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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  May 9, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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my dad hanging out with us, too, of course. >> thanks for watching, everyone. >> have a great weekend. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday may 9, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." rescues, explosions and cars blown away in texas. a powerful line of storms takes aim at tens of millions more >> american teams now on the ground in the battle to save the kidnapped nigerian girls. what the terror group boko haram might really be after. >> plus only on "cbs this morning," your first look inside the washington monument. it's ready to reopen. >> but we begin with a look at today's "eye opener" your world in 90 seconds. >> twisters cut through the
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middle of the country. >> i'm lost. i'm devastated. >> significant damage from texas to minnesota. >> it looked like a hurricane was slapping dallas. the winds rendered umbrellas useless. >> at least five kids had to get rescued after getting caught in a flooded creek. >> we're fortunate no one died. >> vladimir putin's first visit to crimea. >> and a spectacular display of russian pride and military mite. >> a new recording of donald sterling leaked online. this time he denies be a racist. >> the audio recording has not yet been you a thnt kateauthenticated. >> more help on the way to nigeria. the government still looking for hundreds of girls kidnapped by boko haram. >> i was nervous. who are they going to pick?
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>> quarterback johnny manziel sat around longer than he thought about before being picked by cleveland. >> the house committee approves a select committee probe on benghazi. >> and an officers make a save in the subway just in the nick of time. >> two brave english bulldogs approached that bear. >> that is our yard do not come inside. >> take a look at what the portland trail blazers found in the visiting room. >> a baby snake. >> and just when president obama started talking about the nation's future a man chimed in. >> and i guarantee you -- i love you back. you kind of screwed up my ending but that's okay. >> on "cbs this morning." >> on mother's day apparently moms can eat for free at hooters. because there's no better way to honor your mother than to take her to a sexist restaurant and
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not pay for anything. welcome to "cbs this morning." good morning, norah. >> good morning, charlie. >> we begin with the weather this morning. those of you in the northwest are waking up to rain. anyone flying east faces bigger problems. a powerful storm stretches a thousand miles from michigan to texas. >> omar villafranca joins us. >> reporter: good morning to our viewers in the west. yesterday's storm left its mark. strong winds punched a hole into the side of this dallas church smashing windows and leaving a pile of bricks on the ground. today the clean-up will continue. >> it's a hurricane out here! >> reporter: whipping winds and powerful storms pummelled dallas thursday afternoon, up to 4 inches of rain flooding cities.
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rescuers pulled five boys from the creek after they became trapped from quickly rising waters. all five were taken to a hospital. >> these are kids were absolutely no training no equipment and being completely caught off guard. we are very fortunate as well as them that no one died of this incident. >> reporter: gusts of up to 70 miles an hour toppled trees and brought down power lines causing this transformer to explode. as many as 39,000 people were left without power. some cars were crushed. others were blown away. the rain flooded roads. buildings were torn apart, leaving a widespread path of destruction. >> let them lean and depend on you, father god. >> reporter: this church was empty when the front wall of the building collapsed.
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>> we rebuilt the building we've been here worshipping and we're going to do it again. >> reporter: 45 miles away in joshua blistering winds destroyed this mobile home. >> it was overwhelming. everything happened all at once. >> reporter: a mother was able to escape with her infant daughter. >> i'm more concerned about her than anything else right now. >> reporter: the weather here in dallas is supposed to be much nicer tomorrow which is good news for the crews who have been working nonstop to restore power to roughly 4,400 people who are still without it. >> omar thanks. this line of storms also brought at least two tornadoes to southern minnesota. strong winds caused damage in several towns. no serious injuries are reported this morning. meteorologist megan glaros is tracking the severe weather. >> good morning and good morning to our viewers in the west. there is a chance of severe weather given today from texas all the way up through indiana and ohio in a swath of area that
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includes anyone from indianapolis to near live st. louis, memphis, dallas and just outside of houston there is the possibility for isolated tornadoes, for large hail and once again for damaging winds. what i see on the futurecast model is heavy rain tapping in for the gulf coast. that will be a flood threat for that already hard hit area. in the west, reinain and mountain snow still a factor. 60 degrees for your high in salt lake city a comfortable 73 for los angeles. >> megan, thank you. >> a group of american advisers is in nigeria this morning, planning strategy in the search for nearly 300 school girls kidnapped by an islamic terror group. debora patta is in abuja, where they are pledging to find those girls. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. several experts will arrive in nigeria today to join colleagues
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already on the ground assisting the nigerian government in their rescue operation. now, those missing school girls have been gone already for 25 days. securing the release of the girls is not going to be easy. activist shehu sani has broken two previous deals. he believes the girls could be used as a prisoner swap for lochiolochboko haram militants being held in jails. >> right now we have high ranking members of boko haram who o could be used at crucial hours like this. the boko haram will not let these girls go until and unless you have a clear deal whether it's by force to freedom or negotiation. >> reporter: it is now well over three weeks since the abduction. the girls had put in a hard day
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studying for their exam but their hopes for the future dissolved when members of the radical islamic group broke in set fire to the school and herded the girls into trucks. in these pictures shot by al jazeera english, a mother said she would do anything to see had your daughter again. >> even if you take my life at that moment, i think i'm satisfied. i'm not happy at all. i just feel like killing myself. >> the nigerian government will now start to thrash out the precise details of its rescue mission with the assistance of international teams from britain, the united states france and china. charlie? >> debora thanks. margaret brennan is at the state department where secretary john kerry says the united states will do everything they can o find those kidnapped students. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. u.s. intelligence believes many of these girls are being held in small groups and may have been taken into neighboring
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countries, specifically chad and cameroon. that's why the u.s. embassies in both those companies are interacting with nigeria. >> our interagency team is hitting the ground in nigeria now and they are going to be working in concert with president jonathan's government to do anything that we can to return these girls to their families and their communities. >> reporter: a pentagon team of were already stationed in nigeria have been assisting the government. soon the fbi and justice department are expected to join them. this is a nigerian-led operation, which means the u.s. needs government permission to operate. a good part of these first few days is figuring out what the nigerians need and what the u.s. will be allowed to do. kerry is taking questions from
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young african activists on twitter to discuss the search and the fight against boko haram. >> thank you. russian president vladimir putin is in crimea this morning. he arrived on a boat for a victory lap on the black sea peninsula. putin is marking victory day, which celebrates the defeat of nazi, germany in world war ii. tensions are escalating in ukraine. clarissa ward is in donetsk as pro-russian insurgents address a referendum. >> reporter: these people are marching toward the square and they're flying russian and regional independence flags. it was the moment they all had been waiting for, their first visit from their new president on victory day. celebrations began early this morning in moscow.
