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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  May 22, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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this morning" is coming up next. enjoy your day, everybody. and we'll see you at noontime. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our views in the west. it is thursday may 22 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." from wildfires to hail weather extremes impact millions. >> the u.s. sends in predator drones to help find the kidnapped nigerian girls. >> as we approach memorial day, an iraq veteran shares heroism from within as he writes a note to self. but we begin with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> we had to evacuate. >> wildfires explode in arizona. >> raging about 1020 miles north of phoenix. >> it's another morning of
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potentially severe weather from the plains to the northeast. >> huge tornado near denver airport. >> hail up to a half a foot. >> 25-year-old woman from california has been found alive, ten years after her mother's boyfriend allegedly abducted her. >> very emotional. they didn't want to be identified on camera. >> i'm so happy to be with my family. >> an attack in a crowded market in the northwest of china. >> a military coup. >> the army commander has gone on television to say that the army has taken control. >> he's always a day late and a dollar shot on these thing. >> criticism on the president's handling are not impressed with the president's comment. >> if proven to be true, it is dishonorable disgraceful and i will not tolerate it period. >> ebay is telling its millions
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of users to change its passwords whatever a hacking attack. >> all that -- >> a bull fight had to be called off because no matadors were left to compete. >> he competed in a talent show and for a couple minutes he became michael jackson. >> and james comey tried to make a joke about recruiting new agents from america's pot smoking computer geniuses. >> sounds like somebody finally tried pot. >> six iranians are free from arrest after their video of the pharell song "happy." >> police said it wasn't because of the video, just because i am so sick of that song.
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>> welcome to "cbs this morning." good morning, nora. >> good morning, charlie. >> we begin with the fires. thousands of people in arizona watching a fast-growing wildfire. they will have to leave their homes at any moment if the flames get too close. >> that fire is in a vital tourist area outside of flagstaff. carter is in flagstaff where the weather is not helping. >> reporter: good morning. investigators believe this fire started two days ago and they believe right now it may have been man made. this part of arizona is a popular tourist spot and many will come here for the memorial day weekend, though much of the area is now under evacuation. strong winds caused the fire to double in size to nearly 4,500 acres. it's now burning out of control. >> we have no containment reported whatsoever. >> when you take fuel, weather
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and topography after the drought we've had, it's fire weather in arizona and this is going to do some damage. >> reporter: as the smoke inched closer to homes, fire officials told 3,200 people to be ready to evacuate. doug kelly and his family aren't waiting around for the order to leave. >> we're getting pictures things that we don't ever think we can ever replace. my wife's kind of a basket case right now but that's -- i guess that's to be expected. >> wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour grounded air support on wednesday. that wind sent flames racing up the oak creek canyon. clouds of smoke and ash could be seen for miles away. officials are concerned this fire season may be particularly devastating. less than a year ago a wildfire in nearby yarnell killed 19 firefighters. today while battling these
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flames, safety is a major concern. >> when we're talking such hard challenging situations we want the firefighters and the public to be safest first and foremost. >> reporter: the wind is calm right now and firefighters hope it will stay that way for the rest of the day. that way they can launch an aerial attack and get water dropping aircrafts up and going. by the way, many of the firefighters who were fighting fires in california are here now in arizona fighting this fire. >> parts of colorado are digging out from a second day of heavy hail. wednesday's powerful thunderstorms also caused at least one tornado. the hail slammed into several planes at denver international airport. frontier airlines cancelled 13 flights because of the damage. workers used snow nowplows and blowers to clear roads. >> meteorologist megan glaros
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says the storm threat continues ahead of the holiday weekend. >> good morning and good morning to our viewers in the west. we're looking at a risk for severe weather. starting now rolling through a good portion of the memorial day holiday weekend. and today the risk extends from parts of colorado into texas, over into kentucky tennessee and parts of the mid-atlantic northeast, philadelphia d.c. nashville and denver. we're also looking at a possibility of some heavy rain across parts of west texas and the panhandle of oklahoma. there will be minor accumulations across much of the far west. los angeles might see a stray shower but no real accumulation. lubbock texas could receive 2 inches. >> a military coup in thailand. they announced a nationwide
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curfew and told all television and radio stations to only broadcast army material. seth doane is tracking developments from beijing. >> reporter: good morning. thailand's military chief said that the thai military was taking control in that country in order to restore peace and stability and order to thailand after being racked by six months of protest and turmoil. tuesday we saw the military impose martial law and since then two days of closed-door meetings between rival political leaders have failed to break the deadlock. a power struggle has been taking place since the prime minister was removed from power in a military coup in 2006 following corruption charges. and then this latest round of unrest and protest started when demonstrator hit the streets back in november to try to push his sister then prime minister from power.
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ultimately she was removed from power earlier this month by court order. there have been 11 successful coups before this one since 1932. >> this morning president obama's hand-picked investigator visits the phoenix veterans hospital. that's where at least 40 patients may have died because of delayed medical care. >> in a cbs news poll out ths morning, 33% blame the veterans affairs department and secretary shinseki for the scandal. major garrett is at the white house where the president is defending the v.a. secretary and promising to fix the v.a. system. good morning. >> reporter: good morning and good morning to our views in the west. most veterans organizations and some on capitol hill were dissatisfied with president obama's continued support for veterans affairs secretary eric
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shinseki. >> president obama is sticking with the status quo, ignoring calls for firings or demotions within the veterans administration. >> i know the people are angry and want swipt reckoning but we have to let the investigators do their job and get to the bottom of what happened. once we know the facts, i eye sure you, if there is might conduct. it will be punished. >> mr. baumd said it unclear just how bad things are. >> if these allegations prove to be true it is dison rabble and disgrateful and i will not tolerate it. >> there was no urgency. plmt we need urgency! roll up your sleeps and get into these hospital. >> 24 republicans have said the veteran secretary must go. >> i think it was a mistake for the president not to ask him to resign.
