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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  May 12, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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fight to save mount hamilton. allen, liz. >> all right. we whether see you then. cbs evening news with scott pelly coming up next. for the nigerian school girls as their kidnappers put a price on their freedom. reports from david martin at the pentagon and debora patta in nigeria. manual bojorquez on dangerous weather. a drought-fed wildfire chases hundreds from their homes. a spring storm brings three feet of snow. tornadoes hit the midwest again. >> it's coming right at us, you guys! >> pelley: a second case of the potentially deadly mers virus is confirmed in the united states. dr. jon lapook has details. and nancy cordes on a monumental achievement and a grand reopening. >> reporter: is it higher than you thought? >> yes! captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.
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>> pelley: good evening. this is our western edition. the united states is now searching for those kidnapped nigerian school girls. manned american spy planes are combing nigeria for the more than 200 girls abducted nearly four weeks ago from the town of chibok. today, we saw them for the first time in a hostage video. the terror group boko haram wants the nigerian government to release its members held in prison or it says the girls will never be seen again. we have two reports. first, david martin at the pentagon. >> reporter: surveillance missions flown by manned aircraft have already begun, and the pentagon is considering adding unmanned drones to the search. the nearest drone base is in the country of niger, next door to nigeria. they were sent there last year to fly north and search for militants operating in mali. to aid in the search for the girls, the drones, which are
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unarmed would have to fly hundreds of miles east over the part of nigeria where boko haram is based. at the same time, u.s. intelligence is analyzing the newly released video of the girls in an effort to match the surroundings to a more precise location. but the girls could have been moved since that video was shot, and u.s. intelligence has indications that they are now being held in separate locations. none of the intelligence collected by the manned aircraft has been shared yet with the nigerians. that's because of legal restrictions on how much help the u.s. can give to a military which has a record of human rights violations. >> pelley: thank you, david. the u.s. is sending 30 advisers to nigeria from the military, state department, and f.b.i. boko haram is fighting to overthrow the nigerian government and establish an islamic state. debora patta is in nigeria and has the video released today. >> reporter: the video shows
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more than 100 girls sitting together dressed in traditional muslim clothing reciting islamic prayers. the girls appear anxious. several of them were singled out to answer questions from a man off camera. he asks, why the girl has converted from christianity to islam, and she says, "because the path we are on is not the right path." there is anguish here but also hope. we don't know when the video was shot, but this is the first sign that the school girls were alive after their capture. boko haram leader abubakar shekau also appears in the video. he says the girls will not be seen again unless they are swapped for his fighters being held as prisoners in nigerian jails. this is not the first time boko haram has kidnapped young girls. we tracked down hannah, who was kidnapped last year and held hostage for more than two months
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in a boko haram stronghold in the forest. she says she was beaten regularly during this time for refusing to convert to islam. "they tied a rope around my neck and pulled me on the ground," she said. "while they kept telling me they would slaughter me." hannah was taught how to handle a gun and forced three times to go on raids with the militants. "they took me along with them," she said. "strapped bullets to my back and instructed me to lie down whenever they exchanged gunfire with the soldiers." since the video was released, officials have been showing it to the parents of the stolen school girls to say if they can perhaps positively identify their daughters in it. >> pelley: debora, the nigerian government has been under tremendous pressure. how has it responded to this video? >> reporter: i spoke to nigeria's interior minister, moro abba, and he said that the government does not negotiate with terrorists, but them he went on to say that dialogue continues, indicating that
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perhaps backdoor negotiations will still continue. >> pelley: more on this tomorrow. debora patta in nigeria for us. thank you, debora. in another important story today, scientists warn that a large part of antarctica is melting and cannot be stopped. new evidence from the south pole implies a big rise in sea level. elaine quijano reports. >> reporter: researchers at nasa and the university of california irvine looked at 40 years of data, including observations made from planes and satellite images of a glacier the size of california and texas combined. eric rignot is lead author of the study. >> at this point, we'll say it's just a matter of time before this glacier completely disappears to sea. >> reporter: sea levels could rise by four feet, but not before 2214. it would open the way for greater losses of south pole ice, which could raise sea levels by another six feet. tom wagner studies glaciers for