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thousands of russian troops marched across red square as fighter jets streamed through the sky. russia's annual display of military mite was 14 minutes longer than usual this year. a sign of the wave of fierce patriotism that has gripped the country in the wake of russia's annexation of crimea. president putin did not mention ukraine in his speech. but he spoke of the glory of a former empire. the iron will of the soviet union yet people he said saved europe from slavery. here in ukraine, some people would like to see that empire restored. pro-russian separatists have decided to push ahead with a referendum sunday to determine whether this region becomes an independent republic.
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this council member explained the position to a group of foreign journalists. the real democracy is in russia now. putin is with us, russia is with us and we are with them. these people are delighted that president putin has shown up in crimea today. a lot of them are hoping that next year president putin will be coming here. for "cbs this morning," clarissa ward donetsk, ukraine. >> back here in the united states investigators at the v.a. are launching a nationwide audit of its health care services for veterans. secretary eric shinseki ordered the review thursday. some veterans groups and lawmakers want him to resign. whistleblowers claim dozens died because of delayed treatment. wyatt anderson is in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this national audit will ask every v.a. clinic in america if veterans were put on a secret waiting list because there weren't enough doctors to see them on time. the problem was first revealed at the v.a. hospital in phoenix
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by a whistleblower we spoke to last evening. according to whistleblowers in phoenix, thousands of veterans seeking a v.a. doctor's appointment were put on a secret waiting list if they could not be seen within the v.a.'s target goal of 14 days. the list made hospital officials look good because more patients were reported of being seen on time but it meant that patients on the secret waiting list might wait a year or more for care. dr. sam foote, who retired from the hospital last year was the first whistleblower to expose the system. >> the patients on the secret electronic list never made it into the door to see it. by the time they were called for their appointments they were dead. we don't know whether they were run over by a bus or they had some problem like congestive heart failure or coronary heart disease we could have fixed or helped them with. >> eric shinseki called for a
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nationwide audit of every v.a. clinic when it became clear at least four centers may have kept wait lists hidden from washington. does this suggest a pattern that the wait lists seems to have surfaced in four places? >> it's a large health care system 1,700 points of care and just about every within of them does scheduling. we're going to take a good hard look here. >> reporter: this scandal has led for rising demands for secretary shinseki to resign mostly from republicans but not from house speaker john boehner, who yesterday called the v.a. problem systemic suggesting it's not all shinseki's fault. >> thank you. performers returned to the stage for the first time since an accident in rhode island left eight acrobats seriously hurt. we go to hartford connecticut where the audience heard from injured entertainers. elaine, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. acrobats performing an act
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called hair hang fell more than 25 feet when the equipment collapsed. meanwhile the circus family here is dedicating the rest of the tour to the injured performers. the show in hartford started with a message to the fans from the eight acrobats injured. >> they fill your prayers and your thoughts. >> reporter: it was all smiles thursday night in the stands and on the stage. in a press conference before the show, the mood was somber. >> this has been an incredibly difficult time for our company and our circus family. >> reporter: investigators have indicated a snapped latch was involved. >> we are working with federal authorities and trying to find out exactly what happened to make sure an accident like this
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never happens again. >> reporter: the hair hang act wasn't performed in last night's show. it's been put on hold by circus officials until further notice. >> at this time we have no plans to replace the act. >> reporter: the eight women injured in the act are still recovering in rhode island. three are in serious condition. ringmaster johnny lee iverson says they are in good spirits and eager to reunite with their circus family. >> they would get back up there yesterday if they could. >> reporter: iverson, who met his wife while working for the circus, met his wife while working for the circus. ringling brothers tweeted out this picture, showing elephants holding signs that read "we love our hair hang girls." performances will continue through the weekend. >> last night many eyes were on
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college football's marquee player, that would be johnny manziel manziel. but he spent a good amount of time on the sidelines. >> reporter: no question he was the sports conversation of the night last night. for better or worse, he's been here before. for most of the night, the guy who wasn't getting picked got more attention than the guys who did. >> nobody knows where exactly johnny manziel, johnny football is going to wind up. >> reporter: nervously sipping water in the back room he became the uncomfortable focus of this nfl draft as player after player paraded on stage before him. >> the houston texans selected ja davian clowney, blake bort bortles. >> he wanted selected until pick 22.
7:18 am
the browns' second pick of the first round. he was gracious in acceptance. >> god had a plan for me and it would all work out. i really truly believe cleveland is where i was supposed to end up. >> reporter: maybe because manziel's been down and up before. >> johnny manziel. >> you have come down from the high yet or are you still riding that wave? >> i'm still somewhere in the middle. chaos. >> reporter: he came out of nowhere and then was told he'd never be a good pro. >> i tried to tune out the media and everything that was going on. >> reporter: he got briefly benched but was still often spectacular. now it seems a new chip on his shoulder and an example to follow. remember aaron rodgers was drafted 24th overall by the green bay packers nine years ago.
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>> that said the browns did also draft quarterbacks in the exact same slot they did this year number 22 in 2007 and 2012 brady quinn and brandon weedon. neither worked out so well. we will see on manziel. >> ahead on "cbs this morning," we'll look at headlines from around the country. plus a new fight for control of th late season storm sweeping through the bay area overnight leaving behind some rain but now things starting to clear out a bit outside. we are going to see more sunshine in the afternoon. still a couple of lingering clouds over san jose early on today. and then the winds are going to start to pick up behind that cold front as high pressure builds in so breezy along the coastline today. highs only in the 50s and 60s. a lot of sunshine this afternoon well inland and 70s there. 60s inside the bay. looks like the weekend really starts to warm up especially on mother's day.
