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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 30, 2014 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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deals in sports history. but >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> that guy right there. he is behind one of the biggest deals in sports history, but tonight, a little bit of a wild card. >> joe vasquez on the monster deal to buy the clippers. joe? >> reporter: liz, the new owner is worth about 20 billion. good thing because he is agreeing to pay $2 billion for the los angeles clippers. >> ladies and gentlemen, steve bomber! >> as ceo of microsoft for 14
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years, he was famous for his over the top enthusiasm. >> i have four words for you. i love this company! yeah! >> reporter: tonight, a new company for the man who replaced bill gates. the los angeles clippers. shelly sterling, the estranged wife of donald sterling has approved the sale of the team, but does that make it a done deal? her husband's lawyers say not so fast. >> everybody is understanding that the team cannot be sold without him signing something on the dotted line and he is not willing to do that. >> reporter: the possible deal comes about a month after sterling's racest rant and bizarre apology were heard around the world. >> you want to broadcast you are associating with black people. >> reporter: just last year, it was another team. the sacramento kings that bomber was aiming to buy and
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moved to washington state where bomber lives. the kings fell through. now, let's see if the clippers can be the kind of winning team that they manage to have at microsoft in the early years. ♪ [ music ] >> well what is it going to take to be a done deal? >> reporter: the new owner needs most of the new nba owners to agree. it is still not clear whether sterling has any say in this. whether he needs to sign anything. >> $2 billion. unbelievable. >> yeah. and that is more than anybody has ever paid i believe the most ever paid was the half billion range. >> and more than twice what they thought the team was
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worth. thanks joe. also part of the group was steve jobs' widow looking to buy the team. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and his wife announced they are donating $120 million. their goal is to support efforts to improve education in some of the underserved communities in the bay area. the donations will come over five years. in an essay in the mercury news, zuckerberg and his wife say the world east most innovative community should not be a home for struggling schools. a huge turn out tonight in san jose for george chen. he was one of those killed in isla vista. >> reporter: they came here to leland high school to remember their son with his high school
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classmates. >> as parents, we would give a thousand things for our kid not to be hurt. >> reporter: they remembered rampage victim george chen. >> there has to be an end of killing innocents. >> reporter: his parents spoke out tonight. his father says they didn't know until saturday night their son was dead. >> we think that george ... [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: when they got to his dorm room, the phone charger was plugged in, the computer was still on. he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> i don't want to stand here. my son can come back, i don't need to stand here. and i hope i'm the last one standing here. >> reporter: with a thousand
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candles lighting the schoolyard, george's parents echoed the sentiments of parents of christopher martinez. >> our beautiful children. the last one. the very last one. >> not one more. >> reporter: george's parents say they are still working on his funeral arrangements but they also told kpix5 they are praying for the family of elliot rodger, the man who killed their son. live in san jose, andria borba, kpix5. tonight we learn that sheriff's deputies knew about the chilling youtube videos three weeks before the rampage, but they didn't watch them. >> i don't know why you girls are not attracted to me but i will punish you for it. >> reporter: they questioned roger for about 10 minutes but didn't find anything concerning. well tonight, we are hearing
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from rodger's parents. they are saying the feeling of knowing it was our son's actions that caused the tragedy can only be described as hell on earth. tonight a rapper who used to glorify guns is moving to end gun violence. ♪ [ music ] snoop dogg recorded that song last year. the words no guns allowed have stuck. the campaign stopped in san francisco tonight for a fundraiser. it is pushing congress to pass tougher gun laws including stiffer background checks. >> because it has affected all of us. and it shouldn't be until it hits somebody if your family. those kids being affected by these school shootings and the shooting we had in southern california, this is outrageous. >> the no guns allowed campaign has serious star power behind
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it including ronny lot, joe montana, and mc hammer. they are talking trash in oakland tonight and christin ayers says it could cost people a fortune. >> reporter: trash fees are going up as more companies step up the zero waste policies. they are accused of striking a deal that would send trash prices sky high. phil domanic was shocked to find his trash fee was about to spike. >> i think they are gouging and there is a lot of dealing in city hall. >> reporter: the city the recommending the council approve a new contract with waste management. it would see fees jump 50%. >> a price increase was to be expected but to say we are shocked would be an understatement. >> reporter: what is worse, she is not sure the bidding process was fair. city officials spent three years and $100 million in consulting fees and only
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garnered two bidders. one waste management. >> we believe we have a deal that is win/win for waste management. >> reporter: the other california waste solution. david duong says he is offering a cheaper price. >> that is $670 million discount. >> reporter: but he cames he was shut out of the process. >> we should have been treated fairly and we are not. so something is really going on behind the scenes. >> reporter: he wasn't the only one. council members were shut out. >> the staff that conceived as a process they called the cone of integrity felt to me like a cone of secrecy. >> reporter: now the council back is against the wall. they have a week to make a decision or risk no one picking up oakland's trash by next year. >> we could end up with a public health crisis. >> reporter: in oakland,
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christin ayers, kpix5. >> now the council was not expected to make a final decision tonight. the new contract would go into effect of july of next year. an update on a story we first reported on last night about a sonoma county man who was fighting to get his insurance company to pay up for brain cancer treatment he has received. jeffrey rush has more than 20 tumors in his body. he went to the hospital for energy chemo on doctor's orders. then he got a letter from anthem blue cross denying his coverage. anthem says the treatment was not "medically necessary." >> this is absolutely not right to me or anybody else. >> well after our story, the family tells us that at 8:30 this morning, anthem called, told them not to worry about the bills. 90 grand gone. a cal administrator fired tonight. the big red flag the university missed.
