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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 22, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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kpion. nto a death trap next
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>> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> tonight, water wasters bebare. water cops are coming to a neighborhood near you. >> betty, what is going on with this? >> reporter: well ken, the water district says all season long, the city has received so many complaints about water wasters and they have no water cops to send out and investigate. now that is about to change. judges by this patchy front lawn, hannah paul has been saving water but she feels some of her neighbors may not be doing the same. >> i see some neighbors water more than others. >> everybody waters daily. >> daily? >> and they shouldn't.
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>> no. >> reporter: soon the santa clara water district will be on the case. tonight the board voted family to spend half a million dollars for up to ten so called water cops to investigate complaints and educate people about wasted water. >> so they will go out, talk to the homeowner, talk to the business and let them know which restrictions are in place in their service area. >> reporter: to be clear, they are not handing out fines but they will work with local water providers who starting august 1 do have the authority to give out citations of up to $500. >> if you saw somebody wasting water would it motivate you to call it? >> absolutely not. i will go knock on my neighbor's door and tell them their sprinklers are filling the gutters. >> reporter: that will help them hit the 20% target
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reduction. the county has only cut back 12% so far. and the county says these are only temporary positions. you will see them out in august or early september. live in san jose, betty yu, kpix5. >> the money for the water cops will come from reserves so rates won't be affected and we learned the san francisco puc is floating the idea of water cops as well. a wild shooting at a san francisco neighborhood and tonight, a 73-year-old woman is in the hospital. bullets began to fly this afternoon on third street in the bay view. listen to what one guy told joe vasquez. >> what did it sound like out here? >> like lightning and thunder. pop, pop, pop, pop. >> reporter: 4:15 in the afternoon, third street in oakdale and the bay view. witnesses tell police the shots were fired from a vehicle. at least one bullet traveled an entire city block where a 7 #-
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year-old woman was beginning her evening routin you can see where the bullet went right through the window and shattered the glass. the woman was having dinner when gunshots rang out. >> all we heard was the the sound of gunfire. then silence for a min. pop, pop, pop. no more gunshots. >> the residents came down the elevator to the administrative officers with blood from her forehead. basically saying, i was shot. >> reporter: turns out police say she was actually hit by a glass fragment. not the bullet. police spent a chaotic archaists after suspects. at least one person was hurt in during the pursuit. as for the 73-year-old victim, she will be okay. joe vasquez, kpix5. >> san francisco police took several people in custody, but they are not sure if they are related to the shooting. a day at the beach turns
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into a death trap for one man. he was buried alive in the sand on francis state beach near half-moon bay. a photo shows rescue crews an others desperately trying to dig him out. but it was too late. the tunnel was eight to ten feet deep. these are facebook photos of the victim. we had some wacky ewe midty, rain, weather. paul, what is going on? >> well, we have the wind coming from the wrong direction this time of year considering we are in the drought, maybe it is the right direction. this was the wettest day in the month of july since 2000. 14 years it has been since we had this much rain. only four-hundredths of an edge of rainfall. less than a tenth of an inch in sausalito. but it rained. lafayette, two one-hundredths of an inch. maybe it wasn't the rain, maybe it was this. the lightning that woke you up yesterday morning. anywhere from 4:00 and 7:00 in