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this national weather report sponsored by kay jewelers, every kiss begins with kay. only on "cbs this morning," a towering symbol of recovery. it was rocked by an earthquake three years ago and it's been closed to the public ever since. coming up on "cbs this morning," we'll take you inside the washington monument for a first look at the repairs just days before it reopens to the public. >> the news is back in the
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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good friday morning. time now 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. here's what's happening around the bay area on this friday morning. president obama wrapping up his trip here to the bay area with a visit to a mountain view walmart. he will focus on energy efficiency. labor unions will protest. cal fire chief charged with murdering his fiancee could be hiding near the santa cruz mountains. federal authorities may join the search for orville fleming. he has access to cal fire facilities and may be using them to hide. 20 dogs and cats were rescued in monterey county found in a pacific grove home filled with trash and animal waste. rescuers needed breathing equipment because of the stench. the homeowner may face criminal charges. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. man: we know when parents
7:27 am
and teachers work together... woman: our schools get stronger. man: as superintendent of public education, that's been tom torlakson's approach. woman: torlakson has supported legislation to guarantee spending decisions about our education tax dollars are made by parents, teachers and the local community... and not by sacramento politicians. and we need to keep that legislation on track. man: so tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for local control of school funding decisions.
7:28 am
good morning. reports of what could be a big problem in fremont. three lanes are blocked southbound 880 just past the mowry exit. our sensors are not showing any slowing yet but don't let that fool you. we may start to see some backups any minute in those southbound lanes. better news on the southbound 680 ride in fremont. we had an earlier crash all lanes back open still jammed from pleasanton. that's your latest traffic. here's lawrence. >> we have seen the clouds moving through overnight. even some light showers out there. but things beginning to wind down now. that cold front pulling out of town. some leftover clouds but behind that we'll sneak in some sunshine but the winds will be kicking up today. temperatures still in the 70s in the valleys. 60s inside the bay and 50s and 60s windy toward the coast. next couple of days more sunshine, much warmer on mother's day. and then getting hot middle of next week.
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a dramatic rescue in washington after a car with an 88-year-old driver went into the puget sound. it was about ten feet from water, about 30 feet from shore. a firefighter and two police officers broke the car's window and pulled the driver to safety yesterday. he's recovering from the hospital this morning. >> very lucky. >> very lucky. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour it took nearly three years and $15 million, but the washington monument is making a comeback. on on "cbs this morning," a first look inside at the major repairs after an earthquake.
7:31 am
>> and how california's majestic redwoods are turning into crime scenes? >> and thursday's vote to create the committee stayed mostly along party lines for 225 republicans voting in favor, only 7 democrats backed the probe. >> the san francisco chronicle said apple is close to buying beats, formed by dr. dray. the sale price would be $3.2 billion. apple's largest purchase ever. there are also reports this morning apple will unveil the iphone 6 in august one month sooner than expected because a lot of the competition that's out there. >> that's big news. >> the "new york times" posted new video of sherpa guides heading up mount everest just before last month's avalanche. minutes after this video was taken, 16 sherpas were killed by
7:32 am
chunks of ice the size of a house. it effectively shut down this year's climbing season. >> and "new york times" said donald sterling's voice is reportedly on a newly revealed audiotape. cbs news has not confirmed the you a then at this authenticity of the recording. he can be told telling a friend "you know i'm not a racist." >> how could you think i'm a racist knowing me all these years? how could you be in this business and be a racist? do you think i tell the coach to get white players or get the best players he can get? >> and he goes on to say "you can't force someone to sell property in america." and sterling's wife now says she will fight to keep the franchise. >> as he prepared for tonight's
7:33 am
playoff game against the oklahoma city thunder, clippers coach doc rivers asked what happens if donald's wife shelley, retains ownership of the team. >> i think it would be very difficult. >> reporter: shelley sterling claims she own as 50% stake in the team alongside her husband, who was banned by the nba last week. nba commissioner adam silver said the sanction was intended for donald sterling not his family. >> mrs. sterling wants to retain her 50% own rership interest. the team is owned by a family trust. donald owns 50%, shelley owns 50%. her desire is to retain her 50% ownership. >> donald's ownership could be ousted by three quarter percent
7:34 am
of the team members. >> how hard of a fight is this? >> she loves the team. if she can avoid a public battle, she will. if someone tells her she has to sell the team or tries to seize the team look out for shelley sterling. >> reporter: her lawyer says they are estranged and threatened to file for divorce. mark kaplan says this time the nba will likely only recognize one owner of the team not two. >> she does not have a 50% interest. she has an undivided one half interest in the 100% interest donald sterling has. the fact that she wants to keep her 50% and let donald be forced to sell his, i don't think it works that way. >> for "cbs this morning," carter evans, los angeles.
7:35 am
>> former treasury secretary timothy geithner said he suggested hillary clinton take over his job back in 2010. in a new memoir out monday geithner said he made the proposal to president obama during the financial crisis. the president rejected the idea. >> at the height of the great recession, geithner became the public face of the bailout of the nation's largest banks. geithner believed they were too big to fail. geithner tells anthony mason that spending billions of taxpayer dollars to save the banks was unfair but necessary. >> this was a financial panic. and in a financial panic, the country, you know like we saw in the great depression the country is just vulnerable to terrible damage if you let the system collapse. it's like letting the lights go out during the country. the things you have to do to keep the power grid functioning and keep the lights on they seem deeply unfair.
7:36 am
and they are. they create a lot of unintended unjust collateral beneficiaries. >> was it hard for you to help the banks out at times? >> it was a terrible thing to do and hard to explain to people. and we didn't do it for them. that's the central paradox. the things looked like we were rewarding the arsonist protecting banks from decisions they shouldn't have made but that wasn't the intent. that was just the necessary path of trying to protect people from the risk of great depression. >> i think a lot of people still feel that the banks should have been made to pay in some way, either in terms of restructuring, in less executive compensation in some cases some people should have gone to jail. i think everybody feels that way. >> geithner also talks about the future of the banks and the chance of another great recession. you can see anthony mason's full interview this weekend on
7:37 am
"sunday morning" here on cbs. >> the washington monument finally reopens to the public on monday. nearly three years ago an earthquake caused major damage there. it's been closed for repairs ever since. jan crawford is at the monument with an inside look at the restoration. jan, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. you really have to almost stand next to the washington monument just to get a sense of its size. it's the tallest building in washington and it is solid rock. it's much more than an amazing piece of architecture. it's a key part of the nation's capital. when it took a hit three years ago, people could not believe that the washington monument was damaged. it is 100,000 tons of solid rock, the anchor of the nation's capital, massive and unshakeable until 1:51 p.m. on august 23rd 2011.
