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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  May 13, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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tonld sterlings apology goes awry. the los angeles clippers owner makes risist comments but turns his anger on magic johnson prompting the nba to issue a new apology. >> he's got aids. did he do any business? did he help anybody in south l.a.? a deadly stand off ends with a police officer killed in a home consumed by a fire ball. surveillance video from the new york city hotel appears to show rap star jaycee attacked by his wife, beyonce's sister. >> this is "cbs morning news" on tuesday, may 13, 2014. good morning.
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good to be with you, i'm anne-marie green. donald sterling's hope of maintaining ownership has taken another hit this morning. this weekend, sterling made his first public comment since being banned for life from the nba for making racist comments recorded by his girlfriend. in an interview with cnns anderson cooper, he said he's not a racist and his remarks were a mistake. >> i'm here with you today to apologize and to ask for forgiveness for all the people i have hurt and i have hurt so many people. >> by the end of the interview, sterling went on the offensive against an nba legend prompting the league to issue a new apology. marlie hall is here in new york with more. good morning, marlie. >> good morning, that's right, part of the rant focused on magic johnson. during the interview, sterling continued to lash out at the hall of fame player. >> what has he done? can you tell me?
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big magic johnson, what has he done? >> he's a business person. >> he's got aids. >> donald sterling took aim at magic johnson, blasting him for contracting hiv and dismissing the charitable and business work the basketball star performed for years. >> what kind of girl has sex with every girl, then catches hiv. is that someone we want to respect and tell our kids about? i think he should be ashamed of himself. i think he should go into the background. what does he do for the black people? doesn't do anything. >> reporter: sterlings comments were met by a swift rebuke by the nba. commissioner adam silver issued an apology to magic johnson. >> i feel compelled to apologize to him that he continues to be dragged into this situation and
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attacked. it was a picture that prompted the racist rant that came to life last month. >> and why are you taking pictures with minorities? why? you can sleep with them, bring them in, whatever you want. the little i ask you is not to promote and not to bring them to my games. >> reporter: at one point, sterling said johnson set him up telling him to remain quiet when the recording emerged. >> i think he wanted me to do nothing so he could buy the team. >> reporter: the nbas board of governors has not voted on whether to force steriling to sell the team. monday, new clipper's ceo richard parson's discussed the apology. >> i would observe, as most americans would observe, he's a little late, for sure. >> commissioner silver originally apologized to magic johnson when he announced the sanctions against sterling late last night.
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magic johnson responded on twitter saying i would rather talk about these great nba playoffs than sterling's interview. after this week, he will be done talking about sterling. >> marlie hall in new york, thank you marlie. now to the weather which remains unstable across the country. rain, flooding and unseasonable heat causing problems from the midwest to the east coast. the line of severe weather including powerful thunderstorms extends from texas to minnesota. the greatest concentration of showers should be in eastern oklahoma and texas. rainstorms triggered flash floods in waco, texas. some areas up to a foot of water was reported late last night. roads impassable and motorists stranded. in the texas panhandle, firefighter are getting the upper hand in a wildfire that destroyed more than 89 homes.
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more than 2,000 were forced to evacuate. the fire is 65% contained. a house by house search is planned for today. in california, gusting santa ana winds and temperatures to exceed 90 degrees are creating a fire danger. san francisco is expected to top 90 degrees today. folks in colorado are getting over a springtime snowstorm. parts of the rockies got more than three feet and between four and seven inches fell in denver. residents in northwestern iowa are cleaning up after a tornado caused $3 million damage. no injuries are reported. the storm hit sunday, one of dozens that touched down in the plains and midwest. now to the search of the missing nigerian schoolgirls that includes u.s. surveillance aircraft now. the islamic group shows the leader of boko haram says the
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girls won't be seen again until members of his griep are freed again. susan mcginnis is there. good morning. >> reporter: boko haram claims the girls are some they kidnapped weeks ago and threatened to sell into slavery. now, the group is making new demand in exchange for the prisoners. u.s. intelligence agents are analyzing this video that boko haram claims some of the nearly 300 girls kidnapped last month. officials are looking for clues that may help them locate the teenagers. the u.s. has dozens of military personnel and advisers in nigeria to help with the search they are considering adding unmanned, unarmed drones to the search. >> this is no small task, but we are bringing resources to bear to help the government. >> reporter: in the video, the
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girls recite from the koran. u.s. officials say they have no reason to question the videos authenticity and it's up to nigeria's government to decide the next move. >> nigeria is in the lead. we are supporting their efforts. the united states is ransom and concessions. >> reporter: global cries to bring back the missing girls grow louder, a nigerian government says all options are being considered to secure their release. now the video is reportedly being distributed to families and local schools in nigeria to start to identify the girls shown in it. >> susan mcginnis in washington, thank you susan. final results in the too close to call democratic primary in north carolina are expected today following a tragic turn.
