake up and i ask myself, is this a bad dream or did this really happen? >> which is why her family along with new york attorney general eric schneiderman are calling for a kill switch allowing users to make them
7:16 am
worthless on the black market. >> it's economically a winner for several levels of criminal activity. >> reporter: according to scheinderman, most wireless providers have refused because it would cut into the billions phone companies make selling anti-theft insurance and replacement devices. >> the corporate greed that is driving this problem has to come to an end. >> reporter: last month amy klobuchar introduced legislation that would require companies to install a kill switch on each new device. >> we literally have to make these phones as sophisticated as the people who are stealing them. >> reporter: the wireless association said its member companies moved as quickly as possible to work with the fcc, law enforcement and other policy makers to develop the proactive, multifaceted approach to remove the aftermarket for stolen phones. the association also says wireless companies are concerned that kill switches could be hacked and used to disable the
7:17 am
phones of entire groups of customers, including law enforcement. schneiderman says he believes the industry is capable of developing a secure solution. charlie, norah? >> elaine quijano, thank you. testimony was interrupted in the murder trial of the so-called blade runner oscar pistorius. the double amputee olympic track star is on trial in south africa for shooting his girlfriend last year. court was briefly adjourned after the neighbor's picture was on television. she said she heard a woman scream followed by four gunshots. time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. politico says president obama canceled his delegation to the sochi paralympic games. american athletes will still compete in the games which began friday. >> questions about military screening of recruits new studies fine one in five have
7:18 am
common mental health issues before enlisting, including depression, panic disorder and adhd. more than 8% of troops thought about killing themselves. more than 1% tried to commit suicide. washington post says the epa announced a new rule to reduce sulphur from gasoline. the agency says it's equivalent to removing 33 million cars from the road. the department will cost drivers less than one cent per gallon. >> the weather forced airlines to cancel 87,000 domestic flights since december 1st. that is a record. the cost to carriers and passengers an estimated $5.8 billion. that's about twice the usual price tag for winter weather. and the denver post says peyton manning is clear to play another season with the broncos. the quarterback set an nfl record with 55 regular season touchdowns last season and was nmed mvp. but his contract called for yearly physicals. manning missed the 2011 season with the indianapolis colts
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because of four neck surgeries. in oregon construction workers hospitalized this morning after being rescued from a collapsed trench monday. danny russo was fixing a home sewer line when the walls gave way. dirt and mud trapped him more than 10 feet underground. crews dug for more than three hours. when they hoisted him from the hole, he was conscious and alert. incredible pictures there. it's 7:19. ahead, cbs news has obtain aid report that shows how doctors are making cloudy wet start to the day. a lot of fog out there too. be careful on the roadways. it is very slick this morning. plenty of clouds all day long. maybe some partial clearing in the afternoon. ocean beach, plenty of gray skies now and some drizzle continuing. you can see that ridge starting to build in just a little bit but still a chance of few more light sprinkles outside. temperatures should be mild. 67-degrees in napa. 67 in redwood city and also in
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oakland. showers possibly again tomorrow night into thursday. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by safelite auto glass. call safelite or go online to schedule now. china keeps a tight
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at hercules middle- good morning everyone, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. investigators will interview students at hercules middle high school in martinez today after a hate crime on campus. a transgender teen was attacked in a boys' restroom there yesterday. no suspects have been identified. a woman is dead and her husband has critical injuries after a small plane crashed near truckee, tahoe airport. it happened last night as the plane was traveling from santa ana. investigators will be back on the scene this morning. $10 million worth of gold coins found in the sierra foothills were likely stolen. a couple found six cans full of coinsen their property and now they may be linked to a heist at the san francisco mint in 1900. stay with us, photograph and
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weather coming -- traffic and weather coming right up. h
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roads. because the roads still a little slick and some drizzle outside and the delays are beginning to build now. northbound 880 near the coliseum. a little early to be seeing the delays. the metering lights have been on since just about 6:00. you are stacked into the macarthur maze. at least until you hit treasure island. and because of a couple of earlier accidents, sensors in the south bay popping up red and yellow. that's a check of your kcbs traffic. here's lawrence. now leftover moisture behind and some fog and some drizzle and light sprinkles continuing now. throughout the day maybe a sliver of sunshine. but a whole lot of cloud cover still the temperatures will be mild. mainly in the 60s even some upper 60s in the south bay. next couple of days some more unsettled weather and maybe some more rain wednesday night into thursday.