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i think that would have sent the clearest signal the white house can send there's been not enough accountability thus far at that level in our bureaucracy. >> reporter: the president said nothing but hundreds of thoufs in bonuses paid to v.a. administrators. >> what about bonuses for those involved in mismanagement? >> we're going to find out. >> reporter: does that upset you? >> listen if somebody is engaged in mismanagement or receiving bonuses, i want them punished. rob nabors is conducting his own investigation and arrived at the phoenix facility this morning. >> thank you. the is employing teams to assist
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in finding the kidnapped nigerian girls. >> reporter: these are not combat troops but they will help with surveillance from the sky. these nigerian girls have been missing for more than a month with no new leads. the 80 air men deployed to chad will set up a predator drone base just across the area from the search area in northern nigeria. another set of unmanned drones known as global hawks have been flying much longer distances out of a base in neighboring nigere. the global hawks fly as at 60,000 feet. the predator fliefs much lower at about 20,000 feet and can focus in on specific areas. since the u.s. joined the search two weeks ago, there have been no leads.
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meanwhile, boko haram's onslaught continues. they've killed nearly 200 people in a string of terrorist attacks just this week. in washington obama administration officials told lawmakers that it will be a long hard fight to stop boko haram. congressman greg meeks of new york called for greater action. >> i'm going to tell you for me i want drones. i want something. because they don't belong on this earth. >> reporter: the members had just heard a dramatic personal story from a survivor of a boko haram attack three years ago. 15-year-old deborah peters recounted watching her father and brother killed right in front of her. >> when they shoot my brother, that's when my dad died and then my brother fall and he was moving they shoot in his mouth. then he died immediately. so after that i was in shock. >> peters is from the same nigerian village as the missing
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girls. at the end of her story was a plea for help. in a closed-door briefing on capitol hill around 10:00 a.m. pacific, pentagon and state department officials will share some classified intelligence recently gathered on boko haram. >> a bombing in northwest chinese killed 33 people. terrorists drove a bomb into the area where it exploded. >> and a growing debate on lethal injection. good morning. >> reporter: the justice that stopped the execution last night sent the case back to the lower court. in this case russell bucklew was
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convicted of killing someone and then raping two. they say due to his medical condition, it would make any lethal injection excruciatingly painful. now, lethal injection is the most common form of execution. it's used in all 32 states with the death penalty. it was upheld as constitutional six years ago by the supreme court. but here's the problem. lately the lethal drugs have been increasingly difficult to get because the companies that make them, they're mostly in europe are refusing to supply them for executions which is forcing states to experiment with other drugs. now it's unclear at this point how the supreme court's order is going to affect these executions
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in other states but it will probably give them pause, i think, until this issue is finally resolved. norah? >> jan, thank you. and a california woman is safe and reunited with her family after escaping a decade of captivity. ben tracy looks at the suspect and how the long nightmare unfolded. >> reporter: police say ten years ago garcia abducted his then girl friend's 15-year-old daughter while they are living in apartment complex. >> he gives her five pills. she wakes up and she's in a garage in the city of comefof compton. the garage has only one exit. she tries to exit that and he has put a car in front of the exit and she cannot escape. >> i was 15. i can do nothing.
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i asked him what he wants. >> reporter: police say garcia kept her for the next decade threatening her by saying her family would be deported if she ran away. they moved to at least four different california locations. she later gave birth to his child. >> he changed her name usually the middle name date of birth so they could get layer eed. >> their also a resident was in this apartment. the still unidentified woman saw no way out of her situation after years of physical and mental abuse. but after contacting her sister on facebook she somehow got the courage to run away with her
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child. ben tracy, los angeles. >> ebay is urging customers to change their passwords after one of the biggest breaches ever. >> tim stevens is editor at large. good morning. >> good morning. >> what were they able to get? >> they were able to get a lot of your personal information, your name physical address and even your birthday. thankfully not your bank accounts and credit card numbers. >> everybody on ebay they got that information? >> it's not sure if it was all 145 million accounts. ebay hasn't clarified. it could be one of the biggest data breaches in history. >> what about pay pal? >> pay pal appears to be okay. >> what do you think they're going to do with this information. >> >> people -- there are going to be more skaps, signing up
7:18 am
people so a lot of scams, a lot of tricks things like that. >> how was this discovered? >> this was discovered just a few weeks ago. ebay noticed some of its employees were doing things they shouldn't have been doing. as it turns out, those accounts had been exploited basically. hackers came in and were able to trick these employees into giving their credentials over and hackers were able to use those credentials to lock in and give me that information. >> this seems like a lady of -- how do you practice good password hygiene? >> it's important not to use the same password on everything and it very important to use a password manager, which can help you to basically they allow to you come up with easy passwords that you have don't have to remember they're scored very
7:19 am
secure totally random and it will be easier for you to change them. >> but then you can't remember them. >> true. >> thank you so much. it's 7:19. ahead on "cbs this morning," we're going to look at headlines from around the world, including we're starting out with some clouds, fog even a little drizzle around the bay area. some breezes blowing onshore now to 30 miles per hour in spots and through the delta. area of clouds inland today so we are starting out with fog over san jose and much of the bay area this morning. but lots of sunshine by the afternoon. and the temperatures going to be heating up today. some 80s maybe some mid-80s in the warmest spots well inland. lots of 70s inside the bay. 60s along the coastline. even warmer temperatures for the holiday weekend. this national weather report sponsored by kohl's. found your yes. by kohl's. find your yes. kohl's.
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a judge gives poker players the upper hand. >> ahead, jack ford on the legal decision redefining the game. >> the news is back here on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by party
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. on cbs this morning, that is not just a catchy phrase. we believe in that. >> we believe in what happened and
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suspected of selling drugs out of his tru good thursday morning. it's 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. around the bay area right now, an east bay ice cream vendor is suspected of selling drugs out of his truck. 62-year-old kelly brown was arrested at a gas station in brentwood. police say brown was in possession of methamphetamine. a dead whale washed up onshore in san mateo county. the baby humpback was discovered last night at pillar point in half moon bay. it's not clear how it died. scientists will examine the carcass later today. the white house will host a dedication ceremony today for the new harvey milk stamp. the image is based on a 1977 photo of milk in front of his castro street camera store. former san francisco supervisor was one of the first openly gay elected officials in the country. he would have been 84 today. traffic and weather coming right up. refused all debates.
7:27 am
now honda's slinging mud, launching false attacks. isn't it time to put the old politics aside? the chronicle endorses ro khanna saying he "offers an upgrade in congress for silicon valley." and the mercury news says, "ro khanna is ready for the congress of tomorrow... ...while honda is a politician of the past." for our future: ro khanna. khanna: i'm ro khanna and i approve this message.