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keith crisco died yesterday. crisco, 71 years old died from injuries suffered in a fall. fewer than 400 votes separated crisco from aiken. if crisco wins, the democratic party will nominate a candidate. coming up on the morning news, dramatic blast. a home explosion caught on tape after a police officer was shot responding to a call there. this is the "cbs morning news."
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>> beautiful. >> talk about devine intervention. that massive boulder just missed crushing a massachusetts church. a company was clearing land when the blast sent the 20 ton rock rolling toward the building. it stopped a few inches from the churches wall. the crew spent the next three hours chipping the boulder into smaller pieces. in new hampshire a police officer made the ultimate sacrifice. he was shot and killed after responding to a domestic disturbance. witnesses saw the shooter's 86-year-old father taken away in an ambulance moments before the house caught fire and exploded. michael rosenfield has more. >> reporter: at a news conference, state investigators announcing the tragic death of a brentwood police officer. it started with a 911 call about
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a domestic disturbance at a home at the mill pond crossing subdivision, a community for residents 55 and older. police officer steve arkel responded. >> the best information we have at this time, is that officer arkel was fatally shot as he entered the home. the shooter is believed to be michael noland, age 47. another police officer arrived and entered the home but was driven out by gunfire. >> reporter: a fire and explosion from the home. the shoolter is believed to have dieed from the smoke or flames. the fire destroyed both sides of the duplex. >> tonight, i join all granite staters in mourning the loss of police officer steve arkel who died tonight doing his job, protecting his community. >> reporter: officer arkel was a husband and father of two teenage daughters according to
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the police chief here, with the department 15 years. the governor of new hampshire ordering all flags at half staff across the state. i'm michael rosenfield for cbs news. up next in money watch, a megamerger between two tech giants. in sports, lebron james cuts down the net. and now you get hit again. this time by joint pain. it's a double whammy. it could psoriatic arthritis a chronic inflammatory disease that attacks your joints on the inside and your skin on the outside. if you've been hit by... find out more about psoriatic arthritis. take the symptom quiz at and talk to your doctor.
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engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america. here is a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. p on the "cbs moneywatch," te next major tech merger considers expansion. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning. here in wall street, the warm weather putting investors in the
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buying mood. the dough jumps 112 points. the nasdaq added 71 and s&p shot up 18 points to finish at another all-time high. that gave most asian stocks a lift. tokyo's nikkei added 2% and the hang seng added a half percent. three workers that leveled a small canadian town. will be in court today. they and the rail company have been charged with criminal negligence. last july, more than 60 tankers derailed in a little town east of quebec. the blast killed 47 people. another tech megamerger is on the horizon. at&t may by directv for $50 billion. analysts say it is a win/win for both companies. subscribers aren't flocking to satellite tv. it would allow tooe at&t to speed up their broad band internet connection. the deal could go through in a couple of weeks.
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and texas may be trying to poach another company from california. toyota is moving their headquarters to the lone star state and yesterday, two governors visited the sriracha plant. they say the smell makes it a nuisance. the hot sauce owner says he's staying, but may open another plant in texas. >> thanks a lot, jill. in sports, the miami heat hold a 3-1 lead over the brooklyn nets in the nba playoffs. lebron james a career high, 49 points as miami beat them 102-96. chris bosh hit the tie breaking winner with 57 seconds left. the heat can wrap things up tomorrow in miami. the portland trail blazers are still alive after beating san antonio 103-92. damian lillard led portland with 25 points. but the spurs hold a three games to one in the series. game five is tomorrow in san antonio.
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what former clippers owner donald sterling said that h him in trouble again ... new lanes create chaos -- a crashes -- on the golden ga bridge approach... we'll show you why drivers are so desperate to make an illegal turn. and drug smugglers moving t cargo north... why the san o coast is the new destinatio choice. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3 ,,,,
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here is a look at today's forecast in cities around the country. in medical news now, health officials confirmed a second case of the deadly virus known as mers. cdc says the patient took several flights before landing in florida so they are notifying 500 people who may have come in contact with him. both patients came from saudi arabia. >> reporter: this florida hospital is treating a patient with the second case of middle
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east respiratory symptoms or mers. the first was reported in indiana, involving a man who traveled there from saudi arabia. the new patient is a health care worker who was living in saudi arabia. may 1, the patient took four flights from saudi arabia to london, boston, atlanta and finally orlando. during his journey, the patient developed a fever, chills and a slight cough. worldwide, 538 cases of mers mostly in saudi arabia, but also in europe, africa and asia. there have been 145 deaths. >> we think two things are going on. the first is that there does appear to be an increased number of cases. there are clusters in saudi arabia we have not seen before, but we are recognizing it more. >> reporter: health care experts say they know how to stop the disease through better infection control.