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♪ this morning nba superstar lebron james is the talk of miami after scoring a career highlight last night, 61 points. james wept 22 of 33 from the field, as the heat battled the charlotte bobcats. number 6 is now the third player in the last 25 years to take that many shots and make two-thirds of his attempts. the previous career high was 56 points when he played for the cleveland cavaliers. the heat beat the bobcats 117-101. that's crazy times. >> the bobcat game. welcome back to "cbs this morning," coming up in this half hour journalists in this
7:31 am
country don't think twice about holding politicians accountable. china does not work like that. seth doane show ises us the hurdles used to clear to get there. and the sinkhole anna werner is at the national corvette museum, where crews are vir carefully frying to bring pieces of americana back to showroom glory. and the close-up look at the sometimes cozy relationship between doctors and pharmaceutical companies. a new report you'll see on "this morning" explains why you'll soon get a clear report on why the doctors with the drug companies that make the drugs they prescribe. we know that doctors and big pharma have a close relationship. of course, they meet all the time. what's troubling about this or
7:32 am
what concerns you? >> well it's happened for decades, pharmaceutical companies have worked with doctors both to treat conditions and to help promote those medications. and the promotion part has gotten a lot of attention because drug companies have paid billions of dollars to settle lawsuits and giving kickbacks to doctors. so this has gotten a lot of attention over the years because of that. >> so you may be suggesting that they're prescribing drugs not because their patients may need them but because they're being paid by pharma to prescribe them. >> some doctors make tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars a year beyond their normal practice just for work with street. >> now, what i was going to ask you, how much money are we talking about here. and you just answered that. and why should we care if the doctor is making extra money, why should we be concerned? >> when you go to your doctor trust that the doctor is giving
7:33 am
the best medication four but there's a lot of interests that the doctor has to keep in mind prescribing a drug. it makes sense as you're paying more for the cost of your medication that they're trying cheaper alternatives first. a again they'ric drug for example. or encouraging you to try nonmedication alternative to reach your goals. >> what will the new sunshine law do? >> the affordable care act requires all pharmaceutical and medical device companies to publicly report all payments to doctors over $10. so patients for the first time will have a full window into how closely doctors work with a pharmaceutical industry and able to raise that to their doctors if they have questions. >> are you encouraging we ask our doctors and how do we do that without sounding confrontational? >> every patient has an individual calculation. and we're not encouraging you to confront your doctor to bring turmoil into that relationship. but there are ways to raise these questions in a gentle way. you can ask about the nature of
7:34 am
their payment. even if you didn't want to raise the payment, you can ask about other alternatives. you can ask about drugs that your insurance company will cover. you ask about changing your lifestyle first. >> before you ask the question you may want to note drauk tour? >> right. if your doctor is not willing to engage on this topic, props it's worth looking for a different story. >> we always like to provide both sides. pharma said the discovery of new and improved medicines is dependent on the research collaborations between physicals and bio pharmaceutical companies. clinical trials sponsored by bio pharmaceutical companies have led to breakthroughs. >> there's no questions that doctors want to create new problems to the benefit of all americans. i think the issue that's controversial is working to help promote those drugs. and many leading academic and biological centers say it's perfect responsible for doctors to work with pharma on the creation of drugs. but leave the marketing to sales
7:35 am
representatives, not doctors. >> thanks charlie. >> thank you. and knew days of meetings tomorrow the session as china faces pollution with its neighbors. questions of the government. but everything is still strictly controlled. red flags were flying against smog-free, bright blue skies today. police around tiananmen square made their presence clear. roughly 3,000 delegates of the national people's congress is set to begin meeting tomorrow. the congress is seen as mostly ceremonial but delegates do approve on the agenda from corruption to the economy to the fight against pollution. we were led in amid tight
7:36 am
security for an annual press conference, where foreign media filter in. >> americans are increasingly interested in what's happening here in china. >> reporter: roughly 3,000 journalists are registered to cover these sessions. it's quite rare to get to ask questions at this level of the chinese government. the opportunity you only comes a couple times a year. but this is china, after all, and press conferences are different. here, our questions had to be drafted ahead of time. and 18 approved by the ministry of foreign affairs. the ministry selected our question to be among about a dozen answered at this choreographed prefer. presser. i've been told to keep my hand raised but i just learned i was the eighth person to be called on. indeed, we were the eighth called. it was the first time in years cbs news was selected. >> it's been about ten years since china announced the concept of a peaceful rise. but china's increased military
7:37 am
spending seems anything but peaceful. >> reporter: our question raised the issue of tensions over disputed islands and china's muscular military stance. >> do china's neighbors and indeed the world have reason to fear china's boosted military presence in the region? and is this the result of increased u.s. focus in the reason? >> reporter: the congress' spokeswoman said we think it takes power to maintain and preserve peace. adding the u.s. has publicly stressed multiple t
7:38 am
>> it was nicely done seth. g to see that
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7:44 am
two made it to the ground this morning. a report from the national corvette museum in bowling green, six more vettes are in need of a ride. >> good morning, charlie and good morning to our viewers in the west. what do you do with when your corvettes vanish into a sink hole? they dubbed it corvette plus. the first cars came out yesterday and people here were thrilled. this blew devil zr1 was craned out of the sinkhole. it streamed live on the internet to thousands of worried corvette officianados all over the world. it appeared to survive in good condition. something confirmed moments later when the corvette was on solid tkpwropbd.