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good morning. they cleaned up this gravel spill finally on southbound 680 in sunol. all lanes are open but extensive backups jammed solid just past the 580 interchange. and to the bay bridge they have been cycling through the metering lights slowly. they have cleared it out a little bit approaching the pay gates but at the eastshore freeway it's a mess from hercules down to emeryville. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." here's lawrence. we are seeing fog and drizzle around the bay area high pressure building in nicely now and as the ridge builds in temperatures will warm up under mostly sunny skies this afternoon mid-80s in the valleys, 70s inside the bay, 60s along the coast. next couple of days more sunshine on the way. even hotter temperatures for the weekend.
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hurt, with that said this is our seventh edition of "mean tweets." >> there are people who think julia roberts is hot. her gigantic mouth, it will devour an elephant in one bite. thank you kemotherapy 7 and good luck. don cheadle seems like a guy i wouldn't want to hang around with under any circumstances whatsoever. he's so [ bleep ] whack, hop evidently. >> david blaine looks like his voice is putting his face to sleep. >> don rickles looks like yoda.
7:31 am
hmm. >> that just shows you people can say unkind things. i think when you get a mean tweet, you tweet them back and say, i guess no lunch, huh? thank you so much for your support. >> there used to be a u.s. senator for ohio, he used to send it back and say some idiot is sending messages under your name. >> that's good too. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour an embarrassing error forces the government to spend tens of millions of dollars on repairs. why they built railway trains that are too wide. it already cost 20 billion dlurs. one state changed the rules of the game for poker. legal analyst jack ford is in our toyota green room. he'll show how two people won at the table and in the courtroom. that's ahead. the "washington post" looks at president obama's stalled count on terror strategy. much of the work remains undone
7:32 am
or unfinished. that includes creating new rules for creates force abroad. the "new york daily news" looks at an outrage over a party held at the national september 11th museum. relatives of the victims say the people who attended tuesday's black tie affair should be ashamed. a retired firefighter adds, quote, you don't have cocktail parties at a cemetery. former mayor michael bloomberg and vips from publisher conde nast were among the guests. minority leader nancy pelosi named five democrats to the committee after a heated debate in her caucus. some believe it's an election year distraction. "the boston globe" offers new details on the bombs involved in the marathon bombing. court papers say they'll put together papers used from christmas lights and detonators. prosecutors say dzhokhar and
7:33 am
tamerlan tsarnaev were trained in bomb making. if a republican controlled house has its way, millions of americans will have to switch to a curbside box but previous efforts have force add change. i didn't know you could still get your mail. remember that? through the door? >> just because you live in an apartment building now. >> yes, that's right, norah. i just haven't seen one in a while. that's all. i've got to to get out. >> more. >> more. >> britain's "telegraph" says frances national railroad made a mistake when it spent $20 billion on new trains but, get this, they're too big if more of the country's train stations. it's a huge faux pas for one of the world's most advanced railways. >> reporter: british train travelers are veterans of delays and cancellations and they've long envied france's fast and affordable rail service but this
7:34 am
latest news threatens to derail france's reputation for efficient management. the latest model of french passenger train is sleek, it's fast and as it turns out, it's too fat. in fact, as explained, several inches too fat to fit into hundreds of railway stations built before 1930. he's with the train operate cher apparently gave the wrong measurements to the company that built the new trains and no one noticed until it was too late. a screwup for the train network. it still holds the record for track speed. 357 miles an hour. it also oversaw one of the most complex engineering projects in history, the channel tunnel which carries 56,000 train passengers between britain and europe every single day.
7:35 am
so when french taxpayers learned the latest news they didn't know whether to laugh or cry. it could have been avoided says this man. and who's paying the bill now? well, taxpayers, of course. and because it's obviously impossible to slim down the brand-new trains work has already started on shaves the edge off more than a thousand platforms across france. and the cost of the fix? at least $06 million. for "cbs this morning," elizabeth palmer, london. >> oops. wrong measurements. just somebody not measuring it correctly. >> and we thought the french were so ee fish en didn't we? >> we actually did. an update on the six arrested iranians for being happy in iran. they have been released from custody. ♪ i never get tired of that song.
7:36 am
they post add video on youtube called happy in tie ran. it's a cover for pharrell's huge hit "happy." they were arrested and forced to apow jazz on tv but a post appears to address the controversy. he writes happiness is our people's right and we shouldn't be too hard on behaviors caused by joy. just sounds so joyous when he says it doesn't it? at least he gets it. >> meanwhile twitter is blocked for most people in iran but rouhani tweets himself. >> go figure. a judge recently threw out a misdemeanor charge between two poker players. he decided it's a fwim of skill, not chance and they're not breaking any laws. jack ford, cbs legal analyst was a gambler player. >> you don't strike me as a gambling type. >> what was their reasoning
7:37 am
behind it? >> it was an interesting decision charlie. the statute out in idaho talked in terms of making distinctions between games of skill and games of chance. and they listed games that were prohibited but they said if it's typically a game of skill, that that's okay. in the prohibited list were things such as roulette and kraps craps and poker. so the judge was saying, wait a minute we're saying it is a game of skill. they brought in experts, an array of statisticians and professionals and they convinced the judge that poker when played well was a game of skill rather than purely a game of chance that you don't know what cards you're getting jack. >> it's not completely clear. the judge made a distinction between roulette where you spin and don't know where the ball's going to drop. the interesting thing was the lead investigator on the stand said, yeah, i play poker and i play with some other cops and
7:38 am
yes, indeed it's a game of skill. the judge said, okay, case dismissed. >> what are the larger implications? >> that's a good question. this decision is not binding on anybody because it's a trial level decision. people need to understand that. that to get binding precedent, it had has to be upheld by an appeal court. >> is it going to be -- >> it doesn't look like the prosecution is concerned about it. >> why should we care about this case? snienk what it does norah, it creates a legal buzz. it's not a precedent. the judge next door could deseenlt differently next week but it creates a legal buzz it. gets lawyers and judges talking about it and there's less of a taboo that we seem to be attaching. >> doesn't it do something in terms of the internet gambling going on? isn't there an implication there in. >> there are all sorts of laws and rules that are starting to evolve because of the internet gambling. this may well come into play. 20 some states banned playing
7:39 am
poker in their own home. most people don't know that. think of all the poker games taking place. you're going to see a bit of that. >> the supreme court will decide. >> we talked about it. we all talked about it. nrjs the population voted overwhelmingly, we want sports gambling. were challengeed by the professional leads and the supreme court will decide probably in a month whether they're going take the case. >> good to see you. this morning fbi director james comey is backtracking on a joke about marijuana. in a conference he talked about the challenges of hiring tech-savvy experts to fight cyber crime. according to "the wall street journal" he said some young applicants may want to smoke weed on the way to the interview. >> i'm determined not to lose my sense of humor, but unfortunately there i was trying to be both serious and funny.