7:38 am
a 5.8 magnitude earthquake in nearby virginia literally shifted the washington monument. dozens of tourists were caught at the top, as stones cracked and crumbled the building held strong. >> made it out safely. but as interior secretary sallie jewell and park director john jarvis explained, the damage was severe. >> most of the damage was at the top. >> it magnified as it went up. >> there's within little spot where the monument just shifted a little bit, a half inch or 5/8 of an inch as the whole thing above it just -- >> park police surveyed the monument by air and discovered multiple dislodged stones and cracks, one four feet long. they brought in engineers who repelled from the top for an even closer look. their findings triggered a massive restoration project that's lasted nearly three years. and for the first time with repairs now complete the park
7:39 am
service took us inside washington's most iconic landmark. so you obviously are not afraid of heights. 555 feet 55 stories to the top. today the debris is gone. cracks are filled. joints reinforced. >> look how big that crack is. it's huge! >> you can see the forces that were on the stone. a lot of the stone repairs are pretty subtle and the public won't really be able to pick them up unless they're specifically looking for them. >> the repairs were done with a sense of purpose. the monument has what a role in almost every historic event in washington from the struggle for civil rights to the protest of vietnam, to the inauguration of president obama. and inside at the top, you can see the very structure of government. >> so can you get an iconic view, whether it's arlington cemetery or the white house or the lincoln memorial or the capital. so it's all of those views.
7:40 am
>> views that come with daunting challenges when you're in a one of a kind building. you can't access the monument from any given floor, so crew himself to build special scaffolding complete with an elevator. >> we were up here on the scaffolding with the workers. they were learning along with the park service on what techniques would work to repair this, what could we do that wouldn't damage the stone. >> reporter: but the biggest challenge was money. the park service needed help and billionaire investor david reubenstein gave it. >> the federal government can't do what it used to be able to do. >> reporter: he donated $7.5 million, half of the project's cost, to get the work done and done right. >> i tried to call what i've done patriotic philanthropy which is to say try to give back to your country in any way you can. >> reporter: now, the park service says that contribution is why the monument is going to open on time and on budget on monday. starting monday afternoon after the opening ceremony people will
7:41 am
be able to go back inside up to the top and eventually -- not that i could do this -- but eventually you're going to be able to walk up the steps if you want to and then walk back down. norah? >> thank you. my kids of course call it the pencil. and my husband and i when we were in georgetown we used to run and go to the top. it's the most beautiful view in washington. >> i've gone outside but never gone inside. i'll have to do that. >> with the elevator. >> i would definitely like to go. >> thank you, jan. another source of national pride is under attack. we'll look at the fight to save california's thousand-year-old redwoods and the people cashing in by stealing nature. can you believe this? >> boo! morning." ♪ hey, this land was made for you and me ♪ s she's-got-all-the-answers mom, always-puts-herself-last mom... don't-mess-with-my-mom mom...
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everywhere i look, i see a country ready to move forward... and a congress standing in the way. their budgets are late; jobs bills are stalled... and special interests run rampant. as an economics teacher at stanford i know education means good jobs. so here's my plan: i'd start teaching computer coding in public schools right away. open doors for women in science and technology. and prepare young people for middle class manufacturing jobs. i'm ro khanna and i approve this message, because change starts with us. california's redwood trees draw nearly half a million visitors every morning but this
7:46 am
morn under siege. how they became a hot commodity for criminals. >> reporter: california's coast redwoods are among the oldest and tallest living things, but trees that are a thousand years old have had huge gouges hacked into their trunks. it's the work of what are being called burrow poachers. they cut into the knobs on the sides that can be used to make furniture. since 2012 the damage has attacked 25 tries in national and state parks some 300 miles north of san francisco. in a statement the park says investigations are indicating that the black market for these materials is an income source for drug users and those with criminal histories. >> it is shocking. it makes me feel outraged that anyone would choose to hurt these trees. >> reporter: park ranger mia monroe works near san francisco. she says the burrows are essential for reproduction.
7:47 am
new trees grow from the old. >> reporter: this is a burrow. it's enormous. >> it's enormous. as you can see, it's lumpy. that means from those lumps, those are bud tissue and from that bud tissue could sprout a new branch or a new tree. >> reporter: but burrow can be valuable as well to furniture makers. >> all these tables on the floor here, every one of them is a burrow table. >> reporter: he's been making furniture from burrow for 35 years. his one-of-a-kind pieces sell for thousands of dollars. he says he knows the source of all the wood he buys. >> we source the wood really smartly and we only use dead fallen wood or low down or root rot or condemned. >> reporter: to battle the burrow poachers, park officials have closed a road through the trees at night and they've increased the roads and surveillance. the poachers, he says are much
7:48 am
like those who kill elephants to take their tusks. john blackstone, cbs news san francisco. >> it makes you think differently about the burrow furniture. where did you get your wood sir, before you m your next purcha late season storm sweeping through the bay area overnight leaving behind some rain but now things starting to clear out a bit outside. we are going to see more sunshine in the afternoon. still a couple of lingering clouds over san jose early on today. and then the winds are going to start to pick up behind that cold front as high pressure builds in so breezy along the coastline today. highs only in the 50s and 60s. a lot of sunshine this afternoon well inland and 70s there. 60s inside the bay. looks like the weekend really starts to warm up especially on mother's day. philadelphia educators face felony charges this morning. prosecutors claim a principal
7:49 am
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let's give them something to
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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good morning, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. a new movie opening today put a bay area high school in the spotlight. the movie "palo alto" is based on short stories by james franco who went to palo alto high school. it was inspired by wild teenaged years. president obama wraps up his trip to the bay area today with a visit to a mountain view walmart. his speech will focus on walmart's efforts on energy efficiency. labor unions are planning to protest. federal authorities may join the search for a cal fire chief accused of murdering his girlfriend. investigators say orville fleming is on the run and he could be in the bay area near the santa cruz mountains. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:57 am