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nasa. >> what we have found is that it in fact looks like this weak underbelly of antarctica is in fact starting to flow out into the sea and there's not a lot to hold it back. >> reporter: here's why. the land anchoring the glaciers sits below sea level. as ice melts, more of the glacier comes into contact with warmer ocean water, accelerating the process. >> what's happening is that as that ice is getting thinner, it's beginning to pop up off the land. and when it pops up off the land, there's no more friction to hold it back so it speeds up. >> reporter: a 10-foot rise in sea level would submerge tunnels and subways here in manhattan and parts of queens and brooklyn. but, scott, it would also put the entire city of miami beach and much of south florida underwater. >> pelley: elaine, thank you. tonight severe weather is moving across the nation's midsection. flash floods are possible in texas. violent thunderstorms forecast around the great lakes. tornadoes slammed into the great plains yesterday. storm chasers caught power lines
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snapping in sutton, nebraska. dozens of buildings there were destroyed, but there were no serious injuries. in the texas panhandle, the winds are hot and dry where a wildfire erupted on saturday. manual bojorquez is there. >> reporter: the flames raced towards the town of ridge, texas, sunday afternoon, driven by wind gusts up to 45-miles- per-hour. troy ducheneaux is the regional fire coordinate. >> we were seeing probably rates of spread that were pushing that about 3-6 miles per hour and so that's very, very fast. that's faster than a human can run. >> reporter: paula lea snapped this photograph of her neighborhood as her family fled. >> it was really scary. we just kind of started grabbing stuff and some pictures off the refrigerator and that was it. >> reporter: she believes her home is now the only one on her block not burned to the ground. more than 100 structures were lost.
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>> it's devastating for everybody else, but when you know your house is really the only house left on the block still up, it's really scary. it's sad. >> reporter: the panhandle is the driest it's been since modern record keeping began in 1895. there's been just over an inch of rain here so far this year. crews have now gained the upper hand on the fire, aided by cooler temperatures and higher humidity, but, scott, embers carried by gusty winds threaten to reverse some of that progress. >> pelley: thanks, manuel. from fire to ice and springtime snow. there were whiteout conditions today in colorado and wyoming. nearly 400 miles of interstate 80 were closed because of accidents. parts of the rockies got two- and-a-half feet of snow, but the temperatures will be back in the 70s by the weekend. a second case of mers virus has been found in the u.s. mers is short for middle east respiratory syndrome. most of the 538 cases have been
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in saudi arabia, but there were a few in europe, africa, and asia. there have been 145 deaths so far. the centers for disease control made today's announcement, and here's dr. jon lapook. >> reporter: the unidentified patient was a health care provider in saudi arabia. on may 1, the patient took four flights from jeddah, saudi arabia, to london, then to boston, atlanta, and finally orlando. while traveling, the patient developed fever, chills, and a slight cough. a week later, the patient went to the emergency room at a hospital in orlando, was admitted, and is doing well. both mers cases in this country were contracted in saudi arabia. the first known imported case involved a man who traveled to indiana last month. he spent a week and a half at community hospital in munster, indiana, and was released three days ago. with no specific treatment available, doctors in florida are consulting with their
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counter-parts in indiana to discuss ways of dealing with the infection. dr. tom friedman is the director of the c.d.c. >> we think really there are two things going on. the first is that there does appear to be an increased number of cases. there are clusters in saudi arabia that we've not seen before. but the second thing is that we're recognizing it more. >> reporter: the c.d.c. says you are not considered to be at risk for mers unless you have had close contact with an infected patient. and in the case of the indiana patient who is doing well, even close contacts have all tested negative for the virus. >> pelley: thanks, jon. today, pro-russian separatists in ukraine declared independence for two eastern provinces. voters there overwhelmingly chose autonomy in a weekend referendum. ukraine's government, however, called the vote illegal and today, the white house said it does not recognize the results. russia stopped short of endorsing it, too. clarissa ward is in donetsk for us tonight. clarissa, these numbers in favor of independence, donetsk, it was
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89% in favor and against, 94% is what's being reported by the pro-russian separatists. what was the voting actually like? these numbers seem awfully high. >> reporter: well, we visited quite a few polling stations, and certainly there were some very big crowds, but i think it's fair to say that this vote did not meet any international standards we would recognize. we went to polling station where's there were no booths. people were voting in the open. we met a 16-year-old girl who was waiting in line to vote. we saw an older woman who was allowed to vote twice because she panicked that she accidentally checked no the first time and certainly many of the people who don't support the pro-russian separatists simply didn't vote at all. >> pelley: decided to stay home. so these two regions have essentially declared independence. what happens to ukraine now? does it break apart? >> reporter: well, that's the question everybody here is asking themselves.