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the morning. that right there video taken near sfo. some beautiful pictures to show you. the national weather service confirmed that there were 25 separate lightning strikes throughout the bay area just over the past 24 hours. it is rare any time of year for lightning, but especially in the month of july. we will talk about what is next weather wise coming up in ten minutes. >> thanks paul. see you then. san francisco police asking for women who believe they were groped during a security fat down at sfo to come forward. 53-year-old eric slighton was arrested earlier this month for posing as a security agent and touching at least two women inappropriately. he motioned women into private screening rooms to grope them. he has homes in san francisco and in hong kong. chinese websites are all over this story. slightton is son-in-law of the former chief executive of hong kong who is said to be
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embarrassed by whole thing. israel is telling foreign airlines it is safe to land there, but many foreign governments are not buying. in fact, the faa told u.s. airlines stop flying to israel. so delta flight 468 from new york made a outturn over the greek islands and diverted to paris. the faa says no u.s. flights until at least 9:00 tomorrow morning our time. the tel aviv airport is just 50 miles from the heart of gaza. and there are new clues tonight about the malaysian airlines plane that was shot down. andria borba with the revealing photos. >> reporter: well liz, intelligence officials say they have a solid but not airtight case. rebels used a russian missile to shoot down the boeing 777
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and they are the gathering evidence not just from gum shoe work, but online as well. u.s. intelligence is turning to social media for answers, specifically these photos of surface to air missiles rolling into rebel rolled eastern ukraine last week. the picks are from the public domain and intelligence officials are hoping to independently verify them. they have confirmed a phone call. a rebel leader said we have just shot down a plane, though he didn't know it was a civilian airliner. bodies of the 298 kills were supposed to be handed to the ukrainian authorities but not all of the victims were loaded onto the crane. >> we were told there were 290 bodies. we could not verify that. as we walk around, we are still seeing body parts, not whole bodies, but from the day we arrived here, we have never seen that kind of detailed combing over of the land.
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>> reporter: as the origin of the missile is narrowed down, the wreckage on the ground is still a mess. an unsecured crime scene with vital pieces of evidence missing. >> we noticed they started hacking into the fuselage. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix5. >> @ obama is back in the bay area tonight. he is here for, well, what else? fund raising. air force 1 landed at sfo two hours ago. the president is spending the night at the intercontinuemental hotel here in san francisco. tomorrow, he will attend a democratic fundraiser in los altos hills. the tickets for that are $10,000 a pop or $32,000 if you want a picture with the president. after that, he heads to los angeles. tmz reported tonight he was going to appear on jimmy kimmel, but tonight t white house tells the la times not this time. probably a good idea considering everything that is going on right now. there was a packed house in
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richmond tonight for chevron's first public meeting on its plans to modernize its refinery. christin ayers tells us so many showed up the meeting had to be moved. >> reporter: that's right. it is going on in this building behind me. close to 200 people speaking tonight. many of them highly organized chevron reporters. we are hearing this project could bring 1,000 temporary jobs to richmond, but environment tally, it could cost the community dearly. some 700 chevron supporters pack the meeting. >> is that part of the pr strategy. >> or contractors and suppliers are out here because they think it is a good project. >> reporter: there was some tension. one chevron supporter escorted out. all of this coming a day after chevron made a big about face agreeing to cap its greenhouse gas emissions as part of a billion dollars modernization
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project and to sweeten the deal, chevron will give richmond $60 million. >> reporter: and he says it is not enough. >> it is less bad than the project that they first proposed on the long term. on the short term, it's the same project. >> reporter: karras and the planning commissioners wants new piping to prevent explosions like this one in 2012 and reduce a range of other emissions but chevron won't budge on that. >> the project before us today is a win, win, win. >> reporter: the workers came out today to agree. >> i want clean air and water. but i think making a modern efficient safe refinery is a good way to achieve that. >> reporter: in richmond, christin ayers, kpix5. >> the richmond city council is expected to vote on the project next week. well convicted by hair. but the fbi got it wrong.