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good morning. checking "kcbs traffic" about 10 minutes ago, there was an accident reported westbound on the san mateo bridge. it was approaching the high- rise so at this point it sounds like two lanes are blocked again that's westbound 92 approaching the high-rise. you can expect some delays. outside we go, here's a live look at san jose, northbound 101 still jammed up as you can see beyond capitol expressway. there was an earlier crash approaching old oakland road. and at the bay bridge you are stacked up into the maze. with the forecast, here's lawrence. a cold front swinging through overnight bringing some showers to the bay area. looks like that's quickly winding down now. the skies beginning to part just a bit. out over the bay looking toward alcatraz couple of clouds there in the distance but sunshine in between. and that means well we are going to see a nice day still it will be breezy this afternoon approaching the coastline. highs in the 60s and the 70s. the weekend what a weekend it's going to be especially on mother's day offshore winds, temperatures warm to the coast.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is friday, may 9, 2014. happy mother's day weekend to you. more real news ahead including the threat of more severe storms in the south and midwest. but first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. yesterday's storms left its mark. strong winds punched a hole into the side of this dallas church. there is a chance of severe weather again today from texas all the way up through indiana and ohio. this scandal has led to rising demands for secretary shinseki to resign mostly from republicans. several more united states experts have arrived in nigeria to join colleague ss in their rescue operations. these people are delighted
8:01 am
president putin has shown up in crimea today. no question manziel became the sports conversation of the night. >> the last two hours and 45 minutes like? >> god had a plan for me, it would all work out. >> donald sterling's voice is reportedly on a new tape. >> how can you be in this business and be a racist? >> look how bad that crack is? >> that is typical. starting monday afternoon after the opening ceremonies people will be able to go back inside up you to the top. rob ford said he got in trouble for making phone calls to journalists from rehab. not sure how to tell you this rob ford but you were already in trouble. >> announcer: today's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presented by allergan. we welcome back our viewers in the west. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. for the third straight day powerful storms are pounding the
8:02 am
middle of the country. they could affect tens of millions of people from michigan to texas. a dallas area got the worst of the bad weather yesterday. the wind was close to hurricane strength at its peak. the system caused widespread damage. also in dallas rescue crews pulled five teenagers out of the swollen river, taken to a local hospital to get checked out. nearly four inches of rain fell in a couple of hours there. the same line of storms caused tornadoes in southern minnesota. it left some damage but there were no serious swrurs. meteorologist megan glaros of our station wbbm is tracking the storms. megan, good morning. good morning. we are looking at severe weather that has now pushed east of minnesota and iowa but still in place in texas today. in fact, from the rio grande all the way up to the indiana/ohio border there is the potential for severe weather today for isolated tornadoes large hail and damaging winds. i'm also concerned about flooding as a risk across the southeast, specifically the area hit so hard pensacola, mobile
8:03 am
with that historic flooding just a little while ago. they're looking at heavy rain fed by gulf moisture coming into play from now through at least the middle portion of the day on saturday. and for mother's day, either coast looks spectacular with sunshine but, unfortunately, millions of americans in the central part of the nation had will be dealing with rain on mother's day. norah? >> oh, no. megan, thank you. happy mother's day to you. >> you, too, and to gayle as well. and on capitol hill a house committee is demanding all records related to a secret patient waiting list at the phoenix center hospital. vet advance affairs secretary eric shinseki is ordering an audit. there is a claim dozens of veterans died because they had to wait too long to see a tok tore. shinseki is rejecting calls for him to resign. the retired earl general is scheduled to testify before congress next week. this morning authorities in tampa are working to confirm the identities of four people found
8:04 am
dead in a mansion fire. we know they were all shot. the home is owned by former tennis star james blake who was not involved. a gun rejs are terd to darrin campbell was recovered at the mansion. he lived there with his wife and children. campbell is shown buying 650 dollars worth of on sunday. snapchat is agreeing to a settlement with the federal trade commission. the government said snapchat lied to millions of users. it promised photos and videos sent to its app would disappear in a few seconds. it turns out the messages could be saved without the sender's knowledge. the app stored videos on a user's phone without encryption. snapchat is accused of collecting information like users contacts. the settlement requires snapchat to create a privacy program, but it won't have to admit wrongdoing. >> i guess, gayle, you and i
8:05 am
will stop using snapchat. >> you're reading my mind again. this morning four fill if fill teachers and a principal are accused of teaching their students the wrong things. how to cheat. michelle miller is here with the felony charges for allegedly doctoring state test results. good morning. >> reporter: it's an alleged scheme that pennsylvania's attorney general called brazen. the five educators are accused of perpetuating a culture of cheating and charged with crimes rarely associated with teachers -- racketeering forgery, records tampering, and conspiracy. four teachers and a principal from cayuga elementary school turned themselves in to police thursday accused of cheating on state exams over a five-year period period. >> they would involve chirp in their cheating scheme and, to me, that's just egregious. >> reporter: state attorney general kathleen cain. >> these kids are being robbed of their education and now they're being taught how to cheat. >> reporter: according to a
8:06 am
grand jury report, teachers cheated to increase ka yucayuga's test scores changing student answers, provideinging test answers to students, and improperly reviewing test questions prior to administering the test. it all claims the principal evelyn cortez boldly announced over the school's loudspeaker that students place their answer s on a scrap paper first until a teacher could check their work. leino thomas represents jennifer hughes, one of the accused teachers. >> i'm telling you, she is 100% not guilty of the charges. >> reporter: so those 13 other people who testified before a grand jury that cheating did take place, are they lying to the grand jury? >> i would have to say yes. >> reporter: officials were first tipped off to allegations of cheating in 2012 when the cheating allegedly ended following an investigation test scores plummeted. fifth grade math proficiency dropped to 22%. reading pro-fish enficiency from 50%
8:07 am
to 16%. cayuga elementary isn't the only school that's under investigation. these arrests are part of a larger statewide cheating probe that is still ongoing. >> they always say innocent until proven fwilty but it's disappointing teachers are accused of cheating. >> that's what the state attorney general said. it is quote/unquote, egregious in this case. >> very disappointing. the thank you, michelle miller. it is now 8:07. ahead on "cbs this morning"," michael smerconish is in our greenroom. hold up that book. his new
8:08 am
>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is sponsored by >> announcer: talk it to your doctor about chronic migraine.
8:09 am
as we track developments in nigeria two of the world's most influential voices for women and girls will join us. sister rosemary nyirumbe and "new york times" columnist nicholas christoph are here studio 57. that's ahead. and on this day in 1992 the end of a golden age. do you remember what it was? the answer is next on "cbs this morning."
8:10 am
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♪ thank you for being a friend ♪
8:14 am
dorothy, will you marry me? >> oh, louucas! oh, yes! oh, yes, yes, yes! >> all that mattered 22 years ago today "the golden girls" more than 27 million people tuned in to say good-bye and watch dorothy walk down the aisle. tv viewers defied convention and embraced the over 50 cast for seven seasons. few subjects were off-limits to these guys. bea arthur rue mcclanahan,ty and betty white. all is gone now except for betty white but what a legacy. >> and wasn't that the greatest tune too, "thank you for being a friend." we watched that in my house growing up. loved it. imagine opening up your gym locker and finding a four-foot snake inside. we'll show you which nba player found this one ahead on "cbs this morning."