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one separatist leader has already come forward and said that russia should officially absorb this region, but another leader who we spoke to said that joining russia is a possibility but not a priority, and he actually went so far as to say that they are ready to have talks indirectly with the government in kiev. so i think at this stage it does not appear that they have a clear unified strategy for going forward. >> pelley: still far to go. clarissa ward in eastern ukraine for us, thank you, clarissa ward. the owner of the l.a. clippers is asking for a second chance. the n.f.l. says michael sam is already making cash registers ring. when this western edition of the cbs evening news continues. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. if you have painful, swollen joints,
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take it on the way you always have. live healthy and take one a day women's 50+. a complete multivitamin with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. age? who cares. >> pelley: late today, the man chosen by the n.b.a. to run the l.a. clippers said he is confident the league can force donald sterling to sell the team. the n.b.a. banned sterling for life for his racist comments. he's responding for the first time, and ben tracy has that. >> it's a terrible mistake, and i'll never do it again. >> reporter: donald sterling told cnn's anderson cooper that he's hoping for a second chance. >> because i'm not a racist, and i've never been a racist. >> reporter: but if his fellow n.b.a. team owners vote to force a sale of the clippers, sterling may not have the energy to fight them. >> at the end of the road, what do i benefit, and especially at my age? if they fight with me and they
5:46 pm
spend millions and i spend millions, let's say i win or they win, i just don't know if that's important. >> reporter: the 80-year-old billionaire claimed he was baited into making his now- infamous racist remarks by his girlfriend v. stiviano. on those recordings, sterling told her not to bring n.b.a. legend magic johnson to his games. >> reporter: sterling said he has since talked to magic johnson twice, but then added this: >> has he done everything he can do to help minorities? i don't think so. but i'll say it-- i'll say it, you know. he's great. but i-- i-- i just don't think he is a good example for the children of los angeles. >> reporter: magic johnson was at the clippers' game sunday but had no comment on sterling's latest remarks. >> i'm only beginning to get my arms around what i'm going to
5:47 pm
do. >> reporter: today, richard parsons, who was installed by the n.b.a. as the interim c.e.o. of the clippers, had this to say about donald sterling's apology: >> i would observe, as most americans i think would observe, he's a little late, for sure. >> reporter: now, donald sterling's wife, shelley, is a partial owner of the clippers, and she says she plans to fight the n.b.a.'s efforts to silent team, but in a statement, the n.b.a. said if the controlling owner of a team, donald sterling, is kicked out, then all of the owners of a team are. scott, so far, no vote has been scheduled to force a sale of the clippers. >> pelley: ben, thank you. michael sam wasn't chosen until the seventh round of the nfl draft, but today, the league said that his jersey ranked second in sales among rookies. sam, who will be the first openly gay player in the nfl, was picked by the st. louis rams. it was johnny manziel, who has the top-selling jersey. he was chosen by the cleveland browns in the first round.
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unitedhealthcare's innovative, simple program helps moms stay on track with their doctors to get the right care and guidance. (anncr vo) that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. >> pelley: wall street continues its roll. the dow gained 112 points today to close at 16,695. that is the fourth straight winning session, and the third record high close this year. tonight, a georgia family says that general motors didn't tell
5:51 pm
the truth about a deadly defect. the family sued g.m. in 2011 and accepted a settlement. but now that the defect has resulted in the recall of more than 2.5 million cars, the family is accusing g.m. of a cover-up. jeff glor has the story. >> reporter: 29-year-old brooke melton died three years ago in a chevy cobalt. investigators determined the vehicle's ignition switch was in the accessory position. g.m. has since recalled millions of cars with a similar switch problem. which causes the car to shut off and vehicle safety systems to stop working. >> we've not been contacted. >> reporter: the meltons hired a lawyer to sue g.m. and eventually settled in september of last year, but when g.m. issued a recall four months later, they were angry, believing g.m. didn't tell them the truth. during sworn testimony in the case, g.m. engineer ray degiorgio was asked whether he knew about any changes to the switch design.