7:45 am
ground. >> it has a few dings and scratches on it. it made it out of the hole and did good for us. not too many cars i think would do that. >> the scene was more somber in february after the 40-foot wide 30-foot deep sinkhole. most prized corvettes are kept here. eight historic cars were swallowed up. the 1993 ruby red 30th anniversary corvette wasn't as lucky. it landed upside-down and sustained significant damage. >> i have hope we will get them all out and get them all restored and be back on display here. >> engineers and crews have been logging six-day workweeks, studying the crater and figuring out how to safely pull the trapped cars out. they even punched a hole into the sky dome wall in order to bring the crane inside.
7:46 am
on monday the blue devil was driven about 20 feet and put back on display. it will be joined by the other corvettes as they are pulled out. so what do you do with eight corvetting pulled out of a hole like that? you send them to a special g.m. facility in michigan where they are going to be repaired and restored if they can be. the black 1962 looks pretty good from our vantage point. the other cars we can't see. no word on what the condition of those cars is right now. >> amazing the stuff you could see is driveable they turned on the lights and the guy goes yeah it's nice. >> corvette's still have a place in a boy's fantasy. >> yes they do cloudy wet start to the day. a lot of fog out there too and be careful out on the roadways.
7:47 am
it is very slick this morning. going to see plenty of clouds all day long and high pressure trying to build in here. maybe some partial clearing into the afternoon. ocean beach, plenty of gray skies now. and some drizzle continuing you see that ridge starting to build in just a little bit but still a chance of few more light sprinkles outside. temperatures should be mild and 68 degrees in napa. 67 in redwood city and also if oakland. showers possibly again tomorrow night into thursday. did you know t did you know that apple wants to do for your car what it did for your phone? the new technology making its way this week. what competitors are doing to keep up. more real news on the morning right here on "cbs this morning". the morning right here on "cbs this morning." ♪
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7:52 am
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7:56 am
uries after a single and good morning everyone, 7:56 on this tuesday, i'm frank mallicoat. updated on bay area headlines now. a woman is dead and a pilot has critical injuries after a plane crashed near the truckee tahoe airport. it happened last night. the investigators will be back at the scene this morning to figure out what happened. $10 million worth of gold coins found in the sierra foothills were likely stolen now. a couple found six cans full of coins on their property. those may have been linked to a heist dating back to the mint in san francisco in the early 1900s. how about that? overnight rain likely a big factor in a number of accidents on the other hand the bay area including this one. about 11:30 last night an suv flipped on its side on a ramp
7:57 am
from eastbound interstate 80 at apian way. no injuries were reported and if so they were very minor. got your traffic and more on that wet weather coming up right after the break.
7:58 am
good morning, taking a check of the ride along the peninsula. we just spotted this tweet. it's from kcbs traffic saying an accident southbound 101 near 92. looks like it's in the careers stages, the traffic still jammed from burlingame where there was another accident near broadway. and here's a live look at the fog and drizzle continues this morning on westbound 580 creating slow conditions through livermore. that's traffic, here's lawrence. all right we are looking at a lot of clouds right now. some rain overnight. now it continues to see plenty of clouds and some sprinkles and some drizzle. as we head toward the afternoon the temperatures expected to be only in the 60s and a chance of showers --
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning to you. it's 8:00 in the west. welcome back to "cbs this morning." secretary of state kerry lands in ukraine as russia's president says he's keeping all options open. pro-russian forces are wiring warning shots in crimea. are teachers unions winning fight over how to educate your kids? the battle in new york city over charter schools that could resonate across the country. and vice media says it has the news that young people want to watch. ceo and co-founder shane smith is here today in studio 57. but first on this march 4th, 2014, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> kerry arrived here in kiev and headed to the shrine of the fallen. he said the u.s. will deliver
8:01 am
financial support. >> while president putin said that the thousands of troops that are in crimea and have taken control have just come to what he said reinforce the position. but the tensions have risen. >> how far do you think he is prepared to go to regain that sphere of influence? >> well, that's the question. and it's not clear at this point which is why this is such a serious crisis. the white house delivered president obama's 2015 proposal packed with stimulus budget. the total budget is nearly $4 trillion. smartphone theft has been described as an epidemic by lawsuit, one with no end in sight. >> the corporate greed that is driving this problem has to come to an end. these are one of the few opportunities we get to ask questions of the government but everything is still strictly controlled. >> here our questions had to be drafted by us ahead of time and then approved by the ministry of foreign affairs. the black 1962 corvette they're going to pull out today looks pretty good from our vantage point. the other cars we can't see.