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>> it feels like i was living in horror, you know. like a dream just gone bad. >> tonight, how this bay area guy was finally able to clear his name after 30 years. >> plus, she was tired of being photo shopped so colby takes off her makeup and her new ♪ video goes viral. we asked her if it was liberating or frightening? ,,
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shooting near the hote >> we have breaking news tonight we want to get to right away. we are just hearing there has been a shooting near the hotel where the president is staying. this happened on sixth and mission in san francisco. that is just a couple of blocks
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from the intercontinuemental hotel where president obama is staying tonight. it is known as a pretty rough neighborhood. the streets are shut down in that area. san francisco pd on the scene. of course, we will be bringing you more details as we get them in. a terrifying crime. a woman gets rear ended, then her body is found in a dumpster. a san francisco guy spent 26 years in prison for it. the only thing is, he didn't do it. tonight, cbs reporter bruce johnson explains the fbi made a mistake because of a hair. >> reporter: that's kevin martin. now 50 years old. he spent nearly half of his life in prison. most of that time, for a brutal rape and murder he never committed. >> it feels like i was living in horror. you know, like a dream just gone bad. >> reporter: this case goes all the way back to 1982 when drivers along 295 here in southeast washington were having their cars bumped from behind by guys who wanted to rob them. in november of 82, 19-year-old
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ursula brown had her car bumped from behind. and when she pulled over, she was abducted, she was raped, shot repeatedly. kevin martin was 18 at the time. and admits to taking part in three bumping robbery incidents but he insisted all along he was not there when ursula brown was stopped. >> a lot of pressure to close the case so they picked kevin. >> reporter: his current defense team blasted the fbi dc police and others who basted much of their case in 82 on a pubic hair sample from martin, convinced by his defense team he could be convicted, he took an alford plea. he didn't agree to the murder, but agreed they had enough evidence. recent dna has led to the exoneration. >> i just feel like it was my time, man. it is about time. i can never get that back. and i feel like i missed out on
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a lot. on a lot of opportunities. to be in a position to maybe do as well as you. you know. anything was possible. >> you mad at anybody? >> i'm not mad. i'm not a bitter person, man. you know. >> and that was bruce johnson reporting. kevin was paroled in 2009, but the court didn't officially clear him until this week. federal prosecutors had been investigating the fbi forensic unit that convicted him and they uncovered other mistakes. in the past five years, four other men have also been cleared. well quite a save in san francisco. tonight, a guy who fell asleep in a dumpster is safe. this recycling truck picked up the dumpster this morning and he was about to be crushed to death. the driver heard some banging inside his truck. he headed to the nearest fire station and they got him out just in time. one guy is getting a lot of flak tonight for the shortest uber ride ever.
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he posted his receipt on reddit. check it out. he only went 95 feet and it cost him 4.28. the rider attributed his poor judgment to a night of fairly heavy drinking. a new music video is getting a lot of play tonight. pop star colbie callat was fed up with being photo shopped. she talked to betty yu about what scared her the most with this new video. >> reporter: she know it is demands of hollywood, but she doesn't have to try very hard to be beautiful. she is staying at saratoga's mountain winery with the kind of self-confidence she hopes to inspire with her newest hit try. in the beginning of this video,
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colbie and the other women appear dolled up. she ditches her hair extensions and fake lashes and wipes off her makeup to reveal her natural look. >> i hoped it would get attention and i hoped it would atect women and people. i mean, i'm even getting grown men telling me they this song and this video makes them cry. >> reporter: colbie told me that being a woman in the industry is exhausting. >> it is an anthem for self- expression. >> it came from the personal experience of being in the music industry and feeling like i need to always look polished for people to like me. >> reporter: for this video shoot, she didn't go to the spa or hire a stylist. >> was it liberating or frightening? it takes a lot of courage.
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>> yeah, it was frightening at first. before i was like cool, this is awesome. i'm excited to do it. but when i got there, i was just in front of the bright lights and the hd camera. i was looking at everyone watching the monitor and of course, i'm just thinking okay, they are seeing that i have really light eyebrows. they are probably looking at the mole on my forehead. >> reporter: colbie says the song is not antimakeup or antiphoto shop. >> just be confident in your own skin. >> reporter: at mountain winery, betty yu, kpix5. it is time for weather. and i have a question for you. are you tired today because of the weather? did the lightning wake you up at 5:00, 6:00 yesterday morning in earlier this morning? we had thunderstorms in july which is a rarity around here. things are cruising back toward normal. we have the on shore flow returning. we have cloud cover, fog tomorrow morning anywhere near
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the water. 1-5 scale i'm rating fog factor a 3. the fog will burn off all the way out over the water giving you sunshine in daly city and pacifica. mainly sunny skies. very interesting weather pattern. all the monsoon moisture will stay well to the south unless we have something to get it from there to here. that something is a big area of high pressure over the four corners. grab that moisture, shove it into california. then a low took it further up to the north. that moisture is now causing rainfall in seattle and in vancouver, but it made a stop here and we had our wettest day in july in 14 years with that rainfall moving through. so one more humid night tonight as the low sits off to the north and west, but then here comes the ridge back where it should be. it found its home for mid july.