8:15 am
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8:19 am
narrow escape in russia. a road began to crack. the car closest was able to inch away and escape. >> if you follow politics there's a good chance you tune in to michael smerconish, he hosts a show on xm sirius and also. he tries his hand at fiction. >> it's called "talk." it's the story of a radio personality at the backdrop of a presidential rachlts it's a division of simon & schuster which we have to tell you is a division of cbs. michael smerconish great to have you here. >> thanks for having me. it's great to see you i used to listen to these guys and say, they can't possibly believe what they're saying. and after reading your book -- >> now you know. >> the character says it's all for show. half the time they don't mean what they're saying. it just is a way to just wile up
8:20 am
the crowd i think it's entertainment masked as news and i want to expose it because i think it's had a horrific impact on polarization and sieve it on the country. yes, that's exactly the way i feel it is. >> do you believe you played part in it? >> i don't. i believe what i said all the times. i look over the back and said my god, what i said, i've said plenty of ridiculous things but at the time i said them they were from my heart. >> did it happen around certain events? >> i believe it rose out of the gulf war. that was the rise of rush limbaugh. the only litmus test was one's ability to conduct a conversation, and i remember filling in for a guy. he would do the 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. shift in philadelphia. his name was bernie herman and his shtick or moniker is he was the gentleman of broadcasting. can you imagine today if you knocked on the door of radio and
8:21 am
he said i'm the gentleman of broadcasting. >> he would not be hired. >> right. >> i kept reading, is it michael, is it michael? in the end -- >> don't give it away. >> i won't give it away. he changes. i won't say how, but he changes. did that in any way happen to you? i did go back and forth about you, i really did. >> many of the incidents i write about in the book happened to me. if you're reading the book and scratching your head and saying my god, did this take place, chances are it did. i'm not stan powers i'm not the protagonist that would say things just so i would rise. just so you know this i voted for barack obama in 2008 and i voted in a public way. if i voted by my career interest i'd have shut my mouth and closed curtain because that's how you succeed in the business. >> i'm not sure it's the cause
8:22 am
of it. there are a lot of other factors and there's always been partisan media since the beginning of media. >> norah i disagree with you respectfully. i think it is a significant causal factor in this and what i would point to is the following. in the early 1980s on ronald reagan's watch 60% of them -- today, every conservative is more democrat. >> that's because of talk radio? >> i believe it's an absolute contributing factor and that's because too many politicians are taking their cues from men with microphones. why do we do that? we even got hyperpartisan districts and the influence of money. it's all created. yet they're taking their cues from the talk crowd and tv crowd and it's to the detriment of the country. one last thing, the nation isn't in this category. 42% of this country according to
8:23 am
it are "i"s. >> the country's more independent. but are there more conservative talk radio than liberal? >> absolutely. >> why is that? >> because when the beach head was established in 1990 and 91 and thereafter i think conservatives rightfully believed they had nowhere to go. the big three network, the "washington post," new york tierjs didn't give threat the feeling that the red car pelt had been rolled out. they rolled out this clubhouse for themselves. the thing that mystifies me is with all the choices, the people still gravitate toward the like minded. i think without regard for this show and my radio show, change the dial. sample the opinions. too many rely on drug on talknd and many only look at msnbc and hufpo. >> you say you don't want to
8:24 am
hear what others are saying. the goal is to talk and spew whatever it is you want to say. >> right. >> when you move around in the world, you don't meet those people. >> that's right. >> somebody's listening. >> i do the grocery shopping. my wife and i co-parent four kids and i'm the one pumping gas. people engage me in conversations. they don't resemble the people. they're liberal on some issues they're conservative and there are a helluva lot of things they haven't figured out and they're not afraid to shay shah. by god, they've all got it figured out because they've invested with this microphone and it's either this way or this way and that's not the real world. >> you've changed. >> i'm more open-minded, more willing to speak out about these things. i could have written it as nonfix. i took some liberties but there's a lot of truth in jest.
8:25 am
>> thank you michael. your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. it's:25. time for news headlines at 8:25. president obama wraps up his trip to the bay area today with a visit to a mountain view walmart. his speech will focus on walmart's efforts on energy efficiency. labor unions are planning to protest. a cal fire chief charged with murdering his girlfriend could be hiding near the santa cruz mountains. federal authorities may join the search for orville fleming. he has access to cal fire facilities and may use them to hide. 20 cats and dogs were found in a pacific grove home filled with trash and waste. animal rescuers needed breathing equipment because of the smell. the homeowner may face criminal charges. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment.
8:26 am
♪ ♪ ♪ get 5% cash back at lowe's this quarter
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so you can score more cash. activate your 5% cash back at chase. so you can. good morning. first we have an update. all languages back open on the san mateo bridge but westbound 92 is still experiencing major delays. still avoid it for a while. all lanes are back open. they had two lanes closed. there was an accident approaching the high-rise and it's still very slow from the toll plaza. also this accident in fremont southbound 880 in mowry is out of lanes. unfortunately we have red sensors, speeds below 25 miles per hour as far back as the 92 interchange and bay bridge, pretty typical stuff going on
8:28 am
here. macarthur maze backed up for 20 to 25 minutes to get on the bay bridge. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." your forecast with lawrence. showers overnight but the cold front is heading out. skies beginning to clear out nicely now. winds kicking up especially along the coastline toward ocean beach already breezy and clouds in the distance, as well. but i think it's going to improve throughout the weekend. that cold front is going to move out. that big h heading our way, that means high pressure building in, temperatures going to start to warm up. i think this afternoon, breezy along the coastline only cool 50s and low 60s there. a lot of 60s inside the bay. the valleys more 70s. and the first part of the weekend not bad but still breezy. but as we head in toward sunday, those winds begin to move offshore. that's when we expect to see temperatures soaring into the afternoon on mother's day maybe some mid-80s well inland. 60s and 70s near the coastline. temperatures up into the 90s tuesday and wednesday. know how to choose a new dentist.