8:02 am
i love this story because he thought he was going to deliver pizzas to the writers. the next thing he knows he's on the stage, there's julia roberts! >> i watch every year. people say why? i'll tell you why. to make sure i'm not in the dead actor montage. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. secretary of state john kerry is promising help for ukraine. he landed in kiev a short time ago. as he arrived, officials revealed the united states is ready to hit russia with economic sanctions. >> margaret brennan is traveling with secretary kerry. margaret, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. and good morning to the west coast. secretary kerry is here in kiev meeting with the acting president and prime minister of this country, pledging a $1 billion loan guarantee from the united states along with a team of financial experts who will look through ukraine's finances help to avoid economic collapse
8:03 am
here. they'll also say how to claw back some of the money that has been taken out of this country by corrupt politicians. but kerry's really here to show solidarity with the ukrainian people. he went into a memorial for some of those who were killed during protests against the former pro-moscow government and was asked for help by people in the streets, religious leaders who said we need financial support from the u.s. he said that's on its way. he is next headed to paris where he will meet face to face with his russian counterpart. kerry's trying to get direct talks started between ukraine and russia because there is very real concern in the u.s. that this expansion into crimea could lead to a larger scale invasion and the u.s. is trying to provide a diplomatic way out. >> all right. margaret brennan who is is traveling with secretary kerry, thank you. russia's president says there's no need to use force in ukraine, but he would do so as a last resort. we heard from vladimir putin who also said this morning that
8:04 am
local forces not russian troops, seized control of crimea over the weekend. elizabeth palmer is in crimea where new violence threatened to break out this morning. >> reporter: just a few hours ago, a contingent of about 150 ukrainian soldiers left their operations center unarmed to march to the airfield to try and take back a weapons depot. the russians who are in control of the airfield stocked them first with warnings and then with shots, perhaps the very first shots fired in this whole invasion. pretty soon both sides moved to dial back the tension. there is clearly no desire on the part of the russians to kill anyone here. but for the moment there's no sign they're moving either. they remain fully in control of the crimean peninsula. for "cbs this morning," elizabeth palmer, crimea. president putin also said this morning that an
8:05 am
unconstitutional coup forced ukraine's president to run for his life. charlie d'agata is in kiev where locals are responding to the russian leader. charlie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie, from a foggy kiev. we just returned from city hall which was a battlefield and a clinic a couple of weeks ago during these demonstrations. we watched the press conference with ukrainians who said they were frankly outraged at what they call the arrogance of vladimir putin. on the subject of crimea they say they cannot be justified. they didn't accept that it was done to protect russian interests there. they said it's an illegal invasion on those grounds. on the ousted president, viktor yanukovych, a lot of anger, angry that he appears to be safe and sound, and in putin's words, that this was the overthrow of a legitimate government. they want him back here. yanukovych brought back here. some said preferably in a cage they joked. but here to answer his crimes they say. we also spoke to a schoolteacher
8:06 am
who is living in eastern ukraine and here in kiev. she said that her biggest fear was that russian forces would advance further into eastern parts of ukraine and there is nothing, in putin's words, that made her feel any better. charlie? norah? gayle? >> thank you charlie. mardi gras is mighty cold this morning. the temperature is close to freezing in new orleans. more rain is in the forecast on the final day of the big party. meteorologist megan garros of wbbm says that the arctic air covers a huge part of the ountry. megan, good morning. >> good morning to you, gayle, charlie and norah. lessez les bon temps rouler. very cold temperatures. in fact, the high today will likely be around 45 in new orleans. the record cold high for this date, 47. so they could have a new record on their hands in terms of cold
8:07 am
air. and then the rain to boot. also freezing rain just to the west of new orleans today. but the showers will continue off and on through the day as the storm system slowly moves eastward. and speaking about slowly it's been a long time we have had this very cold air in place. it feels like five degrees, the windchill number in new york right now, five for d.c. it is five below for cleveland and even houston has a windchill number of 27. look up to minneapolis and fargo. the windchills there are four below in each location. we're talking about the all-time march record lows being broken in much of the northeast. and for the west the rains will continue in several waves of precipitation. they could, charlie, norah and gayle, have landslide threats there for the next couple of days. >> megan, thank you. and first lady michelle obama visits a washington d.c. charter school today. the public school alternatives run with taxpayer dollars are now legal in 42 states. according to a recent report charter school enrollment has grown 225% over
8:08 am
the last ten years. the number of schools more than doubled, but the issue it turning political in new york city where the new mayor is taking a stand to support existing public schools. we look at the controversy getting attention around the country. good morning. >> good morning. thousands of concerned parents are traveling to new york state's capital, albany this morning looking to draw attention to the plight of the charter school movement. it's a movement they believe is now under attack. >> reporter: marie rodriguez has three children attending charter schools in harlem. she says it felt like winning the lottery when her children were admitted. >> i was excited. i jumped for joy. the kids were jumping because we all knew that once we paved a path, that all the other siblings were able to get into this fantastic school. >> reporter: but plans to expand their schools have been repealed by new york city's new mayor, bill de blasio. he says it's an effort to ensure that public schools get equal
8:09 am
resources. >> we know in the past that some of the public schools that received charter schools coming into them actually saw their programming diminished, saw the dynamics for their kids diminished. we don't want that imbalance. we don't want that unfairness. >> reporter: the move is a sharp turnaway from the pro-charter policies under de blasio's predecessor, michael bloomberg. >> charter schools are free to design themselves around teaching and learning. >> reporter: eva moscowitz runs the reversal. they are some of the top performing schools in the state. >> we're on the top 1% in the state of new york in math and we're in the top 7% in reading and writing. and that is all schools. and our students in harlem and the south bronx and bed-stuy are significantly less socioeconomically advantaged. >> reporter: what happens to this school to these students if you can't convince the mayor to reverse his decision? >> i don't know.