7:40 am
i'm absolutely dead set against using marijuana. i don't want young people to use marijuana. it ease against the law. we have a three-year ban on marijuana. did not say i'm going to change that ban. i said i have to grapple with the change of my work force. >> he said the fbi is grappling with the changes on attitudes with marijuana. what he also said is they're trying to recruit young people with cyber hacking and they probably smoked maup and those three-year limits prevent them from applying to the fbi. >> i got what he was trying to say but he was having a what had happened was -- what i was trying to say was. >> kind of moment. i understood what he was saying. >> a new report shows that some women with breast cancer may be going too fard trying to protect themselves. a leading breast surgeon is in our toyota green room with the growing debate over double mastectomies. that's coming up next on "cbs this morning." k you for my mom. it was very
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new breast cancer controversy. women having a mastectomy or choosing to remove both. >> the new study may have more to do with fear than survival. dr. lisa port is with us. good morning, doctor. >> good morning. >> so tell us what's at stake here. >> i think the most important point to make is that when women have breast cancer in one side they tend to dramatically overestimate what their rink is of getting a new cancer on the other side. and understand it's a very, very charged -- emotionally charged time when they're diagnosed and so forth. but our job is to clarify what that risk actually is. importantly breast cancer can come back after someone's been treated and cured. but usually it does not come back to the other breast. it comes back to the body and it can spread to other organs in
7:46 am
the body not the other breast. >> what's the danger with somebody who has breast cancer? i don't want breast cancer again. >> better to be safe than sorry. >> better to be safe than sorry. we're going to be in there. let's take both breasts. >> the important thing for them to understand and it is for most women, it's truly their choice. the important thing is when they make their decision they have to know what they're getting and what they're not getting. they're not getting any improvement in survival from the cancer they already have but here are the things they are having. there's a slightly lower risk or developing a new cancer on the other side when you remove that breast. some women obviously remove the other breast for other reasons unrelated to the fear. for example, they do it to get a more sim it trick cosmetic result. when you're reconstructing one breast, it doesn't always perfectly match the other side and so is some women choose to do it for that reason. the other really compelling reason and that was in the study is that a lot of women are now
7:47 am
getting breast mris and breast mris do show a lot of what we call false positives and that sends off a lot of anxiety, bells and whistles. so women turn around when they're diagnosed and say if i don't remove the other breast the roast my lifetime a year from now is getting another mammogram and mri and they show things. >> thank you so much. good to have you here. >> nice to see you. >> we're starting out with some clouds, fog even a little drizzle around the bay area. some breezes blowing onshore now to 30 miles per hour in spots and through the delta. area of clouds inland today so we are starting out with fog over san jose and much of the bay area this morning. but lots of sunshine by the afternoon. and the temperatures going to be heating up today. some 80s maybe some mid-80s in the warmest spots well inland. lots of 70s inside the bay. 60s along the coastline. even warmer temperatures for the holiday weekend.
7:48 am
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ahead, a cutting-edge tool for weight loss that doesn't involve cutting into you. we've all heard about procedures to get rid of that extra fat. doctors from harvard to hopkins say these nonsurgical options actually work. i'm vinita nair. coming up on "cbs this morning," we'll take you inside a dermatologist's office to see them in action.
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7:56 am
your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. >> good morning, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. anger over an officer-involved shooting escalates into violence in salinas. a small protest yesterday at the site of tuesday's shooting grew to hundreds of people by the evening. then at about 9:00 last night, police were called to a shooting nearby. that victim died. an east bay ice cream vendor is suspected of selling drugs out of his truck. kelly brown is charged with possession of suspected methamphetamine. the new harvey milk stamp will be dedicated at the white house today. the image is based on a 1977 black and white photograph of milk in front of his castro street camera store. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning. just a little longer to the long holiday weekend. folks are in for a rough ride right now heading to the bay bridge toll plaza. all the approaches are really backed up. and now we are getting word first reports of a new injury crash just past the metering lights involving a motorcycle. that's blocking lanes. anyway, it is really backed up through the maze and i mentioned those approaches that drive time 63 minutes on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. solid line of red sensors from at least hercules. 580 is backed up in the westbound lanes jammed to highway 13 -- or highway 13 interchange. here's a live look at our bart map and everything so far is on time. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." here's lawrence. all right. we are starting out with lots of low clouds and fog this morning. even some drizzle along the coastline. just inside the bay gray start to the coast there at ocean beach. high pressure building overhead. more warm sunshine on the way in fact this afternoon going to be warmer 80s in the valleys, 70s inside the bay and then 60s toward the coastline. even warmer the next couple of days. very nice right through the holiday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday may 22 2014. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including a colorado hailstorm so big people brought out the snow gear. but first, here is a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. we've got fire behavior. it's fire season in arizona, and this is going to push. it's going to do some damage. investigators believe this fire started days ago and they believe right now that it may have been man made. parts of kolcolorado tiging out from a second day of heavy hail, powerful thunderstorms caused at least one tornado. critics say the crisis in the v.a. health care is more focused.
8:01 am
a california woman is reuniting with her family after a tech aid of captivity. some muscles to this turf. these are not combat troops but will help with surveillance. >> they said they were able to get a lot of responsible, your name, physical address, even your birthday though not your financial information. >> trains at national railroad made a mistake. they're too big for many of the country's train stations. >> and the cost of the fix at least $60 million. >> have it your way in burger king ads anoubsed they're changing it from have it your way to be your way. am i ordering a whopper or coming out to my family? i'm charlie rose with gayle kick king and norah o'donnell. extreme weather in the west is making some people run and others take cover. hailstorms caused havoc wednesday in kolcolorado kol.
8:02 am
hail as big as ping-pong balls. a wildfire threatened hundreds of homes. the fire is an important tourist area. meteorologist megan glaros of our cbs station wbbm is watching the weather as we head into memorial day weekend. megan, how does it look? good morning. you know gayle, it's interesting because memorial day weekend is usually one that's very full of severe weather possibility, and i do see that going into the holiday weekend. we have a chance of severe weather as well in four distinctive areas, parts of colorado texas and new mexico kentucky and tennessee, and then over in towards new york new jersey, and down toward washington, d.c. so several hot spot cities. new york city, philadelphia it's washington, d.c. nashville, and denver. severe weather possible in all of those cities. and in hard hit drought ravaged areas of oklahoma and texas they're actually looking at rainfall accumulation over the course of the next few days.