8:29 am
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♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour christy turlington burns is in studio 57. she is one of the most recognizable women in the world and a very proud mother of two. how her own experience with childbirth moved her to help mothers everywhere. that's ahead. right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. the "san antonio express news" looks at an nba playoff surprise. a snake was found in the visitors' locker room of at&t center, home of the spurs. the trail blazers guard mo williams post add photo on insta instagram. the snake was hanging out of the bottom of a teammate's locker. the blazers may have been rat
8:31 am
rattled. portland lost to san antonio 114-97. "usa today" says a new study shows the less you argue, the longer you live. researchers find people who battle with family and friends are more likely to die in their middle age. the report also says people who worry a lot about their loved ones have a higher risk of dying young. >> makes perfect sense to me. >> absolutely. >> i get that. and "the washington post" looks at #activism. more than 1 million people including first lady michelle obama, tweeted the #bringbackourgirls. the question does that really help those kidnapped nigerian students? some believe awareness is its own kind of pro-test. and the international outcry to #bringbackourgirls is putting a new focus on protecting young women from terrorists and human sex traffickers. sister rosemary nyirumbe was recently named one of "time"
8:32 am
magazine's 100 influential people. she's helped girls rebuild their lives and indignity after they were abducted in uganda. >> nicholas christoph has been highlighting it writing a book about the challenges to women's rights called "half the sky." welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> sister rosemary, good to see you again. >> thank you. good to see you. >> tell me what you think this does to a young girl and what's the imperative of the. >> a very great moment of faith and to go for a long time because it is like pain and really violence is being inflicted on these young girls. and for me attacking women. women should come together and shout to say violence must stop against women because this is
8:33 am
something we should know is going on everywhere right at this moment. preparing for the great day for mother mother's day. mother's day the goodest gift for mother's day should be bring back all girls. >> and the men are speaking out, too. it was last week a friend of mine reached out to me, why isn't the media doing anything on this story? i said, what are you talking about? i hadn't heard of it myself. sister, you were telling me in the greenroom you hadn't heard of it. nick, you said it too. it has taken a while pour people to wrap their heads around this atrocity. >> the nigerians' first response was to lie about it. i think we in the news media dropped the ball. and the reason why it is on the global agenda right now is because nigerian-led grassroots activist campaign caught global attention. this issue got traction and that forced the nigerian government
8:34 am
and president goodluck jonathan to devote some resources to this. i think in the end that may -- >> will that make a difference, the global outcry? >> we don't know for sure whether it will make a difference, but it will increase the odds. and it was crazy that we were devoting far more international resources to try to find a downed airliner than all these living girls. >> wow. >> very good point. >> sister rosemary when you spoke at the "time" 100 dinner of most influential people charlie was honored as well, you got up and spoke and you said we've all heard of the lost boys. what about the lost girls? and this was before this incident. there are more than a million girls every year around the world who are sex trafficked. why now do you think this attention on these girls? what do we need to know? >> when i talked at the gala i never knew anything about this. but i knew already there are a lot of things that have been happening to women and children
8:35 am
and girls and there is no real attention to it or they may give attention for one week or two weeks. this has gone on and on for years. it happened in uganda destroyed women. and yet we are having this young mothers growing up with their children, they have a lot of pain. no one talks about it. >> in fact, you believe the media is the most important thing that can be done to get action. >> yes, i do. i strongly believe that. >> nicholas, an interesting point, it was interesting to see the first lady of the united states stand there with that picture that made the front page of many newspapers including "the new york post." the question you have posed is now what will her husband do? is the united states doing everything it can? >> you know the united states can't send troops on the ground you to look for these girls. i think that we can help with intelligence gathering, signals intercepts to find these people
8:36 am
with overhead imagery. there is talk that some of the girls may have been moved to neighboring countries. if so that may facilitate their recovery because neighboring countries are a little more stable. >> you assume those things are being done? >> i think now they are being done, but it does take time for that to happen. i would like to see, though in the same way that this helps girls abroad, we also need to bring back our girls right here in the u.s. >> that's right. >> every year the head of the national exploited children show under aged girls -- >> 100,000 girls in the united states. >> a global phenomenon in the united states and around the world. >> we can do work in nigeria, we can do work here. >> are both of you hopeful or how do you feel that these girls will be found? do you think this will have an outcome that they'll be found safe and sound? >> i think the response and i keep telling, whatever we say,
8:37 am
whatever we do we have to be very careful. attempt to be safe. they should not get -- these girls who are being taken there into slavery, what are the countries doing? everybody should get up and fight this battle. you don't think this is something we should let go. and i spoke one woman came up and identified with what i said at the dinner. speaking to me, she was crying. i was one of the lost girls. i spoke at tennessee. one woman came up and said, sister, i was abducted myself. i was taken away. and that to me is happening everywhere. and this is the united states identifying with what i say. where are the lost girls?
8:38 am
>> sister rosemary nyirumbe thank you for all that you do. nicholas christoph, thank you for being here. and christy turlington burns is
8:39 am
8:40 am
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mother's day reminds us that every time a child is born so
8:42 am
is a mom. yet for women around the world that moment can be a life threatening process. former model christy turlington burns wants to change that. her organization every mother counts is dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe. christy joins us at the table once again. christy, it's always good to see you. >> thank you. >> it is so ironic and heartbreaking that so many women die giving life, but the thing that's so upsetting to me in many cases it's preventible. they don't have to die. and that's what your organization wants people to know. >> in almost every case it's preventible, 90%. and in the u.s. where we have two to three deaths per day, 50% of those deaths are preventible as well. >> how so? how are they preventible? how are they dying? >> well, the causes of death are the same worldwide, postpartum hemorrhaging and that's what happened after delivering my daughter years ago. here in the u.s. where we had access, there are hospitals, there are a number of providers, and yet certain women fall through the cracks. or because of things like
8:43 am
chronic conditions such as diabetes or obesity more women are likely to need surgical intervention and that is leading and contributing to the rising number of detection and maternal deaths in the u.s. >> it is incredible to think every two minutes that a mother loses her life in this process. what is your organization doing and where are you working? >> well, our goal really is to link mothers and women with krit critical care along with pregnancy and childbirth. most deaths are post marchpartumostpartum. it's when they go home from a facility that they're actually dying and we're not counting them. we're linking them to critical care focusing on transportation and supplies. >> what's the biggest barrier to linking them? >> well, oftentimes it's human rights. it's the equity. if a woman doesn't have the choice oftentimes in her home to seek care. it's somebody else making the decision. transportation, so many women
8:44 am
are living in raurl areas including in this country. and if you live two hours away from the hospital or emergency care a woman can bleed to death in less than two hours. so that's something that we're focused on. >> christy, as we celebrate mother's day on this sunday and celebrate our mothers, you've made kind of an interesting pitch about what we should do because we buy a lot of cards and flowers and a lot of candy, a different way to think about mother's day. what is that? >> i think, you know it's wonderful that on this one day we spend $21 billion on women and mothers. however, throughout the year i mean, i believe mother's day should be every day and if we care about mothers on the 11th of may, there's 800 women dying on the 11th of may, the 12th of may, the 13th of may. we need to he can tend that love of women and children throughout the years. >> well said. >> well said. let's hope somebody is listening to you today. i'm so fascinated by you, christy. i saw you at the "time" 100 dinner, one of the most inflaungs.