8:10 am
>> reporter: more than 600 students could be impacted. over 2.5 million students nationwide attend charter schools. in 2013 those schools added 288,000 new students. the largest increase in 14 years. new york city schools chancellor, carmen farina insists her boss mayor de blasio, still sees a place for them in his city. >> charter schools of value that work with us in terms of how do we make sure that all kids are served well i'm in charge of 1.2 million kids as is bill and i think we take that responsibility very seriously. >> this political skirmish over charter schools comes over a time when the mayor is promoting his major education platform the effort to provide universal pre-kinder are the ga erer guard erer pre-kindergarten for all children in new york. they'll be fighting for that controversial funding plan to tax those making over $500,000 a year to pay for it. >> so how does the mayor win on
8:11 am
this one? many parents could say you're preventing us from getting the best education we can for our children. >> yeah, and a lot of parents have concern over that because these charter schools really do well in terms of test scores. the mayor, however, has the very powerful teachers union behind him because the charter schools don't have to have unionized teachers. so there's been a lot of resentment over the years ever since charter schools were established and made legal. >> so is this payback from the teachers union? >> i won't say payback. i will say that the teachers union is very happy if de blasio limits the number of charter schools out there. >> okay. >> all right. to be continued for sure. thank you, don
8:12 am
some of the world's biggest tech companies are fighting to sit in your car. apple, google and even blackberry put new technology on four wheels. but is it a safety threat? that's coming up next on "cbs this morning." next on "cbs this morning." ♪ baby you can drive my car
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8:17 am
♪ on thursday the geneva auto show open to the public but the biggest draw might not be the auto show. dan ackerman with cnet good morning. >> good morning. >> how does this apple car play? >> it's like a ecosystem. apple likes to keep things tightly closed together. connected to blue tooth to your car, you get access to the familiar apple services like siri and itunes. >> when will i be able to get this? >> the first cars volvo and mercedes-benz are going to come out later this year and next
8:18 am
year all the other manufacturers. >> for about 2015 models? >> a few on the road for a few manufacturers and then next year a lot more. >> it sounds very cool but how concerned should we be about distracted driving. all the research shows hands-free does not cut down on the distraction. this seems as potentially a huge distraction? >> as you're driving you can get more distracted. at the same time apple says it should be easier because siri can listen to what you say and give you what you need without fooling with screens and buttons. >> do you have concerns about it? >> i always have concerns especially when i see people driving around getting distracted even using hands-free. >> last week there were reports that ford may drop microsoft and replace it with blackberry in its cars. do you think that's going to
8:19 am
happen? and why black berry. >> it hasn't been officially announced but there's enough chatter. blackberry is using market share on the phone. they've got access in a lot of things. you don't hear about it. it's kind of behind the scenes. >> the kind of thing isn't a rival for car space? >> that's exactly it. all the companies have fought over your desk at work your pocket, your home entertainment system. now they're fighting over your cars. apple, google microsoft and blackberry. >> who do you think is going to win? >> i think it's a good sign. >> even though android has been more apple operating out there? >> that is true. google is working on their own version of this. their own auto initiative. and that's going to start yet. >> what was that about apple used something other than an apple? >> that's a samsung galaxy s5.
8:20 am
that just got announced at another trade show last week in spain. >> is it great? >> all of these phones i think improve incrementally year after year. this seems a little better. i'm not trying to throw myself around and say buy this right away. >> i don't know. that picture looked pretty good. everybody in it was very clear, dan. thanks, dan. >> thanks. and this quarterback found something to do with his spare time. let's see what the seahawk is doing at spring training. yes, baseball. texas. you know what they say about texas, everything is big -- that's what they say about "cbs this morning." want to give your fam >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by egglands best eggs.
