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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  May 10, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> axelrod: tonight, the world is watching. nigeria steps up the hunt for hundreds of school girls as the cause and the victims. anger mounts worldwide over the slow response. debora patta has the latest. a police officer in texas fights for his job after shooting3- year-old woman allegedly armed with a gun. anna werner at the townhall meeting that decided his fate. and a master class for the next generation of jazz musicians. turns out they've got something to teach the master himself. >> reporter: this is about a lot more than music. >> yes, it is, much deeper than music. captioning sponsored by cbs
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this is the "cbs evening news." >> good evening, i am jim axelrod and this is a western edition of the broadcast. the voice is calling the voices calling for action against the boko haram terror network in nigeria are growing wider and more wide spread. it now nearly four weeks since boko haram kidnapped more than 300 girls in the northern part of the country. we saw demonstrations today in chicago where several hundred pressed for the nigeria government to intensify its efforts to find the girls. similar calls were made in brooklyn, in kosovo, and great britain. first lady michelle obama added her voice in the weekly white house address saying she is outraged. >> in these girls, barack and i see our own daughters. we see their hopes and their dreams. and we can only imagine the anguish their parents are feeling right now. >> axelrod: the pope tweeted: the nigerian military says it
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has two army divisions assigned to finding the girls. as deborah patta report people there want more. much more. >> reporter: outrage over what nigerians say is the government's inept handling of the mass abductions have seen dozens of anti-government protests around the country. government officials had talks today with some of the international teams who are on the ground assisting nigeria according to baba ahmad jidda from the governors office. >> reporter: it can't come soon enough for rachael daniel whose mother's day will be an empty one tomorrow. four weeks ago her daughter was
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writing the final exams in chibok. she is supposed to finish school this year. now rachael daniel is angry. >> ( translated ): i believe government can wipe away my tears, she says. government pity us and rescue our children. these are innocent children who are only studying. >> reporter: some managed to escape like this girl who said they were driven to the sambisa forest is where she took a chance and flee. i told my friend it's better to be killed than taken to a place we did not know, she says. we got out of the car and started running. american and british teams are on the ground assisting the nigerian governments and in search for the missing girls, they include hostage negotiators and kidnap experts. but any mission will be extremely difficult. the sambisa forest where the girls are being head is dense, impenetrable and it's likely boko haram will give the girls up without a fight. >> axelrod: deborah patta
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reporting for us tonight from nigeria's capital, abuja. deborah, thank you. now to that hot air balloon accident in virginia. it was a hideous sight in the sky as the balloon basket caught fire after touching a power line last night. the bodies of two of the three people on board have been recovered so far near doswell, virginia. north of richmond, the state capitol. mark albert is there. >> reporter: onlookers watched in horror as the damaged hot balloon carrying three people burst into flames friday evening. cbs news has confirmed two members of the university of richmond women's basketball staff were on the balloon. one victim natalie louis was director of basketball operations for the richmond spiders. her parents arrive saturday from their home town of buffalo, new york. the captain dan kirk called them
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true ambassador to hot air ballooning. today, search crews combing the dense woods for the victims' bodies recovered the second one. the two were 1,500 yards apart. carrie bradley heard people yelling for help just before the basket carrying them broke apart. >> we could hear them screening, "please, dear god, sweet jesus help us, we're going to guy. please help us. please help us." >> reporter: bradley and other witnesses saw balloon hit power lines trying to land. >> it was kind of a pop. when that happened the basket exploded and debris sort of falls to the ground. >> reporter: seconds after it hit the power lines, police say the balloon pilot tried to vent the balloon and contain the fire. state police spokes woman corrine geller. >> he had to act very rapidly before the gondola and the balloon separated. >> reporter: so he tried to save their lives? >> based on the witness accounts, he made every effort to do everything he could in his power to save the passengers lives and his own. >> reporter: the n.t.s.b. arrived here today to investigate. event organizers have canceled this weekend's balloon festival. jim. >> axelrod: mark, thank you.
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good evening, everyone, fernandez coming to you from the kabs from los angeles, a possible tornado has touched down east of kansas city, missouri, it happened in the small town of or rick, no injuries reported yet but this is still very new. as you can see from these twitter pictures, significant damage to homes and businesses, trees down, debris scattered, at this hour the town is without power. stay tuned to your local cbs affiliate for this breaking story. now here is jim axelrod with more on this weekend's weather outlook. >> it is not a pretty picture when it comes to the mother's day weathers forecast for much of the country's midsection, everything from snow in colorado to possible tornados in the midwest. meteorologist lauren casey is with our minneapolis affiliate, warren, is that right, mother's day parka's in colorado. >> unfortunately so, a winter storm warning is in effect for much of colorado, including denver where a foot of mothers
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day snow could fall but in the western and central plains where an outbreak is likely. 3 million people from southern kansas to eastern iowa are in a moderate risk for severe weather, destructive winds and hail to tennis ball size are possible in combination of instability and wind shear could help produce numerous tornados with a threat of strong and long track tornados. residents in these areas will need to stay weather aware tomorrow, especially during the afternoon and evening hours, remember the difference between a watch and a warning. a watch means look and listen out, severe weather is likely and a warping means take action, severe weather is occurring. >> all right, i would like to keep our eyes open for the next 24 hours. lauren casey, thank you. >> sure. >> #01: and there was an emotional scene in lower manhattan this morning when some remains of unidentified victims of the 9/11 terror attack were moved from the medical examiner's office where they had been stored back to ground zero.