8:03 am
that will be good news for them but it could be too stormy. this is a look at memorial day, the central part of the country could be active on monday. charlie? a top aide to president obama visiting the phoenix v.a. hospital today where dozens of patients may have died waiting for doctors visits. major garrett is at the white house where the president says he's confident the veterans affair secretary is up to the task. major, good morning. >> reporter: well good morning. for now president obama is not being blamed for the persistent problems some veterans have encountered trying to obtain health care or the fact some veterans either died or became gravely ill waiting for that health care through the v.a. system. the blame, according to a new cbs news poll falls scarily on administration secretary eric shinseki and local v.a. hospital facilities. our survey of veterans not the general public but veterans found that 36% hold shinseki responsible, 29% blame those local hospitals within the v.a.
8:04 am
health care system. less than a fifth blame the president. mr. obama met with shinseki in the oval office wednesday but did not fire the former four-star general and former army chief of staff. shinseki has been mr. obama's only v.a. secretary. in the briefing room the president said this about shinseki's future. >> i know that rick's attitude is if he does not think he can do a good job on this and if he thinks he's let our veterans down, then i'm sure that he is not going to be interested in continuing to serve. at this stage rick is committed to solving the problem and working with us to do it. >> reporter: as you said charlie, the president's chief of staff rob nabors arrived in that v.a. facility where reports surfaced as many as 40 veterans may have died waiting for health care. his own investigation into that scandal broke three weeks ago and has been rocking the white house ever since. gayle? >> thank you, major. this morning an historic army brigade is out of commission. ft. knox's combat team
8:05 am
officially stood down forever on wednesday. the elaborate ceremony included soldiers on horseback leading a final charge. the duke brigade served in nearly war involving u.s. troops since world war i. 3,000 soldiers will leave for ft. knox for re-assignment here and in europe. the move is related to the pentagon spending cuts. vietnam veteran believed he was an american citizen. this morning he can finally say that with certainty. mario hernandez only learned his status was in question when he applied for a passport. his legal nightmare ended wednesday. hernandez took his oath of citizenship in jacksonville florida. >> it feels great. it feels great. i couldn't be any happier, any more joy for my family for may wife, for my children. >> the 58-year-old was born in cuba. hernandez got an apology from officials who rejected his application. they now say his military
8:06 am
service should have claerd the way for citizenship. >> you know charlie, at the time we first reported this story, he said someone should be in charge of red tape. thank goodness someone took care of this quickly. this man served our country. >> that's the nice thing about it, moving fast responding immediately, not belaboring the point. >> you can see his happiness. that's very nice. >> i think he wanted to take his wife on a cruise, so now he can go. a group of kids are safe this morning but newly released surveillance video shows them being shocked while swim in a florida pool. a little girl grabbed the metal rand rail. her head lurched back as she was froze ep by electricity. she could not let go. a man pulled her out of the water and then another child on the steps was stunned. another man rescued her, said a pump malfunctioned and caused a problem in the pool. that man risked his life to get in there and get the little girl. >> did you see this morning the letters written by jackie
8:07 am
kennedy will not be auctioned next month as planned. no word this morning why the sale was scrapped. the former first lady sent the letters to a priest in ireland. she wrote in detail about her life with john f. kennedy and how she was angry with god after the president's assassination. the college that put the letters up for sale says it will work with the ken did did inedy family will work to preserve them. my guess is the kennedy family called and said let's not auction these off. >> cease and desist immediately. taylor twist is facing a lawsuit around clothing that bears the phrase lucky 13. the california clothing company which has been doing business as lucky 13 for more than two decades says that swift is harming its brand. it is suing for copyright infringement. swift only started putting the phrase on her official merchandise in 2012. the year before she sat down with lesley stahl of "60 minutes" and explained why 13 is so special to her. >> that's a 13. i put it on my hand every single
8:08 am
night. i draw it with a sharpie and sometimes glitter. >> it's always 13? >> it's good luck. >> it's an unlucky number. >> it's my lucky number. it's come up so many times in my life. i was born on the 13th. i turned 13 on friday the 13th. my first album went platinum in like 13 months. >> even swift's twitter handle is her lucky number. the company wants punitive damage and money for lost profits. the stock car racing pioneer is now the first black driver in the nascar hall of fame. wendell scott was the first after ri african-american to race at nascar's top level. he drove from 1961 to 1973 facing death threats and other discrimination. scott won only one race in his career. he did win, officials wouldn't give him the trophy. he died in 1990. his father was on hand as the newest hall of fame numbers were announced wednesday in charlotte. >> family members must be very proud. ahead on "cbs this morning," some diets promise it to melt
8:09 am
the fat away. but a new nonsurgical procedure freezes fat cells. what doctors are saying about
8:10 am
an an iraq war veterans triumph and personal battle with posttraumatic stress. he writes a note to his younger self as america prepares to honor the fallen ahead on "cbs this morning." ♪ i want to live i want to give ♪ crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis which are debilitating digestive diseases. many suffer in silence because the symptoms can be so unpleasant to talk about. however, the crohn's & colitis foundation of america is here to help.
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sleep ♪ hundreds of thousands of hundreds of thousands of people undergo liposuction every year but some relatively new treatments claim to remove fat without surgery. we wanted to know whether they actually work. we asked vinita nair to look into one of them. vinita, i know nothing but sign me up. >> reporter: that's how i felt. good morning to you, gayle. this is one of the rare medical stories where all the academics agreed the procedure works if it is used on the right patient. the basic idea for cool sculpting, that's what it's called, stem from kids who ate
8:15 am
pop sik popsicles. the cold was killing the fat cells in their teeth. now doctors are applying that to other parts of the body. if you've ever seen before and after pictures these are not that surprising. when you hear the fat was removed after just four treatments without using a knife or a needle these results are unprecedented. >> i so badly want to believe this works. >> well, i think it's the most proven technology. >> reporter: this doctor says the procedure is called cool sculpting. it was created by two harvard doctors and has been cleared by the fda for treating thighs, love handles and belly. >> i feel a major vacuum. >> reporter: alice is a allerton was being treated while we watched. does it feel like ice? >> yeah, it does. like a thin sheet of ice.