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>> it's been done in indiana. it's being done in florida and we are working with teams in the middle east to help countries there improve their infection control. >> reporter: doctors say they won't be surprised if more cases surface here. danielle nottingham, cbs news. a legendary radio deejay casey kasem appears to be missing. a lawyer for his second wife said yesterday the former top 40 host is no longer in the u.s. a judge ordered a court investigator to find him as soon as possible. kasem is 82 years old, suffers from parkinsons disease and can no longer speak. another feud between rapper jay-z and beyonce's sister. the tape was leaked to tmz that appears to be beyonce walking into an elevator followed by her sister solange. the second jay-z comes in, solange starts hitting him.
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this happened last week at a met gala after party here in new york. when they get out of the elevator, the ladies go to one car and jay-z goes to another. i'm anne-marie green, this is the "cbs morning news." i'm anne-marie green, this is the "cbs morning news." ♪ (announcer) from the company that invented litter, comes litter re-invented. (woman) hey! toss me that litter! (announcer) tidy cats lightweight. all the strength, half the weight. hurry in and try our new santa fe chicken quesadillas or the delicious bacon ranch. served with fries and your choice of soup or salad. chili's lunch combos starting at 6 bucks. and these little angels build in strength. and that little angel says, "weeeeeeeee!" 60% more sheets than charmin.
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here is another look at this morning's top stories. in his first public comments since the ban from the nba, los angeles clippers owner, donald sterling says he's not a racist, but during an interview on cnn sterling went after magic johnson for contracting hiv, calling johnson an unfit role model. in the video of the kidnapped nigerian schoolgirls, the group that abducted them said it will trade the girls for prisoners held by the nigerian government. nearly 1,000 days after it closed for repairs, the washington monument reopened. nancy cordes talked to one of the first visitors. >> the washington monument is dead center of everything. >> reporter: jason teaches
4:26 am
civics and u.s. history in longwood, florida, near orlando. like most middle schoolteachers he's always looking for ways to inspire his adolescence. >> something else that is important about george washington -- >> reporter: about a year ago, he discovered students like to look at the travel photos he posted on instagram. >> one day he mentioned pictures about africa and then we'll have an assignment on africa tied together. >> reporter: he did the same with paris, iceland, genoa. >> i want them to go to those places and see how exciting it can be. i'm a teacher, i'm not rich by any means, i save up and use my time in the summer to go to those place us. if i can do it, there's no reason they can't. >> reporter: when the u.s. department of interior announced
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12 instagramers would be the first to go through itd, he applied and won. do they feel like they won, too? >> i hope they do. i hope they get excited and come on their own. >> reporter: naturally, he brought his camera. >> reporter: which view is your favorite? >> the western view with the lincoln memorial. lincoln is my favorite president. it's the thing i get most excited to see. >> it's the first time the public has been allowed inside since the 5.8 magnitude earthquake in august, 2011. workers wrapped the monument in scaffolding fixing the cracks to the marble and granite. >> is it higher than you thought? >> yes. >> reporter: now that it's reopened, it's retaking its place as a living classroom both for students who visit and for those who can't. nancy cordes, cbs news, 555 feet above washington. >> great to see it reopen. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," more on
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the second confirmed case of mers in this country. we'll hear from dr. holly phillips and an inside look at the life of the sultan of brunei and allegations of sex parties and the seller of "freakonomics." the new book about solving the world's problems. thanks for watching, i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. anne-marie green. have a great day. ,,,,,,
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good mornin i'm michelle griego. >> and hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 4:30. 5:30? i jumped the gun there. [ laughter ]
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>> got me going. >> an hour ahead. >> we were talking about that earlier. >> how's the weather? hot. >> no matter how you slice it yeah it's going to be hot around the bay area today. maybe some record-breaking heat. not only today but tomorrow as well. talking about the hot temperatures coming up. and we already have a traffic alert in san jose. there's emergency pothole repair going on so the connector ramp from northbound 880 to southbound 101 remains closed. we'll have some amount gnats for you come -- alternate cots for you. -- alternates for you coming up. of him making racist comments, but as andrew spencer reports the interview has made matters even worse with anderson cooper. >> reporter: l.a. clippers' owner donald sterling says he just made a terrible mistake. >> it's so painful to be -- because i'm not a racist and i've never been a racist. >> reporter: despite talk of players possible boycotting games, sterling says the players don't hate him. >> i contend that they love me. >> you think they still love


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