5:52 pm
>> reporter: but this document from april 2006, seven years earlier, shows degiorgio's signature on a document authorizing a change. lance cooper is the meltons' lawyer. >> the meltons settled their case with g.m., believing g.m. knew nothing about the ignition switch design change. they now know they were lied to. >> reporter: cooper says it is his belief degiorgio perjured himself so the melton settlement should be thrown out. refiling a case like this is a big risk. do you think it will pay off? >> well, it's a big risk, but to the meltons, there's no financial incentive to do this. it's simply to get at the truth. >> reporter: g.m. issued this response this afternoon:
5:53 pm
g.m. says it will not reopen the case. scott, at this point, it's up to a judge. >> pelley: jeff glor in our atlanta newsroom, jeff, thank you. a study today in the ""journal of the american medical association" "says that medicare is spending a lot of money on unnecessary procedures. 42% of medicare patients had procedures deemed low value, including prostate cancer screening for men beyond the recommended age. the study says all of this adds up to $8.5 billion wasted each year. a facelift for an obelisk. that story is next avo: waves don't care what age you are.
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or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about experiencing cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. tech way police and fire are getting by. next weather talent appears at wx center with generic pinpoint filling monitor then we take special >> pelley: those are the tourists fleeing down the stairs of the washington monument during the earthquake of the summer of 2011. well, today, nearly 1,000 days after it closed for repairs, the monument reopened, and nancy cordes talked to one of the first visitors. >> so this washington monument is dead center of everything. >> reporter: jason dumont teaches civics and u.s. history in longwood, florida, near orlando. like most middle school teachers, he's always looking for ways to inspire his adolescents. >> something else that's very important about george washington? >> reporter: about a year ago, dumont discovered that students,
5:57 pm
like jisele alexander, liked to look at the travel photos he posted on instagram. >> like, one day he might have pictures about africa, and then we'll have an assignment on africa and it all ties together and it makes it a lot more fun. >> reporter: he did the same with paris, iceland, genoa, and macchu picchu. >> i want them to go to those places some day. i want them to see how exciting that can be and how doable it is. i'm a teacher. i'm not rich by any means. i save up and i use my time in the summer to go to one of those places, and, you know, if i can do it, there's no reason they can't. >> reporter: so when the u.s. department of interior announced that 12 instagram users would be among the first to tour the newly refurbished washington monument, dumont applied and won. do all your students kind of feel like they won, too? >> i hope they do. i hope they see and they get ext and they hopefully come on their own.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: naturally, he brought his camera. which view is your favorite? >> the western view with the lincoln memorial. lincoln is my favorite president, so that's definitely the thing i get most excited when i see. >> reporter: it's the first time the public has been allowed inside since that 5.8-magnitude earthquake in august of 2011. workers wrapped the monument in scaffolding, fixing 665 feet of cracks to the mash expel granite. is it higher than you thought? >> yes! >> reporter: now that it's reopened, it's retaking its place as a living classroom, both for student who visit and for those who can't. nancy cordes, cbs news, 555 feet above washington. >> pelley: and that's the view from the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. brand-new emergency
5:59 pm
dispatch system. now at 6:00, a crucial communications break down. tonight, kpix 5 has learned a brand new emergency dispatch system is full of glitches. >> only on 5, phil matier tells us what went wrong. phil. >> reporter: the idea was to replace something that was old and wasn't working, but as we know, sometimes the idea just doesn't pan out the way you plan. here's the story. >> the idea was to install a $3.4 million software upgrade to improve communication between san francisco's 911 center, police and fire. but almost from the minute the switch was flipped, there were problems with how the new system talked to the computers in police squad cars. >> they can't exactly obtain the information needed to
6:00 pm
respond to calls for service. the information is in bits and pieces. you have to scroll down. information is not all consistent. >> as a result, in this high- tech age, police out on the streets are having to use their radios to make up for the difference, which creates another problem. >> we use the radio traffic for calls for service. it doesn't free up the air for an officer that might have an emergency. >> and it is not just police. some fire stations are having to monitor full time as well. >> it is always plan b. >> as with any complex project, there is always going to be glitches. there's always going to be issues that come about. that's why we have a support team in place. >> meanwhile, back on the streets. >> essentially, officers doe have to write things down more than before. >> on pair? >> on paper to make sure they get the infoio


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