8:16 am
>> reporter: the process of cool sculpting feels like ice because this device is freezing the fat cells directly below it. once they're frozen the fat cells drain naturally from the body. it can take 6 to 12 weeks to see the results but a patient could lose half an inch from their waistline after one half-hour treatment. doctors say the first treatment is usually the most effective. >> these techniques are not substitutes for liposuction, for people that have large amounts of fat the that need to be removed. >> reporter: are there any side effects? >> the only real side effect, you can occasionally get a little bit of bruising redness. >> reporter: the latest report by the international society of plastic surgeons shows the u.s. is the leading country for surgical cosmetic procedures with more than 1 million performed every year that includes about 110,000 tummy tucks and 220,000 liposuctions. worldwide 425,000 cool sculpting treatments were performed last
8:17 am
year alone. what are your hopes after this? >> that i'll be able to have a four pack this year and not a two pack. >> reporter: allerton says she was drawn to the procedure because it's so minimal she can teach a yoga class later today. other doctors we spoke to that had no financial relationship to the product say there is still no magic pill for weight loss but all agree for the right patient cool sculpting works. while the fat cells that are treated drain from the body there are still other surrounding fat cells that can expand so a patient has to maintain a healthy diet as well as exercise. as for the cost one abdominal treatment is about $1,300 and each love handle about $800. >> tell dr. rose you're ready. >> dr. rose i am ready. i'm going to put some popsicles on my butt. i would so, so, so do that. i'm not kidding. i'm not trying to be funny. i would do that. you don't have to have surgery, i'm in. i'm in.
8:18 am
>> tonight, tomorrow night, the next night. >> i'm going to be busy this weekend, charlie. >> what are you doing this weekend, gayle? >> hanging out with the popsicles. >> that's what i'm doing. that's what i'm doing. laugh if you want to. >> that's exactly right. >> i want to go down a dress size. >> no, i'm laughing because of the popsicles comment. vinita, that was awesome. thank you. definitely the highest rated segment on our show. can you name the future capital of ecuador? the 13-year-old who knows the answer. how he mapped out a path to victory at the national geographic bee. popsicle l was not the word he spelled spelled. >> announcer: sponsored by toyota, let's go go maces. reliable. r-e-l-i-a-b-l-e. and loaded with technology. t-e-c-h-n-o-l-o-g-y. finals are tonight. i was in a spelling bee once. spell "expeditious." well, i didn't win it. [ chuckles ] [ male announcer ] during toyota time get 0% apr financing for 60 months on a 2014 prius. offer ends june 2nd.
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free steel dump cart with purchase of a troy-bilt or husqvarna tractor at lowe's.
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what is performance? 0 to 60? or 60 to 0? how a car performs in a quarter-mile? or a quarter-century? is performance about the joy of driving? or the importance... of surviving? to us, performance is not about doing one thing well. it is about doing everything well.
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because in the end... everything matters. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. a virginia eighth grader is on top of the world this morning after nash gating his way to a big scholarship. jan crawford reports from the "national geographic" society in washington on his winning formula. >> ready? a planned city located the rainforest 65 miles east of ba ta is being built as a new capital for which african country? >> reporter: it's a question that would stop most of us adults who, let's face it don't even know what or where ba ta is. but 13-year-old akhil akhil rekulapelli aced it. his knowledge of geography gave
8:23 am
him a leading edge of his opponent. >> it's led to an expansion of oil drilling in the neuquen province. in what country? >> argentina. >> the correct answer is argentina. we have a winner. akhil, you are a winner, our champion today. >> he beat out 53 other competitors ranging in ages from 11 to 15 in this year's national geographic bee. >> i had to sacrifice a lot. >> he gave up sports and after school activities to study the planet. >> i studied by using a lot of maps and atlases and definitely wikipedia wikipedia. >> my heart was racing absolutely for him. >> she was his seventh grade teacher. >> to see him motivated and
8:24 am
studied on his own and ask questions just out of curiosity, it is rare. >> what motivated him was the future. akhil's prizes include a $50,000 scholarship and a trip to the gala ka goes islands. but this student is already focused on his next goal. >> what's the next adventure i can go on and what i can accomplish. >> he's hoping stanford university, medical school, and doctors without borders. yes, he's planned it out that far. but first something other kids spend hours doing. >> i haven't played video games in a whiechl i might do that. >> now, you can watch ail dominate the world and watch it tonight when it airs the final one. i think we can shout out's like neuquen, ar jn tina. >> i was thinking, martha's
8:25 am
your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good morning, everyone. it's 8:25. i'm frank mallicoat. here's what's happening around the bay area right now. an east bay ice cream vendor is suspected of selling drugs out of his ice cream truck. 62-year-old kelly brown arrested at a gas station in brentwood. police say he was in possession of methamphetamine at the time. dead whale washed up onshore in san mateo county a baby humpback discovered last night at pillar point at half moon bay. not clear how the whale died. scientists will examine the carcass later today. and the white house will host a dedication ceremony today for the new harvey milk stamp that comes out today. the image is based on a 1977 photo of mill income front of his castro street camera store. the former san francisco supervisor was one of the first openly gay elected officials in
8:26 am
the country. he would have been 84 today. got your traffic and weather coming up right after the break. ♪ ♪ [ barks ] whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ [ whistling ] [ male announcer ] discover your new orleans. start exploring at [ woman ] and i love new orleans!
8:27 am
good morning. we still have this big backup heading on to the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up well beyond the maze all the approaches are really jammed up and there has been another accident now in richmond westbound 80 at el portal that has the right lane blocked. that's why that drive time is more than an hour right now from the carquinez bridge to
8:28 am
the maze. so the eastshore freeway approach definitely would be worse. i would avoid it. it's jammed solid from hercules. and again they cycled through the metering lights slowly and now we have that accident in richmond so both of those causing some big problems and we had an earlier crash in castro valley westbound 580 approaching eden canyon. it looks cleared but it's still slow through the dublin grade. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." here's lawrence. >> well, we're starting out with a lot of clouds around the bay area early on. finding a little sunshine though in spots and more to come. in fact, by the afternoon we'll see a lot of sights like this, plenty of sunshine and the temperatures will warm up today. high pressure now building in and that means we are going to see some of these temperatures up in the mid-80s in the warmest spots well inland. about 81 and beautiful and sunny and bright in the napa valley. 78 degrees in san jose. 71 in oakland. a little breezy into san francisco at 66. and some 60s toward the coastline with some patchy fog. next few days night and morning low clouds and fog giving way to sunshine in the afternoon. some 90s in the hottest spots over the weekend.