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as kristine johnson reports it was a solemn occasion and not without controversy. >> reporter: the remains arrived in three separate caskets, draped in the american flag. it was a silent procession. right now, those remains sit 70 feet below the ground inside a room at the national september 11 memorial and museum. for some victims, it will be their final resting place, but for others only a temporary place to rest until the medical examiner's office can make a positive identification. some families are okay with this decision. monika iken-murphy is on the museum's board, and she feels her husband's michael's remains are back where they belong. >> this is where they all took their last step, their last breathe, on that day, and i feel that they are together, they're home. >> reporter: but others like rosemary cain are angry feeling they didn't have a say in this decision. wore black bands over their mouths. >> we were never given consultation. i'm his mother. nobody said to me, "do you give her blessing to our plans?"
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that's all we asked for. >> reporter: the mere fact the remains are stored at a tourist attraction doesn't sit well with some of these families even though they will be kept out of the public eye. charles wife is among the 41% still unidentified. for now he says this is where he can feel close to her. >> it is the fulfillment. if you want closure, it's closure that something we fought for, for a long, long time has happened. >> reporter: a six day dedication period of the september 11th memorial museum will begin on thursday. president obama and the first lady will be here and it's open to the public on may 21st. >> axelrod: kristine johnson in lower manhattan for us tonight. thank you. a police officer in hearne, texas was fired today, four days after he shot and killed a 93- year-old woman in her home.
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the police say the elderly woman was armed with a gun. anna werner was there when to fire the police officer was unanimous. ( applause ) >> reporter: a room packed with residents applauded the hearne's decision to fire the police officer who shot a 93 year old on tuesday. police say officer stephen stem responded to a 911 call and when he arrived she was brand issue a gun. stem's attorney robert mccabe told us the officer did not have a choice. >> officer stem was clearly identified as a police officer. she was instructed multiple times to drop the gun. she did not ply. >> reporter: she was upset her driver's license was taken away. stem fired several shots killing her. in december 2012, stem shot and killed a 28 year old man. his attorney says the incident
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was investigated by the texas rangers and stem was cleared of any wrong doings. but fledia satchell, the mother of the man killed, says this shooting hit her heart. >> i was up all night just crying, just screaming and hollering. i said, "he done it again." >> reporter: ruben gomez is hearne's mayor. did you worry about whether this officer may have been allowed to stay on the force too long? >> it is a concern because it had happened more than once. >> reporter: on background some officers here expressed dismay that a fellow officer could be fired before the investigation into the shooting by the texas rangers is completed. stem's attorney says his client will be cleared of any wrongdoing and his firing means they may decide to sue the city. anna werner, cbs news, hearne, texas. >> axelrod: later, has the housing recovery stalled? jim schlessinger weighs in. and a blind pole vaulter's leap of faith when the "cbs evening news" continues.
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a year ago the housing market was surging. home sales rose dramatically. nationally prices were up 13% for 2013. but the market has now stalled enough so that this week that fed chair janet yellen told congress she is concerned about and watching the market closely. our cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us now. jill, how bad are the numbers and what's behind this. >> there's a definite slow down from last year but last year was an amazing year. we see it in metrics of housing, existing home sales, new home sales. they are down pretty dramatically from a year ago. price increases are slowing down. part of the reason is mortgage rates have jumped from last year. from may to this year in about probably almost 1%.
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now that's been a burden on buyers because it's harder to qualify for a loan still. and the cost of the house has gone up. that said, i don't want anyone to go too crazy here. we aren't in a terrible situation where housing is cratering. things are slowing down and that's normal. >> jim: so housing of course drives so much. how likely is the housing slow down, how likely is it impacted general recovery. >> well i think that's part of the reason that janet yellen is watching it. but in a strange way, the price of housing, the impact on the economy has actually diminished when we look at housing and residential investment as a share of the overall economy, we're at about 3.1%. compare that with 6% at the height of the housing bubble. so in many ways, we want that number to increase but on the other hand, it's not such a big share that it's going to tank the economy. one housing to improve, want the economy to continue to recover. it's just not going up in a straight line. >> jim: jill schlesinger, thank you.