8:45 am
you are christy turlington burns, supermodel, married to ed burns, this isn't something that you need to do, but you clearly feel such passion for it because what happened to you where you almost died during childbirth, it's so much more than that it seems. >> most of us have an instinct to want to do something. we don't know always where to start the or what it is to do. i've had the good fortune and, i guess, misfortune to have a series of events that have inspired me to be very specific and driven and directed. i knew my life would change becoming a mom but i had no idea that would connect me to so many other women and girls around the world. >> christy turlington burns, happy mother's day and to all mothers, thank you. and monday on "cbs this morning," the man who brought you "beavis & butt-head" and "king of the hill" will be going back to his roots with silicon valley. that story is on monday. up next, the most unforgettable moment of the week. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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sunday is mother's day. i have two sitting with me. one was given a nice tribute. norah was given outstanding mother award presented by national mother's day committee saluting women who balance career and family duties while giving back to the community. past winners include meryl streep, former secretary of state hillary clinton and co-anchor and editor at large of "o" magazine gayle king. >> congratulations, norah. >> thank you. i told my son. he said, wow, that's crazy. but i dedicated --
8:50 am
>> he would have voted for you. >> i did indicate id to my own mother and grandmother. love you, mom. >> so nice. that's so nice norah. >> congratulations. >> norah, you have little kids. i marvel at that that you do this. >> that does it for us. tune in to the "cbs evening news with scott pelley." as we leave you, take a look back at the week that was. >> the u.s. is now getting involved after the mass abduction of hundreds of nigerian school girls. >> as the father of two girls, i can't imagine what the parents of the girls are going through. >> i just want to kill myself. >> i think some of them have been sold into slavery. more will be sold into slavery. >> they took over this building and it's being under the control of pro-russian militants. >> this wind is whipping up the flames it's nuts. our whole property is on fire. >> eight ak crow brats plunged to the ground. they were hanging by their hair. a clamp failed. >> the assessment is clear.
8:51 am
not only is climate change a problem in the future. it's already affecting americans. >> plon kalou win ski says she still reads some joke about herself every day. she thought it was an offensive connect. >> oh. >> still got it. >> it's the most glamorous night of the year. it blows the oscars away. >> i am so impressed by nan's contributions. >> she's been the biggest champion for us, for designers like me. >> you made us believe. you kept us off the streets. when we ate, you didn't. ♪ come with me now ♪ >> here's my moment. >> how many gugus do you know. >> you will not be dining with us dido. >> what got you into acting? >> growing up my mom was a nurse and she worked so hard. i know she didn't enjoy her job.
8:52 am
i remember thinking wow, if i can do a job i love. >> early lunch, i can smell it. >> do you know how you would like it to end? >> i get asked that question a lot. >> do you want to live? >> i would like to live. i would like to be vet cal. >> have you watched over the years what you ate? >> not really. >> i always have a glass of wine before dinner. >> what about alcohol? >> moderate alcohol is associated with living longer. >> some people jokingly said that's the charlie rose program. >> seattle seahawks cornerback richard sherman is here tonight. he gave me some great tips. don't you ever talk about me like that. i'm the best president in the game. >> alejandro villanueva. >> he's huge. >> yeah. i like it. >> 72% think that spanking is okay. i totally don't believe that. were you spanked as a child. >> yes. >> norah?
8:53 am
>> yeah. >> me too. i guess it says something. >> sometimes i stel feel like
8:54 am
8:55 am
your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good morning, it's 8:55. i'm michelle griego. a new movie opening today puts a bay area high school in the spotlight. the movie "palo alto" is based on short stories by james franco, who went to palo alto high school. it was inspired by what sounds like some pretty wild teenaged years. president obama wraps up his trip to the bay area today with a visit to a mountain view walmart. his speech will focus on walmart's efforts on energy efficiency. some labor unions are planning to protest. federal authorities may join the search for a cal fire chief accused of murdering a woman. investigators say orville fleming is on the run and he could be in the bay area near the santa cruz mountains. now let's get to lawrence with a look at the weather. >> all right. after some showers overnight, it looks like things settling
8:56 am
down now. the skies beginning to clear up just a bit out there. more sunshine in the afternoon. winds will be kicking up outside. looks like we are going to see some much improved weather throughout the weekend. so a little breezy for today. today kind of a transitional day but we have that big high off the coastline that will build in today and into saturday. temperatures today up in the 70s in some of the valleys. 60s inside the bay. winds kicking up along the coastline with 50s and 60s there. now looking toward the weekend still some patchy fog on saturday and the temperatures may be just slightly warmer. but then those winds turn offshore on sunday. going to see a big jump in those temperatures mid-80s inland, 70s inside the bay, even 60s and 70s along the coastline for mother's day. we are going to check out your "kcbs traffic" when we come back.
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tempur-pedic cloud collection. get a queen size sealy gel memory foam mattress for just $497. don't miss the memorial day sale. good morning. it's still rough going, going across the san mateo bridge out of hayward. a crash approaching the high- rise westbound 92 delays at the toll plaza. getting to the san mateo bridge backed up southbound 880 well past it. there was an earlier crash in fremont. and delays are from, gosh, 238 all the way down to mowry exit. here's a live look at the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza. we have an accident that may still be there blocking one left lane just past the toll plaza. it's stacked up across the span.
8:59 am
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wayne: real money! jonathan: it's a trip to europe! wayne: you're freaking out, oh my god, you're freaking out! - the curtain! - i'm going to go for the big deal of the day! - let's make a deal, baby, let's make a deal, yeah! jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal!" now, here's tv's big dealer wayne brady! wayne: hey, everybody, welcome to "let's make a deal." thanks for tuning in. this just... this is a very special episode of "let's make a deal." why? because we're doing this for the mamas. happy mother's day! happy mother's day to every mom in the audience. happy mother's day to my mom at home. so, this is all about love. this all about love, and thank you for giving us the everything and we hopefully will not zonk you in return.


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