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real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] spring is calling. save 25% when you buy two scotts fertilizers -- one to use now and one for later. ♪ take a look at this. a big snowstorm in washington monday. it was a pain for some but fun for others. a few brave people broke out snowboards pulled by giant kites around the washington monument. this is known as kiteboarding. that's awesome. >> a long way from when we used to get on a sled and go down a hill and think that was fun. >> or a cardboard box. one man is leading a battle
8:25 am
to get young people will inter and good morning everyone, 8:25 on your tuesday. time for some news headlines here from the kpix 5. i'm frank mallicoat. investigators will interview students at hercules middle high school in martinez today after a hate crime on campus. it's actually in hercules. a transgenocider teen was attacked in a boys' restroom there yesterday. no suspects have been identified yet. the woman is dead and her husband has critical injuries after a small plane crash near truckee tahoe airport. happened l night at the plane was traveling from santa ana up to the sierra. investigators will be back at the scene later this morning. and $10 million worth of gold coins found in the sierra foothills were likely stolen after all. a couple found six cans full of coins on their property. those may have been linked to a heist at the san francisco mint dating back to 1900.
8:26 am
believe it or not. traffic and weather coming up right after the break. bulldog: you know not all heroes wear capes. some wear fur. and mattress discounters good deed dogs is here to help them. meet yara. she helps veterans like marv stay independent. this is caspin. he helps wallace with things she can't do on her own. and goldie helps children with developmental
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disabilities while suzie works with people in the hospital. you can be a hero, too. give it, or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs: helping dogs help people. good morning, and early crash in berkeley has messed up the morning commute right now for the east shore freeway. very slow from pin knoll past ashby where the accident is now cleared but look at the speeds. very backed up right now. here's a live look at the peninsula commute. we had the earlier crash before highway 92 and traffic still heavy from burlingame.
8:28 am
and here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. nearly 46 minutes on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze and at the bay bridge backed up for about a 20 minute wait to get you onto the span. that's your latest kcbs traffic. here's lawrence. left over moisture from the weak system moving through and some fog too. looking to ocean beach. we've got mostly cloudy skies and looked like high pressure will be building in so slightly for the day and still a lot of clouds rolling over the top of that ridge. so still a chance of a couple of light sprinkles but otherwise the temperature is going to stay very mild. plan on about 68 degrees in napa. 67 degrees in oakland. should be about 67 degrees in san jose and 64 degrees in san francisco. i think as we look out toward tomorrow, maybe slightly warmer especially in the south bay. maybe a couple of low 70s and slight chance of sprinkles to the north and rain becoming more likely wednesday night and into thursday. huh...fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
8:29 am
yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know the ancient pyramids were actually a mistake? uh-oh. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour life media said it's captured the attention of generation y. ce "o" and co-founder shane smith is in studio 57 with the newest project. he'll answer critics. also in the toyota green room is dan minken with a surprising new look at the animal kingdom. that's ahead. right now, it's time to show you the morning headlines from around the globe.
8:31 am
the "the new york times" said s.e.c. fined $2 million for using a trailer of the emergency alert system. that triggered alerts. comcast and disney were all penalized. and the times to clean up the garbage left on mt. everest. all climbers who scale everest will be required to bring 18 pounds of trav down. an scompament with making extra points attempts longer in that. and the seattle times says seahawks quarterback russell wilson worked out with baseball's texas rangers monday. the super bowl champ impressed coaches and players at spring training. he is not closing the door on adding a glove to his jersey.
8:32 am
>> honestly my focus is football. i just want a super bowl and the goal to win another one. you never say never. i've always had the dream of play two sports. if somehow it was a miracle it could work out, i would consider it. i wouldn't say never. >> what an overachiever wilson led the seahawks to a rout over the denver broncos last month. >> you interviewed him, charlie. >> this is just a little thing he's doing for a couple days. at some point, i think he'd like to consider it. but as he said super bowl ii is his objective. "the wall street journal" looks at ellen degeneres that famous oscar selfie appeared spontaneous but the photo was part of an ad strategy. samsung spent nearly $20 million on the academy awards part of the deal to have the galaxy smartphone worked into the show. >> oh. who would say it was going to be like that though?
8:33 am
>> it worked though? >> i still think it was spontaneous. >> and to get it tweeted 2.8 million times. this morning, dice media begins in canada. a billion-dollar brand. is,000 employees in 35 bureaus around the world are banking on that. >> right behind me are three illegal oille refineries. for reporters at vice there seem to be only two rules. go where you don't belong -- >> i'm going into the taliban. >> reporter: -- and take a camera. >> a hill help of the prairie mix with children of the corn all being run by a convicted pedophile from a jail cell. >> reporter: other than that anything goes. vice said the story shows the absurdity of modern conditions.