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>> great to be with you. >> jim: up next, california chrome from the back of the pack to triple crown front runner. california chrome may have been
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the favorite when he won the kentucky derby a week ago, but he did begin life as a bit of a
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long shot. carter evans now on the former dark horse who has saddled up the shot light and brought along the people he's sharing it with. >> it's all california chrome as he comes to home. >> it's been a hell of a ride for us so far. >> reporter: yes it has follow co-owners steve and carolyn coburn. >> i turn to him can you believe it we won the kentucky. >> who would have thunk. >> reporter: knows many especially since they paid $10,000 for california chrome and they had a 77 year old trainer who hit the big time. >> people who i thought were dead called me. >> reporter: he's the oldest trainer to ever win the most prestiges horse race. >> you may never win another race but at least you can say you won the kentucky derby. >> you just can't describe. >> it's unbelievable. >> what has happened in our lives because of this wonderful
6:21 pm
horse. >> reporter: that wonderful horse may not be a cash cow but even with a $1.4 million check for winning the derby and potentially millions more on the way. >> i had to come to work, you know. this is my job. >> reporter: his job is making magnetic strips for credit cards for a small company in a small nevada town. he like it that way. when california chrome travels to next saturday's puert puerto. >> we go. about 12 or 13 years old he turns around and says havior do you know who this guy is. they just embrace this. you guys are just like us. yeah. we're just like you. >> reporter: while his team might be humble, the horse is a ... >> rock star. he's the rock star and i'm the manager. >> reporter: before the derby there was a asked 6 million offer for california chrome. >> the answer was not only no
6:22 pm
but hell no. it's our dream come true and what kind of price tag can you put on a dream that's coming true. >> reporter: in their case, you can't. carter evans, cbs news los angeles. >> jim: a remarkable achievement in texas we want to tell you about. charlotte brown a high school junior tied for four at the state pole vault competition yesterday. what made this amazing is that charlotte is legally blind. she uses a seeing eye dog and vaults with a beeping device that lets her know when to plant her pole. she cleared a bar 11 feet high. go charlotte. the matter of the california highway patrol is safety, service and security. mber of the patrol across the county demonstrated all three today. to quote the highway patrol's tweet. this little dog needed some help off i680 freeway today. we are glad she's safe. not kidding. that's the little dog. still ahead, jad legend wynton marsalis and some of the best
6:23 pm
young jazz musicians with lots to teach each other.
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>> we have a sports milestone to report this evening. michael sam has been drafted by the st. louis rams becoming the first openly gay player ever to be drafted by an nfl team. sam a star defensive end for the university of missouri came out publicly in february but has since said he wants to be known as an athlete, not as a gay athlete. michael sam was picked in the
6:26 pm
seventh round of the nfl draft. and we close tonight with a look at a master class. for the last three days right here in new york, the best high school jazz ensembles in the country getting the kind of construction they could only imagine if it wasn't happening. it was the instructor himself that made them benefiting most of all. >> reporter: the event is called essentially ellington. essentially speaking there's only one winner watching, critiquing and teaching, everyone walks away with a prize. >> we're not going to say this is fantastic or not because we want you to become the best you can be. >> wynton marsalis an american treasure is the lead mentor here. >> for them it's like talking with hit them with babe ruth.
6:27 pm
do you detect the nervousness and anxiousness in them. >> maybe some in the beginning but they earned the right to be here. 2,700 bands this year are going to participate in this competition. this is the top 15. >> for three days marsalis and other top jazz artists conduct intensive classes for the next generation as well as record one student composer's work. this year, it's a piece by jeric rocamora, the high school junior from rose ville california who couldn't leave new york because of a collapsed lung. because you're a jazz musician and can spend a weekend with wynton marsalis, you jump a train. >> it must have been a second out of body experience for you, right. >> yes. >> watching is wynton marsalis with these kids, you wonder who was getting the most out of the last few days. >> i'm still a kid.
6:28 pm
i mean, i love to learn so much from seeing how they play. >> for him, it's a way to reconnect with undiluted youth. >> that position gets schooled out of us. you get older, you become jaded. it's hard to maintain the enthusiasm the way you hit it when you were young because you didn't know what you knew. how can that be wise and get the wisdom of the older person and get all the bumps life is going to hit me that it comes with. i loved it. >> axelrod: as for the next generation, jeric rocamora will be attending the berklee school of music in boston this fall on a school scholarship. we'll be hearing a lot more from him. later on cbs, two editions of 48 hours. i'm jim axelrod here in new york and for all of us from cbs news, thanks for joining us and good night. captioning
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tries to breathe new life ia dying hospital. the response has been overwhelming. a chihuahua saved from the center divid an east bay freeway. what happens next for the little. home free! watch as a wayward sea lion is sent bao the wild after being nursedk to health. kpix 5 news is next. someone has to step up and in,,,,,,,,
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someone has to step up and step in. >> and so the rallying cries being sounded to save the east bay hospital from shutting down. but one small thing it needs to stay alive. good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> and i'm betty yu in for ann notarangelo tonight. the staff at doctors hospital in san pablo is making a last ditch effort to save the facility. it's set to


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