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that will bring back the on shore flow. cooler weather at the coast though the ocean temperature is in the mid 60s well above normal. so even the on shore flow will not cool us down like it usually does. it will be less humid, sunnier starting tomorrow. then after thursday, we are going to get pretty warm well into the 90s away from the water. one more below average day for concord, walnut creek. 5 degrees below average. campbell, you will hit 80. san ramon, 81 for a high. vallejo, 76. kentfield, 69. and clear lake tomorrow, sunshine, 83-degreings. your extended forecast, the rain is gone. 90s are back and prepare yourselves for a hot and sunny weekend away from the water. that is your forecast, we are back in two minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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evewith the highest levelde of engineering... design... safety... and performance. our latest creation is no different. with one exception... introducing the mercedes-benz b-class. it's electric! it's electric! the first electric vehicle from mercedes-benz. >> well, she said she was only trying to do the right thing. instead, a new hampshire woman got fined for her kindness. >> all because of these two little ducklings. the woman was driving on a highway when she spotted the ducks' mother who had already been killed in traffic.
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now some of the ducklings were also headed for the road, so the woman pulled over to call 911. >> i was sitting there. i saw a few of them try to go in the westbound lane and got run over. it was terrible to see. >> so she jumped out and rescued the remaining birds. a state trooper noticed and fined her $100 for stopping on the median. the median is only for emergencies and ducklings are not an emergency. we have bay area teams trying for a chance to qualify for the little league world series and for the local big boys teams, nine innings, not enough to settle matters. both east and west. ,,,,,,,,,,,, hey pal? you ready?
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>> baseball up top. guess who is back on top of the national west? took until 12:55 a.m. philadelphia time for the giants to get there. philly fanatic working overtime. bottom fifth. 3-2 giants. here is alameda's jimmy rollins. number 13. top nine. giants down a run with two outs. and as buster posey, a big fly.
11:29 pm
posey saved the day off of papelbon. we go extras. would you believe 14 innings? brandon crawford. he gets a bases clearing three- run double that put the giants ahead 8-5. they won it 9-6. five hours, 46 minute marathon. lincecum got his first career save. with the dodgers loss. the giants took a one game lead in the west. jose altuve not backing down. chris carter, a one time a. a two run single off of kazmir. astros led 2-0. jed lowrie, a fly to right. look where the throw goes. look. yeah. come on man. josh donaldson scores to tie the game. this guy is feeling it. went to the 12th.
11:30 pm
and lj hoes wanted to go home. solo shot and the astros win it, a final of 3-2. the angels loss gets the as remain first by a game-and-a-half in the west. pacific national, a beast today against mill valley and san jose. norcal semifinals. jordan selgado. they win 12-0. and advance to the tournament final. mill valley is still alive in this double elimination format. time now ... thank you. for the tuesday night top five. [ laughter ] number 5. oh, the love, gym jim boeheim says do you love anybody that much? this one a gem. phillies, marlon byrd hawaii is a great catch and crash into the wall.
11:31 pm
number three, braves first mace ban freddie freeman. it pays to have a tall thin body. leonys martin. you have to watch this in slow motion. it finds the glove. and number one, afterentertaining empire. >> strike! [ laughter ] ,,,,,,,,
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( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, barbecue editor of texas monthly


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