8:34 am
>> this scene isn't kosher by american standards. >> reporter: often in absurd ways. >> camel milk and millett to get fat and beautiful. >> reporter: it's media for the mobile generation. and they reach 130 million people every month. the company started in 19 another as a canadian music magazine notorious for edgy and juvenile content. but eventually it graduated, adding online content. video channels music, film and books. this is the world through our eyes. vice got its own hbo show hosted by co-founder and ceo shane smith. >> our first story this week we go to arizona and utah. >> reporter: much later rupert murdock's twinch century fox bought a 5% stake in the company which would estimate vice's value at $1.4 billion. that's not the rebel company's only mainstream help. top hollywood agent aerial
8:35 am
emanuel and the viacom ceo are also advisers. >> a lot of people talk about a lot of things. i don't know what. >> reporter: 350 employees work here. as you can see most of them are teenagers. many of them freshly hired to work on spike news. >> this is the famous newsroom. >> reporter: as its name might suggest, vice has plenty of critics. they complain the reporting is more sensational than serious. one "the new york times" review called it journalist at the intersection of shallow and gullible where they meet high-five and compare tattoos. but vice hopes for other comparisons. the next mtv. the next cnn. and the voice of a new generation. so what is it about traditional media that turns off young people so that they're attracted to vice? >> well a couple of things.
8:36 am
i think every generation, you have a changes of the guard. >> right. >> woodward and burnstein were the punks of their generation and now they're the old guys. by definition when you have a changing of guards you have a different language. if you have a different language, people in the status quo say well that's not news you're not doing it the same way i'm doing it. so when we look at it we say, look we're going to say story more of a documentary film making, we press the story and let it evolve rather than there's a fire at city hall. we'll get pictures. letting it shoehorn in. it's a combination of well i have a different language and changing of the guard. >> you have a lot of old guard. old school. rupert murdock is involved. do you think that's a contradiction to focus on generation y? >> no. >> because? >> because i've gone on record saying i want to be the next mtv
8:37 am
and cnn. mtv sold to viacom. espn to disney. cnn to time warner. what we've done we've amassed a dream team with tom, withary. we've done a very small view with 21st century which allowed us to expand internationally into india, european markets and south america, while maintaining our independence and while being able to have our own voice. >> young people are angry? >> very. >> why? what do you mean? >> i think if you look at the economic disenfranchisement that's happened since 2007 and 2008, young people are affected more than anybody else. arab spring for example, was an uprising caused by economic disparity. economic hardship. young people being angry. the riots happening in europe. we're embedding with the communists. the anarchists. and they're all training
8:38 am
learning how to fight for the next economic downturn which they know is coming. what we've seen up until now is going to be a picnic compared to what happens. >> what did you think of dennis rodman's latest trip to north korea? >> that's a real good question. we figured out a way to get into north korea and show a side of north korea that's never been seen. like that basketball performances. after that we sort of parted ways, and he's gone on to do what he does. we have nothing to do with that. but, you know -- >> don't give an old media answer. >> it's weird. it's a weird thing. >> that is an old media answer. >> we celebrate the absurd advice. and it's an addbsurd country with an absurd guy. you there go. >> and a lost people involved in diplomacy think it's very hurtful and damaging. >> why? i don't think it was. i think if you look at -- and i've gone on record to say this
8:39 am
i grew up at the end of the cold war when there were let's point a lot of missiles at each other and knock all of and have propaganda on both sides. we should always talk. we should always have dialogue. we should understand everyone. when people saw a documentary on it. at the end, you see the kids rising up against basketball they're kids. regimes don't represent the whole country. people should talk. >> in the piece leading up to you critics say sensational, comparing tattoos and high-fiving each other. how do you respond to the criticism about vice? >> i've never seen any news article that we've done where we compared tattoos or high-fives? >> but you know what i mean. >> if they're reduced to talking about our journalistic style because of the clothes we wear then they're in trouble. >> i think anybody can have any journalistic style they want to. i also think you're laughing all the way to the bank. >> well i just laughed.
8:40 am
we're doing well which allows us the more money we make, the more content we can make. and that's what we live to do. to make stuff. >> this is a really good point, i can tell you the times in my career where people said well young people don't care about news in washington. >> wrong. >> or they don't care about foreign news. >> right. >> and how is it are they on those subjects? >> tremendously. when we started not only with hbo but the youtube channels everyone said here's the three rules. make it short, make it snatchable, don't it don't talk about politics or foreign. we did long form political and news. we had the highest time 28 minutes. we have the best likes on top video completions. all the metrics online that everybody goes crazy about, because young people are very interested in the effects of life. but they're not interested in the way it's presented.