8:29 am
8:30 am
president obama welcomed the seattle seahawks to the white house to celebrate their first super bowl championship. the die hard fan had some fun yesterday with the seattle fans. >> after the super bowl when they had a chance to celebrate they let loose in true seattle style and while some got a little carried away there's actually video of a huge group of seahawks fans interrupting their celebration by waiting for the walk sign. that's seattle for you. >> the seahawks were the underdog when they played denver, but ended up beating the broncos, 43-8. it was a good game.
8:31 am
we were all there. very good game. >> my first super bowl. i thought it was great fun. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour nearly one in five american troops who served in iraq came home with post-traumatic stress. with memorial day approaching one veteran shares his journey through the darkness. how he was able to move forward in a note to his younger self. that's ahead. "the new york times" says a young science prodigy from egypt is seeking asylum right here in the u.s. he's known in his country as the little inventor. the 17-year-old went to los angeles last week for the intel science fair. this morning he's in hiding. he spoke to lawyers who say he fears prosecution or jail back home. the "los angeles times" says the fda approve add new artificial sweetener. advertain is a sweetener. it's sweeter so you don't have to use as much.
8:32 am
>> edin nordegren says things are good between the two. they see each other on a regular basis. the couple share custody of their two children. nordegren says that woods is a great father. rory mcilroy fears that breaking up with his with tennis star carolyn wozniak. >> at least when i get shot. >> woz niaky and he planned to get married this november.summer. they sent out inveriations over the weekend. he got cold feet. >> better to do it now than later. >> with promises of tracking your heart rate. more than 17 million devices are expected to be sold this year. that number could jump to 23 million next year and 45 million by 2017. sharon provis is a senior
8:33 am
associate editor with our partners at cnet. she launched her own investigation to see which ones work. good morning to you, sharon. >> good morning. >> why did you decide you want to launch your own investigation. you're another wearing any of that stuff right now. >> i'm not right now but by the end of this experiment i think i know which one i will wear. >> good for you. we know that 17 million of these devices were shipped, and that number is expected to increase over the years. instead of being pedometers or sleep trackers they're doing more like monitoring your heart rate or monitoring your blood oxygen levels. things that you could normally do with a doctor you can do it ourselves. >> let's start with the samsung gear fit. >> it use an optical sensor that reads your heart rate from your wrist. at rest it was actually quite accurate when my ekg at the
8:34 am
doctor said 80. where it hit some trouble is when i had an accelerated heart rate. most of these devices you need to be completely stopped in order to get your heart rate. so at an accelerated heart rate this said 73. the ekg said 178 so it couldn't keep up with that. >> wow that's interesting. >> then we have the basis, carbon steel. this also does step tracking, pedometer. it also uses the optical sensor that the gear fit does. like that one. at rest it was close with 73 on the band and 08 on the ekg, but once i hit 138 on the ekg, it only read 78. it wasn't accurate. the accuracy was 40 to 50%. >> so what about are the garmin veno fit? >> it's interesting. it's chift drop.
8:35 am
the band is used to read your heart rate like a wrist one would be. at rest it wasn't as accurate but once you had the chest drop on and i was running it was right on beat with the ekg. >> i know the chest drops always seem to be the most accurate. >> that's probably because they really emulate the way an ekg works. but the most surprising one and i just through this one in there. you know most people threw away the samsung galaxy heart rate monitor as a gimmick but really it's quite accurate and you just pun your finger over the sensor here and once you activate it it takes a few seconds and it gives you your heart rate. at rest and accelerated heart rate it's dead on. >> that's like a ding ding, ding. you tested with a cob doc toredoctor.
8:36 am
>> i did. by the time it takes it it might not be in line whereas the vessel in your finger tripp is arterial. it's a direct line to your heart. if you hold your finger up to this part you can feel your heartbeat. >>'re's an interesting question. lots of wearable devices. how many want their heart rate as a wearable device. is that going to be necessary? >> what we know is these devices need a way to differentiate themselves. there are so many devices that do the same thing that when it comes down to it if all of them do the same thing and this one device does heart rate it's likely this a customer will choose that device, will favor it over the others. >> sharon, thank you. >> thank you. this morning in honor of memorial day we bring you a special edition of our emmy nominated series "note to self." scott is a veteran, one of millions of troops who come home with post-traumatic stress. his advice of coming home is
8:37 am
accompanied by prize-winning photographs. were taken by craig walker of the "denver post." here's scott's "note to self." dear 15-year-old scott. you're living with your dad in lake tahoe. you want nothing more than to be with your mom, step dad, and little brother banback in florida, mostly because your father's been such a hardass. it doesn't make much sense now but he's been prepping you to function in the high levels of stress in the toughest job the marines have to offer. >> tonight our country is awakened to danger. >> you enlist days before a war starts in a country you've never heard of. >> justice will be done. >> you will excel in boot camp thanks to the discipline your father taught you. in iraq chewing mortar attack, cleaning your rifle, cherry
8:38 am
magazine, driving all night, shaving your face all comes before sleeping. get used to it, kid. while you're there you'll get a chance to fight an it will be everything you imagined it could be. knowing you have a distinct path to travel dark and hard isn't any easier because you put your feet on the path knowingly and willingly. you escape with just a few scrapes and bruises but it will leave invisible wounds you could never have imagined. when you get home it will feel like you lived somewhere where the volume was so loud the silence back home feels deafening and you want to scream and some nights you will. real sleep comes at a premium. mostly what you'll get is the agitated side of half sleep, less like sleeping and more like waiting. you'll experience night sweats harsh functionings of consciousness, drifting in and out of your head and a corroded
8:39 am
appetite. you will experience simple daily stress sores as if they're being cut into you with a razor, and you will either become depressed or explode in the fit of vengeful range. iraq made you tougher than any civilian can imagine. keep yourself out of county jail by not proving how tough you are to frat boys, bad drivers and sloppy drunks. your behavior will make old friends and family up comfortable. celebrate your brothers because they'll understand you. once you become a marine you'll have friends wherever you are right by your side. you will soon receive the best friend a man coming home from war can have a service dog from puppies behind bars. his name is tim and he is trained in over 90 voice commands. this may sound extraordinary, but what's really met a fiscal
8:40 am
is how he'll train you. he'll train you to become calm, have empathy, be patient, trust strangers, nurture a loving relationship, laugh with abandon, and so much more. he will be there when you need someone to lean on and wake you up from those bad sleeps of pain and rage with a kiss. surround yourself with people that love you and want to understand you. tim will weed out the undesirables. overcoming and adapting to your new environment will set you free. moving forward, help yourself. and when you're ready. help your brothers. you haven't done the most important thing in your life. dying doesn't make you a hero. never quitting never surrendering, and never giving up, that make use a hero. beautiful piece. you know producers have been
8:41 am
working with him for over two years. it's so good to see he can laugh with abandon. especially as you look at those pictures. saying is that him? all those pictures were him. >> beautiful photographs and how lucky he has that great dog. >> we know the power of a friendship with a dog. >> we really do. >> yes we do. >> bravo, scott. >> thank you. he is a guru of the barbecue.history, but i think there are huge gaps in our knowledge.