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no, you can't. pretty sure we can... try snapshot today -- no pressure. dollars >> a cal administrator fired after allegedly embezzling $90,000 from the school. and linda, you found out this is not the first time she has been accused of stealing on the job. >> reporter: that former administrator is sonya waters. even as she was administering funds here at uc berkeley, apparently, she was also making a deal with the san francisco da for felony embezzlement where she was just fired from a company there. the university never knew about this until she allegedly was stealing from here. here at uc berkeley's school of public health, she handled millions of dollars in grants and donations. a job she got after she was fired for stealing company
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funds at a previous job in san francisco. cal never did a criminal background check on her. >> in this case, she progressed in her position to a level that would have required it, but unfortunately, it fell through the cracks. >> reporter: waters' attorney told, she admits she sold money by forging a dean's signature on company checks. they were forced to pay tuition for her two sons. it cost about $25,000 a year for each child. >> we are very disappointed that this happened. we need to look carefully at our processes and ensure this can't occur again. >> reporter: the university is investigating other employees who may have slipped throw without a background check. linda yee, kpix5. >> she faces up to five years in prison if convicted. also tonight, we learned that dozens of ap test scores from a bay area shall are being
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thrown out. this letter just went out saying there was an irregularity with seating at amador valley high school in pleasanton. as a result, the scores are no good. students have the option to retake the exams tomorrow and saturday. news in brian stow's lawsuit against the dodger. the defense is placing some of the blame on stow. >> reporter: brine stow was not with his parents and sisters in court this morning. he needed a day of rest. >> the pain of the lower body and so forth just sitting in the wheelchair causes him a great deal of pain. >> reporter: brian stow's lead attorney told the jury the two men who assaulted him were assaulting giants fans as early as the 2nd inning, there were still no security personnel in sight when he was attacked by
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louis sanchez and marvin nowood after the game. it wasn't a fight. when you walk out of the stadium smashed in the back, that is not a fight, it is an assault. he said the dodgers are responsible for the injuries, but lead defense attorney offered the jury a different conclusion in his opening statement saying we claim brian stow's injuries were caused just by the behavior of the three men. after the game, stow directed a comment toward sanchez that prompted a shove and later the attack. mr. stow was injuried as a result of a testosterone and alcohol fueled flash fire fight that occurred in parking lot two that night. the defense told the jury the dodgers spent more on security for the game than any other day in dodger history. >> brian stow's mother was the first witness called. she talked about being by his
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side weeks while he was in a coma. a family from stockton may think twice before going up a skyscraper the next time. the heart stopping tale of what happened to them 103 stories up is something they will never forget. they were peering through the glass floor in the willis tower in chicago when they heard a crack beneath them. >> you could see the glass actually just like a spider web. just needily light up. shattered completely. i couldn't say much. it was like wow, i just literally jumped off. >> according to an engineer, it was a protective coating on the glass that cracked, not the actual glass itself. tell that to the family. [ laughter ] so no one was ever in any real danger. what a scare, though. >> can you imagine? well, a sacramento woman remembered something she was told as a child. >> and it may have saved her
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life when she was attacked by a bear. jessica gamboa played dead when she was pummeled by a brown bear near an army base in alaska she survived by premaining perfectly still during the attack. >> it was a complete surprise. it was about 20 minutes from when i started to where it happened. >> jessica gamboa walked two miles to a road and got a ride to a hospital where she is recovering tonight. paul deanno is with us after being pummeled at the contra costa fairgrounds. >> the bumper cars are not what they used to be. they are intense now. >> they were going after you, too. >> you can hold a micro phone or a corn dog but not both. >> choose the corn dog. >> they said if you want to get paid friday, do the weather. [ laughter ] here we go. the low cloud cover just returning to san francisco. it hits the coastline and the city and also through the