8:41 am
>> what do you think is the most fascinating about ukraine? >> we have three crews right there. i think the most fascinating thing about what's happening in the ukraine, pro-left versus pro-russia. when you go to russia i'm always shocked, and i go there quite a bit at the anti-american, antiwestern rhetoric that is almost cold war level. i mean this is shocking how they are deem onmonizing america. we don't have problems america caused the problems it is shocking. by the way, it doesn't bode well. >> when you speak the way they're covering with what's happening in the ukraine today, you wouldn't recognize what we are hearing in russia from what they're saying? >> 100%. kerry coming over seems to be an act of aggression meanwhile, they have troops going on with their insignia. >> shane smith, i like it.
8:42 am
>> have you heard about the shell. it carries venom that's so strong that can gill you in one,
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
dan riskin is a biologist who loves getting up close and personal with creatures you might rather do without.
8:46 am
he's the host of "monsters inside me" on animal planet and co-host of "daily planet" in canada. and a lively tour to the dark side of the world, published by simon and schuster. dan riskin thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> we found this book gross and natural? is that the way you wanted us to feel? >> they had dirty secrets. to me, it's not about the nice orderly, you know beautiful picture. it's those ugly things that are out there that really engage me and get me excited in. it's when you look at the ugly things you see some of the most beautiful parts of nature. >> what are the dirty secrets of vampire bats? >> well my page was on how they move on the ground. most people they like to keep bats. for me vampire bats were neat.
8:47 am
i looked at how they crawl, i found out they have a running gait that no other bat has. the light went off for me. if you look at the dirty places you might find beautiful, beautiful things. this book expands beyond the bat. all of the things of nature that i found was great and disgusting. >> he admits he has that special with bats so much so that this wife took four hours to lay on the ground. i don't get it. >> there's an animal act of kindness you call it -- who will literally die for sex? >> they're super cute. what's incredible the males are heros in bed. incredible. they can last during copulation
8:48 am
until death. >> what's good about that? >> i will high-five you -- >> okay, go ahead. >> going in. i thought that was the good part. it turns out there's an even worse part than that which is the males to get enough energy to do this release so many stress hormones that they die at the end of the mating season. every single male the entire mating season is dead at the end of mating system. they've done experiment where is they clip the males so they don't produce the hormones and they're fine. >> what's the biological explanation pour that? >> the only thing that matters for a biological organism is passing on its dna. mating is actually just as important an organism as living itself. >> what are the examples with extreme sibeling rivalry? >> there's a shark, sand shark that has babies inside of her.
8:49 am
the oldest will hatch and swim around inside of her and eat the sibeling sibelings. you have snowy owls that will beat up the cybilsiblings and they let the siblings die. >> can you please talk to my -- >> thank you dan riskin. and "mother nature is trying to kill you" goes on sale today. tomorrow ben tracy so popular that olympic athletes in sochi got hooked. >> reporter: it's one of the fastest growing apps in
8:50 am
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we learned something very interesting. that does it for us.
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good morning everyone, frank mallicoat here it's 8:55. on your tuesday morning a woman is dead and a pilot has critical injuries after a single engine plane crashed near the truckee tahoe airport. it happened last night as the plane was traveling from santa ana and investigators back at the scene of the sierra this morning trying to figure out what made that plane come down. $10 million worth of gold coins found in the foothills were likely stolen after all. couple found six cans full of the coins on their property. and those may be linked to a heist at the san francisco mint dating back to 1900 if you can believe that. overnight rain likely a factor in a number of accidents here in the bay area including this one. about 11:30 last night an suv flipped on its side on a ramp eastbound interstate 80. gyres were only minor --
8:56 am
injuries weren minor. -- or only minor. i think most of the heavier rainfall moved through through the night. a shrimp of sunshine in the afternoon. and a out there right now still clouds in towards the dublin area but the sun trying to breakthrough. going to see the clouds on and off throughout the day even with high pressure building in. just a very weak ridge so a lot of clouds going to roll over the top. the temperatures may be warmer today and plan on about 68- degrees with some clouds into napa. 67 in redwood city and san jose. over the next couple of days light chance of showers in the north and late tomorrow, expect some rain as we head in towards thursday. we're going to check out your kcbs traffic when we come back.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning, well, the roads are drying out somewhat. so the number of accidents we're seeing is also going down. not to say we don't have lot of slow -- a lot of slow traffic out there still. northbound 238 and maze, still nearly a half hour. and it's really tight squeeze there as you approach the downtown oakland exit. bay bridge still backed up into the maze and some of the approaches are slow as well especially the east shore freeway. a couple of earlier accidents one in berkeley. anyway traffic is still very heavy from richmond. also some northbound caltrains slightly behind schedule about ten minute delays. b.a.r.t. system wide on time as well as ferries and a. c. e..
8:59 am
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