8:42 am
8:43 am
♪ ♪ ♪ so you can get cash back on all your purchases. so you can use your cash back... to follow your dream. so you... can save the day. chase freedom. so you can. these are the hands of a surgeon. a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different,
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they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive.
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off the traditional start of summer. many people firing up their grills will turn to cookbooks including those of steven raich leonardo. his book is called "manmade meals:a cookbook for guys." jamie wax got a look at the story. good morning. >> good morning. his barbecue books have sold more than 45 million books worldwide but his latest publication is where raichland is telling member it's important
8:46 am
to also move the cookie party indoors. >> this is the most primal way, the most manly way there is to cook a steak on the fire. >> reporter: steven raichlen has been teaching men to cook outside on the open flame for years. >> i find that meat cooked on the bone always has the most flavor. >> reporter: but now he has a new mission. >> cooking is one o the rare things you can do in life that is good for you and fun. >> reporter: to take it inside and improve what he calls the culinary literacy of men across the country. are we ready culinary illiterates? >> i think more men are cooking in america now than probably in our entire history, but i think there are huge gaps in our knowledge. >> reporter: the classically trained food expert turned best selling author has just put out his 29th cookbook titled "manmade meals." it's a guide with techniques that go beyond the barbecue. >> the most challenging food for
8:47 am
guys is vegetables. >> reporter: he says it's now time for men to know as much about steaming and sauteing as they do grilling. >> i tlinkhink there's a certain set of basic skills guys should know how do. i think every guy should know how to roast a turkey or fry a turkey. every man should know how to use a knife, care for a knife, sharpen a knife. >> reporter: he trains in classical cooking in france and research eerring and reporting on culinary trends around the world. every summer he team as course at the broadmoor institute in colorado springs. >> what is the biggest surprise they have? >> well, i think that oh so that's how you do it. so that's how you shuck an oyster. so that's how you know whatnoe whaknow when a lobster is cooked. you know, there's kind of a funny thing about guy cooking.
8:48 am
we like stuff that's really simple like a steak and then we like stuff that's really complicated like a burb qaa sauce or like chili. >> have you watched men's lives learning these skills? >> absolutely. the joy, the pleasure, the involvement. >> reporter: raichlen believes it's a meal for success. >> i think for me it really boils down to the act of feeding somebody else. it's really what makes us human. >> soo if you had one thing to say to a guy who just doesn't have any enthusiasm for cooking, what would that be? >> the best way to eat well is cook well. just start no matter how simple. just do it. >> raichlen points out there are more women than ever in the workplace but only 13% of men serve as the primary cooks. he says certiorariing that responsibility is the only way
8:49 am
the next generation of kids will share it. >> when's the last time you tooked? >> my wife and i share it 50/50. i love to cook. it's a creative outlet. >> what's the single most important thing? >> start with a hot pan and that's what many people don't do. >> sear it. yeah, very good. >> i'd like to know when's the last time you cooked a meal. >> i'll tell you. sunday. >> sunday. >> all right. take that. >> what about you, gayle? >> i was in my apartment for three months before i realized the oven didn't work so i'm not the right person. >> not only that that's the one thing i insist on. is make the pan hot. >> all right. charlie rose. he's a renaissance man. he said sunday and did not stutter. thank you. tomorrow on "cbs this morning" -- bam -- james brown who
8:50 am
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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good thursday morning, everyone. it's 8:55 a.m. i'm frank mallicoat. anger over an officer-involved shooting escalates into violence in salinas. a small protest yesterday at the site of tuesday's shooting grew to hundreds of people by the evening. at 9:00 last night police were called to a nearby shooting. that victim died. an east bay ice cream vendor suspected of selling drugs out of his truck. kelly brown is charged with possession of suspected methamphetamine in the east bay. and the new harvey milk stamp will be dedicated at the white house today. the image is a 1977 black and white photograph of milk in front of his camera store. he would have been 84 today. got your traffic and i think you'll like the weather, too. here's lawrence. >> a little cloudy around parts of the bay area now. we have seen some drizzle, too. we'll see a whole lot of
8:56 am
sunshine as we head throughout the day today. high pressure building in overhead. kind of squashing the marine layer down to the surface. clouds will give way to plenty of sunshine and the next few days should be spectacular. a lot of sun and temperatures heating up into the holiday weekend. 80s in many of the valleys today. about 78 degrees in san jose. 71 a little breeze into oakland. mid-60s into san francisco. and still some patchy fog along the coastline with highs generally in the 60s. next couple of days that ridge of high pressure builds in overhead. our temperatures moving up into the 90s in some of the valleys on saturday and sunday. cooling slightly on memorial day. we are going to check out your "kcbs traffic" coming up.
8:57 am
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ good morning. they cleared an accident to the right-hand shoulder. it was before the san mateo bridge toll plaza. right around clawiter. anyway, traffic is improving a bit. still seeing delays though as far back as 880 and you can see once you get on the span very foggy but traffic is moving okay along the flat section of the bridge. different story at the bay bridge. they are still cycling through the metering lights pretty slowly and the approaches are jammed especially the eastshore freeway. this is an improvement from earlier where the travel time was more than an hour. it is down to about 47 minutes now from the carquinez bridge to the maze. but we're seeing an usually heavy area from richmond and berkeley. also slow 880 in oakland.
8:59 am
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