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golden gate over night tonight and the weather pattern changes again. oakland, 54, vallejo, 53. upper 40s for napa, san rafael, san jose 52. temperatures going down. we had a one-day warmup. we enjoyed it away. if you were away from the water, you made it to the 80s . tomorrow, 70 in castro. ten degrees lost. clouds coming back for castro valley. hayward, fremont as well. we have two weather players and we typically do this time of year. there is typically an area of low pressure to the north and a big ridge close to us but where they are a critical. the ridge is close to us, north wind, warm, no fog. tomorrow, the ridge is shoved down to the south by the other thing, the low pressure area and the winds change. simple wind direction for us is huge. we go from a north wind to a southwest wind that drags back the cloud cover and drags down our temperatures then on saturday and sunday, drizzle in the city and the coastline. widespread morning cloud cover
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pushing all the way inland and temperatures down by 10 or 15 degrees. it begins tomorrow. we are clear away from the water but the coastal fog is coming back. the two coolest days are tomorrow and saturday. but we are only cooling down a couple of degrees below average. concord, three degrees below low average at 75. san jose, 76. san mateo, cloudy start, high of only 68. antioch, 79, but danville, 70. perhaps the foggy start for you. alameda clouds in the morning, high of 67. lake port, you are still in the 80s . coolest day will be saturday. mid 60s near the water with widespread morning cloud cover. next week very pleasant. we are settling into a summertime pattern just in time for the start of june. where has this year gone? >> i know. i can't believe it. >> june. >> summertime. amazing. >> it's almost here. >> all right, thanks paul.
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coming up, this bay area super speller made it all the super speller made it all the way to the ,,,,,,,,,,
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it ended with a tie.. for t first time >> well, history at the script's national spelling bee tonight. >> it ended with a tie for the first time in 52 years. a boy from texas and a boy from up state new york will share the championship. >> a change match. let them work it out. >> meanwhile, it was a very good run for a girl from cupertino. >> taglione. >> she was so close. >> neha konakalla. she was our favorite. she was tripped up by taglioni. and kpix5 was proud to sponsor her at our local spelling bee. neha one that one to get to the nationals.
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she made tout the final 12. >> she did incredible. she was studying so hard. >> you could see the disappointment on her face when she has actually accomplished so much. >> we had her at home. sharon chin had the two big dictionaries. >> something tells me she has a very bright future. by the way, how do the a's spell relief? >> t-a-... >> ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bonds in 2000. guess who jo that club tonight.. >> the last time a giant drove in a run in nine straight games was barry bonds in 2000. guess who did it tonight? michael morse, gone, 436 feet. his 11th of the year. giants fans getting into the movement u. down again in the 6th inning, pablo sandoval, nine straight games with an
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r.b.i. even at four in the 9th inning, morse goes all the way to the wall. pablo all the way from first base. sergio romo ramming into trouble in the 9th inning. but he got out of it. the pop out and the giants hang onto win it 6-5. they are red hot. a little over 21 on hand for baseball in oakland. josh reddick does not make errors. in comes jim johnson, out comes victor martinez. a's have the tieing run on second base. but no magic today. jed lowrie caps out. the team split it is four-game set. rangers goalie henrik lundqvist makes 18 saves. the new york rangers go back to the stanley cup for the first time since 1994.
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they eliminate the montreal canadiens1-0. donald sterling is the most hated man in the country at 92%. hector sanchez doing what it takes to block a wild pitch and took it like a champ. hector sanchez everybody. at number three, back on the ice, henrik lundqvist doing what it takes to make a save. at number two, even this huge dog by russell westbrook could not save the thunder tonight. trying to blow out by the home team continues. the spurs take a 3-2 series lead. no drama there. number one. tucson, the bicycle to score the goal against byu. i wonder if it is too late to add saint claire to the world cup team or ma,,
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as "hidden cash" -- is hittg up our neighbors down south. >> before we let you know, san francisco's mystery millionaire is hitting up our neighbor's down south. he hid wads of money all over la's malls, bus stops. >> the number of twitter followers has exploded since he started his social media last friday. he has 320,000 followers now.
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>> wow. let him come to my house and knock on the door. i'll let you in. >> leave it near your pool or something. >> put some money under that oily corvette to keep the oil from hiting the ground. [ laughter ] >> you would ruin the money! >> a wad of cash. ,,,, female narrator: sleep train challenged its manufacturers sleep train challenged its manufacturers to offer even lower prices. but the mattress price wars ends sunday. now it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with big savings of up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic
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